Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): *wave*

Chat log started at 21.10.2007 / 19:30:14

MarkC (Richard Anderson): I'll have to get it - but there are only so many hours in the day
Rev (Shatter): Yeah, read your post on Portal on the forums. I'm saving it till I get an itch for puzzles.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Hi Dewi
GM: Okay.. now logging
Greg Davis: Hi guys.
Rev (Shatter): And the new TF is fun, I'm enjoying it even though I'm not really of the FPS crowd
Shatter: And hiye all
GM: All here..and I'm just about ready.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Righty ho - and off we go
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Tonight, Matthew - I'm going to be .... driving a long way :-)
Campaign saved.
At the end of last week Shatter, Ben and Sander had just Portalled to Washington DC with Carol Molloy. Richard was in the helicopter with the pilot.
GM: (oops..missed Greg)
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I was just going to mention that :-)
Richard Anderson: what's the status in the town now?
GM: Greg was also in Washington if I recall
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Yup - only me left behind
Benjamin Wolff: looks around for the containment team.
GM: I'll swap between the teams a lot
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I'm hoping that it's going to be wrapped up here fairly quickly - but, knowing Dec....
In DC, containment teams are waiting in the courtyard. As soon as you appear guys in Hasmat suits throw plastic sheeting over the group of you and start to spry yellow stuff over the sheets.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I'll create a hard light barrier around Carol, just in case any medic gets over-eager.
There is a strong anti-sceptic smell
Shatter: Am I still Exhausted or did Sander's magical touch help?
Richard Anderson: I'll set up a call to the reast of the team - via mobile
Richard Anderson: so that I can update them and vice versa
GM: Just to clarify.. Sander is no longer exhausted,m but Sander is looking somewhat out of it (checked the rules and healing fatigue TRANSFERS the exhausted state)
Rev (Shatter): I assume that the first Sander is Shatter
GM: And at the end of last session you were all in mobile contact...
Greg Davis: Richard, what's the situation on your end?
Richard Anderson: OK - what's the status in Unity now?
Sander Cohen: In that case I'll try to catch my breath
Richard Anderson: To team - trying to find out now
Shatter makes sure Sander is ok and lets the containment team to do its work.
Campaign saved.
In Unity there is a sudden crack noise and the copter pilot keels over out of his seat.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I make sure that the containment team knows that infection is spread by contact - possibly through clothing - so they can take the appropriate precautions.
Richard Anderson: Take over the stick - fast
Okay.. DC.. The guys in the hasmat suits are shouting orders at you. They seem to want you to move away from Carol. You can see Rudy watching perplexed from the steps to the building.
Sander Cohen: moves away from carol
Shatter , used to people shouting commands at him does as he's told
Greg Davis I move away from Carol, but keep the barrier up.
Richard Anderson: I'll give a running commentary to the team - so Dec can just keep the stuff public - assume I'm telling them everything - until I get too harrased :-)
Benjamin Wolff: Moving away from carol
Richard Anderson: I'll keep a running commentary up until I get overloaded - assume (Dec) that the team know what's going on
Richard Anderson: test
Declan: test recieved
'MarkC' disconnected
'MarkC' connected
Greg Davis: o
GM: [1d20 = 9]
Alistair (Sander Cohen): It's like 5th of November already here
Richard Anderson: what did I miss?
GM: Nothing.. just triing to share an image to you
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): not much, but I've got some serious time lag going on here.
Richard Anderson: As I was trying to say - I'll keep a running commentary going so that the team know what I'm doing - until I get too overloaded
GM: The new shield building.. you are all by the steps on the right of the pic
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Got it
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: I'll mayday to the troops so that someone knows I'm likely to be crash landing
-> Richard Anderson: Want to make a piloting roll, if you have it?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): that building looks very familiar :-)
Richard Anderson: Pilot [1d20+1 = 13]
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Not too good :-(
They appear to be building a tent around Carol.
Richard Anderson: Mayday, mayday - pilot unconcious - will be making a forced landing these coordinates (ooc - give coords)
-> Richard Anderson: With quite a good unskilled pilot roll, you can definately keep it from hitting the ground too hard
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I move over to Rudy - how does he want to handle the situation?
Richard Anderson: thank f*** for that :-)
GM: Okay..stuff in DC isn't going as fast as Unity, so I'll deal with Unity for a while..
Richard Anderson: whan I "land" what's happening around here?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Ok:-)
Rev (Shatter): *Is more curious about what's happening in Unity anyway*
MarkC (Richard Anderson): sorry guys
MarkC (Richard Anderson): my chopper's going down - fnarr fnarr
Alistair (Sander Cohen): I would say it's all about how Richard can handle his chopper - but I guess that jokes already been made :)
Richard grabs the stick and tries to control the copter. His primary concern is keeping the rotars away from the building on both sides. He does an admirable job, and brings it in with a rather heavy bump, followed by on odd grinding noise.
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: I look around and if it's clear get out
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Right amongst the infected - not good!
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I said - "if it's clear"
The copter seems to be rather crippled. In the final momnets the right skid caught the side of a mini, and is stuck through it left passenger window. The mini really doesnt look well. The moment it touched down figures from ajoining building started comingh out of doorways.
Richard Anderson: leg it - away from the people
Richard Anderson: pulling my pistol
GM: leaving the pilot?
Richard Anderson: hell yes!
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): rofl
Richard Anderson: The guy's either been shot or was already one of them - I can't do anything for him now!
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): rofl ???
MarkC (Richard Anderson): rolling on floor laughing
GM: The people start following. Some of them seem pretty quick. The odd thing is they all appear to be shouting in unisen.
The people start following. Some of them seem pretty quick. The odd thing is they all appear to be shouting in unisen.
Richard Anderson: I look for the nearest car and pop the locks - jump in, close and lock the doors
MarkC (Richard Anderson): sorry - should have been an action - got carried away
GM: (I'll use a map, but since there are so many figures its not worth trying to put them all on)
Shatter (Speaking into his mic): Richie, if things get tough just tell me exactly where you are and I'll try opening an escape portal
Richard Anderson: what are they shouting?
Campaign saved.
GM: (Hmm..only 4 recieved it - the map)
'Greg Davis' disconnected
MarkC (Richard Anderson): ooh - a map - where am I and where are they?
'Greg Davis' connected
Richard Anderson: Greg's gone
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): You're the one at the end of that creek, there...
MarkC (Richard Anderson): and he's back
Shatter (To Greg, Ben and Sander): I may have to try opening another portal for Rich. If anyone else comes trough it you'll need to take them down immediately.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): ... and I'm back again:-)
GM: H for helicopter, R for Richard, P for Pilot
Greg Davis: Ok.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): And the black squares are the bad guys?
GM: Each of the Ts represeents a large GROUP of people
Richard Anderson: Bugger!
Mass of people: Halt. We mean you no harm. We need to takl
Mass of people: We agree not to possess you
Richard Anderson: waves gun
Richard Anderson: please keep your distance
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): "Don't run away - we want to be your friends :-)
Mass of people: WE need to talk to the outside world.. an emessary who is one of us may not be trusted.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Daktaklakpak!
Richard Anderson: I start walking towards the group by the car at the yop
Richard Anderson: *top
A single individual leaves the group. He's a cop.
Richard Anderson: talk to me then - what is it that you wish to say?
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: stop there - if you please
Richard Anderson: I stop
He walks to about 10 feet from you and stops
Richard Anderson: I move back to keep a bit of distance :-)
Richard Anderson: actually 10 feet is fine
He then places his gun and flashlight on the ground.
Officer Jon Leitheusser: We feel our intension is misunderstood.
Richard Anderson: is there a cctv camera around thatr I can train on this?
Richard Anderson: Please explain your intentions - I'm sure that you'll understand my scepticism
-> Richard Anderson: Yes. Over the playing court
Officer Jon Leitheusser: We have found that our way of life is best for people. We can erradicate fear. Noone will hurt another. Noone will be lonely.
Richard Anderson: dec - did you get my message - to relay sound and vision to the mobiles of the team?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): . . . and resistance is futile :-)
Officer Jon Leitheusser: Okay.. I'm now jumping back to DC
Richard Anderson: to team - I'm going to try to relay sound and vision via your mobiles - pics will be a little crapy - but yopu should see what's going on
GM: Okay.. I'm now jumping back to DC
Richard Anderson: did the troops get my mayday?
Rudy runs down the steps to shout out orders. He's obviously not happy with the way the HAsmat guys are handling it.
Campaign saved.
-> Richard Anderson: Yeah. I just need to figure out what the others tell them to do.
Benjamin Wolff: Watching tent to make sure nobody goes in.
-> Richard Anderson: Hence I want to get DC up to the same time.
Richard Anderson: ok
Greg Davis: Rudy - we're going to have to get her inside, and set up any equipment, without making physical contact.
Rudy looks to the group. "I need to handle this. Gordon is waiting for you inside."
Shatter is listening to Richard from his headset so he just nods
Greg Davis: Ok - just be very careful - the last thing we need now is someone in DC getting infected.
Benjamin Wolff: One of us should stay here in case you have any questions. [[left unsaid: and so that we can know when the hazmat peopel screw up]]
Shatter (To the others): Any of you have a cell with video properties? Mine's no good and a visual might help me fish out Richie if he gets too deep.
Rudy nods, "I've got it. Why do you think I'm overseeing everything? The new isolation rooms just been finished. Once she's in there we should be okay. Now get to Gordon."
Greg Davis: You're probably the best choice - you've got more chance of resisting this than any of the rest of us.
Sander Cohen: ok, let's go in
Greg Davis I follow Sander.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Does Rudy have authority to order us to go?
Shatter follows the others while waiting for an answer
Rev (Shatter): Gordon might... Heh
Just inside the building in the main hall Gordon is waiting for you. Before either of you can speak you suddenly get Richards Mayday over your headpieces. Sounds like his copter is going down.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Cos if not, I ain't going: if so, I guess I am.
Campaign saved.
Gordon Laymark: No.. Rudy doesnt have the authority to order you around. He can order you to have a medical, but thats about it.
GM: No.. Rudy doesnt have the authority to order you around. He can order you to have a medical, but thats about it.
GM: Greg and Sander are with Gordon as the mayday comes in.. the other two outside.
Benjamin Wolff: I'm afraid I have to insist that at least one of us remains to cover her. There's not a strong enough military presense, and we don't know what she's capable of (move to enter tent and cover her with shotgun)
Shatter moves to Gordon with the others
Sander Cohen: Walk over to Gordon
Rudy Ellis: Okay. I guess I cant order you around.
Gordon looks up.
Sander Cohen: Hi Gordon, we're back from Unity
GM: The building seems ornate. Statues around the place, nice waiting areas spread out around the building, and lots and lots of space and light.
Shatter is listening on Richard and just acknowledges Gordon with a nod
Greg Davis: Hello Gordon.
Gordon Laymark: So I see. Odd thing - I was on the phone to you there less than 20 minutes ago. Shatter?
Shatter: Richie's in trouble, somethign about the chopper going down.
Shatter: Should've insisted he comes along
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: We had no reason to believe he'd get into trouble.
GM: Just checking ..where is Shatter. Inside or out.
Greg Davis: Can you get us back without exhausting yourself?
Rev (Shatter): Aah, Shatter's with Greg and Sander. He figures Rudy's a professional enough
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): "Shatter moves to Gordon with the others" above
Your phones suddenly spring to life.. showing a scene of Richard talking to a cop. It looks like the camera used is quite a distance away.
Shatter doesn't have video properties on his cell so looks over Greg's shoulder
Alistair (Sander Cohen): Do we get audio too?
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I hope so
GM: Yes
Richard Anderson: If not - I'll relay
Gordon moves to watch
Sander Cohen: shows the phone to Gordon so he can see the situation too
Shatter: Note: Making preparations to open a portal behind Richie, just in case. Would be the second Extra Effort in a row. I'm hoping it won't become a habir.
Gordon Laymark: We should move to the conference room. We can patch it through the main screen.
Greg Davis: Lead the way.
Sander Cohen: follows Gordon
MarkC (Richard Anderson): hit - if someone talks to me - I can patch it through :-)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): *hint
Shatter follows
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Our phones have video out? Sweet :P
Campaign saved.
GM: Back to Unity and the little conversation
Greg Davis: (To Richard) We're moving to a conference room - can you patch it through?
Richard Anderson: to team - guys - can you hear this?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Yup.
Sander Cohen: coming through nicely here
Richard Anderson: to cop - what is it that you want? I'm pretty fond of independance myself
Officer Jon Leitheusser: We dont want to hurt anyone. We want to make life easier. Remove bigotry and hatred.
Richard Anderson: to cop - by attacking us - by removing our free will - hmm
Officer Jon Leitheusser: Most people are very lonely. We are all still individuals, but we are also part of something greater. The unity.
Richard Anderson: let's start again - suppose you tell me who "you" are?
Richard Anderson: who is "the Unity"
Greg Davis: Richard, ask him if we're speaking to Carol Molloy.
Richard Anderson: Are yyou Carol Molloy?
Officer Jon Leitheusser: I am Jon Leitheusser. I'm sorry. I should have introduced myself, but somehow I dont think you'll want to shake hands.
Richard Anderson: Sorry - is "Unity" Carol Molloy"
Officer Jon Leitheusser: Unity is all of us. Together we became something greater.
Richard Anderson: How did you begin?
Officer Jon Leitheusser: We really don't know. First there were two, and they found that being together they never wanted for companionship. They never felt alone.. without a guide and friend.
Officer Jon Leitheusser: and then we grew.
Richard Anderson: Would those "two" have been Carol Molloy and her husband?
Campaign saved.
Officer Jon Leitheusser: Does it matter? Surely what matters is what we have become. We have an idea.. perhaps it would help you understand.
Richard Anderson: So - why haven't you incorporated Carol's children into your "Unity"?
Officer Jon Leitheusser: Kevin and Derek are unusual. Something prevents them from being part of the unity..
Richard Anderson: Perhaps if I could talk to them?
If we released someone from the unity, you could talk to them. Come to understand why it is important we survive.
Officer Jon Leitheusser: If we released someone from the unity, you could talk to them. Come to understand why it is important we survive.
Richard Anderson: And while you bring them here - you can tell me about your idea?
Richard Anderson: OK John - who do you suggest that you release?
Officer Jon Leitheusser: They are already on there way. The beauty of the Unity - what one knows we all know. Never again does one need to be ignorant.. we all have the sum of knowledge.
Officer Jon Leitheusser: You choose and we'll release them.
Richard Anderson: can I tell where they are - car movements, cctv, etc.?
-> Richard Anderson: Not yet
Richard Anderson: First - tell me what you did to y pilot?
MarkC (Richard Anderson): *my
Officer Jon Leitheusser: The police station here was well stocked. We needed to talk to you, but he would have flown you away. He is mearly tranquelized.
Campaign saved.
Shatter: Cpi÷d
Shatter: *Could've just called
Richard Anderson: to team - great - I'm going to struggle to get out of this chaps - unless everything goes well - I suggestthat you don't touch me next time you see me
In DC you have all reached the board room
Greg Davis: I have an idea.
Richard Anderson: how many people in the crowd near the car?
Greg Davis I leave the meeting room, and head back to Ben.
In the courtyard the Hazmat gys start moving Carol in her sealed unity towards the isolation room in the building (I presume Benjamin goes with them)
In the Situation room Gordon brings up satallite photographs of Unity and informs you that there are currently two sats dedicated to the Unity situation
Richard Anderson: You realise that you could have killed us by tranquilising my pilot - don't you?
-> Richard Anderson: 8
Richard Anderson: are any of them armed?
Officer Jon Leitheusser: We knew you were capable.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): "We knew you were expendable"
-> Richard Anderson: One has a pistol. 9mm auto.
Richard Anderson: I look for distinguishing features and then I'll ask for him to be the one released
Greg Davis: Let me know when I get back to Ben & Carol.
Richard Anderson: I want that one over there releasing - points and describes a person in the crowd by the car
On the screens you all see Richard point at one of the group
Sander Cohen: What does the person look like?
Richard Anderson: to team ONLY! guys - this is the only other in the group with a gun - it may at least shade the odds a little
Officer Jon Leitheusser: We understand your choice. You feel that a younger person will have less to gain from being in the Unity. We accept your choice.
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: to team - or at least the only one that I've seen with a gun
The guy with the gun walks forward, but before he does he passes the gun to one of the women in the group.
Richard Anderson: to team - bugger!
A strange expression passes over his face, and then he falls to the ground
Greg Davis: It was worth a try :-)
Alistair (Sander Cohen): AKA - can't fool the GM :)
Richard Anderson: to team - well - it was worth a try
Richard Anderson: Is he OK?
Shatter: So, the range on offensive Pocket is Perception but I figure that won't work when you're perceiving trough a screen?
Richard Anderson: May I move closer?
He begions to cry.
Officer Jon Leitheusser: You may move as close as you like.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): can you pu a marker for him please
-> Richard Anderson: You detect helicopter electronics. Troop transports. Military, coming from the North.
Richard Anderson: radio chatter?
The Cop steps back
Richard Anderson: I move a little closer - on the basketball court side
Richard Anderson: Hi there son - are you OK?
Teenager: I think so.
Teenager (crying): I just feel so empty.
Richard Anderson: What's your name?
Teenager: Charlie.
Richard Anderson: watch his breathing - carefully noting if he's "in sybch" or not
Teenager: Why did you pick me? You could have picked any of the others?
Richard Anderson: *synch - can't type
-> Richard Anderson: He appears out of synch
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: To be honest Charlie - you were carrying a weapon (smiles)
Teenager: Thats it? You took me away from them because of a thing? They don't care about things.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Can I see all this through my phone? If so I'm keeping a halfeye on it, but mostly keeping the comatose woman covered to discourage anyone coming too close.
Teenager: I didnt care.
Richard Anderson: Never mind about that now, please tell me about "Unity"
GM: okay
Richard Anderson: how far are the transports?
Richard Anderson: and is there radio chatter?
Teenager: I dont know anything. My girl Tania was part, and she brought me in. I've never been so close to anyone. Now I cant feel her anymore.
Richard Anderson: to team - I have incoming troop transports - let's hope they're not infected
Richard Anderson: to Charlie - and you actually "wanted" to be a part of "Unity"
Greg Davis: (To Richard) Try to keep them talking - I'm working on something.
Teenager (Thinking): I don't think so. They never asked, but I do now. Its horrible. I cant believe I ever lived like this.
Richard Anderson: To team - I hope it's good Greg - but that's what I'm doing - I'm all out of other options except stalling
Shatter: If he knows what unity did he ought to know why they are so outspoken now.
Richard Anderson: So they forced you to join - at first? Even though now you want to go back?
Greg Davis: Have I reached Ben yet?
-> Shatter: You think you could get that portal right beneath his feet.. if he stays still for a round before (6 secs)
Shatter: I'm not really bying into this whole "He was released" act but you could still ask for an explanation on why it happened right after we grabbed Ms. Molloy
-> Shatter: Yeah.. With Ben
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: To team - good point Shatter
Shatter: Roger. And was that "Yeah.. With Ben" meant for somebody else
-> Shatter: Oops
-> Greg Davis: With Ben now
-> Benjamin Wolff: Gregs just found you
Richard Anderson: To Jon (and Charlie) I'm having a little difficulty figuring out why you want to talk now of all times - care to enlighten me?
Benjamin Wolff: [to phone ] Clearly faking it: woulda been good if you could speak to the drunk. Still, go along with it, agree to ambassadise - then they won't try to get others to go public with their story, and you can get out of range.
Greg Davis: (To Ben) Richard's down amongst the infected - they're talking to him, but it could go south pretty quickly -are you up for an experiment?
The boy starts to cry again
Shatter: Also Richie, if you want out of there just raise your hand or simply state so and I'll open a portal at your feet. Just don't move for a few seconds or I'll miss.
Officer Jon Leitheusser: We fear you may do something through misunderstanding us.
Benjamin Wolff: (To Greg) Sure, but illusions don't work through video links.
Greg Davis: I wasn't thinking of that.
Richard Anderson: surely an entity such as "Unity" shouldn't fear anything? What could we possibly do to hurt you?
Richard Anderson: surely an entity such as "Unity" shouldn't fear anything? What could we possibly do to hurt you?
Richard Anderson: surely an entity such as "Unity" shouldn't fear anything? What could we possibly do to hurt you?
Greg Davis: Your phantasms work on all a subject's senses - right?
Richard Anderson: sorry Dec
Officer Jon Leitheusser: We fear you may harm part of the Unity. We are all individuals as much as part of the whole. We dont want harm to come to any part.
Benjamin Wolff: All senses that I have experienced. I don't know how well they could affect senses I've never experienced myself. So I couldn't, say, make shatter mispercieve remove objects. I don't think.
Richard Anderson: to team - they're worried about Carol
Richard Anderson: Are you talking about the one who was Carol Molloy?
Greg Davis: Okay - project an illusion that Carol isn't receiving any information from any of her sense - including mental ones if possible - let's see what happens when we block their switchboard.
Gordon Laymark: I think we need some expert advise here. Richard, I know you are pushed already. Can you dial Rudy in?
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: to team - are you in the conference room?
Officer Jon Leitheusser: We have noticed Carol's absense and wondered about that. It seems odd that you would abduct an unwell woman.
Sander Cohen: to Richard - shatter and myself are
Benjamin Wolff: I can't project "nothing", but can do static on all senses. [[does so]] I can also project the illusion of suffication or harm - see if they respond to our harming her? Or I could always just shoot her.
Richard Anderson: when they say yes - patch the camera through to the conference room feed and also the sound from my headset (this should be relatively easy to set up and forget - then patch in Rudy - assuming he's got a mobile with him
Benjamin Wolff: continues to keep her covered with shotgun incase the static causes some unpleasant reaction.
Richard Anderson: Well, we kind of though that might get your attention - what do you want with her, if we agreed to bring her back that is?
Greg Davis: Try static first - lets not torment her too much unneccessarily.
GM: At this point the feed comes through on the Conference screen and Rudy's camera is patched in. (You can all stop watching your little screens)
Shatter does so with pleasure
-> Benjamin Wolff: You try to project mut you feel like you are trying to project to smke.. its as if there is nothing there.
Rudy notices what Ben is trying to do
Rudy Ellis: I wouldn't bother Benjamin, she has almost no higher level brain activity. A persistent vegitative state. I doubt youll be able to affect her.
Richard Anderson: I'm observing the "infected" for reaction when Ben does his thing
Greg Davis: We're running short on time and options - what have you got?
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: Nothing - Rudy is quite right. She's hardly got a brain to communicate with.
Officer Jon Leitheusser: We have no neeed for Carol, but we feel it unfair to take her from her husband and children. They might suffer.. ah they are almost here.
Richard Anderson: to team - if she's really that unwell - you could always shut her down - know what I'm saying - your call though
Richard Anderson: please tell me the kids aren't in the military choppers
Shatter finds a chair to sit in
Greg Davis: Okay - I can think of one last option - Ben do you think you could protect someone who was in direct contact with Carol?
-> Richard Anderson: The choppers seem to be holding back. Looks like someones given them orders to be ready to respond fast. You think they could be here in about a minute given the order.
Richard Anderson: what else can I sense around - I'll understand if there's not much - I'm a little busy at the mo'
An old school bus arrives from the south. You can see it has a driver and the two boys. It also has several other school kids.
Benjamin Wolff: I doubt I could make her think he wasn't touching her, since she wouldn't be aware of the touch in the first lace - there'd be no sense of being touched to change in her head. If that makes sense. [[GM: is that right?]]
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): In whcih city?
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Near me - it's the Molloy Kids
GM: Unity - sorry
Richard Anderson: how's Charlie doing?
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Damn - was hoping I'd get to use the shotgun :(
Greg Davis: Could you use your mind shield to protect someone who was in contact with Carol?
Richard Anderson: To team - Greg - I wouldn't do that if I were you - I'm not worth it
Rudy Ellis: Richard, this is Rudy. Are those the children who are immune? I'm watching this on the relay.
Campaign saved.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): GM: Could I?
Richard Anderson: to Rudy - Yes - they are - I recognise them from their computer file images
-> Benjamin Wolff: You doubt it
-> Benjamin Wolff: But you wonder if you could shield youself (Mind Shield 5 is nice)
Benjamin Wolff: I really don't think I could, shatter. I could try touching her myself, and you could then get me drunk and ask if I got infected?
Benjamin Wolff: S/Shatter/Greg/
Rudy Ellis: If you can get blood samples from them..
Richard Anderson: To Jon, Could I talk to Derek and Kevin (the kids - I should get the names right - but my real life memory is not eidetic)
Officer Jon Leitheusser: Of course.
Greg Davis: Okay - I don't want to risk someone else's life without a safety net.
Richard Anderson: to team - Shatter - if you think you're up to it - I might have a little job for you - these kids may be the key
The bus stops, and the children are lead out of the bus. The huge group of kids part and the two young boys in the middle look terrified.
Shatter (Into the headset): Already thinking that. I can only open one portal though and it's going to be hard.
Richard Anderson: to team - I'll try to get one or both of them near me
Shatter: So get those boys close to you, preferably one on both sides. I'll take all three of you when it's time
-> Shatter: Easiest way - portal under him. If he doesnt move for a few secs, and he can pick up the kids...
Benjamin Wolff: In that case, shall I take a blood sample?
Richard Anderson: to Jon - I'd like to talk to hem over here please - where I can be sure that you're not influencing them
-> Shatter: Then they should all FALL through it.. no need for them to step anywhere
MarkC (Richard Anderson): *them
Shatter: Yeah, that's what I was thinking.
The cop nods
Shatter: 5 by 5 pit under their feet
Campaign saved.
The two boys look around, then head towards Richard
Shatter: Exist at the situation room, high enough that they'll fall trough completely.
Richard Anderson: Derek, Kevin, come over here please, I'd like a word - it's OK you can leave that group now
Benjamin Wolff: [to phone] Don't take risks - the "first two" could well be those kids.
The boys look at Richard, then a look of surprise crosses Dereks face, he grabs his brother and they start running towards Richard.
Richard Anderson: Hi there - (steps back a pace or two , squats and points to the ground in front of him)
-> Richard Anderson: Looks like they're not going to stop
Richard Anderson: To team - shatter - be ready
Richard Anderson: dodge them
Richard Anderson: I dodge them saying - Please don't touch me!
Shatter: I'm going to ask for a few weeks of sick leave after this...
Shatter concentrates so that he's ready to open the portal as soon as necessary
Derek charges up to Richard and stops just short of him. The other boy though does stop, and tries to grab him.
Officer Jon Leitheusser: [1d20 = 16]
Greg Davis: We've all been up for nearly 24 hrs - I think everyone's going to be due some serious R & R:-)
Richard Anderson: what do I need to do to dodge?
Richard tries to sidestep but the boy is just a bit to fast. He grabs Richards leg. "Your normal" he says
Shatter pulls his rifle from thin air, loads it and places it on his lap, just in case.
-> Richard Anderson: Oh.. made a two hit roll for the boy vs your defence +4 fro full defence
Richard Anderson: yup - and I'd like to stay that way - (disentangles leg and takes half a step back
-> Richard Anderson: YOu still feel like yourself though.
The boy looks a little hurt, but nods
Richard Anderson: To team - shatter - you up for this - your call?
Campaign saved.
Shatter: All done there then? Rudy?
Richard Anderson: Kevin isn't it?
Benjamin Wolff: Taking blood sampling kit and passes shotgun to Greg, checking he knows to pull the bendy bit to blow out my brains if necessary.
Officer Jon Leitheusser: Then his expression turns to surprise and Richard and the two boys drop through a hole that appears beneath them
Then his expression turns to surprise and Richard and the two boys drop through a hole that appears beneath them
Greg Davis: I was a cop you know :-)
And all three drop into the situation room in DC
Shatter: /a As the kids and Richard drop from the darkness on the other side of the room, he pales considerably and starts sweating.
-> Shatter: and close the portal?
Shatter: As soon as they're trough, the portal snaps close
Richard Anderson: someone help Shatter - that must have hurt!
Richard Anderson: I cover the hole until it shuts
Greg Davis: Do your thang Sander.
Shatter feebly lifts the rifle to point at the boy's general direction.
Officer Jon Leitheusser: [1d20 = 15]
Officer Jon Leitheusser: [1d20 = 10]
Officer Jon Leitheusser: [1d20 = 2]
Sander Cohen: am I strong enough to help Shatter?
Shatter: I'd ask you to stay there. You're safe but no contact allowed
Officer Jon Leitheusser: It looks like Kevin landed poorly and hurt his ankle.
GM: It looks like Kevin landed poorly and hurt his ankle.
Richard Anderson: The boys are OK - but I would say that - I guess you'll have to check us out
-> Richard Anderson: Make a fortitude save )for the fall)
Richard Anderson: Fortitude save [1d20+1 = 12]
GM: Richard and Derek seemed to land better
The boys nod and Derek helps his brother
MarkC (Richard Anderson): is the portal shut yet
GM: The portal is shut
Benjamin Wolff: ;tries that "taking a blood sample" thing then.
Richard Anderson: I'll put my gun away
Richard Anderson: OK boys - I'm afraid these men will have to check us out before we can do anything else - is that OK?
-> Benjamin Wolff: Okay.. You have a blood sample
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I'm not pointing the shotgun at either Ben or the kids, but I will be ready in case of trouble.
GM: Derek nods. "Yeah. It will be nice to be poked by someone normal."
Rev (Shatter): So where are Ben, Greg and Rudy, eactly?
Benjamin Wolff: Blood looks normal? No unusual mental attacks?
-> Benjamin Wolff: Yeah. But you didnt touch her. Just the needle.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Well I'm with Ben, but I'm not sure exactly where we are now.
Richard Anderson: Derek, Kevin - while we wait - tell me what's been happening for the past couple of weeks
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): We're outside in the tent with the comavictim and the guys in orange suits.
GM: I believe you are all in the new containment wing, by the issolation room
Greg Davis: Ok - Thanks.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I think that's an excellent place to be :-)
Rev (Shatter): Seconds taht
Alistair (Sander Cohen): have the boys seen their mother yet?
GM: Not yet
Richard Anderson: by the way - what happened on the monitor whe we vanished - the picture should still be patched?
GM: The towns people appear to all be walking North
Benjamin Wolff: OK, blood looks normal, no mental attacks yet. I'll put a drip of the blood on myself to see if anything happens - if not, I'll place it on this tray for the medics to take without touching me, then I shall try touching her. OK with that, Greg?
Greg Davis: Might be a good idea to get them down here - it'll be interesting to see what happens when they get together.
Benjamin Wolff: Drips blood on self
Richard Anderson: I still wouldn't touch her
Greg Davis: No, I was thinking of asking Sander to try and bring her round - but I didn't want him to get infected doing it.
A single drop of blood falls from the needle and rolls down the back of Benjamins hand. From there is drops onto the tissue in his other hand
Campaign saved.
-> Benjamin Wolff: And you feel entirely normal
Richard Anderson: Guys, the townsfolk are on th move - maybe we should get them an escort or something?
Sander Cohen: Yeah - I would have to touch her to do anything
Benjamin Wolff: ;waits expectantly... then shrugs.
Shatter: They have people able to take down pilots so any escourt should be extremely cautious
Gordon Laymark: For those in the Conference room, Gordon speaks
For those in the Conference room, Gordon speaks
Benjamin Wolff: OK, blood nob obviously infectious, I'll try the touch test.
Greg Davis: Of course you know that North will eventually bring them into direct contact with the CDC cordon.
Gordon Laymark: Gentlemen, Look at the sattalite photo
Benjamin Wolff: Puts the blood sample on a tray for the doctors to play with, then touches her.
Shatter turns in his chair to look at where Gordon is pointing
Richard Anderson: Looks at the photo (mentally if not in the room)
Richard Anderson: Looks at the photo (mentally if not in the room)
Rev (Shatter): In the room with Gordon are Sander, Rich, Shatter and the kids. And hopefully someone called in to check out the kids. (If I'm correct that is)
On the screen you can see people walking north. Gordon zooms out and there are lots of people. You have approximately 40,000 people walking towards that army perimeter - of course it will take them a while to march 10 miles, but not veryy long.
Declan: (Just checking a rule again)
Richard Anderson: Guys - are we North of Unity?
Greg Davis: This is going to get messy - Bring the kids to the isolation ward - quickly/
Greg Davis: Yeah - but it's going to take them some time to travel 200 miles.
Declan: (Found it)
Richard Anderson: Kevin, Derek - could you come with us please? (heads out to the isolation ward)
-> Benjamin Wolff: Make a will save (with +5 for the mind shield)
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: Kevin - do you need to lean on me?
Shatter turns to Gordon
Richard Anderson: Gordon - I think we'd better get them in there soon
Shatter: This might be obvious but you might want to contact the units there and tell them to threaten them with Ms. Molloy's life well before engaging
Shatter: That might slow them down
Benjamin Wolff: Do I get a chance to cry out?
Greg Davis: Anything worth a try at this point.
Benjamin Wolff: [1d20+5 = 8]
Richard Anderson: Good idea Shatter old mate - I'm glad one of us is thinking
-> Benjamin Wolff: Depend on the roll
MarkC (Richard Anderson): ooh - I didn't like that roll
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Hope that's not his will save :-)
-> Benjamin Wolff: Okay.. You suddenly feel part of something greater.. and want to persuade Shatter that the best move is to get Carol back to Unity
-> Benjamin Wolff: Or to touch Shatter.. for a long while
MarkC (Richard Anderson): why was he even touching her?
Greg Davis: I'm not entirely sure.
Benjamin Wolff: Guess not :)
Rev (Shatter): And he's armed with a shotgun too... *Grins*
Greg Davis: No that's me :-)
Sander Cohen: I was pretty sure that Ben has a shotgun - unless he's given it away
THree guys in Hasmat suits have turned up at the situation room to take the boys to their mother
MarkC (Richard Anderson): he gave it to Greg
Benjamin Wolff: Did you get that roll? I didn't see it come up on my screen - was a 3.
Greg Davis: He gave it to me when he started messing about with the blood.
Alistair (Sander Cohen): ok - missed that one :)
-> Benjamin Wolff: 3+4 for will +5 for mind shield, which unfortunately isnt enough
Richard Anderson: have a look what's happening in the isolation room - there MUST be cameras there
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: Ah, I seem to be lagged, roll just displayed.
-> Richard Anderson: Lots..
Richard Anderson: Gordon - is it OK if we head down to isolation?
Richard Anderson: patch the camera feed onto the main screen
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Low is good, right?
Gordon Laymark: I'm coming down too. We need to resolve this fast. Stay behind the boys though
MarkC (Richard Anderson): hmm...
-> Benjamin Wolff: No.. high is good :(
Richard Anderson: scratch that - if everyone's leaving the room
Benjamin Wolff: Oh this is gonna be SO much fun :D Am I allowed to be as wily and evil as I like about it?
Benjamin Wolff: leaps back, going "ow fuckettyfuckfuck!" and clutching his head.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): I appear to be a tad lagged - apologies.
Greg Davis: I get ready to encase Ben in a hard light bubble - if he gets nasty, that is.
Sander Cohen: follows Gordon
Shatter tiredly gets up from the chair and follows the others at half of his usual pace
Richard Anderson: follows boys
Greg Davis: hard light bubble time.
Richard Anderson: Shatter - do you need help mate?
-> Greg Davis: Visibe?
Greg Davis: yeah.
Shatter: From you? *Grins a bit*
Suddenly a wall of bright light springs inbto place around Benjamin, completely enclosing him.
Shatter: Thanks mate, but I'll follow the zero risk procedure for now
Benjamin Wolff: OK, word to the wise, do not touch the lady, because it REALLY hurts. A lot. I don't feel I'm infected, but if you could buy me a drink at the earliest opportunity, I would appreciate it. I did manage to get an image from her mind, though.
Richard Anderson: hey - I was just asking - maybe they've got some pretty nurses to help you (leers)
Benjamin Wolff: Uh... guys?
Shatter: That I wouldn't mind
Greg Davis: What did you see Ben?
Benjamin Wolff: ;looks at the wall... "Can you hear me out there?"
Richard Anderson: Ben - we wouldn't DREAM of touching her - we're not that stupid (chuckles)
Gordon Laymark: ((GM coming up with makeshift map - on min))
Sander Cohen: No problem, Gordon
Greg Davis: We can hear you - the walls just a precaution - what did you see?
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: OK, she was trying real hard to send this image - if she doesn't get back to the town, the infected are gonna die. All of them. There are thousands of them, we've got to get her back!
Benjamin Wolff: They're like... parasitic off her.
Greg Davis: Do you believe her?
Declan: NOt a great map but it will do
Benjamin Wolff: Is this OK? :D Am I enjoying myself too much?
Richard Anderson: I say call her bluff - at least that way the problem's solved
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): too late typing my last comment.
Benjamin Wolff: I got the feeling she was really worried about them.
Richard Anderson: How long before they die?
Greg Davis: Let's get the kids to her first - the townspeople we survive that long.
Declan: Gordon, Derek, Kevin Rudy and Carol - all thankfully different letters
Benjamin Wolff: I dunno - it felt like she was imagining them drowning, but I hope it was longer than they can hold their breath, or they're dead already. Can you check some video or something?
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Sorry - thought the R was me
Greg Davis: does Ben seem to be breathing in time with Carol? - just want to make sure he's still on our side.
Declan: That look right?
-> Greg Davis: Make a notice roll
Richard Anderson: how do I send to all but Ben?
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Works for me
Sander Cohen: Looks about right
-> Richard Anderson: Tell me and I'll relay
Greg Davis: Notice [1d20+7 = 9]
Richard Anderson: to all but ben - I'm not liking the sound of this - do we trust him?
Richard Anderson: watch the inside of the room via cctv
Greg Davis: this might be a good time to spend my one and only hero point.
Campaign saved.
Gordon Laymark: d
Benjamin Wolff: Do I get any funky new information from this "part of something bigger" thing? Like, do I know they are advancing north from the town?
-> Greg Davis: You cant tell.
Richard Anderson: to greg only you got any way of taking Ben down non-lethally?
Greg Davis: I'll spend it.
-> Benjamin Wolff: You know that they have all stopped and are waiting to see what happens here
Shatter: Just a FYI: I'm apparently haveing some connection problems though they're not reachign FG yet. Just can't access some sites that I know to be up. This happens sometimes. Hopefully I won't be dropping from the game since I haven't yet but if I will, just carry off to the eend like I was there.
-> Richard Anderson: You are still mentally monitoring the 'infected'. The second Ben touched carol 40000 people stopped marching
-> Shatter: kk
Benjamin Wolff: I'm half-tempted to try touching her again - it's kinda important to know how long we've got. But I think I need some painkillers before I try that again - anyone got any?
Richard Anderson: to team, gordon and rudy not Ben - the infected stopped marching when Ben touched her
Greg Davis: Sorry no.
Sander Cohen: I'm sure they'll have some here
Greg Davis: Can I spend a hero point on that last roll?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): They'll have a little trouble administering them at the moment.
Alistair (Sander Cohen): good point :)
-> Sander Cohen: Relay from Ben: The infected stopped marching when Ben Touched her
-> Shatter: Relay from Ben: The infected stopped marching when Ben Touched her
-> Greg Davis: Relay from Ben: The infected stopped marching when Ben Touched her
Benjamin Wolff: S'OK, don't need to - I'm not so far gone that I can't swallow pills by myself.
-> Sander Cohen: Sorry - from Richard
-> Shatter: Sorry - from Richard
-> Greg Davis: Sorry - from Richard
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: what do I see happening in the room?
Sander Cohen: Did you mean to send that to shatter?
-> Greg Davis: Sure
Greg Davis: ok do you want me to re-roll?
Shatter: Roger.
-> Sander Cohen: He sent it to you all
-> Greg Davis: Yeah
Shatter: assuming that was meant for me
-> Shatter: It was.. Just Richard cant message you so he got me to relay
Gordon Laymark: [1d20 = 18]
Greg Davis: how do I do this? Do I just make a normal roll, and then you take the hero point into account?
-> Greg Davis: Make a normnal roll, and if you get 1-10 I add 10
Shatter after a while he catches up with Gordon and the kids
Richard Anderson: hello?
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I think we're lagging
-> Greg Davis: And I've just checked - you need a 12 so unless you roll a 1 or 11 you'll get it
Declan: Sorry - answereing a lot of tells
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Or declan is whispering a lot :P
Declan: A LOT
MarkC (Richard Anderson): hehe
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Quick, everyone whisper declan! Mwahaha
Declan: Wow - I had a whole purple screen there of tells
Greg Davis: I think I'm lagging too - my first roll didn't register, but was a 4+7-11
MarkC (Richard Anderson): sorry - partly my fault
Rev (Shatter): Take your time with them, no hurry. Just let us know when thinks are ok at your end and where we are.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Hope some of them were people getting me some bloody painkillers :(
-> Greg Davis: And then I thought you used a Hero Point to reroll?
Rev (Shatter): *Things... These sessions get the stranges of typos out of me
Campaign saved.
-> Greg Davis: (You're looking for an 18 total - so you need an 11+7)
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Better than "thongs" :P
Rev (Shatter): *grins*
Greg Davis: I did, and that was my re-roll, should I keep it or try again - by the way with the hero point it's 11+7=18 - so I'd have made it anyway.
Declan: Okay.. everyone roll initiative (except Greg, you can roll that Notice and Initiative)
Sander Cohen: Initiative [1d20+3 = 9]
-> Greg Davis: Oh yeah.. You spot he is breathing in time with Carol and the repirator machine
Shatter: Initiative [1d20+2 = 15]
Richard Anderson: [1d20 = 18]
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Oooh, my dice really likes that 3.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): boyakasha!
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I didn't bother with the bonus as mine is 0
GM: Just waiting for Gregs initiave
Greg Davis: Notice [1d20+7 = 24]
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): ahh at last - it works!!!
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): My roll was a 3+0, but took a while to display last time, and hasn't displayed yet on my screen this time.
GM: Okay.. Lets try this combat tracker again
Greg Davis
GM: Greg acts first
Greg Davis: Initiative [1d20+2 = 10]
GM: oops - unless I use his notice roll as initiative
Richard Anderson
GM: Richard acts first
Richard Anderson: hurrah!
GM: What are you up to?
Richard Anderson: did you ever tell me what's hapening in the room - it's kind of important right now?
-> Richard Anderson: You can see it all.
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: Ben's infected guys.
-> Richard Anderson: Theres a camera in there, remember
Benjamin Wolff: What?
Richard Anderson: is there a halon system in the room ? for fire suppression?
-> Richard Anderson: Yes
Greg Davis: He's breathing in time with Carol & the respirator.
Richard Anderson: if so I'll switch it on - just in the room.
Declan: Quick.. might intro a 12 sec rule (used to do that fro traveller)
Richard Anderson: turns on halon fire suppression in the room
Benjamin Wolff: Damnitt, I shoulda said I'd control my breathing. Thought about it... ah well.
Richard Anderson: Computers [1d20+19 = 22]
The Halon fire system goes off in the room with a bang and a hiss
Greg Davis: Richard - what are your doing?
GM: Shatter next
Shatter moves towards the room leading to Carol's
Richard Anderson: the halon is going to make it difficult to breathe in there pretty quickly
Gordon kicks the door open and charges in
Rev (Shatter): I only have one move action so I suppose that's it.
Greg Davis
Greg Davis: Thanks for the heads up.
GM: Greg?
Greg Davis I move towards the exit.
GM: MOve on the map (up to 3 squares)
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): hopefully the hard-light bubble should keep the worst of the fumes from Ben.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Just a note: we're outside, in a tent. Most tents aren't halon-equipped.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): No - this is the new isolation unit - according to Dec earlier
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): yeah 'fraid so.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Oh, OK, missed the move.
GM: Nope they moved her to the isolation room, and I thought you said you stayed with her
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: we did.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): I woulda done, yup :)
Sander Cohen
GM: Sander?
Richard Anderson: I'm kind of hoping that the halon is going to KO one of them
Sander Cohen: I move into the outer room
Benjamin Wolff
GM: And Ben..
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): still in a force bubble Ben (sorry)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): and it's 10pm
Benjamin Wolff: Eh, if she wants to play it that way - am I in range of her power sockets?
GM: is 10.
GM: Yes?
GM: (End after Bens action)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): By the way - Ben's illusions only affect one person so at least one of us should see what's actually happening
MarkC (Richard Anderson): By the way - Ben's illusions only affect one person so at least one of us should see what's actually happening
Richard Anderson: test
Rev (Shatter): Test received
Declan: Test recieved
Richard Anderson: test
Benjamin Wolff: Pull out the power plugs. A truly infected person wouldn't do that.
Declan: Rev's spelling is better than mine
'MarkC' disconnected
Declan: And so we end it.. for this week
'MarkC' connected
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): sorry Ben - hard light bubble.
GM: Hmm.. true
MarkC (Richard Anderson): sorry about that - all went blank
Richard Anderson: what happened?
Campaign saved.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): So - are the plugs within the bubble or not?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Ben's just about to take his go.
GM: Ben discovered the hard light bubble stops him unplugging things.. but I think that took an action.. so thats how I'm ending it.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): as I was saying - as Ben's illusions only affect one person, we should still be able to see the truth (or some of us should)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): OK
Rev (Shatter): Ben can't see us though so he can't project his illusions
Benjamin Wolff: If they are, I yank them and call out that I'm doing so, to prove I'm not infected. If not... I call out and ask what I can do to prove I'm not infected.
GM: Yeah.. talkings a free act, so you can do that too.
GM: Okay.. till next week.
Benjamin Wolff: I know she can withstand temporary loss of power, but would watch carefully that she kept breathing.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): whew - that's getting a bit intense - I can hardly wait until next week now
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Ok see you next week Declan :)
Benjamin Wolff: So... gonna put the logs up, or leave them down for this week? :P
Alistair (Sander Cohen): OK, see you all next week
Rev (Shatter): Yeah, was fun.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): See you all then
'Alistair' disconnected
MarkC (Richard Anderson): bye for now
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): yeah it was a good session.
Declan: I must say.. I never expected things to go this way