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Shatter: Oh and posted the Shatter Developement Plan on the forums. No hurry with checking it though, the only notable change would be the Darkvision
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'MarkC' connected
'MarkC' disconnected
'MarkC' connected
MarkC (Richard Anderson): that's better - no error this time
MarkC (Richard Anderson): and Hi there :-)
Declan: Hi.. Just 2 so far :(
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Declan: And I'm still eating so happy to start slightly late..
Richard Anderson: S'OK - I'll watch the last part of a Smallville episode while we're waiting
Declan: Got my 'logical' map of Washington DC ready :)
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alistair (Sander Cohen): hi
Declan: Hi
alistair (Sander Cohen): static IPs are good :)
Declan: Its actually a dynamic that hasnt changed much...
alistair (Sander Cohen): dynamic DNS is good then :)
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alistair (Sander Cohen): Nice grid layout, btw.
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Sander Cohen: goes to the shield caffe for breakfast
Declan: A full house :)
Greg Davis: Hi guys - sorry about the no-show last week - I ha
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Greg Davis: had some serious computer problems.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Sorry I'm late - I miss anything? If not, I'll eat breakfast too :P
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Hey hey - we're all here - apologies for the two weeks off - but I'm back now
Richard Anderson: Munch Munch Munch
Benjamin Wolff: Nom nom nom
MarkC (Richard Anderson): And Cafeteria has only one "f" :-)
Okay. Its 8:30am Tuesday morning. YTou arrived back in Washington late last night after dropping Fiery guy off at the accademy yesterday. Gordon was out of town so your debrief has been delayed to today.
Richard Anderson: So - what happened guys?
Richard Anderson: I got some garbled reports about Patriot blowing up the place>?
Greg Davis: That sounds about right.
From what you have heard Patriot has been in the news - he averted disaster in some small town where the national guard were having real trouble.
Richard Anderson: But you all seem OK - and the mission must have been a success (that's what we do!)
Benjamin Wolff: Patriot piled into the fiery guy, but he wurvived - so shatter portalled him out, and we told Patriot that he destroyed him. We now have a hot new recruit!
Sander Cohen: Patriot thinks fire guy is dead, but we got him
Richard Anderson: Cool - hey if he's THAT good will we be allowed out with him?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Sounds like things went really well last week.:)
Benjamin Wolff: Um... personally I wouldn't want to shate a team with him, at least until he'd been trained and given a ton of therapy.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Yeah - sadly I was driving 200 miles :-(
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): share*
Rev (Shatter): Well good and good, all of Shatter's personal belongings were scorched
The news the last twenty four hours has been filled with self proclaimed experts talking about the paragon threat, the dangers exposed in Evanston Wyoming, and what the government will 'have to do'.
Sander Cohen: what's the general opinion of the press?
Richard Anderson: Oh bugger - news types - wonder if we'll have to wear costumes?
Benjamin Wolff: Hrm - are they saying the government will need to fund more defences against the paragons and fight fire with fire?
Sander Cohen: will not wear spandex
Shatter just snorts at Richard's comment
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-> Shatter: I presume Shatter picked up new kit (where possible) from the armory after getting back?
Shatter: Yeah, he would've. Heh would love it though if the Rifle got out of it all thanks to being in a metal case and away from the guy or something. Sentimental value and all.
Richard Anderson: Dec - will we be "powering up" this time
Benjamin Wolff: I'll have you know I look rather good in spandex. Where "good" means "comical".
Greg Davis: There's no way you're getting me into a costume:)
-> Richard Anderson: Doubt it. Not unless stuff goes faster than I expect.
Richard Anderson: I will NOT be seen in spandex either - gives me hives
Shatter: Just do as black ops have for ages
-> Shatter: No trouble. He can rescue the rifle. It needs a couple of days with a good gunsmith
Benjamin Wolff: I thought it went really well, yeah, but we'll have to wait to hear the debriefing: the press spin could turn it into a disaster.
Shatter: Nondescript gear and a ski mask will get you out of most pickles
Shatter: Thanks
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): afk, cola explosion
alistair (Sander Cohen): What was fire guy's name? My memory is terrible.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): lol
Rev (Shatter): Stewart?
alistair (Sander Cohen): ah - that sounds right. We didn't get his last name as I remember
Declan: Stewart
Declan: Its actually Stewart Chapman (although I dont think you got the Chapman)
Sander Cohen: Richard, can you find out details on Stewart Chapman when you get a chance?
Gordon enters the Cafeteria, nods to those there and goes to get some breakfast.
Sander Cohen: And finished breakfast....
Richard Anderson: could actually work my levelling into the fact that Rudy had found some anomalies at the end of my last session - if you wanted?
Benjamin Wolff: OK, we're at least not doomed then. We'd have been in his office before he ate if we'd screwed it up somehow, I imagine.
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Sander Cohen: let's see what he gets to eat first, before we make that decision...
Richard Anderson: I think I might just have a little hack into the computer system and look up Stewart Chapman - aka Fiery Man - got to keep the old datalink muscles working
Gordon wanders over towards the table. It looks like he's on some sort of low fat, high fruit diet.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I haven't read last sessions log yet, but it sounds like things went pretty well.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Amazing: opened cola bottle, lid went flying away, at least half a litre of cola went everywhere in a graceful fountain of foamy brown... and didn't land on *anything* important.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): session log isn't up :-(
-> Richard Anderson: All the obvious stuff. Initiat results suggest kin energyu to heat transference.
Declan: Oh.. must have forgotten. Will put both logs uyp later
Gordon Laymark: Can I join you?
alistair (Sander Cohen): You have something important in your room?
Sander Cohen: Sure, Gordon - take a chair
Richard Anderson: Aha - kinetic energy to heat transference - that explains the explosion after Patriot hit - looked good on the video
Gordon nods and sits
Benjamin Wolff: makes room welcomingly.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Are Shatter and Greg supposed to be in here?
Sander Cohen: How's our friend Stewart settling in, Gordon?
Gordon Laymark (spearing a strawberry): When I do your debrief later We'll have an impartial observer from the DoJ with us. Before that meeting I just want to say,'well done'.
Shatter nods appriciatingly
Richard Anderson: I guess I'll not be there - but I'll definitely be keeping an "eye" on proceedings
Gordon Laymark: Stewart's doing fine, with a little help he's not had any flair ups today.
Benjamin Wolff: What about the press spin? Are we looking any worse than usual there?
Sander Cohen: Good, I know the situation is tense - we've been seeing the news
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Gordon Laymark: The official word however is that Patriot 'dealt' with him. Thats what Patriot told the press and the word from the Oval office is they want to stick with that line.
Benjamin Wolff: Perfect. I love a low profile.
Richard Anderson: What's the story ggoing to be for the DoJ?
MarkC (Richard Anderson): *going
Gordon Laymark: The observer in the debrief knows Stewarts alive. He doesnt yet know the full story. Unfortunately I believ the observer is supposed to be 'advising' the Presedent on what line to take over all this.
Richard Anderson: The "line" should be "stop bloody showboaters and let professionals handle it" or something (did I say that?)
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): ditto!
Gordon Laymark: My advice.. tell him the truth and nothing else, but dont volunteer anything which casts the team in a bad light or might push the government towards this registration act they are considering.
Shatter nods
Richard Anderson: Do you need me in there Gordon?
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Sander Cohen: My view is that we controlled the situation and defused the situation and can do the same in future
Gordon Laymark: I'd like you there. You were providing the satalitte uplink data. The observer may have some questions.
Richard Anderson: OK - plus he might ask about our other excursion (smiles)
Richard Anderson: or she (smiles again)
Gordon nods
Sander Cohen: save that smile for her, Richard
Gordon Laymark: Whilst I remember there are some interesting cases coming in. I'd prefer npot to discus them infromnt of the observer.
Richard Anderson: S'ok - I'll leave the flirting to you charismatic types - I'm a fade into the background type of guy
Richard Anderson: Ooh - cases? excellent!
Benjamin Wolff: I'd say the public line should remain that the showboater did a great job: the press loves him, so he's good PR. Unofficially, the president could perhaps be made aware of his downsides.
Shatter: I say we say do as Gordon suggested and say as little as possible
Gordon Laymark: Some poor guy in New York has been accused of insider trading, and since they cant prove it they are claiming he's probably pre-cognitive. I've looked at the file and I think he's either good at his job, opr just lucky with the markets. If he was a pre-cog he'd be better.
Richard Anderson: But tell the truth when directly asked
Richard Anderson: This is the trouble - people are going to blame paranormal activity for everything
Shatter: That might be fun to test, pre-cog
Shatter: I could just start dropping things on his head and we'd see if he'd dodge
Richard Anderson: I'd pay to see that (chuckling)
Gordon Laymark: You're not joking. I have a draw full of sexual harrasment cases where they claim they were coerced through mind powers..
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Richard Anderson: If only that were possible....
Benjamin Wolff: Well, actually...
Benjamin Wolff: Nevermind.
Sander Cohen: looks askance at both Richard and Ben
Richard Anderson: Sorry - got carried away for a sec there
Gordon Laymark: Oh. Rudy has noted a slight increase in all your power levels. Unless directly asked don't mention it. We dont want to suggest that Paragons are getting stronger.
Richard Anderson: Yeah - he said something abou that to me while you were away - ran a whole bunch of tests too
Gordon Laymark: In fact the debrief isnt till miday. You may want to visit Rudy before then and get checked out. Much as I hate it we still require a checkup after any paranormal encounter in the field, and Stewart was pretty paranormal.
Sander Cohen: sounds like a good idea
Benjamin Wolff: How did the summit go?
Benjamin Wolff: We were rather in transit, so missed that.
Richard Anderson: I'll ask him what, if anything, he found when he examined me
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Richard Anderson: I hate being prodded and poked - and needles - bleuch!
Gordon Laymark: Not good. We had some Russian scientist talking about the methods they are using to 'restrain' their Paragons, and about how Russia is going to enforce 'national service' so they can train Paragons in the safe use of their powers.
Richard Anderson: Eek - another cold war - do they have a "patriot" level paragon?
Richard Anderson: Actually - to be honest - I'd be just as worried if they had someone with as useless an ability as me
Gordon Laymark (frowns): I'm not sure. They have someone they are calling 'The Nuclear man'.
Sander Cohen: What do we know about him?
Richard Anderson: (in best Scooby Doo voice) Ruh Oh!
Benjamin Wolff: Well, the restrainment sounds like a good way to make more powers emerge, and the national service idea... well, that's what we have here, by another hane. If you aren't PRA, you're practically a bad guy by default.
Gordon Laymark: Absolutely nothing..apart from the fact he is now a Captain in their army.. and he volunteered.
Richard Anderson: how easy would it be to start a hack into Russian secure systems?
Benjamin Wolff: Much smarter than waiting to be volunteered. If we're lucky he may be smarter than Patriot.
Benjamin Wolff: Or unlucky maybe.
Shatter: I still think its too soon to form an opinion on the proper way to handle Paragons
Richard Anderson: I'm guessing "hard" :-)
Shatter: We've hardly even begun to see the patterns. Too early to muck about
Gordon Laymark (frowns): Benjamin, Most of us feel everyone has the same rights, Paragon or not. Thgis is still a free country.
-> Richard Anderson: Very hard.. probably. If its anything like the NSA.. beyond you.
Richard Anderson: I don't think we can be "handled" it's more a we're here - deal with it" situation - you just need proper laws and policing without to much restriction
Shatter shrugs
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Richard Anderson: would be easier if I could link directly though :-)
Greg Davis: /a Greg enters the caffeteria.
Richard Anderson: Hey Greg - where ya been?
-> Richard Anderson: Might be easier if you hacked other stuff. He must have personal email. And there will be records from before he joined the armyt.
Benjamin Wolff: There are rights, and risks: any non-PRA paragon is a risk, costs money to monitor, and isn't helping the country. I could see politicians calling it "unpatriotic" not to volunteer fairly soon.
Greg Davis: Hi guys, just got in.
Gordon Laymark (looking up): Greg, Come join us.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Greg pulls up a chair, and sits down.
Benjamin Wolff: So are there any new olicies in the offing after the summit?
Richard Anderson: I'll leave it - for now
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): policies*
Gordon Laymark: They can try to volunteer them, but I'd prefer to have people I can trust..which means people with experience and a strong record. Preferable people with enough sense not to pucch an energy converter.
Gordon smiles at his last statement
Richard Anderson: Nods in agreement
Gordon Laymark: And you'd have to be really dim to try it twice.
Greg Davis: Oh - we're talking about Patriot:)
Richard Anderson: Was it the "really dim" that gave it away?
Greg Davis: Yeah
Richard Anderson: He comes in handy as a fantastic distraction though
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Gordon Laymark: Just so you know, later today Patriot is going to recieve a commendation for his handling of Evanston. Its mainly to reasure the public that everything is in hand..and it wasn't my decision.
Greg Davis: But how long is it going to be before he make a really big mistake, and gets a lot of people killed?
Benjamin Wolff: Hrm - or how long until they start using him to his full potential as a war machine? What would happen if Patriot, at full speed (whatever that is) were to pile into Stweart? That could destroy something quite large, couldn't it? Maybe Russia?
Greg Davis: Or us?
Gordon Laymark (Looking at his watch): I wish I could stay and chat but I have to go and meet our new observer. I'll see you in 3 hours in my office. Be prompt - I dont want to give the observer a bad impression.
Benjamin Wolff: And he's as dumb as an ICBM: he woudl do it.
Shatter scoffs at Ben's doomsday image
Shatter: We already have the means to blow stuff up. No need to rely on Paragons for that
Sander Cohen: Let's go and get checked out by Rudy
Richard Anderson: I'll head over to the Infirmary and chat to Rudy about my results
Richard Anderson: Get's up
Gordon gets up and takes his tray away. He heads towards the loby, and the elevators.
Richard Anderson: coming chaps?
Benjamin Wolff: Good point - it's the more subtle paragons you'd need to worry about. The ones who could assassinate someone just by looking at them.
Greg Davis Greg follows Richard.
Shatter: Be there shortly
In the Infirmary Rudy is examining some samples under the microscope.
Richard Anderson: Hey Rudy - so what's new?
Benjamin Wolff: If we hit those samples with a hammer, would we get a fire?
Rudy Ellis (looking up): Oh. Hi.
Rudy Ellis: No..not these ones.
Richard Anderson: How do you get blood samples from a kin/energy converter?
Rudy Ellis: Stewarts blood work hasn't arrived yet.
Shatter: Let's say Shatter visits the loo or something so he'll be a bit late.
Richard Anderson: very slowly - I'd guess
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-> Shatter: Okay
Benjamin Wolff: And with a very pointy needle, too.
Greg Davis: Hi Rudy - we're reporting for our scheduled check-up . . . lucky us:)
Richard Anderson: Have you got my results yet?
Rudy Ellis: From what I understand small impacts don't actually trigger a reaction.
Benjamin Wolff: Rats, never did get a blood sample from patriot either - was never close enough.
Rudy Ellis: I'd hate to play squash with him though, atleast till he learns to contreol it.
Benjamin Wolff: Goodness gracious, great balls o'fire!
Richard Anderson: sniggers
Rudy laughs
Greg Davis: Quite:)
Rudy Ellis: Did Gordon tell you what I've discovered?
Sander Cohen: No - let us know
Sander Cohen: please
Richard Anderson: that we'd got some power increase - yada yada - but not anything more than that
Shatter knocks on the door and makes a late enterance
Rudy Ellis: We've been monitopring each of you since you arrived at the Academy. Thats six months of results, and we've noticed an average of 1.7% increase in your abilities in that time. Thats pretty significant.
Greg Davis: It is?
Richard Anderson: You sure it's only 1.7% I was kind of hoping for LOTS more the way Gordon was talking
Rudy Ellis: Given that we could expect a 25 to 30% increase over 15 years. Its very encouraging.
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Benjamin Wolff: Of course it's significant - now I can cast an illusion on one point zero one seven people instead of just one.
Richard Anderson: hmm - encouraging if you don't know Patriot
Benjamin Wolff: Ugh. Good point.
Sander Cohen: wonders what .07% of people actually works out to be
Sander Cohen: .7% actually
Rudy Ellis: Well thats the thing..those unusual readings I noticed.
Rev (Shatter): hobbits
Greg Davis: Yeah, I don't want to even think what Patriot would be like in 15 years.
Benjamin Wolff: About a foot's worth, I think.
Richard Anderson: Ignore them Rudy - do continue...
Rudy Ellis: I noticed that certain proteins were more common in all your bodies. I noticed it in Richards, but when I went back and checked the figures they were present in all of you..
Shatter: Could it be something we contacted in Unity?
Rudy Ellis: and the increase tracks with the power increase.
Shatter: Some peculiar side effect to the epidemy there
Richard Anderson: Hmm - that means there might be a way to test for Paragons? And also how powerful they are?
Benjamin Wolff: effect, or cause? If we took protein supplements, could we become stronger?
Rudy Ellis: I dont believe so. They are present in all of you, and have been since you were at the academy. They've just increased slightly in number.
Richard Anderson: That could be really handy
Shatter nods
Richard Anderson: The test I mean
Greg Davis: Does this mean that you're any closer to determining the source of paranormal powers?
Rudy Ellis: It could.. but we had another idea. It we artificially synthesised the proteins...
Richard Anderson: look for news reports of widespread blood testing going on anywhere in the world in the past 6 months
Benjamin Wolff: Yay! Midichlorian shakes!
Richard Anderson: Hey - I do the stupid jokes - OK?
Benjamin Wolff: In a range of fruity flavours.
Greg Davis: Huh?!?
-> Richard Anderson: Make a computing roll
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: Computers [1d20+19 = 30]
Shatter: Meh, I want to come up with an Arcane/Spersticious expalantion for the power increase but coming up with nothing good. Just to show that Shatter thinks this stuff is beyond science.
-> Richard Anderson: And an INT roll
Shatter: if you have suggestions, they'd be welcome. Could always roll an arcane lore thing if you want.
Benjamin Wolff: So have you managed to synthesise them? And do the proteins differ between people with different abilities?
Richard Anderson: Intelligence bonus [1d20+8 = 27]
MarkC (Richard Anderson): good enough
MarkC (Richard Anderson): hopefully?
-> Richard Anderson: No new blood testing programs, but someone has a large farm of computers running searches against the Genome project results for a set of numbers that Rudy currently has on his screen.
Richard Anderson: Hey guys - that's interesting - there's been someone running searches on the Genome project against exactly that data (points at the screen) using a large Beowulf cluster of computers
Richard Anderson: can I backtrack it?
Rudy Ellis: We dont believe these proteins are the cause of the abilities though. Synthesising them and giving them toi a test subject didnt produce powers.. and a test subject with powers didnt increase in ability. Of course weve only had three days to wait for results.
Greg Davis Greg looks at the screen - does it actually mean anything to him?
Rudy Ellis: We believe they are a marker for something else..we're just not sure what yet
Richard Anderson: I'm thinking that someone is using that data to look for paragons in the Human Genome project
Richard Anderson: Or for something - Rudy, does anyone else know about these proteins?
Shatter: One simple explanation might be that our powers increase simply because we are spending a lot of time close to other people with powers.
-> Richard Anderson: To the farm.. no trouble. They belong to a firm called CompuCalc and they haire out computers to firms, Universities etc for large scale computations
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: What is the HGP? Isn't it just the map of a single person's genes anymore?
Richard Anderson: any chance of finding out who hired them?
Sander Cohen: or that our bodies are getting used to dealing with the powers and is adapting
Richard Anderson: Basically there's a load of peopl'e data in there - they needed it to do the mapping so there's genetic data on millions of people stored
Richard Anderson: *people's
Rudy Ellis: No. There were several thousand voluteers to the Genome project. In fact a lot of people voluteer without realising it when they are admitted to hospital.
Greg Davis: You have no idea how reasuring that is:)
Richard Anderson: OK - thousands then - I can be wrong too you know
Rudy Ellis: Of course none of it is mapped.. its data 'for a future date'. At the moment I believe they are still working on the origianl two maps.. one westerner one asian.
Shatter: I'm still more intersted on the reason for the increase than who might be looking into it.
Greg Davis: So, in spite of all the Big Brother technology, what you're telling us is that our powers have increased, and you're not sure why.
Benjamin Wolff: O...kay. So reproducing the work that someone else is doing and finding the paragons and seeing if they are being recruited into another organisation would be a sensible move then.
Shatter: Some writings document that coveys and conclaves of mages staedily increased their power in incriments that were not related to simply accumulated knowledge, when compared to individual practitioners.
Rudy Ellis: I woulldn't put it that way, but I guess you could.
Shatter: So just saying. It could be as simple as the fact that we're working together
Richard Anderson: I'm actually more interested in what ways our powers have increased never mind the how or why
Rudy Ellis: It could be I guess
Campaign saved.
Shatter shrugs
Shatter: Power invites power
Greg Davis: Sound pretty "New Age" to me.
Rudy Ellis: Oh.. Each of you displace 'reactive' uses of power and these can be measured. For example Sander reacts to temperature changes reactively slowing the change. We can measure that.
Richard Anderson: So, Rudy - do you have any idea what freaky new or improved abilities we might have?
Shatter seems to take offence to Greg's words but doesn't reply
Benjamin Wolff: How am I measured?
Rudy Ellis: New abilities? Have you displayed 'new' abilities?
Shatter: Have we?
Richard Anderson: Not that I'm aware of - yet (looks around hopefully) - no still nothing
Declan: Noone has displayed any 'new' abilities. Of course if you have bought them you now have them. You just haven't displayed them (or probably even know about them)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): See - that's the thing - how do we "find out"?
Shatter: How about Darkvision? You'd sort of notice that one pretty easy
-> Shatter: No. It was bright when you woke up.
Shatter: Ah, it's the "appeared this morning type of thing. Roger.
Declan: Just use them whenever you like - and assume it was a reactive thing and thats that when you discovered them
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I suppose we just "try stuff" and see what happens
Campaign saved.
Shatter: Anything else?
The door opens. Gordon is stood there with a Blond female Air Force Colonel in dress uniform including cap.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): You can buy new abilities? I really must get me one of these rulebook things.
Shatter turns to Gordon and the women and greets them, military style
Gordon Laymark: As you were
Colonel Anna Fraiser: And this is?
Gordon Laymark: This is our Infirmary Colonel. Rusy is the expert here and can give you a run down.
Colonel Anna Fraiser: I think I'd prefer to talk to the team. I'm sure the technical stuff can wait till later.
Rudy looks slightly disappointed
Colonel Anna Fraiser: You're the team that dealt with the Unity incident, aren't you?
Greg Davis: That
Benjamin Wolff: Ah, that's not the official line we're taking, Ma'am.
Greg Davis: That's right.
Richard Anderson: That we are Colonel, sorry for the mess there - but it was a little difficult to keep a total lid on it
Campaign saved.
Shatter sighs
Colonel Anna Fraiser: I understand from Agent Laymark that you are his best team. I also note that you are his only all Paragon team. Do you feel that makes you better than teams Beta and Gamma that only have a couple of Paragons each?
Richard Anderson: look for the military files on Colonel A Fraiser (female - her name tag will be on her jacket) just to see what kind of person we're dealing with
Richard Anderson: Not "better" no - Paragons or not - it's the person that matters
Greg Davis: I don't think the number of Paragons makes a difference. Most of what we've achieved, we done using our brains.
Benjamin Wolff: I haven't heard of their work, so couldn't judge. I expect that all teams are selected to be well-rounded, so we'd be much of a muchness.
Richard Anderson: I think that the reason we've been reasonably effective is more to do with our backgrounds in various services
-> Richard Anderson: Her record suggests a strong religious upbringing. She recieved an Airforce scolarship and studied Genetics at University. She published a paper of Creationism, and its Genetic proof in which she tried to disprove Darwinism. She has combat experience - 6 months in Afganistan
Benjamin Wolff: Though if Gordon says we're his "best", I'm at the very least complimented. I don't suppose you could mention that in our annual appraisals, Sir?
Sander Cohen: What you have to remember is that each member has different skills
Sander Cohen: There's no 'best' - we all have to fit in with the team we're in
Campaign saved.
Declan: Something odd going on - My wife just signed into Skype - but both computers are in this room and she's not !!
alistair (Sander Cohen): - Richard, stop playing around
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Spooky! Say hi to her? :)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Ooh - perhaps it's Richard?
MarkC (Richard Anderson): too slow :-(
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Skypephone?
Declan: Probably just Skype playing up
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): "Hi, where did you want that money trasferred" should get their attention if they're a hacker :P
Colonel Anna Fraiser: So you don't consider Paragons better? Do you feel the name 'Paragons' is a suitable homage you your powers?
Sander Cohen: We didn't come up with the name 'paragons'
Richard Anderson: I think that whoever thought up the name "paragon" or "perfect embodiment of a concept" was probably having a laugh
Greg Davis: Powers or not, we're just as fallable, and mortal as anyone else.
Richard Anderson: I certainly don't feel perfect - most days anyway
Benjamin Wolff: I'd really rather we were considered normal: being considered different and unusual just makes the job harder.
Greg Davis: I'd second that.
Colonel Anna Fraiser: But you cannot deny the temptation to use your powers for self-gratification? If you look through the records a lot of emerging Paragons have done just that.
Richard Anderson: I'm just glad to be able to use the powers that God has granted me to help others
Shatter nods deeply at that
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: It's kinda hard to use light control powers for self-gratification.
Benjamin Wolff: I think it's because they haven't thought out the repercussions enough. Just like kids, shoplifting. The PRA works to give a more mature attitude, and show us to think through our actions before piling in.
Colonel Anna Fraiser: I'm glad I met you gentlemen. Its reasuring to know that some atleast are using this gift wisely.
Rev (Shatter): Heh if we'll continue giving out these perfect answers, anybody'll feel suspicious
Colonel Anna Fraiser: I believe you have a debriefing with Gordon shortly. I'll see you there. Now Agent Laymark, if you could show me your archives.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Wise? . . . was she talking about us?:)
Gordon nods to you almost imperceptibly and leads the Colonel off.
Rudy Ellis: Strange woman.
Richard Anderson: when she's out of earshot - I'll let the guys in on this...
Greg Davis: She obviously doesn't know us very well:)
Benjamin Wolff: Richard - could you monitor what archives she's interested in?
Richard Anderson: Guys - she's had a strong religious upbringing - wrota a paper on creationism at University and tried to disprove Darwinism
Declan: (Tell me when you are ready for Gordon's debvrief. I suspect Richard need to tell you stuff first though - and you have over an hour in game)
Shatter: So what about that?
Richard Anderson: She's also done a 6 month tour in Afghanistan - so she's tougher than she looks
Benjamin Wolff: Interesting. So, by "gift" she meant "gift from God", probably?
Richard Anderson: SHatter - I've no doubt that you and she will get on famously - it's all of us unreconstructed types that'll have to watch our step a little
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: Agreed.
Shatter just shrugs again
Greg Davis: (To Richard) So who exactly was responsible for researching all that material on the Human Genome?
Richard Anderson: did I find out who hired them?
-> Richard Anderson: Easy one for you. Someone at the Whitehouse just sent out a Press Relaese stating that there will be a Press conference in the Shield Building at 3pm, when the Government will announce its response to recent 'Paragon Issues'
Benjamin Wolff: I suspect that, working on capitol hill, she will not be taken in by any of that BS. But she shoud at least have been impressed by the fact that we were not headlinegrabbers, and we knew the right lines to give.
Richard Anderson: There was a company who hires out computer farms to large corporations and government bodies - but I've not got further - yet
Benjamin Wolff: Is she looking at anything obviously interesting in the archives?
Greg Davis: Sounds kinda suspiciious though, can you keep an eye on it?
-> Richard Anderson: They paid in cash. They come in an uplaod the data from DVD manually, and they come to collect it manually. However they haven't wiped all the CCTV footage. You have the pics from three days ago. Unfortunately all internal shots so no licence plate etc.
Richard Anderson: Oops - Whitehouse press release - 3pm in the Shield Building (hey that's when we get devriefed) government response to recent "Paragon Issues"
Sander Cohen: I think we should go for the de-brief
Greg Davis: Ohh this doen't bode well.
Richard Anderson: run the pics against the CIA/Police image matching systems - they're pretty good these days
Benjamin Wolff: Yeah being early would be a good idea then. Rudy, are you done testing and poking us?
Richard Anderson: The computer farm was hired as an all cash deal and results picked up manually - running the pics now
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: (To Richard) Can you check to see if any broadcasting equipment has been set up in the briefing room?
Benjamin Wolff: Five bucks says it was picked up by a courier.
-> Richard Anderson: Gordon is currenty running a search. Known Paragons, details of their powers, details of their breakouts, religious denomination, criminal records, and where they were educated. She also seems to be interested in political catchment areas they lived in..and
Richard Anderson: check the briefing room for electronic stuff - what's in there?
Greg Davis: No bet:)
-> Richard Anderson: club memberships (going back to college club memberships)
Benjamin Wolff: Lamarkk wouldn't spring a TV appearance on us without warning, would he?
Shatter: Doubt it
Shatter: Lets just go and we'll see
-> Richard Anderson: Okay - Image mapping will take a couple of housr
Richard Anderson: nps
Benjamin Wolff: Are you done with us Rudy?
Greg Davis: (sarcastically) Nah, he wouldn't do that.
Rudy Ellis: Yeah. All done
Richard Anderson: Gordon then "she" Gordon's a transvestite?
Declan: Whilst all that was going on Rudy took blood preasure, blood samples, gave you vit supplements, weighed you, and noted no oddities for any of you.
Sander Cohen: vitamin or protein supplements?
Richard Anderson: If there's stuff in the briefing room - I'm betting that the transmitters will only work if we want them to (smiles)
-> Richard Anderson: Sorry. Gordons login but you are sure its the Colonel whos actually interested in the data.
Greg Davis: Oh yeah . . . that's a good point.:)
Declan: Oh.. Standard Proteine/Vit supplement you've been getting every week since you started at the academy
Richard Anderson: text Gordon's phone with details of the press release (and its timing) and ask him if he knows what's going on
Sander Cohen: hmmm... ok.
Sander Cohen: goes for debriefing
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: After you (ushers Richard toward the door)
Benjamin Wolff: It would be amusing if the images of our faces arrived at the mixing desk pre-censored.
Richard Anderson: heads off to briefing room
-> Richard Anderson: Gordon Text back :NWS 2 ME. CHK IT OUT.
Shatter follows
Greg Davis follows Richard to the briefing room.
Richard Anderson: try to find details of the press release - there must be some record of it (and who's rwritten it)
Gordons secretary offers you coffee whilst you wait.. and pastries.
Sander Cohen: eats a pastry
Greg Davis takes coffee and a pastry.
Richard Anderson: Richard has a bit of a vacant expression on his face as if he's concentrating hard and his eyes are glowing faintly green
-> Richard Anderson: Came from the whitehouse - Office of the Vice-Presedent
MarkC (Richard Anderson): sorry - should have been an action
Greg Davis: Does that creep you out too?:)
Shatter seems to be on a quiet mood today so he just sits silently in his chair
Benjamin Wolff: Mmm, coffee.
Richard Anderson: do we have the content - must have been written on a computer and we're in the same building as the broadcast
Richard Anderson: in fact - the autocue would be favourite
Gordon enters, hurrying along AFTER Colonel Fraiser. She strides up to the Briefing room door and stops short when the door fails to open. The door slides open as the sensor detects Gordon.
Colonel Anna Fraiser: Gentlemen, Lets get this over.
Shatter stands up and follows orders
-> Richard Anderson: No.. but it is three hours off.
Richard Anderson: looks at watch (what time is it)
Declan: 12:03
Campaign saved.
Sander Cohen: follows Gordon
Richard Anderson: has the colonel got a laptop?
Richard Anderson: follows them into the room
Greg Davis follows the others.
-> Richard Anderson: PDA running WM6
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Yay 3 hrs early.
Richard Anderson: great a completely non secure system - any info on the press release?
The Colonel walks over and takes the seat at the head of the table. Gordon doesn't say anything, but sits to the right of her.
Richard Anderson: or on what questions she's going to ask?
Shatter sits so that he's as far from the colonel as possible without leaving empty seats
Colonel Anna Fraiser: Gentlemen, I know this is supposed to be a debriefing, but I have read your detailed reports, so I'm going to save some time and just ask specific questions.
Campaign saved.
-> Richard Anderson: She has the logs of Unity and Evaston - each persons, includig the Colonel Dan Paulsons.
Colonel Anna Fraiser: I might also ask you about Unity
Richard Anderson: crikey - what size memory does that thing have - my report was BIG!
Colonel Anna Fraiser: and since you are Paragons I need to also ask you about how Paragons will react to things.
Richard Anderson: What kind of things Colonel?
-> Richard Anderson: She stripped any video..and its got 32Gb - which is the most WM6 can address
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): nod, smiles stays cautiously silent and watches Gordon for any hint of what to say/not-say.
Sander Cohen: Are you asking us to second-guess how other Paragon's will react, Colonel?
Colonel Anna Fraiser: In a way.
Richard Anderson: THis wouldn't have anything to do with an impending Government Statement would it?
Colonel Anna Fraiser: Its clear from your report on Unity that it was a serious threat. It is also clear that registration would not have helped there since Carol Malloy didnt know of her own abilities.
Colonel Anna Fraiser: It is also clear that a Similar status may have applied to the Unknown fire paragon in Evanston.
Shatter: Most Paragon-related issues arise during a Breakout after all
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: Registration without a means to detect paranormals, would only effect those people you already know about. That makes it a bit worthless.
Richard Anderson: It also smacks of other times when people were "registered" and "monitored" - like the Jews in WW2
Colonel Anna Fraiser: Well I'm not so sure of that. I have records and many of them don't appear to have occured during or or immediately after.
She pulls out a folder
Colonel Anna Fraiser: Leroy Holmes - using invisibility to steal from stores, Jason Green - suggestive powers to gain free healthcare for his family, Ken Southwall - Kept his powers secret and almost killed a co-worker by punching a nail through a wall. All of these knew what they could do, but didnt decrlair it.
Declan: (declare)
Benjamin Wolff: If someone will break the law using their powers, why would they comply with a law that required them to register?
Greg Davis: You make a good point, but without a means to detect hidden paranormals, registration is just so much wasted paper.
Campaign saved.
Shatter: Is this what you wanted our reaction on?
Colonel Anna Fraiser: Not necessarily. The department of justice is aware of atleast one Paragon who can detect other Paragons. We have another who can read minds and we have researchers already looking for ways to identify Paragons medically.
Shatter: Registeration?
Richard Anderson: I feel that registration would be a mistake - you run the risk of alienating people who are already a little scared and confused by their newfound abilities
Greg Davis: Without a accurate way to determine paranormals medically, your two paragons are going to be kept pretty busy trying to scan a population the size of the US.
Richard Anderson: Or the world...
Colonel Anna Fraiser: We have already decided that for 'public confidence' the DoJ is going to have to introduce some form of registration. It has been suggested that this be voluntary for those without criminal records. I appreciate your candidness however you have to remember you are godfair
Benjamin Wolff: I suspect there would be as many reactions as there are paragons. Logically, I find the idea sound. Emotionally... well, I am Jewish. I cannot but feel uncomfortable at the idea of being required to wear a triangle. Voluntary registration was the first step back then, too.
Greg Davis nods.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): godfair?
Colonel Anna Fraiser: ing people. My research has turned up some worrying statistics. The prevalenec to use Paragon abilities for ill gain is highest in those areas with the highest criminal rates, the lowest school and church attendance. It appears we have powers, enormously temting powers falling into the hands of the worst people.
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: And the same could be said of guns, or knives, and so on - it's the people not the powers that are the problem
Shatter: First, allow me to state that I am not against voluntary registeration.
-> Richard Anderson: Rudy has just texted you a message. It appears to be a PGP key and an email designation.
Greg Davis: Sorry to keep banging on about this, but without a good means to detect paragon, you're going to create a "Reds under the bed" type scare, that can only hurt those paranormals already living in the public eye. Do you really fancy yourself as the new McCarthy?
-> Richard Anderson: actually its 8 texts.. but you get the idea
Shatter: ...
Shatter goes silent again
Colonel Anna Fraiser: The McCarthy trails were misguided, hunting for something that may not have been there. Paragons are a proven fact.
Richard Anderson: look at the email using the key
Benjamin Wolff: I'd say the best tactic to get volunteers would be to offer scholarships, jobs, training in use of their abilities - lift them out of the poverty that drives them to crime. Make becoming a paragon be seen as equivalent to winining the lottery. Make them want to come forward.
Benjamin Wolff: Selling them the idea of a position in a database and a lifetime of monitoring will be a lot harder than selling them the idea of a career and respect.
Greg Davis: Yes, but without a means to find the paranormals, you're just going to inflame whatever paranoia that already exists.
Shatter nods to Benjamin's direction
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: I think that most of us would have benefitted from the type of idea that Ben is suggesting - it would certainly encourage people to come forward.
-> Richard Anderson: Its an order from the Director (remember Gordon is Assistant Director) ordering him to increase the dosage of Analax-delta in all agents to 15cc/unit weight. Using the same PGP key you can quickly check through all the other emails involving the stuff. Looks like all Paragons working for the PRA get the stuff.
Benjamin Wolff: Makes an iillusion of subtitles floating across Greg's eyes: "Ben says: Do you really want her to be thinking that when she talks to Rudy about the 'technical stuff'? Do we even want her to know there may be a way?"
Greg Davis: I'm not so sure.
-> Richard Anderson: You also note that all Paragons currently in captivity are being given 25cc/unit weight of this stuff whatever it is, and there are a lot of emails from Rudy to the director objecting to its use based on the effects in early trials.
Richard Anderson: search for all references to Analax-delta in the local databases and summarise the results - I'm working at 500 speed here!
Greg Davis Greg nod imperceptibly to Ben, and shuts up.
Richard Anderson: message Rudy using the same key - ask him if we've been getting the same dosages mentioned here
-> Richard Anderson: Okay - its all encrypted. It looks like low levels suppress power growth, slightly higher levels cut powers, then cancel them etc. The early subjects suffered brain damage. There are also notes about letargy, loss of self awareness and paranoia.
Benjamin Wolff: If the areas with the greatest paragon crime problem are the areas with the lowest incomes, there may well be an easy fix. Throw money at it, and get some handy skills working for the government into the bargain. Right where they're easiest watched.
-> Richard Anderson: You dont need to. Its in the records. You've all been getting 5cc/unit weight for the last 6 months.
Richard Anderson: in the vitamins?
Colonel Anna Fraiser: I appreciate your suggestions
-> Richard Anderson: Yeah
alistair (Sander Cohen): Am I the only one that hears that as "I ignore all your suggestions"?
Campaign saved.
-> Richard Anderson: Although at the academy it was in the food
Richard Anderson: are the guys wearing their headsets?
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Nope :D
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): No I heard that too:)
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): That came through loud and clear here!
Rev (Shatter): Well not like any of our characters actually expect to effect anything with our opinions...
-> Richard Anderson: No
Richard Anderson: Colonel, perhaps you might be willing to let us know what the Government Statement will be this afternoon - or at least give us an idea?
Colonel Anna Fraiser: I agree that putting money into the area might help, but Godfearing people don't need better schools to know what is right and what is wrong. I personally feel that registration should be compulsary, but the Vice Presedent feels it is too early for that. I am go
Richard Anderson: do we know who the director is?
Declan: (igrone the last 3 words)
-> Richard Anderson: Gordon Laymark is assistannt directory of the PRA, but in reality he's 'the man on the ground'. Gordon appears to be responsible for the day to day operations at the PRA. He ensures cases and operations are handled correctly. You have never met the director, but you have heard of him. In addition to being Director of the PRA Oscar Gensen is also the second senator for the state of Texas and a close friend of the Presedents. As far as you know he's never been anywhere near a PRA facility.
-> Richard Anderson: From Session 1
Richard Anderson: People are not born "Godfearing" they are brought up that way - people have to be taught right and wrong and that is why better schools would help there, Colonel
-> Richard Anderson: Easier than typing it again
Richard Anderson: thanks Dec
Shatter glances at Richard
Campaign saved.
Shatter: Well, we are not here to discuss ethics or education for that matter
Benjamin Wolff: Very true. If only there were not such a separation of church and state. There is a definite reason I do not use my abilities for ill, and that is morality. If God gave me these abilities, He gave them to me to be used for Good. But that's the sort of thing you learn in a church or sinagogue, not in school.
-> Richard Anderson: Another text from Rudy: After meeting will call you to Infirmary and give water injections. Please wipe text history. Dont let on.
Richard Anderson: wipe history of texts and emails
Benjamin Wolff: Is there a way that the churches could help with the problem?
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Nearly 10 guys
Colonel Anna Fraiser: I would appreciate it if each of you could write a short statement. I think it might help the people understand if we can show that some Paragons are behind this decision. We could read one or two of them as part of the press statement.
Richard Anderson: What is the decision - you've not told us yet?
Gordon Laymark: Colonel, Perhaps if I talk to the men. I know them well and can get the best from them
Greg Davis: Yeah, what decision?
-> Richard Anderson: Oh.. by the way. None of those emails had Gordon CCed in
Gordon Laymark: Gentlemen. We dont have a choice. The whitehouse is calling for Voluntery registration, and whether you feel it should be compulsary like me, or are opposed to it, we are going with the decision. I look forward to your statements for the press announcement.
Gordon Laymark: (Ahhhgg.. Was Anna Fraiser -- not Gordon))
Colonel Anna Fraiser: Gentlemen. We dont have a choice. The whitehouse is calling for Voluntery registration, and whether you feel it should be compulsary like me, or are opposed to it, we are going with the decision. I look forward to your statements for the press announcement.
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: Surely the word of Patriot would carry more weight - publically, we are just "trainees", after all.
Declan: Took me till last 2 mins to mess up. Almost managed a session
Greg Davis: And I don't think I want my name connected with this in any way.
Declan: Ohh.. Thats worth an XP
MarkC (Richard Anderson): technically was after 10 anyway - so congrats!
alistair (Sander Cohen): lol
Colonel Anna Fraiser: Thats a superb idea. I will arrange for Patriot to do it.
She gets uyp and leaves
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Oh ye gods, I feel so evil now!
Richard Anderson: Good job Ben
Declan: Which looks a good place to end the session
Greg Davis: Yeah well Patriot deserves it.:)
Declan: Poor Patriot.. He's going to be so proud doing it...
Benjamin Wolff: Thanks... though I dread to think what will be written for him, at least our names won't live in infamy.
Richard Anderson: Hey they might hit it off - she looks his type
Richard Anderson: Tall, Blond, Misguided
Rev (Shatter): They're both in the service. That'd be improper
Colonel Anna Fraiser: Oh .. The Patriot Idea is definately worth an XP.
1XP - Drag it to available points [1]
Greg Davis: She's certainly passionate enough to be dangerous. It might be worth keeping an eye on her.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Aww, thanks :D
Shatter: But she's bad at taking a lead of a conversation. Rather than spinning the press, she might end up spun.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Right - I'm going to have to log now - thanks for a great session - see you all again next week
Declan: And so die the GMs plans to have you the most hated people on the planet. Poor patriot.. all those Paragons out hunting for him.
Rev (Shatter): Take care
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Seeya!
alistair (Sander Cohen): lol, well done Dewi
Declan: People might be surprised by some of the stuff in the log
alistair (Sander Cohen): See you Mark
'MarkC' disconnected
Campaign saved.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): I noticed you were typing a lot Declan, so I avoided whispering you :P
Greg Davis: Did you really think any of us hero types would help Fraiser willingly?
Shatter raises hand
GM: Honestly..not intentionally..but you might find the best way to oppose her is to play along.
Shatter: Shatter is all for the benefit of the majority on the inconvenience of the few (as long as it could be justified that those few might harm the society)
Benjamin Wolff: Openly rebelling would be hard, but still... the "god given gift" thing is a hook we might be able to leverage.
GM: Oh.. I think by next session Shatter will be opposing her.. as soon as you've talked to either Richard or Rudy.. (or read the logs)
Shatter: Richie better send us all informative mails then
Benjamin Wolff: What was Greg after, with her? I wasn't sure if he was probing her to try to find out what she knew about Rudy's work or not.
GM: Rudy is currently destroying his work - but you'll discover that next session.
Benjamin Wolff: Are the logs up yet? :P
GM: Oh..good idea. One moment
Greg Davis: I was just trying to point out how impractical registration was. The medical research doesn't seem to be coming up with anything workable.
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: Well... a measure of protein concentrations sees pretty workable to me.
Benjamin Wolff: seems*
Benjamin Wolff: But admittedly, less workable if the research on it is destroyed by "accident".
Greg Davis: Maybe I misunderstood, but I thought Rudy said it couldn't be used to dectect paragons.
Shatter: Shatter thinks we would've gotten out more of her had we allowed her to ask her questions though
Benjamin Wolff: How come shatter was so quiet?
Shatter: Because everyone was talking. Heh
Shatter: We were sort of adviced against that in the first place
Greg Davis: Yeah, things did get a bit passionate.
Shatter: And Shatter's the army type. An confrence on opinions and ethics is a waste of time.