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GM: Hi
Richard Anderson: Hi there
Richard Anderson: Just updating my sheet with the mods as discussed
Richard Anderson: Thanks for the discount - by the way - I've now got an XDA Orbit 2
Richard Anderson: Who needs an iPhone?
GM: Since its just you I'm going to grab a drink.. still 11mins to game time
'Rev' connected
Richard Anderson: OK - see you in a bit
Shatter declares that he's more or less on time!
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Richard Anderson: Hey there - early this week
Richard Anderson: I've been having fun and games with Dec OK'ing the character mods - got it sorted in the end though
Rev (Shatter): Char mods?
Richard Anderson: Yeah - the XP spends - I finally got to a place that we all agreed on :-)
Richard Anderson: From a couple of weeks ago
Rev (Shatter): Ah, right
Richard Anderson: I wanted to boost my computer skill - but he wouldn't let me, spoilsport!
Rev (Shatter): I can see his reasoning. Heh
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: Yeah - it would have taken me past the current campaign limit - and we can't have that now - can we?
Richard Anderson: However - my Data powers are a bit pumped up and we discovered an interesting thing about animate object - NO SAVE!
Richard Anderson: That could be interesting if we meet anything that is electronically controlled (like a battle suit)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): smiles
GM: Back
Shatter: Well, half of the place in the prison ought to be electronically controlled
Richard Anderson: Hi-de-hi
GM: I see its still just two:(
GM: Just checking skype. BRB
Richard Anderson: That's my thinking too. The good thing is, I only need the int. boost (and therefore glowing green eyes) when I'm actively hacking a tough system, so ESP, animate, etc. - no noticeable effects :-)
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GM: Hi Richard
Richard Anderson: Hellooo there - How's the eye?
'Dewi Morgan' connected
Greg Davis: Hi Guys:)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Hi matey
GM: Dewi is online too, but not responding yet
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Hi Dewi
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Hipeeps - sorry I'm late :)
GM: Oh..Hi Dewi
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Is Frosty coming tonight?
Rev (Shatter): One ace sort of a full house then
GM: Give Alistair a few mins
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Not responding? I got no messages!
GM: I sent a Skype thingy
Richard Anderson: back in a sec
GM: You didnt get it?
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Nothing! Or at least, it doesn't say I missed anything.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): It's probably far too late, but between sessions I remembered that Col Anna Fraiser is going to be at the prison - she can recognise all of us, and we have no powers - just thought I better mention it:)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Why have we no powers? - no one's said anything about that yet
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'alistair' connected
GM: Just give Alistair a.. oh.. there he is.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I'm willing to bet they don't have an area suppression field running
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): there are power suppressors. Think that was mentioned two sessions ago.
GM: Full house
alistair (Sander Cohen): Hi there all
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Especially as Patriot will be around today as well
Benjamin Wolff: We knew they'd recognise us: thats why we decided to go with the "being employees and avoiding the press junket" rather than "being press people and standing in front of her" idea :)
Greg Davis: Hi:)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I think the power suppressors may be local or device based - not base wide - just a guess though
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Hi Al
Okay guys. At the very end of last session you were on board the monorail which had just entered the base
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Here we go....
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): And just to really worry you - what if the Col is accompanied by the rogue paragons team! :(
The train is slowing. Ahead you can see a platform. There are a good dozenb guards positioned on the platform, holding high tech rifles.
alistair (Sander Cohen): At least they're not a bad dozen guards :)
Richard Anderson: what do I sense as we enter? - I'm being careful to only use "normal" intelligence - so no green eyes for now - I'll let you know if I boost
Richard Anderson: the int won't affect my ability to sense, esp, datalink, communicate or animate - just int based stuff such as hacking
-> Richard Anderson: and as you pass into the base you become aware of hundreds of individual computers. There are four networks.. a comms network, a door network, a camera network and a fire surpession network. The main base computers are still shielded.
The train stops with a slight jolt and the doors on the platform side slide open. People start moving ionto the complex with the enthusiasm of anyone starting a days work
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Greg Davis: /a resigning himself to the virtual certainty of capture, Greg follows the rest of the employees out onto the platform.
Sander Cohen: Goes out onto the platform too
Each person off the train has their ID scanned by one of the guards
Richard Anderson: I head off the train
Richard Anderson: As the guard scans my card - I ask him wher I go to get some food whilst I wait for my interview
Benjamin Wolff: trundles off too.
-> Richard Anderson: You can read the hand scanners - they're not shielded
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Do we have cards for the interview? Or will we have to pretend beaureaucratic snafu?
GM: The guard looks up as you ask him
Richard Anderson: read and check what the difference is between the card types
Greg Davis I fall into line, and hope for the best:P
Base Guard: You'll have to hang fire on that mate. Noone enters the base without one of them injections.
Richard Anderson: Injections?
Base Guard: Yeah. Something to make sure we don't get no freaks sneakin in.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): (sigh) here we go:(
Richard Anderson: Freaks? What on earth are you talking about?
-> Richard Anderson: Your IDs are designated clearance level 2. Seems to go up to level 32, and then there are 128 different extra privelidges.
Base Guard: Just stand in line, medic will see you in a moment. Over there (he waves at another queue)
Richard Anderson: Thanks
Base Guard: Next !
Campaign saved.
Shatter joins the line looking his silent, gruff self
There appear to be three queues the workers are forming to enter the base. Each employee stickes his arm through a small window where a medic injects something, before he goes through a turnstile into the base.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): This'll be fun. Let's see if illusions will help... but the doctor would get a chance to save at least. :(
alistair (Sander Cohen): may be our best chance
Rev (Shatter): Heh so what are Shatters chances of opening a minature portal into the injection needle?
GM: Did Shatter jpoin the line to get his ID scanned or the one for the medics (and to get into the main base)?
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): queues up with the others. Can I see the doc through the window?
Richard Anderson: is it a manual system - or electronic?
Rev (Shatter): The ID line
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Oh nice idea shatter :D
GM: Its manual - incase anyone wanted to know. A real human medic injects the stuff.
Greg Davis I wait until I re-directed by the guard.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Though needles making noise and vibrating might be a little suspicious.
The guards scans Shatters ID and points to the three medic queues. "Over there mate. Take your pick"
Shatter gets on the same line as Ben
Richard Anderson: look in the computers to see if there's any info on the stuff in the syringes
Sander Cohen: also joines the queue with Ben
GM: Ben can see the doc easily.
Richard Anderson: subtly
Richard Anderson: if the systems look nasty - I won't bother
-> Richard Anderson: Not on any of the PCs you can access. There is a door control by the medics though that you could override. The one letting people into the base.
Hiding all die rolls
Benjamin Wolff: Would he get a better save if he injected himself (from the pain), or if he injected my sleeve? And, can I spend any points somehow to make sure these illusions are more likely to work?
GM: [1d20 = 3]
Benjamin Wolff: I mean, "Would the DOCTOR get a better save if..."
Campaign saved.
-> Benjamin Wolff: Pain might alert him. The sleeve would be better.
Richard Anderson: how vigilant are the guards/medics by the lines? - and are the cameras mobile or fixed?
GM: The guards watching the queue seem pretty bored
-> Richard Anderson: And the cameras are fixed
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Next time I go into a military base, remind me to carry a false arm...
The line shuffles forward to leave Ben by the window.
Medic: Right arm please.
Greg Davis I join Ben's line, if I can do so without looking suspicious.
Benjamin Wolff: Sticks arm in with cuff down to wrist (illusion to doc: sleeve slides up). Shield te window with my body as best I can.
Richard Anderson: I hope I'm nearby in the queue too
Richard Anderson: I'll check if the camera resolution is good enough to see if the needle goes in
Richard Anderson: if so - it "does" even if it doesn't - if you catch my drift

And the medic misses Ben's arm completely but doesnt seem to notice. Thankfully neither do the guards.
-> Richard Anderson: And the camera didnt pick it up either.
alistair (Sander Cohen): excellent :)
The medic buzzes the turnstile for ben
Campaign saved.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): at least one of us is OK
Benjamin Wolff: ;walks through the turnstile (can I see doc from far side?)
Medic: (can I assume you do the same for all of you? Ben on the medic, Richard on the cameras)
GM: (can I assume you do the same for all of you? Ben on the medic, Richard on the cameras)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Oh yes - I think very much so
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Yup :) Why break a winning system?
MarkC (Richard Anderson): This means that we'll need our powers in there - oh dear!
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I never doubted it:)
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): You're such an optimist.
-> Richard Anderson: Oh.. The guards computers have a full base layout including Tier 3
Richard Anderson: good - shame I can't get it to the others :-)
alistair (Sander Cohen): Are the level I, J and K blocks on the map really meant to be cellblocks?
Beyond the gates there is a strait passage, leading to a central shaft, down wihich there is a verey very very deep hole. Glass lifts run up and down the outsiteds of the hole.
Richard Anderson: the card readers - how easy are they to fox into thinking our cards are higher level than they actually are?
Sander Cohen: Where do our passes allow us to go at this time?
Campaign saved.
-> Richard Anderson: Now you know what to look for - very easy. The problem is the cards have visitor written on them in big red letters - so anyone can see they are low level
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I someone coming to meet and greet us?
Guard 'Willows': You. New guys. Over here.
Shatter promptly does as told
Sander Cohen: goes over to the guard
Richard Anderson: I head over
Greg Davis Likewise.
Benjamin Wolff: does that
Shatter looks at the other guys looking a bit suspicious
Guard 'Willows': My names Willows. I'm your assigned escourt. Should be another two somewhere. Seven in all.
Richard Anderson: Great - I'm famished - had a long trip over last night and didn't get chance for breakfast this morning
Guard 'Willows': You've all got interviews today so I've got to look after you..make sure you get to them
Richard Anderson: Anywhere we can eat?
A lady walks up behind you.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Eek!
Katheryn Lightwood: I'll second that. I could do with a bite to eat.
She seems to be rather well built..almost muscular. She's in a trouser suit.
-> Richard Anderson: And she's wearing a wire.
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: Hi there, Richard Jones, pleased to meet you
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I take a look at the other two recruits - just to see if I recognise them from New York (I'm feeling a bit paranoid):)
Guard 'Willows': Okay. Just a moment. I need to make sure I have seven. Anyone seen another guy?
Richard Anderson: is it transmitting or recording?
Benjamin Wolff: Lots of other guys.
Richard Anderson: if it's recording - check what's on the recording for clues as to who has planted her
-> Richard Anderson: Recording at the moment. Its set to microburts every 30 mins - send 30 mins wortn in about 4 secs.
Richard Anderson: I'll capture what she sends - actually, scrap that - I'll just pull it straight from the device - it's quicker :-)
Richard Anderson: what's the transmit range?
Finally a kid in a white shirt and chinos wanders over rubbing his right arm
Chad French: Hi guys. This the right group?
Shatter: Lets say Shatter's fake name is Douglas O'Reilly. Just in case we need it.
Richard Anderson: Only if you want a job (smiles)
-> Richard Anderson: About 10 miles - a lot less under ground. Definately wont transmit in this base.
Chad French: Guess it is then.
Guard 'Willows': Okay. If you all group together we are going down to Tier 3. we'll use one of the freight elevators since theres a lot of us.
Sander Cohen: Fair enough - lead the way
Richard Anderson: what's on the recording (particularly at the beginning - the test stuff and people she was talking to before the train?
Campaign saved.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Follows mid group
Richard Anderson: Follows mid group
MarkC (Richard Anderson): (I'll bloody sort my actions and OOCs eventually)
Benjamin Wolff: Follows, trying to do the janitorial invisibility thing.
Greg Davis: Can I use the Evaulate option under Sense Motive to check the general situation, and the three strangers - I think the DC's 20.
alistair (Sander Cohen): just press control when you do an action, Mark - it's what I do
-> Richard Anderson: Ok. Mostly chatter between a group who know each other. Sounds like it happened in a van. At one point someone mentions the name 'Agent Myers'. Also a Church and Ted - not sure if those are first or family names - might even be the same person. Ted Myers? Ted
Greg Davis I follow the rest.
-> Richard Anderson: Ted Church?
Shatter still does everything he's told
-> Greg Davis: Go ahead
-> Greg Davis: Just make one roll though - and I'll use it for all three
Greg Davis: Sense motive [1d20+7 = 9]
-> Greg Davis: Hell - I'll pretend you took 10 on it
Greg Davis: It was worth a try - but taking ten still isn't enough to make the DC:(
-> Greg Davis: The guards upset, and bored. The woman is very aware - and probably more competent than she appears, and the kid is out of his depth. Might have got a lot more with a better roll.
Guard 'Willows': Everyone in? Okay. Going down.
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: Thanks:)
Richard Anderson: How big is this place?
Guard 'Willows': In the event of fire, you should make your way to the fire station on each level. If you cannot find that just follow the ramp up to the surface. If you look at the window you can see the ramp there (he points)
Benjamin Wolff: I watch carefully to see if either of these other two look like they're terrorists trying to infiltrate? (We can't be the only ones that thought of this.)
Richard Anderson: does she have anything else on her - like a mobile phone?
Guard 'Willows': Oh.. The faciliy is 16 levels, and around 750 feet deep.
Benjamin Wolff: That's a heck of a lot of mopping. I hope I'm not gonna be the only one cleaning up round here.
Sander Cohen: 46 feet between levels? That's big.
-> Richard Anderson: Yes. She does. Its a prepay - but she has made three calls on it. Each less than 20 seconds long.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I just tried sense motive and crapped out on the roll - hope you do better:)
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Haha - so you have decided they are space aliens? :P
Richard Anderson: I'll remember the numbers - for future reference - do I know them, by the way - I've done phone searches before and I've an eidetic memory?
GM: Make a sense Motive roll, Dewi.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): More or less:)
Benjamin Wolff: Sense motive [1d20+10 = 22]
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): *applause" :)
Richard Anderson: just for a laugh... [1d20+1 = 7]
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Is that my first halfdecent roll ofthe campaign? :) I think it may be.
Campaign saved.
-> Benjamin Wolff: The guard is bored, and wants to be elsewhere. The woman is paying too much attention to things - you suspect she's dodgy. The fid is out of his depth.. like its his first time in the big city or something.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I wish my sense motive bonus was decent :-(
Shatter is more interested of the surroundings really and, while doing his best looks uninterested, makes a careful note of the scenes outside the elevator window
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Me too.
Richard Anderson: I'm always sensing for data links - that way at least I'll be building a picture of the systems and conduits
Outside the eleveator runs down one of many verticle beems in the centre of the shaft. There is defused white light form below. Although the cellblocks at the side are shown on the side view map as individula levels they are actually a single long spiral going down.
Richard Anderson: what computer systems are there and, more importantly, what type of sensors?
Benjamin Wolff: Illusion to other party members! A teeny mop wiggles across your vision, writing the words "Keep your eyes on the woman, she might be trouble - B." It ends with a li'l mop-flourish. Because Ben is already bored being a Janitor and is trying to make it fun for himself.
There is a very thick concrete wall between cellblock E and the first tier. You note as you pass to cell blocks F through H that the cell walls become thinker, the cells are more widely spaced and there are more guards per cell. Most of the cells are empty.
-> Richard Anderson: Each cell door is computer controlled !! All the guards have PDAs - which means you can sense them a mile off.
Campaign saved.
On the lower levels most of the guards appear to be wearing some sort of armour.
Richard Anderson: I'll pull any interesting info off the PDA's
alistair (Sander Cohen): look like Ninja turtles at this end :)
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Yup:)
Richard Anderson: Smiles slightly
-> Richard Anderson: Guard rotas - each guard has their own rota, and a base map. They dont have any other guards rtotas though
The lift comes to a halt.
Guard 'Willows': This is our floor.
Richard Anderson: Cheers mate - where do we go from here - I could murder some bacon and eggs?
He leads you out of the lift (and then the GM has to take a moment to adjust the map)
Greg Davis: I look around for trouble - I'm taking 10 - for a total of 17.
Benjamin Wolff: [to our guide-guard] What's their fancy armor for, Sir?
Greg Davis: sorry just realised you can't take ten for notice - I'll roll:)
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: Notice [1d20+7 = 16]
Benjamin Wolff: If I gotta wear any to mop down here, I better not hafta pay for it. I'm just sayin'.
And heads into the office area. He has to swipe several doors.
Guard 'Willows': Follow me.
Richard Anderson: follows
Guard 'Willows': In here.
Richard Anderson: what do I sense in the room?
Greg Davis follows.
Shatter is there
The room he leads you to is set out with hard plastic chairs - magazines (none less than a month old), a tv, several films (all atleast a year old) and a cold buffet including cold bacon sandwiches and luke warm coffee.
Richard Anderson: great - food (smiles wryly)
Guard 'Willows': I'll come and get you when its time for your interview. There'll be someone in the corridor it you need the facilities.
The guard starts to leave but before he can...
Katheryn Lightwood: Hold on. I need to go now. Been a long trip
Guard 'Willows': Okay. I'll show you
Richard Anderson: I'll track her - by wire, phone and cameras - could be interesting
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis settles himself in a chair, making sure he keeps his hands on his knees (still feeling paranoid):)
alistair (Sander Cohen): that's the last we see of him
Shatter sist on a chair next to the wall the door is in and mutters something to himself quietly
Richard Anderson: Wow - this place sure is secure - I bet they've got cameras Everywhere!
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Nah, I think we'll see him again Maybe a little glassy-eyed, with holes in his neck...
Greg Davis smiles wrily.
-> Richard Anderson: When she gets to the toilet she makes several attempts to call out - not much goot 300 feet down.
Richard Anderson: what is she doing?
Shatter: as discreetly as possible sends his senses trough the wall back into the corridor we came from, keeping an eye on the guard and checks if there's anyone keeping an eye on the door
Richard Anderson: I was too slow - but she's a bit thick - they'll detect that!
Chad French: You guys here for interviews too? I thought I'd be the only one.
-> Shatter: A guard passes every 5 minutes
Greg Davis: Yeah for security - what are you here for?
Benjamin Wolff: Yep - what you applying for?
Richard Anderson: Yeah - there's a couple of comp tech jobs - though I'd give it a shot
Shatter doesn't comment
Richard Anderson: The pay looked good - although I'm not too sure about the conditions!
Chad French: I dont know. I know I'm not qualified for security work, but I'm hoping they need kitchen staff or porters.
Richard Anderson: does he have a phone or anything on him?
Benjamin Wolff: I can teach you to drive a mop, too, if ya want.
Shatter: Roger. Shatter pulls his senses back on occasion to keep track on whats happening in the room his body is in.
-> Richard Anderson: Mobile
Greg Davis nods, but doesn't seem too interested in carrying on the conversation.
Richard Anderson: .w what's on it? contacts, calls, etc.?
-> Richard Anderson: Your friend in the toilet has just put together an electronic device.
Benjamin Wolff: Its harder'n'it looks *drones on boringly about mopping technique purely out of sadism*
MarkC (Richard Anderson): should have been a whiosper - sorry guys
Richard Anderson: ooh - can I tell what it is yet?
alistair (Sander Cohen): Don't worry - beats listening to mopping techniques
-> Richard Anderson: And is now streaming video to a solid state device. Based on the angle you'd say the camera is about waste height, and on her clothes somewhere.
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: I'll nab it too - just in case
-> Richard Anderson: Okay.
The kid gets a couple of cold sandwiches and a bun.
Benjamin Wolff: Y'see, if ya don't get the floor dry, and fast, then some hotshot, sure as eggs is eggs, is gonna fall head over filofax and you're gonna be fired, so ya gots ter really wring that thing out, get the last few drops up - it's those last few drops that make the floor all slippery, see...
Chad French: I should do these more often. Foods pretty good - didnt expect anything.
Richard Anderson: I get a sandwich too - as I said I was hungry
Sander Cohen: Are there any security cameras in this room?
Richard Anderson: and I'll risk a coffee
Benjamin Wolff: You don't get out much do ya boy? Why, last place I was at, they gave you HOT food! Mind, that stuff stained the carpets like nobody's business, you had to really go to town with the bicarb to egt the stuff out...
-> Richard Anderson: I preseum you are listening in on the comms network I mentioned? They are starting to get guards into possition for that 'VIP' visit. Running with skeleton staff on Cell levels A through E.
Richard Anderson: I'll also fudge her video so that our faces are "not quite recognisable"
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): (who, me, enjoying myself too much?)
For anyone whos looked there is one camera in this room - circular 360 type thing in the centre of the room - over the doughnuts.
Shatter gives off a slightly creepy wibe, sitting silently alone in the corner then on occasion mouting a word or two by himself
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): I'm guessing no cameras in the ladie's, right?
Declan: No cameras there
Richard Anderson: are there guards outside the door?
Campaign saved.
-> Richard Anderson: One passes every 5 minutres
Richard Anderson: what was on Chad's phone btw - anything suspicious?
-> Richard Anderson: The guard with the aldy have started back from the ladies.
Shatter just waits and lets the time pass by
Richard Anderson: SHe's been gone a while - must have been desperate.
-> Richard Anderson: Typical teenager texts - lots of them. Doesnt look like he actually phones much - except to one number - Julie - 30min to 1 hour calls. Gets a lot of calls from 'Mum'
Greg Davis: Sense motive didn't work - I'll try to do the sherlock holmes thing, and take twenty on a notice or search. See if there's something about good old chad that doesn't fit.
Richard Anderson: are there any other sensors in this room?
Benjamin Wolff: [illusion to all] "Anyone keeping an eye on the woman and guard? I'm guessing they went in together, the guard's radio jerked once and then went still...?"
The door opens and your guard shows Katheryn back in.
Guard 'Willows': Okay. Anyone else need to go, before I leave?
Sander Cohen: Looks the guard over to see if there's anything unusual about him
Richard Anderson: Yeah - I do actually
Benjamin Wolff: Checking: do they look in any way different or possessed or eaten?
GM: He looks hurried.
Richard Anderson: soory about that - it's this dratted coffee!
Shatter (Quickly before they leave): How long are we to wait?
Guard 'Willows': Okay. Just follow me.
Richard Anderson: Cheers mate - I'll go with someone else - if you're needed elsewhere
(He leads you the route I've just drawn on the map)
Guard 'Willows': Its okay. Just dont be long
Greg Davis follows.
Campaign saved.
As soon as the guard has gone
Katheryn Lightwood: I'm just going to have a look out.
Benjamin Wolff: The guards in armour: can their faces be seen or are they behind mirrored visors or something? That is, can they be illusioned?
Richard Anderson: onece I'm in the cubicle I'll shut the door, check for cameras and - assuming there are none - unleash my full mental power out of sight of anyone andd strip every computer system that I've sensed since I got here bare
-> Benjamin Wolff: They can be seen
Richard Anderson: I want to know wwhat's going on - and I'm after that data!
GM: (Just to check, Richard and Greg are going with the guard?)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Yep
Greg Davis: yup.
Richard Anderson: I'll actually use the facilities whilst there - might not get a chance later
In the room Katheryn peers out the door, and then disappears into the corridor.
Shatter sends his senses after Katheryn, at least as far as they can follow her
GM: You sense her head back towards the elevator shaft. She's pretty stealthy.
Richard Anderson: every few seconds I'll check up on what's happening in the room - just to keep an eye on things
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): I can always follow her if needs be, but backup from Anderson would be nice. She seems like a rookie but might get us in trouble by association. :(
Guard 'Willows': Okay. This is the gents. I'll wat out here
Campaign saved.
-> Shatter: Whats the range on Shatters senses?
Shatter: like a few meters. Would have to check
Richard Anderson: sent by "pseudo text" to each of our phones - (vibrate only) she's wired for sound and video - tried to use a mobile hundreds of feet below ground - she's not too clever but could get us into trouble - I'm keeping an eye on her
-> Richard Anderson: Okay. There main computer is shieldee - but looking up you can sense all their medic computers - and they appear to have given every prisoner and staff member a physical. You can also sense computers in the maintennece area - and lots of desktop PCs in the office area.
Richard Anderson: what do I get from any computer systems - by the way - whilst in there I reprogram all of the door comuters to allow any of us total access to any door.
Richard Anderson: .w too bloody slow typing again!
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): :P
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Whisper - damnit - fingers don't work
-> Richard Anderson: You've just come across something interesting. Its a report - being written at the moment - someone is typing it. He's recommending they stop giving the prisoners the drug. He has worked out the cause of the incident. What they previously thought was a power suppressent was actually stopping the relaese of powers, but not the build up.
Shatter: 10 feet, 3 meters
-> Richard Anderson: He likens it to building a dam at the bottom of a stream. It doesnt stop the water flowing into it, and eventually the water pressure will cause the dam to burst - with devistating effects.
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: are any people we know in here - like the Unity woman or Flamey guy?
GM: Shatter lost sight of Katheryn as she passed through the door to the main elevator shaft !
Shatter pulls back his senses and if the kid is looking away, gives a concerned look at Ben. Trying to avoid the camera as well
-> Richard Anderson: The guy who caused the devistation was a low level psychic - they classified him as a Beta. They classify Patriot as an Epsilon.
Richard Anderson: I flush, zip, wash and exit
Shatter: Did she look to be more stealthy than Shatter? Or is she stealthy simply in a way that draws the attention?
-> Richard Anderson: No - but based on the mediacl record there are three Deltas and an Epsilon here.
Benjamin Wolff: Eh, I could do with stretching my legs too. *follows* (imagine kid is rather relieved to see the back of me, since I have just finished talking about different mop brands).
GM: The kid gets up to follow Benjamin
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): (Hoping Anderson has the cameras :)
Chad French: Did you see where she went?
Benjamin Wolff: Who? The chick? Nope, why, you fancy your chances there? *leer*
He takes a step back
Chad French: No. Not really.
Richard Anderson: To team (vibrate mobile) via "text" stay there - we should stick together - back in a min with a bit of info
Declan: The interesting thing is you can do that - even though there is no signal here :)
Greg Davis guess I'm next to use the facilities. (Take your time guys):)
Richard Anderson: dials down int so no green eyes
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: Trust me, son, her type don't mix with our type. *paces up and down corridor to "stretch legs", then returns to room and pours a coffee*
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Yup - as long as the phones are on - I can use 'em
-> Richard Anderson: The guy is still writing that report.. he goes on to point out that several prisoners could potentially 'blow' and he recommends cutting their meds immediately. He then attaches the report to an email and sends it.
Richard Anderson: to whom?
Greg Davis I finish up, wash, and join Richard and the guard.
Chad French: Head of Buckner Ridge Medicial Department, CCed to the researchers line manager.
GM: Oops - was a tell
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Hah - glad it's not just me!
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Rats, thought chad was channelling spirits :(
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I knew it - He's a Paragon!!! :)
GM: Katheryn starts heading back to the room (both Richard and Shatter could spot that)
Richard Anderson: did she do that when Greg came out of the toilet?
Richard Anderson: was it obviously connected with us starting back - I mean?
Shatter gives her a good lookover now to notice anyting special
-> Richard Anderson: You think it was coincidence
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: I head back with the guard and Greg
She reenters the room before the guard runds the corner
Shatter: so did she look pro with her sneaking? Also want me to do a notice roll on anything that might've changed on her during her little escapade?
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Oh she's good with the timing at least.
-> Shatter: Make the notice roll
Shatter: Notice [1d20+6 = 25]
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Or telepathetically synched with him.
Richard Anderson: I guess the guard has gone now?
-> Shatter: Okay. She looked pro. More importantly, when she reentered you notice she has a small device in her left hand, partly obscured in her pocket. You dont like the look of it.
Benjamin Wolff: nudges Chad and winks leeringly at him as she reenters.
Shatter: If it ever looks like she's ready to put it in her pocket, Shatter will pick it up the moment she lets go
Katheryn sits down in the chair nearest the door.
Shatter: And if no one's looking of course
-> Shatter: and that device drops to the floor
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis Sits, and waits for something to happen.
Richard Anderson: I'll fudge the camera so that none of this next bit is seen or heard
Shatter: she dropped intentionally?
-> Shatter: Looks like it.
Shatter: If so, send senses to it to get a super zoom
-> Shatter: Looks like some sort of weaponised aerosol !!
Richard Anderson: OK Katheryn - tell us what you're actually doing here - I "might" be able to help you
Katheryn Lightwood: Actually doing?
Shatter immediate danger?
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): (In front of chad and the guard?)
Rev (Shatter): Was supposed to be a wisher. "Immediate danger?"
-> Shatter: Its spraying something into the room.
Richard Anderson: yeah - why you're wearing a wire, a video camera and tried to call out from the toilet cubicle - for starters
Shatter: puts it into his pocket
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Guard's gone
Chad coughs
Greg Davis turns to Chad.
and there is s slight shattering glass effect under Katheryn's chair but she doesnt notice
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Yeesh - shoulda warned me about the confronting, I could have made chad not notice it :(
Katheryn Lightwood: Katheryn looks briefly at her watch.
Katheryn Lightwood: I'm here for an interview, like you.
Greg Davis: I form an invisible hard light bubble around my head. Leaving a fair amount of air inside it.
GM: (first one was an action)
Shatter gets up
Shatter: Taking a whiz myself
Katheryn Lightwood: Wait
Shatter turns to her "Hnnh?"
Richard Anderson: For?
GM: She looks at her watchg again.
Campaign saved.
Katheryn Lightwood: Sit down. I'll get the guard for you?
Greg Davis: When the others seem ok, I'll drop the bubble - Damn getting too paranoid:)
Richard Anderson: Oh shit - is there a bomb? - I should be able to sense it - disarm if poss?
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Sorry - should have been a whisper
Shatter: Don't need anybody babysittin' on me
-> Greg Davis: No you're not - if Shatter hadnt poretalled the gas away that would have been a really sensible thing to do :)
Shatter with that he continues to the door
Richard Anderson: do I sense a "device" anywhere?
Richard Anderson: Bomb type or otherwise?
Shatter: preparing to take action in the case she acts threateningly
-> Richard Anderson: No - but thats because Shatter portalled it away :) Also it was purely mechanical
Benjamin Wolff: Illusion to woman: her watch has stopped (if digital, battery has died). Just for amusement's sake. :D
Katheryn Lightwood: Sit down ! I dont want you falling over on me.
Richard Anderson: Lady - make sense, whatr are you REALLY doing here?
Shatter doesn't stop, goes to open the door
Greg Davis follows Shatter.
Katheryn jumps to stop Shatter, "No Dont."
Richard Anderson: make sure that the cameras outside don't register Shatter leaving the room - or even the door opening
Shatter does his best to sidestep her if she gest infront of her or tries to shove but does in fact stop
Katheryn Lightwood: I cant let you. You'll give it all away.
Shatter: What's your problem lady?
Richard Anderson: Give "what" away?
Greg Davis: Delayed action. If there's something bad on the other side of the door, I erect an invisible hard light wall around the team.
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: Sorry mate - your subject
Katheryn Lightwood: Just sit down. You'll be feeling drowsy soon. You'll hurt yourself if you fall over.
Benjamin Wolff: Gas in the vents?
Katheryn looks round by her chair and her eyes widden slightly. She then almost subconsciously reaches for her jacket pocket.
Katheryn Lightwood: But..
Richard Anderson: as I don't know anything about the bomb that Shatter has portalled - I stop the vents into this room - just in case
-> Richard Anderson: Okay
Richard Anderson: and then start them again as I realise it was on her
Shatter: You best start explaining things girl
Shatter: I'll call the guards
Katheryn Lightwood: Go near that door and I'll put you down.
Greg Davis: Damn, You'll probably find them outside.
Richard Anderson: quietly to Chad - Sorry about this, Chad - I'd just sit over there if I were you
Shatter steps back a bit for safety's take and turns his full attention on Katheryn
Greg Davis: (trying his best to sound puzzled) What is this some sort of test?
Shatter then looks quickly at the others in the room
Chad French: I don't know.
Shatter: Lady, I'm calling the guards. You just sit tight there
Richard Anderson: are the cameras IP based or just standard old stylie video - I'm betting computer based as there must be LOTS of 'em and they'll be easier to monitor that way
Benjamin Wolff: Does chad seem to be reacting honestly?
Shatter doesn't do anything and rather just waits for her to react
Sander Cohen: is Katheryn breathing normally?
Katheryn Lightwood: No. You try to call them and I'[ll burst your ligts out. Don't say I didnt warn you.
Greg Davis: Yeah, I'll join you - I'm applying for a post as a guard.
Katheryn Lightwood: [1d20 = 3]
Campaign saved.
Shatter: You one of 'em freaks?
-> Sander Cohen: Yes.. But you notice she has nose plugs
Richard Anderson: make the girl's mobile vibrate - message is - "I should do as he says if I were you!"
Shatter: Came to bust this place down, have you? *Does his best to look a bit alarmed*
Richard Anderson: and the cameras?
Katheryn Lightwood: They're not freaks. Its people like you that make places like this possible.
Shatter curses
Shatter: I was right, wasn't I? Crazy liberatarian.
Greg Davis: Look lady - this really wasn't very wise. There's no way you're going to get out. You saw the type of security they have.
Shatter: Think you can do anyting to a place like this alone?
Shatter: Did you see 'em guards with that armor thing? Ha! They take down your freakish ass in a split second
Katheryn Lightwood: Go on then. You call the guards. My friends will make sure the whole damned world knows about this place, and the attrocities going on.
Greg Davis: still keeping an eye on Chad.
Shatter looks suspiciously at Chad
Benjamin Wolff: [Illusion to chad: She says "Fine, I'll wait" and everyone sits in crumpy silence. Now at least he's out of the equation mostly.]
Shatter then at Ben, Gret, etc.
Shatter then backs into the corner
Shatter: There's more of you things here?
Benjamin Wolff: [illusion to others: "Chad can't hear conversation now, thinks we're sitting in silent grumpiness: can speak a little more freely if needs be"]
Chad French: Lady. If I don't think their freaks but they wouldnt be here unless they'd done wrong. Its not like we cant trust out government.
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: I try to sidle within punching range of Katheryn.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): This could get confusing - v. quickly
Chad gets up to get a sandwich. His eytes as he speaks focus on the illusionary Katheryn
Benjamin Wolff: [Illusion to chad: she ignores him stonily]
Benjamin Wolff: [And for her comfort, and his eye alignment, I make her get up and stand where she really is.
Richard Anderson: as she's ignored her phone I'll wipe the message
A siren starts to go off. "Guard Teams Green and Gold to upper level. Guard teams Green and Gold to upper level. Perimeter breached."
Shatter: Ha, they got your fellow!
-> Richard Anderson: Okay
Greg Davis: What have you done?
Richard Anderson: That's torn it!
Shatter takes a fork from the food display and points it at her
Katheryn Lightwood: Me? Nothing.
Richard Anderson: what's happening - I should be able to use pretty much every camera on the first 3 levels by now
Shatter: They'll come for you in a bit as well
Shatter he then shouts out "Guards!"
Greg Davis: how close am I to her?
-> Richard Anderson: They are pooling a lot of guards away from guard duty and sending them up onto the surface. Other guards are putting on powered armour.
Rev (Shatter): Oh this isn't a good time to remember that Shatter's close combat stats suck. Heh
-> Greg Davis: Within punching distance
Greg Davis: All-out attck, Power attack at five point each, and hope I hit:)
Richard Anderson: radio chatter?
-> Greg Davis: Make a roll
Greg Davis: Melee attack [1d20+6 = 23]
Benjamin Wolff: Illusion to Ketheryn: world tips up to hit her inthe face (this should make her try to right herself, and fall back)
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: thats +7 damage.
Katheryn Lightwood: [1d20 = 18]
Richard Anderson: There's a lot of activity up top guys - I'm a little concerned about what's going on - lots of guards in powered armour moving about
Shatter looks at the camera and then at Richie questioningly
Richard Anderson: And the Senator's due very shortly - with Patriot
Witout warning Greg punches the woman. She smashes against the door, and looks stunned (but not down). She's clearly reeling.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): *powered* armour? Oh Anderson will have so much fun...
Greg Davis: I hit her again. same as before.
Richard Anderson: Camera's "non functional" and has been since we got back - smiles - they'll just see us eating and chatting
Shatter: Bah, did I pull the act off all for naught?
-> Richard Anderson: Radio chatter: 'Freaks' attacking the base from outside. Timed to coincide with the VIP visit. They have the Senator.
Shatter: Was hoping they'd like my show of bigoted loalty
Richard Anderson: Crap - they've got the Senator - how the hell did they get past Patriot?
Richard Anderson: can I see the cameras outside?
-> Greg Davis: Dont bother rolling to hit - shes hardly up to dodging
Katheryn Lightwood: [1d20 = 11]
Katheryn Lightwood: [1d20 = 3]
Richard Anderson: And someone deal with her will you - I can't fight my way out of a paper bag!
Katheryns stumbles away from the door straight into Gregs uppercut. She litterally leaves the ground for a second. He legs give out beneath her and she slumps to the ground.
Greg Davis: Richard how much access do you have.
Sander Cohen: Search her
Campaign saved.
Shatter tosses the fork away
Benjamin Wolff: Why the violence, Greg? Now could someone please tell me what it was you found in the toilets that was so critically important you had to come backand blow all our covers without warning any of us?
Richard Anderson: Everything except the main computers - our cards should work for every door and I can use pretty much all of the top three levels' cameras
Shatter: Don't think the cover matters much at this point Ben
Benjamin Wolff: It would have done if you hadn't blown it.
Richard Anderson: Hey - I was just going to blow "my" cover - not you guys - but bandwagons are there to be jumped on (smiles)
Shatter: With what's going on they're going to go trough all outsiders with a thick comb, most likely they'll arrest everyone just to be on the safe side
Sander quickly starts to search her. She's wired - small camera in the belt - some sort of device tied to her leg - solid state storage. She also has a couple of gas canesters, and some nose plugs.
Richard Anderson: The gas might be useful.
Greg Davis: There are two possibilities. She's security, and we're rumbled, or she's a terrorist, and we've just done our job. Both option look good to me at the moment.
Benjamin Wolff: Still. We need to deal with Chad, he's a witness.
Richard Anderson: what's happening on the upstairs/outside cameras?
Shatter: I have an open canister at the Pocket. Will deal with that issue later.
Sander Cohen: What's in the canisters?
-> Richard Anderson: You cant access them. Just the internal ones.
Benjamin Wolff: Ooh - shatter, could you use that canister on Chad?
Shatter: how big is the pocket anyway? Would the gas have dissapated in there?
Shatter: and the canister empty
-> Richard Anderson: Upstairs though they are getting out the heavy armour, and moving guys up from the high security cells (which are below you)
Shatter: Don't know. Might be empty by now or might gas this whole room
Richard Anderson: whay not - I'd have sensed them coming in and once I know where they are - my range is 200 miles - don't care about shielding - this is ESP
-> Shatter: Yes
Shatter: Would bet on empty
Shatter: I do have a few gas masks just to be on the safe side though
Benjamin Wolff: Best not to risk it then. We could chuck him down the elevator shaft?
Greg Davis: Richard, and you hamper the terrorists, efforts to leave with the senator. If that's what they intend?
Richard Anderson: I'll try - attempting to get a sitrep at the mo'
Benjamin Wolff: Why do we care about them having him? I don't remember himbeig on my christmas card list.
Shatter: Agreed. This will be spun badly in the press regardless of the outcome
Richard Anderson: They're getting out the heavy armour and moving some of the high security prisoners up from below us - could be one hell of a firefight in a bit - we could snoop away quite nicely
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: the cameras Dec, why can't I access them?
Greg Davis: Because we're here, and like it or not it's our job.
Shatter: That's what I was thinking
-> Richard Anderson: Actually - the range is silly. On the surface guards appear to be mutating into guesome shaps. Several of them appear to have melted.You can see energy weapon fire (from the gurads)
Benjamin Wolff: I don't think it is our job. In fact, it's exactly the opposite of what we're here for, which is taking him down. Question is - are things so bad that we can't achieve our primary objective (information) or secondary objective (free any nondangerous prisoners)? And, do we have any new objectives fromthe new situation?
Shatter: Well assuming we're ready to blow all cover this might be a good time to go all out
Sander Cohen: I'm in
Benjamin Wolff: I don't see that the loss of the senator changes our objectives at all, it just gives us good chaos to work under.
Shatter: So I'm for that. Recovering the cover might be a bit too much work at the moment.
Benjamin Wolff: Agreed.
Richard Anderson: Um - I think it might be safest here - the guards are "melting" on the surface - there's some serious shit going down - energy weapos fire, the lot - I don't think that I can do much to either help or hinder from here
Shatter: Any idea where we should start Rich?
Richard Anderson: where are the main computers?
Benjamin Wolff: Going down?
Shatter does his best to remember the blueprints he saw in the files (Eidetic memory 'n all)
-> Richard Anderson: Subbasement
Richard Anderson: from the plans - or from where my senses "stop"
Greg Davis: Ok you guys take Katheryn in Shatter's dimensional pocket. Go for the info and get out. Richard direct me towards to senator.
Benjamin Wolff: I would be interested to see what is on the level we didn't have mapped, in particular.
Shatter: Why not leave her here?
Richard Anderson: The main computers are in the subbasement - and I've a map of all levels now
Shatter: Just strip her off the gear. The pocket is full of random weaponry at the moment
Benjamin Wolff: Uh - dimensional pocket use might set off alarms we don't want. That's why we didn't portal in.
Greg Davis: For interrogation later.
Shatter takes out five gas masks and divies them around
Benjamin Wolff: Or not. *takes mask*
Richard Anderson: I also think that getting up to the senator might be a "bad" move at the moment - we're heavily outgunned - and I mean HEAVILY
Shatter: Oh that bridge has already been crossed a while back Ben
Richard Anderson: takes mask
Greg Davis: Richard can you direct me to the action by phone?
Sirens go off. These sound different to the existing ones - a different pitch and signal. "Danger - containment breach. Prisoner powers detected. High security Prisoner escaping. Classification Delta"
Benjamin Wolff: Fair enough, could you pass my gun and tazer too?
Richard Anderson: for me too please
Benjamin Wolff: Delta sounds fun.
Richard Anderson: what/who is escaping?
Shatter puts his mask on and then straps on his tactical vest
Richard Anderson: and from where?
Shatter then gives everyone lese their wests and weapons
Greg Davis: Shatter, I need a gas mask.
Benjamin Wolff: I sincerely hope that "omega" means "worst" :)
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: and my vest.
Benjamin Wolff: ;tazes Chad.
Shatter hands Greg his equipment
Richard Anderson: Delta's bad - Patriot is Epsilon so whoever it is isn't "quite" as powerful - but that's still "bad"
Benjamin Wolff: tazes chad.
Greg Davis puts the equipment on.
Shatter then finally puts his ski mask on and manages to look quite creepy
Richard Anderson: puts on vest and holsters gun and tazer
Benjamin Wolff: ties chad up too, just to be safe.
Greg Davis: I'm going invisible. Richard once you're at the computers do your best to immobilise the motion sensors.
-> Richard Anderson: Prisoner called Photonic - on level J. Light based powers.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): I have been so mean to this poor kid.
Richard Anderson: The Delta guy is 2 levels down from us - a chap called "photonic" might be able to give you a few pointers Greg
Benjamin Wolff: Now everything will be going up or down via the elevator shaft - do we have control over the elevators?
Greg Davis: Right I'm off. Richard, start with the directions. (Greg fades away, the door opens, then closes).
Sander Cohen: Can we use the ramps instead?
Benjamin Wolff: That would be wise.
Shatter sighs
Benjamin Wolff: Given I am expecting people like Patriot to be zooming up and down the shaft real fast.
Shatter: I'd rather be invisible as well
-> Richard Anderson: Scary thing is he is only 3 cells away from Marshall Colin's - the Epsilon classified prisoner.
Benjamin Wolff: You could pop us all in a pocket, and have Greg carry it around?
Richard Anderson: disable any motion sensors and feed a path into Greg's mobile showing the route to the surface - but warn him that he should really stay with us
Shatter: I'd still have to be here
Shatter: I think...
Katheryn Lightwood Hmm.. Are we out of time again?
Shatter ponders on that for a moment
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Eep - 10.00 crikey!
Benjamin Wolff: How do we get to the computers soyou can get what we need and we can get out of here?
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Yikes.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): is the senator on the surface, Mark?
Richard Anderson: Computers are in subbasement
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Fun session :D
alistair (Sander Cohen): That session went quickly
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Very quickly :)
GM Moving around this place will be easy for you next session - the centre is all open space and glass - great for teleports
Richard Anderson: I don't know where the Senator is - just that "they've" got him and that if you go out there you'll get fried!
Campaign saved.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Enjoyed that chaps - that moved a lot quicker than the last one
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Let me worry about that next session.
Rev (Shatter): Oh did I mention that Shatter even has our good ol' van in the pocket?
Shatter: So we could go cruising around as well. Heh
Shatter: Makes me regret we repainted the thing
Benjamin Wolff: Would it fit down the ramps? :D
Richard Anderson: by the way - you never told me whether the cameras were IP based or just video feeds
Declan: You are thinking of using the Van inside the prison? Well I guess the ramps are wide enough. Or do you just feel uncomfortable planning outside it?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I'd still like to keep Katheryn for later interrogation. She could give us some useful leads into the terrorist organisation.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): lol
-> Richard Anderson: IP
Benjamin Wolff: I think we need the van, just for the musical accompaniment.
Shatter: The latter, naturally. It's out safe haven, even the Patriot can't get in
Richard Anderson: excellent - I should be able to use them as TP conduits then
Richard Anderson: We should have painted it like the mystery machine or the A-Team van or something
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): oh well too late now:)
Benjamin Wolff: Iwas just thinking that :) But couldn't remember the name of the scooby machine.
-> Richard Anderson: Yeah - and every door lock in the base .
Shatter: Oh and go notice rolls!
Richard Anderson: Right guys - thanks for a good session - hope that we all survive next week's issue - it could be "interesting"
Shatter: 19+6, eh?
Shatter: And not gassed to oblivion
Richard Anderson: And good rolling on that one
Benjamin Wolff: You could use Shatter's ability like in Portal to drop the van down the shaft, then slow it down with just the right portals so we land softly :P
Greg Davis: Yeah - see you all next week:)
Benjamin Wolff: Seeya :)
Shatter: Take care Mark
GM: Nice - ment you could TP the gas canister away before it affected anyone except Chad.
Richard Anderson: See y'all later
GM: Okay - getting some sleep. See you all next week.
Benjamin Wolff: Chat was gassed? I feel guilty for zapping him now. Oh well.
Shatter: And yeah, Portal game gave me a lot of idas but it takes Shatter 6 secs to open a portal
'MarkC' disconnected
Shatter: A full round action
GM: I'll leave thge game open incase anyone wants to chat - but I'm off now. Night
Campaign saved.
Shatter: Night
Sander Cohen: ok - I'm off too - night all
Benjamin Wolff: You could open a portal in time if you are more than... what, 210m from the ground or so?
Benjamin Wolff: less, given air resistance
Benjamin Wolff: Me too - g'night :)
'Dewi Morgan' disconnected
'alistair' disconnected
Shatter disappears with the sound of a breaking glass
'Rev' disconnected