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Declan: Okay - we are now being logged
Benjamin Wolff: Yeah, molloy house is large enough, others are stampy..
MarkC (Richard Anderson): bloody programmers - I'd sack 'em
Declan: The city map.. hang on
GM: That better?
MarkC (Richard Anderson): betterer
Campaign saved.
Alistair (Sander Cohen): Much. It would be great if this allowed us to resize and pan images properly
Greg Davis: Hi guys
Shatter: Yeah. And I have the city map open in the desktop as well since you sent us the image
Shatter: Hiye
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): to pan images, click the little rosette thingy, and drag.
Alistair (Sander Cohen): - yes - but it keeps snapping back to one corner
MarkC (Richard Anderson): yeah - but when you let go - it snaps back
MarkC (Richard Anderson): (too slow me!)
To sum up where we were, you have just encountered a terrified police officer in the Garage of a house in Unity. She is now holding her gun and has offered to talk to one person.
Greg Davis: It's your show Ben.
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey: Are you going to show yourself then?
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): click, drag, when you get to the right place move the mouse over the rosette again to slow the dragging to sero, then rightmousebutton to stop dragging. It's a crude hack, but works.
Richard Anderson: (To Mary Beth) we'll be sending one person in - don't be alarmed if they just "appear" out of nowhere
Shatter: so we're using the powers publically now instead of whispering them to you? How about when we ask if the power can be used in a specific manner, should those still be whispered?
Shatter portals into the van
Richard Anderson: Shatter - you going to portal Ben in there?
Declan: We will keep non visible powers secret for the moment - there were mixed feelings about being completely open
Benjamin Wolff: Could you portal me in behind her quietly? I'll give the illusion that I step quietly through teh door and sit beside it, but I'd rather not be anywhere enar where I appear to be :)
Shatter: Or I could just put you next to the door into the garage and you could walk trough it?
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey (Brandishing gun): Hello?
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: That works - I'll illusion that I sit where I'm not sitting once I'm through the door :)
Richard Anderson: (to mary beth) it's ok - someone's coming in in a second
Shatter: What are my chances of putting the gun into the Pocket when she's holding it? It comes back to the discussion we had on the Precise feat with the power.
Shatter nods
Richard Anderson: (to MB) just step away from the door to the kitchen
-> Shatter: Not whist she is gripping it
Benjamin Wolff: *calling out* Coming in now - through the door, I'll do it slow. Please don't shoot, this suit will come out my wages!
Shatter: If you can make her drop her gun I can also take it away
-> Shatter: Unless you want to send her with it of course
Shatter: I'll keep an eye on the room
Shatter: Roger
Greg Davis: I ke
Richard Anderson: I'll keep listening via the phone
-> Greg Davis: Ke?
Shatter: Want to come up with a code word for an alarm?
Shatter: Or just leave it up to me
Sander Cohen: Like 'help!'?
Benjamin Wolff: If things go pearshaped, I'll scream :)
-> Richard Anderson: Ok
Richard Anderson: (not to MB) guys - I'm listening in too - via the phone
Shatter leans toawrds Ben and takes hold of his hand and the world shatters around Ben. When it all comes back together they're in the kitchen of the Molloy house
Shatter: Alright. It's up to you then.
Shatter disappears again and appears at the master bedroom
'Greg Davis' disconnected
Benjamin Wolff: /act turns the handle and opens the door
'Greg Davis' connected
Declan: One down - Greg dropped
Declan: and is back
MarkC (Richard Anderson): by the way - you realise I'm missing Top Gear for thsi tonight!
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): So I wasn't the only person kicked out then?
Alistair (Sander Cohen): that's what PVRs are for :)
Campaign saved.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Yeah - but it's a bit dodgy - I mayt have to check it's working at 8
Benjamin open the door. Its dark in the garage so it takes your eyes a moment to adjust. From the kitchen you cannot see the cop, but you can see the car. Its a new ford.. looks quite nice. There is a smell of tuna and beans.
Richard Anderson: can I sense the car's electronic systems?
-> Richard Anderson: Oh. Karen asked me to invite you for a meal next Saturday at 7:30.
Greg Davis: Still trying to get this whisper right:) I keep my eyes open for any intruders while the interview is going on.
-> Greg Davis: Okay
Shatter: Preparing to port Ben into Master Room at the smallest sign that Mary-Beth is about to pull the trigger.
Richard Anderson: I'll check if it's OK - in a bit
Benjamin Wolff: Dang... are you in here? (*hands up in air, walks slowly in, trying to see her in the gloom*)
-> Richard Anderson: Yes. You can.
-> Benjamin Wolff: You catch a glimps of the cop. She's in the corner.
Benjamin walks into the garage.
Benjamin Wolff: Enough to try an illusion?
-> Benjamin Wolff: Easily
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey: [1d20 = 6]
Richard Anderson: (to team via their headsets) do you guys want to hear what's going on?
Sander Cohen: Yes, definitely
Shatter (Replies): I'm already listening in
Benjamin Wolff: Can't move my marker, can't place another marker... but anyway, illusion that I walk sideways out of the way of the door, close it slowly, and sit. Reality: I stand by the open door.
Greg Davis: Yeah, that would be helpful.
Richard Anderson: relay the sound from the phone in the garage to the headsets - except for shatter
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey (Brandishing gun): For simplicity I'm going to use the token 'B' for illusion Ben (which none of you can see but MAry-Beth seems to be reacting to
Declan: For simplicity I'm going to use the token 'B' for illusion Ben (which none of you can see but MAry-Beth seems to be reacting to
Rev (Shatter): Actually scratch Shatter's response, he wouldnt be able to hear Rich asking him
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: I meant the other way - I don't want the illusion in the same firing line! :P
MarkC (Richard Anderson): but I know about his sense power anway and wouldn't need to relay sound to him - so my action stands
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey (Brandishing gun): Drop your gun, and dont come any closer..
Benjamin Wolff: Plus, she said not to advance towards her, so I didn't.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis):
Greg Davis (Greg Davis):
Benjamin Wolff: Illusion removes clip, places on floor, pulls slide back, places gun on floor, careful never to point it at her.
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey (reacting to something noone can see): Good. Now kick it over here.
Richard Anderson: is anything happening in the street?
Benjamin Wolff: *careful to give illusion that voice is coming from illusiory Ben, but speaking aloud so the others can hear* Thanks for not breaking that phone by the way - they take the equipment from our wages if we lose it.
-> Richard Anderson: All quiet out there. There is a helicopter circling to the south..about a mile and a half away
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): ping?
-> Richard Anderson: Too far away to sense the oboard electronics without pushing your ability.
Declan: pong?
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey: Sit down and we can talk. Theres a pait can over there
'Dewi Morgan' disconnected
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: to team - we may have a problem - there's a helicopter circling about a mile and a half to the south
Sander Cohen: Let us know if it comes this way
Alistair (Sander Cohen): We've lost Dewi?
Richard Anderson: I'll keep an eye on it - if it comes into range I'll check it out
Greg Davis: Oh crap - keep an eye on it, and any transmissions it may be sending.
Declan: I'll repeat the last line when he gets back for his benefit
Richard Anderson: where would that be on the map - roughly?
Greg Davis: Sander stay here while I check the perimeter.
'Dewi Morgan' connected
-> Richard Anderson: Near the road block
Greg Davis Greg leaves by the front door, and checks the grounds.
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey: Sit down and we can talk. Theres a paint can over there.
Richard Anderson: I'd guess the chopper is flying above the road block at the moment
-> Greg Davis: Seems quiet out there
Declan: Dewi connected and then vanished again
Greg Davis: Ok, I'll walk around the house, keeping alert for any disturbance.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): This could be a slow conversaition
MarkC (Richard Anderson): and my fingers can't type tonight
Campaign saved.
-> Greg Davis: It looks very quiet. Some activity in the neighbouring house.. but nothing out of the ordinary. Dog barking somewhere.
Greg Davis: w/ So far, so good, I'll carry on round the house - just to make sure.
Declan: He's vanished from Skype too.. perfect timing :(
Declan: He's back on skype. Having Internet problems . Rebooting his router.
Alistair (Sander Cohen): he's getting back on now
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey: [1d20 = 3]
Rev (Shatter): Aww you went outside the house? After Shatter went trough all that trouble trough all that effort to make everyone looking think that they were all still in the van...
-> Greg Davis: You dont find anything odd.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): you're not the only one who can't type tonight Mark.
'Dewi Morgan' disconnected
Declan: Apparently Dewi disconnected. I didnt see him connect
'Dewi Morgan' connected
Declan: Welcome back Dewi
Rev (Shatter): yeah... I apparently I seem to be repeating myself today
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey: Sit down and we can talk. Theres a paint can over there.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Wilcommen
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I'll be as quiet and unobtrusive as possible - but from what Richard was saying, I think they already know we're here :(
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Apologies, had to reboot to get back on)
Rev (Shatter): NP
Campaign saved.
Declan: Typical Tinternet
Benjamin Wolff: Thanks for not breaking that phone by the way - they take our equipment costs out of our wages if we break it, I'm sure you know how it is.
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey: You dont realise what you've stumbled into. There is something calling itself the Unity controlling people in town. You need to leave before it decides you're a threat.
Benjamin Wolff: Well, we've been sent in to investigate and deal with it, so anything you could tell us about it would be very valuable.
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey: Its taken over almost the entire town, but you can't be sure who's infected because the look the same. Thats why I can't trust you.
Richard Anderson: to Ben - tell her about the drunk
Benjamin Wolff: There seem, from what I've seen to be subtle behavioural differences in the infected: they seem "not all there", if you know what I mean? And they all breathe at the same time, though I imagine they could change that if they wanted.
Campaign saved.
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey: Yeah. Its not just that. They don't do the things they would normally do. They eat and drink. The sleep, but they don't chat.. They still read and watch tele though.
Richard Anderson: is the helicopter still above the roadblock?
-> Richard Anderson: Yes, it is.
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey: [1d20 = 17]
Benjamin Wolff: Interesting, thank you. And they are still the same, real people, so far as I can tell - we found a drunk, who, because of his state, could shake off the condition for a time.
-> Greg Davis: You find a bike in one of the bushes. Its a kids bike.
'Greg Davis' disconnected
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey: He's not the only one. There are two boys. I think they're the key to this. It couldn't control them and I don't think it wants to expand until it understands why.
Benjamin Wolff: You think it could expand beyond its current limits?
Richard Anderson: are there pictures of the boys on the PC upstairs - if so download them onto my laptop?
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey: I think it can. I don't know for sure.
Shatter pulls back his senses for a few moments to say into his headset:
Richard Anderson: look for anything that the boys wrote about themselves that might give a clue as to why they are "immune"
Shatter: I'd be more interested on how it spreads...
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey: I just know what those who escape from it say. One lady escaped from it for a while, and told me what she remembered, but then a day later she tried to 'rescue' her husband and it got her again.
Shatter without listening for an answer he sens his senses back trough the floor
Benjamin Wolff: How do you get in touch with the uninfected?
Richard Anderson: to team - I'd quite like to know how people "escape" from the effects
Campaign saved.
Sander Cohen: to Richard - I was thinking the same thing myself
'Greg Davis' connected
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey: I noticed she was acting 'normally'. Thats often a trap though. I risked it though. Call it instinct.
Benjamin Wolff: How had she escaped the effects?
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey: Its like sometime people manage to throw its influence off, but usually not for long. It reinfects them. I saw someone 'break free' and they were mobbed, but sometimes I don't think it realises.. not at first anyway.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Hi back again, did I miss anything - the chat screen has gone blank?
Alistair (Sander Cohen): Your character died, Greg, but nothing serious
-> Greg Davis: Nothing vital (and it will be in the logs)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): But only after infecting the rest of the team
Benjamin Wolff: How is the infection passed on?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Oh well missed nothing vital then :)
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey: Touch.. always touch. And its not a quick touch either. They have to hug you, or kiss you. Hold the touch for a few seconds.
Richard Anderson: To team - that bears out what we thought
Benjamin Wolff: Do you know how the control is transmitted? I would really love to run a few tests on a victim, try shielding them in various ways, find out what the range is...
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey: I think it started at the schools. The kids infected each other, there brothers, sisters and friends. Then the parents followed quickly.
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: Do you know where those boys are at the moment? Have they been captured?
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey: The Unity has them. At first it let them carry on at school, but it observed them. I think it had the teachers and councellors question them about how they were different, but then it took them somewhere.
Benjamin Wolff: Do you know where it might take them? Does it have any kind of headquarters?
-> Richard Anderson: The helicopter has stopped circling and is moving north..towards you
-> Greg Davis: The helicopter has stopped circling and is moving north..towards you
Richard Anderson: to team - five gets you ten it's the cop shop
Richard Anderson: to team - alert guy chopper incoming
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey: There are some areas noone ever returns from. The schools it controls pretty strongly.. both of them. The police station. The mall.
Richard Anderson: when it gets in range look/listen in
Richard Anderson: what height is it at?
Benjamin Wolff: *Illusion-ben doesn't say this* Got any ID onthe helicopter, and an ETA? Is it definitely headed to us?
'Greg Davis' disconnected
Shatter pulls his senses back
Alistair (Sander Cohen): We've lost Greg again
Richard Anderson: to ben (and team) working on it
Shatter (into the headset): What's this about a helicopter?
Campaign saved.
-> Richard Anderson: Its running radio silent. You can sesnse the GPS and the autopilot
Shatter: Tell Ben to talk out loud regarding it like he just did if there's something I should know. I'll go back and listen on them now.
Richard Anderson: to team - it's running radio silent - want me to try and ground it?
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): I hve the door open so sander can hear me too :) Illusion has the door closed, though.
Declan: Having a LOT of connection problems for people. Starting a Skype conference to sort it out.
'Greg Davis' connected
MarkC (Richard Anderson): might be at your end Dec
Benjamin Wolff: I'd vote to only ground it if it's armed. People should't know where we are so that should delay them. They ight be targeting the van.
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: does the helicopter have weapons avionics systems? (must be in range now)
'Greg Davis' disconnected
Shatter (Speaking without pulling back his senses): Agreed with Ben. Pretty much all of us should be able to down it if necessary. If you can get detailed info on it would be good though. Such as if it has darkened windows etc.
-> Richard Anderson: IR, Sound systems and crowd control devices (tear gas charges)
Benjamin Wolff: Though might be worth checking for other incoming vehicles - it may be working as a spotter, especially if it starts circling.
Richard Anderson: to team - finding out if it is weapon equipped now
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey: Whats going on?
Richard Anderson: any other vehicles approaching within my sense range?
-> Richard Anderson: No
Benjamin Wolff: *Illusion-ben stops scratching his nose thoughtfully* Do you know if they can do complex tasks such as flying helicopters when infected?
Richard Anderson: to team - the copter has IR, sound and tear gas - police I'd say
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey: They can do anything they knew how to do. The infected still repaired TVs, ran classes, were accountants.. They know everything they used to.
Alistair (Sander Cohen): You mean...... they can still do TAX RETURNS? We're doomed
Benjamin Wolff: [Eh, it won't hurt to tell her I guess] There seems to be a police helicopter incoming. Not completely sure it's bound here: they may be targeting our van outside, though.
Richard Anderson: is the IR system active?
-> Richard Anderson: Yes
Shatter: Shatter is menatally searching for a point about a mile from that has thick forest or some other kind of cover so he can open a portal there if necessary.
Richard Anderson: can I "fox it" to make it not see us? if so - do it!
Campaign saved.
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey: You sure? Get inside, and downstairs. The heat cameras wont work through two floors of a building.
-> Richard Anderson: Sure.
Shatter: Suggest taht we all go to the living room. That way we can chat a bit more directly.
Shatter: That is if she's willing to lower her gun
Richard Anderson: to team - I think I've "foxed" the IR it shouldn't see us
Richard Anderson: to team - except by normal visuals of course
-> Richard Anderson: You are now controlling what the IR camera shows - it does mean you are concentrating though.. so no other mental activities.
Richard Anderson: ok
Benjamin Wolff: That's OK, I'm pretty sure the heat cameras just won't work, period: we are rather well equipped.
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey: How many are there with you? Are they all inside?
Richard Anderson: can I still talk through my headset - just normally, not using datalink powers?
Richard Anderson: scratch that - I don't have one
Benjamin Wolff: Either inside or in the van, I believe. There are five of us.
-> Richard Anderson: Headset? You didnt bother with one since you didnt need it. You can aways use the phone the old fashioned way ;)
Richard Anderson: no - MB's got my phone
Benjamin Wolff: Do I feel that it would reassure her to know we are trained and capable gov't paragons? Or freak her out?
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey: Okay.. Listen. If there are five of you you might have some chance. If you all try to make it out of town and alert the CDC one of you might make it. Just dont tell the others where you are going or when they are captured they'll reveal everything.
Campaign saved.
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey: [1d20 = 1]
-> Benjamin Wolff: Probably freak her out
Richard Anderson: set up the simulation of someone coming out of a side street (on the IR) and running (away from us - but not Directly away) and see if the chopper follows
Sander Cohen: To Ben: Ask her why we can't just call the CDC on our mobiles
-> Richard Anderson: Okay.. You know that chopper system now so you can maintain that until they leave range (2000 miles wasnt it?).
Richard Anderson: something like that :-)
Benjamin Wolff: Why leave the town to alert them? Phones seem to work here just fine.
The chopper turns in flight and heads off to the east, picking up speed as it goes.
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey: I tried. Noone will believe you.
Shatter (Again speaks without pulling back his senses): Why haven't we heard of anyone bringing up stuff regarding unity to CDC?
Richard Anderson: simulate a low fuel warning on the chopper once it's bout 2 miles away and see if it goes in to land
Benjamin Wolff: I have a small confession to make: the government is well aware of the situation, and the town is contained, for the time being at least. We have been sent to resolve the issue, if there is a possibility of resolving it.
-> Richard Anderson: Okay.. thats too far away for the others to notice, but someone punches in the coords for the police station and it haeds north east.
Richard Anderson: let me know when it lands please
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey (suspiciously): So why no hasmat suits?
Campaign saved.
-> Richard Anderson: Will do
Benjamin Wolff: We don't believe it's a disease per se. And hazmats would have made us stick out kinda like sore thumbs. We're /trying/ to be subtle.
'Richard' connected
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey: I'm going to break into somewhere tonight. See if I can figure out how it started. You can go be subtle wherever you like, but I dont want a loda of idiots following me in. I'm sorry I cant tell you where I'm going but when you're captured you'll squel, so I cant tell you.
Declan: Cleared the owner on Greg incase Richard is having problems with that
Rev (Shatter): He just booted up his comp and is back on Skype
Benjamin Wolff: So you think you might have an idea where it might have started?
'Richard' disconnected
'Greg Davis' connected
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey: I told you.. it took the kids first.
Benjamin Wolff: So, a school?
Campaign saved.
She Shrugs
Shatter: Could one roll a sense motive on what she's talking about now, to get a feel on how much she is leaving out/lying?
-> Shatter: Sure.. make a roll
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Hi guys, what have I missed?
Shatter: Sense motive [1d20+4 = 8]
Richard Anderson: that copter down yet?
-> Shatter: Shes scared. Seems to be telling the truth though.
Benjamin Wolff: [To team, illusion just scratches his nose thoughtfully] I could really do with knowing as much about this officer as we can get: any family or other info?
-> Richard Anderson: Oops.. Yes its down.. a few seconds ago.
Greg Davis: test
Richard Anderson: wipe the ECU in the engine, wipe the autopilot and erase ALL PROMS in any other system on tboard - it's NOT taking off again!
-> Richard Anderson: If you research MBs background make it up. No children though.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): oh good - it does work, but I think I may still be having connection problems.
-> Richard Anderson: Done
Richard Anderson: once that's done - search local records for details about Detective Mary Beth Stacey
-> Richard Anderson: Okay.. that will give birth, marriage, and news stories. Just make up what you like (she was your caharcter after all))
Richard Anderson: to team - SOrry guys - been busy redirecting and disabling the chopper - it's down and out, safely, at the police station - now looking up info on our friendly policewioman
Greg Davis: Good work.
Shatter: What ever you do, don't let her go solo. We're far better equipped at dealing with this than she thinks
-> Greg Davis: Mary Beth confirmed all your suspiceons and said the first outbreak was at the schools
Richard Anderson: She was born on the 12th May 1972, not married, lives in a nice suburb of Unity on Holloway Drive
-> Greg Davis: Think thats the main stuff you may have missed
Richard Anderson: Cited a couple of times in the local press for bravery and when promoted to detective
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: No police details though - their Computer is still off, remeber
Greg Davis: Thanks.
Benjamin Wolff: Officer, I know you're not married, but is there anyone you care for in this town? If there is, please tell us all you know, because we're working against the clock, here.
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey: Look. I'm glad everyone in this town isnt infected, but its only time. There was a German tourist in the motel. Didnt take him for two days, but when he tried to leave town.. it took him. Its only a matter of time, and I think my chances are better on my own.
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey: And if there was anyone I cared about I wouldnt tell you. When your captured the Unity will just use them to draw me out..
Richard Anderson: to team - we could help her get out of town - if she was willing - might be worth getting her back to HQ (if they'll pick her up) for debriefing?
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey: As far as I can tell it knows EVERYTHING the possessed do. They all do. If one knows where you are, you can expect a horde to come hunmting.
Greg Davis: Does she trust us enough to go with us?
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: I wasn't asking about your loved ones: I was asking whether you cared enough for yourself and them that you would want the town to be something more than a glowing crater a week from now. The CDC knows about containment, Mary-Beth. It's very, very good at it.
Mary Beth picks up her police issue coat and drapes it around her shoulders. She picks up a flashlight and some corde and a tonfa, all without taking her eyes off the illsuion or lowering the gun
Shatter: Ben, if I portal to the garage door, can you make it so that she doesn't notice that...
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey: Then you'd best get out. I'm going to find the source, but I know my chances. You dont have anything invested here. You can run.
Richard Anderson: to team - want me to disable the car?
-> Benjamin Wolff: You can easily do what Shatter asks since everything she is seeing right now is an illusion.
Richard Anderson: to team - or shall we use it - more stealthy than a van?
Benjamin Wolff: [not illusion] Sure thing, Shatter.
Greg Davis: That's not a bad idea.
Shatter: Alright, coming in
Shatter: I'll visit the car first and lock the doors from inside
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey: I'm not coming back here. Best to move around. Help yourselves to the tuna.
Shatter with that said he portals into the car
Richard Anderson: to ben - at leask ask her to keep hold of the phone
She doesn't even notice shatters entry to the garage, or his actions
Shatter: No, don't let her leave
Shatter does as he says and locks the doors to the car
Benjamin Wolff: Do not think we are untrained or ill-equipped, Mary-Beth. We did not find you by chance. We have protections that you could use. You have information we could use.
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey: I've told you what I know, and without hasmat suits you're as defenceless as the rest of us. It just takes a touch. Do you think you can stop that? Even if you empty your gun they'll keep coming, and they are defenceless innocent people. They didnt deserve this.
Campaign saved.
Shatter: I'd love to see one of them try to touch me
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey: You want to be useful? Find the kids. Get them to freedom. MAybe the CDC can figure out a vaxine from them. They're called Derek and Kevin Molloy.
Benjamin Wolff: We have the very latest in shielgind technology. I can guarantee you that I cannot be touched.
Benjamin Wolff: shielding*
Richard Anderson: Dec - did I get pictures and info on the kids?
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey: No, but you can now. Theres an online school website. Kevin was the shepherd and Derek was a sheep in the nativity. Lots of 'pictures'. Maybe not the best though.
Declan: Oop
-> Richard Anderson: That was supposed to be to you
Richard Anderson: hehe I knew that :-)
Declan: Ignore the comment about the website
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): (if she tries, illusion of blue zappy electrocution when she gets closer than a foot)
Richard Anderson: what about on their computer - they had a webcam - so must have some pics?
-> Richard Anderson: Clever.. It does. It also has cached versions of many of their conversations.
Campaign saved.
-> Richard Anderson: Derek spotted his father acting odd days before he spotted any oddity at school.
Benjamin Wolff: You see? You haven't told us all you know, and you could still help us. What else do you know about the boys?
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey: I'm not touching anyone just to prove a poijnt. If you're right, then you may just survive.
Richard Anderson: I asked about that earlier - if there was anything on the computer that might give us an idea what's happening - I'll read it (all - don't forget I'm 500x speed when datalinking) summarise the highlights please :-)
Declan: Slight delay.. answering long private question
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): can anyone remember if we know this is the molloy house?
Richard Anderson: to team - looks like Derek and Kevin's father was infected days before anyone at the school
Greg Davis: We do.
Alistair (Sander Cohen): yeah - it's written in big letters in the back lawn
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Yes - we looked at the PC
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): *whap* Al :P
Shatter: Based on what?
Greg Davis: What did you find out? and by how many days?
-> Richard Anderson: There is a week gap in the logs. Then Derek tells Jenny that his mother is in hospital. Something caused the accident. Then he starts saying that his dad is responsible.. and he didnt like his mother. He didnt want her around. He then tells this girl that
Greg Davis: We learn about this address from the kids library books last session.
Richard Anderson: how many days before the school was infected was his father infected?
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: One last question then, Mary-Beth, and I'll leave you alone. Why, of all houses you could be in, are you in THIS house?
-> Richard Anderson: his father is acting really strangely. Two days after that Mrs Carson ( a teacher at the school and friend of his mothers) visited and interrogated him. There is a reference to the cops visiting in the same log. Then he starts talking about his friends at school.
-> Richard Anderson: Finally he tells Jenny he doesnt want to talk to her becasues she is strange too.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Now that's the real question - isn't it.
Richard Anderson: To team - this is strange - it looks like the Father caused the mother to have an accident about three weeks (ooc - is that right Dec) ago
-> Richard Anderson: Based on the kids log.. two days.
Greg Davis: How did you find that out?
Declan: GM back
Richard Anderson: To team - then a teacher visited and then after that, people at the school becae infected. I'd say that the father is the key
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey: This house. I hoped they'd bring the kids back here. They used to live here.
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey: They're the key to this.. I know it.
Greg Davis: So you think it started with the father, just after the crash.
-> Richard Anderson: About right
Richard Anderson: The computer upstairs has various chat logs, etc.
Richard Anderson: To team - I'm not sure about "after" the crash - the kid thinks that the father caused the crash
Greg Davis: Do they say why?
Sanders phone rings
Benjamin Wolff: No, they aren't. Their father is. He was the initial vector. The schools are a red herring, I'm afraid.
Benjamin Wolff: (above to Mary-Beth)
Sander Cohen: /action Answers his phone
Richard Anderson: was it the father that didn't like the mother or Derek?
Sander Cohen: Hello?
Declan: I'll do this publicly so you dont need to relay
Alistair (Sander Cohen): no probs
-> Richard Anderson: The father
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: (To Wolff) Ask he to tell you everything she can about the family - it might be important.
Asssitant: Mr Cohen, I have Gordon Layton on the phone for you. I'll put him through.
Sander Cohen: Thanks
Gordon Laymark: Hello. Sander?
Declan: (Laymark)
Sander Cohen: Gordon - what can I do for you?
Gordon Laymark: I just thought I'd give you an update. The CDC are somewhat concerned, and will have a perimeter in place around Unity by 0600 hours. A perimeter at 10 miles I believe.
Gordon Laymark: They've mobolised the national guard and the army. I'm trying to keep things quiet, but it looks like this is out of my hands.
Gordon Laymark: Are the others with you?
Benjamin Wolff: The CDC may want to know we may have identified the initial vector. They're bid on epidemiology.
Sander Cohen: Well, it may be for the best. This town is a mess, most of the people seem to be under the influence of some person / entity - and we've located someone who has given us some useful information
MAry Beth starts towards the garage door
Richard Anderson: They might also want to know we've identified two people who are immune
Sander Cohen: Yes - the others are all here
Shatter: So are we hearing the conversation or is it just sander?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): is Mary beth still with you Ben?
Shatter portals between Mary-Beth and the door
Declan: Im just making it public so he doesnt have to relay it - unless Richard wants to rebroadcast it to you all..
Shatter: *Is being careful for not being shot though so stays out of the direct line of fire*
Greg Davis: Ben ask her who was in the crash.
Benjamin Wolff: [Illusion: Guess it's time to take her down, we don't want her knowledge getting in the wrong hands.] Illusion: her gun starts to get really hot. Yeah I know that's passť.
Gordon Laymark: Is Richard there. See if he can turn this into some kind of conference call.
Campaign saved.
Sander Cohen: /action gets Richard on the job :)
Richard Anderson: relay the conversation to veryone - set up a conference call so that I don't have to concentrate
Sander Cohen: We're ready, Gordon
You all here Gordon on your phones. Meanwhile Mary Beth gasps and drops her gun.
Shatter sends the gun into the Pocket
and the gun explodes into a thousand shards of glass which vanish
Greg Davis: Ben ask her about the crash - it's important.
Gordon Laymark: Guys. I need to know if you'll have the situation under control when the CDC get there?
Shatter: She's unarmed now
Shatter: Gordon?
Greg Davis: Gordon - give us a second, we may have a good lead.
Benjamin Wolff: Sorry, Mary-Beth. We really do need your information - particularly about a crash that the children's mother was involved in. Do you know who else was involved?
Sander Cohen: Gordon, the best thing at the moment is containment. We don't want this spreading any farther but we need to find out more information first
Gordon Laymark: The CDC, army and national guard will be at Unity at 0600 hours. I need to know what they are going to find.
Mary Beth looks down at her gun
Shatter is busy making sure Mary-Beth doesn't run away so leaves the explanation to others
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey: How did you do that?
Sander Cohen: The town's not hostile - and it's probably best if we can do our work here and not provoke the situation
Benjamin Wolff: I told you - we are VERY well equipped.
Greg Davis: Hopefully us with the solution, hold on a minute and we'll see what we can find out.
Richard Anderson: Upload all the data gathered so far into the PRA computer and pop up a link on Gordon's desktop (remember I've eidetic memory too) plus our conversations and surmises
Gordon Laymark: Okay. I'll hold till you've got whatever it is pinned down.
Richard Anderson: To gordon - Gordon, I've uploaded everything we know so far to your PC - you should have it on your desktop now
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: Just in case we get taken out
Greg Davis: Ben - what does Mary-Beth know?
Benjamin Wolff: But all the latest government toys won't help us without the information you have.
Richard Anderson: And to give you a better idea of what's going on
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey: Okay. If I tell you about the crash, what then? As far as I know the mother drove off the road by the North downs road, near the High School. She had both kids in the car with her.
-> Richard Anderson: Nice idea
1XP - Drag it to available points [1]
Richard Anderson: get the news items relating to the crash for an exact location and any other information
Sander Cohen: 1XP - Drag it to available points [1]
Greg Davis: What else does she know about the mother Ben?
-> Sander Cohen: Did I just give you XP by accident?
Sander Cohen: No - that was me clicking on the number by mistake - it created a chat message at this end
Benjamin Wolff: What then is that you get your gun back, for being helpful - thank you. [illusory gun :)] Do you know anything else about the mother?
Richard Anderson: 1XP - Drag it to available points [1]
MarkC (Richard Anderson): ooh - that wasn't what I meant to do
Declan: Aaarg.. I tried to give one person XP and you all got it
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): but it's now our fault :)
Rev (Shatter): Trying to get rid of it but with little luck
Rev (Shatter): Right, better luck. Forgot you can't use num pad
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): you can just overtype the entry on the character sheet.
Campaign saved.
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey: She's in hospital. She might even be dead. She was pretty badly injured. I know the kids were pretty distraught..
MarkC (Richard Anderson): if you left click on the value and wheel up or down - that alters it too. Possibly the best way would be for Dec to just whisper XPs and trust us to add them
Greg Davis: (to Ben) what else does she know about her?
Benjamin Wolff: Do you know which hospital? I'm wondering if she was the first vector, or her husband.
Greg Davis: Me too.
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey: I've no idea, but there are only two.
Sander Cohen: Can you get any patient records, Richard?
Greg Davis: Get her to tell us everything she knows about her.
Benjamin Wolff: That makes life easy. Do you know anything else about her, or her husband?
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey (frowning): I think she was a school teacher. Her husband Tom did something from home. I dont know but whatever it was he did it on his laptop.
Richard Anderson: get patient records (if poss) on Mrs Molloy
Benjamin Wolff: [Not illusion] People, if you could search the house for hospital correspondence, we might get the hospital, or even the bed she's in.
Greg Davis: What did she teach at school?
Richard Anderson: is the laptop in the house
-> Richard Anderson: No
Shatter (To Ben): Should we just stop with the illusions and deal with her head on?
Richard Anderson: to team - sadly the lapto's not around - that might have helped
Shatter: The situation might be less tense if we'd get her on a sofa somewhere and a cup of coffee in her hands
Richard Anderson: *laptop
-> Greg Davis: You rellaying that to Ben? She still can only see Ben
Shatter: It's obvious we can't let her go anyway, she knows a bit too much for us to allow her get infected
Sander Cohen: How about we check telephone call records and look for calls to a hospital?
Richard Anderson: do I have patient records? hospital, ward no., etc.
Greg Davis: yes (sorry got bored typing "Ben" in all the time.
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: [Not illusion] Now she's holding an illusory gun? Sure. {Illusion speaks] Um - would you shoot the rest of us if we came in? I think we've shown that if we wanted to start infecting you with stuff, we could have sat on you by now.
-> Richard Anderson: Yes. You've got eddetic memory and you got a patient list last session. She is in the Marshfield Clinic.
Richard Anderson: shall I make up a ward?
Richard Anderson: To team - the mother's in Marshfield clinic
Benjamin Wolff: Only, I'm getting bored of forwarding their questions, even though they're good questions.
-> Richard Anderson: Too small for that.. Only 28 beds
Greg Davis: (To Richard) Great, can you get the room number?
Shatter: (Smiling slightly) Darn Richie, you're just too handy
Richard Anderson: do we have the bed/room no?
Benjamin Wolff: While you're being handy, Richard, what's on the dad's laptop? What was his job?
Richard Anderson: To team - yeah - probably, and thanks Shatter - you're pretty handy yourself.
-> Richard Anderson: Apparently she is in room 7 in the Lilac wing
Richard Anderson: The laptop's not here - sorry - he must have it with him
Shatter: By the way Rich, there's a computer downstairs in a room that looks like a study. Were you able to access that one?
Richard Anderson: And the mother is in Room 7 - Lilac wing
Greg Davis: (To Richard) See if you can get what the wife taught/what she was studying from the school records.
Richard Anderson: To team - what are we going to do about Mary Beth?
Richard Anderson: To team - what am I guys - Google?
Sander Cohen: Richard - you're far more than google, you're at least wikipedia
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey: [1d20 = 7]
Greg Davis: Keep her here for the moment - If she's not careful she's going to get herself killed. And yes:)
Richard Anderson: is anything happening outside at the moment?
Campaign saved.
-> Greg Davis: You hear the sound of dogs. Sound travels well at night.
Shatter: I like your Google maps function the best
Benjamin Wolff: [Not illusion] If necessary we can always kill her ourselves. But gimme a sec, she might let the rest of you come in, just waiting for her answer. We might be able to convince her to come with us or something.
-> Richard Anderson: Distant sound of dogs
Richard Anderson: To team - time to move - I hear dogs in the distance
Shatter curses
Sander Cohen: ok, let's go
Shatter: Are we going to abandon the van?
Richard Anderson: Dogs - do you think they're infected too?
Shatter: In that case I'll come and get you into the house
Benjamin Wolff: (Is there some way I can Bluff her into thinking she HAS to come with us?)
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey: I dont think so. Its just people... I think
Richard Anderson: I'd like to keep the van - lots of kit in there
Gordon Laymark: Guys.. I'm still listening in on this. What are you planning?
Shatter: If they're bringing in dogs her chances of getting away with us are slight at best
Richard Anderson: I'll reverse it onto the drive (as I'm the only person in it)
Shatter: I want to get her to the HQ but that might take too long
Richard Anderson: reverse van onto drive - allow space for garage door to open
Sander Cohen: She knows what the boys look like - may be useful to have her with us
Richard Anderson: We have pictures
Greg Davis: Guys - there are dogs coming.
Greg Davis: Guys - there are dogs coming.
Greg Davis I go to the garage.
Richard Anderson: If you want...
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey: Look.. I'll go with you, but I know this is a really bad idea. Groups attract attention. I guess I'm just loosing it.
Shatter: Alright, that's it.
Campaign saved.
Shatter: We might want to gather to the garage for now
Benjamin Wolff: You've made the right choice. (illusion gets up, I walk to it and become the illusion, so I can drop all the illusory stuff)
Richard Anderson: We can't let her out of quarantine - she "might" actually be infected
Sander Cohen: /act gets in the back of the van
Richard Anderson: Greg - you driving?
Greg Davis: Ok
Benjamin Wolff: Dogs can't track Shatter :)
GM: Anyone not getting in the van?
Greg Davis: I think Richard is, Ill get in the back.
Benjamin Wolff: Nope. I'll hop in too. Though I still think a car would be less obvious.
Richard Anderson: I'd rather someone else drive in case I have to "concentrate"
Rev (Shatter): Shatter follows others into the van last.
Greg Davis: I'll drive.
Benjamin Wolff: I'm a lousy driver.
Richard Anderson: I'll slide across to the passenger seat to allow Greg to drive
Shatter: I'd still leave the van here.
Shatter: We could move using portals
Greg Davis: (To Richard) Did you find out about the mother?
Shatter: I think this thing attracts way too much attention
Richard Anderson: They know it's here and could trace us from the kit - I'd rather we hid it somewhere 1st
Benjamin Wolff: Yeah but tinted windows, man - we just look cool in it.
Shatter actively keeps an eye on Mary-Beth
Richard Anderson: what did the mother teach - I'm sure it's not relevant - but they'll keep asking?
In the rear view mirror you see a police car pass the end of the road. It briefly pointed a search light up the street
-> Richard Anderson: Hang on..I'll check
Greg Davis: If you want the car Shatter, hop out and follow us, we can swap vehicles in a quite spot.
Shatter: Would take a while for me to wire it...
Richard Anderson: I could probably start it...
Greg Davis: Were out of time.
Shatter: Don't think we have too much time to spare
Greg Davis I put the van in gear and drive off.
Campaign saved.
Shatter: I should be able to grab any car we see anyway
Richard Anderson: do I sense any police cars around here? how many and where - I'll guide Greg away from them
Shatter: So not overly vital to take the one here
-> Richard Anderson: No idea.. but she tought 7-9 year olds
Richard Anderson: if we need to get through a cordon - I can make the cars "stall" their engines to leave a gap we can drive through.
-> Richard Anderson: Yeah.. whenever a car comes within 1000 yards you detect it and can guide
Benjamin Wolff: Mary-beth, do you know where the boys' father ight be now?
Richard Anderson: I'll guide Greg around the police cars
GM: After the boys were taken he moved into one of the rooms at the motor inn
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey: After the boys were taken he moved into one of the rooms at the motor inn
Richard Anderson: I suggest we head for the clinic or the inn
Shatter: How do you know all this?
Shatter: Were you able to move around the city?
Greg Davis: It's not the father - Richard, do you have the information on what the mother did at school?
Benjamin Wolff: Not the father? Why do you say that?
Richard Anderson: She taught 7-9 year olds
Gordon Laymark: I've been sneaking round this place for two weeks. The unity doesnt hide, and they mostly sleep. Night is the best time to sneak around.
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey: I've been sneaking round this place for two weeks. The unity doesnt hide, and they mostly sleep. Night is the best time to sneak around.
Shatter nods
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): hold on while I do the typing.
Declan: (Bad night - cant get anything right)
Richard Anderson: Greg might be right - if she's the source - she could be controlling it all fromher bed inthe clinic
Campaign saved.
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey: You sure must have upset them. Night time is usually quiet. Not like this.
Richard Anderson: Might be worth acheck at least
Sander Cohen: Agreed - the clinic is our next step
Benjamin Wolff: Greg: what makes you say it's not the father?
Shatter: No objections here
Richard Anderson: I start guiding Greg towards the clinic - still avoiding any cars I sense
Shatter: Though I still think we should't take the van anywhere close to there
-> Richard Anderson: Okay..
Shatter: One would think they protect their key areas wth vigor
Declan: I'll pick up at the Clinic next session.. only 3 mins left. No point starting anything
Greg Davis: Paranormal abilities usually manifest themselves after an intensely stressful, usually near death experience - oh - like a car crash.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): OK - enjoying that - I was
Alistair (Sander Cohen): Yes, another good session
Officer Mary-Beth Stacey: I'm really sorry you didnt take the mall hint :( The mall in Unity is 'interesting'.
Greg Davis: The kids seem normal - besides, they would just be using the power for kicks.
Rev (Shatter): Kept mistyping and misreading all the time. It was a good sessin, just wish I could've been a bit sharper tonight.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I think that the Mall would be EXTREMELY dangerous
Declan: Yeah.. but it would be very Day of the Dead :)
Alistair (Sander Cohen): You're complaining we didn't do what the GM wanted us to do???
Benjamin Wolff: "Deathbed confections"?
Greg Davis: The car crash was Carol's break-out event, but it left her in a coma. She developed some sort of contageous mind control power - and her husband was her first victim when he visited her in hospital.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): That's a good working theory
Declan: To be honest I cant think of any player who would even think of going into the mall in this town.. I just hoped :)
Alistair (Sander Cohen): I'm actually tempted to see what 'transistorland' sells :)
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: We could have raided a record store and gone with Shaun of the Dead
Rev (Shatter): How much do we know about the breaking-out and such?
Benjamin Wolff: Rubenesque Beautywear :D
Greg Davis: From there Tom infected the cops, who went on the infect everyone they came into contact with - it spread at an exponential rate.
Shatter: And I like the Powergamer's Edge
Greg Davis: The kids are immune because the are direct blood relatives.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Oh dear me - I bet the encounters were going to be fun
Declan: Oh.. most breakouts occur as the result of stress. Some happen silently, but some involve a realease of power which can never be duplicated again. Occassionally someone manifests in a non-stressful situation, like their sleep.
Greg Davis: Carol's the queen, and Unity is her hive.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I like it - so do we kill her or recruit her?
Declan: Most breakouts involve pretty useless powers - the first breakout could heat microwave diners, but nothing else.
Benjamin Wolff: Hrm - good hypothesis I guess, but personally I'd go for them being immune because the ability stemmed from the mother's need to protect them in the accident.
Benjamin Wolff: Or possibly their mum crashed into an alien.
Richard Anderson: Right 10pm now - busy day for me tomorrow.
Greg Davis: The worse thing is, to carry the hive analogy to it's ultimate conclusion - the queen is going to be surrounded by a large number of soldier ants.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I'd better get off to bed before Richard (Greg) worries me any more
Declan: Anyway.. see you in a week
Greg Davis: I think I have a working plan if it is the wife - but it can wait til next week.
-> Richard Anderson: Dont forget.. Saturday 7:30
Benjamin Wolff: Yeah, we're gonna be fighting off orderlies armed with syringes. Why not just call for an industrial accident to hit the clinic?
-> Richard Anderson: If you can :)
Richard Anderson: Dec - Fee says OK for next Sat - I'll give you a call later
Benjamin Wolff: If the problem disappears, we'll know it was her.
-> Richard Anderson: Not tonight..going to bed. Tomorrow.
Richard Anderson: that's what I meant :-)
Shatter: Sounds good over all. And making the wife disappear shouldn't be too hard.
-> Richard Anderson: I'll tell Karen its a yes though.
Greg Davis: Shatter should be able to get us to Carol, and we might be able to neutralise her without killing her.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): see you all later guys - by for now
Declan: Night all
Benjamin Wolff: I'm thinking an industrial airstrike accident.
Greg Davis: Night Declan.
Benjamin Wolff: Night :)
Shatter: Just portal on an empty room close by and then portal her out.
'MarkC' disconnected
Shatter: Someone lying in bed isn't likely to make the reflex save. HEh
Shatter: And nighto
Benjamin Wolff: Nuke. From orbit. Only way to be sure!
Campaign saved.
Declan: Shutting FG2 down...
Greg Davis: If we can get to the wife - Shatter can use his portal to allow us to transport her to the scientists at the PRA Academy.