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Declan: Hi guys
Greg Davis: Hi
Shatter greets
Campaign saved.
Declan: Okay. Alistair is going to be a little late so we're kicking off without him
You are driving North on Highway 9 heading towards the Marshfield Clinic. Greg is driving.
Richard Anderson: I'm still keeping us away from vehicular pursuit
Ahead of you on the road you spot something odd by the side of the car. Whatever it is, its gunmetal grey, and moving.
Declan: (side of A car - not yours)
Richard Anderson: is it electronically controlled?
Greg Davis: Is that one of those robots CDC use?
-> Richard Anderson: Yes
Richard Anderson: I suggest we slow down and take a look
-> Greg Davis: It looks like it
Shatter: /act while in the van, shatter removes his pilot jacket and pulls his combat vest from the air and equips it
Greg Davis I brake, and approach slowly.
Richard Anderson: where is it being controlled from?
Shatter: Combat vest would be clearly visible to NPCs 'n stuff
-> Richard Anderson: Hard to tell. Its wired, not radio
Richard Anderson: if it's wired - I can follow the signal back...
It turns and heads away from you, up the road.
Shatter: Richie, you have any idea who it's sending its data to?
Richard Anderson: working on it
Campaign saved.
-> Richard Anderson: About a half mile up the road then..
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): So do the think Johnny 5 wants us to follow him?
Benjamin Wolff: Does that wire go anywhere?
Richard Anderson: the wire goes about half a mile up the road - can we get within about 200 feet of that and I'll see what's there?
Greg Davis: Ok.
Shatter: With the camera they'll know we're coming though
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I move forward until we're within 200 feet.
Richard Anderson: sorry - 100 ft - was being ambitious - anyone got any binocs?
GM: With the headlights on? Remeber that it is early morning. - oh its dark even if the pics show daylight. Didnt know when I picked them that you would choose 3:30am to be here)
Shatter: can I use the rifle scope as a binoc?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): correction 100 feet :-)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Missed a zero - meant 1000
-> Shatter: Yes
'Rev' disconnected
Declan: Hmm
'Rev' connected
'Dewi Morgan' disconnected
'Greg Davis' disconnected
Declan: Lost all but mark :(
Rev (Shatter): *Can't wait till we get a few points so Shatter can finally get that darkvision. Till then: Blasted nighttime
Campaign saved.
'Greg Davis' connected
'MarkC' disconnected
'MarkC' connected
MarkC (Richard Anderson): did everyone drop?
Shatter: Yea
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Yeah, looks like it.
'Dewi Morgan' connected
Declan: Stupid router thinkls its assigned the same IP address to my desktop And laptop. I think I'm going static internally tomorrow
Declan: Everyone still got the pics?
Richard Anderson: Can we not just call for a non lethal gas strike on the Marshfield centre?
MarkC (Richard Anderson): No pics here
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): No 'fraid not. you close to 200 yareds you can see lights - an troops
Rev (Shatter): so what were the distances we were discussing before we dropped?
Shatter: Ah
MarkC (Richard Anderson): it "should" have been 1000ft - that's my range
MarkC (Richard Anderson): but my fingers missed a zero
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I think I had commited us to 200 feet.
Declan: (okay 333 yards.))
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Dec knew what we meant :-)
Rev (Shatter): votes for using the metric system. Heh
-> Richard Anderson: LOts of electronics in those trucks
Richard Anderson: as I was saying - what electronic gear can I sense and use to sense through up there?
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: you beat me - who are they?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I stop within your range, anyway - Declan will have to decide exactly where.
Richard Anderson: do I hear any chatter over radios, etc.?
-> Richard Anderson: GPS, Computers, Radios, Lights, Resperators, Metal Detectors, Biodetectors, Particle sensors etc.
-> Richard Anderson: Yeah. As soon as you get in range of their radios you pick up lots of chatter
Richard Anderson: is it repetitive - or does it sound "normal"?
Richard Anderson: Guys - lots of radio chatter - could be ours
Shatter: Rich, you have an idea what orders these folks have?
Shatter nods
Richard Anderson: and what are they saying?
Shatter: Do we want to tango with them or should we just head back into town
-> Richard Anderson: Troops movements. They are deploying troops in two loines. A perimeter at 10 miles, and a forward observation point here. Chatter about equipment flying into the command post (wherever that it).
Richard Anderson: We need to get to the Marshfield clinic
Greg Davis: I don't think the cops in Unity have this kind of hardware:-)
Greg Davis: I agree.
Richard Anderson: This is our perimeter - I think - 10 miles radius and FOP here. Stuff flying into a command post somewhere
Shatter: The hospital is past the troops no?
-> Richard Anderson: Sounds like Colonel Dan Paulson is the main guy here
Richard Anderson: where are we at the moment - on the map?
-> Shatter: Yes. It is
Shatter nods
Shatter: I figured that's the case but should we use authority to pass trough or just jump over them?
Richard Anderson: Col Dan Paulson is the chap in charge - he's one of ours
Declan: Updated on map - using the primative X marks the spot method
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: We need to get to the clinic
Richard Anderson: can I patch through to Paulson?
-> Richard Anderson: You can patch through onto their radios and ASK for him.
Shatter: Well I could just get us trough the perimeter or we can just ask them to let us trough.
'Alistair' connected
Benjamin Wolff: Would be interested to see why the robot is there.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Yeah - show our ID's and hope they don't think were infected.
Richard Anderson: I'll do that - this is Richard Anderson of the PRA for Colonel Paulson
Benjamin Wolff: What if they don't want to let us back in?
Shatter: I don't want to get tied up here
Richard Anderson: patch the audio only in for the others
Greg Davis: What if they don't want to let us back out?
Alistair (Sander Cohen): Good evening - sorry for the delay in starting
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Hi Al
Greg Davis: Hi
Rev (Shatter): Hiye
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Hi Al :) Didn't miss much: we found a cool robotty thingy. So far we haven't stolen it.
Army Voice: Richard Anderson, Understood, Over
Alistair (Sander Cohen): sounds good. We were en-route to the hospital last time, have we made it there yet?
Rev (Shatter): still en-route
Army Voice: I'll get the Colonel Sir, Over
Greg Davis: Not quite - CDC are in the way.
Richard Anderson: Thank you, over
You note some guys with the military, who look rather different.
Richard Anderson: If any of you want to chip in - you'll have to go through me - I'm in radio contact and relaying through your headsets
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: Radio contact to whom? The robot people? What's the bot doing here?
Army Voice: He's occupied Sir. I have orders to take a message. Over.
Shatter: Wouldn't that be standard CDC protocol?
Richard Anderson: This appears to be our perimeter (that we asked for) and this is the forward OP
Benjamin Wolff: Nice - they work fast.
Greg Davis: Will they let us through?
Richard Anderson: via radio - we need to get to the Marshfield Clinic - fast and would appreciate it if you guys could let us through there - I assume that Colonel Paulson has authority to do that, over?
Benjamin Wolff: Think we'll need hazmats for the clinic? If it's touchbased, it might be wise, but it would also make us stand out like brightly coloured thmbs.
Army Voice: I'll inform him you need to get to the Clinic sir. We'll see about getting you an Escourt. Over
Sander Cohen: I vote on asking for hazmat suits - better safe than sorry
Shatter: I don't like anything that cuts out my senses like that.
Richard Anderson: Me neither
Shatter: But you guys should definitely suit up
Richard Anderson: via radio - thanks for that - any idea of an ETA? over
Shatter: Not sure if we need an escourt
Greg Davis: Shatter, how close do you have to get before you can 'port someone?
Army Voice: Should be with you shortly. Over
Shatter: I'd rather keep low profile. Well as low as possible at this point.
Benjamin Wolff: I agree: be inconspicuous that would be nicer than having the protection of a suit.
Shatter (To Greg): All I need is to be able to see them
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: via radio - suggest that you surround clinic at a dicreet distance and do not let anyone in or out apart from us - it's likely the source of the problem is there. over
Greg Davis: Can you use your remote sense thingie to do that?
Shatter: Yes
Greg Davis: So could you sense Carol Molloy from here?
The radio conversation must have had some impact. One of the Stryker NBCRVs leaves the road block and starts down the road towards you.
Shatter shakes his head
Shatter: It's pretty much only good for looking trough walls
Richard Anderson: what do I sense inside the vehicle?
-> Richard Anderson: Its EM shielded. You cant sense a thing in it.
Greg Davis: So you have to be real close then?
Richard Anderson: Bugger - that truck is em shielded - can't get a reading - Shatter - want to do your thang and get a vantage point?
Army Voice: Understood. Over
Richard Anderson: via radio - Where's the colonel? Over
Shatter: Depends on the situation. I can port someone who is in the next room from me. I can transport someone at the horizon if I can see him.
Army Voice: He's busy sir. Over.
Benjamin Wolff: Robots, funky shielded RVs... how come we don't get cool gear like that?
Richard Anderson: Not liking this chaps
You can see two soldiers on top of that thing.
Shatter turns to Rich
Shatter: You're thinking they're hostile?
Richard Anderson: Soldier - why are you sending an NBCRV? over
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): are they pointing a big gun at us? Or even little guns?
Benjamin Wolff: There is always the possibility that they are infected already.
-> Richard Anderson: You catch radio chatter not intended for you. The troops ahead have orders to take you to the command post so they can confirm you've not been infected. They have also decided to set up a perimeter arround the clinic based on what you said
MarkC (Richard Anderson): 2 secs guys
Shatter going over the mental map of the place for any solitary area with some cover that's across the perimeter. Preparing to open a portal there just in case.
Shatter: With all that gear?
GM: They have guns. SA-80s and M16s, but they dont appear to be pointed at you
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: I establish a wall of hard light between us and the armoured vehicle. Outside the visible spectrum, of course:-)
Shatter: I suppose it's possible if it doesn't only contaminate upon contact
Shatter turns to Mary-Beth
-> Greg Davis: How far from you?
Shatter: Are you absolutely sure on that point?
Det Mary-Beth Stacey: Were you planning for this?
Benjamin Wolff: If they're pointing that gun at us, I'll illusion the one behind the gun that we have swerved to the other side of the road.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Sorry guys - back now
Greg Davis: about 10 feet, and I'll make it curved to give us as much protection as possible.
Richard Anderson: Right - looks like they want to check us over 1st they've set up a cordon around the infirmary - I suggest we go along for now
Shatter: No but it would be safer for you to stay with them...
-> Greg Davis: Okay.
GM: The NBCRV stops about 30 yards from your van, and one of the troops drops down from the top and starts walking towards you.
Richard Anderson: via radio do you want us to follow the vehicle so that you can check us out before we proceed to the clinic?
Richard Anderson: via radio
Richard Anderson: over
MarkC (Richard Anderson): :-)
Army Voice: Sir. I've just got confirmation on that. Can you follow the Stryker. Over
Greg Davis: If the CDC don't look like they're making any further threatening moves, I'll drop the wall so someone can aproach on foot.
Richard Anderson: Greg - let's follow them for now
Richard Anderson: via radio - roger that - will follow now, over
Private Banes (stopping about 10 yards from the van): Sir, Can you follow us back to base?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I put the van in gear, and follow them.
Richard Anderson: We're with you, private
Campaign saved.
Private Banes (continuing to talk): When you get to base sir we have a policy in place. PLease do not approach within 5 feet of anyone else we believe the contaminent may be transfered by touch.
Greg Davis: Okay, just don't get trigger-happy.
Richard Anderson: That is our information too, private - what procedures have you in place to check for contamination?
Banes turn and walks back to the Stryker. He climbs on it and it starts to move off, to the North
Declan: Sorry .. was ttping before the question. He didnt hear it
Shatter sighs
Shatter: Based on what I know of the US army, this is going to take forever
Richard Anderson: via radio - what hoops do you want us to jump through before we're clear to proceed, over?
Shatter: I'm tempted to go ahead and scout the hospital alone.
The convoy clears the road block and carries on for about 10 miles, to the North, at about 35 miles per hour the whole way.
Richard Anderson: Yah - but better safe than sorry - these guys are on our side and we don't want them jumpy as well
Shatter nods
Richard Anderson: Trouble with a solo scout is - we can't trust you afterwards...
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): (so 17 minute drive)
Shatter: I know. I'm not planning on taking the risk.
Shatter smiles softly
Shatter: If the sharpshooter training teaches you something it's patience.
Twenty minutes later you clear the army perimeter. The HQ appears to be a set of tents about a mile beyond the perimeter. Green army tents and Blue CDC tents.
Shatter: Can't say I ever grew to like it though. Waiting
There are helicopters landing all the time flying equipment in.
Richard Anderson: Wish I was that patient - I can never find out fast enough - goes with my line I guess
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: anything interesting rcomms wise?
Benjamin Wolff: They may be briefed on who is in our party, and our abilities. If Shatter's not there at the check-over, it may make us all look suspicious.
Richard Anderson: any computer data in/out?
Richard Anderson: I'm nosy
Shatter: I wonder if they'd spot me some night ups gear
-> Richard Anderson: Sound like the perimeter is in place in quadrants 1 and 2. and 4 are still being set up.
Benjamin Wolff: Any way of finding what kind of equipment they're flying in?
Richard Anderson: I think we might want gas grenades or similar
Shatter grins
Shatter: I can wreck havoc with a few granades
Richard Anderson: what's being flown in - there must be radio chatter
Shatter: Ever been into a room with mustard gas granades popping up from thin air?
There are Army grunts being briefed in the use of Hazmat suits by CDC guys. It doesnt inspire confidence.
Sander Cohen: nope, what's it like?
Shatter: *in
Greg Davis: Let's just remember, that they're just innocent people, who've just happened to become infected.
Benjamin Wolff: Ideally we would simply flood the building through the air conditioning vents - but I believe this country has some rules against using those tactics on civilians.
Shatter: Never been in the recieving end myself but they say its enough to make your eyes water for the next few months
Richard Anderson: That's why I want NON-LETHAL gas grenades (rolls eyes)
Benjamin Wolff: There is no non-lethal disabling gas. That is why there are laws against using them on civilians
Shatter snorts at the US Soldiers as they pass by
Sander Cohen: we don't know if the infected are immune to gas or not
Richard Anderson: Worth finding out though - they certainly get drunk enough
Benjamin Wolff: It's not that - it's that in a clinic especially, there are likely to be people with heart disorders and so forth: high rick of fatalities from low-lethality weapons.
The Stryker you are following pulls to a halt in front of what you presume is the command tent. There are several HAZMATed troops here, and several CDC agents.
Greg Davis: I think Sander and me could keep any infected off our backs for a short while - We just have to make sure we can locate Carol Molloy quickly.
Richard Anderson: I reckon a taser would take her down
Richard Anderson: or two, or three....
Sander Cohen: She's in a coma - she's already down
Benjamin Wolff: Well, I admit I don't intend to release my taser.

Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: via radio - what's the drill now chaps? over
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): What's this speechbubble icon?
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Pass
MarkC (Richard Anderson): looks cool though
Declan: Prompt - means the GM aint saying any more till he knows what you want to do :)
Sander Cohen: Let's secure some hazmat suits. Not put them on just yet, but keep them with us
Sander Cohen: Then we should proceed to the hospital
Richard Anderson: I've already asked via radio what they want us to do...
Benjamin Wolff: Just sitting un the van until they tell us what to do - no point in getting shot.
Greg Davis: (To Shatter), If Richard could hack into the clinic computers, and find out what room Carol is in, would you be able to check it out with your remote senses - and then teleport us there if the coast is clear?
Shatter: Depends on the position of the room. But that is what I was planning.
Shatter: I can portal to the hospital roof and then move trough the building using empty rooms and my senses
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Got the bed number, etc., lats session
-> Richard Anderson: By the way. Col Dan Paulson, according to the PRA records is a career military officer with over 25 years experience, but absolutely no paranormal experience. Hes a good man based on his record though.
Shatter: It shouldn't be too dangerous
MarkC (Richard Anderson): she is in room 7 in the Lilac wing
Shatter: I would need to see some picture to identify the target though
GM: Have you actually pulled up behind the Stryker?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Yes.
Rev (Shatter): Thought we did that and then Rich asked the army what they were expecting us to do trough the ratio?
Rev (Shatter): *Radio
THe trrops are looking at your Van nervously. They have no idea whats going on (due to the blackened out windows)
Shatter turns to Mary-Beth
Campaign saved.
Shatter: I suppose we best get out.
Shatter: You go first
Richard Anderson: I'll get out - Hands on head - via radio firs - I'm coming out
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Perhaps Richard found some pictures of the mother, when he was checking the boy's computer last session?
Army Voice: Step out of the Van. Over.
Richard Anderson: steps out - hands on head
Shatter waits for Mary-Beth to exit the van before following her, keeping his distance
A man in military unioform steps out of the tent. He's got Colonel stripes.
Richard Anderson: via radio - may we speak with Colonel Paulson now, over?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I'll follow Richard's example - and hope they don't shoot.
Sander Cohen: /action steps out
Benjamin Wolff: Politely lets the others go first so they can get shot at first... goes last.
Richard Anderson: is the colonel wearing a headset?
The colonel salutes Sander as he steps out
Shatter greets the Colonel military style
The troops point their rifles at you as you step out.
-> Richard Anderson: No
Sander Cohen: /act salutes back
Colonel Dan Paulson: Okay. Do what you need to do to check them out. Then bring them straight to me. Waste no time.
CDC agent: Okay. Follow me and we'll make this quick but thorough.
Greg Davis I follow the CDC agent.
Sander Cohen: /action follows along
Richard Anderson: I follow Greg
Shatter follows Mary-Beth when she follows the CDC agent
Benjamin Wolff: Following, trying to look like a boring target for gunbunnies.
The troops wait to see who else steps out of the Van. MAry Beth seeing this gets out and follows Greg
Richard Anderson: whispers to others through their headsetsGreat - decontamination - these guys have NO idea!
Campaign saved.
IN the CDC tent a set of men in white hazmat suits give you each a quick medical. You note that they take particular note of your breathing.. and compare your breathing paterns with each other.
Sander Cohen: holds his breath for 5 seconds - just to prove he's not in sync :)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): or maybe they do
CDC agent: Okay, Sergent. They seem in order. Bring them back to the Colonel, but just to be safe, dont let them touch you or the colonel.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): They seem well informed - did we pass this information to them?
Benjamin Wolff: Did we tell 'me about this breathing thing? I can't remember. If not, where are they getting their intel from?
Richard Anderson: what radio cahtter is going on - has the perimeter been completed yet?
Declan: You passed it on to Gordon
Richard Anderson: *chatter
Rev (Shatter): Richie sent Gordon a cute data parcel last session with all the relevant info
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I uploaded all of our data to Gordon's PC
-> Richard Anderson: They are estimating it will be in place by 0600 - two hours to get it fully set up.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Oh - that explains it then :-)
Shatter seems to respond to the routine procedures with calm
Benjamin Wolff: Trying to look brighteyed and bushy tailed and not very infected.
Richard Anderson: Richard is impatient - and it shows
Richard Anderson: To the medics - is this going to take much longer?
A sergent waits till you are all ready and leads you back to the Colonel. At the tent they dont seem to want to let MAry Beth in.
Sander Cohen: She's with us, sergeant
Campaign saved.
Sergent Yes Sir.: Yes Sir
MarkC (Richard Anderson): good name - Sergeant Yes Sir
MarkC (Richard Anderson): is there a Seargeant Nossir too
Declan: lol
Rev (Shatter): No, he's a lieutennant
Rev (Shatter): Promises not to attempt at humor from here on
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I can't promise anything
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Right - are we with the Colonel yet?
INside the tent Colonel Paulson is pacing. He has a large map of Unity projected onto the table from above, and little troop place markers
Colonel Dan Paulson: Gentlemen. I'm glad you're here
Richard Anderson: Colonel, thanks for seeing us - sorry for getting you involved like this - but we thought it for the best
Shatter salutes the Colonel upon entering, then starts edging towards the map
Colonel Dan Paulson: I'm told you are our situation experts. What can we expect inside Unity?
Greg Davis: I take a look at the map, and see if anything is going on around the clinic.
Richard Anderson: Colonel, what experience do you have with "paranormal" activity?
Shatter takes a while to study the map proper, memorizing the details
Campaign saved.
Colonel Dan Paulson: Not a lot. I had a private develop some pretty strange abilities a year back, but never faced a paranormal threat. I would think standrad procedures should work though.
Colonel Dan Paulson: Are we sure this is paranormal in origin? It couldn't just be a virus outbreak?
Richard Anderson: Oh, we're pretty sure it's paranormal
Richard Anderson: The situation is this - there is some intelligent control over all of the residents of the town. It is passed on by touch...
Benjamin Wolff: There are not many viruses tht synchronise the victims' nervous systems.
Richard Anderson: We are pretty sure it started with one Carol Molloy about two weeks ago.
Shatter: We are?
Richard Anderson: SHe's currently in a coma in the Clinic to the North of town
Colonel Dan Paulson: The first infected?
Benjamin Wolff: Her or her husband.
Shatter: I agree that it's a good working theory but I'd refrain from claiming any level of certanity yet
Colonel Dan Paulson: So we think that long term infection leads to Coma?
Richard Anderson: That's our surmise - we're not 100% certain but it was either her, her husband or their kids
Greg Davis: We think we've located the source, and plan to remove it to the PRA academy for further study. But we'll need you to maintain the perimeter until we find out what effect that has.
Richard Anderson: No - the coma comes from the trauma of her car accident
Richard Anderson: We think that that may have been her "break out" event
Colonel Dan Paulson: So she's a carrier of some sort?
MarkC (Richard Anderson): see above
Shatter: Let us just say "Yes" and keep it at that
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: She "may" be the source of the "infection" but remember, it's not really an infection - more a touch transmitted mind control
Shatter shakes his head a bit at that
Greg Davis: It seems to fit the facts.
Shatter: Look, we shouldn't make this too complicated
Richard Anderson: I realise this will all sound a little strange - but then, as you know, we're not exactly "normal" either
Shatter: What the Colonel needs to know is how to contain this threat
Shatter turns to Mary-Beth
Shatter: Here we have a woman who is our primary source of information
Private: I'm a simple man. I've learnt to trust experts when I have them.
Colonel Dan Paulson: I'm a simple man. I've learnt to trust experts when I have them.
Benjamin Wolff: If, when we remove her from her area, the symptoms leave the other civilians, then it is more than merely a carrier: she is the sole cause, and her removal may effect an instant cure.
Richard Anderson: The perimeter is a good start - although I believe that it will not be closed for another two hours?
Declan: (the Colonel said)
Greg Davis: Let us get to the clinic, once we've got Carol back to the PRA
Shatter: She is a local police officer who has been able to avoid contamination thus far...
Shatter sighs
Shatter: Look guys. We shouldn't make this overly complicated
A private enters the tent.
Shatter: Let the Colonel ask Mary-Beth for information on how to contain the threat whole we move on
Richard Anderson: I suggest we don't bombard the Colonel with info - one at a Time - Shatter...
Private: Sir. We have a situation at position Tango Delta.
Greg Davis: (oops the last should have read), the sooner we get Carol back to the PRA, the sooner this will be over.
Private: Its on the radio now. Channel 12.
Richard Anderson: listen in
Shatter grins at Richard
Richard Anderson: where's Tango Delta
Shatter: Agreed, though I figured you were the one doing the bombardment
Richard Anderson: patch the others headsets in
Benjamin Wolff: checks map to see if TD is anywhere near the clinic
Colonel Dan Paulson: Tango Delta is to the North West of Unity. I'd better find out what this is about.
Richard Anderson: Sorry Shatter mate - got carried away
He turns on the tent Radio
Shatter turns to the map as well
Declan: Its not near the clinic
Army Voice: I repeat. We have a civilian crossing no mans land.
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: have we got a camera on him/her - maybe I can identify?
Army Voice: The men aren't going to shoot. I dont think we con conscientiasly order any man to shoot a little girl on a trike. She cant be more than 4.
Shatter waits for the situation to unfold, especially keeping an eye on how the Colonel handles the situation
Richard Anderson: Don't let her touch anyone!
Benjamin Wolff: Don't let 'em touch her, definitely ake her down with nonlethal weaponry if possible.
Greg Davis: (Whispers to the others) This could be a set-up.
-> Richard Anderson: Yeah. You find a video feed. Its a little girl on a trike cycling towards the army troops.
Richard Anderson: I think we need to get to the Clininc - fast
Greg Davis: Me too!
Army Voice: I'm not sure what we can do sir.
Richard Anderson: I'd suggest nettting her or something - what about tear gas?
Benjamin Wolff: Definitely sounds like a manipulative use of a child. If they have a rope to lassoo a net or a tarp to pin her, that might suffice.
Shatter still simply waits for the Colonel to give his orders
Colonel Dan Paulson: Sergent. You are in charge of this situation. I want you to fire warning shots and order her to turn around.
Richard Anderson: I cannot stress how quickly this will spread if it gets out
Richard Anderson: 5 gets you 10 she keeps coming - any takers?
Benjamin Wolff: Not me.
Shatter shakes his head ever so slightly
Colonel Dan Paulson: Think about it this way. Do you consider a girl on a trike at 4:30 in the morning suspicious? You have to treat her as a real and present danger.
Shatter nods approvingly
Richard Anderson: Colonel - may we head out to that clinic - we may be able to prevent any more of this if we get there soon?
Colonel Dan Paulson (looking up): Gentlemen. I'll handle this, but I supect your beliefs about an intelligence behind this are right. Youneed to get to that clinic. Take one of the copters, It will get you there faster.
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: Look Colonel, whatever's behind this is now aware of the CDC perimeter. The infected are going to continue turning up until we do something about Carol. There are 44,000 people in Unity - maybe we better get going before they turn up en masse.
Shatter: Good.
The colonel nods
Shatter: Colonel, we'll leave Mary-Beth here
Richard Anderson: Someone grab some tear gas grenades and tasers before we set off
Shatter: She should be able to supply you with information on the situation inside Unity
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Sorry - took too long typing.
The colonel nods again, "Okay. I'll make sure she's looked after"
Shatter nods
Richard Anderson: Can we get som ordnance Colonel - tear gas, tasers, the like?
Colonel Dan Paulson: Now if you dont mind I have to persuade a soldier to shoot a four year old girl.
Colonel Dan Paulson: Tell one of the soldiers I told them to give you what you need on the way out.
Greg Davis: Let's get to the copter before things get worse.
Richard Anderson: I'll keep listening in to the radio on the way
Shatter salutes the Colonel again and turns to exit the tent
Richard Anderson: Let's get moving
-> Richard Anderson: THere is a helicopter out there, transmitting live video of the army setup. A reporter is giving live coverage to somewhere.
Richard Anderson: exits after Shatter
Greg Davis I head out, and head towards the copter.
Richard Anderson: stop the news feed
Benjamin Wolff: Follows.
Sander Cohen: moves out too
-> Richard Anderson: Make a computing roll.
Richard Anderson: if possible :-)
Richard Anderson: Computers [1d20+19 = 29]
Richard Anderson: is it still transmitting?
-> Richard Anderson: NIce. Okay.. the camera stops sending. You managed to corrupt the cameras OS. THe reporter is still giving radio commentry though.
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: (to others) Um, I'm really not keen on this "let's take her to the PRA" idea. I say we should eliminate her. If just one PRA agent - say, Shatter - were to be infected, the whole PRA would follow in seconds. And that wouled be bad for the country.
Richard Anderson: could I "corrupt" the radio circuitry too?
Shatter: Also we should remember that the rules of this infection that we know of might not apply with the original source, doubly so if it is in fact a paranormal
-> Richard Anderson: Its too primative. You'd have to kill most of the copter power systems to do that.. which would probably bring it down.
Shatter: So there's nothing to say that the source relies on touch to transmit it
Greg reaches the copter first.
Benjamin Wolff: I'm thinking a satchel charge into the clinic window.
Richard Anderson: Guys - there's a reporter transmitting to a radio station about the situation - I've killed the video - but the radio's a no go
Colonel Dan Paulson: A private comes running over.
Declan: A private comes running over.
A private comes running over.
Declan: third time right
Greg Davis: Not if we briefed Rudy, and his boys on the situation, and they hadled her like scientists handle all hazardous objects.
Private: Sirs, Do you need a pilot?
Alistair (Sander Cohen): not three privates then?
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): No, that would be a mutant.
Richard Anderson: Yes Private, we'll need a pilot
Shatter: I agree that we shold take the nonleathal route if possible, but I wouldn't shy away from aiming to kill if necessary
Private: I'll get you one.
Greg Davis: Besides, call me squeemish, but I'm not going to standby and let you kill a woman in a coma.
He runs off
Shatter: Simply don't think of her as a woman. Think of her as a bomb for example
'Greg Davis' disconnected
'Dewi Morgan' disconnected
'Rev' disconnected
'Rev' connected
Campaign saved.
'Dewi Morgan' connected
Declan: :( Bad connection day
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): So's every day :) No worries.
'Greg Davis' connected
Rev (Shatter): Shatter's line about killing women who are in coma was cut in half.
Rev (Shatter): Now he'll look like a real heartless bastard
Rev (Shatter): Did Rich and Sander drop yet?
'MarkC' disconnected
'Alistair' disconnected
Rev (Shatter): Ah..
'Alistair3' connected
'MarkC' connected
Greg Davis: I used to be a cop, not an assassin (looks sharply at Shatter), lets try it my way first - Rudy might be able to shut her down.
Shatter nods
Richard Anderson: What did I miss?
MarkC (Richard Anderson): What did I miss?
Declan: Have we got all 5 again?
Shatter: I'm not rushing to kill anyone either. There's far too little evidence to declare that Ms. Molloy is even the source of this situation
Rev (Shatter): Missing Sander
Benjamin Wolff: I'd consider her a hostile commander of an invading force, not a woman in a coma - though so long as we take precautions, I'm happy to leave her death to others to decide: especially as we don't yet have definitive proof she's the one, and I consider the whole family still suspect.
'Alistair3' disconnected
'Alistair' connected
Alistair (Sander Cohen): back, guys
Shatter: I think the bottom line is that we can't decide on the proper course of action before we know more of the situation
Richard Anderson: Yes - let's go and see what we can see
Private: The copter sets down on the street near the clinic
The copter sets down on the street near the clinic
Richard Anderson: what's the situation re the girl?
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: True. I'm just saying, killing her and seeing if people are still infected might have been an easier way to see if she was the one.
Rev (Shatter): Any chance to get a pair of Night Goggles from the Army before we get to the chopper?
Greg Davis I put a call through to the PRA Academy, and try to get through to the scientist there.
Rev (Shatter): OK with a no, seeing as I don't have the equipment points
The street appears to be crowded with people all clustewred around the clinic
Benjamin Wolff: (to pilot) Can you put us on the roof?
Richard Anderson: OK - what do the internal security cameras show?
Shatter: I'd say we've hit some kind of a jackpot
Sander Cohen: This doesn't look good
Shatter: No
Shatter: Lets skirt around the area and I'll portal us down
Shatter: The chopper can then return without landing
Benjamin Wolff: Would be safest.
-> Richard Anderson: Security guards on every level - all armed
Richard Anderson: There's security guards throughout the building - all armed
Greg Davis I'll tell them they'll need life support equipment for a person in a coma, and to make appropriate preparations to treat her as a highly contageous subject.
Greg Davis: You know those soldier ants I mentioned last session - I think they just turned up.
Shatter asks the chopper pilot to fly around the area a bit
Richard Anderson: can I get up a plan of the building on my laptop and then mark the camera and guard locations?
Declan: JUst checking - the Academy and not the shield building?
Richard Anderson: - I'll show the rest of them
Richard Anderson: I hate it when you're right (smiles)
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I'm assuming Shatter knows the academy better, and will be able to 'port Carol there without too much trouble.
Richard shows you a schematic of the building on his laptop. Everyone want to make either a Knowledge (Tactics) roll or a straight INtelligence roll
Rev (Shatter): How far are we from the Academy?
Campaign saved.
Sander Cohen: [1d20+12 = 30]
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): that should have been 11 + 1 = 12
Benjamin Wolff: Int [1d20 = 9]
Shatter: Can I use points from the Profession (Solder) in synergy?
Alistair (Sander Cohen): same here - that should have been 18 + 12 + 1 (int roll)
Richard Anderson: Intelligence bonus [1d20+8 = 15]
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): er, +11 int
Declan: You are nearer to the shield building. Not much in it - either is about 2 hours by helicopter
Greg Davis: do you want me to re-roll, it didn't seem to registor?
Shatter: Intelligence bonus [1d20+1 = 21]
Greg Davis: Intelligence bonus [1d20+1 = 12]
Shatter: That's the roll and then there's the whole "Shatter is a trained soldier" bit.
Greg Davis: another 11, so no prob.
-> Sander Cohen: How the hell is Sander rolling at +12?
Shatter: Meh, I'm messing it. Scratch the int roll. Shatter has 5 in knowledge Tactics
-> Sander Cohen: (oh - you dragged the 12 instead of the +1)
Shatter: Want me to roll again or use the previous roll? Sorry for making it such a mess
Richard Anderson: The schematic should show the guards as well
Shatter: Knowledge (Tactics) [5]
-> Shatter: Looking at the schematic you could TP to the adjoining building and see in through Carol Molleys room window !! and then creat a portal in there or just teleport in
MarkC (Richard Anderson): And I rolled a bloody 17 on my first attempt - but there was a chat on the go and it didn't pick it up :-(
-> Sander Cohen: Looking at the schematic you could TP to the adjoining building and see in through Carol Molleys room window !! and then creat a portal in there or just teleport in
MarkC (Richard Anderson): doesn't matter
Sander Cohen: Yes - make that 18+1 then, not 18+12
Sander Cohen: Was that meant for Shatter?
Shatter: Roger!
Shatter: Alright, this shouldn't be hard..
Declan: Its okay.. a couple of people spotted something.. so dont worry about messed up rolls
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): do I need to change the preparations to the Shield building?
Shatter: I can simply portal to that room *Points at a room in the adjoining building*
-> Sander Cohen: You spotted it too.
Shatter: I should have a clear line of sight to the Ms. Molloy's room from there
-> Sander Cohen: I probably should have rephrased it for you though
Sander Cohen: no probs :)
Campaign saved.
Shatter: Then I can either portal in or, if she is visible trough the window, portal her out
Sander Cohen: How many can you take with you, Shatter?
Sander Cohen: For backup?
Shatter: Everyone if we dont' mind making a bit of noise
Greg Davis: You better take at least me and Sander with you, just in case of trouble.
Shatter: Two if we want to go quiet
Declan: Preperations could be in either academy or shield building. I dont mind. Just figured since you are ment to be on route to the shiled building anyway.
Rev (Shatter): Let's decide on the Shield building then? Would be more official?
Greg Davis: Oh - that'll be me and Sander then - (looking at Sander for confirmation).
Declan: Okay
Sander Cohen: nods
Shatter nods as well
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): I'd leave it to our superiors - whichever they think best able to contain her
Richard Anderson: I'll stay out here and check via cams what's happening - I'll keep a link to your headsets
Richard Anderson: is there a camera in Carol's room?
-> Shatter: Are you openning a portal to the adjoining room so everyone can go there, and then Teleporting from there?
Sander Cohen: ready when you are, Shatter
Shatter: Good.
Greg Davis: Me too.
Richard Anderson: also - are the door locks electronic into the rooms?
Shatter: If I'm leaving both Ben and Richie to the chopper I can just portal with the two of them to the adjoining room and then from there as well
-> Richard Anderson: No. But there is one showing her door from outside it. Two guards on the door and a medical orderly with a crowbar.
Benjamin Wolff: If she's susceptible to sensory illusions I may be useful - otherwise, I'd be useless.
Richard Anderson: 2 secs - just checking if there are electronic door locks - I may be able to cover us a bit
-> Shatter: Okay
Shatter: Alright, we're not rushing
-> Richard Anderson: lol 0 yes. they are electronic locks.
Sander Cohen: Best if you can stop us being distrubed while we're there, Richard
Benjamin Wolff: If there are regional alarms, you may be able to lure the guards away, too.
Richard Anderson: Want me to lock all of the doors?
Shatter nods
Shatter: Doors aren't going to bother me much
Richard Anderson: lock the door to her room and make sure that it doesn't unlock :-)
Greg Davis: Yes, I can add a baracade with a hard light construct.
-> Richard Anderson: Its locked
Sander Cohen: I should be able to slow things down too
Richard Anderson: I've locked Carol's room - no one can get in apart from Shatter unless they break the door down - but I don't know what's in there
Shatter: Also I'm going to go in unarmed to keep both hands free so Greg and Sander, you better shoot on sight
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: Yeah, the plan is to delay them while Shatter does his thing, and then 'port out.
Shatter: Are we ready then?
Sander Cohen: prepares his pistol
Greg Davis: Ready.
Richard Anderson: is there any electronic gear in her room - should be as she's in a coma - can I use it to sense a). her condition and b) if there's anyone else in there?
Shatter holds out his hands to both Greg and Sander
Benjamin Wolff: Good luck.
Greg Davis: Thanks
Shatter: Oh and do turn your cellphones to silent before we travel
Shatter portals into the room with a view
Greg Davis: Good idea.
Sander Cohen: turns his phone to 'vibrate'
Greg Davis ditto, and then takes one of Shatter's hands.
Shatter: Sander and Greg with me, of course
GM: Okay. On the map I have drawn Carol's room, the bed, and the guards outside. I appologise for me terrible mouse drawing skills. Its on the second floor.
Richard Anderson: what can I sense in there - see above whisper?
Rev (Shatter): Can we see Carol from the window? Is she hooked up to machines?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): what do the x's represent?
MarkC (Richard Anderson): guards
MarkC (Richard Anderson): but the door's locked
Alistair (Sander Cohen): are we inside the room itself?
-> Richard Anderson: You can sense her Cardiogram - weak pulse, steady, and her brain waves - weak, consistent.
Rev (Shatter): No, we're in the building across the road
Rev (Shatter): Looking into the room, waiting for further details on the situation inside the room
Declan: You cannot see her from the window. Just the foot of the bed.
Greg Davis: We'll have to go in.
Richard Anderson: via headsets - someone's in there hooked up to an ecg - weak pulse -but steady - weak brain activity - consistent
Benjamin Wolff: Not possible to portal bed+contents to your room?
Sander Cohen: ok, let's go - but be ready
Greg Davis I create an invisible hard-light wall across the door.
Shatter: I should be able to take her out, equipment and all but that might cause some problems
Shatter: I'll unhook her. I have my gloves...
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): sorry thought we were already there.
GM: Okay - there is now a hard light barrier across the door
Shatter takes a ski mask from thin air and puts it in before portalling
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Thanks
GM: You can do it from across the road. You can see the door.
Shatter: Ready then?
Sander Cohen: ready
Greg Davis: Yeah.
Shatter: Go! *Grabs them both and portals in*
Rev (Shatter): Can we get a description of the room before we act?
Richard Anderson: listens in via headsets
As you portal in you realise there is a cop in the room with you. He was out of sight by the side of the bed.
Sander Cohen: points gun at cop and says "Don't move"
GM: Do you all want to roll initiative (and I'll test out the initiative tracker)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I'm going to have to get headcams for you guys
Sander Cohen: Initiative [1d20+3 = 16]
Shatter: Initiative [1d20+2 = 13]
Greg Davis: Initiative [1d20+2 = 10]
Declan: Aaargh.. need to get hang of this
Rev (Shatter): Take your time
Rev (Shatter): On the meantime I'll curse myself for forgetting to scout this room from upstairs first
Campaign saved.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Just think - you coulda portalled a satchel charge in there and we'd be all on our way home to dinner by now.
GM: [1d20+2 = 15]
Declan: Think I've got it
Declan: No..Ive got an extra combitant called Rita I cant get rid of
Sander Cohen
Declan: Okay..Sander reacts first
Richard Anderson: keep track of what's happening on the cameras
Sander Cohen: In that case I do my action - which was "points gun at cop and says 'Don't move'"
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Usedta have a housemate called Rita - a crazy old biddy who sed to mutter under her breath all the time. Just have her attack as "*mutters under her breath and smells of mothballs*" each round, and you'll be fine.
Rev (Shatter): Greg was dropped
Declan: The cop leaps forward trying to touch Shatter, Since you have him covered Sander you can make a dex roll to react before he makes his tohit roll it you like.
Sander Cohen: Dexterity bonus [1d20+3 = 9]
Shatter: Shatter put his ski mask on before portalling in and has his gloves. Just saying that Shatter doesn't have much open skin to touch.
GM: Melee attack [1d20+3 = 14]
'Greg Davis' disconnected
'Greg Davis' connected
Richard Anderson: pull my gun just in case
Before Sander can react the cop leaps into action, completely missing Shatter, swinging his arm wildly.
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: Sorry about the guys - did anything bad happen?
GM: Whats Shatter doing?
Shatter immediately attempts to portal the cop to the hospital roof
Rev (Shatter): Reflex save DC 15

The cop vanishes in a thousand shards of shattering glass.
You can hear people trying to break the door down
-> Richard Anderson: The three outside are trying to break the door down.
Richard Anderson: when the team return - watch for synchronised breathing
Declan: Short combat - no opponents left
Benjamin Wolff: To anderson and pilot: Keep an eye out for other helicopters. We know they have at least one, I think.
Greg Davis: It should take them a while to get through the door, do you want to 'port Carol now Shatter?
Richard Anderson: are there any other vehicles around - copters, cars, etc.?
Shatter grins quickly before inspecting the bed
-> Richard Anderson: None running
Richard Anderson: I disabled that one - but they may have more - can't sense anything within range though
Shatter inspects the bed
Rev (Shatter): Test?
Shatter: I can't type to the main chat for some reason?
Shatter: ah, just baad lag
-> Shatter: Too much to Teleport - pushing all the electrical equipment through a portal would be a pain but its probably the best plan.
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): seems to be working.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Test failed - trt inspecting the bed again?
MarkC (Richard Anderson): are we having probs?
Rev (Shatter): That "Test" appeared two minutes after I typed it
Declan: Ouch
Rev (Shatter): but I seem to be ok now
Shatter: /a Shatter opens a portal on the wall at the other head of the bed and prepares to push it trough
Rev (Shatter): the portal leads to the room we portalled into this building from
-> Sander Cohen: Just for reference..if you want to try and heal her.. your heal is TOUCH range
Sander Cohen: Thanks.... I think :)
GM: Pushing bed, monitors, drips and all through the portal?
Greg Davis: We're not going to have much time once we disconnect her - can't we go straight to the Shield building?
Rev (Shatter): Figured the bed alone would make it trough teh 5 by 5 portal
Rev (Shatter): we can push the other equipment trouhg first or after. This is all just for now
Shatter: not sure if we'd bother though...
Greg Davis: Ok
GM: Yeah, but the drip, and machines can go behind. You would have to unplug the machines though...
Rev (Shatter): Right. pulling her off the machines fist, keeping my distance to her.
Rev (Shatter): not like we can keep them hooked up anyway
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Hey, if she dies she dies - at lest we tried, eh? :)
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Hopefully the scientists at the PRA will have the appropriate equipment waiting.
Richard Anderson: She's not on life support - they're just monitoring and feeding her
Rev (Shatter): So leaving everything behidn but the Drip.
Rev (Shatter): and leaving the drip as well if that's too much hassle
GM: Disconnecting the machines doesn't appear to have killed her.
Campaign saved.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): rats
Greg Davis: Let take her to Rudy then. He'll be delighted.
GM: Easiest thing is probably top take the drip but leave the stand...
Rev (Shatter): Done
Sander Cohen: just be careful you don't touch her
Rev (Shatter): Just hang the drip on the head of the bed or something so we don't need to hold it
The door crashes open and someone starts to fire - at an invisible light barrier.
Sander Cohen: let's go!
Greg Davis: lucky I thought of that!
Richard Anderson: Doors open guys - oh you already know (smiles)
Shatter is pushing with all his might
Greg Davis Me too.
Rev (Shatter): if it seems we can't get the bed trough in time I'll just grab Greg and Sander and portal out
Okay. You rapidly push the bed through the portal
Shatter lets the portal collapse once trough
Shatter: Greg, close the doors to this room as well
Shatter: And stay away from the windows
Richard Anderson: Hurrah - and now for tea and biscuits
Greg Davis: Ok
Shatter: So where to from here?
-> Richard Anderson: Watching the reactions inside they dont know where she's gone. They start a very thorough search of the building the moment she vanishes
Greg Davis: The Shield building.
Greg Davis: They should be waiting for us.
Rev (Shatter): Any good places in the nearby region with no people, good cover and in Portal distance? Or can Shatter Portal into the Shield Building trough Extreme Effort?
Rev (Shatter): 200 miles is the max
Richard Anderson: to team They know she's gone - but not where - they're searching the building
Declan: One moment guys.. checking a rule
MarkC (Richard Anderson): uh oh - I hate it when he does that
Campaign saved.
-> Shatter: Strictly speaking you would fall 12 miles short, but I'll say yes. However the moment you create that portal you are going to be exhausted.
Declan: Back
Rev (Shatter): Acknowledged
Shatter: Alright, I'm opening a long range portal into the Shield building
Shatter: It's going to be a bit of a push, so after that I'm relying on you guys...
Shatter: Objections or suggestions?
Shatter: I'd rather not dally here
Greg Davis: Great, maybe we should all go through - just to organise things.
Benjamin Wolff: Yeah, portal us to the room first?
Shatter nods
Richard Anderson: We'll follow on in the chopper after seeing what happens around here
Shatter: Wait here
Benjamin Wolff: Ah, ok
Shatter portals into the chopper
Shatter: So you guys want to come as well?
Shatter: Everyone can go trough the portal
Greg Davis: We should leave someone here to observe what happens.
Sander Cohen: yes - no point us splitting up
Benjamin Wolff: It would be interesting to observe the people outside the clinic when she gets portalled.
Shatter: Ask the pilot to do that
Shatter: He ought to have a camera somewhere here
Greg Davis: Of course the CDC can do that :-)
Benjamin Wolff: true - OK, I'll go with you through the portal.
Shatter offers his hands to Ben and Richie
Shatter: I was sort of expecting them all to know where she is...
Shatter: If she's part of Unity that is
Richard Anderson: I'll stick around to see what happens here - I need to check on the girl too
Shatter: So I'm not sure if this'll be the end. That's the reason I'd rather stay together
Richard Anderson: it's only a couple of hours by chopper if I follow
Greg Davis: Ok - but don't take any risks.
Shatter: Alright.
Benjamin Wolff: They'd only know that if she knew that - and so long as they were under her control, and not her husband's.
Shatter (To Ben): Ready?
Benjamin Wolff: Ready :)
Shatter portals to the room with the bed, bringing Ben along
Shatter: Any last thoughts before I do this? I'll be pretty spent afterwards...
Declan: Only a few mins left again..
Greg Davis: I think it's the right thing to do.
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: let me know what happens when they portal out - I'll phone them and tell them afterwards
Shatter: With what Shatter knows, would it make more sense to portal outisde the Shield building or into some specific room?
Shatter takes a deep breath and concentrates
Richard Anderson: Just do it - I'll phone and let you know what's gone on here
Benjamin Wolff: I think that you should stay away from us afterwards as your defences will be down: you'd be particularly vulnerable to psychic attack.
-> Shatter: He's never been to the building, so the courtyard outside is the best he can do.. but they are expecting him so its deserted.. or should be
Shatter: Roger
-> Shatter: Creating it?
Shatter slowly breathes out and after a few seconds the wall next to the end of Ms. Molloy's bed seems to fall apart revealing a wal of unmoving darkness.
THe moment the portal appears Shatter turns completely white, stumbles and almost falls. It looks like he's pushed himself right to the limits. You wonder it he'll even have the energy to drag himself through his own portal, or to sustain it for that matter.
Sander Cohen: grabs shatter
Benjamin Wolff: Pushes bed
Shatter: Want me to do a concentration roll?
The portal starts to flicker, and fade in and out
Sander Cohen: can I heal shatter?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): me too
Richard Anderson: watches townsfolk
Shatter: He'd know this would happen and brace himself. Not sure how much that does though.
-> Sander Cohen: Probably best to get him through fast and heal him on the other side
Greg Davis: Hold it together Shatter - just a few seconds longer.
Sander Cohen: drags shatter through the portal
Benjamin Wolff: Trying to time it so she gets sliced in half by the portal. It would solve all our problems.
-> Shatter: Its okay.. I'll assume you can keep it up a short while
Rev (Shatter): Sander, you can take fatigue from people with the heal skill, right?
Greg Davis: I follow
Rev (Shatter): *hint hint*
Alistair (Sander Cohen): Already checked on that one *smile*
GM: [1d20 = 15]
-> Sander Cohen: Actually.. May as well do it now.
Sander Cohen: ok - what do you need me to roll?
Campaign saved.
-> Sander Cohen: a d20+4
Richard Anderson: what's happening now with the townspeople?
Sander Cohen: [1d20+4 = 10]
-> Richard Anderson: They are searching the street.
-> Sander Cohen: Nice .. thats precisely what you needed
Richard Anderson: are shatter and co. still here - I should be able to sense their gear if so?
Shatter seems to perk up a little as Sander touches him
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Great - did we make it?
And I will assume seconds after you are all in Washington DC (well those who went)
Declan: Which is a nice place to leave it.. appart from one thing
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I'm not there :-)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): but I'll be in phone contact
Declan: You've just discovered the other House Rule.. Shatter gains a 1 in that odd Surge box on his character sheet
Benjamin Wolff: Rats - was hoping that portal would close on the bed and solve all our problems in one squelch.
Benjamin Wolff: Still... well done, Shatter.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Ditto.
Rev (Shatter): Oo, surge! *Is unsure whether to celebrate or curse*
Declan: Okay XP so far. Shatter and Richard 3, Sander, Greg and Ben 2 - to date.
Declan: That includes the one I tried to give to Richardlast week and failed
MarkC (Richard Anderson): That includes from last session yes?
MarkC (Richard Anderson): too slow me
Declan: Those are the totals you should have
Rev (Shatter): Roger
-> Shatter: And you've gained a hero point
Alistair (Sander Cohen): - daft question. That's 2 "points available" then?
Rev (Shatter): Is there a surge box in the FG char seet?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I just typed it in the character sheet.
Shatter: Noted
Declan: Thats 2 points available
Campaign saved.
Declan: No.. I forgot to include a Surge box or a hero point box. They will appear soon.
Declan: Ie next time I'm in a programming mood
Shatter: Alright. I'll just add them to Char Notes then
Shatter: The base score for surge was 0, hero points 1?
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Hero point box is middle botton of first tab
Declan: Oh.. I did include hero points :)
Shatter: Ah right, found it
Declan: Everyone should have started with 1 hero point..So set them all to one (unless youve used one or been given one)
Greg Davis: Ok
Declan: And same time next week :)
Richard Anderson: Right - see you all next week - should I go back to the van and drive it up to Washington?
Greg Davis: Yeah - see you next week Declan.
Declan: Sorry about the slightly late finish, but I could see the obvious stop point coming....
Alistair (Sander Cohen): - Yes, good session. See you all next week same time
Alistair (Sander Cohen): (or rather, on time :))
Shatter: No problems. A great session.
Benjamin Wolff: Much fun :)
Shatter: And that Cops to hit roll must've sucked. Heh
Declan: He rolled a 2
'Alistair' disconnected
Richard Anderson: see you all then - ttfn
Benjamin Wolff: Heh :)
'MarkC' disconnected
Shatter: Night people
Benjamin Wolff: Night all :)
Declan: Night all
Greg Davis: Night