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GM: I'm juts going to grab a drink before we start
'Greg Davis' connected
Greg Davis: Hi Shatter.
GM: Hmm.. only 2
GM: 3 mins to go though
Shatter: Hiye
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Hi Delan - didn't know you were lurking there:)
Declan: I'm running back and forth between PC and kitchen. Running late on food.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): OK
Declan: Also had a hectic day of cabling trying to get ready fopr tonight.. ripping out old ADSL stuff and putting in Cable stuff.
Shatter: I was pretty impressed how fast you manged that ISP switch
Shatter: Back here it can take weeks in the city, even longer on the coutnryside
Declan: I work for the company which provided my old Broadband solution, so I could get into trouble for saying that the solution was so bad I prefer to pay £12.99 a month for another ISPs servive at 2Mbps than there 20Mbps service for free (so I wont say that)
Shatter: Heh
Declan: Oh..well we already get TV and Phone from our cable provider, so the cabling was in. I just had to ring them and pursuade them to courier a modem to me (which arrived Saturday morning - I paid for Staurday delivery), and then I bought the router this morning.
Shatter nods
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I've just been catching up on last session log (I got kicked out a number of times during Gordon's briefing) - is the briefing still going on?
Declan: Hmm..2 mins passed
'Dewi Morgan' connected
Shatter: Here ISPs really don't get that whole "Customer Service" concept
Declan: And short players
Declan: Ah.. Hi Dewi.
Benjamin Wolff: Hi :)
Greg Davis: Hi Dewi:)
Benjamin Wolff: *hic*
Shatter greets
Benjamin Wolff: Swines made me Sunday dinner, how could I resist the siren call of the roast chicken?
Declan: I dont think ISPs like my complain four times and then leave approach. The prefer customers who put up with bad service.
Declan: Alistair is having problems..
'Alistair' connected
Shatter: That's a good way to approach crappy service.
Declan: Hi Alistair.. Right I'm going to kick off
Shatter: We would've changed our ISP a few times already but my flatmate and me can't handle living without connection for a week
Alistair (Sander Cohen): Hi - all working at this end
Greg Davis: Hi Alastair:)
Shatter: So the crummy service of other companies is actually the thing that keeps us as customers
Shatter: And hiye
At the end of last session you had just been briefed. You are supposed to be meeting Patriot outside, but before hand Rudy Ellis is supposed to be giving you a medical to check for any unusual effects of your experience at Unity
Alistair (Sander Cohen): 'supposed'?
Declan: And Mark wont be making this session
Alistair (Sander Cohen): votes Richard to take point :)
Rev (Shatter): Bummer. We'll need to alttab for google now
Gordon lead you down to medical where Rudy is waiting.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Damn having Richard along on this session could have been really useful.
Rudy Ellis: I'm a little rushed. I have to check out a load of people from Unity in a few hours. Just hop on a bench and I'll check you out.
Sander Cohen: hops on the bench
Shatter silently does as instructed
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): By the way Dewi, I think your idea of having the emotion controller come along and help us talk Fire-Guy down stood a real chance of working. Guess we'll have to play it Patriot's way now:_(
Sander Cohen: We don't know Patriot yet - he could be a real team player
Rudy Ellis: Rudy quickly checks Sanders BP, pulse and listens to his chest. He then gives him a quick protein supplement 'for meals missed' and says that you haven't got time for an MRI and he doubts it would show anything anyway.
Rudy quickly checks Sanders BP, pulse and listens to his chest. He then gives him a quick protein supplement 'for meals missed' and says that you haven't got time for an MRI and he doubts it would show anything anyway.
Rudy Ellis: If Gordon asks tell him I did the full thing, okay?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Ho-Ho-Ho (Good joke):)
Sander Cohen: fine. I'm ready to be on my way - I feel fine
Rudy then quickly performs the same checks on Shatter, and waits to see if the rest of you are ready.
Benjamin Wolff: Ready anytime.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I'm ready whenever Rudy is.
Shatter: You can see some fairly heavy scarring once Shatter removes his shirt. He doesn't comment them in any way.
Rudy finishes his checks, but notes that Richards blood preasure is high and holds him back for further tests.
Shatter: The scarring is clearly old and focuses on his left side from below the arm to the areas covered by his jeans
Rudy Ellis: I'm sorry, but I cant let you out with anything odd. Especially considering you had the greatest exposure in Unity.
He turns to the rest of you.
Rudy Ellis: You'll have to manage this one without Richard. I'll tell Gordon.
Greg Davis: Guess it's just the four of us then - oh yeah and Patriot (*mutters" God help us!)
Shatter just nods
Sander Cohen: Have you tested Patriot yet?
Benjamin Wolff: And I'm fit. Healthy. Not currently possessed by anything. Mmm, brains.
(You all notice something blue sweep passed the window rather fast)
Sander Cohen: Ah, the window cleaners are quick here
Greg Davis: Guess who's just arrived.
Sander Cohen: You should see what Patriot can do with a squeegie
Benjamin Wolff: Be nice. He may also have superhearing :)
Shatter: I'd still be happier with a proper aeroplane
Greg Davis: Yeah - good point.
This time you are prepared for it so you get a better view as Patriot swings around, carefully possitioning himself against the sun to give the crowd below a silouette shot, then enters his 'heroic' pose.
Shatter: It would be intersting to see how he does on an undercover mission
Greg Davis: Nice tights:)
Benjamin Wolff: Is it a nerd? Is it a pain?...
Shatter: 'suppose you could use him for a diversion
Greg Davis: That sounds good.
Patriot swoops down towards the crowd, one arm upraised and as he passes low over their heads he slows to give the crowd a wave, the rockets upwards again.
Rudy looks out the window.
Shatter: So how fast did he promise to us to Everston?
Rudy Ellis: It looks like your transport is here.
Greg Davis: So how's he going to carry all of us?
Shatter: Gordon said something about a van
Rudy Ellis: The way I heard it he was going to carry your van.
Benjamin Wolff: Can't we just kill Shatter again? :(
Rudy Ellis: Just dont call him 'Mr Taxi driver' when you're at 1000 feet.
Shatter: I'd prefer not. I'm satisfied with the fact that I'd beat him at short distances.
Greg Davis: Of course if he drops us - the PRA are going to need a whole new bunch of paranormals.
Sander Cohen: Does he prefer chauffere?
Shatter puts his sunglasses back on after having removed them during the examination
Shatter: Anything else before we go?
Benjamin Wolff: I say we apologise to him for the budget cutbacks that make it necessary. Poseur or not, lifting and carrying shouldn't be a paranormal's job.
Rudy Ellis: No. I'm all done here
Greg Davis: I think we should get him to land long before he reaches Fire-Guy. I don't want him carrying us when he starts to draw enemy fire.
Shatter (Smiling lightly): Agreed, Ben
Richard Anderson (smirking): Looks like fun guys. I'm sure you'll get on well with him.
Benjamin Wolff: You don't count, Shatter, you're too useful that way.
Shatter grins
Shatter: Alright, lets get this thing rolling then.
Patriot is now signing autographs
Sander Cohen: yup - let's go
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Greg follows Shatter reluctantly.
Benjamin Wolff: Maybe we shold wait till he's done? Or should we rescue him from the fans?
Richard Anderson: I'll see you when you get back
Shatter: Someone better call him into the building though... I'm not going to approach him when that crowd is anywhere near..
Greg Davis: Na - he deserves everything he gets:)
Rudy Ellis: See if you can get me a blood sample. I'd love to see Patriots blood.
Shatter waves quickly to Rudy.
Shatter: Give Ben a syringe then
Shatter turns to wait
Greg Davis: (to Rudy) The guys invulnerable - how are we going to manage that?
Shatter: Though assuming his skin can't be penetrated by an antitank missle...
Rudy passes Ben a syringe.
Benjamin Wolff: Oh, I'm sure you'll see it anyway, Rudy. But we can try :)
Shatter: Alright, take care.
Shatter waves again
Greg Davis: Lets get to the Van.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Greg will get behind the wheel.
Sander Cohen: goes to the van
GM: How did you get to the van? Main lift? Service lift? Portal? or staits?
GM: (stairs)
Shatter When walking out of Rudy's room Shatter turns to Ben and points at the syringe
Shatter: Want me to hold that for you?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Stairs sound fine to me.
Rev (Shatter): I figured we'd get to the main lobby first, seeing as Shatter doesnt' even know where the van is.
Rev (Shatter): But if someone knows, I'd vager he'd follow
Benjamin Wolff: If you have interesting plans for it, sure :) *hands to shatter*
Shatter smiles and the shatters in Ben's hands
Seven flights of stairs later you reach the ground floor. The area outside the entrance area is seathing with crowds and reporters. Most are facing away from the building. The poor security guards are trying to kkep them out of the building.
Through the main doors (which are glass) you can see Patriot giving what appears to be a speach. Either he's found a box to stand on, or he's floating.
Shatter just looks out from inside with clearly no intent to venture outside
Benjamin Wolff: Shatter, I've been meaning to ask - purely out of curiousity and tactical interest, could you cause only part of a person to move? Their eyes, perhaps? Or could you move something like a bullet to be inside someone?
Shatter shakes his head a bit.
Shatter: I can only manifest thigns in gasses and liquids. If the density becomes too high things sort of...
Sander Cohen: what's patriot saying?
Shatter: I suppose "bounce" would be the term
'Greg Davis' disconnected
Shatter: Just adlibbing, so if you feel I got anything wrong when explaining powers, feel free to correct me
Benjamin Wolff: Blood's a liquid - so a stroke or heart attack is feasible, then. Might be useful to know for the future I guess.
Patriot is answering questions. He seems to be talking about Evanston. He apparently is going their too sort out the sutuation and he's bringing along some trainee government Paragons so they can see how its done.
(going there)
Shatter: True, but it's not as precise as one might like. I'd need to know the reative location of their veins or heart and then place the item exactly there.
-> Shatter: Okay
Declan: (lost greg :( )
Shatter: I've thought about it but I still consider my rifle as the easiest way to insert forgein object into somebody elses body
Benjamin Wolff: True. Unless they have non-bullet-permeable skin, of course.
Shatter nods
Benjamin Wolff: And if the foreign body you insert is a blood clot, it leaves a lot less evidence.
Declan: (No sign of Greg reconnecting - wonder whats up)
Alistair (Sander Cohen): is he on skype?
Rev (Shatter): no
Patriot seems to have said something about his trainees. A lot of reporters are now looking at the building.
'Greg Davis' connected
Shatter: I can't say I have qualms on assassination but I do feel it to be more "Fair" when done trough traditional methods.
Benjamin Wolff: Great. Where's the van?
Shatter: It would feel strange to directly kill anyone with these God given gifts.
Sander Cohen: I feel a great urge to get to the van right now
Benjamin Wolff: I also.
Shatter: Not that I haven't had the occasional daydream of dropping somebody a few miles on occasion
Declan: (Just going to repeat two things for Gregs benefit)
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Thanks.
Patriot is answering questions. He seems to be talking about Evanston. He apparently is going their too sort out the sutuation and he's bringing along some trainee government Paragons so they can see how its done.
Patriot seems to have said something about his trainees. A lot of reporters are now looking at the building.
Shatter: Right, so where is the van?
Greg Davis: This way.
GM: You parked the van in the underground car park
Benjamin Wolff: You maybe wouldn't need to kill, Shatter - restricting the blood flow could black someone out, and mean you didn't have to kill them with the rifle.
Shatter follows Greg as long as it go outside
Sander Cohen: follows Greg to the van
Benjamin Wolff: Follows whoever knows where the van is....
Shatter: Yeah but that would assume getting something into someone's body and then getting it out...
Benjamin Wolff: You're a talented guy!
Shatter smiles a bit
You reach the van. It looks to have been washed and polished while you've been sleeping etc. Gordon even posted a guard on it for you. He salutes you.
Shatter: I have a few ways of restraining a person already. First is an old anglosaxian spell of binding that I managed to get working.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Ooh, can we keep the guard?
Shatter: Haven't really gotten to test it but it's rather intersting, actually.
Greg Davis: Spell of binding?
Its in sub level 3 - which is actually above the secure offices on sub 5.
Benjamin Wolff: I bet that makes you popular at S&M parties.
Shatter shrugs
Greg Davis: *laughs*
Shatter: I don't believe it'd work on our guy though. It's fairly easy to rip yourself free of it if you have the strenght.
Shatter it seems like he was about to say more but then he just shuts up
Greg Davis: Yeah -given his power level, I think we'd better let Patriot handle him, and concentrate on damage limitation.
Shatter: Should we drive the van outside, seeing that I doubt he'll fly us from the basement
Sander Cohen: yes, makes sense
Benjamin Wolff: Handle who? Oh, yeah, the fire guy: I'd forgotten about him. *grins*
Greg Davis: Okay - guess I can't put it off any longer (put van in gear, and heads for exit).
Shatter opens the back of the van and goes to sit in the corner.
Benjamin Wolff: Gets in back, checks equipment, makes sure he's strapped in.
Greg Davis: Somehow I think a seatbelt isn't going to help if Patriot drops us:)
GM: All your equipment is there. Someone has even refreshed the ammo.
Shatter there he pulls out his combat vest and starts checking it now that he actually has the time for gear management.
Shatter looks up from the vest
Shatter: Oh right, dropping... I'll come and sit in the front once we're in the air. Easier to jump out that way.
Greg Davis: That's not very reassuring.
The van exits on the east side of the building. The crowds are to the south of you.
Shatter pulls his ski mask from the air and covers his face with it. Just in case.
Benjamin Wolff: Try not to run over too many of his fans.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Guess I have no choice but to drive around to where Patriot is waiting.
Benjamin Wolff: I would try to make him look stupid, but... best not to until he's put us down again, hmm?
GM: The crowds dont seem to want to part, but Patriot spots you coming. He lifts into the air, floats over to the side of the van, drops down to ground level, and raps on the window.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I'm suddenly very glad the van has blacked-out windows:)
The crowds dont seem to want to part, but Patriot spots you coming. He lifts into the air, floats over to the side of the van, drops down to ground level, and raps on the window.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I crack the window open "Lets just get going- alright"
Greg Davis: Sudden case of camera shyness:)
Kyle Griffin (Patriot): Lieutenant Kyle Griffin, US Army. You the guys I'm supposed to 'escourt' to Evanston?
Greg Davis: That's us - can we do this someplace more private?
Shatter: Want to come up with a military rank for Shatter? I only know about the local ones
-> Shatter: I'll check appropriate ranks after the session
Shatter: It would be British of course so wouldn't pull much weight with Boy Americana here
Shatter: thanks
Patriot nots and vanishes downwards. There is a sudden jolt as the van jerks upwards, nose first.
Shatter: 'suppose it's too late to pose some guestions regarding the structural integrity of the van..
Benjamin Wolff: hums the ET flying bike tune
Kyle Griffin (Patriot): The van radio crackles into life.
The van radio crackles into life.
Sander Cohen: call it a field test, Shatter :)
Richard Anderson: You really should be glad you cant see this
Shatter grins under his mask
Greg Davis: That's ok - paragon powers overcome little details like that.
Richard Anderson: Let me put it this way. He's only holding the van with one hand, so he can use the other to wave to the crowd.
Greg Davis: Prat.
Benjamin Wolff: At least it's his hand.
Sander Cohen: Why would he wave with his foot?
The van accelerates upwards.The radio fades out as you leave Richards range.
Greg Davis: So Shatter can you safely port us to the ground if anything goes wrong (looks hopefully at Shatter).
Shatter: Easy. The reason I reserved a window seat.
There's a grinding noise and crunch about the point the in van GPS registers you are going 630mph.
Shatter: I'll move to front once we're a bit more steady
Greg Davis: Oh good :)
Sander Cohen: hope we don't pass any speed cameras
Shatter: I don't think our driver shares your hopes
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I try to find out what the crunch was.
The speed contiunes to climb..and by 3200 you are beginning to get concerned by the red glow from the wiper rubber.
Benjamin Wolff: Actually, speed caeras fail after only 600 miles an hour, I believe.
Greg Davis: Thats good:)
Shatter: Right, perhaps I'll just stay here
Benjamin Wolff: I'm quite surprised that the windscreen's held up so well. One tiny spec of dust at this speed and whoomph.
GM: It is bullet proof.
Sander Cohen: Can we slow down a bit?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I create a hard-light barrier across the windscreen - just in case (invisible of course)
GM: How do you want to communicate that to Patriot - who you presume is somewhere under the van?
Sander Cohen: Why? So when we stop we get crushed????
Sander Cohen: Ben - can you talk to patriot?
Benjamin Wolff: Not unless I can see him.
Sander Cohen: ok, ben, this is what we need to do....
Shatter removes the mask and makes it disappear. Then he goes back to checking his combat vest though it's clear that he's not as perfectly calm as normal.
Sander Cohen: (are you ok at being hung upside down by your feet at 3200mph?
Benjamin Wolff: Hrm - no, not really. But you could always just stick your head out the window and yell at him?
Benjamin Wolff: I wouldn't recommend it, though.
You note that you seem to have slowed a bit (the melting tires told Patriot the spped was a bit fast)
Sander Cohen: I think the speed of sound means that even with superhearing he won't hear it until yesterday
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Greg will take the opportunity to get into his Undercover Shirt.
Alistair (Sander Cohen): afk for 1min
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): What's an undercover vest? Is it like a hawaiian shirt that I can use to blend in when I'm undercover?
Twenty harrowing minutes later (the worst of which was when you noticed that the windshield was glowing) Patriot slows down and starts spiraling down. As he breaks cloud cover you get your first sight of Evanston.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): 'Fraid not - just a light-weight flak jacket.
Greg Davis: Ouch - that looks bad.
Declan: Its a light weight kevlar thing designed not to be immediately visible under a jacket
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Ah - I'll wear mine too then - it should be Patriot-stupidity-proof, right?
Rev (Shatter): Shatter's vest is a combat vest, a bit thicker but clearly visible when he has it on. The reason he didn't wear it for most of the unity jaunt.
Shatter doesn't comment the state of Evanston, just looks in silence
Benjamin Wolff: They redecorated! Specially for us?
Declan: Undercover shirt - suitable for use under clothes and hard to spot, undercover vest - easier to spot, combat vest - wont go under clothes.
Sander Cohen: What building was that?
Shatter: how old is Paragon according to the press release?
-> Shatter: Patriot?
Shatter: Heh yeah, him
-> Shatter: One mo..I'll check
Shatter: Figured I'd ask since we're such an old geezers club
Greg Davis: Shame Richard isn't here - he probably could have told us.
-> Shatter: Well he was 26 when he broke out.. so you'd guess 27 or 28
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I try to contact Richard on my cellphone.
Benjamin Wolff: What does it say on the satnav?
GM: You've no idea (what the building was)
Sander Cohen: can we land near it?
GM: Oh.. the sat nav says you are over the Marriott Hotel.
Shatter: Well this is a hands on mission so we should be able to make do without Richie
Rev (Shatter): Heh fitting
Greg Davis: Or what remains of it.
Greg Davis: Intelligence is always useful.
It looks like the entire block is gone. The Marriott hotel, a department store, and some appartments.
Shatter: We do need more information though. Hope he'll put us down soon.
Patriot lowers the van down about a block from the disaster site.
Sander Cohen: Can we see any other destruction nearby while we're up here?
GM: Lots of lesser damage, but that seems to be the epicentre of it.
Shatter sighs and puts the ski mask on again. In his jeans, combat vest and the mask he does look a bit disturbing.
There are National Guard forming a perimeter around the area.
Shatter opens the back of the van and steps out
Shatter: Any press os civilians about?
Shatter: *or
GM: Several chopper that could be iether press or cops. There are also several vans with press logos and satalittes on the rooves, but no sign of the actual reporters.
Greg Davis: I'm trying Richard again on the phone - If possilble, I'd like him to check the pictures of Fire-guy against the pics on the driving lisence database. If he can get a name - can he find out where he worked?
Shatter surveys the surroundings and then turns to Patriot if he's about
Benjamin Wolff: ;follows, trying to keep an eye on patriot.
Alistair (Sander Cohen): ADSL helpline dealing with a problem here - semi-afk
Kyle Griffin (Patriot): Okay. I'll handle this. You just stay back and make sure you don't get hurt, and I'll make sure you get a mention in the write-ups in the papers.
Shatter: Do you know where he is?
Kyle Griffin (Patriot): Patriots just put the van down (so he's sttod right next to it)
GM: Patriots just put the van down (so he's sttod right next to it)
Rev (Shatter): Meant that Shatter asked Patriot if he knew where the target is. Just to open communications.
Kyle Griffin (Patriot): I'm going to talk to the guys in charge. Find out where this guy is, and bring him in.
Greg Davis: I think it's probably better if we stay together, I can provide protection, and Shatter can port us out of any trouble.
A young National Guard Captain appears to have spotted the van landing (who could miss it) and is walking towards the group.
Shatter: I'd love to stick with you as well, Lieutenant. At least 'till we see what the situation is.
Kyle Griffin (Patriot): Yes. I guess you'll learn more if you stick close, see how its done.
Shatter just nods
The captain is now hurrying towards the group.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I get out the van - looking around for any danger.
Captain Chapman: I'm glad you made it. We really need specialist support here.
Greg Davis: Do you know where the rogue paragon is now Captain?
Captain Chapman: Someone at HQ thgought it was a good idea to bring in a tank. Damnest thing I've seen. I think he was scared for a monet, but once he was cornered he knocked the tank clean through the ground floor of the Marriott.
Captain Chapman: Last we saw he was somewhere under that rubble. He might actually be down, but if he is its his own doing.
Greg Davis: So who was that genius:)
Alistair (Sander Cohen): back
Greg Davis: (to Team) Any suggestions?
Sander Cohen: The sewers - that's where we need to check
Captain Chapman: Well Colonel Wright was in charge here, but we haven't seen him since the building came down. He was trying to get closer to the action so he could figure out a way top end it.
Shatter nods
Sander Cohen: Can we get a map of the area?
Shatter: Do you have a command center established?
Shatter: It is close by?
Declan: (You should have been able to, but my map seems to not be available in FG2 even though its in the right directory :( )
Sander Cohen: Argh - I _knew_ we needed Rich Anderson
Sander Cohen: He'd know how to hack the GM's computer
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Wrong file format?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): A scroll has just appear on my screen.
Rev (Shatter): You could mail it to us if we can't get FG to accept it
Declan: So we'll use improv version no.1
Rev (Shatter): Works for me
Declan: (Hows that?)
Rev (Shatter): Great
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): What's Patriot doing now? With his str clearing the wreckage shouldn't take too long - but he should watch out for any injured innocent bystanders.
Patriot looks around.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis):
Kyle Griffin (Patriot): I'll take to the air and see if I can find him.
He rockets upwards
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Wouldnt ask him to clear the wreckage, he seems a bit dim about collateral damage - he might just clear the building to, say, ontop of another building.
Greg Davis: Don't suppose you've got x-ray vision too?
Shatter: Well, I have no qualms with this.
Greg Davis: You don't?
Shatter (To the captain): Are the buildings around the perimeter empty?
Greg Davis: Shatter could you remote sensing help find Fire-Guy?
Captain Chapman: We think so. The fire service evacuated all that the could.
Shatter: Only if he's about five feet from me
Sander Cohen: Who is that that's just moved?
Greg Davis: Oh well - it was worth a try.
Shatter: Good. So no sightings after all that came down? *Motions towards the collapsed hotel*
GM: (Thats Patriot - that just moved. He's flying over the rubble)
Sander Cohen: Ah - thanks - I thought it was a burning man
Benjamin Wolff: I still reckon that when Pat hits flamey, if shatter portals flamey out to an empty field, then Pat can take the credit for "blowing him up" and go home, and we can drive to the field and recruit flamey.
Greg Davis: Sander's got a good point about the sewers - but I can't think of any way to check them quickly.
Shatter nods
Shatter: Though even that won't help if he's inside the rubble. Though he ought have done some rumbling by now if he is.
Shatter: That is if he's not out of air.
Shatter: This is a real pickle. Didn't think finding him would be a prolbem.
Sander Cohen: Let's phone base and get some intel on this particular area
Greg Davis: Yeah, go ahead.
Sander Cohen: phones Gordon
Captain Chapman: I dont know if it helps but I was watching him (when he fought). I dont think he's strong. Not like Patriot.
Shatter: Oh? Just tough? What else have you noted.
Shatter turns his attention towards Captain Chapman
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I take it patriot doesn't have a radio or anything?
Benjamin Wolff: So could well be trapped in the subble.
Benjamin Wolff: r*
Captain Chapman: We'll when he hits things, there are flames and things fly away from him, but its like he repels them. You know.. like with magnets.
Captain Chapman: I haven't really seen him lift things.
Shatter nods
Captain Chapman: Its like he blasts them away.
Sander Cohen: I want to contact Gordan Chapman
Gordons Secretary answers the phone
Sander Cohen: Can I speak with Gordon Chapman please?
Secretary: Hello?
Secretary: Oh. He's in a meeting. Is it important?
Sander Cohen: Yes, it is, I need to talk to him for a few minutes only
Shatter: Can you show me the area where he was last spotted?
Secretary: I'll go get him
Sander Cohen: thanks
Kyle Griffin (Patriot): And another thing. Bullets dont hit him. Its not that he's bullet proof. They bounce before they hit him.
Greg Davis: Sounds like some sort of TK
Benjamin Wolff: Or metal repulsion maybe.
Greg Davis: TK fits with py
Kyle Griffin (Patriot): Yeah.. but they are hot. Its like you shoot him and things get covered in molten lead.
Greg Davis: *pyrokinesis
Gordon comes on the phone
Gordon Laymark: Hello?
Sander Cohen: Hi Gordon - sorry to bother you, I'll be brief
Shatter: Can we enter the ground zero? Preferrably the area he was last seen. I could try looking him inside the rubble.
Gordon Laymark: I can see the situation on TV. I cant see you but I can see Patriot flying above the site. Whats going on?
Sander Cohen: We're at what remains of the Marriot Hotel here and we need full schematics of the area. Normally Richard would be able to help us out, but Rudy's confined him
Gordon Laymark: What do you need?
Sander Cohen: We think our target is below ground and we need all the intel we can get
Gordon Laymark: I'll get you sewer and electrics schematics.
Sander Cohen: thanks - that's what we need. Patriot will continue to survey above ground so we should be covered
Gordon Laymark: It might take a few minutes though. I'll email them to you once I have them.
Sander Cohen: copy them to all of us - and we'll try not to disturb you until we have this under control
Gordon Laymark: Dont worry about disturbing me Sander. Right at the moment thios is more important than anything else.
The ground starts to rumble
Sander Cohen: we'll keep you informed on progress
Shatter: Great...
Alistair (Sander Cohen): oh dear
Gordon puts the phone down
Benjamin Wolff: Keep away from manhole covers chaps
Shatter: I'm going to head up and take a look from an adjecent building.
Shatter: If you move much, call me.
Gordon Laymark: (want to move Shatter on the map?)
GM: (want to move Shatter on the map?)
'Greg Davis' disconnected
Declan: Looks like he crashed again :(
Shatter portals to one of the rooms in the top floor of an adjecent building.
Benjamin Wolff: takes cover from the rumbling in the van, still trying to keep patriot visible.
Shatter shatters like glass, and there is nothing left behind.
and then he materialises in the adjoining building
The ground is now claerly shaking
Shatter first looks around at the surroundings to make sure he's safe and alone. Then he directs his attention outside.
Sander Cohen: tries to find out where the ground is shaking from
GM: [1d20 = 18]
-> Sander Cohen: You can spot the rubble heaving with each shake
'Greg Davis' connected
Shatter: Notice [1d20+6 = 11]
Sander Cohen: in a particular place?
Shatter: Just for what he sees outside.
'Greg Davis' disconnected
-> Sander Cohen: It looks like the rubble on the east side is heaving the most
-> Shatter: It looks like the rubble on the east side is heaving the most
'Greg Davis' connected
Rev (Shatter): Cán we set up a confrence call with out cells without Richie?
Declan: Yes
Shatter does so
Sander Cohen: moves to the left alleyway
Suddenly flame errupts from the rubble, and masonary, steel and bricks go flying skiywards. In the misddle of the carnage you spot a figure. A burning figure.
Shatter curses silently
'Greg Davis' disconnected
Sander Cohen: creates artic air around him
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Can I send him the illusion of being really really cold? :)
Sander Cohen: (the burning figure)
Shatter: I figure it might be a bit of a stretch but did Shatter see any large vacant areas while we flew here?
Sander Cohen: forget illusion - I can do the real thing
-> Shatter: THere was a park.. pretty open
Shatter: Within his teleport range?
As the figure breaks cover national guard units round the outside of the area open fire.
Shatter portals back down to the others and the captain
Declan: (Range wise one square = 10 yards)
Sander Cohen: Do I get the chance with artic air?
Sander Cohen: arctic air even
Shatter as soon as he arrives he turns to the captain
Shatter: Where is the command center? We need to move this from here to somewhere more safe.
-> Sander Cohen: Arctic air is centered on you - with a 250ft radius - so it wouldnt reach him)
Shatter: How quickly can you secure the park to the east of here?
Shatter: Assuming we flew in from the east
Benjamin Wolff: Waits to see if the cold air has any effect.
'Greg Davis' connected
Sander Cohen: blast
Rev (Shatter): Test?
Declan: Test recieved
Declan: One moment
Rev (Shatter): No hurry
Declan: Okay
-> Sander Cohen: You could run towards him - 250 ft is over 63 yards - so you only need to get within 6 squares
Sander Cohen: 250ft = 83.333 yards. At 10 yards per square I just reach him :)
-> Sander Cohen: Create Ice and Block of Ice arent centered on you too
Sander Cohen: - no - 250 ft = 83.333 yards
-> Sander Cohen: Oh.. sorry
The air suddenly fills with swirling ice and freezing mist.
Sander Cohen: for the record - I hate imperial measurements :)
The effect seems to be centred on Sander
Shatter curses a bit and does a quick surprised thwirl
Patriot has flipped over in mid air and is heading down towards the flaming guy, accelerating as he goes.
The Captain suddenly blanches
Captain Chapman: Oh hell. The harder we've hit him the more heat there is and the faster things rebound.
Shatter curses again
Benjamin Wolff: This could be interesting to watch, then.
Patriot enters the area of extreme cold and it seems to hamper his movement, actually slowing it.
Shatter (To Ben and Greg): I'm going to head to the park we flew over on the way here to check if it'd be a good place to relocate this farce.
Shatter: Just let me know by phone what happens and if you need me, just call me and I'll be here
Captain Chapman: There a crunch as Patriot hits the burning guy. Patriot actually seems to stop, as if he hit an immovable object, but the guy he hit isnt thrown back. The red field around the guy burns intensely brightly.
There a crunch as Patriot hits the burning guy. Patriot actually seems to stop, as if he hit an immovable object, but the guy he hit isnt thrown back. The red field around the guy burns intensely brightly.
Sander Cohen: This is not good
Shatter can't help but to watch
The Captain says 'Oh hell' and dives behind your van
Shatter prepares to portal to the park the moment a blastwave appears...
Captain Chapman: [1d20 = 1]
Sander Cohen: Shatter - can you contain this?
Sander Cohen: (over mobile)
'Greg Davis' disconnected
Benjamin Wolff: Illusion to Patriot: Flamey wiggles free and flies off into the sky away from the park on a contrail of fire.. he's getting away!
Shatter (Speaks quickly): Not without moving either one of them and if I drop 'em close to a place with civilians...
And suddenly there is a wall of fire rippling away from the buring guy, with Patriot being pushed along on the crest of the shockwave
Sander Cohen: I was thinking about containing them tbh
GM: Looking at the map Ben and Greg have cover from a building
Benjamin Wolff: Ok... wall of fire, I'm diving for over too
'Greg Davis' connected
Shatter portals into the park he saw
Sander Cohen: dives away
Greg Davis: Hi guys - are we still alive?
Benjamin Wolff: Now would be a really good time to portal flamey outta there!
-> Sander Cohen: Make a Reflex Save
-> Shatter: Make a Reflex Save
Shatter: Reflex save [1d20+3 = 15]
-> Shatter: To portal BEFORE the shockwave hits
Sander Cohen: Reflex save [1d20+6 = 26]
Okay.. Both Sander and Shatter moved before the shockwave hit
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Sander moving faster than Patriot there! :)
Sander Cohen: lol - the die love me for once :)
Shatter quickly looks around the park. Is it empty, how large a space it is?
You can hear car alarms going off. The air is charged, there is steam rising everwhere and a smell of burning.
GM: Its a pretty big park - maybe a block by three blocks.
Benjamin Wolff: Ok, so he absorbs kinetic energy, and letting patriot near him is stupid a bad idea - get him out? :)
Rev (Shatter): People?
There is no sign of Patriot, or the burning guy, but you have a huge mountain of glass where the Mariott used to be.
Greg Davis: Not good.
Rev (Shatter): Yeah, maybe should've portalled the guy out of the way.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Maybe they merged to become one glassy superbeing!
You phones all bleep as the sewer plans get downloaded to them
Benjamin Wolff: Great, we can at least find out where to take cover.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Do we still need these?
GM: Actaully, you're pretty sure that the shockwave knocked Patriot a LONG way away.
Shatter takes a survey of the park and then opens a portal to the top floor of the building he portalled to earlier, to get a look at the glassy block
Benjamin Wolff: Then he'll be coming back fast and pissed. Let's find flamey and get him cooled off before then.
Greg Davis: Well that's something - were any innocent bystanders hurt?
GM: Depend if you count National Guard as innocent bystanders...
Benjamin Wolff: Are there any large bodies of water nearby?
Benjamin Wolff: A lake in the park perhaps?
Shatter: I doubt this fire can be doused with water
Then through the glass you see a dazed looking guy.. who you suspect is the flaming guy trying to climb out.
Declan: Hmm .. Ou of Time again
Greg Davis: Shatter - if you've got a plan, it's time to do it.
Benjamin Wolff: Aargh!
Rev (Shatter): Darn. And it was getting fun.
Benjamin Wolff: You're so mean declan! :P
Sander Cohen: lol
Rev (Shatter): I think Shatter'll pull him into the building and then bring you guys in as well.
Rev (Shatter): then we hopefully talk
GM: Just wait till you see how pissed Patriot is.. Unfortunately the other guy converts kinetic energy to heat !!
Benjamin Wolff: To the park would be better - why destroy another building?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Can't wait to read the log - I have no idea what just happened, or why - but I'm sure it was Patriot's fault.
Benjamin Wolff: Yeah, I think we figured that one, Declan :)
Rev (Shatter): Because the building is secured and emptied by the National Guard.
Sander Cohen: I _tried_ to slow him down
GM: You did slow him down . You halved his speed !!
Rev (Shatter): Can't say the same about the park. Outsiders might stumble in. And the park doesn't have enough cover.
Shatter: Nice!
Benjamin Wolff: Next sesion I think I'll concentrate on making heat guy comfy and happy with pleasant illusions, and hope shatter can get him out before Mr Really Fast gets back.
Greg Davis: Oh well maybe the govt. will think twice before deploying him in a built up area next time.
Benjamin Wolff: And then he can take credit for blowing him up in a fireball :)
'Alistair' disconnected
GM: About next session.. I'm going to be on an airplane next sunday.. somewhere between the UK and Malaysia..
Shatter: Heh want to bet the fault will be rolled on us?
Benjamin Wolff: I think they have wifi on some planes now.
GM: (oh. Al missed that. I'll email him)
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): So the next sessions in two weeks?
GM: The session after I will be in Malaysia, but I think I'll have a I'm going to bring all my files and try to run it anyway :) ))
Shatter: Great.
Shatter: I can of course do this on Saturday as well or other weekdays depending on negotiations.
Shatter: But alternative times tend to be somewhat difficult to some groups
Benjamin Wolff: I don't have any time constraints.
Greg Davis: Sounds good - hopefully my computer will behave, and I'll be here for the whole session.
GM: I do.. well I dont but I do have wife constraints - I run things by her to make sure she doesnt mind ;)
Shatter: I hear that's a good policy
GM: I'm going to have to figure out what time 7:30 UK time is Malaysia time.
GM: Anyway I'll post updates on the forums..and since I use webmail I can get my email anywhere in the world too.
Shatter (Nods): I'm fine with changing the time as well though I sometimes work on Sundays so would need to check that angle
GM: Right..I'm going to get some sleep. Night all. Dont forget to watch the forums for updates
Shatter: Night
Benjamin Wolff: Yeah I need to pester you on the forums about spending some of this xp too :)
GM: (*and I may run a Saturday session after I get back to make up for the missed sessions if everyone is up for it*)
Benjamin Wolff: sounds good to me :)
GM: I'll leave the server up whilst I get ready for bed, brush teeth etc incase you want to chat.
GM: Bye
Shatter is going to spend a few points on a laptop.
Shatter: Google maps makes portalling so much easier
Benjamin Wolff: You can have mine, shatter, I don't use it.
'Greg Davis' disconnected
Benjamin Wolff: Though I do have 6 pts in "gather intelligence" which has been useless since we have Mr Anderson to do it all for me :)
Shatter: Heh yeah, he does sort of outdate older skillsets
Shatter: Anyway, I'm going to go and treat this bloody annoying headache I've had all evening.
Shatter: Had a blast. Take care.
Benjamin Wolff: Gnight :)