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Sander Cohen: Hi
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GM: Hi
GM: Sorry - was checking email
alistair (Sander Cohen): no probs - just wanted to log in to make sure the connection was up
GM: Looks like either BBC iPlayer or $onDemand has messed up my ability to watch videos on YouTube :(
GM: 4onDemand
alistair (Sander Cohen): Strange, I've tried both of those and youtube is still ok for me
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alistair (Sander Cohen): what does Youtube do?
alistair (Sander Cohen): (or not do)
GM: I think it was probably the MediaPlayer DRM update, but not sure
alistair (Sander Cohen): That shouldn't really affect youtube - but I could believe it where DRM is involved
GM: I really should try rebooting, but that would end the game session. I'll see if |I can figure it out tomorrow
alistair (Sander Cohen): Should we have a full house tonight?
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GM: Not sure
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Hi guys
alistair (Sander Cohen): Hi Mark
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Hi Al - long time
MarkC (Richard Anderson): How's things?
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alistair (Sander Cohen): Yeah - Been doing some work on the house and missed sessions a couple of times due to a combination of bad timing and doing that
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Sorry I misse last session - was stuck (voluntarily) watching the National Badminton finals
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Are we expecting a full crew tonight?
MarkC (Richard Anderson): and by the way, Dec - what's this about selling your house?
GM: Oh - as in we are thinking of moving
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Yeah - I read the logs (skimmed - more like) and that jumped out at me
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MarkC (Richard Anderson): Hey there
Greg Davis: Hi Guys:)
GM: Hi
alistair (Sander Cohen): Hi there
'Dewi Morgan' connected
GM This may be a short session - I've got an eye infection and using the PC screen fort too long gets painful - so I may end early if it gets too painful.
alistair (Sander Cohen): Hi Dewi
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Evenin' :) Ow, Declan - sounds painful :(
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Greg Davis: Ok, Hi Dewi:)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Sorry to hear about that - hope that it improves
MarkC (Richard Anderson): And Hi Dewi
GM Thanksfully I have lots of painkillers and antibiotics and its a lot better than it was on Friday :)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I guess that it's keeping you off work?
GM I have this knack - if I'm going to be ill I time it for weekends, holidays etc. I took Friday off work, but I'm going to go in tomorrow - but try to find stuff to do which doesnt involve screen glare
MarkC (Richard Anderson): By the way - it looks like my character sheet hasn't saved the changes I made the other week (to reflect levelling) how do I sort that out?
GM Odd - it should have..
GM Just reapply the changes. It shouldnt have lost anything. I haven't rolled anything back.
'MarkC' disconnected
'MarkC' connected
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GM: No Rev. He's usually pretty prompt.
Richard Anderson: Lost the text - nothing was appearing - last I got was "odd - it should have"
MarkC (Richard Anderson): test
GM: Test recieved
MarkC (Richard Anderson): ta
Benjamin Wolff: You missed "then you'll have to do it all over again" followed by megalomaniacal laughter.
I believe at the end of last session you were allowing poor Suer Howard to return to her fitful sleep after a short interlude of 'The Weakest Link'
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I thought as much - it kept my skills bonuses though - weird
GM: Did you remeber to change the Available Ranks before applying skill changes?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Yeah, we were just deciding we didn't want to try to infiltrate the prison:)
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): I think we'd decided on retiring to tahiti, yeah?
GM: Its not so you know what to expect :) (Hehehe)
Sander Cohen: ummm... what is that?
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Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Oh yeah, now I remember - can you book the ticket Richard - I'm off to buy some Bemuda shorts:)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): It was mainly in "spells" (powers) that everything has reverted
MarkC (Richard Anderson): mmmm.... Tahiti
Sander Cohen: Ok, so they have air detectors inside the prison to detect teleports. I guess they don't have those outside
Richard Anderson: I guess that would be "difficult" to implement
GM: They detect micro-air preasure changes. Probably difficult to do outside.
Greg Davis: Don't forget the power supressors:(
Benjamin Wolff: I can think of a very bad plan to disable the air detectors. Just port volumes of air into random rooms until they turn them off as faulty. Reason it's an awful plan is that then they'd be on high alert.
Benjamin Wolff: Don't forget the flooding the rooms with, what was it, lava?
Sander Cohen: The power supressors can't be completely effective if one of their inmates was able to hurt the prison workers
Sander Cohen: Synthetic lava?
Benjamin Wolff: Still, means we can't presume that any of our powers would be working reliably.
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Sander Cohen: Didn't we learn that the prison workers had bracelets to identify them?
Greg Davis: Both good points:)
GM: Are you having this conversation in the Howards' front room?
Benjamin Wolff: No, leaving and making sure there's no trace of us would be good - but searching for a bracelet first would also be a good idea. Bedside table would be my guess.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): No I was in the van, some distance away - along with Sander and Richard.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): No - we'll be back at the Van - no sense being silly
alistair (Sander Cohen): I was having the conversation in the van
GM: Okay - Van it is :)
Benjamin Wolff: Did anyone find one of those bracelets back there? I think someone went off to hunt for soe when she mentioned it?
Hiding all die rolls
Sander Cohen: We could always get some from the hospital :)
GM: [1d20 = 10]
-> Richard Anderson: You cant sense a bracelet in the house
Richard Anderson: thanks - sorry - busy updating character sheet - again
Greg Davis:
Richard Anderson: There's no bracelets in the house
Benjamin Wolff: I think the only reasonable way to get in would be to get some of those bracelets, have Richard rig the systems so that we appear bona fide employees, and go in with the presumption that our skills will not work.
Richard Anderson: Sounds good to me
Sander Cohen: Can't argue with that.
Benjamin Wolff: Sounds horrible to me. I wish I could think of a better way.
Richard Anderson: But - don't forget - if there's power suppression going on - I'll be as hampered as anyone
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Benjamin Wolff: So long as you've prerigged the employment agency to send them the information that we are the replacements for the wounded people, it might work, at least until they find us out and kill us all.
Greg Davis: I think the first thing to do is find out whether Richard can access their system remotely. If not forging an security clearance on the fly is going to be right out.
Richard Anderson: We could try it - can we get within a mile of the bas and see if I can sense anything in there so that I can at least try to hack the systems?
Sander Cohen: Can Richard ride in there via the monorail but not debark?
Benjamin Wolff: The employment agency is much less likely to be hardened against that kind of attack than the facility itself.
-> Richard Anderson: You checked last session (whilst you were an NPC). You cant access the base computers externally. You can however easily access the computers at the recruitment centre.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Sorry Dewi, only just read your last post - that should work:)
-> Richard Anderson: You didnt try close in though (admittedly)
Richard Anderson: apparently I checked and would have to be inside to get at the systems - but the recruitment agency would
Richard Anderson: 'nt be a prob
Richard Anderson: But I didn't try close in (smiles)
Benjamin Wolff: I think we can presume that the electronics will have physical measures to detect paragon-style electronic hacking, just like they have measures to detect porting.
Sander Cohen: Looks like we have new career opportunities :)
Richard Anderson: Dec - can you try to save the character - I've updated it?
GM: (Has everyone got all 9 handouts?)
Richard Anderson: 9 here
Greg Davis: o
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): 9 here
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Yup:)
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-> Richard Anderson: That should have saved everything
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alistair (Sander Cohen): yup - 9 here
-> Richard Anderson: And there is the autosave too :)
Richard Anderson: Did we find out how far the suppressors extend?
Greg Davis: Perhaps we should spend time finding out what normal enters and leaves the prison?
Richard Anderson: I'm going to wager they're in the cellblocks and can be turned on in the rest of the facility if need be
GM: All you know is Sue Howard heard her husband mention a supressor.
Benjamin Wolff: Where do we want to be workers for? I would suggest being workers for the lowest tier might give us the greatest access - but the computers should know better.
Richard Anderson: I think it's time for a look see (OOC - how's Shatter going to be played as he's our go see guy?)
Richard Anderson: I'll hack the computers at the recruitment place and see what information is in there about employees, job assignments, etc.
-> Richard Anderson: They are looking for Guards, Maintenence workers, IT contractors, Cooks and a Chaplin with experience of Christian and Muslem work.
-> Richard Anderson: All need government clearence to level 4.
Benjamin Wolff: How moticeable is a small, pinhole-style camera portal? Putting one on the monorail, or a worker's bag, would give us a good view of the entry system.
Richard Anderson: what info does it have on existing employees?
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-> Richard Anderson: Officially - none - its all wiped after the contract is filled, but a lot of the data hasn't been overwritten yet, so you can reconsruct it.
Richard Anderson: entry system shouldn't be a problem - as long as I can sense the cameras - which is likely as it's difficult to harden cameras against supersenses I can telesense into them and look
Shatter: Guys. I've never tried a portal that small. Let me give it a go.
Richard Anderson: I must have already done so then :-)
Shatter concentrates and creates a portal about a centimeter across.
Richard Anderson: Dec - how does telesense work as I've a 20 mile range for that but only a 1 mile range for sense electronics?
-> Richard Anderson: You've got the records for the 21 employees hired through this agency. Over half of them are menial jobs - cleaners, caterers etc. 3 guards - all ex military guys, 4 technicians, 3 researchers and a shift supervisor.
-> Richard Anderson: You have to have sensed the camera at some point with a sense (like sense electronics or vision). Then you can access it 20 miles away later.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): We got the maps from the stolen files - did it give any indication how far down teir 4 was?
Richard Anderson: Hmm - the p[lace is looking for IT contractors (that's me), A chaplain (Shatter?) security guards (Greg, Ben) and a cokk (Sander?)
Shatter: Guys - games still running - responding to private tells :)
GM: Guys - games still running - responding to private tells :)
Richard Anderson: *cook - sorry Sander
Campaign saved.
Sander Cohen: My Cokking is always good
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Yeah, no prob - I was trying to work out a plan.
Richard Anderson: I'm thinking get within 1 mile of the sally port - see what I can sense. We'll still be well outside the outer security fence and it should give us a bit of an idea what's going on
Shatter: I would have thought Ben might make a better chaplain. He would definately get more out of people in that role.
Benjamin Wolff: Personally, I always think anywhere I need a plan for is best left to other people. How's about we just get those terrorist paragons to attack the place, and we just sift through the pieces later?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Our main problem is the security - unless we sneak in like you suggest, it means either controlling the computer system, or knocking out the power.
Benjamin Wolff: Knocing out the power might make it hard to get to the info we want
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): and that's going to be counter-productive, as we want the computer working.
Richard Anderson: Ooh - I like Ben's idea... just a sec....
Richard Anderson: has the girl turned her phone back on yet?
-> Richard Anderson: No
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Wasn't a serious idea - I suspect that would be a lot less fun way to do it :P
Richard Anderson: spoilsport :-)
Richard Anderson: Sorry - shapeshifty girl hasn't turned her phone on yet
'alistair' disconnected
Greg Davis: It was worth a try.
In the house Mrs Howards phone rings
Richard Anderson: where's the call coming from?
Richard Anderson: leave it a sec
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): We can still see in there?
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: oh - forgot - we're in the van
-> Richard Anderson: 214 Rein Road
Richard Anderson: which is....? look up in the local white and yellow pages
Greg Davis: I like the idea of sneaking in as employees more than anything else we've come up with, but we'll need a fall-back plan in case things go pear-shaped.
Richard Anderson: and tap the call
-> Richard Anderson: Residential - Mr and Mrs P Walsh
Its stopped ringing
-> Richard Anderson: She's answered it. Its another guards wife ringing to gossip.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Where'd Al go?
Declan: Line dropped.. sure he'll be back soon..
MarkC (Richard Anderson): He's probablly cokking dinner :-)
Greg Davis: How much do you want to bet they'll have power supressors around the computers?
Richard Anderson: computers - no bet - cameras however and phone lines....that's another matter
Greg Davis: Just trying to figure out how we're going to get the information, and then get out.
-> Richard Anderson: Mrs Walsh is worried about her husband. He's been given special duty guarding the dignatory whos coming to view the base.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): 2 secs - domestic emergency
'alistair' connected
-> Richard Anderson: They are supposed to be letting a news crew in too - filming the VIP.
Declan: Okay Mark
alistair (Sander Cohen): Got disconnected
MarkC (Richard Anderson): sorry - dishwasher was "whirring" it seems ok
Benjamin Wolff: If it were e I would have ore than just suppressors. I'd have bimetallic strips around them to release a spring and do fancy stuff with brake cables if certain honeypot components got hotter than normal. Entirely mechanical systems to detect hacking.
Greg Davis: Without your (Richard) powers it means downloading the information manually - and that's going to take extra time, and there's sure to be passwords and other securtiy measures to bypass.
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Richard Anderson: Ooh - looks like some "special dignitary" is coming to visit - a news crew is going to be in there too - filming the VIP - I wonder who that might be (sarcastically)
Richard Anderson: any idea when they're coming in? - look at the lokal police records and town hall stuff for diary events and for security plans
Richard Anderson: I don't "hack" as such - I actually mentally link with the system - there "should" be no traceable interference - but you never know (ooc and don't give the GM ideas!)
-> Richard Anderson: Police have plan on file to get a VIP plus entourage from the airstrip to the monorail station.. tomorrow morning (its currently about 11pm)
Benjamin Wolff: Should we wait for them to leave? A dignitary means more security. But also more chaos.
Richard Anderson: time in the morning?
-> Richard Anderson: VIP is scheduled to land at 07:30
Richard Anderson: He/She is coming in tomorrow morning at 07.30
-> Richard Anderson: Scheduled to arrive at Monorail station at 10:00. Before that he has a visit to the Town hall and Ryerson Academy
Richard Anderson: any idea who - my bet is Oscar - check his diary back at his house
-> Richard Anderson: His diary wasnt at the house. No electronics in his study.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I've just been having a look at tier 4 - Do you think they pump in the water - and does that give us a way in?
Richard Anderson: as I know where all the computers are there now
Benjamin Wolff: We could intercept the dignitary and entourage, and replace them with ourselves?
Benjamin Wolff: Water and air both should have ways in and out. But I suspect I travel poorly through pumps.
Greg Davis: With you providing a suitable illusion - It could work, as long as we don't run into any power supressors.
Greg Davis: True.
Campaign saved.
-> Richard Anderson: Actually - you could probably pick up from his sons PC that his Dad is in the area.
Sander Cohen: I won't have a problems with the water :)
Richard Anderson: check the CIA and NSA computers - they'll know where he's going and I've already got (legit) access for those - that should help
Richard Anderson: although I won't be using "my" account to check :-)
Greg Davis: Given our powers (I mean using my lasers), would we be able to bypass the pumps?
Richard Anderson: actualy I was worried that all of the PCs in his house would be water damaged
Greg Davis: I'm just trying to figure out how to get inside without setting off the air-motion sensors.
Benjamin Wolff: Waliing in with valid security passes does seem the easiest way to me.
-> Richard Anderson: Found it on NSA. His entourage is Oscar Gensen, Colonel Anne Fraiser, Patriot, and two Secret service men.
Greg Davis: Yeah, I'm just seeing if I've overlooked anything obvious.
Richard Anderson: EEp - Oscar Gense, Anna Fraiser, Patriot and 2 Secret Service men on the way tomorrow morning.
Richard Anderson: are the SS men paragons or not?
Richard Anderson: We can't be seen by them - or we're well blown!
-> Richard Anderson: Not according to the records
Benjamin Wolff: Same here Greg - it's why I keep suggesting crazy brainstormy ideas.
Greg Davis: I'm suddenly having serious reservations about doing this:(
Benjamin Wolff: I bet if we could convince Patriot that there were evil terrorists on the bottom level, he'd clear us a hold down there with a punch.
Richard Anderson: Right - I want to scout around near(ish) the fence - I think that a hike might be in order - with a bit of Shatter portalling thrown in for good measure - any other suggestions?
Shatter: I'll scout around, and come back and report. Dont want to chance any radio signals near that place.
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: Shatter - I'd like to come with you - need to see what I can sense
Greg Davis: Not at the moment - I can accompany you invisibly, and act as an ace in the hole - Just in case you're spotted.
Richard Anderson: Greg - if they've night scopes and tele lenses - invis won't help us much (wry smile)
Shatter: Okay.. Well hang on. I'll get close and send you a portal back.
Shatter vanishes
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I should be able to handle infra-red and ultraviolet too:)
Richard Anderson: Cheers matey - keep in contact and let me know when you're within 1 mile of the sally port
Richard Anderson: OK - that might work then
Greg Davis: I think in this situatioin - there's no such thing as being too paranoid:)
Suddenly a black portal opens up next to you
Richard Anderson: Actually - I was kind of thinking OUTSIDE the security fences...?
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: I step through it
Sander Cohen: Black portal as in 2001?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I turn invisible and step through.
Benjamin Wolff: Good luck! Try not to get thrown out an airlock!
Richard Anderson: A shatter type black portal (I hope)
GM: It did appear with the shattering glass effect :)
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Oh well - it's too late now:)
Richard Anderson: To shatter - Greg is with us - invisibly
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Where do we end up?
It emerges at the bottom of a cliff - in the shadow, overlooking the Prison lake.
Richard Anderson: what can I sense from here - don't forget I've now got a 1 mile range?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Oh look at that - right next to the gun-emplacements:)
Shatter: You said within a mile of Sally Port, so I had to come inside the security fences.
'Rev' connected
Richard Anderson: Actually - I've measured it and the outer security fence is about 250 feet short of a mile from the sally port - so outside it would have been fine - assuming the map is to scale (and it has got a scale on it)
-> Richard Anderson: No computers, but all the cameras in Sally Port are now available :)
Greg Davis: (whispers) The more I look at this place, the more I think this is a bad idea.
Richard Anderson: what about the radar towers? any land lines in the guard posts or gun emplacements?
Rev (Shatter): *Coughts quietly*
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Hey - Rev's here - hurrah!
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Shatter! You're so doomed right now! See those guns? That's where you are :P
-> Richard Anderson: Gun emplacements in all the towers - you can see them on the cameras, but you cant sense them.
Campaign saved.
Rev (Shatter): *Grimaces*
alistair (Sander Cohen): Hi rev
Richard Anderson: what about comms - radio, land line, mobile - difficult to shield everything
Rev (Shatter): Sorry guys. My ride sort of got stuck. Unforseen complications 'n all that.
Shatter Officially handing Shatter back to Rev :)
Sander Cohen: Now _that's_ surreal
Richard Anderson: Shatter - I'm doing a sense sweep - see what I can pick up - then we're rabbiting - if anything looks like it's getting near us - get us out of here (quietly to Shatter) - and don't forget Greg (he's invisible)
Shatter: [1d20 = 12]
Shatter: Roger
Richard Anderson: if guards are nearby - I should be able to sense their radios btw
-> Richard Anderson: You are picking up radio traffic too, between guards and a controller.
Richard Anderson: especially as I'm actively trying HARD to sense all of the electronic gubbins in the vicinity
Greg Davis: (still whispering) If things go bad in there and we can't port out, fighting our way out is going to be nigh on impossible - there's no cover, the road takes a really indirect route out, we'll be within the field of fire of all the guns for a goodly amount of time, and the
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Has shatter got handouts?
Richard Anderson: what's it saying - any interest?
Greg Davis: *then there's the checkpoints to worry about.
Shatter: /w Thanks. Can you give me the shortests of recaps like where we are etc.?
Rev (Shatter): Yeah, could've just asked everyone :P
Richard Anderson: We're at the bottom of the cliff by the lake
Declan: Everyone got all 9 handouts again?
Richard Anderson: trying to sense the electronics, cams, etc. in or near the base
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Yup.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Your marker's on handout "BR - TopView"
Richard Anderson: that way - I'll be able to access anything I sense later back in town
Shatter: [1d20 = 18]
Rev (Shatter): Thanks
Richard Anderson: plus Oscar, Anna, Patriot and 2 secret service men are coming to town to visit tomorrow at 0730
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: and there'll be a news crew filming them
-> Richard Anderson: Guard just came out. For a moment you could sense a computer system, but the moment the door closed you lost it.
Richard Anderson: out of where?
-> Richard Anderson: Side wall by the guard tower
-> Richard Anderson: On the cliff top
Richard Anderson: v. quietly Looks like it's exernal shielding as a guard came out and I could sense stuff inside until the door shut
Shatter: [1d20 = 14]
Richard Anderson: If we could actually get inside the place at all - I think I might be able to work effectively - assuming no blanket suppression - which I don't think there'll be tomorrow as Patriot will be in there
Richard Anderson: I think that I've got all I'm going to get - time to go back?
-> Richard Anderson: Door opens again - but you are ready. Its a card reader, comparing access cards against an internal database. Black box system. Yopu only get a fraction of a second but you're fast. Logs suggest the database on it is manually updated daily.
Greg Davis: The fact Oscar et al are coming here means they're going to try to put a good spin on the existence of this prison.
Greg Davis: Yup.
Those of you near the prison spot the incoming lights of something airborne.
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: Let's get out of here
Shatter immediately opens a portal back to where they came from
Greg Davis: Right behind you.
Richard Anderson: Goes through
It looks like its heading towards the VTOL landing strip.
Greg Davis goes through.
Shatter goes trough and closes is behind him
And you all arrive back at the Van.
Richard Anderson: Right - it looks like they use a card access system - black box with records manually updated daily.
Richard Anderson: what timestamp was on the updates?
Greg Davis: Ok thoughts people? - Did I say that I really hate this?:)
Benjamin Wolff: If that vtol crashed accidentally, would that be a bad thing?
-> Richard Anderson: Arround 4am..varies a little. Was 4:03 this morning.
Richard Anderson: If we get hold of a swipe as soon after the updates as possible we'll have - potentially up to 24 hours
Richard Anderson: And they update around 4.00 am - 4.03 this morning
Richard Anderson: Unfortunately - the bloody VTOL is shielded - I can't even sense it!
Shatter: Just got to learn to trust your other senses as well then
Greg Davis: If we do this, and its a big if, Ben's idea of replacinig the flim crew sounds like our best shot. It also means that we'll have the raw footage when we bug out.
Richard Anderson: However - I could possibly do something with other vehicles
Richard Anderson: What do you think would happen if the plane carrying Gensen blew up?
Richard Anderson: Ah - Patriot's on it - something would probably warn them and he'd get them out
Greg Davis: He would instantly become a martyr for his cause - not good.
Declan: Gm OOC - Patriot might be pissed if the plan carrying him blew up.
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): That wouldn't be good either:)
Richard Anderson: It would be an "accident" of course (smiles evilly)
Richard Anderson: no traceable link to us - or anyone - planes crash every day
Greg Davis: He still becomes a martyr, and much more of a problem than he is alive.
Benjamin Wolff: Replacing regular staff might be better - security guards will have better access than reporters, and we can get the footage from the reporters easy enough as it is.
Greg Davis: He needs to be completely discredited.
Its now approaching midnight...
Richard Anderson: I've actually got a feeling that Oscar might be harder to take out that we think - I'm almost willing to wager that he's not exactly "normal"
Benjamin Wolff: You're just a pessimist.
Greg Davis: You may have a point there. So it's getting late, what do you think about this whole prison thing?
Richard Anderson: Shall we try to nab a card from a guard or shall we go for the "replace TV crew" approach - if we do that - we'll be looking at people who know us for some time
Benjamin Wolff: But if we could proev that, and prove he has not registered, well, that would be a nice newsbyte.
Richard Anderson: I think it's a blind alley for now - we'll have to wait and see.
Benjamin Wolff: I think replacing the TV crew would be a bad move - getting proper jobs in the facility will give us more freedom and less chance of being seen - we're not here to look at patriot, after all.
Richard Anderson: How the hell are we going to get in this place and what are we after once inside?
Richard Anderson: where do they do the job interviews?
Shatter: Wisdom bonus [1d20+1 = 14]
Greg Davis: Well my vote is no - It's all too dangerous, but if we had to do it the film crew might be our only real way in, and more importantly out again.
Richard Anderson: I'd rather go in as someone else - if at all
-> Richard Anderson: The recruitment agency interviews? Its a block over from the town hall
Benjamin Wolff: By applying for, and artificially winning, jobs with the agency. When there, we want as much information as we can, which means getting Richard access to the computers is the main priority.
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: I mean the final interviews to get into the place - surely they're not done outside?
Benjamin Wolff: Reporters wouldnt be allowed near that stuff, I suspect.
Shatter: If we are to move in I agree with Ben. I'm still not convinced wether we should, though
Greg Davis: They're just about to go public with the existence of the prison - we don't have too much time.
-> Richard Anderson: Oh. They are sent to the base.. use the monorail
Benjamin Wolff: Why does that restrain our time?
Richard Anderson: Yes - what's the problem - if they go public with it and then information is leaked showing it in a bad light - that just makes them look worse
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): The original idea was that we gain info on the prisoners in there, and see if anybody is being held illegally. From what Richard said earlier, he only needs to get inside to bypass their shielding. So the reporter idea could work.
Richard Anderson: I reckon I could get the IT contractor job - even without using super powers - I AM quite good with computers anyway you know
Richard Anderson: and the final interviews are done inside the base
Sander Cohen: Go for it
Shatter: I'd say they still do extra checkups on employee background, quite possibly something we can't counter
Benjamin Wolff: could you "accelerate" our applications to the "final interview" stage?
Shatter: DNA checks and such aren't out of the picture
Benjamin Wolff: I would presume by that stage, all checkups have already been done'
Richard Anderson: what's the process - could I "fool" the computer into thinking we'd already been interviewed by another branch and were ideal candidates?
Shatter: That would get caught sooner or later though.
Richard Anderson: and what checks are done on potential employees?
Revealing all die rolls
Shatter: Computers [1d20+20 = 27]
Hiding all die rolls
Benjamin Wolff: Later is fine - do we need more than a few hours?
-> Richard Anderson: You think so
Campaign saved.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): +20? Sheesh :)
Rev (Shatter): I think it's more like 3
Richard Anderson: I could probably accelerate the process - so that we were interviewed directly by the base (and why was Shatter rollimg that?)
-> Richard Anderson: You set the system to believe that you have completed the intrro-interviews, that the security vet came back clean and the you have been set up for interviews - tomoorow at the base. Id badges should be waiting at the monorail station.
Richard Anderson: Dec - don't forget - unless I say otherwise - assume I'm taking a 10 on computer rolls
Greg Davis: I'd rather go in disguised - that way when they find out, they only know they've been hit by an unknown group of rogue paragons.
Benjamin Wolff: Is anyone any good at disguises?
-> Richard Anderson: You mdify the pictures just enough that visual face recognition software will fail, but human recognition will still think you're you.
Richard Anderson: hey - that's impressive - since I've not asked to do that yet!
Greg Davis: Your illusions will work:)
Greg Davis: and Richard could fix the cameras.
-> Richard Anderson: Oh - well if you dont want to you didnt - sorry
Benjamin Wolff: They might not, that's the problem - I would hate to be a black female minister and then have the illusion drop just as I give the sermon.
Richard Anderson: - wait a sec - we might do that - I'll OK it first.
Richard Anderson: Right - I can mod the records to show we've done preliminary interviews and also that we've sec vetted clean
Benjamin Wolff: Also, I can affect only people within about a hundred feet of eachother. Others won't be affected.
Richard Anderson: I can also change the ID cards so that face recog software will not know it's "us" but humans will, of course, still recognise us.
Greg Davis: Embarassing, yes. But if we get rumbled as employees, they'll have photos of our actual appearance, and how long will it take them to trace those back to our records at the PRA?
Benjamin Wolff: But I think the best illusion is just that we look "incredibly boring". That will affect most people in the right way: they wont remember us.
Richard Anderson: And I can set us up for interview at the base tomorrow (what time Dec?) ID cards to be picked up at the monorail station
Shatter: If we'd take big enough a risk, would it be possible to free all the prisoners tomorrow?
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: So - who do we want to be? Do we go with IT, Chaplain, Cook, and guards - or do people want to be anything else - Sander - can you actually cook?
Benjamin Wolff: We could, but I would save that possibility for if we need a diversion. We're mostly after information.
-> Richard Anderson: Monorail leaves town at 8am - for shift change. Pick your own interview times. Interviews are normally spaces 30 mins appart.
Benjamin Wolff: We have to assume that at least some of the people locked up in there are locked up for good reason.
Shatter: True. I'm just considering how it'd spash with the public if the first shots of the paragon prison would show that they can't be relied on
Richard Anderson: We can start interviews any time avter about 8.15 am - monorail first leaves town at 8.00 am - interviews are normally 30 mins apart
Benjamin Wolff: Um... I'm Jewish. I wouldn't know the right things to do as a chaplain.
Shatter: But in the end the chances it goes bad are at least fifty fifty
Richard Anderson: I thought that Shatter could be a chaplain - best qualified and all that - or - there's plenty of guard vacancies
Benjamin Wolff: Security would get the best access I'd have th... wait. WHY are there lenty of guard vacancies? Do they get through a lot of them?
Richard Anderson: I think that there are currently a few in the town hspital...
Richard Anderson: If I remember rightly from the logs of last session
Richard Anderson: ooc - sorry
-> Richard Anderson: They never stopped recruiting. Probably have never had a full guard contingent. Also there are 9 in hospital, and 3 dead.
Richard Anderson: currently 9 in hospital - 3 deal - never stop recruiting for guards - grins - so lots of vacancies boys, step right up
Richard Anderson: *dead that is
Campaign saved.
Declan: Dead guards makes recruiting harder too ;)
Greg Davis: You're not exactly selling this guard thing to me:)
Benjamin Wolff: Guard sounds good for me. Sign me up.
Richard Anderson: Yeah - they'll take anyone - even us :-)
Richard Anderson: I'm kind of hoping that we'll be in and out in the day
Richard Anderson: 1st day is interviews only anyway
Shatter: So have you thought that maybe the last interview inside the base includes testing a person for powers?
Shatter sighs
Richard Anderson: they don't do "you can start immediately" stuff do they?
Shatter: I know I'm being overly negative, I just feel terribly... naked when thiking of walking into that place openly
Sander Cohen: When they ask you to teleport to the other side of the room in the interview, just say "No"
Greg Davis: Ok, one final question. Do we release the information we currently have? If we get caught in there, the chances of any of us ever seeing the light of day are pretty slim.
Richard Anderson: And how do you "test" for powers - even Rudy hasn't come up with a reliable method yet
-> Richard Anderson: No
Shatter: Rudy didn't know about the supressor field either
Benjamin Wolff: I think you use an "e-meter"... the scientologists have them.
Declan: Polygraph - 'Have you any special powers?' might work.
Richard Anderson: I'm willing to go for the interview process - I can still sense stuff whilst I'm in there and - as long as I don't augment my intelligence - I won't have any visible signe of power
Benjamin Wolff: I would say put the information we have in a drop, with a timer so it gets sent out in 24 hours if we don't stop it.
Richard Anderson: polygraph - don't make me laugh - that wouldn't be a problem
Richard Anderson: However - ooc and I'm sure Dec has though of this - a Paragon with "truth sense" would be a real problem
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: For you - one point though, why not just infiltrate you and perhaps a back up person, the less people go in - the less chance of detection.
Richard Anderson: Or - we could toe the party line - and go back to work like nice good little super powered agents...
Benjamin Wolff: And take our vitamines.
Shatter: If those are the choices...
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): The leutenant (i forget her name), also said they had a couple of paragons who could detect powers.
Declan: Colonel Anna Fraiser?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Yeah thats her:)
Shatter sighs
Shatter: I really wasn't trained for this
Richard Anderson: Shatter - any other ideas - I'm all out for the moment?
Benjamin Wolff: I'm really not paid enough for this.
Benjamin Wolff: But that's what makes us awesome.
Greg Davis: Actually I don't think they're paying us to do this at all:)
Shatter: Well if Gensen is coming here, I could just shoot him when he steps out of the helicopter
Richard Anderson: I'm quite willing to go in and take the risk - if they detect that I've got powers - hey worst case it's only me they've got and I can say that I don't know anything about my powers - "what powers"
Greg Davis: What do the rest of you think?
Sander Cohen: Better than talking in the van for the rest of the campaign :)
Benjamin Wolff: We're not being paid? We should really speak to our union. But it works for me. Let's do it.
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: All or just me?
Sander Cohen: I'm in
Benjamin Wolff: Together means we have more skills and eyes onsite, which might be useful. The worst that can happen is we all die horribly.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Hey - it's only a game
Greg Davis: Great, what about you Shatter?
Richard Anderson: Right then - name your trade - I'm in IT :-)
Benjamin Wolff: I'll take whatever I can that has the best access levels - which could well be the guy who empties the wastebins for all I know.
Shatter: Well...
Richard Anderson: There were janitorial staff too
Shatter: How are your chances of having life feed out of there? Poor?
Benjamin Wolff: After all, everywhere needs cleaning.
Richard Anderson: yup - pretty poor - I'll just have to make sure that I get out again
Benjamin Wolff: All other things being equal, though, I'd like a job where I could be armed.
Richard Anderson: don't forget - we're just being interviewed first
Shatter seems quite torn on the decision
Richard Anderson: but it could be interesting snooping on old Oscar and co - over the internal systems
Benjamin Wolff: Yup. If we're lucky, the interviews will be good enough to get what we want. But we might need the roles, and they access they grant us.
Shatter: I suppose I'll have to come and get you all out when it goes bust
Greg Davis: Oh well, all for one, and all that crap - I'll take a guard post, in the knowledge that if this goes wrong, I'll have an awful long time to say "I told you so . . . (repeatedly)".
Campaign saved.
Shatter Last 30 mins - we'll see if you get out of the van again this session. ;)
Shatter: I still call that there'll be unexpected complications with the interview
MarkC (Richard Anderson): No bet - but it'll bet fun
GM Odd - that should have been GM..not shatter
Rev (Shatter): *Feels possessed*
Benjamin Wolff: Well, shatter - if you want to sit in the van and be our escape route, that works too. Though having some way to contact you when things go bad would be nice.
Richard Anderson: Right I've got - Me - IT, Greg - Guard, Ben Janitor
Richard Anderson: Sander - what do you want to be?
Shatter: Exactly, I can't think of any.
Benjamin Wolff: I mean if. If things go bad.
Sander Cohen: Whatever's going :)
Richard Anderson: Janitor, Guard, Cook, Maintenance guy, Chaplain
Sander Cohen: medic?
Richard Anderson: is there a medic position?
Shatter: So I'll come along. Not as a minister though, I'd rather not claim to have given vows I have not.
-> Richard Anderson: No medic
Richard Anderson: No medic - plus - healing powers are a bit of a giveaway
Shatter: I'd take the maintenance but I bet its the new kind of fancy electronical maintenance and not the kind where you fix problems with a wrench.
Benjamin Wolff: They have water, aircon - they're ging to need wrenches.
Richard Anderson: There's a big air and water plant at the bottom
Richard Anderson: Wrenches I think
Sander Cohen: I'll go for Chaplain then, given the choices
Greg Davis: Just make sure you give my cover a law enforcement background - I can be confident of blagging that without any problem.
Shatter looks slightly displeased to hear Sander's choice
Declan: Looking at the maps I've just realised the incredible shortage of toilets in this prison - there are a few but not many
Sander Cohen: Go for chaplian if you want, Shatter
Richard Anderson: You Sure Sander - can you do the whole religious thing without giving it away?
Campaign saved.
Shatter shakes his head and just smiles to Sander
Richard Anderson: Shatter - you going as maintenance then?
Sander Cohen: Since my cooking ability struggles past using the microwave, I think I stand a better chance
Shatter: Might as well
Richard Anderson: OK - rig the records as suggested - make sure that Greg's character has a law enforcement background. Also - assume that we've each chosen names and that the others know their cover identities - put details on their laptops - My name is Richard (Dick) Jones
-> Richard Anderson: Okay
Richard Anderson: I've sorted the records (ooc - assume that you've chosen names and that the first time you tell the GM that's it) My name will be Richard (Dick) Jones
-> Richard Anderson: You get confirmation of the interviews. I assume you set them late enough in the day that you'll have time to nose around before someone expects you to turn up and answer interview questions?
Richard Anderson: I've stuck your character records on each of your laptops in case you want to swot up. TRain leaves at 0800, Interviews will be at 0830, 0900, etc.
-> Richard Anderson: 830, 900 etc. Okay
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: I'll use the name "Martin Young" (Greg opens his lap to and starts reading the background)
Shatter shrugs
Richard Anderson: does that mean we'd be on the base for some time before being interviewed?
Declan: I assume people will be getting some sleep between now (about 12:30 am) and the morning?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Yup.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Hold on a sec - Dec's just pointed something out
-> Richard Anderson: If you like - you've no idea what they do with people before interviews. Probably some sort of waiting room. Might get a tour for all you know.
Richard Anderson: if so - then I'll schedule the meetings for a bit later - say 1330, 1400, etc.
-> Richard Anderson: 1330, 1400 through 15:30 okay.
Richard Anderson: OK I've rescheduled the meetings for a little later so that we've a bit of a chance to sniff around first - who knows - we might get a tour - or not :-)
Richard Anderson: But we still get on the 0800 train
Greg Davis: Ok, we'd all better make sure we're there on time.
Richard Anderson: Motel - I'll need a shower before an interview
Greg Davis: Yeah.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): I'll read my file and then swot up on the work by watching the toxic avenger.
Shatter: I'd rather get separate rooms
Shatter: No connection between us untill a good opperturnity
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: Find the nearest motels, check in (at different times) under new names and set alarms for early enough to get up and shower, shave, dress, etc.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Ditto.
Okay.. In order to push things ahead so you have some chance of getting to the prison this session. The night goes uneventfully. You all travel to the platform independently, cleaned, shaven etc.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): hurrah
MarkC (Richard Anderson): sorry we're so slow - it's just fear
On the platform there are numerous workers waiting, most wearing navy blue uniforms.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Shaven? :P Still slightly grizzled I hope!
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): You're darn right:)
Richard Anderson: Get's ID card from the pickup point
There are two cameras watching the platform. A guard by the platform entrance spots you as you arrive, checks you against some pictures he has,m and passes you ID badges.
They have VISITOR printed across them in orange lettering.
Richard Anderson: Thanks, do you know what time the monorail comes back this afternoon?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I follow Richard's example - after a reasonable delay.
Platform Guard: Yeah. Theres trains from the prison at 4:15, 5:15 and 6:15.
Richard Anderson: Thanks - I hope that there's a canteen - I've not had breakfast this morning and I'm famished
Platform Guard: You'll probably want the 4:15 one. The 5:15 ones normally packed, what with the 5 o'clock shift change.
Sander Cohen: Thanks (moves onto the platform)
Campaign saved.
Platform Guard: Yeah. You can get breakfast on the base. Subsidised too.
Richard Anderson: Thanks
Richard Anderson: moves onto the platform to wait
Announcer: Monorail approaching platform. Please stand clear of the platform edge.
Richard Anderson: stands clear
Shatter is following along
The monorail - consisting of brand new carriages comes smoothly into the station and the doors open automatically. It looks comfortable, and from the cool air coming out you realise its air conditioned.
Sander Cohen: enter the monorail
The uniformed employees start getting int the train.
Richard Anderson: get on
Greg Davis I let a few more employees enter, then get on myself.
Declan: All in the same carriage?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): No I'll get one one carriage further down.
Shatter if there's room in others, he goes alone
MarkC (Richard Anderson): no
Benjamin Wolff: I follow any that look like they're in the same line of work and ask what the work's like
Maintenence worker: Pretty standard fair. Works not too hard, but they like it done fast, and they check up on your work, so domt get sloppy.
Campaign saved.
The train doors slide shut and the train starts to move.
Shatter keeps to himself, if possible
Recording: Welcome to the Buckner Ridge Penetentiary Monorail. The journey will take 7 minutes, and we will appraoch speeds of up to 22 miles per hour.
Recording: For your safety, please appraise yourself of the nearest emergenct exits.
Recording: Upon arrival at the Buckner Ridge facility you will have to pass through security. Please have your ID cards ready.
The train dips and goes into a tunnel.
Recording: The remainder of our journey will be underground. We will enter the facility at the train port on Tier zero.
Recording: We hope you enjoy the journey.
Recording: Now entering Buckner Ridge Penetentiary.
Richard Anderson: Dec why do I have green glowing eyes when I use my enhanced intelligence - the book says that enhanced traits are subtle by default and you didn't gve me any points back for "noticeable"?
Outside the train you start to see tunnel lighting, and notice it slowing down
Campaign saved.
-> Richard Anderson: I did - or I should have. I'll check the maths later, but I thought I had.
And the platform pulls into view
Richard Anderson: maybe you did - I'm looking at the sheet now
Recording: Welcome to Buckner Ridge.
alistair (Sander Cohen): We're there :)
Declan: And I'll end the session there :)
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Yay! :)
Shatter The train's just on time
Shatter: Exoskeletons, Cool
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Oh no - the mutant ninja turtles!
Declan: lol
alistair (Sander Cohen): at least there'll be pizza
Richard Anderson: I may have misjudged my levelling if I don't have to spen 1 point per extra int - could have another half point - have to check
Responsibility: Right - I'm off to try for some sleep - hope you eye gets better Dec.
Responsibility: Night everyone
Shatter: Night
'MarkC' disconnected
Greg Davis: Night:)
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Gnight :) And next session we are all doooomed!
alistair (Sander Cohen): Goonight folks
Campaign saved.
'alistair' disconnected
Rev (Shatter): Next session I'll be on time
Recording: Night all
GM: Night all
'Dewi Morgan' disconnected
Shatter: Oh right, I'll be away for like three weeks between march and may
Shatter: *March and April... Heh
Shatter: But I'll talk about that more when it comes relevant.
GM: What date in March?
Shatter: Leaving on 27th
Greg Davis: Ok - See you next week:)
GM: Okay..not for a while then :)
Shatter: Yep.
GM: See you next week.. I'll worry about that nearer the time ;)
Shatter: Yep. Take care
GM: Closing program now