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GM: Hi
GM: Bad news - Alistair and Dewi are currently northbound between junctions 5 and 6 of the M1 :(
GM: And increadibly unlikely to make it to Barnsley in time for 7:30 - unless they have a secret rocket engine in their van.
GM Test
Richard Anderson: Hi there Dec,
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Sorry - was reading the log from last time
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Richard Anderson: That's quite a coincidence - Fiona is on the M1 as well - coming back from London.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): But at least the internet stuff works for me
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Hmm - Google maps says 1 Hour 21 Mins
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MarkC (Richard Anderson): Probably doable in just over an hour (with a fair wind) on a Sunday evening
MarkC (Richard Anderson): hello?
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Greg Davis: Hello:)
Richard Anderson: Hi there
Greg Davis: First one's here again:)
Richard Anderson: We're a few short (again) according to Dec - Al and Dewi are halfway up the M1 and not likely to make it
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Greg Davis: That could be awkward, and we need Reve to continue with the PCs inside the portal.
Moon Unit : Back
Richard Anderson: yup - could be a problem tonight - wonder where Dec is - he was on earlier?
Richard Anderson: moon unit?
GM: Its me
Richard Anderson: I didn't realise your Dad was Frank Zappa
GM: Alistair and Dewi are on the M1. 25 mins ago they were in Traffic between junctions 5 and 6 Northbound - which means they had 180?200? miles to go?
Richard Anderson: J6 to Barnsley is 1hr 22mins according to Google Maps
GM: (Not great on Georgraphy, but J5/J6 must be not far from the M25.
GM: So..they would arrive about 8:30pm?
GM: Lol - so I have two players..who's characters are located a long way appart (Australia and France) and currently cannot contact each other.
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Greg Davis: Oh well, while we're at a loose end, I seem to have messed up the character sheet. I have a little white modifier bubble on Int, that I need to get rid of, and change my toughness score from +8 to +6.
GM: Got rid of the bubbles
Greg Davis: Don't ask me how I managed any of this - I don't know;)
Richard Anderson: Ah - 2 hours 35 mins - Google maps couldn't find junction 6 properly (blushes)
GM: we can expect them after we finish :(
Richard Anderson: Australia - that's interesting
Greg Davis: Great thanks, Con and Int are back where they should be. Tough is at +4, how do I add in the 2 ranks of Defensive roll?
Greg Davis: Or is it my undercover vest?
GM: Well defensive roll only helps against attacks you know are coming.. but toughness works against everything.
GM: So if they take you by surprise...
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I'm a wee bit scared what's going to happen when I surge - it's happened to Shatter and my powers could cause havok :-)
Greg Davis: Oh, I see, so I just add Defensive Roll in where it's appropriate, gotcha:)
GM: Yeah
MarkC (Richard Anderson): The stock market will probably crash (along with everything else computer based)
GM: Your current toughness ios +2 from con and +2 from the jacket. You'll have to add the defensive roll yourself.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): You and me both, at least you have no damaging powers - No wait, you could download a virulent virus onto the internet - thats bad:(
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MarkC (Richard Anderson): No damaging powers - you have GOT to be kidding! :-)
GM: I consider Animate Object with a worldwide range surging offensive ;)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): test
Greg Davis: Yeah, read the second sentence:)
Richard Anderson: test
GM: Test recieved
Richard Anderson: bollocks
GM: Got that too. Was that another test?
Richard Anderson: Hello
Greg Davis: Hello:)
GM: Hi
Richard Anderson: Ah - it looks like I'm lagging
Richard Anderson: That was a test - I'm lagging badly
Richard Anderson: It'll work itself out in a min - I'm about 30 seconds behind
Richard Anderson: and we're back up to date
Richard Anderson: That was interesting
GM: Strange lag issue?
Greg Davis: Great. Have you heard from Reve, Dec?
GM: No..Just rechecking email
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Dec, how bad can surges get?
GM: No email from him
Greg Davis: Real bad, depending on your location and power range - and that makes you really scarey.
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MarkC (Richard Anderson): Power range.... hmm Datalink 2,000,000 miles... gulp!
GM: Surges. Well you only know of a few. There was the guy in the prison who made the guards scratch there skin off, a heat guy who went nova (and killed himself?) and Shatter.
Greg Davis: Yeah, you'd better cap yourself now, for the sake of humanity:)
GM: To be honest I dont think Datalink 2,000,000 miles surging is much worse than datalink 20,000 miles surging. Not much electronics out there.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I'm thinking that pretty much everything electronic on (and off) planet is vulnerable - oops.
GM: Once you hit planetary diameter, the only things which will care are sputnik, and voyager (wherever its got to)
GM: I cant log into skype. Either of you want to check fro Reve?
Richard Anderson: Maybe I'll just get super super intelligent or quick?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): and I thought it would be bad if I blew up Washington DC
Richard Anderson: Or detect every computer on the planet?
Greg Davis: :)
Greg Davis: OK
GM: Oh..I've managed it (and he's not on)
Richard Anderson: I'm guessing we're not doing this tonight?
Greg Davis: Yup, and probably won't be able to make next week myself:(
GM: Hell. I was all ready for it. Got lots of interesting maps and pics all ready.
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: Well I don't mind playing tonight with three NPCs:)
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): afk
GM: Lol. I think we'd better wait until we have atleast a 50% turnout
Richard Anderson: I think that there's a bit much going on for that - particularly as the party is split
GM: At present we have Greg, a Powerless Shatter and Gordon in a van in the desert, in Australia - and the rest of the group don't know where they are. Big split. Probably best to try and get atleast a couple on eachg team.
Greg Davis: Damn:(
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I'm getting weird, inconsistent lag - I don't recommend using a mobile as an internet connection
GM: (Fudge Dice) -8 (1XP - Drag it to available points +1, -1) [4d3-8 = -3]
Revealing all die rolls
GM: (Fudge Dice) [4d3-8 = -1]
GM: (Fudge Dice) [4d3-8 = -1]
GM: (Fudge Dice) [4d3-8 = -3]
Richard Anderson: [1d20 = 4]
Richard Anderson: [1d20 = 11]
Richard Anderson: [1d20 = 11]
Richard Anderson: [1d20 = 9]
Richard Anderson: [1d20 = 12]
Richard Anderson: [1d20 = 4]
Richard Anderson: Computers [1d20+20 = 29]
Richard Anderson: Computers [1d20+20 = 25]
GM: -8 ((Fudge Dice) -3) [4d3-11 = -2]
Richard Anderson: Computers [1d20+20 = 33]
GM: Fudge Die [4d3-8 = 0]
Greg Davis: Well, I suppose there's always book-keeping - we've got a slew of PPs to allocate.
Campaign saved.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Have we? I've not had any for a while from Dec
GM: I know Mark and Reve spent theirs.
Greg Davis: Well assuming we're getting a PP per session - of course I might be wrong there:(
MarkC (Richard Anderson): That's what I thought
Richard Anderson: I've not had a pp since the start of the Prison thing
GM: Oh..true. And we've had 17 proper sessions.
Greg Davis: My current PP total is 99, with 98 spent.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Mine is 99 with 99 spent
GM: Hmm.. lets say another 3 points to bring you both to 102.
Greg Davis: Yippee!!!
Richard Anderson: It'll wait a while - I'll have to work out what to do with them - Dec's hinting that we can't "break" the campaign limit until we "discover" something
Richard Anderson: Something alluded to that we've seen, heard, read or summat
GM: No harm in banking.
Campaign saved.
GM: Okay. Well if we're not playing I guess I should go watch SG-1. On episode 16 of season 10, or put another way something like 210 episodes watched and 4 to go before the end (and I'm a little tird of it, but at this point I just want to get it over)
Richard Anderson: OK - I'll be off too - see you next week - hopefully with proper internet
Richard Anderson: See you all later - ttfn
-> Richard Anderson: You doing anything on the next bank holiday (at the end of month)?
Greg Davis: Ok, I'll see you all in a fortnight, bye:)
GM: By Richard
Richard Anderson: off to Scotland
-> Richard Anderson: Might be organising a BBQ, but if you're in Scotland you can come to the one after whenever that is.)
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Richard Anderson: then a wedding in Wales the weekend after
GM: Night
Richard Anderson: night

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