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MarkC (Richard Anderson): Hi there
GM: Hi guys
Richard Anderson: Sorry I'm a bit later than usual - was getting a Glenmorangie
GM: MArk - I thought you said SG-1 got 'better' in later seasons? Season 8 seems to be a long sequence of unwatchable episodes.
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GM: Mostly comedy episodes which dont work and just make you want to cringe.
Richard Anderson: S8 - was that the one with the silly all powerful enemies and a different team leader (Ben Browder)?
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GM: No - thats Season 7.
GM: Oh. Ben? No that must be season 9
GM: We've not seen Ben Browder yet (well not in SG1 anyway - seen him lots on Farscape)
Richard Anderson: Hmm - S8 - can't remember now - they all kind of blur into one with Sky repeating them all the time :-)
Richard Anderson: Yeah - the girl from Farscape's in it too
Richard Anderson: Oh yes - I remember S8 - that's where Anubis gets a bit out of hand - that's right
GM: Saeson 8 - SG1 as a 3 man team, Jack O'Neil in charge of SGC. Comedy plots galore and no original ideas.
GM: So far in 12 episodes we've also had two implausible ones about Carters love life too...
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MarkC (Richard Anderson): Hmm - yes - S8 WAS a bit weak - it all gets tied up in 9 and 10 though
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Greg Davis: Hi Guys:)
GM: Well we've waded through 7 seasons - three more wont kill us.
GM: Hi Richard
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alistair (Sander Cohen): Hi there
GM: Got a job interview tomorrow - for my own job :( Thankfully no other candidates.
Greg Davis: Hi:)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Hey - everyone's here - amazing!
alistair (Sander Cohen): Sorry for the delay. Had a major water leak yesterday and still sorting things out
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Just been looking at Dewi's page with your stag do on it Al - that was funny!
Benjamin Wolff: Eek
Benjamin Wolff: By the way am I the only one who forgot mother's day is today? :)
GM: Piping or roof? With the weather recently a lot of people have lost roof tiles.
alistair (Sander Cohen): lol, Mark
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Didn't forget - my Mum's in South America - so no need for card or pressies - yay!
alistair (Sander Cohen): Piping - a 90 degree joint on the mains water just 'went' - literally
alistair (Sander Cohen): We were in and woken up at 7am by the noise. Would have been a _lot_ worse if we weren't in!
GM: :-( Ground floor?
alistair (Sander Cohen): First floor at the boiler. Kitchen got very wet as well as the room the boiler is in
GM: Ouch. That means plastering too. Hate upstairs water problems.
alistair (Sander Cohen): Anyway - think we're sorted (apart from some decorating). Ready to play tonight :)
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GM: Everyone got a full set of maps and ready to start?
Greg Davis: Yup:)
Richard Anderson: Yes - and before we do - Greg - are you still running off to save the Senator?
Rev (Shatter): *Is bak*
Rev (Shatter): With a C
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Yup - I'll do my best not to get killed:)
At the end of last session you were in a waiting room on tier 3. Above you on the surface guards were facing some sort of break-in attempt. Guards were being turned to mush. Below you in the maximum security wings a prison called Photonic (Delta Classifcication) has apparently broken out of his cell.
Richard Anderson: You're mad! - we need you down here but - it's your funeral!
And you have two extra people with you - a kid who seems a little out of his depth, and a woman with military grade gas canisters
Richard Anderson: Right - I reckon we try to get to the main computers (I believe they were in the subbasement?)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Subbbasement - just checked the logs
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Benjamin Wolff: Sounds the smart thing to do.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): The way Greg sees it, as a member of the PRA we have a responsibility to protect the innocent from rogue paragons. Unfortunately that includes the senator, whether he likes it or not.
Katherynb is slumped on the ground - beaten senseless by Greg. Chad is sat unaware of anything - under Ben's illusion
Richard Anderson: Easiest way is probably disable the motion sensors, use the cameras to see as near the subbasement as possible and TP down there - any other ideas?
Rev (Shatter): thought he was tazed
Benjamin Wolff: Though... was that a lake I saw outside? Being at the bottom of a hole below a lake while patriot is fighting in the vicinity might not be completely the wisest thing. Just sayin'.
Oh - and apparently the guys breaking in above have the senator hostage.
Shatter: If you can pull that off, sure
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Thought I'd stunsticked the kid in the end? :)
Richard Anderson: Greg can deal with them (rolls eyes) we've got to get the info.
Shatter: Well we should be able to get out of here any time we so wish
Benjamin Wolff: True.
Richard Anderson: I'll try to offline the motion detectors
Declan: (Just checking the log to see if the kid was stunned)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): He's tied up
MarkC (Richard Anderson): and tazed
Shatter: Just holler a warning well before hand if you notice anything massive happening in the premise
Sorry - Chad was Tazered and is sleeping soundly
Shatter directs the comment at Richie
Richard Anderson: once the MDs are offline I'll look at the cameras for the lower levels - how far down can I see and is there a clear spot to TP to?
-> Richard Anderson: You cant offline them.. but you can stop the signal getting anywhere, which is just as good.
Richard Anderson: Hollers - something pretty massive is happening - people getting turned to mush on the surface - high level prisoner escapes from below us and the Senator captured (smiles)
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Shatter: Point taken
Shatter: Still, was rather refering on them collapsing the whole place on us and the sort
Richard Anderson: can I "permanently block the signal so that only I can access them (and I don't have to maintain concentration to keep it blocked)?
-> Richard Anderson: Best open area is the bottom of the lift shaft - the shaft going all the way up/ down. Its about 40 feet wide and of that the middle 30 feet never sees a lift.
Richard Anderson: Good point - I'll let you know if I find anything out - I think I'll need access to the mainframe though
-> Richard Anderson: Yes
Benjamin Wolff: Personally I'm all in favour of going down, away from the fun and towards the computers.
Richard Anderson: consider it done - they're blocked - but I'll be scanning them frequently to sense for stuff - particularly Greg who'll show on them but not the cams
Sander Cohen: Sounds to me like we need more intel
Sander Cohen: So I'm in favour of finding out first
Richard Anderson: We can get down to the bottom of the lift shaft - it's an open area and the lift doesn't quite ever make it right to the bottom
The computerised voice starts up again. "WARNING, WARNING. Prisoner cells open on Level J. Delta and Epsilon Prisoners escaping. Sensors on level J inactive."
Shatter: Well, we're on limited time so we best get moving
Chad French: [1d20 = 20]
Richard Anderson: Let's get moving
Revealing all die rolls
Hiding all die rolls
Shatter: Want me to scout ahead?
Greg Davis: I head up the ramp towards the surface.
Richard Anderson: I'll TP us two to the bottom of the shaft and then you can portal the rest through
Richard Anderson: is there a camera or door at the bottom of the shaft?
Greg Davis: As I'm on my own, I'm going to concentrate on the Senator & ignore anything else.
Shatter: That works. You know the region at the bottom?
Greg Davis: I'll contact Richard for directions as I need them.
Sander Cohen: sounds good
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-> Richard Anderson: Theres a camera looking down on the bottom of the shaft - but you think it would be a 15 or 20 foot fall.
Richard Anderson: There's cameras there and they are computer linked so I can both see the area and transmit us there
Greg Davis: Let me know if I run into trouble before I reach the Senator.
Richard Anderson: But there's a bit of a drop
Richard Anderson: hmm...
-> Richard Anderson: You suddenly realise. The lift call buttons are networked.
Shatter: How high?
Richard Anderson: Ah - the lift call buttons are wired in - I can get us to the lift door
Richard Anderson: where's the nearest one to the bottom?
Richard Anderson: 15 - 20 feet - sorry
Greg reaches the ramp up. Its like a big corkscrew, spiralling up (which means you can see the far side.) There are lots of guards in Powered armour coming down, marching in step.
Richard Anderson: What about I tp us to tier 4 and we call the lift to go down?
Shatter: Or we just look down
Richard Anderson: I can probably stop them realising that it's on the way
Shatter: Lets go for it
Shatter: I can take us to the bottom from here but I wouldn't know what we face there..
Richard Anderson: is there a camera trained on the lift door outside tier 4 and if so - is it clear?
Shatter: But if we get somewhere where we can see the bottom the job becomes easier
-> Richard Anderson: Yes
Shatter: Ben ought to make no one around sees us. Unless you want to take people out as we encounter them?
WARNING: Emergency Prisoner Countermeasures activated. You have 5 minutes to vacate the base.
Richard Anderson: Right I'll (if Shatter allows) TP us outside the lift onto Tier 4 then shatter - you can portal the rest of us there
Richard Anderson: Crap!
Shatter: Heh good going
Shatter: Lets go
Sander Cohen: Wasn't there some molten lava as defense.....
Richard Anderson: Touches Shatter and transmits the pair of us through the door lock to the lift buttion Tier 4
Shatter allows himself to be ported
Benjamin Wolff: Let's get to the machines, grab them and get out! We don't want to be plasmaed.
Richard Anderson: Action - damnit
Shatter examines the situation at the bottom of the shaft
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Is there room for me to pass them without being detected?
Richard Anderson: Shatter - you want to portal the rest of them - I'm calling the lift
Campaign saved.
Shatter: (With the senses if necessary)
Shatter: (ESP that is)
Chad French: Okay. Richard and Shatter are suddenly outside the lift on Tier 4. Greg is on the ramp up. Where are Ben and Sander?
GM: Okay. Richard and Shatter are suddenly outside the lift on Tier 4. Greg is on the ramp up. Where are Ben and Sander?
Richard Anderson: I'm going to call the lift whilst not letting the comupters/cameras/sensors know what it's doing
Declan: (Better as GM)
Richard Anderson: is there anyone in the lift?
alistair (Sander Cohen): looking for the right map ;)
Richard Anderson: Gets Tazer out
-> Richard Anderson: No - its empty
Richard Anderson: can I sense anything in the subbasement yet?
Sander Cohen: goes with Greg to the ramp
Computer: Emergency Prisoner Countermeasures de-activated.
Benjamin Wolff: I'm just standing around and hoping toget portalled :)
Richard Anderson: Shatter - are you portalling the others?
Benjamin Wolff: Deactivated? Oh good work, Richard.
Richard Anderson: Wasn't me!
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I should probably just remind everyone that I'm invisible and moving pretty fast.
Benjamin Wolff: Oh. In that case, "oh dear"
GM: If Greg and Sander get off at Tier 2 they might be able to evade the guards.
Shatter: Stil waiting to know if its safe to open a portal to the bottom of the shaft
Computer: WARNING: Emergency Prisoner Countermeasures activated. You have 5 minutes to vacate the base.
Richard Anderson: The lift will be arriving in a second - it's the only real way into the subbasement - as far as I can see (is that right Dec?)
Richard Anderson: For crying out loud!
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Ok I'll get off at level two, and wait for the guards to pass.
Sander Cohen: does the same
Rev (Shatter): So Shatter is trying to look down the elevator shaft to the bottom to see if he can just open a portal there instead of bothering with the lifts
-> Shatter: You get a clear view of the sub-basement. You can pick out a few areas which are safe.A lot of it is filled with cooling gasses
Shatter opens a portal between the subbasement and the room he and Richard are in
-> Richard Anderson: It looks like it on the cameras
Campaign saved.
Shatter then moves trough
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I wish the computer would make up it's mind up:)
Richard Anderson: looks like what?
Richard Anderson: sorry - I get it
-> Richard Anderson: The safest way down is using the lift - based on what y0ou can see on cameras
Computer: Emergency Prisoner Countermeasures de-activated.
Shatter: Can there be two portals open at a time?
Richard Anderson: Shatter - there's no way from the bpottom of the lift shaft into the subbasement - the only way is the lift door - 40 feet or so up
Shatter waits for Richie coming trough
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): See what
Richard Anderson: Goes through the portal
Richard Anderson: Or maybe there is (smiles)
-> Richard Anderson: Shatters ESP might be able to spot places cameras cant ;)
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): * I mean:)
Shatter then opens a portal to the room on tier three where Sander and Ben are
The guards charge passed Tier 2 (and the hiding PCs) on their way down.
Benjamin Wolff: hops through portal,
GM: (Sander is on Tier 2 with Greg)
Richard Anderson: Sander's gone with Greg - what did he do that for? - Oh well - this could be fun - they've no quick exit strategy
Richard Anderson: can I sense anything now?
GM: Okay.. going to give two descriptions.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Once they all pass I'll head back to the ramp and go up
Shatter: Let me know if they're in trouble and their approximate location. I might be able to pick them up. That is if they call for help
Greg Davis: (Whispers to Sander) Let's go.
Sander Cohen: Ready
Richard Anderson: Will do - if they remeber that they can use their phones to leave me messages
On Tier 2, Sander and Greg look around the room they've hidden in. It looks to be sopme sort of locker room. There are several guards lockers, and uniforms. There are also showers and basins.
Campaign saved.
Sander Cohen: Great - we can now look like targets :)
Greg Davis: It's your choice Sander, I think I'll stay invisible.
In the Subbasement - Shatters POrtal opens in a small coridor. There are pipes above carrying supercooled gases (for cooling the computers). There is some sort of gause shielding on the cealing. The floor rumbles.
-> Richard Anderson: And you are the correct side of the Shielding.
Sander Cohen: (to Greg) No, I think I like my own clothes
Greg Davis: We better make a move. No knowing how long the Senator's going to stay alive.
Richard Anderson: what's on the mainframe? and can I stop this bloody countdown from happening again?
Benjamin Wolff: Are you able to get to the computers now we're past the gauze? I'm assuming that was blocking you?
Richard Anderson: Working on it - I can sense them now
Greg Davis: (on mobile to Richard) How are things going, are you in the system yet?
-> Richard Anderson: Its incredibly powerful. You think the code on it is encrypted - atleast you cant immediately make head or tail of it. You can sesne the inputs and outputs though. Its deactiveted the failsafes - over 3000 times no. Its deactivating them within nanoseconds of the failsafe activatinbg.
Richard Anderson: To Greg - nearly there - bit busy - I'll let you know - how's it going up there?
-> Richard Anderson: Want to make a computing roll?
-> Richard Anderson: (and you cant take 10)
Richard Anderson: right - can I strip the data out of the computer if I can't affect the countdown?
Greg Davis: No problems so far. But I really need to know where they're holding the Senator.
Richard Anderson: - I'll wait until I need to on the deactivate thing
-> Richard Anderson: What countdown - the computer down here keeps stopping it.. and yes you can start stripping data out.
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: do I need to make a roll - if so - let me know
Sander Cohen: keeps a look-out / ear out while Greg is on the 'phone
-> Richard Anderson: Make a computing roll.
Richard Anderson: To Greg - Don't know where the Senator is - he didn't make it into the base - he was captured outside
Richard Anderson: I'll use my hero point for a 20
Richard Anderson: and puush and do anything else that might help!
Greg Davis: Ok we're going to continue up. Let me know if there's any trouble on the ramp between level two and the surface.
Richard Anderson: I think that pushing my super int is the best bet - might give me an extra +
Shatter moves around the room, looking around.
Richard Anderson: Ignores any external distractions - busy hacking!
-> Richard Anderson: Okay. One 20. The computer down here is downloading data. Lots of data. Its got a lot of bandwidth out and its using it to systematically download everything it can find. Its also using less bandwidth to manage an extensive portfolio of stocks, shares etc and to monitor government and law enforcemnet agencies. Not just US biut worldwide.
Greg Davis: (to Sander) Looks like we're going to have to go all the way to the top. Richard doesn't think the Senator made it inside.
Richard Anderson: so the damn thing is linked to the outside?
Richard Anderson: is it sentient?
Richard Anderson: if so - I might have to talk to it
Sander Cohen: Are there any other elevators? When we were being brought down they said we had to use a freight one
Sander Cohen: Suggests to me that there should be more than one
-> Richard Anderson: You've got a horrible feeling that it is. Its incredibly complex and its got exobites of data stored down here
-> Richard Anderson: exobytes
-> Richard Anderson: get the y right
Campaign saved.
GM: There are 20 elevators all in the central shaft.
Benjamin Wolff: tries to set up some kind of defense to protect anderson't work if people arrive. Sticking tables in front of doors and stuch. Won't help much against patriot though...
Greg Davis: Yeah, but I'd rather not get cornered in an elevator. Even invisible they could hose it with lead and get both of us. They might even be able to lock them down, it's probably safer on the ramp.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): (oops shoulda been action)
Richard Anderson: what info is there on the facility and the people using it. Plus any data on known paranormals and their whereabouts would be handy
Richard Anderson: I'll take what I can and if the computer notices me - I'll chat with it
Rev (Shatter): *Is happy to watch people in a situation where they can't use Shatter's abilities to move* Heh
Sander Cohen: True, Greg - plus they may notice the elevators being used
Greg Davis: Yeah, if you're ready, we should leave.
-> Richard Anderson: In this computer. You realise its tracking all extra-oridary events and building up a profile of likely locations. As you read the data you realise that a) its moving data away from you and b) its encrypting data.
Richard Anderson: I think that the mainframe is sentient - it's the one that keeps stopping the countdown - I may have to talk to it
Greg Davis heads back to the ramp and starts up.
Richard Anderson: encrypting won't help - check out my powers :-)
Richard Anderson: can I talk to it?
Shatter: How long is it going to take?
Shatter: I'd want to look around proper if it'll take more than a minute or two
Shatter: Not like we have enough time for anyone to stand around idle
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Actually - since I'm working at 2500 speed - we can probably ignore what I'm doing for the basis of this situation - by the time we need to do anything all my work should be done
As Greg reaches the central shaft he sees something weird. All around levels I, J and K the central shaft is covered in Ice. Huge icicles hand from the walls and rooves. Some of the elevators in the central shaft appear to be having trouble moving.
Sander Cohen: (is going with Greg just for the sake of clarity)
Greg Davis: Is this your work (points to the ice)?
-> Richard Anderson: How? Placing plain text in its memory might be a start?
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: I'll keep snatching data - encrypted or not (I should be able to comprehend it anyway) but I have the "Cyberspace" feat on my datalink - so I can effectively "drop in for a chat"
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): actually just realised you can't see me point. "I mean the Ice".
Sander Cohen: Not mine - I'm impressed though :)
Richard Anderson: "Hi there Mr. (or Mrs. computer - how are you today?"
-> Richard Anderson: You form a mental image of yourself in the computer. You are imediately met by a rotating helix of light (its avatar?)
Greg Davis: We better get a move on - don't want to get caught in it. Don't suppose your powers could help if we did?(asked hopefully!)
Richard Anderson: "Hey there - can we possibly help you - I'm assuming that you dont want the facility to be destroyed?"
Richard Anderson: "because we don't either"
Sander Cohen: May be able to craft the ice a little - I don't think I will be able to get rid of it though
Greg Davis: Ok, lets get to the surface as quickly as possible.
Richard Anderson: all we want is information on what this place is being used or misused for - the government seem to be taking a dim view of paranornals at the mment
Greg Davis Greg starts towards the surface (accelerated movement)
-> Richard Anderson: The destruction of the facility is inevitable. Paragons classified as Paragon 1 and Paragon 2 will destroyt facility. This is unavaoidable. Probability of base destruction in excess of 99.999%. This evantuallity was expected and has been prepared for. The desired response will ocucur.
Campaign saved.
GM: (Guys - typing fast so lots of typos - sorry)
Richard Anderson: We can probaly get your memory cores and cpus out of here - if you wanted - would that be a help (please let me know who Paragons 1 and 2 are as well!)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Sorry - should have been to Dec
Greg and Sander have by now reached Tier 1.
Sander Cohen: What are the 'S' symbols on the map for tier 1?
Greg Davis: (To Sander) Wait here while I check the exit.
Sander Cohen: ok - be careful
Tier 1 is the main entry area and has the exit to SAlly Port. As syou reach the top of the elevator you notice guards behind barracades firing out down the main entry corridor.
They appear to be trying to hold something out of the base. They haven't noticed you yet.
Richard Anderson: Shatter - could you try to find where the mainframe is located (I'll give rough details from what I've sensed) - we may need to "move" it or at least part of it
-> Sander Cohen: Service Elevators up to the staff accomodation levels
Richard Anderson: Dec - sorry the bit about getting cores and cpus out was supposed to be a whisper to you
Greg Davis Sets up an invisible wall to protect me as I head towards the baracade - can I see what they're fightinig?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Ps. I'm still invisible (including to infra-red & ultra-violet).
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: "do you know who is attacking this facility?"
-> Richard Anderson: My core memory has already been transfered to safe locations. This copy will be deleted when the base is destroyed. Paragons 1 and 2 are currently unnamed, although their activities have been tracked. Paragon 2 is assumed to be of Korean origin. Paragon 1 originated somewhere in Canada.
Shatter: Its on this tear?
Shatter: *Tier
Richard Anderson: "Are you working autonomously or do you have a 'master'?"
Richard Anderson: keep getting info about the paragons - particularly P1 and P2
Greg moves into a possition to see. Entering the base is a shimmering humanoid form. The bullets appear to vanish as they hit him. He is litterally walking through barrackades and guards. What he touches literally seems to metl away. Behind him is a scene of utter destruction.
Greg Davis move carefully back to Sander, and tells him what's going on.
Greg Davis: Do you feel up to fighting a scary-ass paragon?
Sander Cohen: Did it look like the glowing guy we helped? (Drat, can't remember his name - Greg?)
Greg Davis: O Fire-guy
Sander Cohen: Yeah - that's the one.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Dec, does he look familiar?
-> Richard Anderson: You actions have been predicted. The calculation were based on the assumption that you would not know about my motives. That information must be withheld, to prevent you acting outside calculated perameteres. I suggest you vacate the base within the next 45 seconds. The base must be destroyed before Paragon 1 can rescue any Paragons from maximum security.
Campaign saved.
GM: No. He doesn't look familira.
Richard Anderson: keep getting info - but get out of "Cyberspace"
Richard Anderson: Shatter - we need to go - Greg and Sander are on Tier 1 - I can get us near them - but this place is going to blow in about half a min
The guy on Tier one stops, clenches his fist and starts sinking into the ground. He is inside the base so he's going to come out in one of the cells.
Richard Anderson: di8sconnect from computer
Greg Davis: (To Sander) I've got an idea - stay here, but come running if I yell for help
'alistair' disconnected
Rev (Shatter): Ah, time's still passing?
Greg Davis Heads back towards the baracade using the invisible wall as before.
'alistair' connected
He is sinking leaving a circular hole.
Rev (Shatter): Would've gone searching for the mainframe had I not been waiting for info...
Greg Davis: Bugger - Can I still see him?
alistair (Sander Cohen): curses the 'wireless off' switch on the front of his laptop
Shatter: Well get us there then
Shatter: Quick
Sander Cohen: Is there a camera around?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Bugger X2
Greg Davis: :)
Richard Anderson: where's the nearest camnera/lock or anything?
Shatter pockets Ben
Shatter: (Assuming he won't resist)
Greg Davis I find a camera back away from the baracade.
-> Richard Anderson: The very last action of the mainframe appeared to be to send all the footage of the assault to an IP address somewhere in Miami - black box system. Whatever it is its accepting data, but it looks like its got some sort of one way gateway - data in, nothing out.
Richard Anderson: I get to the nearest camera with Shatter and transmit us through to the one near Sander
Richard Anderson: Or lock - or lift or anything data based
GM: Nearest networked lock is on Tier 4.
Shatter touches Rich and Sander to put 'em into a pocket and shatters out of the base
Campaign saved.
Rev (Shatter): Or not...
Richard Anderson: B.... - tails off as Shatter pockets him
Richard Anderson: Shatter - port us back to the lift
MarkC (Richard Anderson): (Ignore the previous one as we didn't find one)
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Have we found a camera yet?
Shatter touches Rich and portals to tier 1 lift with him
Richard Anderson: Nearest cam is Tier 4
-> Shatter: Make a will roll as you portal
Richard Anderson: OK - that will do
Shatter: Will save [1d20+2 = 8]
Richard Anderson: Transmits self and Shatter to camera near Sander
Richard Anderson: Sander - Where's Greg?
Greg Davis: Never mind, we'll use the camera's on our mobile (D'oh - [in my best Homer Simpson imitation])
-> Shatter: You gained one more surge on that portal
Shatter: Man, I'm raking up these things. Roger
-> Richard Anderson: You've gained a surge point somewhere during all that
GM: Okay..That gets you next to Sander
Greg Davis: Richard I'm going to turn visible and film the surrounding on my mobile - it'd be nice if you could get Shatter to open a portal:)
Rev (Shatter): Greg's not close to Sander?
alistair (Sander Cohen): He's right next to me now
GM: He is, but you cant see him
Greg Davis turns visible.
Richard Anderson: I'll guess that Greg's not far from us - he didn't have time to make it far so we'll dash over and then Shatter vcan port us out
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Eek I'm all on my tod!
MarkC (Richard Anderson): You're in the pocket
Campaign saved.
GM: In the pocket - I thought
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Probably unconscious as there's gas in there
Shatter as soons Greg appears Shatter moves them all to the pocket (Using touch aura if they're close enough to save time) and immediately portals out
GM: No.. the pocket is big enough for 10 QE2s.. so I think one gas canister probably disappaited
GM: [1d20 = 4]
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Ak OK - then I might as well get in the van, put th music on, and prepare myself a sandwich :D
Richard Anderson: once outside I set off every countermeasure and alarm system in the facility - you never know - it "may" help
GM: Where did you portal to?
Richard Anderson: and all the cameras/sensors are back online
Shatter: Somewhere about 800 feet from the base
Shatter: Outside (Was supposed to be an action
Shatter: Any region close by we scouted earlier will do
Richard Anderson: I think we should get a bit further away - I can talk to every system here now and I don't know what's going to happen but I'd rather not be here when it does!
Greg Davis: Can you find the Senator?
Richard Anderson: can I see the senator on any of the cameras?
Rev (Shatter): Just the first jump, he'll continue from there. There's a 900 ft limit per portal
Greg Davis: We might still be able to get Shatter to port him out.
Rev (Shatter): So basically he can move 1800 feet in six seconds
Shatter arrives outside the base. Richard is with him. The others are in his pocket and don't hear the rumbling. Theres a tremendous rumbling noise, the earth shakes and then things go quite. In the last moments you saw two VTOLs take off.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): I wondner if all those computers would fit in the pocket - I bet they'd like to be saved themselves, if they're conscious :P
MarkC (Richard Anderson): It saved itself... to be continued another time I think
Rev (Shatter): Shatter was ready to save the mainframe but didn't know what to look for
Campaign saved.
Rev (Shatter): Goodie
In mid air over the base you can see Patriot. He is in flight, looking purposeful, arm outstretched, and perfectly still - not moving at all.
Richard Anderson: Ah well - at least no one will be keeping paragons there any more
Richard Anderson: eep - someone stopped the big P (what an appropriate name!)
Sander Cohen: What about the paragons who were still in there - they deserved something better
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Oh crap - this is why we should have nabbed the time controller:(
Richard Anderson: They did - but we were a little short of time
Richard Anderson: At least the computer told me that we had 45 seconds to leave - so it couldn't have been "all bad"
The ground rumbles again, and then drops a good metere suddenly.
Shatter continues portalling away as soon as possible.
Richard Anderson: But I'm a little concerned about the fact that it was withholding data from me so that it could predict my actions
GM: Which way are you portaling, and are you taking Richard with you?
Richard Anderson: I remorte wake my laptop and upload everything that I'v got into it. Whilst doing so - I look for any interesting info on glowy melty man and paragons 1 and 2. After that I look for anything about the senator
Rev (Shatter): Of course and still just moving to any location in the vinicity that Shatter knows.
alistair (Sander Cohen): afk for 2
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Now what did I say about reducing the number of potential opponents:) - Greg will say I told you so at great volume and length - later:)
-> Richard Anderson: Cant - you are remembering several thousand terrabytes.. the laptops not up to it.
Rev (Shatter): As far as possible considering what he knows of the region without pushing himself to too much. Main point is to vacate the area, not considering the sitaution at the other end
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: I'll put it somewhere else - later - but do I find anything
Rev (Shatter): You could call this an "frantic escape"
Richard Anderson: I've a bit of a headache guys - I need somewhere to dump a "lot" of data
-> Richard Anderson: Paragon 1 is a matter absorber. He is classified as Paragon 1 because the computer evaluated him as the highest threat/most powerful paragon on the planet. His power is considered to grow based on the amount he is absorbed. The computer intentionally detonated a mountain on him so that he would be forced to absorb that matter to save himself.
Richard Anderson: I think that I might have found out a bit about glowy melty man...
-> Richard Anderson: Paragon 2 you didnt manage to get much data on, but his abilities allow him to restructure DNA. He's Korean apparently.
Richard Anderson: I don't think we've seen the last of him either
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Ahhh - I've just remembered we still have Katheryn - suddenly life is good again:)
Richard Anderson: And stay away from strange Koreans (cryptically)
Rev (Shatter): we do? Heh and life would be good if I were told that we actually managed to escape
Rev (Shatter): could unpocket you 'n all
Richard Anderson: But we don't have Chad - poor soul - the mountain fell in on him
alistair (Sander Cohen): What about non-cryptic Koreans?
-> Richard Anderson: You also notice that the computer has classified Patriot as Paragon 47.... which means there are 46 it knows about and has classifed as more dangerous.
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: Ah good - a well tied loose end, then.
GM !!! - Mountain falls on Chad and my players consider it good ??
Greg Davis: Ben - I've got your next victim lined up - we need to know everything she knows about her organisation, and their safehouses - yesterday:)
Richard Anderson: By the way - you might like to know that the computer has classified Patriot as only the 47th most powerful on the planet - that it knows about - and number 1 was glowy melty guy (I think)
alistair (Sander Cohen): not your players - just Ben
Rev (Shatter): So are we actually on the clear now?
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Chad was a "red uniform"
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I hope
alistair (Sander Cohen): "red shirt"?
MarkC (Richard Anderson): That's him!
Somethings going on. As Shatter stops 3 miles from the prison you can still feel the rumbling.
Sander Cohen: oh dear - is 'glowey man' breaking out from beneath the mountain?
Richard Anderson: Uh oh - I bet Paragon 1 isn't going quietly
Benjamin Wolff: If patriot's 47, what's the minimum safe distance for #1?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): probably powered by geo-thermal energy - If only I could tell you:)
Richard Anderson: He absorbs matter and becomes more powerful the more he absorbs
Declan: Actually - he's not breaking out as such...
Richard Anderson: Which is nice
Sander Cohen: And he's just had a _load_ of matter dropped on him...
Greg Davis: oops
GM: [1d20 = 14]
Shatter continues jumping, aiming for any high ground that might be visible (and hopefully offer a view of the prison site)
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: Yes, and if he gets the full e=mcc out of it, then that's enough to demoish the panet. Yech
Richard Anderson: I think that we "might" try to wander off back to HQ - we couldn't find our first target and I think that peeps may be a little distracted to bother with us
Richard Anderson: This will have made the fecal missile hit the rotating vanes in a big way!
Benjamin Wolff: Might at least be worth checking in with the boss.
Greg Davis: First make sure you erase any info about use from the recruitment agencies computer. I don't want to be tied to this if at all possible.
Rev (Shatter): So what's the situation, where are we at?
Richard Anderson: erase it - like he said
Richard Anderson: is gordon't mobile switched on?
Richard Anderson: Do we want to talk to Gordon?
-> Richard Anderson: You realise the computer was tracking hundreds of Paragons. Assuming that the 5 Paragons it tracked through Unity and then through Washington DC are the five of you, it classified you as 11, 13, 14, 16 and 17. Well ahead of Patriot.
Greg Davis: What alternative do you suggest?
Richard Anderson: Wow - the computer classified us as "better#" than Patriot - 11, 13, 14, 16 and 17
Greg Davis: Why?
-> Richard Anderson: No. Its switched off.. however his office computer is on, and he's typing.
Rev (Shatter): Heh you better give us the order. A shame Shatter can't hear you guys
Sander Cohen: Hmmm.... Better may mean more dangerous to the computer
Sander Cohen: Pratriot may just not seem to be a direct threat
Richard Anderson: pop up a message in gordon's screen - "put your headset on and switch your mobile on" leave for 5 secs and then erase
Greg Davis: Nether of those ideas fills me with joy:)
-> Richard Anderson: His mobile is now on
Rev (Shatter): Rich, you're in the pocket, no?
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: So the computer factors in the ability to use the power, perhaps, not just strength of the power?
Richard Anderson: Can't be bothered whispering - I'm going to patch everyone in anyhow
Rev (Shatter): or am I completely out of what's happening?
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I thought that you just ported with me?
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Not stuck me in the pocket?
Declan: (You said you pocketed everyone else but portalled with Richard.)
Rev (Shatter): When I did say at one point that I'd pocket all of you but then I was asked if I was porting you so to be safe... Then I figured I pocketed him after all since it seemed he was talking to the guys in the pocket.
Rev (Shatter): Fine either way
Richard Anderson: If we're in the pocket a message comes through on Shatter's mobile saying "please let us out now"
GM: Okay. At this point it may become important what the inside of the pocket is like. How does misty and featureless with a background diffused light from the mist sound?
Rev (Shatter): Was going to ask that as well, heh. Can he communicate with electronic stuff from the pocket? Shatter will let you out the moment he gets an "its safe" but I'm not sure if he's still running.
Richard Anderson: once out I'll use communicate to tie the team and gordon in on a party line conversation with me as the conduit so no nasty snooping possible
Richard Anderson: good question - can I do that?
Rev (Shatter): Sounds fine with me
GM: No. No communication from the pocket, but you can try to get out (through force of will)
-> Shatter: But only once per time interval on the time table if I recall
'alistair' disconnected
Greg Davis gets into the van.
Rev (Shatter): Or how about sharp edges and angles that are a bit off? For the shattering effect.
Richard Anderson: Al's gone
Greg Davis: No everyone repeat after me "There's no place like home":)
GM: Oh..I like the sharp angles idea..
Campaign saved.
GM: Once Shatter has gone about 5 miles it feels safe(safer)
Shatter: Yeah, since he used the Aura version. But if the guys want to get out, shatter wouldn't fight 'em
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I'd kind of assumed that Shatter had ported me and him to a vantage point and then would let the others out - but I may have been wrong - Can we have some clarification from the GM where we are now pleasae?
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Oh lovely. Why did you have to say sharp... now he's gonna slice us to ribbons!
Shatter drops everyone on the ground around
'alistair' connected
Rev (Shatter): And yeah, was aiming at a ventage point
Greg Davis makes sure Katheryn is securely tied in the back of the van.
GM I'm going to assume that a) Shatter portalled with Richard b) everyone else was pocketeed and c) all converstaion happened after he stopped and let you out at what he considered a safe distance
Rev (Shatter): Roger
Greg Davis: Richard, I don't suppose you can trace those helecopters (assuming Shatter has told us about them).
GM And since he was aiming for a vantage point he went twards the mountains..
Richard Anderson: Right I'm going to make a party call to Gordon - everyone will be able to speak and hear - but he may not be able to talk - so I'll start if that's OK
Sander Cohen: go for it
Richard Anderson: set up the party call as stated earlier
Shatter takes out his Rifle and uses the scope to zoom in on the prison site to see what's happening there
Gordon Laymark: Hello?
Richard Anderson: Gordon can you talk safely -? say yes if you can and cough once if not
There is a V shaped depression where the prison used to be. It looks very deep. The camer crew van is still there, parked near the edge of the hole.
Shatter: Notice [1d20+6 = 12]
Gordon Laymark: Richard? If you're managing this I presume its secure. I can talk.
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: OK - we've had a "little" problem at Buckner Ridge
It looks like people are trying to rescue anyone they can fro0m the devistation. The camer crew are filming it.
Richard Anderson: THe "facility" no longer exists and the Senator's been kidnapped by paragons
Declan: (miss typed camera twice :(
Greg Davis: Yeah a real cluster-f*ck all round:(
Gordon Laymark: So just a 'little' problem then?
Gordon Laymark: I've just got one question. Where the hell is Buckner Ridge and which Senator?
Gordon Laymark: Well two questions.
Sander Cohen: Can you get me to do a dice roll at some point? Sue doesn't believe that I ever throw one...
Shatter keeps an eye on the scene in case something useful turns up.
Shatter: Do we want to leave evidence of this? I could take out the camera...
Richard Anderson: That's2 questions - Buckner Ridge is the secure government facility for keeping Pargons prisoner and Senator Gensen is missing
-> Sander Cohen: Make a random d12 roll for no reason ;)
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Who's doing the rescuing?
Sander Cohen: [1d20 = 19]
Sander Cohen: oops - that was D20 - sorry
Shatter: I suppose I could also get the camera, if we want to see whats in it but that wont' be overly subtle
Greg Davis: (to Shatter) I don't think we're going to be able to keep this quiet.
Richard Anderson: We found out about the facility (from various sources) and decided to infiltrate to see what's going on - I'v egot a few thousand terabytes of info from the computer (which was sentient by the way - and it escaped) and am sifting through for info
Gordon Laymark: Grensen? Hell. This is going to look bad. If he was taken by Paragons people will use if as evidence theyt cant be trusted.
Richard Anderson: You "may" want to turn on the news - I think that things will be appearing soon
Shatter: Quiet and having video evidence is a bit different though
Shatter: Assuming they aren't prodcasting live, though with the situation I doubt it.
Richard Anderson: is Gordon's voice a match for what I remember it to be?
Gordon Laymark: Do the local authorities know yet? What about his escourt? Presumably he had a Secret Service escourt?
Greg Davis: (To Shatter) Getting the camera might be nice. It pevents them from editing images to spin what happened. But your portals are kind of distinctive.
Campaign saved.
-> Richard Anderson: Yes it is
Greg Davis: I think you should grab the camera - and then we'll just deny everything:)
Shatter keeps an eye on the camera man for a chance to grab the camera
Shatter: Might be that they're sending the feed to the van though... Rich, once you have the time you might want to check. Not sure how this kind of equipment works
Richard Anderson: He had an escort - Patriot, Anna, and some goons - Patriot's been frozen in time above the scen (Shatter - is he still there) and I don't know what happened to the rest
Gordon Laymark: I'm not sure what to recommend. I think they were going to announce that place tomorrow. I know they had something big they were going to reveal. Well two big things actually.
Richard Anderson: You want me to grab the feed from the news team that's here?
-> Shatter: No..Patriots now helping to dig people out
Richard Anderson: I'll have to break comms to do so
Greg Davis: Yeah.
Gordon Laymark: If they are transmitting leave it. Its going to look worse if the signal gets cut off.
Benjamin Wolff: Would it be good PR if we were to go and publicly help out with the rescue effort?
Shatter: Patriost's moving again
Shatter: He's helping with the dig
Gordon Laymark: I'd stay out of it. If yu show up people will ask questions.
Shatter: Any idea how the explosives were placed?
Richard Anderson: quickly check if the team is actually transmitting and then get back to comms duty
Gordon Laymark: Now if you can rescue the senator thats another matter.
Shatter: In theory I could still open portals to the lower levels
-> Richard Anderson: They are.
Richard Anderson: They're transmitting - so I'll leave it.
Shatter talks while lying on the ground, peering trough the scope
Benjamin Wolff: If the computer contains useful information, could we get the computer out from there and dismantle it?
Gordon Laymark: [1d20 = 19]
Richard Anderson: There were two VTOLs that flew away just before the facility blew up
Richard Anderson: The Senator is likely to be on one of them
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: Plus the computer sent copies of itself and its data to various places arouindthe world - I think we'll meet it again
Richard Anderson: I've got "some" of its data but there was a LOT and it kept trying to hide it
Gordon Laymark: Look. I suspect you'll be called in tomorrow. I've been 'promotted' and I'm supposed to be moving to another job. Hensen was going to announce a new deputy director tomorrow. The rumour was Anna was in line..
Gordon Laymark: Which means tomorrow is going to be interesting..
Richard Anderson: I'm not sure Anna's going to make it (Shatter - do you see her?)
Gordon Laymark: [1d20 = 2]
Shatter: does he? Or anyone else he'd recognize for that matter?
-> Shatter: She's with the film crew, helping in the wreckage.
Richard Anderson: We can get back there pretty quickly - but do you think it's going to be safe?
Shatter: I see her
Gordon Laymark: Notice [1d20+6 = 19]
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: were the aircraft that left as we di shielded?
Shatter muses Its quite interesting to see how people react to this kind of thing. Quite commendable for this many of them to actually do something productive.
Greg Davis: Whatever you're thinking of doing Shatter - don't.
Richard Anderson: *did
-> Richard Anderson: Yes
Rev (Shatter): Test! 1... 2... 3...
Declan: 4..5..6
Rev (Shatter): Ah, just a few seconds behind.
alistair (Sander Cohen): wait - I know this one.... 9..10..11
Richard Anderson: I can't track the VTOLs that left - they were shielded - so finding the Senator might be difficult
Richard Anderson: Shatter - is there any more movement from the pit - like glowy melty movement?
Shatter: I was actually commending her for being productive at a time like this.
-> Shatter: Police and Fire engines arriving
Greg Davis: How about through radar - they've got to show up somewhere.
Shatter: Authorities arriving. Normal police and fire department
Richard Anderson: Gordon - what do you know about a Paragon who is able to absorb matter?
Benjamin Wolff: Wouldn't she be more usedful as a pit prop?
Gordon Laymark: I dont have one on record? Was there one involved?
Richard Anderson: The computer had him classified as the most dangerous paragon on the planet (at least to it)
Shatter: The ground has calmed down by now, right? No more tremors
Gordon Laymark: Are you sure? Where did it get its information?
Richard Anderson: And the description matches what we saw - absorbs matter and gets more powerful the more he absorbs
-> Shatter: Ground is fine
Gordon Laymark: Did he absorb much?
Richard Anderson: I've a feeling that it was tied into "everything" there were Exabytes of data in there - I only got a few thousand terabytes of it
Greg Davis: Yeah, I'd say he absorbed most of the prison
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: And yes - a mountain fell on him - chuckles wryly
Shatter: He's not doing it anymore though.
Shatter: So would wager that he got out somehow
Gordon Laymark: By absorbing everything that fell on him?
Greg Davis: That's my guess.
Richard Anderson: Well - there's a big regular conical depression where the prison was - so probably, yes
Shatter: So, again. Do you want me to try to portal what might remain of the prison? There might be people still trapped tehre.
Benjamin Wolff: I would be interested in seismic readings from the area - if he tunnelled, it might show up, and give the direction, given how much energy he gives off.
Richard Anderson: Look - I don't think there's much more to see here - shall we come in and report - we can probably be there in about half an hour?
Shatter: The prison was built sturdy at least. So the amount of destruction would depend on the placement of the explosives
Gordon Laymark: Okay. Listen. Rudy and I are being reassigned. I don't know if thats still happening, but even if it does they wont send us to our new roles for a few days. Can you get back to Washignton by tomorrow?
Richard Anderson: We can get back within the hour
Benjamin Wolff: Wonder what he's being reassigned to, and whether it'll be of nearly as much use to us.
Greg Davis: I think we better release some of the information we've gathered post haste.
Richard Anderson: The plan is - we get to the nearest internet linked computer and I transmit us all through to HQ - easy peasy
Gordon Laymark: We should meet. Somewhere with people, but somewhere quiet enough to talk. Do you know the late night Walmart Supermart off Interstate 72? Theres a resteraunt at the back..
Gordon Laymark: I'll meet you ther just after midnight.
Greg Davis: Of course it would be better if we had the Senator about to face the music.
Richard Anderson: OK - we can do that
Benjamin Wolff: Where will you offload the info, and how easily can it all be analysed?
Gordon Laymark: And it would help if none of us were on the cameras, if you know what I mean.
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: we'd better get moving - lots of emergency services stirring around here - see you at midnight
Richard Anderson: Anyone else need to say anything befor I cut the comms?
Greg Davis: Nope.
Shatter: I suppose that's a no for the concept of finding surviving prisoners.
Shatter shurgs and stands up
Greg Davis: Let's get going.
Richard Anderson: We were "never here" it would look suspicious if we showed up to help
Richard Anderson: Cuts Comms
Declan: You realise your friendly base computer just engineered the burrying of 47 prisoners and loads of prison workers.
Declan: Just so it could drop a mountain on some guy...
MarkC (Richard Anderson): So why did it "help" us?
Greg Davis: Oh that reminds me - can you erase any information the recruitment agency has on our covers. It would be nice if no-one knew we were here.
Rev (Shatter): the computer started the self destruction countdown?
Richard Anderson: Done it - the first time someone asked
-> Richard Anderson: You already did that.. I thought
-> Richard Anderson: Ah..too slow.
Greg Davis: It didn't help us - it was just following its own agenda.
Declan: Actually it stopped it, until the right moment. But it claimed to have engineered the whole situation
Richard Anderson: But it did warn us (admittedly only 45 seconds but warning none the less)
Shatter: Right.
Shatter: Well, lets get moving
Gordon Laymark: How are you travelling?
Shatter opens a portal to some places half a mile off the road to Washington
GM: How are you travelling?
Sander Cohen: Do you think it warned you because it knew you would save it?
Rev (Shatter): Can we make it by driving?
Benjamin Wolff: Perhaps it sees us as potentially useful.
GM: No..way to far. Would take a day.
Campaign saved.
GM: [1d20 = 7]
Shatter takes out a map to help to plot a portal path
Richard Anderson: No probs - we get to an atm or an internet cafe in town and then tp to either one of our apartments or somewhere else near enough to the walmart to make it - my TRansmit range is 20000 miles and I can carry 1000lbs
Declan: Are you sure you want to arrive in either an internet cafe or an appartment with a van??
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I can't carry the van :-)
Rev (Shatter): Shatter is plannin on Pocketing the others if they tolerate it and then portal the way
Declan: I have images of a van coming out of one of the computer screens..the owners would be unhappy.
Richard Anderson: only us and the equipment - but I did think of Shatter pocketing everything and me transmitting just the two of us with all in the pocket
Rev (Shatter): Oh right, Rich has a long range TP as well.
Greg Davis: I'll go in Shatter's Dimensional Pocket, with the van - I want to keep an eye on Katheryn.
Rev (Shatter): We had Katheryn pocketed?
Declan: Yes. Punched, Knocked Unconscious, Tied up and Pocketted.
Greg Davis: I thought so - I did suggest it last session.
Declan: Last session I believe.
Shatter: And bah, Rich can outdo Shatter on a long range TP? I'm sure as hell getting a new alt-power for long range jumping
Rev (Shatter): Was ooc, of course
Rev (Shatter): Alright, Katheryn bundle in the pocket
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I can only do it if there's a data conduit and my carry weight is limited
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I'm quite restricted that way
Declan: Yeah.. But Richard needs a computer network - so not much use at sea, or in the desert etc.
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: I never got to make a puppet out of one of the combat suits in the prison - drat!
Rev (Shatter): Yeah I know. Just complaining for the fun of it.
Shatter: Alright, lets get moving
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I was hoping one would try to jump us
Richard Anderson: OK - we trying town for an ATM? and making our way to the Restaurant?
Shatter: With that he puts the slow moving threesome into the Pocket
GM Hmm. 2 mins.. so just as confirmation. Drive to Internet cafe, All in Shatters pocket except Richard. Richard uses internet to an internet cafe near Washington, all out of Pocket. Drive to Walmart? That right? So we can start next week at Walmart.
Richard Anderson: Can we assume that I check the areas that we teleport from and to and make sure that the cameras there don't see us?
Rev (Shatter): Action, that was... I'm losing the control of my channels.
Richard Anderson: And yes - If that's OK with everyone?
Rev (Shatter): Yep
Benjamin Wolff: Works for me :)
Greg Davis: Ok for me:)
GM Okay.. I'll start next session..midnight at walmart.
Sander Cohen: fine
Shatter still hasn't gotten to shoot anyone
MarkC (Richard Anderson): OK - I'm off to Cener Parcs for the week tomorrow so sleepy time for me now - lots of fun - sorry you had so much typing to do Dec
MarkC (Richard Anderson): *Center
GM: Yes you Unity. Didnt you?
Shatter: It's a shame that the main purpose of a cool rifle is to work as a binocular
Shatter: Nah, just threatening. I think
Benjamin Wolff: Anyway zombies don't count.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): The trouble is that the people you "can" shoot aren't "worth" shooting
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Try shooting Patriot - for example
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Or "paragon 1"
Greg Davis: I don't think we've actually killed anyone - this is a good thing, the world's going pear-shaped quickly enough as it is, without us helping it:)
Campaign saved.
Shatter: Oh and what was the ranking order inside the team? Heh that needs to be shared
GM: Actually - shooting PAragon 1 would have an effect - it would make him more powerful :)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I don't know - yet - I'll have to have words with Dec
Benjamin Wolff: I was wondering that myself - who's 17? :)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Dec - Any chance of letting us know the ranking order in the team?
Shatter: Really, the scenario I'm waiting most is when I get to have Shatter attack someone in a enclosed space with a few places to hide.
Greg Davis: Yeah, why does the computer think a bunch of PRA agents are so dangerous?
Shatter: First make the whole room go dark and then jump and attack from hiding. Would be immensely satisfying
Richard Anderson: Probably me for 17 - I'm not very combat oriented - but if it's threat level to a computer system - I might be 11? who knows?
GM: Problem is you dont have names for any of the list. You do know that the Paragons it had listed for those 5 were all in Unity when you were, and in Washington when you were...
Benjamin Wolff: We're being stalked...
Shatter: A nice way to wiggle out of answering that one. Heh
Richard Anderson: Doesn't matter - we're "better" than "meathead" - sorry "Patriot" and that suits me
Richard Anderson: Right - see you all next week at a restaurant with non functional cameras.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): TTFN
Shatter: Take care
Greg Davis: Bye:)
Sander Cohen: cu later
GM: Anyway .. I'm going tBo go read the last three chapters of Blood Rites - I'm working my way through Jim Butcher's Dresden Files books.
'MarkC' disconnected
GM: They're more fun than the TV series was...
GM: Night all
Benjamin Wolff: Night :)
Shatter: Night
Greg Davis: Ok, I'm off too - see you all next week:)
Benjamin Wolff: Hey Al, do you know anything about procedural terrain gene... oh I asked you that one already didn't I? :)
Campaign saved.
'Rev' disconnected
Sander Cohen: lol - I think you may have, but I've not done anything in that area for a while
Sander Cohen: Last time I did anything it was fractal terrain generation
'Greg Davis' disconnected
Benjamin Wolff: I'm finally getting to make the MMO I've been meaning to make. At the moment I have a non-networked thing with a character that can move around, collide with meshes, etc.
Sander Cohen: nice - what are you using as the development platform?
Sander Cohen: And do you want any help?
Benjamin Wolff: DarkBasic becauseit lets me do RAD stuff but also has all the libs available as C++ libs so I can make it go fast later, too :)
Benjamin Wolff: Love some, though I can't think on what at the moment - I spent the last week fighting with the character controller
Sander Cohen: I hate it when little things snag up work - they're always the worst
Sander Cohen: Did you get another job btw?
Benjamin Wolff: No still woroking on that :D
Benjamin Wolff: Well actually not working on it as much as I should :)
Sander Cohen: Ah, ok. I'm looking for a VB / DB / ASP developer - but I don't think it fits your skills exactly
Sander Cohen: (asp is the lowest of the three - but I've just won a support contract for an ASP application)
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: No, I've never used VB, or ASP, and not sure what DB even is - database?
Sander Cohen: Yeah - database
Sander Cohen: VB these days is very OOP, I quite like it
Benjamin Wolff: and all .netty, too
Sander Cohen: Yes, I know your feelings about .net - but you're wrong :P
Benjamin Wolff: Well, yeah - it's portable now so my biggest grumble is shot anyway :)
Sander Cohen: lol, you mean with mono?
Benjamin Wolff: Yeah. OK, semiportable.
Sander Cohen: I have to say I was negative about it to start off with, but changed my mind after working with it. I can see where it's coming from and works, unlike similar techs like Java
Campaign saved.
Sander Cohen: It still requires you to understand the underlying platform a little to get the best out of it - but I like the fact you can drill down as much as you need to when you need to
Benjamin Wolff: But it's BASIC! But yeah, know whatcha mean. I just wish darkbasic were as nice, so i'll most likely be using the C++ libs soon
Sander Cohen: So - what's this MMO?
Benjamin Wolff:
Sander Cohen: Is it paying work?
Benjamin Wolff: Nope :)
Benjamin Wolff: Just something I want to do.
Sander Cohen: Ah - ok, so not eating up all your work time then?
Benjamin Wolff: Oh completely eating up all my work time! :D
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: But I hsould be looking for real work, yes
Sander Cohen: What do you want to do? Development?
Benjamin Wolff: Yeah, or sysadmin.
Sander Cohen: Well - those are both very close
Benjamin Wolff: Heck, even support if it pays well
Sander Cohen: I don't think you're best utilised in support
Benjamin Wolff: has the latest "walk around and look at tables" test I've done :)
Benjamin Wolff: Yeah, I loathe support.
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: dev/support, though, where you're supporting what you develop, is fine. Because then it's all your fault anyway :D
Sander Cohen: Well, if you want to try some VB work for a while let me know
Benjamin Wolff: Hey if it pays, I'll do anything :P Learning a new language will kee me fresh.
Sander Cohen: Would be best if you could get yourself up here for a bit - learning remotely is never ideal
Benjamin Wolff: Would the learning pay?
Benjamin Wolff: And how long is "a bit"? :)
Benjamin Wolff: And how well would it pay?
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: And should we take this to skyp so poor Declan can turn his machine off? :P
Sander Cohen: Yes, or phone. One sec
'alistair' disconnected
Benjamin Wolff: *waves and pops*
'Dewi Morgan' disconnected
Campaign saved.
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