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GM: Okay.. should be logging
Greg Davis: In my defense the plan was for you to use your mind shield to protect Sander, while he tried to heal Carol.
Alistair (Sander Cohen): I hadn't even reached the room at that point :)
At the end of last session the chamber was filling with Halon gas.
Benjamin Wolff: Can't remember - had I unplugged her, or was I safely coccooned out of reach of anything nasty?
Greg Davis: Yeah, I abandoned the idea after Ben told me he couldn't do it.
Richard Anderson: Let's just wait for them to pass out/die (did I say that?)
Greg Davis: No, it's really important we don't kill Carol's physical body.
Richard Anderson: because....?
Rev (Shatter): Are we still in combat or has Ben settled to his fate of imprisonment yet?
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Think GM is whisperspammed :)
GM: Okay. I'm going to ask for initiative rolls again, because apparently its not persistent across sessions.
Greg Davis: She's in a vegitative state - the consciousness isn't there - it's the glue holding the Unity together. Killing here body will leave it no option, but to stay where it is.
Richard Anderson: To everyone except Ben (but I can't be bothered going through Dec) do you want me to cancel the Halon?
GM: [1d20 = 10]
Campaign saved.
GM: [1d20 = 19]
Benjamin Wolff: [1d20 = 15]
Richard Anderson: [1d20 = 13]
Shatter: Initiative [1d20+2 = 20]
Greg Davis: Yup.
Sander Cohen: Initiative [1d20+3 = 14]
GM: No roll from Greg yet.. atleast none registered
Greg Davis: Sorry - one minute
Benjamin Wolff: Can I pass information to the collective? Or does the collective already know everything I do? Also, can I gain info FROM the collective?
Rev (Shatter): had a hard time rolling myself. The modifier refused to be dragged for some reason
Greg Davis: Initiative [1d20+2 = 7]
Benjamin Wolff: Also see earlier whisper :)
-> Benjamin Wolff: When you think about things if the collective know you know, but you dont instantly know everything the collective knows.
Rev (Shatter): I assume that the room where Greg is is the observation room with a window looking into the room with Ben's bubble?
THe air starts to be replaced by HAlon. Dewi, make a fortitude roll.
GM: [1d20 = 3]
Even comatose Carol starts to cough..
Greg Davis: Richard clear the gas, and activate the extraction fans - quickly.
Sander Cohen: Can I just check something?
Benjamin Wolff: Fortitude save [1d20+1 = 8]
-> Sander Cohen: Sure
Benjamin Wolff: Bleh
Sander Cohen: According to my sheet I have "Immunity - doesn't need to breath"
Richard Anderson: Is everyone in agreement? - Gordon, Rudy?
Greg Davis: Ben might have had some protection from the hard-light bubble.
-> Sander Cohen: Yeah.. You are still affected by airborn poison, but dont actually need oxygen
Sander Cohen: ok - fair enough. Thanks.
Greg Davis: We really don't have time to agree this in committee.
Campaign saved.
-> Benjamin Wolff: You exhale, and find that there is nothing to breath in
Richard Anderson: cancel the halon and start the extractor fans
Greg Davis: Thank you.
Benjamin begins to choke
-> Richard Anderson: Okay
MarkC (Richard Anderson): cool - and they said I wasn't a combat character :-)
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Do I get to act other than choking this round?
GM: Shatter, what are you doing?
Shatter: /a Finishes his march into the observation room, still at his exhausted pace
Gordon steps toward the console and hits the big red button.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): O.O
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): So what does that do?
You hear large bolts sliding shut in the door between the observation room and the isolation room
Benjamin Wolff
Richard Anderson: I'll keep an eye on what the townsfolk are doing
GM: Benjamin?
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Ben coughs - a lot
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Can I do anything other than choking?
-> Richard Anderson: At the moment the townsfold are approaching the army lines, and the army are retreating to stay out of contact !!
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Is talking an option, particularly?
Richard Anderson: I thought that they'd stopped in the middle of nowhere - about 10 miles from the army last week?
GM: Yes. At the moment youve suffered no dibilitating effects (yet)
-> Richard Anderson: Oh.. they started up agian. I guess they'll still have 8 miles to go then. (Good point)
Campaign saved.
-> Benjamin Wolff: The massed unity are marching on the army (although about 8 miles to go)
Benjamin Wolff: I try to get information out of the collective, then: Who were the first two? What is carol's role? What was the father's role? What happenned in the accident? I'll cough out the info as best I can to my companions. Hey, I'm loyal. Seeing that, they might save me! :D
Richard Anderson: Guys, the townsfolk are on the move again - just thought I'd let you know. They're about 8 miles from the Army cordon so they'll get there in a couple opf hours
Benjamin doubles over coughing
Greg Davis: We've got to clear the room, and get the kids to Carol before they reach the cordon.
Richard Anderson: How do we know - we can't see him through Greg's light barrier?
MarkC (Richard Anderson): How do we know - we can't see him through Greg's light barrier?
-> Benjamin Wolff: Tom Molloy was the first one. They think Carol is responsible some how, so they protect her.
Sander Cohen
Sander Cohen: I go over to the observation window
GM: Its a light barrier - its see through.
Sander Cohen: (and look through)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): he made it opaque
Sander Cohen: What's the situation in there?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): no I made it visible, hopefully there's a difference.
GM: The room is mostly full of Halon. There is a coumn of green light. Carol is coughing in bed.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Ah - sorry :-)
Richard Anderson
And suddenly the halon cuts out and the extractor fans cut in
-> Richard Anderson: Know what you were doing
Greg Davis: Thanks Richard.
Richard Anderson: No probs
GM: Rudy steps around Sander top monitor Carols vitals.
Rudy Ellis: We're loosing her
Greg Davis
GM: Greg?
Greg Davis I go to the consul, and try to figure out how to open the door.
Shatter: Is there another containment room ready? One that I could get a visual into?
Benjamin Wolff: Guys, I am a reasonable medic, and I'm locked in the room - how'sabout removing the forcefield so I can see to her?
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: *hack cough*
Shatter: I could try moving Ben there for now...
GM: You dont know. First time you've been in the new building
Rev (Shatter): Yeah, the reason I'm asking from Rudy and Gordon whom are in the same room
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I drop the hard-light bubble, if I still have time in my action .
Rev (Shatter): Can wait for my turn to ask though
GM: Greg, The controls look like they are mainly monitoring, plus that big red button Gordon hit.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): With the rolls I've been getting lately, I'll kill her if I try to medic her :P
Alistair (Sander Cohen): How do we know that's not what you want, Dewi? :)
GM: Dewi, Little more to breath now. Do you want to make another fortitudfe roll?
Richard Anderson: don't press the red button (smiles wryly)
GM: [1d20 = 9]
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): You don't - fun in't it?
Carol's monitor makes one final bleep, and then flatlines..
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I wasn't going to - big red buttons are usually bad news:)
Benjamin Wolff: Fortitude save [1d12+1 = 6]
GM: (Not with a d12 !!!)
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Hahaha*cough*
Richard Anderson: doesn't matter - she dies, we nuke the townsfolk - problem solved, she lives, we figure out how to sort it, problem solved
GM: (with a d20)
Benjamin Wolff: Fortitude save [1d20+1 = 17]
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Oh that helped
-> Benjamin Wolff: You manage to find reserves from somewhere, and breath shallowly on what air there is.
Greg Davis: Only if we nuke the town 40,000 innocent people die. Rudy we have to get a resusitation team in there asap.
GM: Shatter?
Benjamin Wolff: Guys I think I can make them stop attacking.
Sander Cohen: How?
Shatter asks Rudy if the window to the observation room is one way and if there's another contamination room preparead somwehere
Rudy nods
Benjamin Wolff: Can I suggest to the entity that if they stop now, I can get her back... I think? If so, let me know if they stop, so I can tell 'em immediately :)
Shatter moves closer to the control board and asks Rudy and Richie for a visual to the second control room
Campaign saved.
Gordon Laymark: Forget it. If they're infected we're not letting them out. Can you imagine what havoc an infected paragon could cause?
Rev (Shatter): And that's my one move action
Benjamin Wolff
-> Benjamin Wolff: The glass has just gone opaque from this side. You cant see into the other room
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): *waits for reply to whisper*
Declan: oops
-> Benjamin Wolff: You start suggesting it, but mid way something happens
-> Benjamin Wolff: And suddenly you feel very alone. You cant hear the rest of the Unity.
Sander Cohen
Gordon Laymark: Sander?
Benjamin Wolff: poot! I've been disconnected from them. Did someone do something?
-> Richard Anderson: In Unity 40000 are suddenly looking very lost and confused.
Greg Davis: Huh?
Sander Cohen: Can we speed up the air evacuation, Gordon?
-> Richard Anderson: Some break down crying almost instantly.
Gordon Laymark: I think so. I'll call through
Declan: This isnt developing into combat so Im dropping the rounds
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: The Townsfolk are stopped - and seem to be exhibiting the same symptoms as the kid who was "disconnected" earlier - don't know if we can believe this though - may be a ruse
Sander Cohen: I suggest we hurry, we don't want to lose Ben
Gordon Laymark: I'm not sure we should open it. Even if we wanted to once the emergency buttons been pressed the door cant be openned for an hour.
-> Benjamin Wolff: The air is improving.. you can breath normally
'Greg Davis' disconnected
'Dewi Morgan' disconnected
'Dewi Morgan' connected
Shatter nods
Richard Anderson: I could probably open it - but I don't really want to
Shatter: Sensible
Sander Cohen: Shatter could portal someone in there though?
Benjamin Wolff: Sorry got d/c'd - I check if she's OK and if possible treat her.
Shatter: Can't say I want to do that though
Sander Cohen: I agree - just wondered if it was an option or there was something stopping it
Declan: Okay .. that was at my end. Router log says line was down for 22 secs. Surprised anyone stayed on
Shatter: I think we need a solid plan of action for now. Us stumbling around blindly has now led to one of our team members to be infected.
Benjamin Wolff: Not infected anymore - hence my checking if she's dead.
Gordon Laymark: I'm not sure we should open it. Even if we wanted to once the emergency buttons been pressed the door cant be openned for an hour.
Sander Cohen: Where are the two boys?
Richard Anderson: please keep me updated on the townsfolk - if the situation changes. By the way - how good are the images that I can get of them?
Richard Anderson: Out here
'Greg Davis' connected
-> Benjamin Wolff: Want top make a medicine roll?
Sander Cohen: Best to keep them back there for now
Benjamin Wolff: Medicine [1d20+5 = 10]
Greg Davis: ...Back again.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Argh I hate this dice! :P
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): what's been happening while I was away?
Richard Anderson: is there a comfy room nearby with chairs and a coke machine wher I can sit with the boys?
Gordon Laymark: Benjamin grabs a set of paddles and tries to resucitate Carol. Rudy offers advice through the screen.. but shes showing no signs of reviving.
Benjamin grabs a set of paddles and tries to resucitate Carol. Rudy offers advice through the screen.. but shes showing no signs of reviving.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Not much - they're discussing how fast they can kill me, I'm trying to save carol :P
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Hero point time Dewi?
Through the door Kevin and Derik stare wide eyed.
Declan: Derek
Shatter moves to close the door
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Haha - awesome timing! "Hi kids, we're just killing your mom!"
Richard Anderson: Boys - come here - let them work - your mum will be OK
Greg Davis: (mutters) optomist.
Richard Anderson: to greg - no, but someone has to try to keep them calm
-> Benjamin Wolff: You spending that hero point?
MarkC (Richard Anderson): that was over the headset by the way
Greg Davis: True.
Benjamin Wolff: You can do that? Hell yeah!
Benjamin Wolff: How? :)
-> Benjamin Wolff: Okay - reroll, and if you roll 1-10 this time you get to add +10 to it
Benjamin Wolff: Medicine [1d20+5 = 9]
Richard Anderson: Dec, how good an image of the townsfolk can I get?
-> Benjamin Wolff: and then reduce the number of hero points by 1 on the character sheet
-> Richard Anderson: Pretty good.. from the Army helicopters
MarkC (Richard Anderson): By the way - if Ben's infected - how come he isn't making these rolls with the same skill as one of the doctors in the town of Unity?
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): That was my only heropoint, you better be worth it lady!
Benjamin suddenly remembers. He scrabbles round for an epi pen, uses it, then tries the paddles again. Carols body heaves and then the pulse starts again
Richard Anderson: Do they look like they are still breathing in unison?
Campaign saved.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): sorry - should have been a whisper
Richard Anderson: oops - do the townsfolk still look to be breathing in unison?
-> Richard Anderson: Hard to tell from this range, but when they were part of the unity they didnt punch each other. A couple have just broken out fighting.
Greg Davis: Well done Ben. (To Gordon) We've got to let the kids inside.
CArols eyes flicker open, and she looks around the room in terror.
Sander Cohen: What's happening with the villagers, Richard?
Benjamin Wolff: Do I get reconnected? If not, there's gonna be 40,000 people looking really confused in a field...
Greg Davis: Very well done - this could be very good :)
Richard Anderson: Guys - it REALLY looks like the townsfolk are free - they've started fighting amongst themselves, crying, looking lost, etc.
-> Benjamin Wolff: Make a will roll, with +5 for the Mind Shield
Greg Davis: Let's get the kid's inside, so she can see someone familiar.
-> Richard Anderson: In Unity 40000 people just keeled over
Shatter just calmly follows the events unfolding in the containment room
Richard Anderson: Derek, Kevin - do you want to see your Mum?
Sander Cohen: Greg, we can't get them in there until an hour has passed
Shatter: I wouldn't do that yet
Sander Cohen: hour
Shatter: Ben's powers can affect the kids and he wouldn't be above killing one
Richard Anderson: eek - All of the people have just passed out in the town!
Benjamin Wolff: [1d20 = 5]
Shatter: Carol might but who knows if she's truly the one in charge
Alistair (Sander Cohen): haha - I wonder what that roll was for?
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Holy smeg, I suck with this rolly thing...
-> Benjamin Wolff: There is a terrible screaming in your head. A repeated 'Get out, Get out !'
Greg Davis: (to Sander) Why an hour?
Benjamin just fell to his knees clutching his head.
Sander Cohen: Unless we portal them in there, I suppose, Greg
Greg Davis: I think the Unity has just collapse.
Greg Davis: *collapsed
Shatter: This is interesting...
Benjamin Wolff: Any chance I can get out of her head - or better, shield her from the other people who she might be connected to? Not with that roll I'm assuming - but do I know any drugs that might help?
Richard Anderson: As I said - I could probably open the door - but it might be worth talking to Carol first
Carol is out of bed, pulling cables as she goes, cowering in a corner wimpering, "Get out, Get out"
Shatter: Best not make too many guesses though.
Richard Anderson: uh oh - bet she's got a LOT of minds in there with her
Campaign saved.
-> Benjamin Wolff: You could drug her, into an artificial coma.
Greg Davis: We need to help her re-establish her personality.
Benjamin Wolff: Shedloads, one of 'em's e - do we know any psych paragons who could help isolate her?
-> Benjamin Wolff: But that might just put things back where they were
Benjamin Wolff: What about something to just make her not CARE about the voices?
Shatter watches Carol with facination
Greg Davis: Rudy - how do we open this door?
Gordon Laymark: Your the best we have. I supose we have someone who can project a emotions, but she's not very good, and she's still at the academy.
Shatter: I sitll don't want that door opened
Richard Anderson: Me neither
Rudy Ellis: The door? Oh. We have to wait for the timer, unless you want to burn through it. MAybe shatter?
Benjamin Wolff: since I now know the feeling of mental connections... could I project the illusion of not being connected?
Shatter nods a bit
-> Benjamin Wolff: Interesting idea. I'll let you reroll that Will save (which seems trhe best mechanic for it)
'MarkC' disconnected
'Alistair' disconnected
'Rev' disconnected
'MarkC' connected
Benjamin Wolff: project it onto her, that is? Depends whether it's a "sense" thing or not, I guess.
'Greg Davis' disconnected
Richard Anderson: Ah - I see everyone dropped
'Greg Davis' connected
'Rev' connected
Declan: Okay. I now know what the disconnect issue is. Its the thing Ive been trying to get my ISP to fix and they said was fixed, but it isnt.
Declan: Okay. I now know what the disconnect issue is. Its the thing Ive been trying to get my ISP to fix and they said was fixed, but it isnt.
Shatter: That's always nice
Declan: I will keep complaining till its fixed.
Benjamin Wolff: Will save [1d20+4 = 17]
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: (to Shatter, Sander and Richard) Do you really think we should wait?
MarkC (Richard Anderson): As I was saying....
Rev (Shatter): What was the last line from Shatter you got before we dropped?
Benjamin Wolff: says soothing things....
-> Benjamin Wolff: You manage to keep her out of your mind lkong enougfh to establish that mind shield. You can hear her voice battering on the outside.
Shatter: I'm actually starting to agree that getting the kids there with Carol might do some good...
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): beats me.
Richard Anderson: Over speakers into the isolation room - Carol, please talk to us if you can hear us
Shatter: I'm still worried of Ben though
'Alistair' connected
Declan: Shatter noded
Shatter: and am somewhat against the idea of putting more people in while he's there
Greg Davis: Leave Ben to me.
Alistair (Sander Cohen): I'm back
Benjamin Wolff: But can I give her the illusion of being disconnected, peaceful in her head?
Richard Anderson: Do you want that door open or are we going to use "Teleports 'R'Us"?
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): wb :)
-> Benjamin Wolff: No.. because every time you try you start hearing the screems again, which stops you gathering your thoughts
Sander Cohen: Maybe it would be best if we could get Ben to sedate Carol?
Greg Davis: If I can re-establish the hard-light bubble around Ben from here, I will.
Carol Molloy: Get out. Leave me alone.
Richard Anderson: Ben's down - what about portalling Carol out here?
Shatter: If we decide to put people in there let me do it
Shatter: I want the door to stay shut
Carol Molloy: Leave me.
Sander Cohen: Ben, can you sedate Carol?
The light column reappears around Ben
Richard Anderson: To Carol over speakers (loder) CAROL - PLEASE TALK TO US _WE WANT TO HELP YOU
Greg Davis: Teleport the kids in Shatter.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): *louder - that should have been
Benjamin Wolff: If you can hear me out there I tried to give her the illusion of being disconnected, and failed. My mind shielf is holding though... for now. We need to find some kind of shielding for her before she goes mad. Or drug her to insensibility, and get back to square one.
Shatter: Rudy, you agree?
Carol recxoils from the loud sounds. It looks like she can barely distinguish between the sppeaker and some noise in her head
Shatter is systematically ignoring Ben
Richard Anderson: is the barrier actually around Ben - he can only affect one person at a time with his illusions?
Campaign saved.
Rudy shrugs, "You know as much as me. The kids might not be a bad idea though, if they are immune."
Shatter: Alright Greg, go in and explain the kids that their mother is awake but feeling bad and needs calming.
Benjamin Wolff: woudl any stress-relief drugs help her not care about the voices?
Alistair (Sander Cohen): I wondered what a "Mind Shelf" was for a second there :)
Shatter: Once done bring them here and I'll put them trough the glass
-> Richard Anderson: Yes.. it is
-> Benjamin Wolff: Prozac?
Richard Anderson: Right guys - I'm going to try to open the door and take one or both of the kids in with me - Ben's contained and I'll make sure not to touch Carol
Richard Anderson: Kids - let's go see your Mum
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Ping?
Greg Davis I go to the kids. We're going to take you to your mom now. You'll need to help her calm down, try to remind her of things you did together.
Shatter: Rich, just leave the door shut for now. I can still move people around and its safer that way
The bouys follow Richard in
'Dewi Morgan' disconnected
Richard Anderson: can I open/close this door whenevir I want?
'Dewi Morgan' connected
Declan: Not again. I'll kill my ISP
Alistair (Sander Cohen): wb, Dewi
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Sorry got nothing since "carol recoils"
-> Richard Anderson: No. But you can access the systems and try and hack your way to them (ie it will need a roll)
Greg Davis: Ok Shatter
Greg Davis: 'port 'em in.
Shatter checks that Ben is still safely inside the colum and then turns to the boys
Rudy shrugs, "You know as much as me. The kids might not be a bad idea though, if they are immune."
Benjamin Wolff: Are there any stress-relief drugs that might help her not be so anxious at the voices in her head? Whatever us used for treating "voices in the head" perhaps?
The bouys follow Richard in
Shatter: Lads, I'm going to need you to hold hands now
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Ben you're back in a hard light bubble, and we're sending in the kids to try to calm Carol down.
-> Benjamin Wolff: Prozac might help.. possibly
Richard Anderson: I'll try to gain access to the system in preparation for opening the doors - but I'm NOT opening them yet!
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): What column? Oh FFS!
Richard Anderson: Computers [1d20+19 = 38]
Shatter: It's going to feel a bit cold but don't panic. You'll be with your mother soon.
-> Richard Anderson: NIce roll. Okay you found the system and the counter, which you can adjust to your hearts content
The boys hold hands
Richard Anderson: Right - I can open the doors whenever we want - just let me know and it will be done
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): (to ben) For column read hard-light bubble, Shatter wanted to make sure you weren't a threat.
Shatter focuses for a while and then the boys disappear
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: Guys, consider some kind of SSRI like prozac - it might help the voices affect her less. I know you dont trust me, but this is obvious stuff.
Kevin Molloy: Mum.
Shatter turns to look into the containment room again
The boys run over to their mother
Derek Molloy: Mum. Whats wrong?
Kevin Molloy: Its us mum. Its okay. Were here.
Greg Davis I go over to the window.
-> Benjamin Wolff: The voice starts to subside
Richard Anderson: I'm watching on the cameras
Richard Anderson: what's happening to the townsfolk now - are they still comatose?
-> Richard Anderson: In Unity people are picking themselves up, slowly and shakely
Benjamin Wolff: Looks like the boys are helping.
Greg Davis: Great.
Richard Anderson: The people in Unity are coming round
Benjamin Wolff: My shield is holding better, I think.
Richard Anderson: Whether that's "good" or not is still up for debate
Carol is still whimpering, but she seems more stable. She reaches out to hold the boys. She seems to be crying.
Richard Anderson: Of course - we don't really know what "powers", if any, the boys have...
Benjamin Wolff: Any chance of doing that not-connected illusion thing now? If so, not on like a switch, just a slow quietening.
Greg Davis: I think Unity should be watched carefully - probably for a considerable length of time - but it look like it's over.
-> Benjamin Wolff: Okay... You slowly manipulate her so she hears less and less voices.
Shatter: I'm still hasitant to declare the case closed, but even I'm hopeful that the situation will calm down some now
Shatter: What did Ben do that made her to wake up?
Gordon Nods
Richard Anderson: But we're still keeping Ben locked up for a week or two, yes?
Greg Davis: If nothing else, they're a strong emotional attachment that will keep Carol in her body, and out of "The Unity".
Richard Anderson: Adrenaline and electro shock - that's got to have something to do with it
Gordon Laymark: Rudy, I'm going to debreaf the team. Dont let anyone out of there for atleast a day. That includes the boys and Ben. You understand?
Campaign saved.
Sander Cohen: Should we remove the hard-light bubble around Ben now?
Benjamin Wolff: Should probably send a whole buncha counsellors down to unity - a lot of people are going to feel really terrible about infecting loved ones.
Richard Anderson: Nah - let him stew - serves him right for sticking his fingers where they shouldn't go (only joking Ben)
Greg Davis Oh yeah, I release Ben - he's probably a bit tired of sitting in a hard-light cage.
Richard Anderson: I wondered where the "location" boxes had got to - was looking forward to that
MarkC (Richard Anderson): oops - should have been ooc
Declan: I didnt get chance to throw one together in Paint Shop. Better one next week
Benjamin Wolff: Thanks guys... I'm olding an illusion of "no voices in the head" at the moment, which may be helpful, I dunno.
Gordon Laymark: Well come on. We need to get your statements on papaer.
Gordon sets off towards the briefing room
Greg Davis: (To Ben) Do what you can.
Greg Davis I follow Gordon.
Richard Anderson: I'll put an entire record of everything that we've seen and heard onto Rudy's computer desktop - that might shorten this a bit
Benjamin Wolff: Eh, I think the kids are doing most of it.
Richard Anderson: Rudy - most of what you want's there on your PC
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Assuming he's got space - ofcourse :-)
The briefing room is a room with lots and lots of monitrs. Its not nearly as comfortable as the situation room
At the moment all the monitors are showing the situation in Unity
Campaign saved.
Well all but two, one of which is showing BBC News 24, the other CNN.
Sander Cohen: Any coverage of the situation on the news channels?
In the briefing room:
Shatter sits down to a chair close to the front. He's no longer as clearly exhausted as he was back when he opened the portal but there are some subtle signs showing that he's somewhat spent.
Gordon Laymark: CNN is covering it, but as a not much known, news as it breaks type thing.
GM: CNN is covering it, but as a not much known, news as it breaks type thing.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Yay we made national news! That's good.. right? We weren't meant to be subtle, were we?
Shatter is holding his AWSM in his lap
Richard Anderson: Are we going with the "something in the water causes mass hysteria and hallucinations" story - like normal?
Gordon Laymark: Well thats the problem.. how we go with this.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Cult hypnotist?
Greg Davis: How much detail do the media really know, is it just a case that there was a communication blackout with the town, and the CDC cordoned it off?
Gordon Laymark: You know why we are openning this building next week? The National symposium on Parahuman influence is happening. The president is attending, and considering we only just managed to talk him out of requiring Parahuman registration I dont
Gordon Laymark: want any reason for him to feel threatened by them.
Richard Anderson: Great - the ol' contaminated water shtick it is then (smiles)
Gordon Laymark: Now you bring me this.. and I know its not your fault, but its going to scare the President. We dont want a witch hunt.
Greg Davis: Then it is the mass halucination thing.
Shatter: We can hardly keep things from the Presiden
Shatter: A nation doesn't work that way
Shatter: Nor do goverment operatives
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Y'know, I could hear this IC if you patch that through to my phone, Mr Anderson :P
Sander Cohen: What about people who were either un-affected or broke the infection?
Sander Cohen: e.g. the kid that Richard got released
Richard Anderson: Shatter mate - I think there are a few things you should know about - but it can wait (rolls eyes)
Campaign saved.
Gordon Laymark: I'm going to be giving a report to the Whitehouse and it has to atleast tally to some degree with the army reports. Also it doesnt help that some rep[orter on the scene managed to send out soime photos.
Greg Davis: What did they show?
Richard Anderson: Sorry about that Gordon - I tried to keep a lid on that but they had a still camera as well as a video feed.
Gordon Laymark: Well thankfully her helicopter developed some sort of problems or it could have been much worse, but it showed the army massing outside Unity.
Richard Anderson: And I was a little "distracted" at the time
Declan: Is anyone relayiong this to Ben?
Richard Anderson: Do you want this relaying to Ben - anyone?
Richard Anderson: I haven't been doing so far
Shatter: We also need to remember that we explained the situation somewhat to Colonel Paulson
Greg Davis: If he's still infected, the whole Unity will know immediately.
Gordon Laymark: Paulson's a good man, but he's a soldier at heart which means his report will be unbiased and full.
Shatter nods
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Good call, Greg - but remind me to poke you in the eye when I get outta here :P
Richard Anderson: That's true - however - I don't think this should be spun as a "threat" situation.
Shatter: Frankly, information control isn't my strong suite so I'll be leaving this all to you. Just tell me what you want me to stay and write and I'll do so
Greg Davis: So why don't you run with a story of some infection passed by physical contact. It fits the facts, and the pictures the press have won't contradict it.
Declan: Everyone in the briefing room make a Notice check.
Sander Cohen: Notice [1d20+4 = 10]
Shatter: Notice [1d20+6 = 10]
Richard Anderson: Notice [1d20+5 = 13]
Campaign saved.
Declan: Didnt get Gregs
Greg Davis: Notice [1d20+7 = 18]
Gordon Laymark: Hell. I'll think about it. I'm sure I can report something. Rudy's probably busy rght now with Carol. Go get yourselves some R&R and report back in the morning so Rudy can give you a full medical.
Greg Davis: Just put out a story that the town had to be put into quarantine.
Richard Anderson: what's happeing in the ISO room?
Shatter: You have some room for us?
Shatter: *rooms prepared
-> Richard Anderson: I'm gueesing Ben is looking bored and the kids are with the mother
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Won't gel with the "breathing at the same time" thing.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): We'll have to try to gloss over that.
Richard Anderson: when did Rudy get into the Iso room - Shatter didn't port him in?
Gordon Laymark: Oh.. Book into the Marriot on the PRA account... but just for tonight. I'll get someone in Unity to pick up your van and lugauge.
Shatter grins
Greg Davis: Sounds good.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Start counterrumours - everyone had eight legs, 3 heads etc - then people will ignore all the silliness :D
Gordon Laymark: And dont work up too big a bar bill.
Shatter: Luckily I managed to sneak my luggage in with me
Sander Cohen: You portalled your luggage with you???
Shatter: Well, if that's all...
Richard Anderson: I'm just going to call you "Pockets" from now on mate
Shatter pushes himself up from the chair
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): This isolation ward better allow pizza deliveries. I'm just sayin'.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): If the briefing's over I'll make a call to my wife, explaining that I was assigned out of town unexpectedly. Then I'll head over to the Marriott for about 12 hrs sleep.
Declan: Shatter may portal you a pint :)
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: Is carol up to talking yet? And, if I lift the illusion a little, do the voices come back?
Rev (Shatter): I think he's regrettably in for an evening of full rest. Gotta avoid getting tired if there's always free drinks at the end of a story
-> Benjamin Wolff: Yes and Not as fast as before, but yes
Richard Anderson: I still think that we should recruit Carol - she's got potential to be well useful to the good old US of A
Alistair (Sander Cohen): afk for 2
Shatter: A look of distaste crosses Shatter's face
Greg Davis: Actually a pint sound good, meet you all in the Marriott bar - the first round's mine.
Benjamin Wolff: OK, keep the ollusion in place then.
Shatter: While we have no detailed information on Carol's powers I've got to say that I have the greatest of distaste towards any form of mind control.
Benjamin Wolff: Carol, do you remember anything about what happenned?
Carol Molloy: I dont want to talk about it.. not yet anyway.
Richard Anderson: I'm not sure that it's mind "control" more a sort of communal sharing of thought processes and feelings
Carol Molloy: It was horrible.. all those voices.
Shatter shrugs
Richard Anderson: It certainly needs study - Rudy's department I guess
Shatter: You could be right but it's still messing with your mind
Shatter: At least Ben can only make you see and hear things
GM: Anyone joining Greg in the BAr?
Benjamin Wolff: Okayyyy... um, have you heard of Paragons?
Richard Anderson: Yup - I'll join him for one
Shatter is going to just head for his room for now and get a shower
Carol nods (in ISO room)
In the Bar
Several people here appear to be watching the television
Alistair (Sander Cohen): back, and in the bar :)
Richard Anderson: Whispers - great - we've made the news - betcha.
Barman: What can I get you, gentlemen?
Greg Davis I'll get the beers in.
Richard Anderson: Does this place serve Guinness?
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): As this is America - I guess it's a Bud.
Barman: Of course. Half or a pint?
MarkC (Richard Anderson): It's an international hotel - in America - Guiness is almost certain
Sander Cohen: Yep - a pint of bud for me too
Richard Anderson: Pint please
Greg Davis: I think we all diserve a pint.
Benjamin Wolff: Cool, that makes it a little easier. I'm a paragon, working for this clinic [hey, sounds more reassuring than "for the government!]], and for the moment, I'm shielding you a little from the voices. But sometime, I'll have to sleep. Will you be OK with them, or should I see if we can find you some more shielding?
Barman: Tow pints of guiness and a pint of bud coming up.
On the TV
Reporter: We return to the outskirts of Evanston, Wyoming. Where this story is unfolding. For those just joining us, approximately an hour ago this figure was picked up by our Traffic copter. He was staggering down the middle of the highway, seemingly bound for Evanston from parts unknown.
The picture cuts to show a figure looking dazed and confused, stumbling through moving traffic. Cars swerve to avoid him. There are several near collisions.
Shatter turns on the TV in his room while he showers so he can catch the news
The Barman pours the pints
Richard Anderson: what can I find out online about this?
Sander Cohen: Do we recognise the figure?
Richard Anderson: and where's Evanston?
-> Richard Anderson: Wyoming
Richard Anderson: where in relation to Unity?
-> Richard Anderson: And theres not much online yet.
-> Richard Anderson: Oh.. about 1000 miles away (guessing but a long way)
Then the picture cuts to an eye witness. Mrs Kelly Wilson, "Mother and Homemaker".
Kelly Wilson: He seemed bewildered. My daughter thought he was drunk. He fell against my car and tried to reach for us, so I closed the windows. He seemed disturbed. I genuinely believe he didnt realise the danger he was in.
Richard Anderson: whispers - for fuck's sake - I hope this isn't connected - Evanston't about 1000 miles from Unity
The barman passes over the drinks, "Can I charge that to a room?"
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): "tried to reach for us?" Ruh-roh!
Greg Davis: I give him my room number.
Shatter doesn't sing in the shower
Richard Anderson: whispers - I don't care - I'm going to hit the sack before saving the world again
Barman: I'll open a tab for you
Greg Davis: (whispers to others) Surely they couldn't have got so far so quickly.
Reporter: Then shortly after we started broadcasting the police arrived on the scene and this ensued.
Richard Anderson: whispers - after I've had a drink - of course (smiles)
The scene shifts to show local authorities attempted to detain the individual for his own safety. Clearly confused and frustrated, the guy lashed out at the officers confronting. Unfortunately at this point his hands burst into flames and the cop goes flying. The guy stares in horror at his hands
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: Brightens visibly
Sander Cohen: I'm sure he does, Richard
Richard Anderson: Hey - at least this will distract the media from "other things"
Declan: Always a bright side
Scrolled across bottom of scene: We have just recieved confirmation that the National Gaurd units from Evanston are on their way to Evanston.
Declan: Oops.. they are not from Evanston
MarkC (Richard Anderson): that was me brightening visibly
Declan: Must proof read my module better
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Yeah, but it's still no better - and two bad-paragon stories in a week could really adversely affect the president. Looks like the guy needs a hardlight box.
Sander Cohen: I really don't like fire
Greg Davis: I've just had a thought (fishes out mobile) - does Mary-Beth still have Richard's mobile?
Richard Anderson: Look - I've been awake for 24 hours - crashed a helicopter, teleported 200 miles and hacked most of the computers in this part of the States - give me a break!
The BArman looks at his watch, and flicks the TV over to the start of the Boxing
Benjamin Wolff: Does Carol have any response to my little speech above asking whether she will be OK when I need to sleep?
Richard Anderson: I think that she does - give her a call and see if she's awake or alive
Greg Davis: No you had Shatter teleport your mobile to Mary-Beth, does she still have it?
In the ISO room, Carol appears to be humming to herslef and eventually falls into a natural looking sleep.
Richard Anderson: I'll "watch" the news over the internet
-> Benjamin Wolff: The voices vanish
Richard Anderson: whils sipping my beer
Greg Davis Dec if Mar-Beth still has Richard's mobile I'll give her a call.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Who's in the room with me? Carol kids and...?
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: Shall I put the news on my laptop for us?
GM: She gave it up when she got to the army camp..sorry.
Richard Anderson: Let's get a quiet table in the corner somewhere
Greg Davis: I call information, and get the number for Unity police station.
GM: Thats it.. just you, Carol and the kids. Anyone could be watching through the window though.. its opaque from this side now.
Rev (Shatter): I'd figure theyr'e blocking calls into Unity for now
Greg Davis I follow Richard while I'm making the call.
GM: Information prtovide the number for Unity PD
Richard Anderson: I pull my laptop (ever present) out of my bag and turn it on
and on the TV/Laptop/Internet
Reporter: Shortly after more units from the Evanston police arrived. The indiviidual attempted to escape leaping the highway fence. Thats a good 10 foot standing jump to you and me. The resulting confrontation. Well see for yourself...
Greg Davis I call it and ask to be put through to Mary-Beth.
The scene shifts to show policeman confronting a scared looking individual. Bullets are bouncing arround him, and in confusion he appears to be throwing anything he can find.. cars, dumpsters, traffic lights at the policemen and police cars. Even though the police are clearly causing no dame to him they manage to back him into an alley.
Shatter lies on the bed, tiredly watchign the news
Richard Anderson: call shatter's room and ask him if he's watching the news
Benjamin Wolff: Taps quietly on the window so's not to wake her. "Anyone out there? When she sleeps, her connection drops, but we should really get some sorta permanent shielding around her. If she wakes when I'm asleep, there could be trouble again."
GM: Noone is answering at Unity PD.. not surprising.. they are all somewhere in a field North of Unity looking confused and being rounded up by the army.
-> Shatter: You room phone rings.
Shatter curses, gets up and answers to the phone
Shatter: Yea?
-> Shatter: Its Richard. He tells you to watch whats happening on the news
Richard Anderson: Shatter - you watching the news?
Greg Davis: If I call the Shield building, can I get Col. Paulson no. and find out if she's still with him.
Shatter: Yeah. I'm just glad my cell hasn't started vibrating yet
Richard Anderson: Think it can wait until we get some sleep ?
Campaign saved.
Shatter: Well I'm not going to open a portal there, not that I even could...
Det. MAry-Beth Stacey: A friendly private says he'll get Mary Bet
Shatter: So most likely we'd be late anyway
Greg Davis: It'll have to. I want to make this call, have another beer, watch some boxing, then hit the sack.
GM: A friendly private says he'll get Mary Bet
Richard Anderson: I'm off to my room - I'll need some sleep - put's computer away and heads off to room
On the TV
Reporter: At this point we though it was all over, but boy, were we wrong.
On camera you see the individual burst into flames. Brick and asphelt around him melts. Cops are thrown back. Paint hundreds of feet from him starts to blister, and the individula turns and scampers through the melting alley wall behind him.
Benjamin Wolff: getting no answer, goes back and sits by the bed. *quietly* "Hey kids, could you wake me if it looks like she might be wakeing up again?"
Sander Cohen: I'll stay for another one - same again, Greg?
Richard Anderson: Night guys - need some sleep - no doubt they'll call us if they need us
Reporter: So thats what you've missed folks. Right at the moment things are quiet, but anything could happen which is why we've got our cameras trained on Evanston. And now a word from our sponsors.
Sander Cohen: see you later, Richard
Richard Anderson: I'll "watch" the news until I get to my room
Greg Davis: (to Sander) Yeah, thanks.
Sander Cohen: Gets another drink for him and Greg
Greg Davis: Hi Mary-Beth
Shatter grabs his cell and turns off the silent mode and then tosses it on the nighttable
-> Richard Anderson: The siege continues uneventfully for the next 30 mins, with the police too affraid to approach the building he's in
Alistair (Sander Cohen): Are Greg and myself still able the news? Or is it still on the boxing?
Declan: Its on the boxing.
Richard Anderson: I'm assuming electronic locks on the hotel room doors - in that case - I'm not getting disturbed until someone knocks or until I've had 8 hours sleep, I'll dsconnect the phone too - I'm too tired for this right now
Richard Anderson: in game - not in RL
Sander Cohen: asks the barman if we can have the news back for a bit
Rev (Shatter): What time is it again?
Greg Davis: I don't know if you remember me, my name's Greg Davis - I was one of the PRA agents you met last night - Yeah, the big one with the moustache, who was doing all the driving.
Det. MAry-Beth Stacey: Greg, Yeah I remember. It was only last night.
Greg Davis: I've been thinkinig about something Richard found on the boy's computer
Campaign saved.
-> Benjamin Wolff: Kevin, Looks up from his Mum and asks why you're locked in her too?
Det. MAry-Beth Stacey: Yeah. What was it?
Greg Davis: They think they're father hated Carol, was was trying to kill them. It might only be paranoia, but it think you should have crime scene investigators go over the Molloy car wreck with a fine tooth comb. They might find something incriminating.
Shatter calls into the reception and orders a wake up call for the next morning (assuming it isn't morning/midday in which case he'll ask for it in about six hours)
Shatter then turns off the TV, closes the curtains and crawls into bed, tuning out from the world
Det. MAry-Beth Stacey: Okay.. but the crash was two weeks ago, almost three. The wrecks been towed, but I'll see what we can find.
Benjamin Wolff: "Er... has anyone actually explained to you kids what's going on?"
Richard Anderson: Beds down (after setting his alarm for 8 hours from now) and gets to sleep
Greg Davis: I think it'd be a good idea, if it was attempted murder, we shouldn't let Carol and the kids go back to him.
GM: It about 7pm.. next morning makes sense
GM: Okay. I'll tell you what we find out. Right now I'm worried enough about going back into Unity.
Carol Molloy: Okay. I'll tell you what we find out. Right now I'm worried enough about going back into Unity.
Sander Cohen: finishes his drink and heads off to his room after saying 'goodnight' to Greg
Sander Cohen: finishes his drink and heads off to his room after saying 'goodnight' to Greg
Richard Anderson: OK - sets alarm for 6 in the morning
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: Ok, oh and Mary-Beth, us cops should stick together - if you ever need any help, call (he gives her his number).
-> Benjamin Wolff: Kevin shakes his head. Its been rerally weird. Everyone was odd, and they would let us see mum. They kept asking questions.
Benjamin Wolff: "OK, as best I understand it - and stop me if I'm wrong - your mom had an accident. She was so worried about you kids, that her mind found a way of reaching out and making sure other people would group together and look after you - that weird acting you saw back in Unity. "
Carol Molloy: Thanks Greg.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I'm hoping that was Mary Beth, not Carol :)
-> Benjamin Wolff: Kevin looks at his mother with new found respect, "Really? She doid that for us?"
Declan: It was Mary Beth
Greg Davis I settle back in my seat, sip my beer, and take in the Boxing.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): So I guess we don't care about the super stron, invulnerable, burning man?
In ISo Kevin curls up next to his sleeping brother and Mother, in the corner with a blanket.
Greg Davis: (rather belatedly) Night Sander.
The door to ISO opens and Rudy peers around the door
Benjamin Wolff: "As best as I can figure it out, yeah - her body couldn't look out for you, so her mind somehow managed to instead. I was one of the ones affected, so they're keeping me in here too... well, also because I am able to help her, both as a doctor, and as a paragon, to shield her mind from all the other minds she's connected to still."
Richard Anderson: Zzzzzzzzz.....
Rudy Ellis: Do you want an ISO room of your own Ben? I'm going to keep you under observation till tomorrow, but if you wantsome space?
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: holds fingers up to lips, points to sleeping Carol. *quietly* "Best not to, I'd like to be here if she wakes again - but if you could have some more beds brought in, that would be lovely?"
Rudy nods, and a short time later two guys in Hazmat gaer bring two camp beds. They are surprisingly quite and dont wake the boys.
Benjamin Wolff: Also if you could have the great minds of the PRA find something to shield her, I will love you to pieces!
Winding Time Forward to 5:30 am..
Shatter: Can I write off the fatigued state or want me to roll?
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Great - I'll be rested
Benjamin Wolff: ;sleeps, asking the boys to wake me if she does.
Shatter: We
Shatter: 're a few hours short from the 10 hours
Those in the Mariot, at 5:30 there is a knock on your doors. In the ISO room the door opens and Rudy enters.
Declan: Anyone fatigued is now recovered
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Really hope she has no nightmares about controlling a town and ordering everyone to jump off tall buildings... :(
Richard Anderson: Yeah - I'm getting up!
Richard Anderson: Turns alarm off
Sander Cohen: answers the door (suitably covered :))
Richard Anderson: I'll be 10 mins
Shatter just replies by shouting trough the door
Richard Anderson: Get's shaved, showered and dressed - then looks to see who's outside the room
Campaign saved.
'Greg Davis' disconnected
OUtside each of your doors is a PRA agent. Smartly dressed, bleary eyed, with instruction for you to immediately head to the shiled building. They have a number of cars waiting, and there is some sort of situation.
Richard Anderson: And I'll reconnect the phone now
Shatter: Can't say I wasn't expecting this
Shatter: I'll be at the lobby in ten
Sander Cohen: Gets washed / dressed and goes down to the car
Richard Anderson: Hi guys (smiles brightly) - sleep well? (to the agents)
Richard Anderson: Follows one of them down to the car
Richard Anderson: Follows one of them down to the car
Declan: Hopefully we'll get Greg back
'Greg Davis' connected
Shatter shaves quickly with military precision even though there's not much to shave, gets into his jeans and jacket, picks up his phone and heads downstairs
Smart Private: Rudy in the ISO room has a tray with hot coffee. "Have you been awake all night, Ben? You'll need this."
Rudy in the ISO room has a tray with hot coffee. "Have you been awake all night, Ben? You'll need this."
Shatter waits a while for the others and if they appear drives to the Shield building with them.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Couldn't you just portal yourself to a patch of space that wasn't wearing stubble?
Rev (Shatter): Well I do have that Percision power feat... Heh
Benjamin Wolff: Rudy, you are a lifesaver and I regret ever doubting you.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Don't know what just happened - but I'll join Shatter as soon as possible.
Sander Cohen: Goes with the car to the shield building
Only once everyone is in them do the cars go.
Shatter: So bets on whether it's about the guy on the news or Unity?
Shatter: If it's both the house wins all
Richard Anderson: News guy - with an update on Unity is my bet
Sander Cohen: The news guy is now in unity?
Greg Davis: I hope so - I'd like to see my wife before getting involved with another case.
Rudy Ellis: Drink it fast. I'm clearing you for this briefing.. because I think they'll need you.. but I want you to take a full mediacla afterwards.
Richard Anderson: what's the situation in Evanston this morning?
Campaign saved.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): mediacla?
MarkC (Richard Anderson): someone's typing too fast
Rev (Shatter): Aww, don't tease the GM
-> Richard Anderson: The NAtional Guard moved in at Dawn, and tried to 'surpress' the guy. That was about 5:04. It went badly.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): hey - I've had my share of typos - it's someone else's turn
Benjamin Wolff: Uh... we better have a word with Claire first, see how she will cope without me... *wakes her gently, checking it's OK with the kids first*
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Claire?
MarkC (Richard Anderson): you mean Carol - surely?
Benjamin Wolff: C... whatever her name. Begins with C.
Rev (Shatter): By touching her? Heh and someone is feeling like Hannibal
Carol Molloy (Bleary eyed): What?
Carol Molloy: Oh
Benjamin Wolff: Any voices?
'MarkC' disconnected
'MarkC' connected
-> Benjamin Wolff: You feel a sudden rush of confusion. Pain at the bright lights. A weight on you chest of two small boys. Hunger. A dry mouth from being on a drip for weeks, and then Carol pushes you away from her
MarkC (Richard Anderson): bloody computers - did I miss anything?
-> Benjamin Wolff: As soon as you are no longer in contact you feel nothing.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): no, but I think there was a lot of whispering.
Declan: Nope.. just a lot of PMs to Ben
Benjamin Wolff: Sorry to bother you :) Was just saying I'm being called away - if you get any more intrusions into your head, let Rudy know, and we'll come running and drive them off. Sleep well :)
Campaign saved.
In the situation room Gordon hasn't arrived yet, but in the centre of the table theres coffee, bagels, cream cheese, muffins and bacon sandwiches.
Sander Cohen: nabs a bacon sandwich
Carol nods
Richard Anderson: Muffins! Bacon! Excellent!
Richard Anderson: Gets one of each
Sander Cohen: coffee too :)
Benjamin Wolff: goes to sit room if not needed here, quaffing coffee on the way :)
Shatter opts with the bacon sandwitches but leaves the coffee alone
Shatter: *ofts for...
Gordon Laymark: Ah.. I see you found the BAcon and Muffins
Greg Davis: Coffee and food - Great! (I load up a plate)
Benjamin Wolff: is kinda obvious about maintaining a safe dirtance from the others - just to keep them feeling safe. ((until I can pounce mwahahaha!))
Gordon grabs a coffee.
Richard Anderson: I'll get a coffee too
Gordon Laymark: Have any of you heard of a place called Evanston?
Benjamin Wolff: Yay food!
Benjamin Wolff: Nope.
Richard Anderson: We "might" have seen the news last nigh - a little (smiles wryly)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): *night
MarkC (Richard Anderson): bloody fingers
Gordon Laymark: Place in Wyoming... has become something of a hot spot.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Ow punny
Richard Anderson: hot spot - I see what you did there
Shatter consumes a stack of bacon sandwiches while waiting for Gordon to get to the point
Richard Anderson: Munch munch slurp
Gordon Laymark: Okay.. lets cut to the chase. The National Guard have managed to get themselves into a shooting match with some Paragon down there, and it looks like they are loosing.
Benjamin Wolff: I already like the guy - can we get him on our team?
Sander Cohen: You want us to go along?
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: How do you want this handling - it's already gone national?
Gordon Laymark: On live TV this morning some reporter got a shot of the Paragon being hit by an anti-tank weapon. You cant imagine what the press are saying... Some are calling the National Guard brutes,and talking about the Paragons rights.
Gordon Laymark: Others are saying its the beginning of the end.
Benjamin Wolff: Yay!
Greg Davis: Gordon, do you really think we're ready to take on a paragon of that power (looks at Shatter, Richard and Ben), I mean, we're hardly the most combat orientated team?
Richard Anderson: I'm betting that more of them are saying that we need to control freaks with abilities...?
Gordon Laymark: And that scares me.
Richard Anderson: Just what we need right now - not!
Rev (Shatter): Did Greg just call Shatter "not combat oriented"?
Rev (Shatter): Heh
Benjamin Wolff: Sure we can - slap him in a lightwall, give him the ullusion of being somewhere nice srrounded by happy people - instant fix.
Richard Anderson: I can fix his PC
Sander Cohen: Well, that's probably what's got him annoyed, tbh, Richard - Vista
Benjamin Wolff: Then portal his head into a garbage can :)
Gordon Laymark: I'm hoping we can talk this down without further bloodshed. From what I understand he killed four police offers last night, but I dont think he intended to.
Greg Davis: (to Ben) You make it sound so easy :)
Richard Anderson: And you need paragons to talk him down because...?
Benjamin Wolff: How hard can it BE?
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Heee
Gordon Laymark: There is another complication though..
Benjamin Wolff: One of him, five of us.
Sander Cohen: complication?
Richard Anderson: and a couple of hundred Guardsmen
Gordon Laymark: Six of you actually.
Richard Anderson: six?
Richard Anderson: ( 5)
Richard Anderson: six?
Greg Davis: (To Ben) Yeah, we're outnumbered one to five already :)
Shatter: We're not going to take Carol... You talking about that Empath you mentioned last night?
Benjamin Wolff: Ah... the sixth is the complication?
Gordon Laymark: You've heard of Patriot. The presedents personal parahuman lapdog?
Benjamin Wolff: Ruh-ruh.
Richard Anderson: Great - a glory hound.
Benjamin Wolff: Nope, but it sounds bad.
Shatter (His face goes somewhat sour): Oh...
Benjamin Wolff: Is he named after the missiled who kept misfiring and causing collateral damage?
Campaign saved.
Alistair (Sander Cohen): Can see a use for Ben's powers...
Richard Anderson: "Superhumanly strong and tough - able to fly at great speeds" can you see where this is going boys and girls?
Greg Davis: So we let Patriot, wipe most of Everston with his face, while we sit back and enjoy the show:)
Gordon Laymark: Kyle Griffin..You must have heard of him. He's the sole reason the US government stopped denying the existance of Parahumans, and started saying they believed. Because they wanted to unveil Patriot.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Heh - yeah, "hey Paragon, you're... somewhere else a long long way away and the world is spinning."
Benjamin Wolff: Oh - so if Patriot screws up, the whole project gets shitcanned?
Gordon Laymark: Patriots defdinately a glory hound, but the way I hear it he's also headstrong and dangerous.
Sander Cohen: What about his bad points?
Benjamin Wolff: What are his abilities?
Richard Anderson: Great - Patriot is going to tough it out to see who has the biggest cojones and we're going to have to haul everyone's ass out of the can - again!
Sander Cohen: It could be worse - Patriot could have got infected in Unity
Shatter: How fast can he move?
Richard Anderson: "Superhumanly Strong and Tough - able to fly at great speed" like I said
Benjamin Wolff: How smart? Any mental defences? Any other abilities?
Gordon smiles, "It figures if someone was going to get the big league stuff it would be an asshole like Griffin. Supposedly he flies, pssesses metastrength and is damned near invulnerable."
Richard Anderson: How "great" is "great" and how much is "superhumanly"?
Greg Davis: So Gordon, what exactly is our breif? Handling the fire guy, or babysitting Patriot?:)
Shatter smiles slightly at that
Gordon Laymark: In a publicity stunt whilst you were art the academy he lifted a destroyer from dry dock into the water, so he can definately lift and fly with atleast 600 tons,
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: Do we have any information on how he wants to run it? We can't know what damage limitation to do until we know what his strategy will be.
Benjamin Wolff: I assume they're putting him in as team leader.
Gordon Laymark: Given half a chance Griffin will probably try to fight this guy. We need to avoid colateral damage, so we dont want that.
Richard Anderson: Strategy - I think we're talking "Hulk smash!" here
Greg Davis: I think the idea of damage limitation is going to be a little difficult, once those guy throw down.
Shatter: I don't think containing him is impossible but I doubt it we can do it without rising his ire
Shatter: Which will most likely piss the president as well
Benjamin Wolff: Well, here's a strategy: I keep hulk occupied, you guys pop out, lightwall the bad guy, and talk him down? If we play it right, the PRA could get a powerful new recruit.
Shatter nods
Gordon Laymark: And here is the real issue. Officially you have no authority over him. Also whilst with him you are to refer to him as his codename 'Patriot'. I private call him what you like.
Benjamin Wolff: Do we have any other infomration on him? Childhood, any history?
Greg Davis: I hate to rain on your parade Ben, but if that guy's as strong as he appears, I don't think my puny light bubbles are going to hold him.
Shatter: Do we get to meet him before we hit the ground zero?
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Aw man - Patriot's got a strength of 75+ no fair!
Shatter: Maybe fly in on the same plane with him? Though knowing his type, I'd figure he scoffs planes
Gordon Laymark: He'll think he's in command, but I haven't seen that in writting, so its not the case. Having said that if he feels he needs to he'll be on the phone to his friends at the DoJ, so dont piss him off.
Benjamin Wolff: Your pumy lightbubbles held me, and I'm a hulk of solid muscle! *flexes skinny geeky arm*
Declan: Nope.. he's got levels of superstrength
Benjamin Wolff: Fuh. Well, lightwalls don't need to hold him - just contain his attacks.
Greg Davis: (to Ben) Yeah, I noticed:)
Benjamin Wolff: For long enough to talk him down.
Shatter: Well...
Declan: MnM p 104 - Superstrength
Campaign saved.
Shatter: If I'd get my way I'd move this target fellow of ours somewhere underground where Patriot can't find him and deal with it quietly
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Some of us don't have the rulebook... I should torrent it I guess :)
Shatter: Do we have anything fitting to that end in the area?
MarkC (Richard Anderson): yeah - but it yeah - but it's still 12 or more in super strength (in a level 6 campaign)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): and we're way past 10 gain
MarkC (Richard Anderson): *again
Gordon Laymark: Well thats all the briefing I can give you. Rudy is waiting to give you all a FULL medical to ensure you are clear of any outside influence, and then Patriot is waiting to fly all of you, in your VAn to Wyoming.
Benjamin Wolff: Hey - nice plan shatter - if he explodes in an interesting lightshow when first hit, he can take the glory and bugger off! :D
End of Session time