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Shatter: Oh right, an infodump session. Always good to miss one of those.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I may be slow typing, Fiona has just made sandwich cake - yummy - jam and cream!
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): I can't remember what happenned - basically, everyone in the world (or at least all the major political groups) are all gonna be trying to kill or hire us, one or the other. I think.
Rev (Shatter): Never could figure out why people couldn't keep their sandwiches and cakes seperate *Grins*
Richard Anderson: the most important thing to do right now is "lose" Sylph
Shatter: I assume she's the girl we grabbed at the prison?
Richard Anderson: No - the tracker that's after us (you and Gordon really)
Shatter: Oh right. I rememeber him being named in the logs I read. Yeah
GM: Okay - logs up
Shatter: Hopefully we can get Shatter some of his powers back and that ought not be an issue
Richard Anderson: I've nabbed his home address, family details, etc., etc. I can't make up my mind whether to blackmail, capture, turn or "eliminate" him - ideas, anyone?
Shatter: So how much of Shatter's powers you want me to use now? Want them to come back gradually?
Shatter: Well, the first question is: Do we have anyone we want to find?
Shatter: If no, I say we get rid of him
Benjamin Wolff: If we can capture or turn him, that would be good - he's quite the asset. Failing that, killing sounds practical, but dangerous for us.
Campaign saved.
Rev (Shatter): How long has it been since Shatter experienced his blackout? Time wise
-> Shatter: Save it for when it will make a difference :) But its up to you... Whenever you feel ready
Greg Davis: Capture - once we sort out this mess with the PRA - we can turn him over to the proper authorities.
About 2 days - since Rev had the surge
Rev (Shatter): Thanks
Richard Anderson: and I'll need to sleep soon - otherwise Shatter's surge will look like a picnic!
Benjamin Wolff: Um... the mess won't ever get sorted out, and the proper authorities will never like us again. Or maybe that's me being pessimistic.
Rev (Shatter): Slightly afk as I go trough the logs as fast as I can. Chat away.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Nah - you've been in Dec's campaigns before!
Greg Davis: As for people we want to find - Oscar Genson would be a good start.
Richard Anderson: as would the AI - but that wouldn't do us much good
Richard Anderson: as it can move itself around fairly easily
To sum up last session - you found out about the Initiative, the Pantheon, The Seven Thunders, The Syndicate, Vanguard and you know there is one other big power out there.
Richard Anderson: And we want to deal with the tracker before heading off to find "the source"
Gordon Laymark: You also found out that your AI 'friend' knows about the 'Source' and found out what Patriots achilles Heel is.
You also found out that your AI 'friend' knows about the 'Source' and found out what Patriots achilles Heel is.
Richard Anderson: which sounds quite interesting actually
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: Yeah well we're still PRA agents, and we signed up to ensure that paranormals could be policed without any draconian measures - It'd be nice if we fought for the dream, instead of giving up the moment things begin to get tough.
Richard Anderson: "the moment things get tough"???!? where have you been these past few days - jeez!
Shatter: Oh and assuming we're still in UK, just remember that Shatter's separation with the local covert organization wasn't all that friendly. *Is still reading the logs*
Greg Davis: Still plenty of fight left in me - what about you?
Richard Anderson: Although I'm still a bit squeamish about just eliminating someone without at least talking to them first
Benjamin Wolff: Personally, I'm all for the idea of retiring somewhere quiet for the next decade or somewhere. But that would mean either dealing with sylph, or with the people he's tracking, so I couldn't be found.
Richard Anderson: That's why I leave the wet work to Shatter and co.
GM: Okay - Lets kickj off the session and get into character.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): OK
Greg Davis: We have to do this without killiing if at all possible - It'll leave us smelling like roses, compared to Gensen and his crew.
GM: Anyone remember where you were at the end of last seesion? Edinburgh?
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Probably :)
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Sorry, missed last session.
Richard Anderson: I think we were still in Ediburgh University and that the teams that were after us were (for the moment) in Australia with orders to stay there for 12 hours if we didn't move in the meantime
You are all still at Edinburgh University. With you are Rudy, Gordon and Carol.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): (ooc - obviously)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Also with us is the girl from the prison
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I hope
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Who needs to be interrogated, but things are going too fast at the moment - let's just keep her secure.
Gordon Laymark: Guys. From what we've just heard it sounds like you need to deal with this tracker. 'Sylph' I believe? I think I need to look into Vanguard and try and pull a few favours.
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: Ol
Richard Anderson: looking in the Uni computers - do they have a fairly large stock of vitamin K tablets? It is a medical research Uni - so it shouldn't be beyond the bounds of possibility
Gordon Laymark: Also, we need to get Rudy and Carol somewhere safe. I have a few contacts in England who might come in handy.
-> Richard Anderson: Yes.
Rudy Ellis: Not so fast. These guys are still ticking time bombs.
Richard Anderson: Gordon - are you OK looking after Rudy for the time being? - bear in mind that they can track you personally.
Rudy Ellis: We either need to get them on huge doses of Vitamin K and defuse them, or get them back on Analax-Delta to try and hold off the surge. Of course the longer they are on it the worse the surge will be.
Richard Anderson: is it nearby? if so I'll get some at the earliest opportunity (please let it be handy doses - so that we don't have to worry about stuff)
Greg Davis: *Ok - Richard, if you can locate Sylph, and get us close to him, we could use Analax Delta to take him out without killing him.
Richard Anderson: I've just found some Vitamin K reasonably close - shall we get it?
-> Richard Anderson: They have loads of the stuff. They are doing sunlight exposure experiments on rats. Theres shelves of the stuff, already in syringes.
Richard Anderson: I'd prefer tablets...
Benjamin Wolff: Sounds a good idea.
Richard Anderson: but syringes will do initially - for the first dosing up at least
Greg Davis: Shatter - how's the power situation?
Gordon Laymark: I know the head of the British 'Metahuman' program. I thought we could ask him to look after Rudy and Carol. I think I'd be better off working in Geneva - looking into Vanguard.
Shatter: I... I'm not sure, actually
Richard Anderson: I can't locate Sylph directly - he's "immune" to that somehow - but I can "sort of" locate who he's with - if you see what I mean?
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: If he's sending out transmissions about our location, we can trace them trace to him.
Richard Anderson: He's not but the others occasionally break radio silence (I think he's a bit cleverer than they are)
Rev (Shatter): Test?
Shatter has been pretty quiet for a long while now. Especially since you moved to Edinbourgh he's been looking a bit jumpy.
Gordon Laymark Test recieved
Greg Davis: How close do you think you can get to Slyph?
Rev (Shatter): Thanks
Greg Davis: Could we trace him if we infiltrate their network as close to him as possible.
Richard Anderson: I can put us "close" but not close enough for a snatch and grab - I know "roughly" where they are (were) in Australia but it's not exact and depends on last communication, credit card use, etc.
-> Richard Anderson: You now know the radio frequencies the other team is using, their cr5edit cards (all 12 - they keep swaping), and their phone sims. Unfortunately you cannot track them if sylph makes the purchases, carries the phone etc.
Richard Anderson: And I can't trace Sylphe directly at all - he's a blind spot as far as I'm concerned
Richard Anderson: already worked that out - thanks Dec
Greg Davis: They must be communicating with him in some way, if we get "close" we might be able to find out how they're doing it.
Richard Anderson: He'd be a really good person to use as our communicator if we could turn him - totally untraceable!
Shatter takes out a single bullet and after a while makes it disappear with his signature style. Then he brings it back and keeps repeating the process at varying pace while listening to the others
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: They are talking to him or radioing him or phoning him - he's just interfering with any electronic tracking of anything he does directly
Richard Anderson: is the place where the Vitamin K is stored close and accessible? - i.e. unguarded
Gordon picks up the phone in the lab and starts to dial out, "I dumped my mobile back in Washington. Real pain"
Greg Davis: Can you work out how close he is to them, are we talking a few miles or hundreds?
Richard Anderson: Let's get the nice vitamins first - then we can go somewhere "safe" ish and dose up
Richard Anderson: Gordon - who are you dialing?
-> Richard Anderson: Yeah. Locked, but its to keep students out, not pros.
Richard Anderson: make Gordon's call untraceable
Richard Anderson: but listen in
Richard Anderson: Not sure exactly how close he is to them but he's with one of the three groups - I thin
Richard Anderson: *think
Benjamin Wolff: avoid landline use - it's a little more traceable I think.
Richard Anderson: Not at the moment it isn't (grins)
Gordon Laymark: Archie Robins - the head of the British Department of Metahuman Services. Or his wife actually. We can trust him - I went to University with him.
Shatter looks up
Shatter: Would Shatter know about him?
Richard Anderson: If anyone (apart from Sylph) can trace us - I'll be amazed
-> Shatter: Never heard of him - until now.
Shatter: I'm not sure to which organization Shatter would've worked in the UK anyway, its up to you. And he wouldn't have been told much.
Campaign saved.
Shatter: Does this Mr. Robins know you hired me?
Shatter sighs
Gordon Laymark (on phone): Anne, Hi its Gordon. Is Archie around?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Do we actually know what Sylph looks like?
Gordon looks at Shatter and shakes his head
Richard Anderson: I must have passport photos, driver's licence, etc.?
Richard Anderson: of Sylph
Shatter nods approvingly
Shatter: Keep it that way
-> Richard Anderson: No electronic records of him you can find after his breakout. You7 have got a lot of 5 year old records though.
Richard Anderson: Bizarre - nothing on him after age 5 - that's a bloody good power!
Gordon heads into the corner to continue his call.
Declan: (So that the GM doesnt have to type half a conversation)
-> Richard Anderson: No - 5 years ago... Not age 5
Richard Anderson: but I'm still listening in!
Richard Anderson: Sorry - 5 years ago not age 5 (blushes)
-> Richard Anderson: when he was 17..
Greg Davis: Ok, lets turn it on it's head, can we get pics on the other people on the teams?
Benjamin Wolff: What happenned at age 5? And, *when* was age 5? Before or afte the source?
-> Richard Anderson: Yeah.. Full set of pictures of the team. A lot of them have corruption hiding areas where Sylph presumably was.
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: Sorry Ben - it was 5 years ago - when he broke out (misread Dec's whisper)
Greg Davis: Does that mean we can get a reasonably recent photo of him>
Richard Anderson: I pull out my laptop and punch up the images for people
Richard Anderson: I also show the images of Sylph at 17
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): (Yeah, I'm having trouble reading myself at the moment, sorry - text flickering like an epileptic's nightmare :()
Rev (Shatter): I still have seven pages left on the logs of the last session... Darn you people can talk
Richard Anderson: and for good measure - I use the lab printer to print copies of these for everyone and also a map to the location of the nearby Vitamin K (hint hint)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Sorry Rev - my fault probably
Benjamin Wolff: Still, if we can figure out what triggered the power, it might give us leverage over him
Shatter: By the sound of it I think the best idea would be to put a bullet in his head.
Richard Anderson: Why? Who cares what triggered it - we've GOT leverage - I know who and where his family are, I have his and his family's bank details - how much bloody leverage do you want?
Shatter: There's no one at PRA that can cure that, right?
Greg Davis: I've recently learnt a new trick with my powers, if you can get me within a few miles of each team, I should be able to check them out remotely.
Declan: (I'm going to make details of the team now in Australia public so MArk doesn't have to repeat it.)
Shatter: While I can understand the wish to strategize with the man, I don't think our current situation allows that.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Thanks Dec
Campaign saved.
Shatter: We really don't have enough chips to keep playing before we a hold of a better hand and I don't think he'd be a key for one
The team currently in Australia is designated a Grey Ops team - and was put together specifiaclly for the assignment of tracking you guys down. It consists of Arbiter, Chi Dragon, Naga, Prediter, and Rampage
(all code names)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Hey - why don't we have codenames? apart from Shatter - of course
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I could be "Mr. Chips"
Their powers according to records are Arbiter - Powers of Influence and Belief. The ability to alter minds, Chi Dragons - Chi powers leading to feats of extreme strength and speed over short duration
Greg Davis: We have plenty of chips, if we use them properly - and assuming you're prepared to take a few small risks.
Shatter: I thought all we had were a bunch of questions and one guy out of action
Naga - Venom, Great strength ande Sanke Shamanistic powers, Prediter - Hyperreflexes and strength (you've seen her in action before)
Richard Anderson: I must say - I agree with SHatter to some extent on this - yigs would be an awful lot easier if we "DIDN'T" have someone tracking us
And Rampage - Phyical Invulnerbility and Hyper Strength (with a footnote about limited peripheral vision and slow reation times)
And of course Sylph
Benjamin Wolff: So let's get close, check 'em out, get within line of sight, and kill them. Or can we kill from outside line of sight?
Richard Anderson: Hellfire - a combat team - how are we supposed to deal with that?
Shatter: From a distance
Richard Anderson: I suppose that we could just get inside sniping distance and kill Sylph - that would monkeywrench them - drat I said the "K" word
Naga and Predator are female - the rest are male.
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: I agree with you, we deal with Sylph first - non-lethally, and then we get Genson, release the information we have, and watch the shit start to fall.
Richard Anderson: is shatter still wearing his earpiece?
Shatter: Those guys are a small army.
Shatter: The way I am now I don't have confidence that we can extract him without bloodletting
Shatter: Besides, there's hardly any other permanent solutions
Richard Anderson: and is there a computer terminal in the room with the drugs?
-> Richard Anderson: Also worth noting - on their records there is a note that they haven't been given any Analax-Delta.
-> Richard Anderson: And Yes - I believe so.
-> Richard Anderson: Yes - there is
Richard Anderson: Aargh! None of these have been dosed with our favourite drug - they cold be a LOT more powerful than us!
Richard Anderson: 2 secs - I'm off to fetch something
Greg Davis: Yes we can, extracting him isn't really necessary, all you have to do is port some Analax Delta directly into his blood stream - do you think you can do that? It's non-leathal and should give us some breathing space to get Genson.
Richard Anderson: walks to the terminal - 'ports to the drug storeage room - grabs a bagfull of syringes of Vitamin K and 'ports back
Gordon Laymark (on phone): Okay. Thats settled. I've arranged for Archie to look after Carol and Rudy.
Shatter: Ha!
Shatter: Did you see what happened to the chair a while back?
Greg Davis: The nice thing about this plan is we don't even have to fight the rest of the team, doesn't that make you happy:)
Shatter: It's the same with simply injecting a bullet into his bloodstream
Gordon Laymark (on phone): We have to get them to Clapham Common Tube station in 50 minutes. There should be a British protection team waiting.
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: We don't really mind if what happens to the chair, happens to syplh. That would just be a bonus.
Benjamin Wolff: Oh fun - shootout at clapham then...
Gordon Laymark: No. I think we can trust Archie...
Richard Anderson: When I'm back with the drugs - I'll look for an ATM nearby Clapham Common tube station
Richard Anderson: Gordon - do you want to be with them?
Rev (Shatter): Are we at a flat or in the university premises or?
MarkC (Richard Anderson): In a lab in the Uni
-> Richard Anderson: 30 yards from it - of course coming out of an ATM middle of the day may cause some confusion
Benjamin Wolff: Do you trust the British? They're a nation of chavs and shopkeepers. And all the shopkeepers are immigrants.
Richard Anderson: look up this "Archie" chap - cross reference with my records from the AI
Gordon Laymark: Chavs?
Benjamin Wolff: The "british protection team" will leak, I'm sure of it.
Shatter goes pretty quiet even for his quiet self
Shatter then sighs
Shatter: I'm actually with Ben on this. Still, we don't have that many options
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I thought that it was middle of the night
Greg Davis: Besides Shatter if we do this right, you can administer the drugs, and we can port away before Slyph's pals know what's going on. A gunshot gives them a chance to react, which might not be too wise against a team with hyper-reflexes, and speed.
Richard Anderson: sorry - meant to go to you
-> Richard Anderson: Went to Cambridge (same year as Gordon - you didnt know Gordon went to Uni in England). Sevice record - 2 years in the army. Earl apparently - with lots of land.
Campaign saved.
-> Richard Anderson: Rudy spent 6 hours looking at your blood - which means its morning.
Shatter: I've said this before but I say this again... Placing medicine into someone's bloodstream isn't something I would've had any confidence in even before...
Richard Anderson: Ah - OK
Benjamin Wolff: So think of it as an experiment. And if he turns into jam, then that's valid experimental data.
Shatter: And its possible that the shot might fail, true... I wouldn't rush into something like that though. Every shot needs to be sufficently prepared.
Richard Anderson: Right guys - should I get these people to Clapham?
Gordon Laymark: Guys.. I suggest we get Rudy to safety. Then we go to Geneva. I'll go investigate Vanguard whilst you get some sleep. Then you're on your own.
Benjamin Wolff: Sounds like an idea. The sooner they are out, the sooner we become a little more mobile.
Shatter: Sounds good to me.
Shatter: I could really use the rest
Richard Anderson: Me too
Greg Davis: (To Shatter) Now aren't you prepared to take a few risks to save the day, you'll be a hero man:)
Richard Anderson: I think that the CCTV system at the Tube station should provide a reasonable data network - look for an unoccpied spot
-> Shatter: Sleep would also be a good chance to power up Shatter. He is running on reserves
Benjamin Wolff: I wonder how many times one person can "pop".
-> Richard Anderson: Okay. You've found one - in a lift.
Greg Davis: The first time's usually the doozy:)
Shatter (Smiles to Greg though a bit sadly): I just wish I knew what I were risking..
Richard Anderson: Right - I've found a spot - Rudy, Carol are you coming?
Shatter: Was thinking that
Rudy Ellis: Okay
Shatter: Frankly I'm losing the track of what we're playing with here
Carol Molloy: Lead the way
Richard Anderson: once Rudy and Carol grab on - 'port them to the lift - let them know where to meet the Brit team and then 'port back
Benjamin Wolff: But remember Shatter - your powers may be reeling now, but look at what you are truly capable of - you can portal to Australia!
Campaign saved.
Shatter gets up from his chair to help Richard and staggers a bit, looking lightheaded. He quickly steadies himself.
Greg Davis: There's a small chance we might get into combat if things go wrong - in that case we just 'port out. The risks are minimal.
Richard Anderson: I''ll keep track of the rendezvous on the CCTV
-> Richard Anderson: You watch them meet the British team. Everything seems to go okay.
Richard Anderson: whilst the others bicker
Richard Anderson: Right - Switzerland anyone?
Gordon Laymark: Okay. If you get me to Geneva - I'll find a way to contact you if I need you.
Shatter: I think I'll be alright. It just feels a bit like... well... like my hands and feet changed places or something of the like.
Shatter: It's not that they don't work, just throws my balance off. Well and some other things
Richard Anderson: Where do you want to be in Geneva?
Gordon Laymark: Somewhere quiet, with a phone.
Gordon Laymark: Preferably within walking distance of the UN offices too
Richard Anderson: find a spot that matches - I think an internet booth - like a phone booth but with internet access, webcam, etc., would be ideal - I should be able to look through the webcam to see if it's empty
-> Richard Anderson: You've found one
Shatter: Get me from here once you're done with Rudy and Ms. Malloy
Richard Anderson: Get's Gordon to Switzerland and then comes back
Campaign saved.
And the group of you are alone - and very tired.
Richard Anderson: Shatter - where do you think we should go now - I'd suggest somewhere quiet - out of the way and difficult to approach without us noticing
Shatter: I'd say eastern europe.
Richard Anderson: In fact - anyone got an idea - Canada, Russia, the base in Antarctica? Suggestions?
Benjamin Wolff: The International space station would be ideal, though perhaps a little public.
Declan: lol
Shatter: Russia has their own organization but I doubt they'd work with the US
Richard Anderson: Actually - the ISS is a bloody good idea - I'd love to see them track us up there!
Benjamin Wolff: Antarctic base sounds good.
Richard Anderson: Well - they could track us - but getting to us would be a different matter
Shatter: Middle East might work as well though then we might have to deal with the Israeli.
Richard Anderson: They could always just shoot it down though (frowns)
Shatter: Still, Kairo might sound good. I have some connections there though I'd rather not touch them as... well
Richard Anderson: Antarctic base is not a bad idea as actually getting a plane or something out to us would take a long time
Greg Davis: If you can get us to the Antarctic base, that would be good - just in case one of us goes "bang":)
Richard Anderson: and (bonus) if we vitamin K ourselves the actual side effects could be "isolated" to a degree (apart from the fact I've got a planetary range)
Rev (Shatter): Done with the log. Heh
Shatter: We could just camp outside at the Antarctic
Declan: So you're up to date :)
Shatter: I'm sure our man of ice could keep us warm
Richard Anderson: how many people in Antarctica at the moment? and is there a nice data connection - there should be as it's a research base
Shatter: Anyway, I don't think where is that important.
Shatter: I'd sleep anywhere right now
Sander Cohen: I'm immune to cold, but you guys might suffer
Benjamin Wolff: I could make youthink you were warm, as you froze to death?
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: If we took beer, etc., they'd welcome us there!
Shatter: Alright, decision time
Greg Davis: We'd better get some warm clothes. Presumably you're talking about some sort of base.
Shatter: So Antarctic? Haven't been there and hardly know anything of it so I'd prefer Kairo but its up to you
Richard Anderson: I'd suggest warm clothes, food, etc.
Declan: (You all know about the US air force base there)
Greg Davis: I vote for the Antarctic, once we're properly equiped.
Benjamin Wolff: How easy would it be for the US government to stop all communications to the antarctic? Most of it's by satellite, isn't it? We'd be trapped there then
Shatter: I'd say we get to sleep before we need to equip up
Shatter: So a simple flat somewhere, six hours of sleep. No need to make this complicated
Benjamin Wolff: works for me
Greg Davis: ok
Shatter: If you can move me without waking me I could actually use twelve. Or twenty.
-> Richard Anderson: It you are looking for a flat there are loads listed online for sale and currently vacant.. You'd have to pick one where the lights etc were networked.
Benjamin Wolff: So a hotel woth phones by the beds then.
-> Richard Anderson: Some are even listed as for sale fully furnished...
Shatter: Pick a city. Frankly I don't think it matters much right now
Rev (Shatter): Was mostly aimed at Richard, the mover
Richard Anderson: I'll look for one that's advertised as with internet connection
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: and that has a networked alarm system or lights or hi-fi - actually there are some in Manchester that I know of that allow you to access the lights etc.' remotely - so there must be some
-> Richard Anderson: 6 Bedroom penthouse, fully furnished, gym and access to roof pool? In South Africa. with internet
Rev (Shatter): Test?
Richard Anderson: Ideal! I'll make sure that it is "invisible" to internet searches - for now
Declan: Test recieved
Richard Anderson: Right - there's a nice Flat in South Africa - let's go there and sleep!
Rev (Shatter): Ah, so it's not lagging, just dead quiet. Heh
Declan: Lots of private messages - am still here
Richard Anderson: Walks to the terminal and holds out hand to the team
Shatter grabs Richard's shoulder
Greg Davis takes Richard's hand.
Richard Anderson: There's a gym and a pool...
Benjamin Wolff: joins 8n
Richard Anderson: Once everyone is on board - 'ports to the flat
Richard brings you through to the louge of a huge six bedroom flat or two floors, with access to a roof pool and a gym. Huge wall sized projection TV - for sale fully furnished and currently vacant.
on two floors
Richard Anderson: We could always "buy" it
Richard Anderson: It's only numbers in bank computers after all...
Shatter wanders into the bedroom and pretty much crashes as soon as he gets his coat off
Greg Davis: Right, I don't know about you, but I haven't really slept in the last TWO day - I'm hitting the sack!
Richard Anderson: what are the teams in Aus doing now?
Campaign saved.
-> Richard Anderson: Email to PRA (encrypted) sent moments after you portal from the tracking team.
Richard Anderson: and "decrypted" - it reads???
Greg Davis chooses another bedroom, and gets some sleep.
Benjamin Wolff: If buying it feels safer to you - but remember, the bank accounts belong to real people, not computers.
-> Richard Anderson: You note that the PRA computer is now fully shielded so you cannot read it there - interesting. So you decrypt it yourself which takes a few moments. I says you have travelled to somewhere in the southern hemisphere and they will traingulate where and report shortly.
Richard Anderson: I've blocked it from searches - for now - I don't think we'll be staying too long - but it might be nice to have a permanent base
Shatter doesn't snore
Richard Anderson: Bollocks - they've shielded the PRA computer - I'm getting some kip
Benjamin Wolff: True. A permanent base with multiple phone lines coming in, satellite, and other means of exit, would be better still.
Benjamin Wolff: Sleep sounds good. *joins them*
Okay.. You are all shattered (pun unintended) so you sleep for a good 8 or 9 hours.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): (and so, after an ineventful night, punctuated only by Richard popping and destroying the US economy remotely...) :P
Richard Anderson: I think that I'll make sure that the house is - to all intents and purposes - sold. I'll transfer money around so that the vendor, agents, lawyers, etc. are all paid and all the computers think that the paperwork is done. I'll also change the phone numbers so that the previous owner can't call - THEN I'll head off to sleep - after setting the alarms!
-> Richard Anderson: Okay
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Oh so that explains the credit crunch:)
Richard Anderson: it won't be in our names though :-)
Campaign saved.
Sander Cohen: Sander [1d20 = 5]
Sander Cohen: Richard [1d20 = 2]
MarkC (Richard Anderson): uh oh
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I never like hiddeb dice
Sander Cohen: Greg [1d20 = 8]
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): oh no dice being rolled - not good!
Sander Cohen: Ben [1d20 = 14]
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I guess that's once per hour...
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Dream dice?
Declan: Surge Dice :)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): eep!
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): B A N G ! ! ! !
Rev (Shatter): Who wants to wake up in a crater?
Declan: No strange happenings during the night - no power surges
Richard Anderson: phew - we'll change that in a bit - who wats their injection with breakfast?
Richard Anderson: *wants
Shatter doesn't wake up before someone comes to shove him a bit
Greg Davis grabs a shower, a large breakfast, (& feeling slightly more human), goes to find the others.
Declan: One moment - checking a time zonme chart
Richard Anderson: 1 hour :-)
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): breakfast is the time my body says it is - not the real time:)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): (ahead)
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I've been through too many time zones in the last two days;)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Same as French time - so we'll be OK
Campaign saved.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): but check if you like
Shatter: Richard, how much time you figure we have?
Declan: actually one hour ahead of France - acording to the Time Zone planner - but pretty close. So its now later afternoon
Benjamin Wolff: Why did it have to be needles? Doesn't this stuff come in easy to swallow tablet form?
Benjamin Wolff: Sill, I should take it if it's good for me.
Richard Anderson: I tried - but the syringes were nearer and easier for the initial dose
Richard Anderson: what's happening with the teams now - any news?
Greg Davis: Yeah, lets defuse the walking bombs, and then go settle Sylph's hash:)
Shatter: So you are planning on doing it now?
Benjamin Wolff: Very well. Pass me one and I'll give it a go.
Shatter: What? Wait?
Greg Davis: Allow me a metaphor - lets introduce him to the woders of Analax Delta:)
Benjamin Wolff: If I pop, you will most likely think that each of the others is a chocolate bar, because I am hungry now.
-> Richard Anderson: You missed anything they sent while you slept - but their laptop is on. They have figured out where you are - to within about 100 miles. The description suggest that Sylph points so its innaccurate over long distances.
Richard Anderson: I suggest that we do this one at a time and also - it might be best to wait until we're "safe" as we could be out of action for a while
Rev (Shatter): So the K-vitaming thingie, it's supposed to remove the limits on out powers?
-> Richard Anderson: You get it all from the laptop - should have said - from logs
Greg Davis: Fortunately I've just eaten:)
Greg Davis: What would you prefer, we think, or we hope:)
Richard Anderson: They know "roughly" where we are - within about 100 miles - I guess their next step is send them over from Australia
Shatter: Didn't Rudy say that might cause similar complications that I had?
Benjamin Wolff: I think we are unlikely to be significantly safe for the forseeable future, my talents are the least useful, which makes me a good guineapig. Also, I do not relish the idea of letting this build up inside me until I am forced to pop: I like having control of myself.
Richard Anderson: I'll put a flag in the South African Air Traffic Control system - any of the PRA transports will ow show up as "suspected terrorists"
Shatter: By no means lets not do it in any place there are people around...
Benjamin Wolff: My talents are also limited to the mind: the worst I would do, I suspect, is give everyone a very bad "trip"
Shatter: I know I know Richard is limited to populated locales, but...
Greg Davis: We could confuse the opposition with another trip to the Outback.
Shatter nods
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: They're already there...
Declan: International Space Station has no people around - but might be fun if your surges were distructive ;)
Shatter: Give me a half an hour... I'll see what I can do the way I am now
Shatter: I might be able to take us somewhere safe
Richard Anderson: Oh - by the way - as a little delaying tactic - I've told the South African Air Traffic Control that any PRA transports are "suspected terrorists" - it might help (evil grin)
Greg Davis: He he he.
Shatter gets up from the chair he was sitting in and focuses
Benjamin Wolff: Oh, you're mean.
Shatter: It doesn't take long for it to fall apart and appear on the other side of the room, intact this time
Shatter: I'm not completely out of action now. It still feels muddy but...
-> Shatter: I believe your teleport range is now 'Mearby Star Systems' it you put your Variable points into it - but you have to have seen the place before which rather limits it.
Richard Anderson: That's useful - at least we've another teleporter - for when I take my vitamins
Shatter: That's why he has the Accurate extra on the whole SpatCon tree. So as long as he can describe it, he can go there.
Shatter: Let me feel my way about a bit.
Benjamin Wolff: A shame - remote dismemberment was also a potentially useful ability.
Shatter: I'll see how far I can take us. The Savanna should be safe and there are more desolate places still
-> Shatter: Oh - but your Clairvoyance range is 200 million miles so you can check a lot of places out...
Shatter: Heh yeah, that's my plan really. When people take these drugs, put 'em alone in a desert and then keep an eye on 'em from waaay far
Campaign saved.
Shatter focuses a bit and disappears.
Shatter: Then appears a few moments later from his bedroom
Rev (Shatter): action
Shatter: Yeah... Just give me time
Shatter: It's a strange feeling, you know.
-> Shatter: You can see the inside of the sun, Mercury, Venus or Mars. The other planets are too far
Shatter: Before when I reach out there were... Things out of reach...
Richard Anderson: Ooh - I've had a thought - whatabout NORAD - Cheyenne Mountain and quite secure (in a computers everywhere kind of way)
Richard Anderson: Maybe we'll find a Stargate?
Shatter disappears again without a warning.
Shatter: Hehe and yeah, that sounds handy.
Rev (Shatter): A good ten minutes go before he comes back, so feel free to chatter away
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Hehe
-> Shatter: They could aslo surge in your pocket...
Shatter: Yeah thought of that but then there'd be no way to keep an eye on them. In case they black out like Shatter did.
Greg Davis: So what do you want to do? Deal with Sylph here, or lure them somewhere less populated?
Campaign saved.
Shatter: Unless Shatter can see what happens inside the pocket as well? Though there's no real power for that.
Richard Anderson: I don't think that luring is the right move - if they can prepare for an attack they'll have the advantage - our big advantage is surprose - so we should probably go to them
Shatter pops back in. This time he's laughing wildly. You think this is the first time you've seen him like this.
Greg Davis: It sould really be a hit and run, knock out Sylph's powers, and 'port away. Which means either you (Richard) or Shatter are going to have to deal with the transport.
Benjamin Wolff: Luring sounds wise, so long as we have an escape route.
Richard Anderson: Shatter - you okay mate?
-> Shatter: No. He can sort of feel whats there so he pulls the right thing out - and he sort of travels through it when he teleports. Actually - there is a power for it - under supersenses and it only costs 2 points and its definately dimensional...
Shatter: It takes a while to Shatter to calm down
Shatter: Oh boy... You have no idea how it feels now...
Richard Anderson: Good, bad?
-> Shatter: UP p85 - Dimensional feat on any other sense - this power feat allows you to extend your senses into other dimensions.
Shatter: I mean, back when I'd stretch out and it, well, in absense of a better word, hurt. You know, like you're trying to reach something that you quite can't and you're asking too much of your muscles.
Shatter: I'll check it out soon
Shatter: It's clear he's not really focusing on the explanation
-> Shatter: Suffice to say - by spending a single point for each sesnse from your Variable pool you can extend that sense into another dimension - in this case into your pocket.
Shatter (It takes a while for Shatter to completely calm down but then he continues): I'm trying to say that there's no feeling of that anymore
Shatter: None
Shatter: I think going to the moon might not be a dream anymore
Campaign saved.
Shatter: It's not quite as stable enough as I'd like and it feels a bit... unsteady, like I could just push a bit more from a different angle and...
Shatter loses himself into his thoughts again. Clearly you've never seen him act like this.
Greg Davis: Well the moon wasn't really on my list of places to visit - shall we try to find somewhere remote to sort the rest of us out.
Shatter: Humm? Oh yeah, yeah...
Shatter: I think I could... A minute...
Shatter just sits silently on his chair again
Shatter: I can think of two options
Greg Davis: The Savanna sounded good.
Shatter: I could find ourselves and isle... You can't believe then things I can see, but, I could find us an island without any people
Shatter: Then I could leave you there one at a time and keep an eye from the distance, come and help if you run into troulbe.
-> Richard Anderson: Interesting email from PRA to tracking team asking how close the tracker needs to be to give accurate enough coordinates for an exorcet missile.
-> Richard Anderson: They haven't read it yet.
Shatter: Or, I could send you to where all things I send go and do it there..
Shatter: I think if I turn my head just right I might be able to keep an eye on you while you're there from here.
Greg Davis: Ok, does this mean your remote sensing has increased?
Shatter: Well, lets say that before I could maybe see trough a wall.
Richard Anderson: Guys - we've a slight problem - I think that a populated place "might" be best...
Shatter: Now I could check out the menu of that hotel we ate while back in DC
Richard Anderson: delete the email without trace
Shatter: *Hotel restaurant
-> Richard Anderson: Okay.
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: Thats quite a improvement.
Richard Anderson: The PRA are asking the tracking team how close the tracker needs to be to give coordinates to hit us with an exocet
Richard Anderson: Hang on - an exocet isn't going to help them much - it's electronically guided - hmmm...
Greg Davis: Bugger that, time to go.
Shatter: Still would leave us open if you're powerless after the walls come down
Shatter: You can remember what happened to me.
Richard Anderson: I think that Shatter's "pocket" might be the best place for me to have my "episode" at least that way I'm less likely to affect every computer in the planet
Greg Davis: Richard can you find out where they are now?
Benjamin Wolff: Are there any electronic links to the vatican catacombs?
Benjamin Wolff: Or anywhere quiet in the vatican? That'd be pretty safe.
Benjamin Wolff: But yes, popping in the pocket will be safest, I think.
Richard Anderson: where are they - at least where's the computer?
Greg Davis: Shatter - you're able to teleport anywhere you see remotely -right?
Shatter: Yes
-> Richard Anderson: Another email to the team. The instructions are to return to the US, where the tracker is required to confirm when the you've walked into a trap. The suggestion is they intend to bait a trap with a family member - and once the tracker has confirmed you are in the are
Shatter: I think
Shatter: I haven't tried but I did visit Moscow and NY a while back
Greg Davis: If Richard can give you the team's location, see if you can find Sylph.
-> Richard Anderson: in the area, missile it. They want the team on the next available flight back to the US and to use commercial flights only.
Campaign saved.
Shatter: Which by the way the tracker might've noticed if he was tracking Shatter. Quick pops to those locations, staying for roughly a minute.
Greg Davis: If you can locate him, we might be able to neutralize him from here.
Richard Anderson: have they read it yet?
-> Richard Anderson: They haven't read this one either yet.
Richard Anderson: delete it too
Shatter: Umm what Greg says might actually be true, since the pocket is a perception range and he can pretty much see anywhere now...
Shatter: If you think that's too powerful, just let me know and we come up with a limit to it
Shatter seems to think on that
Richard Anderson: Guys - the tracking team are being ordered back to the states - they are supposed to wait for us to walk into a trap and then it will be missiled - I've deleted this (and the previous) email - which they've not yet read
Declan: Just checking a rule - BRB
Richard Anderson: where are they now
Greg Davis: Where is this deathtrap supposed to be?
Richard Anderson: circulate the tracking team's pictures to Interpol as suspected terrorists and then send them an email as if from PRA HQ to get back to the States via commercial transport as soon as possible
Richard Anderson: In the US - they're going to use a family member (one of ours!) as bait.
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: Oh no! I've a bad feeling about this!
Richard Anderson: I might have upset them a bit - I've just circulated their pictures ti Interpol as terrorists and ordered them to go back home via commercial airline...oops!
Benjamin Wolff: So, unlikely to be me then.
Shatter: I have no relatives in the States
Greg Davis: No, very likely to be Joanne!
Richard Anderson: want to snatch her away?
-> Richard Anderson: Okay.
Shatter: Still, you should not worry Greg. I owe you one from before and I promise none of your kin will come to harm as long as I can do something about it
Greg Davis: If you can do it without falling into their trap.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): (what are Interpol in this world? A shared DB of police information like in the real world, or a more Dan Brownish international police force)
Greg Davis: Richard, can you see if they've got her?
Shatter: While I'd rather not push my powers just now, I'm sure we can do that much
Shatter sighs
Richard Anderson: where's the team? I'd at least like to know where the computer is?
-> Shatter: Hmm.. Not sure about letting you pocket things from half way around the planet. I'm going to have to say that your perception range dimensional powers only work with things you can see. (I know the rules say otherwise but it could get very silly otherwise)
Shatter: Agreed
-> Shatter: But I'm happy for you to teleport to anywhere you can see you can sense with Shadow scry
Declan: Finished checking rules - reading what I missed
Campaign saved.
Shatter: Well I tried it...
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I never like it when the GM checks the rules - it usually means I can't do somethimg that I want to do
Shatter: Trying to pull something away that I was seeing trough the veil.
Greg Davis: (to Shatter) Tried what? neutralizing Sylph?
Shatter: I could get a feel of the thing but the power I could excert just wasn't there..
-> Richard Anderson: In a hotel room in Syndey. They may be sleeping? They haven't read your email yet.
Greg Davis: To do what?
Shatter: No, I didn't move against Sylph but did try the means I would've used against him now if I could
Greg Davis: and
Shatter: Basically I tried to put a bit of rubble a few blocks away into the pocket.
Shatter: I could get the grip but then nothing
Richard Anderson: They "may" be asleep in a hotel room in Sydney at the moment - w might be able to get the jump on them
Shatter: Maybe with more training and time...
Greg Davis: Ok.
Richard Anderson: is there any record of Sylph's powers warning him when he's asleep?
Greg Davis: Any luck with Joanne?
Shatter: Describe the hotel to me in lenght Richard
-> Richard Anderson: You cant be sure they're asleep - just not useing the laptop. But no - no record.
Shatter: Better yet, show it to me on a map from your laptop
Shatter: I'll see if I can take a look at them
Richard Anderson: Greg - give me details of your home phone number, computer, anything that you might think useful.
Rev (Shatter): Note, you can't really tell when Shatter is looking at something far away as he's wearing his eternal black glasses
Richard Anderson: Shows SHatter the hotel, location, etc. on the laptop
Campaign saved.
Shatter sends his senses to the shadows ihabiting the hotel.
Richard Anderson: pull Greg's home details and check for recent phone activity, computer activity, etc.
Richard Anderson: 10 mins guys
MarkC (Richard Anderson): 10 mins guys
Richard Anderson: It's the middle of the night in Australia and they've not used their laptop for a while - I'm just assuming that they're asleep
OKay - you can clearly see the room. Predator and Rampage aren't in the room
Greg Davis give home phone number etc to Richard.
Benjamin Wolff: No webcam on it?
Shatter: Which of them was the super reaction girl?
Shatter: I see four
Shatter looks around the whole hotel to find the two missing ones
Richard Anderson: where's the laptop?
Richard Anderson: Shatter, Are they awake>
A friendly looking man is sat in a chair in the corner (arbiter), There is a huge snake coiled on the end of one bed watching TV (Naga), Chi Dragon and Sylph appear to be asleep.
Shatter: Two of them are
Shatter: But the more troublesome ones are awake
And the invulnerabl strong Rampage and the Hyperspeed Predator are absent
Shatter discribes what he sees to the others
-> Shatter: As you extend your senses out of the room - you spot Rampage
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: How about shooting a trank dart of analax delta through a portal?
Benjamin Wolff: So, teleportal to a nearby room, portal him out, teleportal away, snatch and grab and done?
Richard Anderson: Would be good - if we had any!
Greg Davis: That works too:)
Richard Anderson: Ben's idea was what I was looking at
Shatter: Sounds complicated. The fast woman is somewhere away. I can find the one called Rampage close by
Rampage appears to be sat outside the room in a chair. He's looking alert. The guy is built like a brick.. or like Arnie in the Terminator if you prefer.
Shatter: I think I might be able to jump in there, take a single shot and then jump out faster than they could react
Richard Anderson: Greg DavisShatter - what's your pocketing range now?
Shatter: Still, I wouldn't be overly confident on my ability to actually grab him in that time.
Benjamin Wolff: Better to portal him out, and shoot him when he arrives.
The laptop is on the writing desk
Benjamin Wolff: Then you aren't exposed atall.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I don't know why that said Greg Davis there
Shatter: Like I said before, I don't think I can just pull him here
Richard Anderson: I could get us into the hotel - nearby fairly easily
Shatter: Not without going there myself first
Shatter: I can get us anywhere in the hotel, that's not the issue.
Shatter: Rather that these people are strong and I don't think we can act for long in the room if we go there
Richard Anderson: Hotels have a lovely system of networked phones, TVs, computers, cameras, etc. - shouldn'y be an issue
Shatter: So everything we, or I, do, needs to happen in a flash
Richard Anderson: If you were across the corridor, say, would that be near enough?
Greg Davis: I'm prepared to run interferrance, if you can 'port him out alive.#
Benjamin Wolff: Directly underneath him? Then move the portal up through the floor around him? Doesn't matter if some floor comes with him, we won't be the ones lumbered with the charge.
The mini- fridge suddenly opens. A can flies out. The can pull pulled and trhe can tipped back.
Richard Anderson: and you haven't answered any of my whispers - is my power fading?
Shatter: Crud
Shatter: She's there as well. For some inexpainable reason I just can't see her
-> Richard Anderson: I answered the laptop question. Did I miss a question?
Benjamin Wolff: So she's fast and invisible.
Shatter: She's also my main concern
Shatter: If I were to open a portal there'd be a good chance she can get trough it before our target will
Richard Anderson: Greg's house phone and computer records recently and does Sylph's power warn him when he's asleep?
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: Mine too - could you get a couple of rooms away, maybe a building away, and shoot him through a wall or curtain?
-> Richard Anderson: Oh. I answered the Sylph one too. Not as far as you can tell. No record tha5t it does.
Shatter: Well, my preferred strategy right now would be to portal in, take a shot at his head from close range and portal out
Greg Davis: Do we have night vision goggles?#
Shatter: I do...
Shatter: Or well, I haven't needed any for a while now
Richard Anderson: Shatter - if you just pocket him - surely that wouldn't matter if she goes in too - you can dump her out somewhere later?
Greg Davis: The work in the infra-red spectrum don't they?
Benjamin Wolff: Why the close range thing? With her there, you would not get away again.
-> Richard Anderson: Greg's records. A call earlier today from the PRA - lasted 6 minutes 12 seconds. No computer use in last week.
Richard Anderson: Greg - the PRA called your wife earlier today - they may have her by now
Shatter: Oh you mean to do a trick of life with the goggles. Sorry. I don't have the actual item
Benjamin Wolff: Could you pocket the entire room? Asking a bit much, perhaps...
Greg Davis: Just trying to come up with a way of locating our invisible friend.
-> Shatter: No - cant pocket bits of things - but at your current power level you could pocket the HOTEL
Richard Anderson: Surely it's as simple as - 'port nearby, Shatter pockets Sylph (an possibly speedy girl) and we 'port away again?
Shatter: I think I should be able to get away as soon as I pull the trigger as long as I set myself beforehand to portal back at a small lag after I portal in
Shatter: Even if the hotel is attached to the ground pretty firmly?
-> Shatter: Good point. Size wise you could, but it is attached so I guess not. Pesky pipes and things.
Shatter: And on the pocketing the whole room, well frankly I have no idea
Shatter: The basic rule is though that anything that's attached to something is a no go
Shatter sighs
Greg Davis: Blast! . . . Ok one problem at a time. We've got to be able to move without being tracked . . .
Richard Anderson: What about just Sylph - am I missing something here?
Shatter: I suppose jumping in there, trying to pocket him and jumping out *should* be just as quick as shooting him
Richard Anderson: He's asleep and isn't tracking us at the moment
Shatter: Oh, there's something I didn't consider
Shatter: The invisible girl...
Richard Anderson: and can't you pocket him from next door (where you can sense him through the wall?
Campaign saved.
Shatter: Maybe there's someone there with similar abilities as Ben?
Shatter: Maybe our target isn't lying on the bed after all?
Shatter: That might be the biggest issue yet
Shatter sighs
Greg Davis: I should be able to create an invisible light barrier around Slyph's bed. You should be able to 'port him without anyone hitching a ride.
Declan: Bugger
Benjamin Wolff: Then you'd find out when you pocketed the whatever-it-is that is where you think he is, and it blew up! *grins*
Declan: I'll redraw it :(
Richard Anderson: Surely - if we arrive in the hotel in a different room (where they can't see us) and you pocket him from there - there's NO risk? Even a bomb in the pocket wouldn't do any damage - wuld it?
Declan: Oh - out of time
Shatter: What Richard suggests, pocketing him trough the wall is something Shatter did previously. I don't mind if he's lost the ability by now though, but maybe he could grab things physically relatively close to him rather than visual? Up to you and we can surely discuss this later, after the session.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I'd need to use my remote sensing to get the right location, Dec.
Shatter: It would do damage. Just not on the pocket itself. I think.
Richard Anderson: OK - TBC - maybe we'll get him next week
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Unfortunately I might not be able to make next week.
Rev (Shatter): Shatter basically has one free action in the room if he chooses to portal in using Turnabout.
-> Shatter: Okay - best discus by email
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I've got to go - interviewing tomorrow so I need my sleep - see you all (apart from Richard) next week
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I'll be out most of the day - If I can get back in time I will, but it's probably better to assume I'll be a no-show.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): At least we've a week to think about strategy :-)
Shatter: Roger
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): seeya mark :)
Okay. Well we'll hope to see you but understand if we dont
MarkC (Richard Anderson): TTFN
GM: Night all
Shatter: Night
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Greg Davis: Night all:)
Benjamin Wolff: Night :)
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