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GM: Test
Richard Anderson: Test received!
GM: (Testing chat log - takes a little setting up)
GM: (Normally do it before people get on)
Greg Davis: Hi Mark, Dec:)
GM: Hi
Richard Anderson: Hehe - I was keen tonight (Hi ther
Richard Anderson: e)
GM: Just got back from Manchester
MarkC (Richard Anderson): What were you doing over here?
MarkC (Richard Anderson): and why didn't you drop in?
GM: Comedy Store - Deansgate Lock
Richard Anderson: To be fair - we've been cleaning the new flat today so we'd have been in Altrincham - got back about 5.00 and will be moving a week tomorrow
Campaign saved.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Deansgate Lock is about 10 mins walk from here though
Greg Davis: I might as well take this opportunity to get my two pence in before everyone else arrives:) Before Richard answers that phone call Greg will tell him [Urgently] "Stall for time - we need to talk!"
GM: and I should be there next Saturday too (but I'm at a workshop from 10am till 5pm, and then need to get back to Leeds station for 7pm.
'Alistair' connected
GM: BRB - grabbing drink
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Where is everyone?
'Alistair' disconnected
Richard Anderson: dunno
'Alistair' connected
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Did you have any luck with the logs?
'Alistair' disconnected
'Alistair' connected
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I looked and there's a couple of things...
Alistair: Hi there
MarkC (Richard Anderson): 1). the protein markers for "something" that tracks with our power increases and the associated "secret" research computer work going on
Campaign saved.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): 2) the Analax Delta stuff acting like a "Dam" for our powers and the "upgrades" coming in bursts when the "dam" breaks
MarkC (Richard Anderson): and Hi Al
Alistair: Hmmm.... why won't the server show my character? Very weird - just have to wait for Declan to get back
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Have you found any additional evidence to back that up - I thought it was just a way of controlling / neutralising our powers.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I think we need to talk to Rudy and I also think I need some time to go through the Terabytes of data I got from the AI
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Hi Al - Where are you?
Alistair: My character isn't showing up on the characters screen for some reason
Alistair: So, I'm here - but invisible...
GM: Back
Alistair: Dewi will be on at some point - he's just installing the client on his laptop
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): oh well - it shouldn't cause too many problems - I hope:)
GM: Try that Alistair.
Alistair (Sander Cohen): Thanks - that worked :)
Richard Anderson: Hey there Icy
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Ahhh I can see you now:)
GM: No Shatter. Wonder if we'll have a Dewi
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Yeah going through the info from the AI could be useful - but I'm more worried about what it was trying to hide.
Alistair (Sander Cohen): I was just saying that Dewi will be online (he's downstairs at my place) but he forgot to install the client on his laptop
Alistair (Sander Cohen): (He may be a while)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I got a LOT of it but there was more - I tried to grab the stuff it was hiding but it was probably a bit faster than me
GM: But he can see whats going on on yours?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Oh well, if nothing else it will allow us to do a bit of role-playing, before goinig on to the next scene.
Alistair (Sander Cohen): Not at the moment - hang on, I'll see if I can sort something out
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Did Richard get any information on the purpose / operations of Buckner Ridge?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Apart from being a prison of course.
GM: Alistair - How did you create a character with a name involving non-alphanumberic characters?
'alistair' connected
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Again - lots of data - need to sift through it GM said "terabytes"
Paul Merton: We have TWO Alistairs now
alistair: You say that as if it's a bad thing :)
'alistair' disconnected
Paul Merton: No - just unusual
'dewi' connected
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): We seem to have a celebrity in our midst:)
'dewi' disconnected
GM (Sounds Digitised): Had Dewi for a while
Campaign saved.
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'DewiMorgan' disconnected
GM: Keeps coming and going
'Dewi Morgan' connected
Greg Davis: Hi Dewi:)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Heeeeeeeere's Dewi!
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Hi peeps - sorry to be late :(
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Hi there
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Are we expect Reve?
Alistair (Sander Cohen): Right - that's that sorted out
No - Thats it. Lets start.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Great:)
Richard was on the phone
Which was on speaks if I recall
Richard Anderson: I'm relaying the sound to everyone so that they can hear the conversation yes
Mysterious Male Voice (Sounds Digitised): We need to talk, Mr Anderson.
Greg Davis: Stall for time - We need to talk.
Greg Davis: (Mouthed to Richard)
Richard Anderson: People should talk to me if they want to ask or interject anything as I'm having to "intercept" this call via non Cellphone means
Richard Anderson: To phone - How do you know my name?
Greg Davis: Stall him - it's important.
Mysterious Male Voice (Sounds Digitised): You have certain abilities I have need of, as have your colleagues. I have something you need.
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: to phone - I'm listening - but perhaps you could explain who you are and how you knew where to contact us?
Mysterious Male Voice (Sounds Digitised): That would be unwise on a data network Mr Anderson. You know how easily a data stream can be manipulated.
Richard Anderson: To team - Greg - if you want to talk to me or any of us - just do so - the phone call is entirely separate
Richard Anderson: is this stream "clean"
Richard Anderson: actually - it is as I'm directly intercepting the signal from the phone and I'll scramble it at that point
Mysterious Male Voice (Sounds Digitised): Well you cant be sure whats upstream, but you think it is. [1d20 = 16]
Greg Davis: The number of coincidences are really beginning to pile up - I don't think we sould commit ourselves to anything before we get a chance to discuss what we're going to do.
Richard Anderson: to phone - I think that you'll find that this line is secure and that you can say what you like
MarkC (Richard Anderson): oops?
-> Richard Anderson: Well you cant be sure whats upstream, but you think it is.
(Was supposed to be a private tell)
Alistair (Sander Cohen): hopes that was a good 'oops' in our favour :)
Revealing all die rolls
Richard Anderson: yes I can - as I said - I'm intercepting at point of transmission and preventing the signal getting any further
Greg Davis: To start with we know that Gensen has a tracker, Shatter was assuming that it worked by blood or something they tagged us with.
Greg Davis: What if the tracker only needs to meet, or see us?
Richard Anderson: to team - We know about the tracker it's a Paraon with the ability to find anyone or thing (once touched - I think)
Campaign saved.
-> Richard Anderson: Em..You've traced the signal back to a cellular reciever in Washington. You can't trace it back to a phone - its as if the signal just 'appeared' there.
Greg Davis: It's quite possible that they've been tracking us since the moment we left the Shield building, after our meeting with Col. Anna.
Richard Anderson: to team - called Marcus Sylph - supposed to be impossible to locate himself too
Greg Davis: I don't really think we have any evidence to back up the touch theory.
Richard Anderson: to team - That's a good point, plus there's blood samples of all of us on file at PHQ
Greg Davis: Anyway - if they have been tracing us, it would help to explain some of the worry coincidences that have occurred since then.
Richard Anderson: to team - even if it required touch or a sample
Mysterious Male Voice (Sounds Digitised): Mr Anderson. Each act we take leaves a record in the digital environment of this world. Those traces can be tracked. We need to meet somewhere private. Somewhere that cannot be tracked.
Sander Cohen: I would expect that our DNA would probably be enough to track - although that doesn't make sense if they can track 'things' as well as people
Greg Davis: A paragon tracking ability could work in just about any way.
Richard Anderson: to phone - Somewhere that cannot be tracked would be nice, yes - but I think that might be quite difficult to find right now
Richard Anderson: to team - I want to try something after this call - we've two teleporters and I want to see who the "trackers" are following by splitting us up for a few mins and then getting back together - would that be OK?
Mysterious Male Voice (Sounds Digitised): I have a location in mind. I cannot however communicate this location over the phone. Are you agreeable to a meeting?
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: It could also be someone trying to get us away from one of our best defences - which would be Anderson's powers.
Greg Davis: But back to coincidences. Don't any of you find it a little strange that Marioin Foxton (the shapeshifter) just happens to choose to raid Gensen's office at the same moment we do. At a point when the announcement on the rigistration act hadn't even been made.
Richard Anderson: To team - guys - what do you think? Meet or not - I'm tempted to let this "person" know that we are being tracked and see what he/she/it says?
Greg Davis: Supposedly without seeing any of the incriminating evidence in his safe.
Greg Davis: (to Richard) Go ahead.
Sander Cohen: I say "go for it". It may be that they have a way to block the tracking which would be very useful
Richard Anderson: to phone - unfortunately we're currently being tracked by a "Marcus Sylph" which will make things a little difficult to find a safe location - unless you have any ideas about that?
Greg Davis: It means that Marion would have been at least suspicious of Gensen, before we were - and we only found that information by Richard's hacking.
Marion Foxton (Sounds Digitised): Are you sure it's the Bloodhound who is tracking you? They are very secretive about MArcus and seldom reveal his presence.
Richard Anderson: to team - maybe I'm the weak link - my hacking might be leaving footsteps that someone else with similar abilities might follow?
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: Possibly.
Greg Davis: That hadn't occurred to me.
Greg Davis: Ask them what they want to do.
Richard Anderson: to phone - I'm not 100% sure - but they knew instantly when we'd moved and the direction to our new location. The range of the tracking also suggests that it isn't tecnology based (planetary)
Richard Anderson: to phone - and who's "they"?
Marion Foxton (Sounds Digitised): In that case they have something belonging to atleast one of you.
Benjamin Wolff: We're (ex) employees, of course they have.
Richard Anderson: to phone - would blood work? Or does it have to be a posession of some type?
Marion Foxton (Sounds Digitised): It could be blood - or something personal.
Greg Davis: Coincidence number 2. Gordon sends us to investigate Simmons, who's suspected of insider trading. And we later find out that the mysterious Team 7 are suddenly assigned to the case.
Richard Anderson: to team - they could be tracking just Gordon and what he has said/done - he's the main link here - but, if I were them, I'd be following up lots of leads
((EEP - when did Mysterious Voice become Marion?)
Campaign saved.
Sander Cohen: Do we have Gordon in the pocket still?
((Its still Mysterious voice guys !!))
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): (Heh - I assumed it was a mistake :)
Richard Anderson: To team - that's the other thing I want to check - whether we're still trackable in Shatter's pocket
Greg Davis: We release Marion, without giving her the information on Buckner Ridge, yet the prison is raided by paranormal terrorists at the very moment we infiltrate it. The general existence of the prison was still unknown at the time, yet they managed to infiltrate at
Greg Davis: least one of their members.
Richard Anderson: to phone - they've had the opportunity to get either personal effects or blood from some of us so that might be what's happened
Richard Anderson: to team - you're assuming that the woman was from the same group there - a rather large assumption
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): From last sessions log it didn't seem they could track Shatter during teleportation. So hopefully anyone in the dimensional pocket is off radar.
Mysterious Male Voice (Sounds Digitised): In that case the Bloodhound has become a problem. I cannot risk meeting you. I will contact you again once you have dealt with this problem. I am transfering some data which might help you.
Sander Cohen: Yeah - that's why I don't think that Gordon is the one they're tracking (alone)
Greg Davis: True, but bare with me.
Richard Anderson: accept the data and analyse it
Richard Anderson: to phone - is there anything else you can tell us that might help, and how can we contact you in the future?
-> Richard Anderson: Looks like bank details, cash cards, credit card details, and a sim SSED code (good for tracking a phone)
Greg Davis: The existence of the prison still wasn't generally known. We had to break into Gensen's office to find out. So they must have had some sort of inside iniformation.
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: to team - they tracked us immediately after each teleport - even when everyone bar Shatter and I were in the pocket
Greg Davis: So from what they say, they could be tracking either of you. But that still doesn't mean they can't track anyone of us.
Richard Anderson: try to grab images from the camera on the phone - it might show something
Richard Anderson: to team - I think that there are a number of organisations at work here...
-> Richard Anderson: Its switched off - last recorded position acording to phone company computers was 4 hours ago in Washington
Richard Anderson: to team - 1) PRA (or those behind it - like Gensen)
Mysterious Male Voice (Sounds Digitised): Goodbye Mr Anderson. We'll speak soon
Richard Anderson: to team - 2) the AI
Richard Anderson: to team3) a mystery group with shapeshifty girl
Greg Davis: When Sander and I, were going to save Gensen, we looked down the main shaft of the prison structure, and some paranormal had created an shield of ice across it. Given what happened next (the destruction of the prison). That's kind of suspicious.
Richard Anderson: to team 4) possibly some others
Greg Davis: While you might be right there is a more worrying possiblity. Why do you think the AI rated us as being so dangerous?
Richard Anderson: to team - and by the way this phone call is coming from a phone that is turned off! that would be a good trick that even I can't do (yet) at least I don't think so
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: Mysterious digitised voice - could he be the AI then?
Richard Anderson: is the call ended?
-> Richard Anderson: No more data
Sander Cohen: Did you extract some of the AI before the place went up, Richard?
Greg Davis: Compared with the likes of Patriot, we're not that powerful. So it must have been because of our position in the PRA,
Greg Davis: our stance on the Paragon registration act, and the info. we had uncovered on gensen.
Richard Anderson: to team - we're not necessarily "dangerous" the rankings, as I understood them, were just ranked
Richard Anderson: sever data link
-> Richard Anderson: Oh.. no. I ment the phone he sent you data about was switched off !! He sent to credit card details, bank details and phone details for Marcus Sylph
-> Richard Anderson: And Marcus Sylphs phone is switched off
Richard Anderson: the call is now finished - looks like we'll have to deal with "bloodhound AKA Marcus Slyph" on our own
Richard Anderson: no I meant the phone from which the call was being made - were there any images
Greg Davis: The existence of the wall of ice in Buckner Ridge, implies either they had infilated someone else - the kid (I forget his name). Or someone inside had advance warning.
-> Richard Anderson: The call you just had didnt appear to come from a phone. The data just appeared at a phone relay station - but didnt seem to be coming in from upstream.
Greg Davis: I would have got to that eventually:)
Richard Anderson: Misunderstanduing with GM - the phone that was switched off was that of Sylph - who's card details and phone ID we now have thanks to our mysterious friend
Richard Anderson: you said that someone had turned on the phone I gave shapeshifty woman and was looking through the contacts list
Sander Cohen: Did the voice send you some data that may help us?
Greg Davis: Why did the terrorists kidnap Gensen. These been no announcement, no ransom, and the terrorists we've met sofar have seemed pretty intent on just killing him.
GM (Sounds Digitised): Okay.. You're in the relative safety of Marseil if I recall. You staying there? Hotel? or heading on somewhere?
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: (GM, you sound a little digital... :P)
Richard Anderson: yeah - bank details, credit and cash cards and phone ID code
MarkC (Richard Anderson): and it was Avignon
Declan: Wine country :)
Richard Anderson: what are our "trackers" doing now?
Benjamin Wolff: I'd say we should keep moving so we don't get tracked, and wait until he accesses his phone, bank account or whatever. Then we can find his tracks, even if we can't find him himself.
Richard Anderson: I don't think that any "terrorist" that we've met so far has triied to kill Gensen or even said that they would
-> Richard Anderson: They gave up about 20 minutes ago when they realised you weren't in the sewers. The radio you were monitoring appears dead - as in no radio traffic, but the vehicle GPS says its heading into Washington.
Richard Anderson: Trackers have "given up" for now - they realised we weren't in the sewers
Greg Davis: I think there was also an attempt to cover up what was going on in the prison. And can we assume that everyone under the ice shield died. What if the attack was a convenient cover to "lose" a shed load of paranormals?
GM: [1d20 = 1]
MarkC (Richard Anderson): fumble - lol
Greg Davis: Marion seemed quite initent on killing him.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Hope that was the bad guys
Alistair (Sander Cohen): Same thought occurred to me :)
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: Coincidence number 3: We arrange to meet Gordon after raiding Buckner Ridge, and we're immediately attacked by a death squad.
Richard Anderson: Yes - but only after she'd "shown the world what he was really like"
-> Richard Anderson: Just realised. You don't need to monitor it. You know where the GPS is guiding it. Its headed to the shield building.
Greg Davis: And lastly Coincidence number 4: As soon we teleport to France, and they lose us, we get a call for Marion's phone.
Richard Anderson: And the trackers came from the Shield Building - drat we're not "the good guys" any more
Greg Davis: She's never been that interested in contacting us before, why the sudden change of heart, and the timing if highly suspicious.
Richard Anderson: The call wasn't "exactly" from her phone - it was more directly introduced into the cell system just using her phone as a contact list - but coincidental nonetheless
Benjamin Wolff: Any pattern to the coincidences that anyone can see?
Greg Davis: I'd be the first to admit that there's no evidence to back up any connection, but taken together it begins to push the realms of probability.
Greg Davis: I've had one nasty thought - but like I said I've no evidence to back it up.
Richard Anderson: I'd actually like a few hours to go thorough a lot of the data that I've collected - I've several terabytes from the prison and I'd like to compare it to some of the other stuff we've found out - protein mapping, Analax Delta stuff, people we've met, etc., etc.
Richard Anderson: spit it out then - mor daya is always good
Declan: Remember that you actually TIMED your visit to the prison so you arrived before Gensen.. so two of your coincidences are linked because you timed them ;)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): *more data - fingers are too fat tonight
Greg Davis: That's a good idea, I want to know if they were up to something more controversial than just imprisonment.
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: We know there are two rogue PRA teams - team 6 and team 7. We've only seen one.
Greg Davis: What if Gensen is usinig the other team to raise the tension between paragons and norms?
-> Richard Anderson: Nothing in the main computer records to suggest anything odd. The interesting question is why the main computer records had no mention of an AI sitting in the sub-basement. Didn't even feature in the blueprints - although the blueprints did have big spaces to allow for it.
Richard Anderson: how long will it take to sift through all of the info that I've gained to cross reference all of the names of people we've encountered or heard of during these missions, all references to paragon power increase/decrease, analax variants, protein markers, other PRA teams, medical analyses of ourselves, other people on the "compuiter's most powerful list" and build up some sort of coherent picture
Greg Davis: What if the whole thing has been staged, to throw us off the track, and further his own political aims?
-> Richard Anderson: You guess about 6 hours.
Richard Anderson: Oddly - the blueprints for the prison had no mention of an AI (or any large computer) in the basement - strange that
Sander Cohen: You can't really blame them for not shouting about that
Greg Davis: It seems very convenient that he's taken such careful measures to avoid Richard information gathering abilities.
Richard Anderson: and it will take me about 6 hours to go through all of the data we've got so far and pull something (hopefully) together.
Richard Anderson: There's a LOT of data (smiles)
Sander Cohen: That's still pretty quick processing :)
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: I do my best
Greg Davis: Anyway, what I saying is, there's a lot of unknowns, and at least one agency that we're only partially aware of.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): and if I keep practising like this - I might get quicker - again :-)
GM: Its just coming up to 8am in France - 2am in Washington DC
GM: And you've all been awake since 5am Washington DC time.
Richard Anderson: Right - I'm for finding a safe(ish) spot and then doing some data crunching - any better ideas (or any ideas - come to that?)
Richard Anderson: I think that sleep first might help though
Sander Cohen: Apart from getting some sleep - nope, sounds good for now
Sander Cohen: What do you call it.... portal lag?
Greg Davis: Given we don't know the exact nature of the opposition. We should play things as straight as possible. Rescue Gensen, try to neutralise the "terrorists", and release all the information we have to the press to destroy Gensen politically.
Richard Anderson: Trouble is - right at the moment we've no idea at all where Gensen is
Shatter: Well if we are laying low we should get a place. Anyone got any Euros?
Richard Anderson: Euros are easy - we portalled out of a cashpoint remember?
Richard Anderson: How many do you want?
Campaign saved.
Shatter: Okay..well get some out then. Might buys ome breakfast too. I left my sandwich back at Walmart.
Greg Davis: That's true, perhaps it would be easier, to try and find Simmons, and we've still got our captive in Shatter's dimensional pocket.
Greg Davis: oh, and she'll probably need some food and water by now.
Richard Anderson: Oh yes - forgot about her
Richard Anderson: I'll tap the local cash mashines for euros - a couple of thousand total - no more than 500 from each and the machines have no idea that anything is missing (all the counters will match) I'll use different banks too for each
Shatter: Theres a place selling baguettes over there.. and the coffee smells good.
Greg Davis: I've just had a really nasty thought. Richard can you see if you can locate Carol Molloy?
Richard Anderson: I get back to the team and it's time for coffee and Croissants
MarkC (Richard Anderson): should have been an action
Richard Anderson: that's a good thought - but I'll bet there isn't a connection - is there any news re: Carol Molloy - check the PRA computers
-> Richard Anderson: Rudy Ellis checked her out of the Academy on a Training related field trip yesterday morning (11am DC time). Not back yet.
Campaign saved.
Shatter: [1d20 = 2]
-> Richard Anderson: You just gained a point of surge
Richard Anderson: Where do I note that?
Richard Anderson: Ignore me - I babble
Richard Anderson: that makes 2 now - what do they do - I wonder?
-> Richard Anderson: Em..its the one I forgot to put on the electronic sheet.. but my notes say you have 2 points (and there is a space on the pdf one)
Richard Anderson: is that 2 including this one or before this one?
-> Richard Anderson: 3 now (inclkuding this one)
Richard Anderson: I must have missed one - I'll re read sometime

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Alistair (Sander Cohen): Network problem at your end?
My fault. Got ALF-F4 and ALT-Tab muddled up :(
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Haha!
'Greg Davis' connected
Realised what I'd done the second I did it.
Alistair (Sander Cohen): lol, well, they're almost the same...
Richard Anderson: hey - it remembered my surge points though - and I'd only just typed them
Greg Davis: Hi back again - did I miss anything?
You missed me accidently killing the session..
All my fault :(
Greg Davis: oh thats all right then:)
Shatter: Guys. I'll buy breakfast whilst you book in over there.
Greg Davis: Ok.
Benjamin Wolff: Sounds like a plan.
Sahhter heads off to buy 'breakfast'
Greg Davis: So Ben do you want to try to break our prisoner?
Campaign saved.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): (helps if I typ[e on the right keyb!)
Benjamin Wolff: I can try - whatr do we want out of her, though?
Sander Cohen: Has some breakfast whilst the others are busy
Greg Davis: The location of the terrorists that attacked Buckner Ridge, and what they were after.
Benjamin Wolff: And what do we know about her? Interrogation's all about coming at them from an apparent position of already knowing everything.
Greg Davis: Well, I suppose Richard could use her picture, and fingerprints to run a search on her.
Declan: Assumiong here, that you get a room - and Shatter returns with food
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Yup.
Benjamin Wolff: That might be helpful.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Yes
Benjamin Wolff: Anything that lets me look uncannily all-knowing is good.
Shatter: Okay..where do you want her?
Greg Davis: nowhere just yet, we have some preparation to do.
Benjamin Wolff: Oh now there's a question i couldn't answer with a straight face.
Shatter (Sitting down by the TV): Okay. Tell me when you're ready.
Greg Davis: Of course once Richard knows who she is - he should be able to get her entire life, from tax returns to overdue library books:)
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: I think I'll eat something and then try to catch up on sleep - We've been on the run for a while now - but I'll do this bit forst - coffee and croissants should help
MarkC (Richard Anderson): or even first
Benjamin Wolff: It would be amusing to interrogate her for hours about an overdue library book. Would really put her off.
Greg Davis: Yeah, just sofening her up for the killer blow:)
Alistair (Sander Cohen): overdue library books are not a laughing manner...
Richard Anderson: run her picture through the US police and security records - they've a pretty good face recognition system there - see if I can find who she is (I remember her face exactly, of course) her other details, weight, height, etc, might help
Shatter gets his rifle out to clean
Greg Davis I'll take the prisoner some food and water.
Richard Anderson: I mechanically start eating bread products and drinking strong French Coffee
-> Richard Anderson: Are you submitting the request and waiting for their computers to match (might take 30 mins) or doing it yourself (about 5 but you'll be occupied)
Richard Anderson: I'll do it myself
GM: The prisoners still in the pocket
Richard Anderson: Busy for 5 mins - just trying to find the girl's ID
Shatter: Pass me that and I'll put it in the pocket for her.
Richard Anderson: (munch, slurp, munch, slurp)
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I was hoping that Shatter might let me into the dimensional pocket briefly. . . before it starts to get cluttered up with corpses:)
-> Richard Anderson: Found it very quickly - no record, but her picture was taken coming into the country 2 months ago. Landed in Newark.
Richard Anderson: from where and under what name?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Too slow typing - ignore the last post.
Richard Anderson: then do the same trace in country of origin
-> Richard Anderson: Names Catheryn Dellmore, next person through that customs stand was John Dellmore (might be coincidence - probably not)
Greg Davis Gets some food and coffee, and settles down in a chair.
-> Richard Anderson: And they were both travelling in from Canada.
Richard Anderson: and get info on those two from wherever they are from
Richard Anderson: When we spoke to this girl - did she have a funny accent - like a Canadian one?
-> Richard Anderson: No passport issued to a Katheryn Dellmore. You find a creation record and a deletion record for the passport though. It existed in the Canadian Passport registry for about 4 hours in total - just nicely timed for when she entered the states
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I can't remember - did she Dec?
Benjamin Wolff: I woudn't know, all you americans sound the same to me.
GM: No - she didnt
Greg Davis: Why do you ask?
Richard Anderson: I don't think she did - she came in from Canada 2 months ago and her passport details existed in the Canadian database for only 4 hours - just enough time for the flight and customs clearance
Campaign saved.
Alistair (Sander Cohen): afk for 2
Greg Davis: You can't find any prior identity to that?
Richard Anderson: I've a nasty feeling that she's going to be "difficult" to trace
There is a sudden crash from where Shatter was stood, and he vanishes. The chair he was sat on shatters like broken glass as does the table and the sandwich on it. There is a 3 foot radius globe of blackness where he sat, with sparkling lights inside it.
Richard Anderson: Oh hell!
Greg Davis: That either means they've got someone with powers similar to yours, or we're up against someone with some major clout in the intelligence services.
The glob suddenly expands a foot, touches the side of the TV, which shatters.
Richard Anderson: Move people - we need to get away from it a bit
and there is no sign of Shatter anywhere.
Benjamin Wolff: What do you mean "a bit"? I'm out of here!
Sander Cohen: Let's get back!
Richard Anderson: I'll bet he's having a bit of an "episode - we're all fatigued and Shartter's been pushing himself most
It suddenly extends another foot - now biting into floor and cealing.
Greg Davis I create a light barrier between it and us.
Richard Anderson: get's away from the globe by 5 feet (stands in the doorway looking in)
Benjamin Wolff: I create a large amount of distance between it and me.
Sander Cohen: does the same as Ben
Richard Anderson: I'm interested to see what happens but not enough so that I get closer to it than 5 feet (at the very minimum)
It carries on expanding, about a foot at a time - outwards. The expansions are sudden but they seem regularly spaced - maybe ever 8 ort 9 seconds.
Campaign saved.
When it hits the light barrier it continues to expand..
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): as soon as the other are out of the room, I back away, putting some distance between me and it. Then I drop the field, the try filling the black glob with as much light as I can muster.
Richard Anderson: By the way guys, we're in trouble now - we'll have to move cities once this ends
-> Greg Davis: You dont feel any contact with the light barrier - it just sort of passes through it
Sander Cohen: no kidding
MarkC (Richard Anderson): And I think I need a drink IRL
Benjamin Wolff: How's about we do that now, and maybe come back tomorrow to see if there's a crater here?
Theres a paniced scream from the room above.
Greg Davis: Does pouring light into the darkness seem to have any effect?
-> Greg Davis: No. None at all
Richard Anderson: Oh dear - that's torn it!
Sander Cohen: runs upstairs to get people out
Greg Davis: I'm open to ideas.
Benjamin Wolff: See, *someone* has the right idea. See something weird like this, scream and run away. We can just find out on tomorrow's news what the government wants us to think it was.
Richard Anderson: Yeah - but I'd quite like to keep Shatter around - he's useful (smiles)
Alistair (Sander Cohen): Surely you don't want to leave Shatter behind, Dewi?
Greg Davis: I think we're going to have to go inside and try and get Shatter to close it down himself.
Richard Anderson: I make sure that I'm heading towards the exit when backing away from the sphere
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): (I don't: I think Ben would be more pragmetic about it though: no point *all* of us getting swallowed by a black hole.
Upstairs the room to the door is open and there is a maid stood staring into the room. Another mail is on the internal phone. The bed in the room has vanished and there is the top of a black globe sticking through the floor.
Sander Cohen: shouts at the maid to get out
Sander Cohen: (in French?)
You realise the made by the door is probably above part of the globe.
Richard Anderson: stop the internal phones working and block outgoing calls and cellphone calls
Campaign saved.
GM: Em Sander doesn't know French
Greg Davis rushes out after Sander "Sander we need you down here now!"
Richard Anderson: Want me to set off the fire alarms?
Benjamin Wolff: When the sphere grows, does it increase by a set amount of radius, or a set amount of volume?
Alistair (Sander Cohen): Didn't think so - I just shout loudly then :)
Richard Anderson: radius - 1 foot each time
Benjamin Wolff: Good plan, Richard
The maid looks startly. She's seen enough hollywood films to understnand "Keep back".
Sander Cohen: runs back downstairs (hopefully the maid's have got the gist of things by now)
Richard Anderson: set the fire alarms off - but don't let them call the fire brigade - usually an automated call - block it
Greg Davis: We need to go into the sphere and find Shatter, he's the only one who can close this down.
The alarms go off.
Richard Anderson: Alarms will be going off
MarkC (Richard Anderson): too slow me
Richard Anderson: At least this should empty the Hotel
Greg Davis: I'll need your healing power - come on. (Greg tries to drag Sander towards the sphere)
Declan: (Thankfully at 9am most guests aren't in their rooms)
Richard Anderson: I'd wait guys - don't do anything rash
Sander Cohen: I could try and slow things down
Greg Davis: How can you do that?
Sander Cohen: May be able to hamper movement with some cold air
GM: (Well you have extreme cold - hamper movement. You're not sure what effect making the globe cold will have)
Sander Cohen: That's what I was thinking... I'll try it on a limited basis to start with
Greg Davis: Dream on! Come on we've got to do something now before the portal gets too large. Before it starts sucking in people.
Benjamin Wolff: Healing? It's a sphere of big round blackness, it doesn't look like it's limping to me.
The Ice starts to form around the sphere. The temperature drops incredibly low.
Campaign saved.
Sander Cohen: It may get a bit chilly, guys
Greg Davis: But Shatter is on the point of exhaustion, Sander needs to revive him, so he can close the portal.
GM: (How low do you want it? You could get it down to -40 in a 250ft radius)
Benjamin Wolff: Can you revive someone through a portal?
Sander Cohen: Going into a portal that explodes everything it touches is NOT on my list of things to do today
Sander Cohen: 250ft is a little large, I think.....
Greg Davis: Fine, I'll do it alone! (Greg heads into the portal).
Sander Cohen: I'll get it to -10 or so and roughly the radius it's currently at :)
Benjamin Wolff: Well this should be interesting.
Crackling noise and Greg vanishes in a shattering glass effect
Benjamin Wolff: Did any bits of him come off?
Greg Davis: Do I find myself inside Shatter's pocket dimension?
Richard Anderson: This should pack up on it's own - I've heard of other cases like this - but it's a bit of a pain
-> Greg Davis: And you find yourself in Shatters portal space - big grey. The van is here. So is the prisoner (in the van), and Shatter is on the floor by the van unconscious. Gordon - who doent look to ggod himself is trying to tend to him.
Sander Cohen: why? How large have they reached before?
Benjamin Wolff: What happens to the people inside when they "pack up"?
-> Greg Davis: There is also, three hotel beds, a maids trolly, two TVs, a mini bar, a table, and a wardrobe.
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: It's kind of a Paragon power surge as far as I can make out. There have been other cases, but the effects (although wildly varying) have always stopped before too long - I don't know what will happen to the people and things that Shatter portals though
Richard Anderson: it's not unreasonable that I knwo this - I've spent a fair bit of time in Rudy's records after all) - don't you think?
OUtside the sphere - by this time its 15 ft radius - which means its extendng well into the floor above you and the ground floor.
Greg Davis: Greg goes over to Shatter, and tries something desperate. He lays on hands, and lets his light power flow into Shatter. (Guess this is when I find out if Greg's light is mystical in origin, and he can use it to heal). I'll need to use extra effor if
Greg Davis: I can.
Sander Cohen: We'd better watch out - it could weaken the floor we're standing on
Richard Anderson: feel free to shut me up though
-> Richard Anderson: Oh. When Shatter was training he occassionaly managed to make a sphere about 2 feet across
Alistair (Sander Cohen): I'm curious as to why it's not just 'dropped' - maybe gravity doesn't have an effect or something inside the sphere is supporting it somehow
Benjamin Wolff: If we jumped in, would we just fall through and down a couple of stories and come out the bottom?
Benjamin Wolff: Not that I'm seriously considering that you understand.
Richard Anderson: Hmm - I'm worrying a bit though - in training Shatter occasionally did this and the sphere got up to about 2 feet - not 15
-> Greg Davis: Shatter grwons and starts to come round (and ytou feel absouletly exhausted - unless you want to use a hero point)
The sphere begins to expand rapidly - no longer in busts, but now constantly.
Benjamin Wolff: OK, now it's time to run.
Sander Cohen: OK - looks like my attempt is not helping.
Greg Davis: I'll take the fatigue. "Shatter snap out of it. One of your portals is expanding out of control, you have to close it down.
Richard Anderson: I'm getting out now
Sander Cohen: Let's get out of here - hopefully everyone will be outside by now
Richard Anderson: We'll watch from outside
Benjamin Wolff: Runs out the building
Sander Cohen: "gets out"
You watch the sphere cut through walls, joists and masory. As the building begins to collapse the ruble falls into the sphere and vanishes.
Campaign saved.
-> Greg Davis: Inside the sphere you are suddenly being bombarded with rubble
Benjamin Wolff: So whoever's in there is buried under an hotel. Time to cut our losses and move to a new city I think.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Is anyone watching us?
Greg Davis: I keep pouring light into shatter.
GM: Most people are watching the building
GM: [1d20 = 11]
Richard Anderson: Still keeping my distance (20 or 30 metres now)
Greg Davis: "Come on soldier, on your feet!"
-> Greg Davis: Make a healing roll (as if it was part of your array - so its healing 6), and then a toughness save
Richard Anderson: any radio chatter, phone traffic or anything that mentions us specifically?
Richard Anderson: not just "le boule noir"
-> Richard Anderson: No - not yet
Benjamin Wolff: If ti swallows up the whole planet, I am very much going to point out in my posthumous report that it was all Shatter's fault.
Richard Anderson: If it swallows up the whole planet I won't care!
Richard Anderson: I'm worried about what might happen when I go "wonky" like that
GM: (Just waiting on a couple of rolls - to see what happens next)
Greg Davis: Can't seem to make the roll, I've just rolled 10+6 =16
-> Greg Davis: And the toughness save?
-> Greg Davis: Shatter gasps, and his eyes open. He looks pale - shocked, but significantly better
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: while we're watching, I'll scan for the nearest cashpoint machine (that's working)
Greg Davis: [1d20+2 = 11]
Richard Anderson: Anyone fancy England next?
The sphere peaks at around 50 feet across - and then vanishes, leaving a bowl shaped indentation in the ground
Richard Anderson: I know some good hotels "up North"
Greg Davis: still having problems toughness is 2+9=11
Benjamin Wolff: Since it's not still growing, I suppose something on this side of the planet is OK.
Richard Anderson: Runs to the edge of the bowl - is anyone at the bottom?
MarkC (Richard Anderson): should have been an action
-> Greg Davis: Some of the rubble hits you glancing blows, but nothing too serious. You felt something glance off your forehead which stunned you momentarily, and when you recover you're somewhere very hot and sandy.
Sander Cohen: I think we should go somewhere we _don't_ like after this...
Benjamin Wolff: Somewhere, at least, that we have no known ties.
Richard Anderson: I always wanted to destroy Liverpool
Greg Davis: ah now it works.
Benjamin Wolff: I'm thinking the bahamas.
-> Greg Davis: The van is here. Shatter is here. A couple of hotel guests, a maid and a cook are here. Beds, rubble, broken TVs. Its all here
Sander Cohen: Liverpool..... not a bad choice
Richard Anderson: and is anyone at the bottom of the bowl?
Alistair (Sander Cohen): I've never liked Dewsbury either - but that's not exactly 'in character'...
-> Greg Davis: And Gordon is here and the prisoner
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Cheeky bugger!
MarkC (Richard Anderson): What's wrong with Dewsbury?
The bowl is a clean cut - perfectly smooth.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): We could try to take out Wales? I think that's even legal if we do it from the green in Coventry...
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: check the CCTV footage from the surrounding couple of miles for Shatter/Greg (and possibly large piles of rubble)
Alistair (Sander Cohen): Not going to derail this dramatic moment any more...
Richard Anderson: assuming there's no-one in the bowl
-> Richard Anderson: No
Sander Cohen: What's in the bowl?
Richard Anderson: I think we've lost them - for now.
Nothing - its just a hollow in the ground where once there was a hotel
Richard Anderson: check for Shatter's or Greg's cellphone IDs
You hear sirens.
Richard Anderson: Let's move guys
Greg Davis: Does it look anywhere familiar?
Richard Anderson: Walks nonchalantly away from the scene - toward the banking district
MarkC (Richard Anderson): (action - again)
-> Greg Davis: Shatter looks at his hands. "I can't do anything. I can't open a portal"
-> Greg Davis: It looks like a desert, but you've no idea which one.
Sander Cohen: Yes, time to visit elsewhere...
Richard Anderson: Over shoulder - you two coming or what?
Benjamin Wolff: Sure.
Benjamin Wolff: Rats.
Richard Anderson: Ben - an illusion might be useful about now
Benjamin Wolff: I left half my baguette in the hotel.
Sander Cohen: Goes with Richard
-> Greg Davis: Gordon looks around. "Probably best if we get these people in the van.. and ration the water till we know where we are"
Richard Anderson: any signal from the phones?
Benjamin Wolff: Too many people I think, but I'll do what I can.
-> Richard Anderson: No
Greg Davis: "So Shatter, where exactly are we?"
Benjamin Wolff: *Illusion to anyone who looks in our direction - we're just unimportant looking businesspeople wandering off*
-> Greg Davis: "I've no idea. How did we get here?"
Okay, Dewi
Campaign saved.
GM Hey..its 10 o'clock
-> Greg Davis: Gordon looks over, "I'm sure the GPS in the van will tell us"
Richard Anderson: OK - that's a "good" place to end it - 2 of the team vanished - we'll find them they've just got to turn on their phones or call us on ours
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Time to watch "Headcases" now
Benjamin Wolff: Well... only if we've got interdimensional phones.
Alistair (Sander Cohen): Headcases?
Richard Anderson: Depends of they're "back" or not
Greg Davis: Ok, do you know where we are?
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Like spitting image but CGI
GM And the two that vanished took your van, ammunition, weapons, food, water and flack jackets... and the prisoner..and Gordon.
Richard Anderson: Piers Morgan gets killed every episode :-)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Rub it in why don't you?
Sander Cohen: Ah..... yes, I remember seeing it advertised
GM I'll leave revealing where they are for next session
-> Greg Davis: Gordon can tell you next session :)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Right - nighty night chaps - see you all next week - might have problems after that as I'm mioving a week tomorrow and don't know when I'll get webbyness back
Greg Davis: good thinking.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Probably in the badguy HQ :P
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Night then :)
Alistair (Sander Cohen): Goodluck with that, Mark - see you later
Richard Anderson: Night
GM: Night all
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