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GM: Test
GM: Okay - Chatlog working
GM: Okay. Done the admin bit. Now to test the map
Campaign saved.
GM: Got the map?
Shatter: I did
Shatter: Sorry, was fixing something to eat. Completely forgot to do that today.
Shatter: Is that a potted plant next to the sofa? Heh
GM: Yeah
Campaign saved.
Shatter: Nice
GM: Those positions look right?
Shatter: Compared to the last session? Yeah, pretty much the way I remember it.
GM: Or was Chi still in the corridor?
Shatter: Only Rampage was in the corridor
GM: Much better than my hand drawn map :)
Shatter: The others were in the room, though Predator was invisible
GM: Still is (invisible)
Shatter: I do think one of them was watching the TV though. Can't seem to spot one. *grins*
GM: Its in the unit - with the TV, Micro bar, safe and clothes draws - the thing Naga is facing.
Shatter: Makes sense.
Campaign saved.
Shatter: I do have the distinct feeling that there's way too many ways for this to go horribly wrong
GM: There. I'll put great cthulhu in the room next door :)
Shatter: HEh
'Greg Davis' connected
Shatter: Oh right, now that I remember: Could you modify Shatter's defence to the new value? I handled skills and feats during the last session but couldn't touch Defense.
Greg Davis: Hi Guys - Managed to make it after all:)
Shatter: Great. A pity it doesn't apply to most of the others. *Grin*
Greg Davis: Yeah - Where is everyone?
'Dewi Morgan' connected
GM: Mark cant make it. Dewi and Alistair - dont know
GM: Ah
Greg Davis: Hi Dewi:)
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Ooh pretty diagram!
Campaign saved.
GM: Hmm. It says you haven't recieved it Dewi - but you must have..
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): I see a nice map at least :)
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I can read TV, what do the other two labels say?
GM: Things referenced last week - TV (Naga is watching it), Mini Bar (Someone got a can out) and plant (Arbiter has his drink resting on the plant pot)
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Plant, Main bar?
Greg Davis: oh right, gotcha:)
GM: Writing with a mouse is difficult
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Soooo, where are we? I can't remember leaving South Africa last week.
Campaign saved.
GM: You went to Australia - to try and snatch Sylph
Greg Davis: Oh right, are we still together?
'alistair' connected
GM: I believe so. All together
Rev (Shatter): Shatter's still in the "kill Sylph" camp though.
Greg Davis: Why don't we let Gordon decide his fate, he's still our boss:)
Rev (Shatter): I don't think anyone is paying our wages anymore
GM: Thats it - no Mark tonoight. So this is what we get.
'alistair' disconnected
'alistair' connected
GM: And Alistair just disconnected...
GM: And reconnected
alistair (Sander Cohen): Hi there
GM: Everyone got the map?
Rev (Shatter): Yes
Greg Davis: Yesterday someone said we couldn't go it alone, I'd prefer to work for the PRA sans Initiative, than for some "secret orgainisation", and that means following the rules - so no assassinations!
GM: I'll take no response as yes :)
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Yup.
Campaign saved.
Rev (Shatter): Sorry, AFK for 5 min. Then I'll be all yours for the rest of the evening.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Yes. Prettymuch can't see it, but can see the markers and guess, and am trying to get another machine with proper videocard online :)
GM: Okay Rev
At the end of last session you were in Sydney watching Sylph and his hit team. Chi Dragon and Sylph appear to be aslepp. Arbiter is reading. Naga, Predator and Rampage appear to be awake. Its 3am local time
And you 'think' Predator is in the bathroom because you saw someone drink a can, and since then someone invisible openned the bathroom door.
Shatter tells everything what he's seeing
Shatter: *everyone what...
The laptop is on the desk with the chair (the one facing the window onto the courtyard
Shatter: Are we close enough to the targets for Shatter to use his short range teleport to move there?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): The sixty-thousand dollar question is, can I use my visual esp to view Slyph, and then use create object to surround the bed in a close fitting invisible barrier. Both powers are dynamic. If I can we should be able to isolate him while Shatter 'ports him out.
Campaign saved.
Shatter: The thing we need to decide first is whether we need him alive or not
Benjamin Wolff: So what's the plan? Nip in, grab, nip out, be prepared for everything to go horribly wrong? Hrm... or can your portals be moved while they are open, so wyou could just "net" him with the portal, and nobody there could jump through it because it would be too close to the bed?
Shatter: I simply see no reason to make the operation more difficult by attempting to take him alive
Declan: No - because Create Object isnt perception range (just checked rules) so cant be used through ESP
Greg Davis: He's no immediate threat to anyone at the moment - Killing him in his bed is MURDER!!!
Shatter: I'd say he's the only creature on this God created planet that's a direct threat to us at the moment
-> Shatter: Easily
Shatter: All others we should be able to elude with relative ease
-> Shatter: You know you could just create a portal under the bed (been playing portal a lot)
Benjamin Wolff: Could just portal an anvil over his head then.
Greg Davis: He can only trace us - He's no direct threat physically - with our abilities we should be able to snatch him with very little risk to ourselves.
Shatter: Thought of that. And also, the portal ability is a bit different in the UP rules so it might work nice. I'm only concerned that there might be a chance for the reflex guy to get trough as well.
Benjamin Wolff: Any large weight shoudl do, but an anvil would have the benefit of good tradition.
-> Shatter: Well if you portal the bed you'll get Sylph and Naga (whos sat on the end)
Shatter: I say we have a few opetions to choose from.
Shatter: If we discount a full frontal attack, I could either try opening a portal beneath his bed, or portal there myself for a split second, do my thing and get out.
Greg Davis: Just because you feel threatened by the guy, is no justification, either legally or morally to commit murder.
Campaign saved.
The toilet flushes, and the taps come on.
Shatter: With the portal option we would also get the bed, everything on it and anyone fast enough to run trough. That'd mean that we'd get at least this Naga character
Shatter: If I go there, I can most likely get out before they have the time to react.
Shatter: During that time I can either take one shot at his head with a gun or attempt to grab him with me.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): How suble is you teleport now Rev?
Shatter: It has higher initial risk but if successful creates considerably less mess
Rev (Shatter): It can have double Subtles power feats meaning its nigh impossible to notice. They'd notice what portals in though
Richard Anderson: Guys. Isnt there a simpler way. If we could just dose their breakfast with Analax-Delta?
Greg Davis: With effort, I think I can make both of us Invisible. We could teleport in, grab Sylph, at teleport out again without the need to create a portal.
Shatter: That could work, though I'm concerned that once Sylph wakes up they'll know we're in australia and become alert
Richard Anderson: True. So we need to act before he wakes up then.
Shatter nods
Richard Anderson: I like the invisible teleport idea.
Benjamin Wolff: The portal makes a noise, so they would be alerted, I suspect.
Shatter nods again
Greg Davis: If my way works, we could be on the other side of the planet before the rest of them knows any better.
Shatter: Though I might be able to do something about the noice if necessary... Not sure how exactly to go about it yet.
Shatter: Would need to take some time to test
Greg Davis: Besides, if we snatch him we could use him to find Genson.
Shatter: Which isn't the preferred option right now
Shatter: Alright
Campaign saved.
Shatter: We go in invisible. If all goes well, Greg, you don't need to even do anything.
The tap turns off.
Shatter: If things go bad, I'll be trusting you to solve the situation.
The bathroom door opens again.
-> Shatter: Your just images - right. No sound?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Right, I reach out grab Shatters arm, and use Extreme effort to turn us both invisible - (Invisible, with the Effect Another Extra).
-> Shatter: Checking Shadow scry
Shatter: Nope, audio and visual.
Shatter: It's basically Audio and visual with Medium Shadows drawback
Declan: Oh. Everyone - I've been forgetting to hand out hero points.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): NB. the invisibility is full visual spectrum.
Declan: Lets see. Assume you're all on two and I'll make sure I hand them out occassionally
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Thanks.
A voice suggest she's tired - in the room and suggests someone orders coffee from downstairs.
Shatter as soon as they both go invisible, Shatter portals into the room, right next to Sylph's bed. (Wait, description of exact action following)
GM: Greg - are you using a hero point, or becoming fatigued (your choice)
Campaign saved.
Arbiter gets up and starts headiong towards the phone
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): becoming fatigued - as I understand it, the HP option only lasts one round.
Rev (Shatter): So: Teleporting in with the short range teleport while holding Greg. The short range has Turnabout and Subtle x 2 from Variable. As soon as they appear, Shatter uses the ranged Dimensional Pocet to grab Sylph. At the end Shatter returns with Greg to the others with the Turnabout ability.
Rev (Shatter): *breathes out*
GM: Nope - p121 of rules - hero point eliminates the fatigue - so permanent.
Rev (Shatter): Heh well hopefully it'll only take one round.
Rev (Shatter): At least what I described above should only take one move action and one standard
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Ok, but I'll use Extra Effort, and save the HP:)
The moment Sylph disappears the woman starts calling orders. She reacts almost instantly (which is just that fraction too slow). Within 5 seconds she's kicked the hotel door open (and although you cannot see her you presume she is in the coridor). The others are slower to react.
Greg Davis: Right, time for a long range 'port, taking the whole team to safety.
Meanwhile Shatter returns to the appartment you've 'borrowed' in Sydney. Not the one you want to keep secret in South Africa - the one you've been using in Sydney.
Campaign saved.
Suddenly Sylph appears next to Shatter.
Shatter curses
-> Shatter: You feel a sudden wave of nausia as he appears.
Greg Davis grabs Sylph.
Shatter: Is Shatter strong enough to acts still?
Shatter staggers a bit
Greg Davis: You ok Shatter?
-> Shatter: Yes - but you feel alsmost powerless
Shatter nods and motions towards the man.
Shatter: Secure him
GM: Make a melee attack roll for Greg (to grab Sylph)
Benjamin Wolff: pulls out taser, looks hopeful
Benjamin Wolff: Oh, if he's trying to get away, I have carte blanche! *zap* :D
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): help - no dice rolls showing:(
GM: Just type /die d20 (which should work)
Rev (Shatter): I assume we dropped the invisibility as soon as we appeared here?
Greg Davis: Melee attack [1d20+6 = 13]
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I rolled much better the last two tries:(
Sylph nimbly jumps out of Greg's reach. He closes his eyes briefly and...
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): hopefully he's flatfooted.
GM: [1d20+3 = 11]
and you all feel nausious and weak. As if there was something missing.
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Can we roll initiative?
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Do I gett to zap him, or do I throw up? :)
GM: Okay - Initiatives
Shatter: Initiative [1d20+2 = 9]
Rev (Shatter): Curses...
Sander Cohen: [1d20 = 18]
Greg Davis: Initiative [1d20+2 = 22]
Sander Cohen: (that should have been +3)
Benjamin Wolff: Initiative [1d20 = 15]
Greg Davis
Rev (Shatter): Greg's fatigued though. Only one action
GM: Okay. Greg acts first :)
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): belts Shyph good and hard - If he can reach.
GM: No trouble - make a melee attack roll.
Greg Davis: Melee attack [1d20+6 = 22]
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Smack:)
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Toughness DC: 17
GM: [1d20+4 = 14]
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Sorry make that a total of 21, due to fatigue.
Campaign saved.
Greg leaps forward overcoming his fatigue to strike Sylph a glancing blow. Sylph looks a little shaken but not badly.
Sander Cohen
GM: Sander up :)
Sander Cohen: ok - I'll try and snare him
You suddenly realise why you feel so weak. As you concentrate nothing happens . No ice. Nothing. Sylph spots the confused expression and smiles.
Sylph then looks round the room and makes a break for the door.
GM: [1d20 = 20]
Hits it shoulder first, and the poor quality plasterboard door folds under his weight letting him through.
Benjamin Wolff
GM: Dewi :)
Benjamin Wolff: Try to zap him I guess :)
GM: Okay. Quick ranged attack roll
Benjamin Wolff: Melee attack [1d20+3 = 13]
GM: Hmm - RANGED attack
GM: Oh. Same + anyway
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Ranged is also +3 - your call, depending how far he is :)
Okay. His backs to you so he cannot dodge (flat footed). The taser hits him in the small of the back
GM: [1d20 = 7]
He jerks about for a second and then falls, hitting his head on the corridor wall on the way down
You all suddenly feel less nausious.
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: Yay! I love my tazer...
Shatter pulls his pistol from the holster, too slow to act to be much of use.
Declan: (and just so you know - that wouldn't have taken him out except he was already bruised from the punch )
Rev (Shatter): Be happy I always have the lowest initiative rolls. If Shatter would've acted before Ben, he would've just shot him. Heh
Benjamin Wolff: Anyone got handcuffs?
Rev (Shatter): Can we use powers now?
Richard Anderson: I think we need to do more than handcuff him. Maybe a blindfold and gag - just to be sure?
Declan: Yes. Your powers seem to have come back as he passed out
Benjamin Wolff: I think someone standing over him with a big cosh will ensure he doesn't try to use that power again.
Shatter pulls a pair of shiny handcuffs from the air and slaps them around Sylphs wrists, making sure they're a bit too tight.
Richard Anderson: We need to get away from here - just incase they can track him. Then we need to search him for tracking devices, GPSes and so on.
Shatter: We best move somewhere a bit further while he's out.
Shatter nods to Rich
Shatter: Can you find us a vacant place? I'll open a portal there
Richard Anderson: And we dont take him to the appartment. I want to keep that hidden.
Shatter: Best move while he's still out
Richard Anderson: How far away?
Campaign saved.
Shatter: New Zealand?
Sander Cohen: Antarctica?
Richard Anderson: We could take him back to Edinburgh University? That will take his friends a while to get to.
Greg Davis: Richard can you check for any tracking devices on him?
Greg Davis: That sounds good.
Shatter: I'd still rather stay out of the UK. But... *he just shrugs*
Richard Anderson: Richard concentrates.
Richard Anderson: Nothing electronic. Doesnt rule out radioactive isotopes and so on.
Greg Davis: We can test for that in Edinburgh Uni.
Shatter: We can? Does anyone of you know how?
Shatter: Rudy's safe so we best not touch him either
Greg Davis: Geiger counter - the Uni's sure to have one.
Shatter: Anyway, you all sure you want to go to Edinburgh?
Greg Davis: Anywhere but here.
Richard Anderson: Can we keep him in the pocket? Should be track proof.
Shatter: You saw what happened the last time.
-> Shatter: He came out of the pocket as your powers stopped working.
Shatter: I'm not sure if I can necessarily keep him there
Greg Davis: Yeah, just how did he manage that?
Shatter pulls out a T-Shirt from the pocket and folds it, then pulls it over Sylph's head and ties it so it covers his face.
Campaign saved.
Rev (Shatter): Not thick enough so he can't breathe, but it can't be comfortable and he shouldn't be able to see anything but light.
Benjamin Wolff: That is an ability worth extra study, and may be more valuable in the long run than his tracking. Could his power help people who are about to (or are in the process of) poppng? th
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): -th
Declan: th?
Greg Davis: Richard - can you do the honours and get us to Edinburgh Uni?
Shatter looks away for a while and finds an empty room in the University building
Shatter: I'll take us there. Just grab a hold of my shoulder or something
Richard Anderson: I think Shatters on it.
Greg Davis: Shatter, we don't plan to stay there long, just enough time to find Genson.
Shatter is holding Sylph's hands with his own so you'll have to grab somewhere else
Greg Davis: We'll need to take Sylph too - he's handcuffed.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): too late me:)
Richard Anderson: We going after Gensen? Because he's part of the initiative?
Greg Davis grabs hold of Shatter.
Shatter: Once everyone has done so, he jumps to the room he found.
Rev (Shatter): Which is preferably some place that will stay empty as well
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): we'll secure Slyph to a radiator, etc - whatever looks heavy duty enour.
Benjamin Wolff: Whee, I coul dget used to this way of travelling. S much less stressful than the TSA.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): *enough.
Richard Anderson: Okay. Lets make a priority list. What do we do with Sylph? Then Gensen or do we contact the AI again about this 'source'?
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: And we need to think about taking the vitamin k before we start blowing up.
Benjamin Wolff: I would say talking to sylph and finding out his priorities and allegiances will let us know whether we can "turn" him to our use, or whether we can only use him as a guineapig.
Shatter shrugs
Greg Davis: We keep Sylph alive, use him to track Genson - He should be receptive (looks at Shatter) after all I'm the only one who wants him alive.
Shatter: Frankly, I don't hold any alliances any longer. I've been screwed over by two goverment organizations by now.
Shatter: There's no reason for me to do any favours to them anymore
Greg Davis: Then we "rescue" Gensen, and hold him until we release all the info we've gathered - and it's hit the papers.
Shatter: What info?
Shatter: Besides, if this nonsense about these secret organizations is true, which I'm far from being completely convinced about, they should be able to deal with such information at this point
Shatter: If it were up to me, I'd find a permanent solution to this problem *he shoves Sylph*, then make sure your families are safe *He looks at Greg* and then go underground for a while
Greg Davis: The Info Richard scanned into his laptop at Genson's place, and what he found out at the prison.
Shatter: Maybe check up on that information about the Source. I do admit it piqued my interest.
Shatter: That'll hardly change the world. Not that I'm against releasing it, do what you will
Campaign saved.
Shatter: Oh, and while at it, maybe find a secure way to diffuse the walking bombs you guys are
Richard Anderson: Well I'm not about to allow America to turn into an anti-paragon police state.. but I don't want to try opposing the initiative on my own.
Greg Davis: You were worried about us not being attached to an organisation. If we can purge the PRA, and get Gordon re-instated - we win a considerable victory against whatever factions may be out there.
Richard Anderson: Shatter, Do you think we could take the Vitamin K in your pocket. Less likely to kill someone that way.
Shatter: That was then. Now, I don't think I can make myself trust a single commanding officer further than I can throw them
Shatter turns to Richard
Shatter: I was thinking on that. I'm for it, as long as I can figure some way to keep an eye on you guys while there
Greg Davis: Agreed. (To Shatter) Then you've already lost.
Shatter: Just in case you end up harming yourselves
Benjamin Wolff: Personally I see this popping to be like a zit - I would rather have the zit popped before it gets so big that the popping would remove my entire head.
Richard Anderson: You could wait five minutes and then send in one of the others to check?
Greg Davis: ok.
Shatter: Too many unknowns about that, but if you want to take the risk...
Richard Anderson: I'll give it a go. I don't want to wait till it happens somewhere important
Benjamin Wolff: I would be interested to see how much dmage someone who is popping could do, if Sylph's powers were being used on them at the time. And if Sylph were in the room when they popped, I think it would be very easy to convince him to use that power.
Shatter Shatter can use the Variables to create an ESP ability that can see into the Pocket, no? He just doesn't know how.
Rev (Shatter): That was a /w...
Rev (Shatter): Sorry all
Campaign saved.
Declan: ((Mark told me he wanted to do this on the phone earlier - when he was telling me he couldnt make the session))
Declan: and in response to Rev: Yeah. He'll figure it out
Shatter: How about you interrogate Sylph first. Ben should have experience on that field.
Richard Anderson: Okay guys. I'll take one of those vials, and try inhjecting it. Come foind me in 5 minutes. Ready Shatter?
Shatter: In the meantime I'll go into town, get some supplies and work out a way for you to take the vitamis safely
Shatter shrugs
Shatter: Sure
Richard Anderson: I dont think it makes any difference if we interrogate him before or after. Our powers dont seem to work on him. But we might just blow up if we wait..
Shatter: Who will volunteer to check up on you? I can't go to the pocket myself
Shatter: Talk that out and I'll go to the next room and empty the pocket
Shatter: With that Shatter walks out of the door
Sander Cohen: How about Ben goes in and creates an illusion that he's not there?
Greg Davis: I'll check up on him.
Shatter: He drops everything in the pocket into an empty room nearby. Can't imagine the mess. Heh.
Richard takes off his watch, and puts down his PDA, GPS and Laptop.
-> Shatter: Good thing he no longer has a van in there
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: Probably best not to toast those
Shatter after a few minutes Shatter returns
Greg Davis: Ok Richard, you first.
Benjamin Wolff: I could do that :)
Richard Anderson: OKay.
Shatter hands Richard a syringe and a vial with the Vitamin he brough from the pocket
Shatter: Then without further ceremonies he sends Rich into the Pocket
Declan: Want me to describe the events in the pocket publicly, Rev?
Shatter: Once all that is done, he sits on a chair facing Sylph who's leaning against the wall still out of it. His Rifle lies on his lap, loaded.
Declan: and assume you are telling everyone
Benjamin Wolff: Let's leave it a good long time to be sure I miss the popping, hmm?
Rev (Shatter): Well, Shatter will try to work on a way to see into the Pocket while Richard's there. Once you figure he's worked out a way, you can describe it. Shatter will tell everyone what he sees.
Rev (Shatter): If he doesn't see anything, the less descriptions you need to type. Heh
Okay. After concentrating a while Rev manages to feel out whats going on in the pocket.
Richard has sat down and is rolling his shirt sleave up. He then injects one of the vials.
Campaign saved.
And he sits expectantly for about a minute... before suddenly convulsing.
Greg Davis: Greg sets up an invisible barrier between Sylph and Shatter - He wants to make sure he stays alive.
Your ability to sense him is momentarily disrupted and then you sense a cloud of very very small particles - increadibly small particles expanding out from him very fast. Almost like an explosion.
You then realise that whatever the particles were, Richard is covered in them - still. And he's not moving.
Shatter waits
-> Greg Davis: Okay - would have said okay quicker but I was typing events in the pocket
You being to sense Richards chest moving in and out - he's breathing. You think he's unconscious but alive.
Benjamin Wolff: Give it a couple of minutes, then try throwing small digital items in and see if they come out unscathed, maybe?
Shatter: Do you have anything small and digital you're ready to sacrifice?
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson You are in a university test lab (GM hint)
GM Try that again as GM
Benjamin Wolff: This here... what IS this? Well, it looks digital, try that. *passes random test equipement*
Rev (Shatter): yeah but that'd be like, damaging public property..
Shatter shrugs and sends it into the pocket
Benjamin Wolff: In fact, nop, use my phone - I know how that's meant to work, so I can easily tell if it's not.
Benjamin Wolff: ;passes the phone too
The second the osciloscope enters the pocket it is stripped. All the metal and silicon is stripped away leaving bits of plastic and rubber. It happens so fast that its just these plastic bits which hit the floor.
Benjamin Wolff: ok, MAYBE NOT THE PHONE.
Shatter: So what do you think? Just wait untill he wakes up?
Shatter: I don't think he's in any immediate danger
Benjamin Wolff: Hrm - what happenned to the electronics - did it convert them into anything else?
GM: [1d20 = 6]
Benjamin Wolff: It might be worth feeding it with some more electronics to see if it is trying to make anything.
-> Shatter: You realise there are MORE of the little particles since the scope went in
Shatter: I'm not sure if he's trying to make anything but I'm fairly sure the mass of the particles did increase after we sent in the thing
Campaign saved.
Shatter: Are the particles all over the pocket or concentrated on Richard?
Declan: (Imagine the fun you could have had if Richard had surged on a ship at sea - or better still the international space station where someone said he'd do less harm))
Benjamin Wolff: Interesting... I wonder what they are, some kinda nanite? Has he transferred his intelligence into them? What happens if you portal a rat in? I bet there are some in some nearby bio lab - or maybe near the canteen.
-> Shatter: All over the pocket - but concentrated around Richard
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Eeok, Declan - you're so mean! :P
Shatter (Shrugs): I can't handle any machines smaller than a gas engine
Greg Davis: Ben, get your taser and keep a close watch on Sylph. Shatter, if you send me in, I'll try to bring him around.
Shatter: I'm fine with leaving him there untill he comes to himself, but if you want to keep sending things in, I'll comply
Benjamin Wolff: Hrm. I would rather avoid a gery goo scenario. And living creatures contain trace minerals that might be useful to it - portal in a fly or something, at least, and see if it gets stripped.
Shatter: I have to admit I'm against sending you in there right now Greg
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Greg leaves anything electronic he's carrying on him.
Shatter: Alright...
Shatter sends his senses wander around the university building to find a vermin of some sort
Greg Davis: Its either me or Sander, and I'm not prepared to risk someone else's life.
Shatter: Bet Rich'll enjoy waking up when I place a roach on his face
-> Shatter: You find some rats and some rabbits
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: /act pisitions himself as tazerguard, and wonders idly what happens to the pocket if Sylph cuts Shatter off from his power.
Shatter disappears from his chair for a second and then disappears. While he was gone he sent a rat to keep Rich company.
The rat seems fine.
Shatter observes for a moment and then nods
-> Shatter: You notice the particles are now clustering around Richard, and around the rat
Shatter: I don't think its harmful, what ever the stuff is.
Shatter: But it is attracted to living things
Shatter: Still want me to send you in?
Greg Davis: Yup.
Shatter: Ready?
Greg Davis: As I'll ever be.
Shatter makes Greg disappear
Okay. Greg is now in the pocket. Greg - you can't see any 'particles'. Richard is unconscious, and there's a rat investigating him.
Greg Davis move to Richard's unconscious body, and places his hands on his shoulders. Then begins to feed healing light into him.
Benjamin Wolff: Don't let him or the rat out again until we have confirmation that the dust won't spread globally, destroying all of humankind's infrastructure. If they're self-reproducing nanites, that could happen.
Benjamin Wolff: So, at least, don't let anything out thateven one particle of that stuff might be riding on.
Shatter: Don't worry. I don't plan on letting him out as long as there's anything left uncertain
Richard starts to come round - slowly
He blinks.
Greg Davis: Welcome back.
Benjamin Wolff: Excellent.
Richard Anderson: That was painful. Did anything happen?
Shatter: The time this happened to me freaked me out enough to decide not to take any risks with you guys
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: Shatter seems to think you've filled to place with particles - they seem to have destroyed that (points to oscilloscope). Think you can do anything about it?
Richard Anderson: I can't sense anything, but that could be because I'm in the pocket.
Declan: (Out of curiosity, did Greg have a watch? Belt buckle? Shoe ringlets for his laces?))
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): he probably took off his watch, but will still have the other two.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): (probably a fly on histrousers, too.)
Declan: ((Well the belt buckle didnt survive two seconds in here - and the shoes have suffered. Also if you had any money it no longer has a metal strip in the notes)
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): hopefully we're covered by the comics code authority:)
alistair (Sander Cohen): Hope you don't have any fillings either ;)
-> Shatter: You sense that since Richard woke up the particles are now all clustering around him. You think they are all within about a meter or so of him.
Greg Davis: Whatever it is you're doing - I'd really appreciate it if you stop - Now would be good:)
Shatter: It seems Richard doesn't realize he's doing it, but the things are rallying around him...
Benjamin Wolff: Hey, what happens if you send a coupleof those trucks in the car park outside into the pocket? That could be fun.
-> Shatter: and as you 'watch' they get closer and closer until you cant sesne them - either they are on him, or IN him.
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: I'm not doing anything.
Shatter seems to focus on something and doesn't hear Ben's question
Shatter: They're gone... I think.
Greg Davis: I beg to differ (showing Richard his belt buckle and shoes).
Shatter: The only reason I was able to tell they were there was because I'm fairly sensitive to the weight of things in the Pocket...
Richard looks like he's going to laugh, then reconsiders.
Richard Anderson: You sure I did that?
Shatter: They gathered around Richard and then sort of... I don't know if he drew them into himself or something.
Shatter: They still can't figure out what it is.
Greg Davis: Yup - you owe me a new belt, and a good pair of shoes.
Shatter keeps explaining things to Ben and Sander
Richard Anderson: Okay. Well if I did that probably best if I dont leave here till I figure out how not to.
Benjamin Wolff: Though it could be a very handy skill if he figures out also how to make it happen on command... so long as he can control the dust.
Greg Davis: Well you think 500 times quicker than anyone else - so make it fast:)
Richard Anderson: I seem to be a little slow today. I can't get my mind on track... Normally I just think of a puzzle and my mind just handles it.
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: That's gotta take all the fun out of sudoku.
Greg Davis: We'll I don't think Shatter's going to let us out until he's sure there's no danger - So we better make ourselves comfortable (He settles himself down on the "ground")
Benjamin Wolff: try portalling something metal in again, see if they start swarming out of him again?
Shatter: Can do
Richard Anderson: Can we get him to send in some beer and steaks? I'm suddenly starving.
Shatter whisks another lab instrument into the pocket
Which lands in the pocket - intact.
Sander Cohen: How about putting something small and metal in a plastic or glass container and sending it in?
Greg Davis: I think he's listening.
Shatter waits for a while and then puts the instrument back in its place
Richard Anderson: Shatter, I you can hear me. I'm starving. See if you can find some food. Maybe a steak or a burger. Something meaty.
Greg Davis: Yeah me too.
Shatter: He's asking for food.
Benjamin Wolff: Meaty with lots of iron, huh?
Shatter: I'll go raid a fridge in the faculty break room I saw a while back
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: I can pop out and get some food if you want - tehre's sure to be a canteen around here. Do we have any local currency?
Shatter: You two wait here and keep an eye on Sylph *To Ben and Sander*
Benjamin Wolff: Oh that works too.
Sander Cohen: ok
Shatter walks out of the room
-> Benjamin Wolff: You notice that Sylph is PRETENDING to be asleep
Shatter: We can assume he saw such room while scrying for rats, can't we? Feel free to come up with something barely edibe existing in the fridge.
Benjamin Wolff: When I pop, I think I would like Sylph in the pocket with me. Hrm... and maybe we should start keeping him in there, we have no idea when he might pop, too.
Shatter: And if there are any, you can describe them in public as Shatter will them in straight away.
-> Shatter: Oh. You found a fridge. Its got milk, blue cheese, someones sandwiches (labled Paul's), and half a packet of Oreos in it.
Benjamin Wolff: watching reactions closely :)
-> Shatter: Sorry - shuld have been public
-> Benjamin Wolff: He's obviously listening. Curious as to where he is (he's still blindfolded)
Shatter: After a while a carton of milk, a bit of blue cheese, some sandwiches (with the lable "Paul's") and a half eaten packet of Oreos pop into the Pocket
Rev (Shatter): Sorry, should've been an action
Shatter: NP, I thought of it too late
Richard Anderson: Thanks Shatter
Shatter: It takes a bit over ten minutes for Shatter to return to the room with the others
Richard Anderson: Whats this black stuff in the sandwiches? It looks like tar.
Campaign saved.
Shatter takes Greg out of the Pocket, leaving Richard with his sandwiches
Benjamin Wolff: [illusion to Sylh that we are not talking about him] Shatter, our guest is awake and pretending not to be - could you move him to the pocket before he finds a way to cause trouble?
Greg Davis: (Looks surprised) Shatter can't keep him in his pocket.
Shatter: First, I'm not sure how secure the Pocket is with him
Benjamin Wolff: Why not?
Shatter: Second, I'd rather not take Richard out of it just yet
Benjamin Wolff: Geh. We have a problem then - because he will pop at some point too, won't he?
Shatter: I think Richard said that the strike team wasn't doped up with the performance limiting drug
Greg Davis: He secure at the moment - and he's never taken Analax Delta so he has no danger of surging.
Shatter: So they shouldn't go off unexpectedly
GM You know Sylph was never on the Analax-Delta - so he wont pop. He's never been restricted.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Snap:)
GM Oh - Greg beat me to it
GM and shatter
Benjamin Wolff: Ah fair enough then. It would still be nice to have him use his powers on people as they pop - might reduce the collateral damage, if any.
Shatter: I don't think we want to use him for anything.
Greg Davis: Or not. (To shatter) do you want to do the others while we wait for Richard?
Shatter seems like he's about to continue but looks at Greg and holds his tongue
Benjamin Wolff: Anyway, since he's awake, anything you want to say and hve him hear without him knowing you know he knows it... misinformation about our location or whatever...
Shatter: I'd rather wait untill we can take him out form there safely
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): *First sentance was to ben
Campaign saved.
Shatter: Ben, do you want to get a chance to work on him?
Greg Davis: Ok, no problem.
Shatter: As far as I know you have some skill in getting information out of people
Shatter: After we're done with that, we should probably just get rid of him somehow.
Benjamin Wolff: What information do we need?
Shatter: He's not one of us and I doubt we can use him.
Shatter: Names of the people actually running PRA. Anything he knows about their future plans. Why they chose not to include us in their little circle.
Shatter: Anything you can come up with, really
Greg Davis: All we need to know from him is Genson's and Joanne's location. But it might be worth waiting until we're all taken the Vitamin K, and are ready to act.
Shatter: That'll mean keeping him around for at least a full day or two
Greg Davis: Plus what shatter said.
Benjamin Wolff: Good call. I'm happy to be the next vitamine K guineapig, if you'd like.
Greg Davis: Ok.
Shatter: Does someone want to go and ask Rich if he's sorted out his issues yet?
Shatter: Or if he's feeling like passing out again
Greg Davis: Ok
Shatter: With that Greg's back in the pocket
Greg Davis: Hi Richard, feeling any better?
Richard appear to have eaten all the food you sent in. He was so hungry he ate the entire half loaf of marmite sandwiches - and the block of cheese, and all the milk. The oreos went first of course.
Richard Anderson: Yeah. Just tired really.
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: Want to sleep it off in here, just to be on the safe side?
Richard Anderson: When I go to sleep send something metal in. That way you can figure out if I'm safe.
Richard Anderson: Can I brough your jacket? No pillows in here.
Greg Davis: Ok (passes Richard his jacket), I'll let you rest, Shatter will carry out the test once you're asleep.
Afdter a few minutes Richard actually passes out - must have been very tired.
Greg Davis: Ok Shatter, I'm ready to leave.
-> Shatter: and no expanding cloud this time
Shatter sends in the same item he did the last time, just to be sure
and its survives
Shatter puts it back again
Shatter: Alright.
Shatter: It seems he's alright and not gushing forth anything
Shatter: Could you taze our captive again Ben?
Benjamin Wolff: Yay - so we're probably safe, thought the CDC would laugh at us for such a simple quarantining procedure.
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: But it's that or sterilise the contents of the pocket, so I'm happy with this result.
Benjamin Wolff: Sure thing.
Benjamin Wolff: *zap*
Benjamin Wolff: (Do I need to make an atack roll on an allegedly sleeping person?)
Greg Davis: Well if we're going to wait until Richard wakes up, I'll think I'll grab 40 winks too - I'm pretty bushed after that stunt with invisibility.
Shatter: Thanks. I think I'll go and take Rich to the safehouse, let him sleep it off.
Declan: The prisoner(s) (you have TWO since Shatter emptied his pocket) are easy to taser since one is still drugged and the other bound and blindfolded)
Shatter: If you want, we can take care of ben next
Shatter: I'd rather have us all voulnrable for as short a time as possible
Greg Davis: Ok, Sander can you watch the prisoners?
Shatter: I'll be back in a minute
Benjamin Wolff: If I'm next up for popping, I'll stay up and watch over Sylph. Likely I'll be getting plents of sleep afterwards anyway.
Shatter portals into their safehouse in South-Africa and places Rich on a bed there. Then waits for a while for anything catastrophical to happen.
Sander Cohen: sure, will do Greg
Rev (Shatter): Heh and see Greg, now we have two bloody prisoners to worry about. How about we kill one of them already?
Rev (Shatter): Soon we'll have a whole prison camp with us all the time
Okay. We are pretty much out of time again - so I'll just say that Ben's 'surge' is the ultimate anti-climax. When he surges everyone in the pocket is assaulted with bizare images. Unfortunately thats noone. He goes through the unconscious and the very hungry phase but you see no big change - except after the surge his powers dont seem to work (which saves spending time on that next session)
And nothing catastrophic happens to Richard or the bed
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Hopefully we'll have sorted out the PRA before it becomes a problem.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): You could always have them in your pocket then have an "accidental pocket rupture" when we're in transit, and spill them out into the chaos between worlds? :P
Campaign saved.
Rev (Shatter): We can handle either Sander or Greg in the same night as the other two. Want to do that in an expedited process or save it to the next session?
Okay. Out of time guys. I'll post the log for Mark to read.
Shatter: OK
Probably best to save the others for next session.
Shatter: *Nods*
Benjamin Wolff: Guys, I had the most INCREDIBLE dream... and now I have the munchies. This reminds meof that time back in college....
Greg Davis: Ok, Me and Sander next week, and then we're off after Genson:)
Shatter: By the way Dec. Richard will be remaking his abilities now, right? Or has he done so already?
Greg Davis: I should be able to make next week with no problems.
-> Shatter: I'll do the same - which is email him my suggested changes..
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Ben's coulda been a whole lot of cthulu-fun if he'd popped outside the pocket :D His subconscious is so dark :D
-> Shatter: But each of them is going to spend atleast a sesion 'powered down'
Shatter: *Nods* Could you rely a request from me to him? As far as I'm concerned, he's free to power up his teleportation abilities, I'd just ask that he avoids making it as versatile as Shatter's. Maybe leave a weight limit per jump or something.
Campaign saved.
-> Shatter: I'll make sure in my recommendation I keep teleport improvements to a minimum. Hes the technology and machines guy. You're the teleport guy :)
Shatter: Thanks. :)
GM Okay guys. I'm off to bed. Night.
GM I'll leave the client open a while incase you want to chat amongst yourselves
Greg Davis: Ok see you next week Dec.
Benjamin Wolff: G'night :) Oh, Al, what's this about a fridge?
Shatter: It's too bad that there's a way to handle these explosions so clinically
Shatter: It would've been a (fairly literal) blast to have them happen randomly during the campaign
Benjamin Wolff: Yeah - could bea lot of fun otherwise.
Sander Cohen: Sue's mother's partner has a spare fridge
Greg Davis: On the whole I think our power selections have allowed us to work our way round most of the problems in the campaign, so far.
Shatter: Well, Greg and Sander are the more problematic ones
Campaign saved.
Shatter: I mean they can create mass. Sander can create ice and Greg can make mass out of light (which, we've established, exists in some way in the pocket)
Shatter: If they use that to overload the pocket...
Greg Davis: . . . Going right back to Unity - could you imagine how bad that would have been without Richard and Shatter!
Benjamin Wolff: Hahaha :) Sue's awesome, she must know or be related to half of barnsley :D
Greg Davis: Yeah, what's your pocket's carrying capacity?
Shatter: Lemme check
Shatter: 50 000lb
Shatter: Which means nothing to me as I'm use to the kilo system
Sander Cohen: Roughly 2 pounds per kilo according to the internet
Benjamin Wolff: about 25 tons?
Shatter: 22 tons
Benjamin Wolff: So more than a dozen cars and their passengers.
Greg Davis: I don't know the weight of my constructs - prob. very little, but the volume would be 25ft3 X6 . . . lets see that150 ft£
Greg Davis: . . . I thnk.
Benjamin Wolff: What happens if the pocket pops? Where do you spill out to
Greg Davis: But then given the surge - well could be any amount.
Shatter: That's a good question... Heh
Shatter: It was lucky that Sylph popped out so close by
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: I think Sander's in the same boat - but you'd have the weight of all that ice too - can you say glacier:)
Benjamin Wolff: Oh, that's what happenned, huh? I missed that, my text is kinda flickery :)
Sander Cohen: You on your laptop?
Benjamin Wolff: Can he make ice from liquid that's just not there?
Benjamin Wolff: Yup - can't get network sharing working for some reason - will change it so the main machine has the dongle tonight, so shouldn't have the problem again.
Greg Davis: Well there's atmosphere inside the pocket - I think he'd be able to create it from the ambiant moisture - such as it is - assuming his abilities work that way - remember paragon powers are "miracles".
Sander Cohen: You know - I've never checked :)
Shatter: The interesting thing about the pocket is that the temperature there doesn't transmit.
Shatter: Heh I asked that from Dec so that the beer Shatter keeps there would never warm up
Greg Davis: He might just summon the Ice into existance.
Greg Davis: Well you'll have plenty of ice with your beer next week.
Greg Davis: :)
Sander Cohen: It's probably just as likely that I'll make the air -200 degrees or something
Shatter: You should really learn that trick Iceman uses all the time.
Shatter: Making a slope of ice from thin air and then skate on it around town
Shatter: Always looked cool
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: ahhh, but I think we're at the mercy of the GM's evil whims when we surge:(
Greg Davis: I don't think Reve planned to 'port half a hotel into the Australian outback:)
Sander Cohen: yeah
Shatter: Ah, good times though
Shatter: Heh and was fun getting a mail from Dec after that happens about noticiing a slight increase in power
Shatter: Its a bit of a shame that we don't have that much time to RP how the characters learn the new power bit by bit
Benjamin Wolff: Good night all - I'm off!
Shatter: With the campaign we sort of have to hit the ground running
Sander Cohen: Yeah - I'm off too
Greg Davis: Yeah, your powers do seem to have increase "slightly":)
Shatter: Alright, take care. I think I'll grab a few hours of Mass Effect before hitting the bed
Sander Cohen: Is it any good?
'Dewi Morgan' disconnected
Shatter: Well, I've been playing it for 40 hours now and still heading in more
Greg Davis: Ok, guess it's time to call it a night - see you all next week:)
Shatter: It's a good idea, but the content could've used a lot more polish.
Shatter: Still having fun though
Sander Cohen: hmmm.... sounds like it may be worth a shot sometime then
Shatter: I'd say it is, especially if you've enjoyed Bioware's previous titles
Shatter: Very Kotorish
Sander Cohen: Hmmm.... yes, definitely enjoyed the first one although I've still to finish it
Sander Cohen: Right - going off now, see you next week!
Campaign saved.
Shatter: See you
'Greg Davis' disconnected
'alistair' disconnected
'Rev' disconnected
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.