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'MarkC' connected
Richard Anderson: Hi there - and wher'd the password go?
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
GM: Hi. No password? Must have forgotten to set it.
GM: No one else on yet? I'll go get a drink
Richard Anderson: Just finishing a cider - hope I remember where we were up to!
Richard Anderson: by the way - back with broadband - no silly connect through phones tonight - hurrah!
Campaign saved.
GM: BAck
GM: Did I ask you what you were doing next bank holiday? I think I did..and I seem to recall you were away (Egypt?) but if I'm wrong would you like to come to a Barbeque?
'MarkC' disconnected
'Greg Davis' connected
'Greg Davis' disconnected
'Greg Davis' connected
'Greg Davis' disconnected
'Greg Davis' connected
'MarkC' connected
Richard Anderson: and 3...2...1 you're back in the room
GM: Welcome back Mark
Greg Davis: Hi Guys, managed to make it after all.
GM: All two of you so far :(
Richard Anderson: don't unplug a usb wireless card (by accident) if you want to connect to a wireless router!
Greg Davis: Yeah - just the usual suspects again :)
Richard Anderson: and Hi Richard
-> Richard Anderson: Did I ask you about the next bank holiday? Having a Barbeque. I think I did ask you and you said you were away (Egypt?) but I might have imagined that.
Richard Anderson: Considering I was going to quit - it's always me that's here these days!
Richard Anderson: Yes you did, yes I am, Scotland (not Egypt!!)
Richard Anderson: imagination's a terrible thing
-> Richard Anderson: Ah..wonder where I got Egypt from.
Richard Anderson: Dewi's on Skype - so I guess he "may" join us
GM: Oh..Thats good
Greg Davis: The PRA wouldn't be the same without Richard:)
Richard Anderson: Sorted the computer out - re applies thermal paste - no more overheating - staves off buying a new PC for a few more months
Richard Anderson: Thanks mate
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: So what about Alastair and Rev?
GM: Hmm..I'll try slinging Dewi a message
Richard Anderson: what's the IP - he can't find it?
Greg Davis: IP?
GM: Good question - I'll have to connect to router - I've forgotten
'MarkC' disconnected
'MarkC' connected
'Greg Davis' disconnected
Richard Anderson: Just checked the IP - had to discom and reconnect
GM: Its
'Dewi Morgan' connected
Richard Anderson: Hey - where'd Greg go?
GM: And we have 2 again..
'Greg Davis' connected
'alistair' connected
Richard Anderson: I gave Dewi the IP
Richard Anderson: Hi again
GM: Dewi is getting file downloads...
Richard Anderson: What's downloading?
Campaign saved.
GM: I'm guessing he reinstalled FGII
Greg Davis: Back again, but still no sign of Alastair or Rev on Skype.
Richard Anderson: is it just our characters or is there something more?
GM: Alistair is on here apparently
GM: It said 'alistair connected'
Richard Anderson: I've just quit skype - I keep typing in the wrong window - oops!
Greg Davis: And I thought I was the Invisible man:)
Richard Anderson: ALthough Al and Dewin "might" be connected - I can't see 'em yet - bloomin' slow this Fantasy Grounds lark
GM: Well since both Alistair and Dewi have connected to the client they should appear 'soon'
Richard Anderson: Computers [1d20+20 = 21]
Richard Anderson: Computers [1d20+20 = 24]
Richard Anderson: Computers [1d20+20 = 29]
Richard Anderson: Computers [1d20+20 = 27]
Richard Anderson: Computers [1d20+20 = 25]
Richard Anderson: [1d20 = 6]
Richard Anderson: [1d20 = 5]
Richard Anderson: [1d20 = 10]
Richard Anderson: [1d20 = 8]
GM: [30d3 = 57]
Richard Anderson: [1d20 = 3]
Richard Anderson: [1d20 = 4]
GM: [30d3 = 57]
Greg Davis: Are you only rolling a D10:)
Hiding all die rolls
Richard Anderson: what are the odds of that with a D20? 11 rolls all 10 or less?
Richard Anderson: Computers [1d20+20 = 28]
/die [NdN+N] [message]
/vote [message]
/ooc [message]
/emote [message]
/mood [mood] [message]
/mood ([multiword mood]) [message]
Gamemaster only:
/story [message]
/identity [name]
/whisper [character] [message]
/export [module_filename] [description]
Richard Anderson: [1d20 = 19]
Richard Anderson: yay!
Richard Anderson: [1d20 = 19]
Richard Anderson: I'll save them now
Greg Davis: Well there goes the only two good rolls you're going to get this evening:)
GM: I've forgotten the command to reveal die rolls and wiped my macro :(
Hiding all die rolls
Richard Anderson: actually the odds were 1 in 2048 - not bad
Richard Anderson: [1d4 = 4]
Richard Anderson: [1d6 = 1]
Richard Anderson: [1d8 = 1]
Richard Anderson: [1d10 = 5]
Richard Anderson: [1d12 = 7]
Richard Anderson: [1d20 = 8]
Revealing all die rolls
Greg Davis: Are you using weighted virtual dice:)
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: I reckon Dec's got to them - I always roll better with "real" dice
GM: [30d3 = 61]
Greg Davis: Weighted in the GM's favour that is:)
Richard Anderson: Could I not just do that and tell you the results?
GM: lol
Greg Davis: geez look at all those 1s and 2s:)
GM: I'll just check how Dewi is doing. BRB
Richard Anderson: [20d6 = 58]
Richard Anderson: [20d20 = 204]
GM: [2d100 = 7]
GM: [8d100 = 224]
Richard Anderson: [1d100 = 90]
Greg Davis: How about we just taking 10 and 20, and forget this combat lark:)
Richard Anderson: [2d10 = 45]
Richard Anderson: [2d10 = 16]
Richard Anderson: [2d10 = 21]
GM: Sounds good
Richard Anderson: I'm always happy to take a 20 :-)
GM: Dewi's client is claiming its 47% of the way to connecting
GM: Hi Al
Greg Davis: I had I really slow connection like that a few months ago - it took about 20 minutes to connet, perhaps he should cancel and try again.
Greg Davis: Hi Al.
Sander Cohen: Hi there
Richard Anderson: Hi there matey
Sander Cohen: First time I've run the client on this laptop so it took quite a while to update
Greg Davis: It seemed to sort itself out on the second or third attempt.
Campaign saved.
Sander Cohen: [20d20 = 206]
Richard Anderson: [20d20 = 179]
Richard Anderson: [2d10 = 8]
GM: No.. Its definately downloading stuff. Ruleset and 'Scorllboxforttab' - not at 66%
Sander Cohen: Was there a session last week? I tried to check the logs on the website but couldn't see one listed
Greg Davis: Yeah, I had exactly the same slow connection, on the introduction to the fire-guy scenario.
Richard Anderson: Some people turned up - others were on the M1
Greg Davis: There was no session last week, and the bad news is I won't be able to make next week.
Sander Cohen: Yeah - Dewi and I were moving Dewi's stuff from London to Barnsley
Richard Anderson: And I won't be able to make the week after (Bank holiday - off to Pitlochry)
-> Sander Cohen: Alistair. Can I invite you and Sue to a BBQ on 25th
Richard Anderson: Having recently moved myself - I sympathise
Sander Cohen: Yes, just checked and that should be fine. We're camping the next week but the 25th is clear
Greg Davis: It's annoying when real life gets in the way of role-playing, huh:)
Sander Cohen: Do we need to bring anything?
Campaign saved.
-> Sander Cohen: Just you.
Sander Cohen: Pitlochry is nice - are you going to Blair Althol?
Sander Cohen: sounds good
GM: Thats good..because no game on the 25th. Having a big Barbeque and inviting lots of people..
GM: Dewi is about to join us
Richard Anderson: Don't know - I'm being "organised" by Fiona and her friend Lianne (a loud Canadian girl). Chris (her boyfriend) and I just do the driving!
Sander Cohen: We can bring Dewi to the BBQ too if that's ok
Richard Anderson: Chris is Lianne's boyfriend - Fiona is my girlfriend - for those that didn't know and actually cared :-)
-> Sander Cohen: Lol - he just said in Skype that he would try to get a lift from you :)
GM: Dewi is now in the high 90%s
Richard Anderson: Still no Rev though - where is he?
Sander Cohen: lol - I must be out of touch. Last I knew you were with Roxanne
Greg Davis: Yeah, I might have to make my way out of the Australian outback without him:)
Richard Anderson: Divorced now (for over a year)
Sander Cohen: Told you I was out of touch
Richard Anderson: Separated nearly 2 years ago
Sander Cohen: Ah. Sorry to hear that.
Richard Anderson: Don't worry - I'm better for it - happy at last
Sander Cohen: Good. Well, enjoy Scotland - it's a nice part of the country
GM: lol - Dewi got into the high 90s and then his connection dropped to to 7kbps :(
Richard Anderson: I've been quite a lot recently - I always enjoy it
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: He'll probably connect just before we finish:(
Richard Anderson: I'm thinking that he should try again really - it looks like a duff connection and a restart couldn't hurt
Richard Anderson: While we're waiting - anyone want to suggest ideas for breaking the campaign level - we're missing something
Richard Anderson: Dec - feel free to chip in :-)
GM: Lets just check. Next week no Al, no Richard. Week after, no me, no Mark (so no game)
Greg Davis: Hi Dewi, glad you could make it - finally:)
GM: Oh..Rev figured it out..
Sander Cohen: Next week I should be ok
Richard Anderson: Hey Dewi - you made it!
GM: Thought you were camping next week.
Sander Cohen: No - I'm camping the bank holiday weekend
GM: Oh :( That's the 25th :( So you Cant make BBQ.
Sander Cohen: Sorry - my mistake - we're camping the week _after_ the bank holiday weekend
GM: The Bank Holiday Monday is the 26th
GM: Oh.. Thats fine then
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): brb - graphic problems...
'Dewi Morgan' disconnected
Richard Anderson: When did Rev figure it out - is it in the logs?
'Dewi Morgan' connected
Greg Davis: Oh no - guess we'll see him again about 20:30:(
Campaign saved.
GM: Well actually he did it by trial end error sort of. He pushed his power several times early on using extra effort..
GM: Meaning he had a really high surge rating. Its probably safer to have a lower surge rating and let all the inhibbiting drigs leave your system naturally.
GM: drugs - not drigs
Richard Anderson: Thought it might be something like that - so a surge effectively boosts your allowed level limits?
Richard Anderson: Ah - I see
GM: No. Not quite. But tell you what. I'll make sure you find out this session :)
Richard Anderson: OK - I think I get it - but we don't really know how long that will take
Okay. At the end of last session Greg, Shatter and Gordon were in a black van in the desert in Australia. Everyone else is staring at a huge hole in the ground that used to be a hotel
Greg Davis: Well, let me see higher PL, or risk blowing up Washington DC - guess, I'd better get used to 6th Level:)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Actually - I think that we were moving away from the hole once we'd determined it was empty
GM: Where are you going?
Richard Anderson: If either of their phones are on (anywhere in the world) I should be able to at least talk to them - even if I can't locate them
Campaign saved.
GM: Their phones dont seem to be working
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): "away" was the general direction we had picked, I think. "without attracting too much attention" too :)
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): nice trick if you can manage it:)
Richard Anderson: Well - none of the CCTV cameras seem to be registering us (I'm making sure of that btw - action)
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Hey, I just siad it was the direction - not that we'd get there!
GM: Okay. You back away from the hotel and blend into the crowds which are now gathering. The best looking cover is a megamart, so you head in there, and out through the door on the opposite side.
-> Richard Anderson: Mind if I just make everything to you public so you don't need to repaet it?
Richard Anderson: I listen in to any PRA radio chat from Washington - to see if they've noticed that there's been a teleport
-> Richard Anderson: Oh.. Perfect. (Should I make it public)
Richard Anderson: no probs - but if it's something only I'm supposed to know - then use your judgement - I trust you
Richard Anderson: I'll be rel;aying anything useful anyway
Mark, You're monitoring the PRA, and on their radio traffic you note that they have spotted a 'significant bearing change on the target'
MarkC (Richard Anderson): or possibly Richard?
alistair (Sander Cohen): hmmm.... could they be tracking the van?
Yeah. Better swap in a character name there ;)
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: I still think they're tracking Gordon and/or Shatter
They've already figured out that 'The Target is now in the Southern Hemisphere'. Looks like Shatter went a long way.
Richard Anderson: Southern Hemisphere - that's considerably more than his normal range!
Richard Anderson: But it narrows us down to South America, South Africa or the Australasias (or Antarctica)
Benjamin Wolff: Well, nice to know he's still on this planet and dimension at least. And maybe even not dead.
You can here sirens in the distance
Benjamin Wolff: You forgot "middle of the ocean"
Richard Anderson: Not really - but I'm kind of hoping not there
Benjamin Wolff: Yeah, me too, I admit.
-> Greg Davis: In the desert, wherever you are Gordon is trying to take charge. He's managed to persuade the couple of cleaning ladies you picked up to get in the van even though he doesn't speak a word of French.
Richard Anderson: I'll quickly check the local radio chatter - but I'm afraid I don't speak French (at least my character doesn't)
-> Greg Davis: The van works, althgough the GPS seems broken, as do your phones, and any personal electronics. The air cons gone too, but there is plenty of water, beer and soft drinks in the back.
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: o the PRA comms
Richard Anderson: Then I'll go back to listening to the PRA comms - was what I tried to say
Okay. Lots of emergency service chatter, but you don't understand it.
Greg Davis: Can I judge where we might be by the terrain?
Benjamin Wolff: Well, I'm betting French for paragon is gonna be paragonne anyway...
Sander Cohen: No - that's too close to English for the French
Benjamin Wolff: CD-Rom is "CéDé-Rom" apparently.
-> Greg Davis: No..but you do know enough to know without air-con, a van in the desert will get very hot.
-> Greg Davis: Actually - you could probably bend the suns rays around the van - and keep it surprisingly cool
Greg Davis: great - i'll give that a go - what time of day does it seem to be?
-> Richard Anderson: On the PRA mainframe two new assignments have just been registered. Briefings in progress now.
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: details? - in fact - I'll eavesdrop on the briefings - that should be quite easy
-> Richard Anderson: Mission 1) Listed as retrieve Carol Malloy from rogue operative, Mission 2) Listed as Terminate Rogue operatives from Team 1 (that would be you)
alistair (Sander Cohen): testin
alistair (Sander Cohen): testing
Greg Davis: Received.
Richard Anderson: Oh crap! - Pra have 2 new missions: 1) retrieve Carol Malloy from rogue operative and 2) terminate rogue operatives (us)
-> Richard Anderson: Eaves dropping on the first meeting is easy - its happeneing in the board room - surrounded by cameras. The second one is harder since the briefing officer is meeting the team in the field.
Sander Cohen: ouch
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Damn - not there to ask questions:(
-> Greg Davis: Later afternoon
Benjamin Wolff: Hrm - any chance of changing that directive to "capture alive, using electronic wizardry?
GM (By the way guys - there may be something I'll call multiple private conversation lag. I'm not ignoring you)
Richard Anderson: I'll eavesdrop the 1st one and try to locate where the seconfd one is
Richard Anderson: Unfortunately - it's a person to person field briefing - can't even listen in yet
Richard Anderson: Hang on - who the hell has nicked Unity woman?
Richard Anderson: relay the first briefing to all of us please
Benjamin Wolff: I did't touh her! But, that's a scary thought.
Richard Anderson: It said "rogue Operative"
-> Richard Anderson: Okay. Some guy you've never seen before is briefing 6 guys. You recall seeing them at the accademy. You could probably find their records so I'll give you those next. They are going after Rudy, who took Carol Malloy from the Academy. He is flying to London, but they plan to intercept when he changes planes in Amsterdam.
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: Ooh, very interesting. There's more than one group of us?
Greg Davis: well the sun will be heading towards the horizon, so we should know approx. which way is west, and from there North, South and East. I'll try and memorize any landmarks in each of those directions - and then discuss with Gordan which direction to take.
Richard Anderson: Rudy's got Carol - he's off to London with her - but they're going to nab him at plane change in Amsterdam
GM Oops - Mark - you'll have to relay the first lot. I'll make the rest public
Richard Anderson: test Rudy - warn him of the danger - we'll have to try to get to him in Amsterdam
Richard Anderson: text
Richard Anderson: I'm trying to get hold of Rudy - but he's on a plane - so it will be difficult - we'll probably have to head them off in Amsterdam
alistair (Sander Cohen): afk for 2
Richard Anderson: we need the lowdown on the group
Benjamin Wolff: Planes all have phones in the arms of the seats now, don't they? Call him, grab him when he picks up?
GM The records you've found. The 6 agents. Benton - a mental trauma inducer, Starling - has the ability to appear as someone familiar to the target, Karlos - Magnetokinetic and the other three are unpowered black ops specialists.
Richard Anderson: The problem we've got is that the PRA know my powers and will probably try to intercept us intercepting them - the second briefing is "secret" at the mo and I don't yet know who the team is and which group of us they are going afetr first
Richard Anderson: is there a location on the second team - mission specs, anything in the PRA computer?
Benjamin Wolff: so grouping ourselves together will guarantee that they go after us first - maybe not a great idea then.
-> Richard Anderson: Text sent, although you're not sure he'll get it. His phone is off and the last place it was registered on the network was the runway in Washington DC
GM: [1d20 = 5]
Richard Anderson: look up the flight and times - when do they land (in our time)
Campaign saved.
-> Greg Davis: You realise that if you've got East and West right, then the sun should be South of you, not North. You are definately in the wrong hemisphere.
-> Richard Anderson: 9pm in Amsterdam. You have 6 hours
Richard Anderson: They land in 6 hours
Sander Cohen: Where do they land?
Richard Anderson: I could always try to get the plane to divert somewhere else - that would throw them off
GM Okay - team 2. Looks like they are sending the team you saw in action in New York. And for some reason they are flying to Australia leaving within the hour. Briefing at the airport.
Benjamin Wolff: They could have people in prettymuch any airport before the plane landed.
Richard Anderson: hmm that might work - divert them to somewhere that we're already waiting - that's good - I like that - anyone else got a better idea?
Sander Cohen: nope - sounds good to me
GM: [1d20 = 20]
-> Richard Anderson: Heres one - theres a data network to a plane in flight...
alistair (Sander Cohen): I always worry when the GM rolls a 20
Richard Anderson: If they are waiting at Amsterdam and we divert them to, let's say, Leeds/Bradford where we are already there - we'll a) see them coming and b) they'll be in the wrong country and reacting with local talent (non Paragon - hopefully)
Declan: (It was in Int roll for a player to see if they realised something)
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: Just had a thought - the UP source book suggest light controllers can get visual ESP as an AP, by effectively gathering light to view distant places. I'll need to use extra effort, I'm already fatigued, so I'll now be exhausted. The range is 20 miles - I
-> Greg Davis: You going to do it?
Richard Anderson: test
Richard Anderson: which plane Dec?
GM: Test recieved
alistair (Sander Cohen): Nope - didn't get your test message here
Richard Anderson: Number one - let's get out of France and off to sunny England
Greg Davis: Yes - I'll take a good look around in every direction - I'm looking for some sign of life, or at least a road.
-> Richard Anderson: The plane Gordon is on. If you want to you could just go there.. using the data network.
Sander Cohen: Agreed to that one - well, England - sunny or not
Richard Anderson: you mean Rudy
Richard Anderson: And I've a better idea (thankls Dec)
-> Richard Anderson: Sorry - Rudy
-> Greg Davis: Okay. You are flat out exhausted, but you glimpsed a major lanfd mark (Aeres Rock). You also spotted a road to the North and a Gas station about two miles along it.
Richard Anderson: Apparently there's a data network to the plane that they are on - I could 'port in, grab them and 'port out - might scare a few sould though :-)
Richard Anderson: *souls
Sander Cohen: port in? Isn't that more shatter's territory?
GM Especially since the only places you could come out are the cockpit or the in flight telephones in the backs of all the seats ;)
Richard Anderson: I think that you'll find that Shatter ain't the only teleporter in this team
Benjamin Wolff: And since it's england, make sure you do it froma red phone box - wouldn't be right otherwise.
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: Perfect - look up the flight manifest for the plane - look for an empty seat - use the phone on that seat and the one in front to check if anyone is sat there
Richard Anderson: should have been an action - sorry
Richard Anderson: Right - let's get to England first
Richard Anderson: At least it might keep people guessing
Richard Anderson: Goes to a nearby ATM
Richard Anderson: Anyone who wants to come along - come with me to this ATM
GM Flight manifest tells you 28B and 28C are empty. Also tells you the air marshal is in 14E
Greg Davis: The gas station sounds like the best idea - I'll make sure I know the right direction to travel in, and let Gordon know - If neither he or Shatter has any better ideas, we'll head off towards it.
Sander Cohen: 28b and 28c are adjacent aren't they?
Sander Cohen: I thought you wanted two rows that were apart?
Richard Anderson: what seats are Rudy and Carol?
-> Greg Davis: Okay. Gordon will have to drive since you're too tired.
Richard Anderson: I'm assuming that they are under assumed names - but everyone is photographed now
Richard Anderson: shouldn't be hard to find them
Richard Anderson: I just want an empty seat that I can port into
GM Rudy is in 34A. You presume his 'wife' that booked in with him in 34B is Carol.
Richard Anderson: Let's get to Leeds (or somewhere) first
Richard Anderson: I'm getting nervous in a country that I don't speak the language and we've just caused an incident
GM Anywhere is leeds?
Benjamin Wolff: I'm hapy to go along, if you want some taserbackup
Richard Anderson: check for an ATM in Leeds that is currently unoccupied and where the camera shows no one stood nearby
Greg Davis: Ok, I'll try to get some rest as we travel.
Campaign saved.
Sander Cohen: Leeds sounds good to me
Richard Anderson: Anyone coming along - just hold on to me
-> Richard Anderson: You find an ATM somewhere near Hyde Park.
Richard Anderson: waits for the others to hold on to him and then 'ports them all to the previously determined ATM in Leeds
Sander Cohen: holds onto Richard in a very masculine way
GM There is a strange sensation as you are drawn into the ATM, turned into data, and fed out an ATM somewhere in Leeds. Theres a small park nearby. Directly across from you is a little Curry place - offering Keema Pizza and Pizza Rogan Josh.
Richard Anderson: cause Rudy's airphone to ring once and wait for him to pick it up
Richard Anderson: using communicate - I'll let him know the situation - if he picks it up
Benjamin Wolff: Holds on too so we can all die together ... taser in pocket just in case.
-> Richard Anderson: Okay. He answers, and says hello
Richard Anderson: we can have this conversation in the open
Declan: Yopu need a taser to protect you from Pizza Rogan Josh?
Richard Anderson: Hi Rudy - it's Richard - you're in trouble matey and so are we
Mark is talking to Rudy - taking the conversation public
Rudy Ellis: Hello
Rudy Ellis: You need to know they'rve tracked you to Europe.
Richard Anderson: You've been sussed the PRA are going to intercept you and Carol in Amsterdam - we're NOT in America at the moment and have temporarily mislaid Shatter and Gordon (australia we think)
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: Yah - they think we're in Aus now - they're tracking Gordon and Shatter
Rudy Ellis: Australia. I don't think so. They were tracking you to Europe when I took this flight. Are you in Europe now?
Richard Anderson: The Australia thing was minutes ago - don't worry - the first thing is to get you and Carol off the plane - could you look around and let me know if 28b and c are empty?
-> Greg Davis: As you pull into the Gas station Gordon turns to you, "I can use my credit card here. Then its a race. The PRA against Richard. My moneys on Richard, but what do you think?"
Rudy Ellis: No. Theres a child asleep on the seats
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Oh, well done for checking then!
Greg Davis: Yeah, that's what I was thinking - go for it. Remember we have a few French tourist, and a prisoner to go as well.
Richard Anderson: OK - is the seatbel sign on - or can you get up as if you're about to go to the toilet?
Rudy Ellis: Do you need an empty seat? Okay. I'll get up then.
Richard Anderson: Guys - you'd better let go of me now - to Sander and Ben
You here him put the phone down on something.
Sander Cohen: lets go (but probably has already let go tbh)
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: OK - I put gloves on, 'port to his seat on the plane and take stock
-> Greg Davis: Okay. I'll fill up. Then we drive on, but we'll have the PRA on us. I'll get a map and some food too.
Richard Anderson: action dammit!!!
Rudy Ellis Make a computering roll for Richard.
Greg Davis: Can't we just get Richard to teleport us over the phone lines?
Richard Anderson: Computers [1d20+20 = 23]
Richard Anderson: Why didn't I just take a 10?
Rudy Ellis (whimpers about Mark playing Ricard, and Richard playing Greg and the associated confusion)
Greg Davis: Sorry I was assuming they'd have a phone we could use there.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I can't roll these damn dice
-> Greg Davis: Gordon thinks about it. "Do you know the number for their phones. I lost mine when the phone died taking its membory with it. Otherwise I would just phone him"
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Sorry guys btw - I wish someone else could do something - I feel to be hogging the plot
-> Richard Anderson: Gordon is paying for Petrol in Australia. The only reason you know is because the PRA computers flagged it the second the credit card was used. (and food, beer, a map, torch, batteries etc.)
alistair (Sander Cohen): I'm interested in knowing what's going on in Oz
Rudy Ellis Greg is doing things ;)
GM Greg is doing things ;)
Greg Davis: I haven't stated that I was memorising Richard's number - so I guess the answers no - We'll go with Gordons plan.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): You may have to wait until I get back from the plane :-)
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): I'm happy to watch :D (which sounds just so wrong!)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): but there is news
Campaign saved.
Richard appears stood on Rudy's seat.
Rudy is quick, and starts acting as if they are trying to get something down from the overhead locker
Richard Anderson: I step down, take hold of Rudy's arm and Carol's arm and port bacl to England
And moments later the three of you are in England.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): and that's why I wore gloves :-)
Greg Davis: "Shatter, how are you feeling - any sign of your powers returning?"
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Don't touch Carol Molloy :-)
Declan: (Whats the weight limit onm that Teleport?)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): 2 secs - mass progression 3 - so enough - I think
-> Greg Davis: Shatter shakes his head" I can't do anything, but I've got my rifle ready so I'm not exactly useless. Just down-powered a bit"
Richard Anderson: 1000 lbs
Declan: I'm sure it is. If you have to do them one at a time its not an issue anyway
MarkC (Richard Anderson): No puhroblem
Richard Anderson: Right guys - Gordon's cred card was just used in Aus - I'm assuming to get my attention - so Shall I do the same with them?
Rudy looks suitably impressed.
Rudy Ellis: Where are we?
Richard Anderson: Leeds
Rudy Ellis: Leeds Ontario?
Richard Anderson: Leeds UK
Campaign saved.
alistair (Sander Cohen): There's a leeds in Ontario?
Richard Anderson: I need to get hold of Gordon, Greg and Shatter - 2 secs
Richard Anderson: where in Aus is the card being used?
Greg Davis: (to Gordon) we could head towards Ayres Rock, there are probably still people there - from there we could get directions to the nearest police or rangers. It'd be nice to have some backup when the PRA arrive.
Rudy Ellis: You've obviously come along. Has shatters teleport ability improved as much?
Richard Anderson: and has team2's plane left yet (is it a commercial flight or a private plane)?
-> Richard Anderson: Gas Station in the middle of the Outback.
Richard Anderson: He's in Australia - what do you think?
Greg Davis: sorry - just realised what Gordon was up to - boy am I slow tonight:)
Richard Anderson: He had an "episode" wrecked a hotel in Avignon - next we knew he was in Aus with Greg and Gordon
-> Richard Anderson: No idea - the mission logs don't mention which plane - and theres three planes it could be. If its the commercial one they are airborne. There are also to freight planes.
Richard Anderson: how long ago was the card transaction?
-> Richard Anderson: 30 seconds
Richard Anderson: and get the phone number of the gas station - I'm probably going to call it
Richard Anderson: in fact I do
-> Greg Davis: Gordon nods and gets back in the van, putting the shopping on the back seat
Richard Anderson: you can relay this conversation too
Okay - going public on another phone conversation
Ozzy Gas Station Attendent: Hello
Ozzy Gas Station Attendent (With): Australia accent
Richard Anderson: Hi there - there's a couple of guys just purchased some gas, beer, batteries and stuff from you there - are they still there?
Ozzy Gas Station Attendent (With Australia accent): Who is this?
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: I urgently need to talk to them if they are - this is an agent of the United States Government
Ozzy Gas Station Attendent (With Australian accent): Oh. They're just pulling out now. Want me to flag em down?
Richard Anderson: If either of them are in the station - could you let them know "Richard" is on the line?
Richard Anderson: Please yes!
Ozzy Gas Station Attendent (With Australian accent): Richard? I'll tell them
Okay... Swapping to Australia
Ozzy Gas Station Attendent (With Australian accent): Gordon is just putting his belt on
Gordon is just putting his belt on
Gordon (With Australian accent): I'm a little disappointed. I figured Richard would spot that
Shatter (With Australian accent): They'll catch up with us. Thats got to have triggered a few alerts
alistair (Sander Cohen): I'm really worried why the Ozzy Gas Station attendent knows that Gordon is putting his belt on
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Hopefully it means he's near enough to flag them down
The gas attendent comes running out
Greg Davis: Well if we're likely to be fighting off the PRA I'd better get some shut eye - I feel like I've done ten rounds with Ali.
Ozzy Gas Station Attendent: You gus want to talk to some chap called Richard? Just phoned for you.
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: Richard? Yeah, where's the phone:)
Shatter: I'll sit this one out. Don't really want to leave my rifle lying around if we're expecting PRA hit squads, and it might draw attention in there
The Gas attendent points at his hut.
Ozzy Gas Station Attendent: Inside.
Greg Davis gets out the van, and follows the attendent into the hut.
Greg Davis: (Picks up phone) Richard?
The Gas attendent stands watching Greg use the phone
Richard Anderson: Hi there - sorry I was a bit slow - was just pulling Rudy off a plane -you need a lift anywhere?
Greg Davis: As a matter of fact we do. We have a few extra passengers with us. A few French holiday makers and our friend from Buckner Ridge.
Richard Anderson: The bad guys know you're in Aus - they're in the air - we think - with orders to eliminate you (and us)
Richard Anderson: I Shatter up to pocketing everyone?
Gordon: Don't forget the cleaning maid. Got a full van here.
Richard Anderson: *Is
Greg Davis looks at the attendent - "i don't suppose we could have a little privacy:)
Ozzy Gas Station Attendent: I guess so. Is this government business? I'll stand outside, and wont listen in.
Greg Davis: Shatter's a bit under the weather - he's not going to be much help.
The gas station guys goes outside and closes the door carefully.
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: OK - then it's probably best if we come to you - is there anyone able to see you where you are right now - and is there room for 5 people?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): is there?
Declan: There's probably room for two by the phone behind the counter. Room for lots in the shop though
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Probably want to drop the maids off in france on your way back anyway...
Richard Anderson: To rest of group - OK everyone - gather round - we're off to Australia
Greg Davis: There's room for two by the phone, but there's more room the other side of the counter.
Benjamin Wolff: Oh that way round? OK. And there was me hoping for a curry. *holds on*
Richard Anderson: Right - is the credit card reader on the counter and can anyone see you there?
Greg Davis: Yes and No respectively.
Richard Anderson: If it's clear can you push the card reader right to the shop side of the ounter - without dislodging the cable - I don't want us all to end up stood on it
Richard Anderson: then let me know when that's done and we'll come through
Declan: Shouldn't be an issue :)
Richard Anderson: Makes sure that everyone is holding on to him including Carol and Rudy
Richard Anderson: Once all is set - 'ports everyone to Australia
Greg Davis follows Richard's directions "Ok done."
Benjamin Wolff: G'day.
Richard Anderson: and now - I believe you bought some beer - I think I need some!
Okay..You now have the full team, plus Gordon, Carol, Rudy, two french maids, a couple of holiday makes in Australia
Benjamin Wolff: When in australia...
Greg Davis: Hi Guys, better late than never:)
Campaign saved.
and a couple of holiday makers
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Yay, french maids, beer... I like this country!
Richard Anderson: Sorry 'bout that - we were a little busy and I think half an hour or so to find you, rescue Rudy and Carol, and get here via England aint bad going (sniffs)
Greg Davis: You realise we're expecting the PRA to turn up here shortly.
Gordon: We need to get out of here. The PRA will know we are here.
Richard Anderson: Thanks for using the card though - the PRA flagged it and they were already on their way
Richard Anderson: They do
Benjamin Wolff: We probably want to keep moving around from continent to continent until they lose faith in their directionguy and assume he's just wildgoosing them.
Gordon: Or we take him out...
Richard Anderson: Unfortunately, Gordon, You and SHatter are "tagged" by some tracking Paragon (Sylph?0
Benjamin Wolff: Easier to take him out if they no longer trust him.
Gordon: We've got enough talent here to neutralise him. Do you know what he looks like?
Greg Davis: (grumbling) actually I was referring to the amazing amount of backup in France.
Richard Anderson: do I?
Benjamin Wolff: And if he starts giving them improbable and silly locations, then they might do that.
-> Richard Anderson: Yes. You saw his records a few sessions back
Richard Anderson: Let's get out of here and take this conversation elsewhere
Richard Anderson: I've got details - so I can show you on my laptop
Gordon: Sydney? It only looks a few hours and its a big enough city to loose ourselves in.
Richard Anderson: I can get us there quicker - but only about 4 or 5 at a time
Gordon: And the Van?
Richard Anderson: Not the van - no - only if Shatter could pockt it - but it's probably time to lose tha van anyhow
Campaign saved.
Gordon: If we cant take it we strip it for kit. Theres quite a lot of valuable equipment in it - or there was.
Greg Davis: Have you worked out how they're tracking us?
'MarkC' disconnected
Greg Davis: And we still want to take the prisoner.
Rudy Ellis: I seem to recall we had a Paragon with tracking abilities. They are probably using him.
'MarkC' connected
Benjamin Wolff: Yup - hence my suggesting we make him seem untrustworthy. They won't believe him long if he starts sounding as if he's just making it up.
Rudy Ellis: He could only track one thing at a time though, and needed part of it to lock onto it.
Richard Anderson: Sorry guys - dropped there.
Benjamin Wolff: They have medical samples of all of us I believe?
Rudy Ellis: Blood and tissue. Yes
Richard Anderson: Was going to suggest that Ben do some Jiggery Pokery with a few people so that I can 'port them back to their respective countries
Richard Anderson: If we can get back yo a normal team plus Gordon, Rudy and Carol - we'll be winning
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: Plus we should try to lose ourselves in another country or something
Rudy Ellis: There is a small shattering glass effect as a peanut M&M vanishes.
There is a small shattering glass effect as a peanut M&M vanishes.
Shatter: Thats looking better
Shatter is looking rather strained
Sander Cohen: umm... i'm sure that came through wrong
Sander Cohen: A peanut M&M?
Richard Anderson: SHatter - don't strain - rest for now - we'll try to keep ahead of them until we're at full strength
Shatter nods shakely. "I figured I'd start small. That was an effort."
Richard Anderson: How about I take the people from France back there (how many of them are there?)
Benjamin Wolff: The peanut ones are the best.
Greg Davis: Ok, Richard you better get rid of the bystanders first.
Declan: (4)
Benjamin Wolff: Darn - I was hoping we could keep the maids as pets :(
Richard Anderson: Ben - could you illusion up something to get them in here without the gas guy getting too suspicious?
Declan: Test
Benjamin Wolff: Sure. If I can see him.
Richard Anderson: Drill as before - I look for an ATM in Avignon with no one using it and the camera showing clear
MarkC (Richard Anderson): test received
Okay. Looking out the window Ben can see the gas guy trying to listen at the door
Richard Anderson: Gordon, Rudy, Carol any of you speak French?
Benjamin Wolff: Illusion - uh, they come inside. (why do I need an illusion for that?)
Rudy Ellis: Sure. I used to live in Canada
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: I think he meant to conceal them from the attendant.
Richard Anderson: OK - just get them in here and someone deal with the attendant - he's starting to bug me!
Greg Davis: Ben you're the most subtle.
Benjamin Wolff: Why do we care> OK, then. Illusion, there is nobody walking out to taze the attendant. :D
alistair (Sander Cohen): rofl - Ben. Subtle... two words that I didn't expect to hear together
Declan: lol
Benjamin Wolff: ;zaps happily, if there's nobody else watching...
Richard Anderson: Rudy - I want you to tell them (when they get here) that they are all going back to Avignon and that to do this they will have to hold on to me and close their eyes. They will feel a little discomfort then they can open their eyes and they MUST let go of me -
Greg Davis: Tasering him wasn't what I meant - just distract him while we get rid of the French.
Greg Davis: Oh . . . never mind:)
Richard Anderson: Tasering was what I meant - good job Ben!
Shatter: I don't know/ That works as a distraction pretty well
Benjamin Wolff: People use rerms like "deal with", and what do they expect? *innocent expression*
Greg Davis: I think we have to work on our definition some time:)
Richard Anderson: I'm OK with tasering - no skin off my nose - he was a pest anyway
Gordon: Probably best if we move him though. If anyone finds him sprawlled there..
Greg Davis: He was an innocent bystantder!
Gordon: and we should probably do something about the forecourt video too.
Benjamin Wolff: True. *drags him onto the toilet, puts a beer in his hand for when he wakes up*
Richard Anderson: anyone who listens in to my conversations when I'm on the run from a government agency is no longer innocent
Richard Anderson: sorry
Benjamin Wolff: There, now nobody can say I'm all bad.
Gordon: Something pretty thorough since we can be sure some PRA tech guy will be assigned to reconstruct the video itf there is anything left.
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: Once Rudy has explained the situation to the maids, etc., I transport them back to Avignon and then transport myself back to Australia
Benjamin Wolff: So, the plan is we load up on duty-free beer, and go somewhere else?
Rudy Ellis: We need a lab. I need to see whats happening to Shatter..
Richard Anderson: And then I SERIOUSLY wipe any video (or any other electronic) evidence of our presence here
Greg Davis: (to Rudy)If Sylph is tracking Shatter, what's the best way of throwing him off the scent?
Benjamin Wolff: Where's a good lab?
Richard Anderson: and one day I'll learn where the action key is
Rudy Ellis: Ideally somewhere used to dealing with blood products. I'll need an electron microscope, a centrifuge and a cell extractor.
Rudy Ellis: If Sylph is tracking him then we have to stop Sylph.
Richard Anderson: So - Manchester University, Edinburgh University or Dublin then?
Sander Cohen: Edinburgh
Greg Davis: It's 21:50, before we go, can I use my 4 spare PP to buy two dynamic APs in Light Control; Healing and ESP? As Greg's recently discovered he can do both.
-> Greg Davis: Yes
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Can we assume now that we've got rid of the "hangers on"
Greg Davis: Thanks.
We can assume that you get rid of the extras, and get to a University. I need to get Rudy's little explanation in (although you had half of it earlier)
Rudy Ellis: I was concerned about this. We stopped research into inhibbiting drugs because of side effects, but noone was really that interested in how they worked - just the results.
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: Edinburgh - for preference - and what do the PRA comms say after we jump? Please assume we strip everything out of the van that could be of value (and that's portable) and take it all with us
Rudy Ellis: We cannot stop a Paragon's ability to generate power. All we can do is inhibit the ability to focus and use that power. Some thought the power would disippate but clearly it doesn't
Rudy Ellis: It just builds up until the preasure of all that power exceeds the walls the drug has built up.
Benjamin Wolff: So, by inhibiting the use of it, they become walking bombs...
Richard Anderson: hehe - thought as much
Rudy Ellis: The more of the drug you have the higher those walls, and the bigger the flood when the dam breaks.
Richard Anderson: and that's "we" not "they"
Benjamin Wolff: When I explode, it will be psychedelic for all involved.
Richard Anderson: Uh-oh
Rudy Ellis: and by stopping taking the drugs Shatter let the walls fall until his resident power levels exceeded the dam.
Richard Anderson: double uh-oh
Sander Cohen: So all his power went into his teleport?
Sander Cohen: Which is why you ended up in Aus?
Rudy Ellis: Well reversing the effects of the inhibbitrer is incredibly simple. You just need a lot of vitamin k, but I don't want to think what the effect might be. Best to do it somewhere remote.
Richard Anderson: Rudy - what's going to happen when I "blow up"?
Benjamin Wolff: So... we're now dependant on these drugs, or we explode, but if we keep taking them, we'll explode even louder?
Rudy Ellis: I don't know. In the trials this never happened, but thats because we used low levels of inhibition. Since they officially cancelled the trial theyve been giving prolonged bigger doses.
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: The thing is - we've already stopped taking them and have all been in pressure situations - pushing our powers - It'll be messy - but better to be messy now than REALLY messy later
Benjamin Wolff: Is there any way of safely "venting" power?
Rudy Ellis: Well the dose you were being given was designed to inhibbit but not stop. Think of it as a slow tap at the bottom of the dam. The energy flowing in was always greater..
Richard Anderson: I think I'll go off and get a Spinach and Brocolli casserole or something
Rudy Ellis And thats 10pm
GM Another fine session
Benjamin Wolff: Are strange food cravings a symptom of imminent explosion?
alistair (Sander Cohen): Yup - was good
Benjamin Wolff: Yep :)
Richard Anderson: Spinach and Brocolli - vitamin K
GM sorry about squeezing Rudy's explanation in, but I promised it
alistair (Sander Cohen): You only have to worry, Ben, if you start craving Pizza
Benjamin Wolff: It was worth squeezing :)
Richard Anderson: and I can't spell Broccoli
GM Also - as some of you may have spotted certain Justice Department Paragons were never part of the PRA and therefore never dosed up.
Richard Anderson: OK - I guess it'll be a few weeks before the next session
Benjamin Wolff: I don't crave pizza any more than I crave air...
GM I think we have enough for next week.
Richard Anderson: Yah - we spotted that
GM But definately no game on 25th
Sander Cohen: Yeah, next week sounds good - week after probably is off
Richard Anderson: OK - I'm around next week - but not the week after
Greg Davis: Yeah, I definately can't make next week, and then Mark's away for two?
Richard Anderson: Just one - bank holiday weekend
GM Okay. Next week No Greg. Week after I cant make it, and I know Mark, Dewi and Alistair have other plans too.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Is Shatter expected back?
GM and the week after that no Alistair.
GM I dont know about Shatter. I will email Rev again and see what he says.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): OK guys - see (most of) you next week - take care everyone
Greg Davis: So do you intend to run a session on the 1st of june?
Campaign saved.
GM Yes. I plan to run next week, and 1st June (assuming I get atleast 3 player - which seesm to work as lower limit)
Greg Davis: Great, I should be able to make 1/6 without any problems.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): ok bye for now - thanks for another good session - although I'm a little fatigued from all of the typing
Okay - Bed time. I'll try to put the logs up tomorrow. Going to get some sleep now.
Sander Cohen: See you all later - good session
'alistair' disconnected
'MarkC' disconnected
Benjamin Wolff: night :)
Greg Davis: Ok see you in June. Yeah, great session, looks like things are really getting moving now.
'Dewi Morgan' disconnected
Night.. and see you in June.
Greg Davis: Night all.