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Richard Anderson: Helooooo the camp!
The Camp: Hello
Richard Anderson: lol
Richard Anderson: I'm just reading the logs for last time - hope I get them done before we start
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The Camp: I'll be interested to see how many we get - with the two week downtime and the clock change
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Greg Davis: Hi Mark.
Richard Anderson: Oh yeah - clocks - that's kind of automatic for me - but we'll see - lots of computer nerds though with auto clock changeyness
Richard Anderson: Hi there
GM: Hi there
Greg Davis: Expecting a few people arriving an hour late?:)
Richard Anderson: could be
GM: Maybe
GM: Something to look at
Greg Davis: Oh well it gives me some time to catch up on the log:) Did anything bad happen after the first fight last session?
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GM: Um.. a few things. You are now in France
Richard Anderson: Yes - so why have we an American shop picture?
Richard Anderson: Actually - can't be Yank - they are in Kg
Greg Davis: True.
Richard Anderson: But the words are English - Canadian?
GM: Can't be UK - not with Cents. Australia or New Zealand?
GM: or Canada
Richard Anderson: Just been playing Freelancer for the first time in ages - the TNG mod - what a game that was/is!
GM: or Ireland... Can you see a Euro sign anywhere?
Richard Anderson: If it were Euros the Cs for cents would have a bar through the middle
GM: True
Richard Anderson: Do you think anyone else will make it?
GM: If they dont I have 3 episodes of Reaver to watch...
GM: and I've been playing through Hitman: Blood money which is a lot of fun
Greg Davis: Give it five minutes, and then we could do something useful - like allocate a whole heap of experience:)
GM: While I remember - if either of you fancy going to a Convention in August (in Leicester), I'll be running a few games there.
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Greg Davis: Sounds interesting. I've no plans for August yet.
Richard Anderson: I'm really enjoying the TNG mod for Freelancer though - just played about with it for a bit (flying Vorlon capital ships etc.) But I've now just started from the beginning - it's ace. I got the message about the con btw - probably can't make it :-(
GM: The con website is: and cheap registration ends on the 31st (you can save 15 by booking by then)
Richard Anderson: At least the team has a "little" while to take stock of hte situation - they've got to suss out we're in France yet (not in the sewers)
GM: Big difference - one is a few hundred yards away - the other is thousands of miles.
Greg Davis: I'll take a look at it tomorrow - What dates are the Con?
GM: 1st through 4th August. Thats a Friday through Monday
GM: Almost quarter to. If we dont have more players by then I think I'll call a halt to it
Richard Anderson: No probs if you do - how are we doing for XP at the mo'?
GM: Games list (still expanding as people announce their games) is here:
Richard Anderson: and more importantly - how's your Dad?
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-> Richard Anderson: Dad is fine (but stupid). Was told not to fly for a week - flew after 5 days. Told to rest for two weeks. Went to work straight from 14 hour flight and worked an 8 hour day :(
-> Richard Anderson: But is absolutely fine
GM: Okay.. thats it. Going to call a halt there. We gave them 15 mins
Richard Anderson: Shame - but fair
GM: I'll post this as a log.. so you can get the links if you want
Richard Anderson: Unusual fo me to get here without the rest (Richard excepted)
Greg Davis: Ok - I make it something like 9 power points, going by the number of sessions. That would make us 7th Level - Yippee:)
GM: Power Level limits are still in place...
Richard Anderson: I'll wait for the boss to tell us :-)
Greg Davis: ohhhh darn:(
GM: but they may go up soon.. you just have to discover somethging (hint)
GM: Something big.. something which has been hinted at several times
Greg Davis: Time to re-read the logs then:)
GM: Anyway.. I'm sure you'll discover that soon. See you next week. Have fun with the logs
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Richard Anderson: Blooming heck - I guess I'll have to do a bit of reading too
Greg Davis: Ok - see you then. Bye:)
Richard Anderson: see you next week chaps
GM: See you

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Richard Anderson: I thought that you weren't going to switch it on!
Richard Anderson: and " Hi there"