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GM: Hi
Benjamin Wolff: Hi - it there any way to change the video settings of this to "please stop being completely unreadable and just work"?
GM: This has settings?
Benjamin Wolff: Ah.
Benjamin Wolff: S'OK: I discovered that if I open my character sheet and rapidly click the bottom of it, I can see what people have typed :)
Benjamin Wolff: Can't see what I'm typing, but it's good enough to communicate.
GM: to kettle before we have sauna kitchen
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Richard Anderson: L.O.
Richard Anderson: R.U.O.K?
GM: Back
GM GM is eating soup and bread, and drinking tea. Typing at same time is troublesome.
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Richard Anderson: I've just had toast - will be getting a drinkie later - tummy is a bit funny at the moment - if I vanish mid sentence - it's because of that.
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Okay - taking a monet to cover something off. Mark, for much of this session you will be ahead of everyone, but I wont bother telling you ahead of everyone - since it would just waste files. Suffice to say everything Rudy tells you you could have read off his laptop.
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GM: But if I have to tell you and then tell everyone else it will just take too long
Richard Anderson: That's fine - I tell everyone everything anyway (or do I....?)
-> Richard Anderson: Anything Rudy isnt saying I'll PM you with
GM: No Richard this session. Expecting Al, and I emailed Reve
Richard Anderson: NPs - they all read the logs afterward anyway - I tell them everything, eventually
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Richard Anderson: how many surge points is "bad"? I've three at the moment - is it likely that I'll "blow" any time soon?
Alistair ((Unnamed)): Drat - Sander isn't showing up again
GM: Will fix
Richard Anderson: An unnamed hero - cool - shall we call you "Clint"?
GM: Try now
Alistair (Sander Cohen): Much better :)
GM: Okay - I appologise if this session contains big paragraphs of 'Plot advancement text'
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Don't worry about that - I've got that much data in my head that it's about time it got sifted through by the GM as "Plot Advancement"
At the end of last session you had ATMported with Rudy and Gordon to Sydney I believe.
The van was left behind...
Richard Anderson: We were in Edinburgh University and had got some info about power advancement actually
MarkC (Richard Anderson): But hey, Sydney was close (smiles)
Oh yeah. Edinburgh
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Gordon Laymark: Okay. We have a little time. By the time their tracker touches down in Melbourne, and tells the PRA that he needs to be in Europe, and gets a flight here...
Richard Anderson: There's people on the way to Amsterdam - to intercept Rudy
Rudy Ellis: Gordon, What are you doing with team one?
Gordon Laymark: The tracker went to Australia though, so I'm not sure how dangerous the team after Rudyt will be?
Gordon Laymark: Interesting thing. Last time I checked the PRA was an 'internal' agency. Odd, isnt it?
Richard Anderson: Yeah - borders don't seem to mean much at the moment
Rudy Ellis: Gordon, They've intentionally been keeping you outr of the loop. I've got evidence. You are considered 'too close' to the Paragons.
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Rudy Ellis: The thing is..I'm not sure how far I can trust the information. Its an annonymous source.
Rudy Ellis: Someone emailed my private home email address. They covered their tracks. The header was blank.
Richard Anderson: can I backtrack that email?
-> Richard Anderson: By now you've probably uncovered some interesting emails on his PC. He's going to tell everything so I wont type twice..but you may want to make a roll to discover the origin.
Rudy Ellis: The emailer said I had to bring the information to you (he indicates the team), and I should fly to Europe.
Richard Anderson: I should be able to take a 20 as there's no time pressure or anything actively blocking me - so let's do that hey?
Rudy Ellis: It was very convincing. It also pointed out I was due for termination, and it seemed right. My car was bobby trapped.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): brb - sorry, net probs.
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-> Richard Anderson: Okay. The email was generated on several different systems and emailed so as to merge into a single email on a system on route to Rudy. Really weird - lots of packets from all over the place merging. You're guessing high end AI - and you only know one of those
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): [test?]
Rudy Ellis: Its talked about an organisation we need to know about
Rudy Ellis test recieved
MarkC (Richard Anderson): test received
Alistair (Sander Cohen): welcome back Dewi :)
Rudy Ellis: It said: "There have always been those with the power to change the world. Unlike the newcomers with their flashy paranormal abilities, these individuals are not generally known or recognized: they work behind the scenes, within the governments, religions, and organizations of the world. With the advent of paranormals, the number of those with the power to change the world has grown dramatically and those already in power are not all pleased, particularly those without paranormal abilities of their own. Some of them have decided to do something about it, to “take the Initiative,” as it were."
Rudy Ellis: This is the organisation my misterious emailer believes is currently behind the PRA
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Sander Cohen: Interesting...
'MarkC' connected
Rudy Ellis (I hope Mark didnt miss that - kind of key)
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): [wb]
Quick recap
Richard Anderson: I might have :-)
Rudy Ellis: It was very convincing. It also pointed out I was due for termination, and it seemed right. My car was bobby trapped.
Rudy Ellis: Its talked about an organisation we need to know about
Rudy Ellis: It said: "There have always been those with the power to change the world. Unlike the newcomers with their flashy paranormal abilities, these individuals are not generally known or recognized: they work behind the scenes, within the governments, religions, and organizations of the world. With the advent of paranormals, the number of those with the power to change the world has grown dramatically and those already in power are not all pleased, particularly those without paranormal abilities of their own. Some of them have decided to do something about it, to “take the Initiative,” as it were."
Rudy Ellis: This is the organisation my misterious emailer believes is currently behind the PRA
Richard Anderson: I was just saying that you seem to have met our "friendly" AI from Buckner Ridge - judging by the state of your emails
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Richard Anderson: Not surprised at that - although I think that our "benefactor" has his/her/its own agenda too
Rudy Ellis: AI? Are you sure? As far as I know we haven't quite achieved that yet.
Rudy Ellis: Anyway..
Rudy Ellis: He claimed the Initiative is perhaps the world’s best kept open secret, which is saying a great deal in a world rife with conspiracies. The Initiative was formed by certain individuals, those of key influence around the globe, to retain their power in the paranormal age. They are a group of powerful individuals sharing a single goal: dealing with the effect of paranormals on the world. The color of their motivation differs; some fear for the future of humanity, some want to defend the world from paranormal threats, and others simply don’t want to share power with superhuman upstarts.
Rudy Ellis: He seems to believe that there are going to be six key powers influencing the future of PAragons soon, and felt we needed to know about them. And then he went on to detail FIVE of them.
Rudy counts off on his fingers..
Rudy Ellis: The Initiative, The Syndicate, The Pantheon, Seven Thunders, Vanguard.. aqnd something else I guess
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Rudy Ellis: He seems to belive that the PRA will shortly be the plaything of the Initiative, and their role will not be that significant. Effectively they'll become the Initiatives wet work arm..
Richard Anderson: Great... more shadowy organisations to meet, fight, befriend, etc. Ah well... can't have everything I guess
Benjamin Wolff: What are they all? Existing and up-and-coming players behind the political scenes, or what? And which do we fall under? The seventh?
Benjamin Wolff: er, fifth, even?
Rudy Ellis: Amm. He also seems to believe you've already had dealings with most of them. You just haven't been able to put names to them. For example he claims Gensen was a patsy for the Initiative..
Richard Anderson: OK - that I can believe
Rudy: He claimed you'd also be familiar with the Pantheon. Well atleast they are calling themselves the Pantheon . Their critics within the government are refer to them as “spoiled celebrities and sociopaths,” but the Pantheon is something more. They are self-proclaimed new gods who disdain mortal laws and restraints placed upon their abilities. They were responsible for the events at Buckner Ridge. They are the focus of a growing religion. As far as we know they are strongest near the Mexico boarder.
Richard Anderson: OK - we might have met them in passing - but "familiar with" is stretching things
Rudy Ellis: Well actually he claimed they were responsibel for the 'attack' on the prison... but claimed there were other factions involved in the events that day...
Campaign saved.
Sander Cohen: This must have been a _big_ email...
Rudy Ellis: Actually it was quite a short email, and a lot of files. They are all on my laptop
Rudy Ellis: Do you want to take a look Richard?
Richard Anderson: I might have already done that Rudy, sorry (grins sheepishly)
Rduy: He claims that the natural enemies of the Pantheon will be the Seven Thunders. These you haven't met but I can vouch that they are real. Another PRA team got involved in this one. Christian sects have believed the end of the world was imminent many times throughout history, but never has the evidence been so strong that the Day of Judgment will soon be at hand. The Seven Thunders began with a vision. Luke Butler, the fiery young pastor of an evangelical Christian church in Wyoming, heard the news of the Breakout and all that followed. From the pulpit, he warned his congregation to be true to their faith, because he had seen the signs: the End Times were coming and would soon be upon them.
Richard Anderson: any correlation with the data I got from the AI at Buckner?
-> Richard Anderson: No. But you get the feeling the AI is pretty good at hiding info - and you only got fragments that day
Rudy: "Then the Holy Spirit came over Reverend Butler and he was taken with a terrible fit," or atleast thats the way his followers describe it. Parishioners who rushed to his side to help still his thrashing, heard him cry out a passage from the Book of Revelations and speak in tongues. When the shadow of the Holy Spirit passed, the Reverend Butler brushed off the aid of his flock and staggered back to the podium, his eyes shining with fervor.
Richard Anderson: "fragments" I got terabytes! :-P
Campaign saved.
-> Richard Anderson: Yup..and the AI was huge...
Rudy: Understandably the PRA were on site pretty soon after this, but met with hails of stones from his supporters. He's taken up residence in Utah where he conveys the word of God. He's calling “paranormals” no less than demons in human flesh, the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. And his supporters believe him. By the way, Reverend Butler can fly and call down holy hell fire...
Richard Anderson: Bloody hypocrite!
Gordon Laymark: I suspect its the way its framed. His breaking out seems to have had religious overtones, so his followers are seeing it in a religious light.
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: OK Gordon, you're kind of the best at analysing this sort of thing - what the hell do you suggest we do now?
Gordon Laymark: I'm not sure. Who are the Vanguard, Rudy? I'm familiar with the Syndicate.
Rudy Ellis: The UN appears to have formed a team, ostensibly to fight disasters, feed the homeless, and hungry; providemedicine, food, and shelter, but also to intervein when despots use paranormal mercenaries to enforce their tyrannical agendas.
Gordon Laymark: I'm guessing thats going to cause concern in Washington..
Benjamin Wolff: Sounds like a good team to join. Them, or a powerful despot, anyway.
Gordon Laymark: The line the government are taking might be viewed as stepping over the line..
Richard Anderson: If we didn't have Sylph after us - I'd suggest disappearing off the map completely
Rudy Ellis: As I understand it the government are threatening to withdraw UN backing unless they have a veto on this new teams operations.
Richard Anderson: Ooh goody a new cold (or even quite warmish) war with Paragons instead of Nukes - think we can charge for our services?
Richard Anderson: (did I say that?)
Campaign saved.
Gordon Laymark: Well that brings up the syndicate.. I believe they are charging. This one I know about.
Gordon Laymark: In fact when I met you (He thinks briefly) the night before last I was planning to tell you. Then all hell broke loose in Wallmart and it slipped my mind.
Benjamin Wolff: Personally I think I'd just find a quiet office job with one of the bigger players. Stability is good, and we can't last long as independants.
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'MarkC' connected
Declan: What was the last thing ytou saw Mark?
Richard Anderson: Sorry about that
Richard Anderson: Last thing was Gordon saying that the Syndicate charge for their services
Gordon Laymark: Well that brings up the syndicate.. I believe they are charging. This one I know about.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): That was it
Gordon Laymark: In fact when I met you (He thinks briefly) the night before last I was planning to tell you. Then all hell broke loose in Wallmart and it slipped my mind.
Gordon Laymark: Lets just say the Syndicate is organised crimes response to the Paragon Registration Act. They saw an opertunity and offered safe haven to Paragons..from the government. In return they expect a little work.
Gordon Laymark: And they are becoming a real problem.
Sander Cohen: A real problem for whom?
Sander Cohen: The government?
Richard Anderson: I'd say pretty much everyone - organised crime is NOT the way to go :-)
Gordon Laymark: The police generally. We are talking about the mafia with paragon support here, and since the registration act they have had no trouble recruiting.
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: Nah, organised crime is prettymuch the same as politics, and often involves the same people at the top.
Rudy Ellis: Our mysterious benefactor tells me that you met one of their new recruits breaking into Gensens? And also that they tried to recruit you until they realised the PRA were tracking you? Sound about right?
Benjamin Wolff: Could be.
Richard Anderson: Sounds right - although we had no idea who was trying to recruit us. I hate being kept in the dark about stuff
Gordon Laymark: As do I. At least we have an idea about the unholy mess that appears to be brewing now.
Richard Anderson: So who was the girl breaking into Buckner Ridge?
Gordon Laymark: The odd thing is there are only six paragons I would trust not to be involved in any of those factions, and five of them are stood around me now.
Gordon Laymark: Girl?
Richard Anderson: Yah - there was a lady using the same method as us (job interview) she seemd a bit out of her league to be honest
Benjamin Wolff: Who''s the sixth? Patriot, 'cos he'd be too dim to join up?
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: Good point - who is the sixth?
Gordon Laymark: Could be an independent. It does happen. You don't mean the girl we've been dragging around do you?
Sander Cohen: Yes - is she still in the pocket?
Gordon Laymark: Patriot. He too Patriotinc and dim and really does answer purely to the President. Not that its much use.
Richard Anderson: Trouble with Patriot is that he'll think the PRA are the good guys and he's "malleable" to say the least
Declan: No. Everything which was in the pocket got dumped in the desert. Sahtters powers still aren't working (much)
Benjamin Wolff: Well, it's mildly ueful: it gives us a sixth faction, even if there's only one paragon in it.
Rudy Ellis: Somehow I doubt our benifactor would consider Patriot a significant faction. Not if he didnt consider the PRA significant.
Richard Anderson: So - where'd the girl go? did we bring her with us?
Declan: Shatter and Greg doped her with the medical cabinet in the van, tied her up and threw her in the back. I presumed when you ATMed to Edinburgh you brough her.
Richard Anderson: yup - we ransacked the van so she'll be here somewhere - still drugged
Benjamin Wolff: Maybe he just didn't consider the RA a separate faction from the others.
Campaign saved.
Declan: And since se was only doped about 2 hours ago game time..she's not coming round for a long while.
Richard Anderson: I've a feeling that this "benefactor" represents the 6th faction
Sander Cohen: hmmm.... sounds quite plausible
Richard Anderson: And if it is the AI (which I consider likely) I think it could be the most formidable of the lot
Richard Anderson: That thing had LOTS of data (and I mean LOTS!!!)
Rudy Ellis: Anyway, I'm overlooking the most important thing. He told me that if I wanted to live you were the people best equiped to ensure I survived. He also made sure I knew that the PRA want us all out of the picture..except Gordon. His disappearance now could be difficult so they want to brainwash him and get him on their side.
Rudy Ellis: Apparently they found a talent who can do just that.
Richard Anderson: Great - another problem - I think it's time for us to get somewhere safe, out of the way and recuperate - then let Shatter loose on the bad guys - bang, bang, bang - just like at the fairground
Sander Cohen: We could certainly do with Shatter having more control over his powers - some rest may be a good idea
Campaign saved.
-> Richard Anderson: Okay.. You've noticed a lot of extraneous data in the file headers that AI sent. Looks like there is mor data beyond the files which were sent hidden in the headers. Might take you a few minutes to decrypt - might take the NSA a few weeks.
Richard Anderson: I'll decrypt and share
Richard Anderson: in summary though
Richard Anderson: as I'm guessing that there'll be a lot
-> Richard Anderson: It encyption keys, and an IRC channel. It uses 65536 bit keys and its just a public key - so no. Not a lot.
-> Richard Anderson: In fact about 65k of data
Richard Anderson: I'll have to monitor that - anything on it at the moment?
Gordon Laymark: I think dropping from sight sounds a good our priority has to be the tracker
-> Richard Anderson: No
Gordon Laymark: So long as the PRA know where we are we are in trouble
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: let's have every bit of info I've got and any other system has about this guy - please
Richard Anderson: by the way - any status on the plane that was on its way to Australia - did it turn back?
-> Richard Anderson: Okay. You get details of his family (both living parents, and three living grandparents), his schooling, uni, friends, family, home, tax records, etc.
-> Richard Anderson: No..all three planes landed
Richard Anderson: in Aus?
-> Richard Anderson: Yes
Richard Anderson: Well - I've got complete family details of or tracker friend - I wonder if he's susceptible to blackmail - or at least extortion?
Declan: Anyone still alive
Declan: ah
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): [Nope] :)
Alistair (Sander Cohen): Yup
Campaign saved.
Gordon Laymark: And if we wanted to lay a trap for him home might not be a bad place to do it.
Richard Anderson: I'm inclined to go back yo Australia - maybe with a family member in tow and nail the bugger!
Richard Anderson: Or Gordon's suggestion might be better (smiles wryly)
Shatter: Hang on. I'm the one trained for this sort of thing..
Richard Anderson: Yes you are - how are you feeling?
Shatter: Somewhat better.
Benjamin Wolff: Well... doesn't he have ab ability to not be found? And, might kindnapping him be more useful? That *is* a very handy ability he has.
Shatter picks up a beaker and it vanishes appearing the other side of the room, where it falls to the ground.
Richard Anderson: Tell you what - all we've got to do is get near them while they're in a plane and I'll bloody well have 'em - I'm pissed off with being chased all around the world like this
Richard Anderson: Although I'm quite prepared to let Shatter put a bullet (or many bullets) in him/them
Benjamin Wolff: Why would they have him in a plane rather than a bunker, if he has worldwide range?
Gordon Laymark: Richard, do you think you could override a planes autopilot - take it where we want?
Benjamin Wolff: Personally, I would protect an asset like that, the same as the military would protect a radar station.
Sander Cohen: No, I think the point is that Richard would 'interface' with the plane :)
Richard Anderson: I think that he might have to triangulate - they had problems when we went to France
Richard Anderson: And yes - I think that I could override the autopilot - for long enough to take it where I wanted (smiles a positively evil smile)
Benjamin Wolff: Phoo, have to be very accurate. Anyway, we can guess: how many places does the PRA have that they would keep such a person?
Benjamin Wolff: And if we appear at one of them and hear "He's right here!" then we've got him.
Campaign saved.
Sander Cohen: Don't they have to move the person with them when they're tracking us?
Gordon Laymark: Then I suggest we wait for them to leave Australia and we deal with them in New Zealand, or possibly ant arctica. They are unlikely to have many friends that far south.
Benjamin Wolff: He seems to have worldwide range.
Richard Anderson: it's a good point though - is Sylph back at PRA HQ anywhere - or indeed in any PRA safe house - everywhere should have CCTV cameras and I "know" about them all - I worked there
-> Richard Anderson: You've never been able to track Sylph electronically. He's never shown up on any camera etc. Of course the idiots keep talking about where he is so you've tracked that
Benjamin Wolff: I still like the idea of just discrediting him.
-> Richard Anderson: And they did specifically say they were sending him to Australia
Benjamin Wolff: They won't protect a discredited asset so well
Richard Anderson: Gordon, Rudy - do either of you know of any other teleporters that could jump around as much as we've done?
Richard Anderson: OK - looks like I can't track him directly - I can only get an idea of where he is by other people talking about him
Rudy Ellis: Well Patriot can circle the glob in less than 20 minutes...
Richard Anderson: And he's definitely gone to Australia
Benjamin Wolff: I wonder why.
Richard Anderson: Yes - but no one that he carries could survive it - so Patriot is out (hopefully)
Gordon Laymark: We had a girl in the Academy who could be in several places at once. She just sort of seperated and the various girls went there own ways.
Rudy Ellis: Claire, Yeah. We had high hopes till we realised the more clones the lower the IQ.
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: can I tap into the comms and find out what's happening in Australia at teh moment - there should have been some team to base comms that I could have piggybacked onto?
Benjamin Wolff: I don't know, an army of retards could be handy. Give them all a gun...
Richard Anderson: And you've got the US army!
Richard Anderson: (Sorry Shatter) smiles
-> Richard Anderson: You notice that three of the PRA clusters are difficult to connect to. You have picked up comms though. They are to wait in Australia for a few hours and see if the traget makes any other large hops. Once the target remains relatively still for atleast 8 hours they are to head to the target location.
Shatter: No. I quite agree. The army needs grunts so the special ops can shine.
Richard Anderson: They're chasing us round the globe - if we stay still for over 8 hours they are to come our way - crazy - I guess we've a while to find a hole to rest in for the night - I'm tired!
Richard Anderson: They're apparently still in Aus at the moment - but I'm having some difficulty connecting to some of the PRA stuff - I guess they know about me
Shatter tries to teleport a stool. About 80% of the stool appears the other side of the room, whilst part of one of the legs and some of the seat remain where they were. Shatter frowns.
Benjamin Wolff: So we have seven hours and fifty nine minutes' leeway wherever we go. Let's go to disneyworld!
Campaign saved.
Shatter: I think we'd better let Richard handle the transport for now.
Benjamin Wolff: Just for the time being, yes.
Richard Anderson: I was thinking somewhere more like China or Russia where it will be a little harder for them to follow (at least by plane)
Shatter Spill. GM AFK 2 mins
Benjamin Wolff: Well, maybe eurodisney. But somewhere silly-sounding. Might as well *try* to discredit him.
Benjamin Wolff: And anyway the rides are fun.
Richard Anderson: Could do that - but they know we've got teleporters - so it won't work (sadly)
Declan: Back
Richard Anderson: I'd rather get Shatter feeling better and then port in to where they are - snatch Sylph and Port out
Richard Anderson: Or you cold substitute "eliminate" for "snatch" if that's how you're feeling - I'm easy
-> Richard Anderson: Plain Text on that IRC channel. 'Send Key Public'
-> Richard Anderson: Oops - 'Send Public Key'
Richard Anderson: ooh - listen in and decrypt - relay to the team
Campaign saved.
-> Richard Anderson: Its plain text - just those three words.
Benjamin Wolff: He doesn't need to be feeling that much better if all you want is half of the guy.
Richard Anderson: I send the public key
Richard Anderson: hehe
-> Richard Anderson: The one you recieved? You guess he wants you to use that public key to encrypt a public key you create as part of a key pair...
Sander Cohen: no, I think he may be useful to have whole :)
-> Richard Anderson: (and you keep your pivate key.)
Benjamin Wolff: I agree, it's a useful skill
Richard Anderson: Thanks - my character has more experience with this than I do - please go ahead
Richard Anderson: If we can "turn" him it would be useful - I'd quite like to be able to track anyone or anything - but I don't know how far we could trust this guy
Sander Cohen: He may be operating under duress as it is - we just don't know yet
Richard Anderson: Unless... hmm.... I do know where his family live....
Richard Anderson: Does that make me a bad person?
-> Richard Anderson: Okay. You create a key pair. You then use the public key recieved to send the new Public key you've generated. Now as long as you use the Public key Rudy gave you to send messages only the AI can read them - or someone with a very long time, a very powerful computer and a a brute force attack
Sander Cohen: No - just makes you sound like Ben
Benjamin Wolff: It would also be useful having his other skill maing us all, I hope, a little harder to find
-> Richard Anderson: You get back an encypted mp3 file - its just voice
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: play it - I'll use my kaptop so everyone can hear
Richard Anderson: *laptop
-> Richard Anderson: "Hello. This should be a secure method of communication..for now"
Richard Anderson: is that it?
-> Richard Anderson: Yes
Richard Anderson: Guys - do we want to say anything to the AI - I've established a secure communication link?
-> Richard Anderson: Another files. Want to play it through the laptop speakers?
Benjamin Wolff: I suppose "Hi, please don't kill us or possess Richard" would sound a bit craven, huh?"
Richard Anderson: yup
Sander Cohen: I would ask if the AI sent the info to Rudi
Sander Cohen: or knows who did
Reconstructed Sound File: This confirms that you have recieved my message. I'm pleased Dr Ellis is well.
Richard Anderson: I'm talking through an encrypted IRC channel - so not to worry and it did - that's how I've set up the link - through dissectiing the mails
Benjamin Wolff: Also, since it seems to be directing us anyway, ask it what it thinks our priority should be after dealing with the tracking issue.
(You'll have to tell me what you send back - and how? As sound? Text?)
Richard Anderson: I don't think that anything or anyone other than the AI (or an AI) or someone like me could have sent those mails in that fashion
Richard Anderson: Right - I'm going to send a message back
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: To IRC channel - encrypted and in text form (don't want and voice stress analysis): "Thanks for your concern - I'm glad that you got out of Buckner Ridge OK - is there anything that we can do for you at the moment? Or possibly that you can do for us?
Richard Anderson: Any suggestions are welcome chaps, by the way
Reconstructed Sound File: We have a mutually compatible goal I therefore feel that while our objective align we can work together. I seek methuman rights, and based on your actions you oppose the Parahuman regulation act and the actions of the initiative.
Reconstructed Sound File: (metahuman)
Richard Anderson: To IRC channel - as before: "Metahuman Rights - pardon me for being obtuse but what the hell for?"
Reconstructed Sound File: Specifiaclly, before I reveal my existance to the world I want the rights of Paragons, Metahumans and Sapient constructs generated as the result of metahuman abilities clearly defined and protected in law.
Declan: (Hmm..not my spelling day)
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: To IRC channel: " Gotcha! So you're saying that you were constructed by a metahuman - thus explaining why you're the only AI (as far as we know) on the planet - a unique set of crcumstances - I think we can Align with you on that"
Benjamin Wolff: Its what happens after he reveals his existence that worries me. Would be nice if he had an off switch.
Sander Cohen: Don't worry Ben - AIs _never_ go rogue
Reconstructed Sound File: I suspect that I am not constructed by a metahuman, but am actually the continued existence of a human who has 'broken-out'.
Richard Anderson: This gebie is well ant truly out of the bottle - if it's the same as I encountered in Buckner it's so far beyond my ability that it quite beggars belief
Richard Anderson: *genie
Benjamin Wolff: So no turning it off y asking it a complex question or giving it the common cold then? Rats.
Richard Anderson: To IRC: "Interesting, but that still doesn't really let us know what you want from us.
Benjamin Wolff: If I were a sentient AI I would consider myself posthuman, the beginning of the Singularity.
Richard Anderson: It's quite cool though - I could actually see that happening to me - I'm quite capable of actually transporting myself into "cyberspace" so this isn't too much of a stretch
Campaign saved.
Reconstructed Sound File: I am confined by technology. I cannot act where there is none. I need to investigate and protect something, and in the future may ask you to do this. Currently I cannot for sending you would alert our mutual enemies to something they have a vested interest in destroying.
Richard Anderson: Maybe it sees me as a kindred spirit?
Benjamin Wolff: If you did that, would you be able to work faster, parhaps on a par with this AI? OR is there a danger that it might infect you, and what came out of cyberspace wouldn't be entirely you?
Richard Anderson: To IRC: so basically - until we lose our tracker - we're not much use to you? Any hints as to how we might do that?
Richard Anderson: I wouldn't normally do it - and now that I know there's a big AI trundling around in there - I'd be extremely careful before I did so
Benjamin Wolff: That answer was not the reassuring "of course not!" that I was hoping for.
Richard Anderson: I'm basically a coward at heart - so don't worry too much - I run away from big bad stuff
Richard Anderson: Although last time I was in there it didn't do anything to me - I think it was busy running away and trying to keep data away from my prying eyes itself
Reconstructed Sound File: Unfortuantley I cannot deal with thgis tracker either. I know of his existence, but am unable to track hm. I know he exists from the trail he leaves, but am unable to comprehend where he is. I suspect this is part of his ability. He is clasified as being untrackable by technological means. I have been unable to determine what the extent of this is. My advice could well be unsound with tregards the tracker
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: Still, it's just effectively expressed an interest in getting control of a physical paragon body. So, yeah... hrm. When you transport me is there any chance that some of *my* bytes migth get infected with AI-injected bytes?
Richard Anderson: To IRC: Cheers for that - I guess that we'll be in touch when we've dealt with him then. Anything else for now before we sign off?
Richard Anderson: I'd have to say not.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): and please don't give the GM ideas like that
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): (*cackle*) :D
Reconstructed Sound File: Yes. I need to explain what you could benefit from an alliance, temporary or not. I have information which you will not arrive at by any other means. I have taken steps to destroy the trail so that those who seek to destroy it may not. I have located the source.
Benjamin Wolff: Source? Of paragon-ness?
Richard Anderson: To IRC: Inform away - and please try not to be too cryptic - we've been having a bad day!
Richard Anderson: Could be the phyical body of the paragon that "became" the AI? Could be anything really - the Source of a new type of mineral water, for example
Campaign saved.
Reconstructed Sound File: I have identified the key even which transpired to create the first Paragon. I have also confirmed the sources role in the following ten outbreaks. Investigation of the source may provide astounding answers. I am also concerned what the destruction of the source might result in.
Richard Anderson: I'm not thinking straight right now - let's just hope I don't blow up like Shatter did - that could be "messy"
Declan: (event - not even)
Richard Anderson: Eep! source of Paragnia it is - gold star for Ben!
Rudy Ellis: I've been meaning to talk to you about that..
Richard Anderson: to IRC: But you're not prepared to let us know what or where that event or thing is?
Benjamin Wolff: That'll be the carrot :)
Richard Anderson: I'm waiting for the stick
Rudy Ellis: No. There is a small risk you might travel there before the tracker is dealt with, highlighting its location to the Initiative, and endangering it.
(was the AI - not rudy)
Reconstructed Sound File: No. There is a small risk you might travel there before the tracker is dealt with, highlighting its location to the Initiative, and endangering it.
Richard Anderson: To IRC: Fair enough - what can you give us then?
'Dewi Morgan' disconnected
Campaign saved.
'Dewi Morgan' connected
Reconstructed Sound File: As a sample of the sort of information which might prove useful? I can provide this as an example: Patriot was one of the original ten breakouts. He draws his power from those who support him and believe in him - his fans. That is the reason for the Department of Justice media machine that follows him everywhere and spins all the stories...
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): [sorry lost connection - last I saw was AI afraid we might reveal the location. I missa nything?]
Reconstructed Sound File: As a sample of the sort of information which might prove useful? I can provide this as an example: Patriot was one of the original ten breakouts. He draws his power from those who support him and believe in him - his fans. That is the reason for the Department of Justice media machine that follows him everywhere and spins all the stories...
Benjamin Wolff: Hrm - so a negative media backlash could cripple him.
Richard Anderson: That's fantastic - to defeat Patriot - discredit him - bloomin wonderful - I can work with that!
Reconstructed Sound File: The interesting thing is the first piece of spin. According to public record Captain Lee broke out due to the stress of trying to rescue comraides trapped under enemy fire. Acording to the original record Capatin Lee broke out during the stress of his court martial and ejection from the US army for Homosexual activities..
Benjamin Wolff: Though I'd be interested in the edge cases - what counts as "him" for teh sake of belief? If he secretly changed his name from "Patriot" to "Joe", would he still get the "Patriot" admiration benefit?
Reconstructed Sound File: Of course US army regulations changed 18 months later. The activities Lee was responsible for are no longer cause for court martial.
Richard Anderson: Outstanding!
Benjamin Wolff: And now you have stuff to work with...
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: Though I suspect the AI could whip up a much better media frenzy than we could.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): To IRC: I guess that you don't have much concern about Patriot then as you haven't bothered to discredit him?
Richard Anderson: To IRC: I guess that you don't have much concern about Patriot then as you haven't bothered to discredit him?
Reconstructed Sound File: However, I urge you not to use this information without cause. As things stand Captain Lee has not chosen where he sdtands on Parahuman rights.
Reconstructed Sound File: Patriot may some day become a danger. At present he is a possible future ally.
Benjamin Wolff: I like the way he thinks.
Richard Anderson: To IRC: I think that Patriot will stand where the President tells him to stand - so let's not alientate the Pres hey?
Benjamin Wolff: Er, calculates.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): (and that was Pres not Press
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): (Well, annoying the Pres might be bad too)
Reconstructed Sound File: There is one other important fact you should be aware of. The PRA are working on weaponising their Paragon inhibiting drugs. Your time may be short. I will look forward to your next contact.
Richard Anderson: To IRC: Cheers for that last - speak to you soon - love and kisses, bye
Benjamin Wolff: Time to invest in good breathing apparatus and dart-repellent clothing.
Richard Anderson: Couldn't resist (grins)
Rudy Ellis: I dont trust it - although it did save my life, I still feel there is something its not telling us.
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: You don't say!
Benjamin Wolff: Plenty it's not telling us. It's giving us the carefully selected information that it wants to direct us in the direction it wants us to go.
Richard Anderson: Rudy - does anyone apart from us know abouth the drugs actual effects - i.e they don't truly inhibit powers?
Rudy Ellis: I wouldn't bother. Unless they change the drug a heavy does of vitimin K should effectively immunise you. You could just buy it in a pharmacy.
Benjamin Wolff: It's all spin... but I can't argue with the current objective, getting rid of our tracker.
Richard Anderson: Because if they use them too much there will be a lot of sudden "explosions" of power as the dams break
Rudy Ellis: I sent out an email warning some of the researchers but I think most of them ignored it. Then like me they were all pulled off the project and we thought the project had been dropped on moral grounds. Its possible the new researchers doubt actually understand why it seems to work.
Benjamin Wolff: Would be nice to get our hands on the weaponised version, and if you could check to see if there's anything they could do to make it ignore vitamine K, that'd be nice too.
Richard Anderson: I think that the tracker is priority one and I suggest that we find somewhere safe - sleep for six hours (or so) move again, repeat until rested. Then we go kick ass
Richard Anderson: I'd hate to start this without us all being 100%
Rudy Ellis: Well I doubt there are many people taking upwards of 200mg of vitimin k a week - so chances are there are very few people immune to it.
Benjamin Wolff: Chances are it could also make us moderately trackable.
Benjamin Wolff: But for the moment at least they can track us a lot better than looking for unusual vitamine K purchases in pharmacies
Richard Anderson: And we can get plenty in spinach, brocolli, soya beans, etc.
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: RDA for Vitamin K is 80mg so I think that LOTS of people will be over the 200mg per week mark
Rudy Ellis: Well I suppose you could avoid the pharmacies and just eat about 20 pots of yogurt a day. Personally I doubt anyone would make the connection tpo people buying vitamin k in pharmacies.
Declan: (make it 200 per day)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): You should have known I'd check
MarkC (Richard Anderson): but 200 per day it is
'MarkC' disconnected
'Dewi Morgan' disconnected
Rudy Ellis: (I was reading up on Vuit K given to counteract Warfarin poisoning - and the standard dose given is 200g IV)
'MarkC' connected
Declan: (I was reading up on Vuit K given to counteract Warfarin poisoning - and the standard dose given is 200g IV)
Declan: I guess IV is probably more effective than oral
Alistair (Sander Cohen): hmmm.... where have they gone?
'Dewi Morgan' connected
Alistair (Sander Cohen): I know it's just about 10pm - but didn't think they had logged off
'MarkC' disconnected
Declan: (I was reading up on Vuit K given to counteract Warfarin poisoning - and the standard dose given is 200g IV)
Declan: I guess IV is probably more effective than oral
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Fell off. Last I saw: "200 it is"
Campaign saved.
Hmm.. No MArk :(
You both still okay for BBQ next Sunday?
'MarkC' connected
Alistair (Sander Cohen): Yup - should be
Rudy Ellis: I'll say the Vit K thing again for Mark
Richard Anderson: what happened then
(I was reading up on Vuit K given to counteract Warfarin poisoning - and the standard dose given is 200g IV)
I guess IV is probably more effective than oral
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Well since we've got to calculating the number of yoghurs we'd need to eat daily, I guess we'd run out of interesting strategies for the day anyway :)
10pm - session end
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): And yeah sure :)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): OK - thanks again guys - maybe we'll have a full team soon to take out some bad guys?
Either of you want to Frisbee throw before the BBQ? Either of you want to play SotC on the Monday (proper sit down roleplaying)
Declan: (I'm hoping you deal with the tracker fast. The 'Source' is going to be a lot of fun
Richard Anderson: Wish we were coming, sounds like fun - but Pitlochry beckons
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Both sound fun, but I shall delegate responsibility for the decision to my chauffeur, since he's the one to decide when we turn up and leave and stuff :P
MarkC (Richard Anderson): When's the next session?
Alistair (Sander Cohen): Probably not able to make Monday - not sure about Frisbee - will have to let you know on the day
Rudy Ellis: Okay
Next session - week after next
No session for bank holiday
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Which remins me, I haven't asked yet - Al, are you OK giving me a lift there? :D
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Good - see you all then - TTFN
Benjamin Wolff: Seeya Mark :)
See you Mark
'MarkC' disconnected
Campaign saved.
Alistair (Sander Cohen): Ummm, yes - I thought we'd already arranged that one?
Glad I got that session out of the way - all that exposition to explain the plot so far... whew.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Oh good. Probably, yes :)
Benjamin Wolff: You coulda just made it a handout of the email :P
Benjamin Wolff: We would have read it I swear!
Benjamin Wolff: Eventually
Rudy Ellis: Now you know who everyone is, and in most cases why they've been doing what they've been doingg.
Benjamin Wolff: A nice diagram of the five fations would be a nice handout, mind - woudl help remember all their names.
Alistair (Sander Cohen): Yes - does fill in quite a few gaps
Benjamin Wolff: Yes, with all that, it feels like the game has more direction: it's fels a little drifty the last couple of sessions, with no clear objective. Now we sorta have one
Great :) Okay..I'd better check my email and go to bed. Night.
GM waves
As if by majic the GM disappears
Benjamin Wolff: heh - g''night!
Alistair (Sander Cohen): Goodnight
'Alistair' disconnected
'Dewi Morgan' disconnected

Chat log started at 1.6.2008 / 19:22:18

'Greg Davis' connected
'Rev' connected
Greg Davis: Hi Dec:)
Shatter greets
Greg Davis: Hi Rev:)
GM: Hi Guys
Shatter: Yes, Rev's here and on time for a change
'Dewi Morgan' connected
Greg Davis: Yeah, we're here bright and early - where's everyone else:)
'MarkC' connected
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Right here
Greg Davis: And then there were four:)
Richard Anderson: Here I come to save the day (Mighty Mouse)
Richard Anderson: Hi guys
Campaign saved.
Shatter waves around
Greg Davis: Hi, are we expecting Alastair?
Richard Anderson: And hurrah, we've got Shatter!!
Richard Anderson: Missed you matey!
Rev (Shatter): Yes! After many trials and tribulations he's here again
-> Shatter: Character looks fine - but when I print it I get a page full of errors. I'm happy to go with Duplicate option three so long as you buy the Heroic extra, and the Real Flaw
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Whee :)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): We've had lots of fun - so much - I can't even remember which country we're in!
Shatter: No problem, the book suggests the Real flaw as a default for Spatial Controllers anyway and I should have enough points in Duplication to afford a power feat or two.
-> Shatter: Okay :)
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): I think Al was gong off camping this weekend - not sure if he was due back yet.
-> Shatter: I'll need to figure out why I cant print the character sheet out. I'll do that this week.
Shatter: And sorry about the errors. I just copy pasted a lot of stuff since it's been like a decade since I last worked with excel sheets
-> Shatter: Then I'll pu the new version on the website
Shatter: So I probably messed a lot of things in the process.
Shatter: Roger. Any preference on how fast Shatter should be able to regain his abilities from here on?
MarkC (Richard Anderson): last session is missing from the logs - could have been useful as there was lots of info going round
GM 4 out of 5. Not bad.
GM: Is it?
GM: I thought I put it up