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'Alistair' connected
GM: Yeah.. Printing the map out is definately the way to go.. and you should now all have it in your email
MarkC (Richard Anderson): got it
Alistair (Sander Cohen): hi
Greg Davis: Hi Guys back again.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): everyone's here - hurrah!
Alistair (Sander Cohen): - I made the mistake of using the IP address on the forums...
At the end of last session you had just had an unusual encounter with a cop, who pulled you over for speeding..
MarkC (Richard Anderson): sillyhead :-)
Campaign saved.
And now you have just pulled back onto highway 9, haeding south into Unity, and Shatter has portalled into the van
Richard Anderson: I'll sense for computer systems within range as we drive south
You appear to be passing through residential areas. A sign says 'Twon Center - 2 miles'
Benjamin Wolff: That was an interesting meeting. I think before we get too close to the town, we should probably pull over and discuss it somewhere.
-> Richard Anderson: Lots of home PCs
Richard Anderson: where's the cop now?
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Is the sign typoed? Or was that a GM-typo?
THe cop turned around and headed back to where his speed trap was after checking that you were heading on.
Greg Davis: Richard, can you try to download any police reports from 2-3 weeks ago - lets see if we can find out when happened before the communications blackout.
Shatter: Also check hospital records
GM: (it said Town, not Twon)
Richard Anderson: I've tried - however, the police computer isn't connected to anything I can get in via. - we'll have to get closer
Greg Davis: /act I pull over, just outside town.
Sander Cohen: Do we notice anything out of the ordinary about the town as we are driving?
Richard Anderson: I'll try to get hold of hospital records though - any luck on past police records rather than current despatcher info?
Geg drops down a gear and pulls into a side road just outside town. The road sign says Marshall street. There are few lights on.
He pulls to a halt
Shatter: Right, so I suppose we should start with what happened while I was gone?
Shatter: I hope I didn't jump out of a moving car for naught
-> Richard Anderson: What are you looking for in the hospital records?
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: The first thing I would note is that the policean who pulled us over did not appear "all there". He ignored an illusion I placed on the driving license that was shown to him.
Richard Anderson: recent anomalies increase or decreas in admissions - unusual patterns, that sort of thin
Richard Anderson: there was NO radio comms of any kind on the police bands
Benjamin Wolff: This could mean that he has an immunity to powers that affect the mind, or could mean that he did not care about the license at all, and was more interested in our destination.
Shatter raises an eyebrow at that
Greg Davis: The cop was acting very strangely - pulled us over on the thin pretext of me speeding (I wasn't). He's probably checked the lisence plate, and know we're from the PRA. I told him we were just passing through, but I doubt he believed me.
Benjamin Wolff: Would a late-check show we were from the PRA?
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): plate*
-> Richard Anderson: Two hospitals in Unity. A state run facility and a private clinic. Both have some degree of security on their data.. and both are avilable on line.(I wont make you roll). The most obvious oddity.. a complete absence of sick days by staff in last 2 weeks.
Richard Anderson: run a standard plate check using any connected police system on our van's licence
Richard Anderson: Hmm - that's weird - there's been NO absences due to sickness of any hospital staff in either hospital in the last 2 weeks
Sander Cohen: Where are you picking that up from, Richard?
-> Richard Anderson: Easy.. you can get that through the PRA computers. There has been no police alert raised. Oh..and a checkup on the plates says they are licenced to Pete Sampree Ltd. (so the police aren't going to know you are PRA)
Shatter: Are people coming into the hospital to treat any particular type of injuries?
Richard Anderson: In through internet into hospitals' computer systems
Sander Cohen: Ah good, can you get any records on patients that way?
Richard Anderson: by the way - a standard licence check on this van shows it as licensed to Pete Sampree Ltd.
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: I think I can get patient data - what do you want
Sander Cohen: What activity has there been in the last two weeks? Any common complaints?
Greg Davis: Oh, that's something at least - we won't be met by a mob of hostiles at the town border.
Benjamin Wolff: Yes, that had me a little worried.
Shatter: I'd just check if there were a lot of patients coming in with particular type of injuries
-> Richard Anderson: 32 people in the State run facility, 62 in the Private place. Unfortunately the staff generally type the notes up when people are booked out so all you have is admission records for them.
Richard Anderson: I'm looking for patterns - all I've turned up is the sickness records so far
Shatter nods
Richard Anderson: anything else - patterns of admissions?
Sander Cohen: Fair enough
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Do we have a roadmap of the area?
Shatter: Richie, you wouldn't have a map of the place on your laptop? I could take a look at the layout of the town
-> Richard Anderson: Lot of long term sick, but thats a trend going back years. Lot of old people booked in to spend their dwindling years there.
Richard Anderson: Right - looks like the actual records are typed on paper ((ooc - I might have to argue about that Dec - I know about hospital procedure - in this country at least))
-> Richard Anderson: Its easier than trying to invent 90 odd patients.
Sander Cohen: Shall we find somewhere to stay while we're here?
Richard Anderson: riiiight :-)
Benjamin Wolff: I would like to drop in somewhere that would not raise suspicion - a diner or somesuch, where we can pull over. And now we've told the police that we were just passing through, we need a reason to stay - mechanical failure on the van, for example.
Richard Anderson: I don't think that the patient records are going to tell us much - it's mainly people coming here to retire so lots of old age sickness, etc.
-> Richard Anderson: Main street motor inn takes online bookings - or atleast it should but the booking page is down.
Greg Davis: The diner sounds like a good idea, I could use something to eat.
Sander Cohen: I vote for pizza
Richard Anderson: The inn on Main Street should take online bookings - but the page is down at the moment - hmm...
Benjamin Wolff: Seconded!
Shatter: Want me to arrive to the town separate from you guys?
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: I think that we should stick together
Shatter: I'm not sure if that would be too cautious, but since they don't know about me yet..
Benjamin Wolff: You could always be a hitchhiker.
Richard Anderson: It's a bit "Stepford" if you know what I mean - I wouldn't want any potential outside influences on any of us
Shatter: True enough.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): how many cars on this highway?
Greg Davis: I think we should stay together too, there's 40,000 of them, and your our fast way out if things get nasty.
GM: At this time of night the highway is pretty empty..
Shatter: What really worries me is the lack of radio communication within the police...
Richard Anderson: I mean - how has an entire town gone "dark" like this - there's obviously people around - it's just "wrong" somehow
Shatter: Everything else I could put down to queer coincidence
Sander Cohen: OK - why don't we try the plowman's tavern? It should be good for dinner and it's convenient for three routes out if we need to get out in a hurry
Richard Anderson: yah - the radio thing is bugging me - I think they may have unplugged their computer from the grid too (or switched it off).
Benjamin Wolff: Works for me.
Shatter: I'd be wary of drinking anything that isn't canned though...
Greg Davis: The best way of finding out is through the police records, Richard would you actually have to be inside the station to download any information?
Hiding all die rolls
GM: [1d20 = 16]
Shatter: I mean if we're dealing with something that effects a mass of people, it's usually either something contagious or something in the water
(A couple of you notice an upstairs window twitching)
Richard Anderson: I don't have to be inside - just within about a 100 feet to "find" the computrer - after that, I can pretty much hack it from anywhere on the planet
GM: (Well actiually the curtain..not the window)
Richard Anderson: oops - better move don't you think?
Greg Davis: action/ I pull away from the curb, and head into town, look ing for plowman's tavern.
Benjamin Wolff: It is important to remember that they are still people. At least, unless we have demonstrable proof that they have been replaced, bodysnatchers/stepford style, they still retain all their rights.
Benjamin Wolff: Which is a shame we could get a lot of information from interrogating one.
GM: You discover the PLaughman's Tavern at a crossroads, with Go-Gas, the town loibrary and Ruth's Diner
You discover the PLaughman's Tavern at a crossroads, with Go-Gas, the town loibrary and Ruth's Diner
This roadside tavern is the center of adult social life in Unity, a place to come for a drink after work with friends, to get away from whatever is going on at home, or to play a quick game of pool or two while catching whatever game is playing on the tavern’s over-the-bar television.
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: can I sense the Police Computer yet?
Shatter: Anything else before we go in?
Richard Anderson: yes - stick together and don't get too friendly with the locals
GM: No.. but you can sesnse the computers in the Library and the town hall
Sander Cohen: And let's keep our eyes open
GM: (oops)
-> Richard Anderson: No.. but you can sesnse the computers in the Library and the town hall
Sander Cohen: I guess that wasn't for me :)
Shatter: Naturally
Richard Anderson: Looks like the police comp is definitely off
Richard Anderson: I get Library and Town Hall
Shatter: Well, want to take a quick look at it?
Shatter: I could probably take you close and back in a flash...
Richard Anderson: Hmm - it'll take a while to boot up - time we wouldn't have
Shatter: Roger
Richard Anderson: leave it as an option for later
Benjamin Wolff: No reason not to appear to get friendly. Alcohol loosens tongues.
Shatter: Wonder if they have a darts board
Shatter: Shall we then?
Greg Davis: Okay
Richard Anderson: I have a bad feeling about this (did I say that?)
Greg Davis: No, but I think it goes without saying.
Shatter gets off the car and stretches a bit
GM: I presume you've pulled up by now (unless you are driving in circles)
Richard Anderson: Does the diner look open?
Greg Davis: yeah, I would have pulled over somewhere near the tavern.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): What time of day is it?
Shatter: What time is it and what season?
Campaign saved.
GM: Yeah.. The Diner looks open
MarkC (Richard Anderson): sorry - was meant to be a whisper - bloody interface
Sander Cohen: Let's go in then
Sander Cohen: /act
Sander Cohen: /action Goes inside
GM: Its October and about 7:30pm.
Shatter follows Sander
Greg Davis: /action I follow.
Richard Anderson: Follows rest of group inside
Rev (Shatter): Just use /e for acting. Pretty much the same as the /act command and a lot easier
GM: ((Just are going into the Diner, not the tavern?)
Sander Cohen: If the diner does food then yes :)
Rev (Shatter): Which looks more active?
GM: The diner looks more active
A fairly major local landmark in Unity is Ruth’s Diner, right along the highway where it meets Main Street leading into the town itself. The diner used to be the town post office until about 25 years ago (when it moved down the road to the Riverside Center), and postal memorabilia and photos hang on the walls. The style of the diner is a classic 1950s American diner or drive-thru.
GM: (There we go - better token scale)
Sander Cohen: ok, let's get a table
The place seems incredibl;y quite. Groups are sat at tables eating, and as you enter they take up conversation
Sander Cohen Tries to pick a table with enough space where we can hear other conversations
Shatter: Are there any pamphlets about the region?
Shatter: the kinds with maps
Campaign saved.
-> Shatter: By the door
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): where are they sat? Not sure it's fair to ask you to place all those tokens though :P
Richard Anderson: can you mark out where people are sat?
Richard Anderson: great minds think alike :-)
A lady comes over to you, dressed in an apron.
Sander Cohen: Table for 5, please
Shatter moves to the stand next to the door with various types of pamphlets on it and goes trough them
Ruth Emerson: Hello, and welcome to Unity. Can I get you gentlemen a table?
Shatter: Taking one with the best map of the region. Just a note.
Ruth Emerson: How about this table by the window?
Shatter pockets one of the pamphelts and returns to others
Alistair (Sander Cohen): What does the table by the window look like? Near other customers?
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Window sounds good to me, means we can see trouble pulling up.
Greg Davis: Did it seem like the conversation suddenly started for our benefit - to create a "normal" atmosphere?
Ruth Emerson: You might overhear a few conversations from it
Sander Cohen: Thanks, Ruth
-> Greg Davis: Yes
Shatter: Yeah, this should be fine
Richard Anderson: Follows Ruth and SHatter
Ruth Emerson: Now.. What can I get you?
Sander Cohen: Can we see the menu?
Ruth Emerson: Sure
Alistair (Sander Cohen): will be VERY impressed if a menu graphic comes up now :)
Ruth picks up the menu from the stand with the ketchup and passes it to you
Shatter: I'll just have a bottle of coke
Greg Davis: I keep a eye on the rest of the patrons - do they seem to be taking an unusual interest in us?
Campaign saved.
Ruth Emerson: [1d20 = 14]
Richard Anderson: Coffee, please.
Greg Davis: Coffee for me too.
Shatter: After saying that I'll project my senses to the nearby table with people, listening on the conversation
-> Greg Davis: No.. There are just talking. You notice they aren't even really paying attention to the people they are talking to.
Ruth Emerson: [1d20 = 3]
Richard Anderson: I may have a bite to eat in a few mins - I need to come round a bit after our trip first
-> Shatter: They seem to be talking. Just small talk
Sander Cohen: Black coffee and pancakes with mapel syrup for me, please
Benjamin Wolff: illusion: I am leaning to the left a bit, when I ask about food. In reality I am leaning right - see which way her eyes go.
Benjamin Wolff: Do you do pizza?
Shatter: OK, listening in for a while, if nothing important shows up I'll return the senses to my body after Ruth leaves
Ruth Emerson: Notice [1d20+5 = 10]
Ruth Emerson: We've no pizza, but the pie is good and so is the stew.
Greg Davis: The stew sound tempting.
Ruth Emerson: Pancake and coffee, we can do.
Benjamin Wolff: Pie sounds great.
Richard Anderson: I think I'll get some pie as well please
-> Shatter: Nothing seems odd
Ruth Emerson: [1d20 = 2]
Ruth Emerson: [1d20 = 10]
Ruth Emerson: Anything else?
Shatter: Pulling back my senses then
Benjamin Wolff: A coffee with my pie, if I may?
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): I'm really hungry now - hate you all :(
Ruth Emerson: So thats two pies, a pancake and five coffees?
Shatter: And my coke
Benjamin Wolff nods
Greg Davis: And one stew
Ruth Emerson: and a coke.. sorry.
Campaign saved.
Sander Cohen: Should that be four coffees?
Ruth heads off to get the assorted food.
Richard Anderson: She seems a bit... distracted
Sander Cohen: What that order, are you surprised?
Shatter smiles
Greg Davis: (I whisper to the others) I don't want to worry you but everyone in here seems to be acting very strangely - they don't seem very interested in what they're doing.
Shatter (With a very low voice): Well took the liberty of listening to our neighbors discussion. Nothing stellar there, just your everyday stuff.
Richard Anderson: (quietly) she's gone to the toilet - not the kitchen
Benjamin Wolff sits back and casually watches the world go by - very carefuly, 'specially the people.
Benjamin Wolff: So which way DID her eyes go when I asked about the pizza? To the illusion, or the real me?
Ruth Emerson: (and the GM moves Riths icon to the kitchen where she was ment to be)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): hehe
Alistair (Sander Cohen): lol
Greg Davis: Thats good - I was just getting worried.
-> Benjamin Wolff: The illusion
Shatter: Can Shatter's senses reach the table at the middle with the two men? He has just one level of ESP
Richard Anderson: is anyone using a miobile phone within range?
Richard Anderson: or even mobile phone
-> Shatter: 10 feet - no.. Its really just good for looking through doors etc.
Shatter: Yeah, figured
-> Richard Anderson: There are a lot of mobile phones on.. and a few texts being sent. The odd phone call - far less than you would expect. (Make an intelligence roll)
Richard Anderson: Intelligence bonus [8]
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: Intelligence bonus [1d20+8 = 24]
Shatter looks around one more time, checking Ruth's progress and then just leans back
GM: (Everyone want to make a notice roll?)
Shatter: Notice [1d20+6 = 26]
Sander Cohen: Notice [1d20+4 = 5]
Richard Anderson: Notice [1d20+5 = 8]
Greg Davis: [1d20+7 = 11]
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I notice "nothing" :-)
Benjamin Wolff: Notice +7 [1d20+17 = 35]
MarkC (Richard Anderson): but my Int roll was "quite" good
Benjamin Wolff: 17? I typed 7!
-> Benjamin Wolff: The two people on the table next to you - there conversation seems familiar for a second, and then you realise they are saying PRICISELY what they were saying as you came in.
-> Shatter: The two people on the table next to you - there conversation seems familiar for a second, and then you realise they are saying PRICISELY what they were saying as you came in.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): drag from your sheet - it's easier
Alistair (Sander Cohen): drag the notice modifier from your character sheet onto the modifier
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): You can do that? Sweet!
Shatter leans forward
-> Richard Anderson: All the phone calls are out of town. Noone in Unity is ringing anyone else in Unity
Shatter: Did you notice..
Shatter: I dismissed the talk of people here as idle prattle but they just started repeating their conversation from the beginning...
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): 'fraid not
Benjamin Wolff: Yes.
Richard Anderson: (quietly) all calls around here are incoming - NO outgoing calls at all
Sander Cohen: There are people here?
Richard Anderson: what do the surveillance cameras in the police station show?
Shatter: Now I'm really tempted to pull someone aside and ask them some direct questions
Alistair (Sander Cohen): any mobile calls being made?
Greg Davis: It's as if they're on some kind of programmed loop - just to keep up appearances.
Shatter straightens up as Ruth approaches
GM: Riuth wanders back carrying a tray of food
Riuth wanders back carrying a tray of food
Ruth Emerson: Four coffees...
Ruth Emerson: One coke..
As she speaks she slides them onto the table
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: Thanks
Shatter: Thanks lass
Sander Cohen: Yes, thankyou
Richard Anderson: Ah, pie - wonderful!
Benjamin Wolff nods his thanks.
Ruth Emerson: One stew, two pies and a pancake.
Richard Anderson: Ah, pie - wonderful!
Shatter pulls his coke closer
Greg Davis: Mine's the stew.
Ruth Emerson: I'll keep your tab open. Need anything else just yell.
Benjamin Wolff: Lovely town you have here. Peaceful. Must be something in the water.
Greg Davis: Thanks - we will.
Ruth Emerson: It is lovely
MarkC (Richard Anderson): hello
Ruth Emerson: We like it peaceful in Unity.
'MarkC' disconnected
Shatter: Looks like a good place to retire
'MarkC' connected
Declan: LOst MArk
Declan: Mark's back
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Back
Benjamin Wolff: Me too - I could live in a place like this. Know if anyone's selling land round here?
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Everything stopped responding so I couldn't see conversations
Ruth Emerson: You gentlemen thinking of moving here?
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): wb
Sander Cohen: Just passing through
Benjamin Wolff: I might like to someday - depends what prices are like.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Drat - last thing I saw was Ruth arriving with food - and I've no maps now
Ruth Emerson (nodding): Well its always nice to have visitors
Richard Anderson: what are the police station surveillance cameras showing?
Benjamin Wolff: Does she seem "wrong" in the same way the cop did?
-> Benjamin Wolff: Yes..
Greg Davis: Does Ruth have a far away expression, as if she's receiving instuctions from someone else - someone we can't see.
Shatter takes a gulp from the bottle
Campaign saved.
-> Richard Anderson: The area outside the police station, one trained on the library, one on the bar, several on the schools (both of them) and one showing a guy being dragged into the Plowman's Tavern
Sander Cohen eats his pancakes and sips his cofee
-> Greg Davis: Not really, but she does seem somewhat dazed
Shatter: Was the bottle open or did Shatter open it? Yeah, silly to ask after the gulp.
Greg Davis I take a sip of coffee, and start on the strew.
Richard Anderson: I'll sip the coffee and cut a piece of pie
-> Shatter: He it came openned
Benjamin Wolff feels a bit worried after saying "something int he water", but since the others are eating... :P
Ruth Emerson: Well I can see you gentlemen are enjoying your food. I'll head back to the kitchen
Richard Anderson: is Ruth still by the table - I've no map?
Benjamin Wolff: Do the patrons seem like the same kind of "wrong"?
Greg Davis well if we're still here in five minutes, we'll know it wasn't the food/water.
Shatter leans forward now that Ruth's gone
On the adjoining table the conversation enters loop three, right back with the words they were saying as you entered.
Shatter: So feeling funny then? *Said with a small grin*
Richard Anderson: (quietly) Someone's just been dragged into the tavern - I saw it on the CCTV
Shatter: The one next door?
-> Richard Anderson: Got a map now?
Sander Cohen leans across to the next table and says "Nice pancakes here"
Shatter carries the conversation with hushed tones
Richard Anderson: yes. Is it the tavern next door?
-> Richard Anderson: Yeah.. the one next door
Benjamin Wolff: How's about we finish up here and go for a few drinks? How many were dragging them? Were they conscious?
Richard Anderson: (quietly) yeah - next door
Greg Davis: (whispers) Perhaps we should investigate - it's the first sign of any disent since we arrived in town.
Sander Cohen: sounds good to me
Richard Anderson: (whispers) want to see what happens if we don't pay?
Shatter: Would look strange for you to wolf down your pies fast or leave 'em uneaten though
-> Richard Anderson: Three guys dragging one, and they looked conscious, but possibly drrugged or drunk
-> Richard Anderson: (he looked conscious.. I should say)
Richard Anderson: (Quietly) there were three people dragging one - they looked drugged or drunk
Campaign saved.
Shatter: Well, I suppose we look mighty suspicious already
Shatter: Want me to go and pay?
Greg Davis: Yeah, they already now we're not one of them, finishing in a hurry isn't going to make them any more suspicious.
Richard Anderson: (whisper)Just leave enough on the table for the meal
Shatter: Right. What were the rules for tipping at the States again?
Benjamin Wolff: (quiet) I vote for not rushing too unseemly. She's right, the pie was good.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): is*
Greg Davis I pull a note from my wallet without really looking for it, drop it on the table, and head towards the exit (trying not to look like I'm hurrying)
Richard Anderson: I'll let him out and follow
Sander Cohen I'll finish my pancakes and coffee
Shatter takes his bottle of coke and gets up as well. When he exits he raises it to Ruth as a cheer.
Greg and Richard head out the door, followed by Shatter and Sander a few paces behind
Benjamin Wolff follows too, then, with an apologetic shrug and halfgrin to the waitress.
As you reach the street you spot a figure leave the Tavern and start towards you
From the way he staggers, it’s clear the fellow headed in your general direction has had more than a little to drink. He looks a bit haggard, perhaps from the drinking, but otherwise seems like a pretty average guy. He seems to notice you for the first time and his eyes come to focus on you with a confused look on his face.
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: You OK fella?
Shatter stays back a bit, leaving the communication to the others
He looks Richard over.
“You...” he mutters, slurring his speech, “you’re not... you’re not like them... like... us. You’re not... of Unity. I can’t hear them right now, but they’re always... with us.”
Benjamin Wolff: (quietly) Excellent interrogation material.
Richard Anderson: "Of Unity" what do you mean?
Ruth Emerson: He becomes slightly agiltated, "The Unity.. they're always with us. We're with..we're part of the..but you're not."
Greg Davis: Perhaps you should come with us, somewhere a little quieter - so have you only stopped hearing them since you started drinking?
Ruth Emerson: (Oops - was drunk)
He becomes slightly agiltated, "The Unity.. they're always with us. We're with..we're part of the..but you're not."
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Dec's been on the beer
Declan: Getting used to juggling multiple characters
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Not easy - I bet
Shatter while he listens to the drunks ranmbling he keeps an eye on the Tavern
Declan: Its easy when you dont have a silly compute interface to deal with
Sander Cohen drops some money for his food / drink on the table and steps outside to see where the others have gone to
Richard Anderson: OK sir, How does one become part of "Unity"
Greg Davis: (whispers) careful Richard.
Drunk man (forcefull): No.. No.. You mustn't
Benjamin Wolff watches the drunks reactions carefully, watching for tells and microexpressions.
Richard Anderson: (quietly) might be our best chance to find out
Campaign saved.
Drunk man: You have to go
Richard Anderson: Why? What's wrong here?
Shatter: can we be seen from the window of the Diner? Are there any people at the Tavern's windows?
Greg Davis: Perhaps we should do this back at the van, where we're not so exposed.
Richard Anderson: what's happening in the tavern, police station on the security cams?
-> Shatter: The window is too high to see through.. but there is definately light
Greg Davis: I'm scanning the street for any sign of the men who were dragging him.
-> Richard Anderson: ON the camera you can see people about to come out of the tavern
“You have to leave!” he declares forcefully, drawing upright and gesturing as if to shoo you away. “Get away from here, while you still can!”
Richard Anderson: move huys - people coming out of the tavern NOW
Shatter: To the van?
Richard Anderson: goes to van - quickly!
Shatter nods and follows
Greg Davis I turn on my heal and head for the van.
Sander Cohen follows the others
Shatter: We taking him with us?
Benjamin Wolff: Let's help lead him back to the tavern then.... ah heck.
Richard Anderson: No
Shatter: If he's different he might cause trouble..
Shatter: I'm not sure if its safe to leave him
Richard Anderson: too risky to bring - he'll sober up - could be bad
As Benjamin suggest that he cries out.
He cryies out, “No! Don’t touch me!” he protests. “You mustn’t... mustn’t touch...”
Greg Davis: Yeah for us - we don't know enough just yet to start acting the heroes.
Richard Anderson: Stay away from him Ben
Benjamin Wolff: He's our best interrogation chance - woudl you come with us, sur?
Shatter waits for Ben, keeping an eye at the Tavern
Benjamin Wolff: I won't force you, but would appreciate it.
The tavern door opens and three men start to walk out.
Richard Anderson: Let's go people
Benjamin Wolff: Those the same three?
Richard Anderson: are they?
-> Richard Anderson: They are
Richard Anderson: Yup
Greg Davis: I'll get the van.
One of them calls out "Frank, Are you okay?" They start to walk towards the drunk
Campaign saved.
Shatter nods and moves closer to Ben so he can grab a hold of him if need be
Greg Davis I head toward were we left the van.
HE looks to the group. "Thank you gentlemen. I can take it from here. Frank has had too much to drink."
GM: [1d20 = 5]
GM: [1d20 = 9]
GM: [1d20 = 2]
GM: [1d20 = 18]
GM: [1d20 = 2]
Greg Davis: make that a jog, I'm fishing the keys out as I go.
-> Benjamin Wolff: You notice that all three men are breathing in perfect unison
Shatter waits to see what Ben does
Benjamin Wolff: He sure has - was asking us for a lift home, he's too drunk to drive.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I'm already at the van
Richard Anderson: I'm already at the van
GM: Richard and Greg are now at the van (Greg has the keys)
Shatter: Preparing to jump into the van with Ben if the situation gets dangerous or someone makes any sudden moves. Just in case.
Greg Davis I get in, start up, and wait only for Richard to get in, before heading back towards the others.
Richard Anderson: I get in
Richard Anderson: Calling shotgun
Greg Davis: (To Richard) I think things are just about to go south.
Benjamin Wolff beckons to the drunk and turns to the van, walking casually.
Richard Anderson: I think so too
The lead man reaches for the drunk, who visibly flinches. "Its okay Frank. We'll look after you."
Greg Davis: how long til we get there Declan?
The drunk takes one look at Ben, and says "Leave.. Leave while you can." then allows the three men to grab hold of him.
Richard Anderson: I really hate violence - especially if it's me getting hurt (to Greg)
GM: The vans just pulling up
Campaign saved.
Sander Cohen gets in the back of the van
Greg Davis: (To Richard) Slide the back door open so they can get in.
Benjamin Wolff: You take him home safe, then, sirs! *walks to van*
Shatter follows close by
Richard Anderson: sLIDES OPEN THE DOORS
Benjamin Wolff enters, hops in.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): and turns off caps lock
Greg Davis: (To Benjamin) I thought you were bringing company.
Shatter: Wasn't going to happen unless we started a fight
Theyt start pulling Frank back towards the Tavern.
Benjamin Wolff: Dang, so close to having a willing... interviewee.
Richard Anderson: I'm quite glad you didn't - they worry me
Greg Davis time to leave, I pull away.
GM: Where are you going?
Greg Davis Anywhere but here - we can decide as we go.
Benjamin Wolff: Can I remember whether the drunk was breathing in unison too?
GM: You are driving South down Highway 9
-> Benjamin Wolff: He wasn't
Sander Cohen: I suggest the motor inn
Greg Davis: That was interesting - It looks as if being drunk might interfer with the mind contro.
Shatter: Mind control?
As you drive you spot two shopping centres
Richard Anderson: let's look for a quiet spot within a mile or so and stop
Shatter nods at Richard
Then a couple of small shops and a motel
Greg Davis I head toward the motor inn.
Shatter: I'd rather stay away from people for now
Greg Davis: I'm assuming it's mind control, but I'm open to other suggestions.
Benjamin Wolff: Mind control? We don't know they're not fully-body-swapped. All three of the gentlemen were breathing in unison, but the drunk was not.
Benjamin Wolff: Which sort of iplies automata.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): implies*
Richard Anderson: Hypothesis based on what we've heard - there's something interfering/controlling these people, transmitted by touch and temporarily broken by drunkenness
Benjamin Wolff: Either that or mind control down to the subconscious, automatic level.
You are now heading into the suburbs, still heading south
Campaign saved.
Shatter: I figure we won't find out whats happening by talking to people though
Richard Anderson: That chap seemed pretty insistant on not touching him or them
Shatter nods
Gordon Laymark: [1d20 = 19]
Greg Davis Ok scratch the motor inn, I'll follow shatter's suggestion, and find a quiet, secluded place to park.
Shatter: Noticed that as well
-> Greg Davis: Ahead you can see flashing lights.. looks like a police road block. You spotted it early - its about half a mile off, on highway 9
Richard Anderson: We need to find out whether the alcohol or possibly drugs can permanently break the effects - that could be useful.
Richard Anderson: first - capture one local without touching him or her
Greg Davis: Trouble guys - there's a roadblock ahead.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): IC I'd been taking the "don't touch me" as fear for himself, and I'd be likely to stick with that unless the drunk's voice or manner showed otherwise - did it, that I noticed?
-> Greg Davis: Looks like they've blocked the only route out of town to the south
Rev (Shatter): He flinched when the other men tried to grab him
Gordon Laymark: [1d20 = 3]
Shatter: We best stop then
Greg Davis: We're not getting out of town this way.
-> Benjamin Wolff: Make a sense motive roll
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Is it manned?
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): oops, that was meanta be a whisper - nevermind :P
Greg Davis I pull over.
Benjamin Wolff: [1d20 = 1]
Greg Davis: How do you want to handle this?
-> Richard Anderson: It is
Richard Anderson: how many?
Shatter: Well, we don't really need the van to move around so might try to drive into some bush somewhere and think of our next choice of action
-> Richard Anderson: Atleast two.. but its a long way off so its hard to tell.
Richard Anderson: Anyone got tranq darts or tasers?
Shatter: If we drive around we're bound to draw attention
Greg Davis: Ok
The car phone starts to ring.
Sander Cohen: Rather than park in a bush, let's park in a carpark
Sander Cohen: less obvious
Greg Davis I pull the van off the road, and park behind some suitable cover.
Richard Anderson: who's calling us?
Benjamin Wolff: I have a taser.
Shatter: Would be good but the black van wint tinned windows is rather obvious
Alistair (Sander Cohen): carphone? Don't we have mobiles?
Caller ID says its Gordon Laymark.
Richard Anderson: answers phone: Hi Gordon
Campaign saved.
Shatter looks at the people in front seats to pick it up
Gordon Laymark: all have mobiles and bluetooth headsets, except Richard who doesnt bother with the headset.
GM: all have mobiles and bluetooth headsets, except Richard who doesnt bother with the headset.
Greg Davis: (To Shatter): Do you think you have a good enough knowledge of the town to get us to the police station?
Gordon Laymark: Ho Richard, Hows it going in Unity? You drinking with the locals yet?
Shatter nods to Greg.
Gordon Laymark: I hear its a nice little town.
Richard Anderson: (to Gordon) we're having a "strange" time of it - the town's gone all "Stepford"
Benjamin Wolff: I'm not so convinced about the touching thing - I think he was just scared of me - I can be scary sometimes.
Gordon Laymark: So you think theres some truth to this Paranormal alien thing?
Richard Anderson: (To Gordon) "Paranormal Alien"???
Shatter: Well it could be some devils at work, that's for sure
Gordon Laymark: What the kid was claiming on the radio.. supposed to be aliens taking over his father..
Richard Anderson: (To Gordon) Kid, Radio - why are we always the last to find out?
Benjamin Wolff: No evidence it's an alien, but I'd say we have a hostile mindcontrol scenario and need containment.
Richard Anderson: (To Gordon) Did you hear that? I concur with Ben
Gordon Laymark: You sure? How serious is it?
Shatter: Well they're setting up roadblocks
Richard Anderson: (To Gordon)We're roadblocked in town at the moment. Everyone we've met - with the exception of one drunk - has exhibited symptoms
Campaign saved.
Gordon Laymark: I dont want to do anything to increase the existing tention about paranormals. You sure this is something which needs containment?
Benjamin Wolff: More possible info for him - there seems to be a radius of effect reaching out to that speed trap - he was uninterested once we said we were continuing past.
Richard Anderson: I'd like to look around a little more first but if this is what it looks like, remember a town has succumbed in 2 weeks, then it might be a little beyond just us
Benjamin Wolff: But there's no evidence that radius is set in stone.
Shatter looks at Richie
Shatter: Any signs of similar symptoms in the surrounding communities?
Richard Anderson: But then I've always been a little conservative in my self estimation (smiling)
Sander Cohen: We need to find out where the symptoms started
Greg Davis: (Quietly to Shatter) I think the best way of finding out what's going on is to see what happened in town before the communications blackout is the police station. But we'll need to get inside, and keep any interested cops off our back, while Richard does his stuff. What do you think?
Gordon Laymark: Okay. I'll get the army and the CDC on alert, but wait for your call to send them in. We dont want to start a panic.
Gordon Laymark: If we do need them I'm going with an african flue story.. just so you're preped.
Richard Anderson: (to Gordon) that sounds OK - believe you me - if we call for the cavalry - we'll really need it! Speak to you soon.
Benjamin Wolff: If we don't, then send them anyway
Gordon Laymark: Good luck guys. Sorry to hear its real work. I figured you'd be drinking beers by now.
Richard Anderson: Yeah - If you've not heard from us in two days - send 'em anyway.
Gordon Laymark: Will do.
Benjamin Wolff: Days? We'll be dead by then.
Gordon ends the call
Campaign saved.
Sander Cohen: ok, guys - we really need to figure out who's affected by this and who's not
Richard Anderson: Yes - but we'll die knowing that someone else will be clearing up this mess for us
Benjamin Wolff: Yeah, I feel so much safer.
Richard Anderson: Right, if I can get into the police computer I would at least be able to figure out the start location and time of all this - from the despatch logs
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): how busy is highway 9?
GM: Last car to pass was 15 minutes ago. You're the only people on it at the moment.
Shatter: Richie, so no sign that this thing is taking root in the neighboring areas?
Richard Anderson: Good point - I'll check...
Sander Cohen: I suggest we check out the library here first. Should have a computer system and we may be able to find some useful book usage information
GM: Its now about 9pm.. Library will be closed
Richard Anderson: what about blogs, internet use, mobile phone chatter, etc., in the surrounding areas - try to establish a radius
Benjamin Wolff: This time of night there'd be nobody to stop shatter and you cruising around inside.
Greg Davis: Okay, how about this - Shatter ports us to the Police station, (to shatter) perhaps even inside the station if you can manage it. Richard how long will it take you to get into the computer?
Richard Anderson: If they've left the system on - no need to move at all
Benjamin Wolff: It's possible that children may be unaffected - I would be interested in seeing the school in the morning.
Richard Anderson: Sorry - thought we were talking about the Library 1st
Greg Davis: (To Richard) Can you check from here?
-> Richard Anderson: Looks like the oddity stops at the town perimeter... although there are a dozen farms outside town which appear affected but the children go tyo school in the town
Shatter: To take us inside I'd need to know a bit about the building and the layout. If the roof is even and secluded I can take us there and then work downwards.
Sander Cohen: Well, the library and police station are close to each other - doesn't hurt to swing by both
Campaign saved.
Shatter: There seems to be a small forest beween the town hall and the plaza, I'd probably start moving from there. *said without even referencing to the map*
Richard Anderson: Right there's a "rough" perimeter of the town border for the effect - however there are a few farms outside that are affected - but their kids go to school in Unity
Benjamin Wolff: How far outside?
Shatter: Are we more than two miles from the town center?
Richard Anderson: how far are these farms outside?
-> Richard Anderson: All within a few miles - if you threw up a ten mile perimeter around town youd get it all
Benjamin Wolff: I'm wondering if the control has a broadcast range. Though that does imply that children are infected also. Oh dear.
-> Shatter: About a mile and a half
Richard Anderson: also is the library computer still switched on (it was at 7.30)?
-> Richard Anderson: Yes
Shatter: At least its not something that automatically effects people once they get close or we'd be effected
Richard Anderson: The farms are no more than a 10 mile radius - school catchment area I'd guess
Richard Anderson: Also the library computer is still switched on - what do you want to know?
Benjamin Wolff: So possibly a larger radius than that.
Greg Davis: Perhaps Richard could get the plans for the station from the town planning department?
Sander Cohen: I am interested to know how many book loans there have been in the last two weeks?
Richard Anderson: I'm guessing here, did book withdrawals tail off two weeks ago?
-> Richard Anderson: Catalogue of books available.. and a CD of 2005 news from the local paper (currently in the drive)
Benjamin Wolff: And if anyone has been taking out survivalist literature recently.
Richard Anderson: any records of witdrawals?
-> Richard Anderson: Three weeks ago Derek Molloy got out a series of books on the paranormal, alien possession, medical parasites and brainwashing.
Benjamin Wolff: It might indicate resistant people who had a chance to prepare before everyone was infected. Would give us an idea of the speed.
-> Richard Anderson: 8 books in all over a period of a week
Campaign saved.
-> Richard Anderson: His library card record says he's only 12
Greg Davis: That's worth a shot.
Shatter takes a last swig from his coke and places the empty bottle on the van floor
Richard Anderson: Ooh - interesting - three weeks ago someone called Derek Molloy got 8 books out about paranormal, alien posession, parasites and brainwashing - he's a 12 year old kid according to the records
Benjamin Wolff: Address?
Sander Cohen: Sounds like a lead
Shatter smiles to Sander
Shatter: Nice thinking
Richard Anderson: any "survivalist" stuff taken out recently?
-> Richard Anderson: 27 Holloway Drive
Richard Anderson: He lives at 27 Holloway Drive
Greg Davis: Do you want to check that out first?
-> Richard Anderson: No. no survivalist stuff.. unless you count the book about the reality program
Shatter: That's not too far from here
Greg Davis: Ok, lets take a look.
Shatter: A bit over a mile westwards
Benjamin Wolff: Any roadblocks in the way?
Greg Davis I start the engine, and head towards Holloway Drive.
Richard Anderson: There's not been anything withdrawn in the "survivalist" category - apart from a book about the TV reality program
GM: You can get to Holloway drive without encountering any road blocks.
Number 27 is a split-level in one of the nearby neighborhoods of Unity. The name on the mailbox is “Molloy” and from the outside, there’s nothing to indicate any trouble at the house.
Benjamin Wolff: Then I'd guess any survivors didn't have much prep time.
Alistair (Sander Cohen): I got two network errors there
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Just got two 404 errors.
Declan: Oh
Declan: Did you get the map?
Rev (Shatter): It was for the tokens
Rev (Shatter): we got the map
MarkC (Richard Anderson): got it
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): yes I've got the map now.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Are there any signs of life from the house?
Declan: Probably looks familiar ;)
Shatter: Lets not leave the car right infront of the house
Campaign saved.
The house appears dark
Shatter: The house has a standard ridge roof?
Benjamin Wolff: I'm more worried about adjacent houses - can we park anywhere that people won't know we're interested in it?
Greg Davis I'll park a short walk from the house.
-> Shatter: Yeah
Richard Anderson: is there anything in the house with a camera or microphone that I can see/hear with?
Shatter: could we see the tree at the backyard?
-> Richard Anderson: Digital cordless phone x3, computer upstairs switched on with webcam and a bluetooth headset also upstairs
Sander Cohen walks to the end of the drive of the house and looks at it
Shatter: or alternatively: Were there any other good places of cover there?
Shatter: Wait a bit
Greg Davis: (To Ben) Good point, that could apply to anywhere in Unity, we'll have to risk it.
Shatter: Don't get out of the van yet
GM: You can see the tree on a drive by
Richard Anderson: any noise, anyone detectable
Shatter: I could jump there and take a quick look around first.
Richard Anderson: wait a min
-> Richard Anderson: Quiet in the house. The room with the webcam appear to be a boys bedroom.
Shatter: If there's a good place to portal into I could take us all there
Shatter: That way we wouldn't need to walk there
Benjamin Wolff: That might be worth a go - and if you can jup others to the tree behind the house, we might even get in without being seen from the street.
Greg Davis: Sounds good, but what's Richard working on?
Shatter nods
Richard Anderson: House is quiet - there's a PC switched on in what appears to be a boys' bedroom nothing visible or audible, accessing the pc now
Shatter: I was thinking of using the tree as the first stop
Benjamin Wolff: Checking for home security, I hope :)
Richard Anderson: what's on the PC - files updated in the last 3 weeks
Shatter: Alright, work your magic with it. We'll wait
-> Richard Anderson: Home security - theres an alarm - activated. IR sesnsors on both floors. Want to turn it off?
Shatter: If can describe the room I should be able to take us there quite easily as well
Richard Anderson: turn the alarm system off
Benjamin Wolff: Hrm - a webcam would be handy, as would sendin gthe boy a message.
-> Richard Anderson: No files changed in the last two weeks.. infact its been locked for the last two weeks.. Derek was logged in.
Richard Anderson: what was he working on before then?
Richard Anderson: is the alarm system off?
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: The computer's not been used for 2 weeks
Greg Davis: A warning would be a good idea, as long as we know it's him on the computer. Probably not a good idea to warn one of the infected :)
Richard Anderson: Just left switched on
GM: Essay on 'The cult of celebrity'. He was also in five different chats - all now have lots of 'Are you theres?' at the end.
GM: oops
Sander Cohen: Two weeks and still on? That doesn't sound right
-> Richard Anderson: Essay on 'The cult of celebrity'. He was also in five different chats - all now have lots of 'Are you theres?' at the end.
Benjamin Wolff: Two weeks is bad. Any clues on his destination?
-> Richard Anderson: The alarm is now off
Shatter: Well if the place is empty we should just go in.
Greg Davis: I'll second that.
Shatter: He might have a written diary or we might find something else relevant
Richard Anderson: Looks like he was taken away mid conversation - and the alarm system is now off - tada!
Shatter grins at that
Sander Cohen: excellent - well done, Rich
-> Richard Anderson: YOu just spotted something in the garage
Benjamin Wolff: Good job.
Richard Anderson: Wait a sec - something in the garage
Richard Anderson: what is it?
-> Richard Anderson: Someone in there has a phone on standby..really hard to detect
Benjamin Wolff: A vehicle I hope - we need something less conspicuous.
Greg Davis: (To Shatter) Can you port us inside the house, or will I need to arrange a little B&E
Richard Anderson: there's a phone on standby in there - hard to detect
Shatter: Wait here and I'll jump into the tree
Greg Davis: Ok
Shatter: Once there I should be able to scout around for a suitable empty space to bring you all in
-> Richard Anderson: Its probably on someone, because it moved.
Shatter: I'd rather not jump in randomly
Greg Davis: Be careful.
Richard Anderson: It moved - there's someone in there
GM: You TPing to the tree?
Greg Davis: In the garage?
Richard Anderson: Yup
Rev (Shatter): After this conversation is done
Shatter: It hasn't left the carage?
Greg Davis: ooc/ Can I cover the garage from here?
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: Wait - I'm going to call it
Shatter: Why?
Shatter: Best not attract any attention.
Shatter: If it's in the carage I can just move to the room above and look trough the floor
GM: THe only entrance to the garage which is visible from the outside is at the front
Benjamin Wolff: A "wrong number" call will at least tell what kind of person it is. Could be the kid, hiding out.
Richard Anderson: If someone's hidig there - they're probably not a "black hat"
Greg Davis: (To Shatter) You should take either me or Sander with you to run interference.
Shatter: I wouldn't risk it
Shatter: I'll take you with me if you want but I can't take two people to the tree
Richard Anderson: turn on phone and make it ring (quietly) and vibrate
Shatter: So first jump is alone
Sander Cohen: I agree - calling that number will help us find out who is there
-> Richard Anderson: The phone dies suddenly - maybe they broke it.. maybe they just took the battery out
Shatter: We can do it withouth calling though
Benjamin Wolff: If I have line of sight to you, I can keep you informed if the phone moves, but I think calling it would be a good idea first.
Richard Anderson: The phone died - I think they took the battery out
Sander Cohen: How good is your 'we are willing to offer you a reduced mortgage' selling voice, Richard?
Shatter: And Rich already said that people in the town don't call eachother
Benjamin Wolff: damnitt.
Richard Anderson: I think we need to go in
Shatter: Alright
Shatter: Wait here for a bit, I won't be gone long
Greg Davis: Ok
Benjamin Wolff: Why would they take the battery out now?
Sander Cohen: Let's do it carefully - we need to watch the exits, and ring the front door
Shatter nods
Benjamin Wolff: ring the doorbell??
Sander Cohen: yes
Shatter sighs
Shatter: Just wait for me to get back
Richard Anderson: Possibly they didn't want to answer the call I made?
Greg Davis I reverse until we can get a good look at the front of the house.
Benjamin Wolff: Or they were afraid that the ringing woud give away their position.
GM: Okay..
THe van starts to reverse
Richard Anderson: That suggests that they're hidig from someone
Shatter suddenly falls soundlessly into pieces which disintegrate rapidly and are soon gone
Shatter vanishes leaving a black empty space which seesm to shatter like glass, but entirely silently.
Greg Davis: I'll never get used to that.
Shatter: Portalling into the tree, hopefully sitting on a branch.
Richard Anderson: who was the phone registered to?
GM: MOve the icon to where you TPed to.
Benjamin Wolff: If the garage door opens, they'll be making a run for it in a vehicle - tailing them might be best, rather than trying to block them.
Campaign saved.
-> Shatter: You have a clear view into the boys bedroom
Shatter: if no one's there I'll portal in. Being stealthy now.
-> Richard Anderson: You've no idea, and you didnt think to check the IMEI number before it was broken
Richard Anderson: bugger :-)
-> Richard Anderson: You see shatter on the webcam
-> Shatter: OKay. You are in the boys room
Richard Anderson: I can see SHatter on the webcam
Greg Davis: Ok, I only reversed so we could cover Shatter if he got into trouble - I'll keep the motor running.
Shatter looks around the boys room, then moves to the door
Shatter sends his senses trough the door and looks into the second floor lobby
-> Shatter: Looking through the door with ESP?
Shatter: ayeop
-> Shatter: Ah
-> Shatter: The hallway looks empty
Shatter portals into the lobby and moves from door to door, checking the rooms with ESP
-> Richard Anderson: You can sesnse shatter at the top of the stairs using the IR sensor
-> Shatter: All empty upstairs
Shatter then portals into the master bedroom above the garage and sends his sense trough the floor
Richard Anderson: I've got Shatter in the IR alarm sensor - top of stairs
Richard Anderson: Gone now
Shatter: he'd be pro enough to look around for the alarm system but trust Rich when he said its offline now
-> Shatter: Its pretty dark down there. A black cop is hiding in a corner. She has a small camping stove and a pile of cans. Her gun is on the ground beside her. She has a sleeping bag but she looks very cold.
Richard Anderson: Ask shatter (via his headset) what he's found
Shatter portals back to his seat in the van
Richard Anderson: How do you DO that?
Shatter: God knows
Greg Davis: And he ain't telling. What did you find?
Campaign saved.
Declan: 15 mins left
Shatter: The sacond floor is empty. Didn't check the first one apart from the garage
Sander Cohen: Did you find anything in the garage?
Richard Anderson: Yeah - saw you hopping round on the IR
Benjamin Wolff: You might want to leave tokens unsent until our characters see NPCs - people with their tokenboxes open can see them appearing ;)
Shatter: There's a cop in the corner. A woman. Judging from the camping stove and cans she's been there for a while and plans on staying there.
Shatter: She's armed
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Yay - Mary Beth!
-> Benjamin Wolff: Thanks
Greg Davis: Perhaps we should introduce ourself - Very carefully:)
Shatter: Well I could take away her gun and bring her here.
Sander Cohen: Sounds good to me. I think we should block the garage door with the van first, though (just in case....)
Shatter: Or I could take us there
Benjamin Wolff: If I can get line of sight on her, perhaps by being ported behind her, I can take out her senses until we disarm her.
Sander Cohen: Could you bring her to us, Shatter?
Shatter: Well, she's not holding on to the gun so I can take it when ever
Shatter: She'd notice it though
Richard Anderson: Guys - we're assuming that she's not "one of them" right?
Shatter: And yes, I can portal her into the van. I figure she'd be shouting and shocked though...
Greg Davis: Yeah, I can't see why one of the infected would be hiding in a garage.
Shatter: Well, she's clearly hidind and quite uncomfortable
Shatter: Also she's not sustaining a facade of normality like the others
Richard Anderson: is the door electrically operated?
Sander Cohen: ok, if we can portal her into the back of the van we may be able to contain her and make sure of her mental state first
Benjamin Wolff: I'd say take the gun replace with a friendly "READ ME" note.
Richard Anderson: the garage door that is
Greg Davis: If you can port her without the gun, it think she can survive a bit of a shock.
Shatter: *nods* Could do that
-> Richard Anderson: No..its manual. Slides upwards
Shatter: Could do both of those
Shatter: Though frankly I'd rather not portal her
Shatter: I bet it'd make conversing with her quite difficult
Richard Anderson: Id do the replace the gun with a note thing
Benjamin Wolff: Yes. In fact - maybe just place a readme ontop of her gun, as a sign of faith?
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: Sounds like a better idea, I guess - go for it.
Richard Anderson: that'd be better - by the way - the door's manual on the garage so one of us will have to open it unless there's a way in from inside the house
Shatter: The issue with a note is that it's rather dark where she is
-> Shatter: You saw the door in.. you've no idea where it came from though
Shatter: She might not miss it arriving but unless its totally obvious she might not notice it once its there
Benjamin Wolff: Leave a torch pointing to the note, then.
Richard Anderson: Port one of our phones in there - use mine if you like - I don't use it much (smiles)
Shatter: *Grins* This is getting move complicated every moment...
Shatter: That I like
GM: Know (Behavioral Sci) [6]
Shatter: The problem is of course if she runs outside.
GM: Know (Behavioral Sci) [1d20+6 = 9]
Shatter: There's a door in the carage into the house as well so she has two ways out
Sander Cohen: well, let's cover the front door too then
Richard Anderson: I'll detect her if she goes into the house
Shatter: How about this:
Benjamin Wolff: If she runs, portal me to where she is, and she will stop running and be unable to fire, without harming her.
Richard Anderson: There's a back door too - was wired into the alarm system
Shatter: I'll port a few of you to the room next to the garage
Shatter: Then Ben and someone else can keep an eye from the van
Greg Davis: Ok I'll go.
Shatter: I figure Ben can come up with something that makes her want to go inside again
Shatter: Then I'll just drop a phone on her.
Benjamin Wolff: OK, so I cover the front in case she comes out?
Shatter nods
Richard Anderson: I'll stay with Ben
Sander Cohen: I'll cover the back door
Richard Anderson: You want my phone Shatter?
Shatter nods and holds out his hand
Richard Anderson: Gives SHatter mobile phone (switched on)
Benjamin Wolff: Gotcha. *sits by a van window watching the front of house*
Campaign saved.
GM: Who is being ported to the kitchen?
Shatter: *The moment the phone touches his hands it shatters like Shatter did earlier though this time accompanied with the sound of a glass breaking*
Rev (Shatter): No one yet as Shatter doesn't know where the kitchen is. Will have to portal to the second floor first
Greg Davis: Guess that would be me
Richard Anderson: Uses the phone's loudspeaker to talk to the cop
Richard Anderson: (to cop) Please don't break this phone - we just want to talk to you
Rev (Shatter): But Sander and Greg were the ones to move to the kitchen once he's done scouting downstairs
GM: Okay.. you have no idea whats going on in the garage.
Rev (Shatter): Then he drops the phone next to the cop from the Pocket. Shatter himself is in the Master Bedroom and keeps an eye at the Garage from there
Richard Anderson: Uses the phone's loudspeaker to talk to the cop
Richard Anderson: (to cop) Please don't break this phone - we just want to talk to you
Det. MAry-Beth Stacey (hesitantly): Who's this?
Benjamin Wolff: Probably the mot important thing for her to hear is "we're not them".
Richard Anderson: We're not "them" we're here to help
Shatter: So Shatter is looking into the garage trough ESP.
Richard Anderson: My name's Richard and I'm with the government
Det. MAry-Beth Stacey: I'm not coming out, and if you come in I'll shoot.
-> Shatter: Okay.. You can see
Richard Anderson: (To policewoman) what can you tell us about what's happened?
Det. MAry-Beth Stacey: HOw do I know you're not with them?
Richard Anderson: (to policewoman) believe me - if we'd wanted to get you out of there - we would have - we left you your weapon and we've seen what "they" are like - we need to know more about what's happening so that we can stop it
Campaign saved.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Nearly time
Det. MAry-Beth Stacey: Okay. Send someone in and I'll talk to them. I'll tell them everything, but if they try to move towards me, if they try to touch me, or even take a single step I will shoot. Do you get me? I'll shoot them dead.
Declan: Time
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Good place to stop
Declan: You can talk to her next time
Benjamin Wolff: Waaah!
Alistair (Sander Cohen): sounds good to me
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Yup
Rev (Shatter): *Votes for sending Ben in*
Greg Davis: We'll send you in to talk to her next time Ben.
Det. MAry-Beth Stacey: Oh.. I should have mentioned since there are people now in the kitchedn.. there is cold coffee and glass all over the florr.
GM: Oh.. I should have mentioned since there are people now in the kitchedn.. there is cold coffee and glass all over the florr.
Greg Davis: I'll try not to step in it.
GM: Same time next week then
Shatter: Looking forward to it
Shatter: Was a good session
Benjamin Wolff: I do have fairly high stats for talking to people, and I could be sure of not being shot.
Benjamin Wolff: Yeah, lotsafun :)
Shatter: We could just remove her gun now
Shatter: And have Ben give her an illusion of still having it
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Enjoyed it again - godd job guys
GM: Next time.. although you can discus to your hearts content on the forums :)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): or even good job
Benjamin Wolff: Need line of sight for the illusions.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): see you all later
Greg Davis: Yeah, good session, got to admit I'm surprised we made it to the Molloy's house so quickly.
Shatter: Yeah, same
Shatter: The library idea was a good one
Greg Davis: and all in one piece!
Shatter: Was betting we'd have to go trough the police station
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I so did not want to do that!
Greg Davis: Yeah, me too.
Det. MAry-Beth Stacey: Who says there is anything important here - appart from Mary-Beth?
Alistair (Sander Cohen): OK - I'm off for tonight. Good game and looking forward to next week already1
Benjamin Wolff: Well, we'd have been good if we went to the police station too I suspect - the odds are the kids are still banged up there :P
'Alistair' disconnected
Benjamin Wolff: Seeya Al :)
GM: Night all
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: Probably right - we'd have managed somehow
Shatter: At least Mary-Beth can name the source
Richard Anderson: Off now - night night
Benjamin Wolff: 'Night Declan :)
Shatter: Night
'MarkC' disconnected