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GM: Hi
Shatter: Hi
GM: Did you see the email saying we are down Mark?
Shatter: Nope. I'll check my mail now
Shatter: Well, I'm fine with postponing if we don't get enough people or the others want to wait
GM: It just says he cant make it tonight.
Shatter: Can always watch one of the movies I have piling up
GM: We'll see when they get here
Shatter: Yep
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GM: Hi Dewi
Benjamin Wolff: hullo :)
GM: We are down Mark this week..
Benjamin Wolff: Yeah, saw the skype message. My net's being a bugger today too - so if I disappear don't be surprised.
Benjamin Wolff: I love my ISP: - that's me pinging google a few days back.
GM: Going to have a look
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Benjamin Wolff: It's not *quite* that bad today, but still bad :)
GM: 57ms isnt bad..shame about all the timeouts
GM: I'm not really sure I want to run a session with 2 vanishing. How bad has it been?
GM Test
Benjamin Wolff: Pong :)
Benjamin Wolff: Not too bad - losing about 5% at the moment. It gets laggy, but not disconnecty :)
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Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Hi Guys:)
GM: Hi
Benjamin Wolff: Hi :)
GM: Okay.. Got as many as we are getting. Do we want to push ahead with no Mark, or postpone it a week?
Shatter: Hi you two
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I don't mind continuing, but as we were thinking of going to Buckner Ridge, it might be a bit difficult without Mark.
GM Nods
'alistair' connected
GM: Hey - we have 4 :)
Benjamin Wolff: Good point. Also possibly unfair, since it'll be a fun session, and he'd miss out :)
GM I'll push ahead with 4 :)
Benjamin Wolff: OK :)
alistair (Sander Cohen): Hi
Benjamin Wolff: Hi :)
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Hi:)
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Shatter: Hi
Shatter: And I'll leave the call to the others. I'll continue if others want to but I'm fine with waiting as well
GM: Hi Al, How are you ?
Sander Cohen: I'm fine - sorry for missing a few sessions. Seems like it's been a while!
GM: Its okay. If you need to catch up its all in the logs :)
GM: Hows Sue?
Sander Cohen: She's fine too. We've been having some building work on the house (the old porch) and it's finished today :)
GM: No more work on our house. Its going on the market tomorrow (quite scary really - never sold a house before).
Sander Cohen: Excellent - do you have one you're thinking of buying yet?
Benjamin Wolff: Eek.
GM: Yeah. But we're worried it might sell before we get a chance to buy it. Not really on to put in an offer till you've got an offer on your existing house.
Sander Cohen: I can understand that - guess it's tricky.
GM: Karen was worried about things like how big the garden was, hopw old the place was etc. I just worried about who the cable provider was, and if I can get ADSL :)
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Sander Cohen: lol, cable's been good for me here - only one or two outages in about 5 (or more) years
Benjamin Wolff: Only seeing GM texts - is nobody else speaking publically, or should I try reconnecting?
Sander Cohen: There's only really one cable provider these days anyway
Shatter: I think the other party is whispering
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Well, we could play it by ear, see how far we can get, and if it looks like we need heavy input from Richard, we can always finish early.
GM: Oh yeah... Sorry about the one sided conversation guys.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Works for me ;0
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): :)*
GM: It will be in the logs
GM: Okay.. Last session..
You have parked about 6 hours away from Buckner Ridge and spray painted the van. Then you decided that it had been a waste of time and you'd probably use Shatter portals to explore the town.. but you do have a freshly painted van
Shatter notes that he did suggest that
and for some reason you chose to do this before its very early morning
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Declan: Al, Did you get a chance to look over the logs - or should I say a little about why the group are heading to Buckner Ridge?
alistair (Sander Cohen): I'm having a look through now. Unfortunately I checked the forum, not your website for the log links
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): The van seriously needed it anyway. :)
Rev (Shatter): I don't mind if you recap a bit. Doubt anyone objects to refreshening ones memory a bit
alistair (Sander Cohen): Yes - that's where I am now. Is there a brief synopsis of what we're doing atm and I'll read the logs during the session.
Greg Davis: Yeah, so what does everyone think, do we sureptiteously -I know probably mis-spelled :) - or do we head straight to the prison?
Declan: Buckner Ridge is the location where Oscar Gensen (the director of the PRA and not a very nice man) has been secretly sending Paragons he didnt like. Its an underground facility which serves as a metahuman prison. They use an experimental drug to control them, which has nasty side effects.
Declan: He has worked with certain individuals within the Air Forec and the NSA to see to the introduction of an anti-paragon act, and appears to be using it to boost his popularity.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): *check out the town.
Benjamin Wolff: I think we need to target records of wrongdoing. Computer centres, and also paperwork: anything too sensitive to be stored electonically. Wouldn't approach the cells until we know who/what is imprisoned.
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Shatter: Investing on a camera might also be a smart move
Benjamin Wolff: As much video evidence as posible too. Phone webcams :) I say have Richard blind the electronic eyes and I'll blind the human ones - avoid combat or even being seen if at all possible.
Richard, exhausted from a night of checking records goes to sleep but not before making an interesting announcement.
Benjamin Wolff: phonecams, even.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): ooh announcement! :)
Richard Anderson: Interesting. Did you know Oscar Gensen is standing for office? As a Republican candidate.
alistair (Sander Cohen): Thanks for the catch-up :)
Richard Anderson: I'd like to think about that more, but I need some sleep. Wake me if anything needs my attention.
Greg Davis: Wouldn't it be a shame if some of his dirty little secrets came out during the middle of his campaign:)
Sander Cohen: It could actually work in his favour though - it may seem to be sensible to the public to lock paranormals away
Greg Davis: Thanks, that doesn't make me feel any better:(
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Benjamin Wolff: We need evidence of atrocities, and names and faces and details of real people so that the public relates to them. Hopefully we can get both here.
Benjamin Wolff: Him standing for office just makes our work here more important - in office he could have a lot more power.
Richard Anderson (yawning): He'll be going for the scare tactics. 'I'm the only man who can deal with this blight etc.' Why do you think he announced his intention to stand two days after the Regulation act and a day after the carefully aucustrated riots?
Declan: This game needs a spell checker ;)
Greg Davis: Well the sort or records you're talking will probably be kept at the prison, if Richard can't get the information, it means going inside - and that has to be done real carefully. One slip-up and we'll be staying there permanently.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): You're telling me:)
Richard Anderson (shaking his head): The place is shielded. Perhaps I could read their computers if I was inside?
Shatter: I believe that can be arranged
Richard Anderson: Now the town is another matter.. Noones thought to shield computers there.. but from this far away its just a mass of computers. I'd need to get closer.
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Greg Davis: Let's see what you can find out in the town first.
Declan: I figure 6 hours drive - you are still about 120 miles away atleast
Greg Davis: How close do you have to be to access their computers?
Richard Anderson: I can access them from here, but get me withing a mile or so and I'll cherry pick the right information. That way I'll be able to pick out the right computers.
Greg Davis: Ok, let's get going. (I'll make sure we stop at at quiet place, just within the mile).
Declan: So you are driving?
Shatter sits at the back of the van, listening to the radio
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Yeah, (my greatest contribution to the group)!!:)
Its about 9:40 when you pull off the road highway, just passed a sign saying 'Buckner Ridge, Next 2 exits'.
Campaign saved.
That drops you onto a road that you believe to be Washington Drive. Your GPS says you are less than a mile from New Corner Mall.
Declan: Pulling over here?
Benjamin Wolff: Might be good.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I find somewhere out of sight of passing traffic, and park.
Richard Anderson: You pull off Washington onto something called Apple Lane. The houses here look in rather poor repair. Park up behind a house that is clearly unoccupied out of sight of the road.
GM: You pull off Washington onto something called Apple Lane. The houses here look in rather poor repair. Park up behind a house that is clearly unoccupied out of sight of the road.
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: (Turning round). Ok Richard, see what you can get.
Richard Anderson: Okay
Richard Anderson: Looks like most of the people here are either employed by the prison, or in service industries. Used to be a mining town till the coal ran dry.
Richard Anderson: Not much at the Sherriff's office. They dont investigate incidents at the prison
Greg Davis: Do they have any record of who's in there?
Richard Anderson: Several people at the academy with prison sponsorships.. looks like they have a sponsorship program.
Richard Anderson: No.. they dont. Guess we'll have to find out the hard way.
Richard Anderson: Hang on..something interesting at the hospital.
Benjamin Wolff: Ooh.
Richard Anderson: 8 people in critical condition - all listed as prison workers
Benjamin Wolff: Oh fun - any news on what's wrong?
Richard Anderson: and 6 others adnitted the same day in better shape.
Greg Davis: That's not good, does it give a reason for their injuries?
Benjamin Wolff: And how many days ago was it?
Sander Cohen: What medical staff do they use for inmates? People from the hospital?
Richard Anderson: 3 days ago..and if I'm understanding this correcxtly the injuries were self inflicted.
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Shatter: Either that's the official story or someone has a complicated power
Benjamin Wolff: Ah - need to find out who has that power and avoid them like the plague then.
Richard Anderson: As far as I can see they dont have any special medical staff.. although the prison insurance is covering the bills.
Greg Davis: I've heard of prisoner's harming themselvesk, but that number of workers is a bit unlikely.
Benjamin Wolff: Are they inmates or staff?
Benjamin Wolff: Oh you said - workers
Richard Anderson: Staff.. They are locals employed at the prison. I've got their addresses off the hospital records too.
Benjamin Wolff: Might it be worth interviewing them? We could badgeflash and say we want to interview them to get it in their own words blah blah...
Benjamin Wolff: But that might be too high profile.
Greg Davis: (looks at shatter) How badly do we want to keep this below the radar?
Shatter: Its our top priority
Benjamin Wolff: Personally, I'd like to keep it as low as possible, at least unless it blows up on its own.
Sander Cohen: Medical insurance interview?
Greg Davis: Questioning them might provide some interesting answers, but it could also alert the authorities to our presence.
Richard Anderson: Do we want to keep the fact that we are PRA quiet, or our presence here at all? I could rustle up some NSA Ids.
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: I could make people tink our IDs are NSA.
Shatter: I'd rather not even talk to people if that can be avoided
Benjamin Wolff: But I like th idea of medical insurance.. though they might not say much to an insurer, if they know the info requires a higher clearance.
Richard Anderson: I'll stay in the van and monitor the police channels, and anything I get from the prison.
Benjamin Wolff: What kind of self-inflicted injuries are they? And do those people have replacements, or are they shortsatffed?
Greg Davis: I think we can assume that the workers will let it slip that we interviewed them. If Gensen's people can't find out who it is, they'll know someone's on to them.
Benjamin Wolff: True - best not to, then.
Richard Anderson: I'm not sure, but all the critical cases have had skin grafts.. and three are being treated for fluid loss.
Greg Davis: I think we can assume that the workers will let it slip that they were interviewed. If Gensen's people can't find out who it was, they'll know that someone's onto them.
Greg Davis: Test.
Declan: Test recieved
Greg Davis: Test.
Declan: or is it received - can never remember
Declan: Got the second test too
Campaign saved.
Shatter: I do admit that people can be very useful when gathering information, but with people there's always the x factor
Declan: So what are you doing? (GM prompt for action - so far 1 hour sat in van)
Shatter: Seeing that we have nearly unlimited access to both spaces and electronically stored information, I'd opt to rather use them
Shatter: Meaning breaking directly into the facility as soon as possible
Rev (Shatter): Did the files we have contain any info on the security measures such as guard shifts etc.?
GM: No - just maps
Benjamin Wolff: I reckon, we portal into an electronically safe area (somewhere that Anderson can see on camera to ensure there's nobody there, and can control the camera of) and then work from there.
Shatter nods
Benjamin Wolff: Or we could just walk up without portalling - that way we can see all the guards and I can illuse them all.
Shatter: All?
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Well... I dunno - what're my limits? :)
'Greg Davis' disconnected
Benjamin Wolff: The ones I see, at least. If there are any hiding, then we could get sniped rather quickly.
Campaign saved.
GM Richard is having problmes with connection
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Cool, we can waffle until he gets back in :)
Sander Cohen: Am I missing something - I can't see the prison marked on the map
-> Benjamin Wolff: Limits - all within an area (I guess - haven't updated your character yet - say all you can see within 30 feet of each other for now)
-> Benjamin Wolff: and I'll be more conscienscious and actually figure it out for next session
GM other maps shared - the town is actually 6 miles from the prison and connected by monorail (the red thing)
'Greg Davis' connected
Benjamin Wolff: OK :)
alistair (Sander Cohen): ah - got it
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Must... resist... monorail song!
Sander Cohen: where does the monorail go to on the prison map?
GM: It enters the prison underground. I'll see if I can find it (hang on)
Greg Davis: test.
Campaign saved.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): pong
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Aaahh - good I do exist - I was beginning to worry:)
GM: It arrives into Sally Port at the Docsks area.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I missed the first part of this - Where does the mono-rail start?
GM: In town (red oine)
alistair (Sander Cohen): in the town - I was wondering where the prison was :)
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Presumably this is for prison personnel only.
GM: The actual prison is underground, and I REALLY want to send one of those nifty Unbrella corporation graphics things for it...
GM: (Umbrella)
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): oohh no - Zombie scenario coming up :)
GM: You had the zombie scenario...
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Oh yeah - I forgot :)
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): But they weren 't walking decomposing corpses :)
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): And where was Alice :)
Richard Anderson: Place is pretty quiet. Can you teleport us to a place I describe?
Richard Anderson GM Test
alistair (Sander Cohen): got the test
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I've got your test.
GM lol
GM: You're just being quiet..
alistair (Sander Cohen): Waiting for Shatter to get back
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): was waiting for Shatter, but he seems to be asleep:)
Shatter: Hmm?
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): wb :)
Campaign saved.
Rev (Shatter): Sorry, was paged trough another program. Something about Planescape.
Greg Davis: Richard was asking if you could teleport us to a place he describes.
Richard Anderson: Actually..If we want to investigate the hospiatl the roof is empty at the moment.. Just a helicopter, no people./
Shatter nods to Richard
Shatter: If you can describe the area in fairly good detail, I should be able to take us there
Richard Anderson: Okay.. where do you need to go?
Greg Davis: You were able to access the records at the hospital - right.
Greg Davis: *?
Shatter: I'd just jump on the monorail. Are there places to hide on it?
Richard Anderson: Yeah.. but they weren't that informative. I know how they were treated but I dont really understand the cause.
Richard Anderson: Hang on..
Richard Anderson: There are four guards on the platform.
Richard Anderson: And the drivers cab is shielded, but there are cameras in each car and they're not..
Richard Anderson: Yeah. If we wait till after its left the town we could probably jump into the monorail
Greg Davis: Well getting past them unseen isn't a problem, but the question is, what sort of additional security and surveillance they have in the prison.
Benjamin Wolff: How large is the area the monorail comes into - I can illuse people within a reasonable sized room, but a large warehouse is probably too large.
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: Its four carriages long, and the platform runs the length of it.
Greg Davis: (To Shatter) Did you pick up any gas masks when we were in the armoury?
Shatter: Did we?
Benjamin Wolff: Hrm - could be too big. I'll do what I can.
-> Shatter: Yes
Shatter: We have a few, yes
Greg Davis: Well it just strikes me that gas would be the most obvious way for the prison to control it's inmates, in the case of a riot.
Shatter nods
Shatter: Shut off the lights and gas the area
Greg Davis: Maybe we should allow for that, in case we're spotted.
Shatter: Then charge in with proper gear. The quickest, safest way to take control of a room
Greg Davis: If we get discovered, I'm assuming we'll port out - but it mean we all need to be conscious at the time.
Shatter: Not necessarily
Shatter: But it would be a plus
Sander Cohen: You'd need to be conscious :)
Greg Davis: Ok - It means you need to be conscious, us being conscious would be a plus:)
Shatter nods
Shatter: That at the least
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I really need to be faster typing:)
Richard Anderson: It might be worth finding out what we'll face in there. Its obviously designed to hold Paragons.. It might also be designed to stop Paragons breaking people out.
Campaign saved.
Shatter: Some writings do hold a mention of magics cast on strongholds that prevent the workings of spells inside.
Sander Cohen: Would it be possible for you to ride the monorail into the place, not leave the monorail but access the computer system to get some plans when you're in there?
Sander Cohen: (Richard)
Shatter: Meaning there might be a way to surpress a powers in a specific location
Shatter: If I were to confine our kin that'd be the first route I'd take if possible
GM Not sure I want to commit Richard to that without Mark here to play him
Benjamin Wolff: I imagine that if there's a way for them to shield the staff from any abilities, they'd be using it, so we can't guarantee that our abilities will work in there. So, weapons good.
alistair (Sander Cohen): no probs
Richard Anderson: I think I'll give that one a pass.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Davis looks sceptical - but keeps his mouth shut.
Sander Cohen: I thought they were drugging inmates?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): *in response to Shatter.
Shatter: True
Richard Anderson: Who says they dont dug everyone coming in on the train. A power suprresent on the guards who dont have powers isnt going to be a problem
Greg Davis: Yeah, I think gas masks will be needed from the word go.
Benjamin Wolff: Is there anywhere to stow away in the trains?
Greg Davis: How many do we have?
Campaign saved.
-> Shatter: 4
Benjamin Wolff: They may also be checking IDs of everyone who steps off the train. Which could be awkward.
Greg Davis: Not if they couldn't see them:)
Shatter: Four
Richard Anderson Note from GM - so far this session 90 minutes sat in a van ;)
Shatter pulls the gas masks out and checks their filthers
Benjamin Wolff: True - but the sally-port tunnel is abotu 70 yards across. I can't be sure that I could affect anyone outside a radius of about ten yards. And I need to be able to sense them, so people behind me would be able to see us.
Rev (Shatter): Heh well I'm all for charging the prison and taking people out as we come across 'em but that might turn a bit sour. Heh
alistair (Sander Cohen): might destroy the 'subtle' aspect too :)
GM: GM hint time
Sander Cohen: I assume there's no possibility of just portalling driectly into the basement of the prison?
Benjamin Wolff: Yeah. I would presume that, it being a prison, at least *some* of the people are in there for good reason: being completely psychopathically insane. Don't want to let anyone out without seeing their records first.
Shatter: Well, I can most likely portal into the basement of the prison, yes
Richard Anderson: Okay. I'll bet they train their guards not to talk to the press, but how about the family? Think we could pay a visit to one of the wives? Maybe the family of one of those in hospital?
Greg Davis: I'm pretty sure I could hide myself from detection (invisibility), but I couldn't hide anyone else. If I get in, is there a way of getting a signal out - so the rest of you can port in?
Shatter: But I have no way to quarantee that the room will be empty
Sander Cohen: You could portal a camera in there first...
Richard Anderson: Then we might find out a few what to expect.
Shatter: What kind of a camera? And the portal makes a sound and a flash, so anyone looking at the general direction would notice.
Shatter shrugs
Campaign saved.
Sander Cohen: fair enough, maybe we should listen to Richard :)
Shatter: All things considered, getting some information before attempts to infiltrate might not be that bad an idea
Benjamin Wolff: Given I am not able to conceal us from everyone in the sally port tunnel, Richard's suggestion sounds like it might be useful - but how could we interrogate a family member without raising interest and suspicion?
Shatter: You could convince they're dreaming and then drill them for information
Richard Anderson: I dont know. I guess we could pretend to be a coworker, a friend of the husbands.
Greg Davis: i'M
Benjamin Wolff: But how would we be able to ask specific questions like "where do the guards stand?"
Greg Davis: I'm all for going in with a bit more information, if you can do it without tipping our hand.
Benjamin Wolff: We could target one of the patients, as investigators, and claim to be checking that their memories have not been altered...
Shatter: By asking? I suggested the dream aspect as simply something that might keep them from talking about it, or at least dismissing it as something silly.
Sander Cohen: Or how about pretending to be reporter(s)? That number of accidents would possibly draw press attention...
Greg Davis: I think Shatter's got a good idea there.
Richard Anderson: Can you make them 'dream' there husband has returned? Or wife? One of the patients was a woman.
Benjamin Wolff: True - if it was very surreal - if they were on who wants to be a millionaire and being asked questions about it, perhaps.
Shatter nods approvingly
Greg Davis: Ok, Richard, who's the best candidate for interrogation?
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: Well one of the homes has a security camera, which I could show on the laptop. Makes portaling easy.
Greg Davis: Oh, and finding out what happened might be a good idea - don't want to end up in ER ourselves.
Benjamin Wolff: Multiple choice sucks though - I'd make it a more generic quiz show - mastermind, perhaps, with their chosen subject being the jail :)
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): [replace Mastermind with US equivalent show]
Shatter: That's worth trying. Just show us the target residence and I'll get us in
Greg Davis: You're the interrogator, you'll probably need someone to stand guard - just in case. The rest of us can make sure the are stays secure.
Greg Davis: *area.
Richard brings up the house on his laptop. Its a wooden family home, with a porch. Looks quite nice. Jeep Cherekee in the drive.
Benjamin Wolff: Richard, could you check their video or cable box for preferred channels or recorded quiz shows - I'll go for one they're most likely to be familiar with.
Richard Anderson: She's got a Tivo. Records Family fortunes and the weakest link every week.
Greg Davis: I just know you want to be Anne Robinson:)
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: The weakest link. Excellent. Oh, yes.
Shatter: Does Richie show Shatter an empty room?
Benjamin Wolff: What are her family's names?
-> Shatter: You can see secluded parts of the garden, which will have to do. Its the best he can get off a stationary security camera
Shatter: We're a few miles from the town still, right? So he'd have to use a portal.
Richard Anderson: Her husband in Jack Howard. She is Sue Howard. They've got a son at University - Clark.
-> Shatter: You are about a mile from town - or just less, but yeah
Shatter: only 900 feet range on the self port.
-> Shatter: Could do it in 5 self portals
Shatter: Would need the locations between here and there then. Risking it I suppose
Richard Anderson: He's studying Oceanography..
Shatter carefully opens a portal practically inside one of the bushes in the yard so that its as hard to see as possible.
Shatter then waits a moment to see if anyone reacts and if not, crawls trough.
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: I'll stay here, in phone contact. Keep your headset on..
Greg Davis: If we get Richard to monitor any communications / camera etc within the house and locally.
Shatter then crawls as close to the house as possible when hidden and then sends his senses trough the wall
Shatter: checking if the room is empty
Shatter: The portal closes as soon as he's trough
Richard Anderson: You port in. You discover the Van Richard has located is sky blue with a custom orange and red flame job. The inside has red leather upholstery, and a 600 Watt sound system.
Richard Anderson: You port in. You discover the Van Richard has located is sky blue with a custom orange and red flame job. The inside has red leather upholstery, and a 600 Watt sound system.

alistair (Sander Cohen): ummm.... deja vu? I've just read that in the logs
Richard Anderson: (Sorry guys - program went odd there)
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Yeah :)
-> Shatter: No. Sue Howard is in there, asleep.
Shatter portals in, quietly
Shatter: want a stealth roll?
GM: [1d20 = 13]
Rev (Shatter): Oh and to a location behind her
Rev (Shatter): so if she's half awake, she won't see him
-> Shatter: No..She's sleeping soundly. Elephants wouldnt wake her
Shatter: Does the house have a second floor?
Campaign saved.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Do we know she's asleep?
Shatter portals into the room with the sleeping woman. It looks like she's been drinking. There is an open Burbon bottle, and some valium on the coffee table infront of her. The TV is on, showing static.
-> Shatter: Yes. It does have a second floor
Shatter decides its safe enough and opens a new portal near the wall, one that links into the van.
Shatter (Into the headset, quietly): Ben come trough
Shatter: Quiet
Benjamin Wolff: Steps through quietly, immediate ilusion that we and the portal are not there.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Can I give an illusion to someone who's sleeping?
GM: Okay..although you're not sure how effective an illusion is on a sleeping woman.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Heh :) OK.
GM: Oh..need to type faster. You dont think so.
alistair (Sander Cohen): Don't you want her to be awake anyway to talk to her?
Benjamin Wolff: Totally - but pays to have an illusion prepped just in case she wakes before I'm ready :)
GM: You suspect groggy - half awake would work well though.
GM: [1d20 = 6]
GM: [1d20 = 7]
GM: Notice [1d20+6 = 8]
GM: Notice [1d20+7 = 21]
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: OK, ready for this? Could others please make sure we aren't disturbed - it would be unfortunate.
Shatter pulls blinders ove the window if they aren't already and if there are any
-> Benjamin Wolff: You notice a photo of her husband under the bottle.
GM: The blinds are now closed
Benjamin Wolff: - cool, I'll take a look at it - might be handy for the illusion. Anything remarkable about him? Two heads, no arms?
Shatter then moves to the door and sends his senses just trough it so he can hear whats being said in the room his body is in but sees into the next room. He stays there and watches out for disturbances
-> Benjamin Wolff: One head, two arms. Beard and check shirt
Sue Howard: okay
GM: (The woman doesnt say - the GM said that)
Sue Howard: ZZZzzz
Benjamin Wolff: OK, prepare illusion: Sue is on a large empty stage, with a spotlight on her so she can't see if there's anyone else beside her. Announcer voice sounds, as I call out the words, to wake her up: "WwwwwELCOME To the Weakest Link, and here's your Host, Anne Robinson..." (blah typical announcer spiel. Anne approaches.)
GM: Illusion preped (in your head only)
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): OK, I do it :) Does she wake, or do I need to call louder or shake her or something?
GM: You need to wake her somehow
'Greg Davis' disconnected
'Greg Davis' connected
Campaign saved.
Declan: Not Richards day (and it was Dewi with the connection problems)
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Ba
Benjamin Wolff: Darn - caling out didn't wake her. Didn't want to shake her cos that wouldn't fit the dream. Oh well...
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): *Back again :)
alistair (Sander Cohen): wb
Sander Cohen: You want us to ring the house?
Sander Cohen: One ring should wake her a little
Rev (Shatter): I doubt half drugged half drunken woman has that high a will save against illusions
GM: As the phone rings the woman starts to wake
GM: Uh?
Sue Howard: Uh?
Benjamin Wolff: OK, play the illusion! :)
Sue Howard: Anne?
Sue Howard: Where am I?
Benjamin Wolff: Anne says: "We have a special contestant today, Sue Howard of Buckner Bridge. Sue, I understand you are here to try to scrape together enough money to pay for your Husband's injuries, now the insurer has refused to pay for self inflicted wounds" (crowd makes disapproving sounds) "How did you let that happen, Sue? Might YOU be the weakest link?"
Sue Howard: No, No. Its not my fault.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): heh heh heh.
Sue Howard: The prison paid the insurance. We didnt have to. They organised it..

Benjamin Wolff: "The hosital seems to think differently, but that's why you're here today. Just to make things easier for you, Sue, we gained special dispensation from your husband's work, so that we can ask you questions you MIGHT know the answer to. Are you ready? I hope so"
Campaign saved.
Sue Howard (hesitent): I'm ready
Sue Howard: Will save [1d20-3 = -2]
Benjamin Wolff: "Your first question..." (crowd goes quiet, tense music plays) " DID your husband get injured?"
Benjamin Wolff: [aside to others, which she can't hear: anyone want to suggest some good questions, do chip in :)]
Sue Howard: They didnt tell me. Doug said it was one of the prisoners. Made them all think they were covered in maggots or something.
Benjamin Wolff: "Good enough, yes! Next question...."
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): How about "all prisoners were supposed to be medicated - HOW did this happen?
alistair (Sander Cohen): Has he been injured before by inmates? How many are there?
Sue Howard: Will save [1d20-1 = 6]
Benjamin Wolff: "What is the first security precaution that Jack travels through on the way to work?"
Revealing all die rolls
Hiding all die rolls
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): DID you husband use the correct security proceedures?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Which were?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Still too slow typing:)
Sue Howard: Theres some sort of scan I think. He has to wear a bracelet so they know he's one of the guards and not an intruder.
Sue Howard: Will save [1d20+1 = 10]
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: "Correct! What other security measures can you list? Each one counts as a successful question, but hurry - seconds count!"
Sue Howard: Emm..Theres something to do with air movement, to detect teleports or people going through walls, they are supposed to be able to flood the cells with something - so e sort of artificial magma (but thats a last resort). I dont know.. he never told me much.
Sue Howard: Wait
Sue Howard: I know.. theres the passcards and the suppression fields.
Campaign saved.
Sue Howard: Will save [1d20+3 = 9]
Benjamin Wolff: Close, Sue, but I'm afraid you missed some critical ones. I have to pass on to our next contestant. Robert: through which organisation do the Bucker Ridge prison gain their employees? You don't know? Oh dear, I have to pass it back to Sue then... Sue?
Sue Howard: I dont know. Wait.. My husband applied for a job through SecureTech. Is that it?
Sue Howard: Will save [1d20+5 = 24]
Benjamin Wolff: Good enough! What qualifications did they require for the position?
Sue Howard: Hold on. Is this a test? He told me people would ask. I was supposed never to talk about it? I've failed haven't I? Its all my fault? I've spoken about it and now they wont pay the insurance?
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: Ooops
Sue (atleast in the illusion) tries to push herself away from the pedestal. Of course in real life se is on a couch so this doesnt quite work.
Benjamin Wolff: No - we cleared it with them before we began filming, since they are going to revamp all their procedures after the recent débâcle anyway - but that was the wrong answer, so I have to pass the question on to Richard! Richard... what quelifications? Oh dear, no. Back to Sue."
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Oh dear...
Sue Howard: I'm not talking. I shouldn't have. I want to wake up!
Sue Howard: This is a stupid dream. I hate it! I hate it!
Greg Davis: Ben - Don't push it, if she get suspicious she might mention something to the prison.
Benjamin Wolff: Dream fades, she is in a large office and a friendly businessman is sitting at a desk. "Well done, Sue!" He motions to a nearby doctor.
Benjamin Wolff: "You have passed our security screening. Thank you so much for your time."
Shatter pulls his senses back and prepares a portal back to the van behind Ben
Sue Howard: I have?
Relieved Sue leans back and falls asleep again.
Benjamin Wolff: Yes - you were the only applicant who realised they were being tested. And so early too - I have to say I am impressed.
Benjamin Wolff: Phew :)
Sue Howard 10pm
Campaign saved.
Sue Howard out of time again
Rev (Shatter): Heh a nice way of handling that
Rev (Shatter): Also the quiz thing was a good idea
Benjamin Wolff: That was fun, but I am sure there are some realy critical questions I missed there.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Yup - I'm soooo glad we didn't try to infiltrate the prison:)
Benjamin Wolff: Hoo yeah.
Declan: And you know atleast a few of the problems you might encounter - along with atleast a little about one of the inmates.
Benjamin Wolff: I wanted to ask more about the inmates but I guess we'll find out soon enough.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I don't think you could have got anything more out of her, even if she hadn't got suspiscious - she wouldn't have known much more.
Rev (Shatter): Yeah
Benjamin Wolff: Yeah. So - apply for jobs? I hear they're a little shortstaffed at the moment.
Rev (Shatter): And Supressor fields. Shatter called it!
Declan: Right - I have a big day tomorrow.. Really important early morning meeting, so I'm off but I'll leave the game up whilst I brush teeth etc incase people want to chat
Shatter: Take care Dec
Benjamin Wolff: Okie - good luc with the meeting :)
Sander Cohen: Good luck, thanks for the game
Greg Davis: Ok - see you next week Dec:)
alistair (Sander Cohen): It's going to be fun working around those problems....
Benjamin Wolff: Nice to actually use Ben when I haven't drunk too much wine for Sunday dinner, and haven't been awake for 30 hours :) He almost didn't suck there!
Greg Davis: Getting jobs will take time, and we'd have to get Richard to create false ID's & work histories for us.
Shatter: You mean we can't just use our real resumes? We're all highly qualified people after all. Heh
Greg Davis: Yeah that was a little sadistic, unethical, and possibly evil - but is WAS fun:)
Benjamin Wolff: We wouldn't necessarily need to go to the interview - so longe as they were expecting us that'd be enough.
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: unethical? I didn't even hurt her! And I made her happy at the end.
Greg Davis: Yeah, having mind-raped her first:)
Benjamin Wolff: Don't blame me, blame Anne!
Greg Davis: We will:0
Greg Davis: *:)
Greg Davis: However, if we don't try to get jobs, it mean trying to sneak in - and it look like they've got the place sewn up pretty tight.
Shatter: Well, not like we're in a hurry
Benjamin Wolff: Well I was thinking faking our jobs - just finding out how the emplyment agency lets them know who's employed, and getting Richard to magic it so we were employed.
Shatter: Yeah, would cut a few excess turns
Benjamin Wolff: I'm sure Shatter could obtain the bracelets and such.
Greg Davis: Yeah, is this the time to mention that I'm really bad at prison breaks.
Benjamin Wolff: We should check this house for a bracelet, while we're here.
Shatter: What, Sander and Greg are our heavy hitters
Shatter: You're the ones we rely to punch us out if we get stuck
Sander Cohen: Now we know that they can detect teleports we should be a little bit more careful in case they've installed detection equipment elsewhere in the town
Benjamin Wolff: Ah you'll be fine. Though I was considering suggesting that you guys go in and I'd hold the fort at the van - especially after hearing about that security.
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: The combat doesn't scare me - It's the amount of hi-tech security they've got at that place.
Benjamin Wolff: Kinda hard to detect air movement in most buildings, but yeah.
Shatter: How about we just get a bunch of exploseives and blow up a level? Then just run around the facility when others are busy
Shatter: Heh
Benjamin Wolff: Hrm - take you the subbasement?
Benjamin Wolff: out the*
Greg Davis: humm.
Greg Davis: From many
alistair (Sander Cohen): Right - I'm going to head off now. See you next week :)
Benjamin Wolff: Night!
Greg Davis: *Star Wars scenario I know you can either fight you way in, or fight your way out, you usually can't do both.
Benjamin Wolff: Heh :)
Greg Davis: OK see you next week:)
Benjamin Wolff: Id rather fight out than in - we'd get more time to browse their computers that way
'alistair' disconnected
Shatter: Alright, I'm going to run as well
Benjamin Wolff: Me too - G'night :)
Shatter: Later
Greg Davis: Yeah me too - but we've got to get in, and to their computer records without being discovered.
'Dewi Morgan' disconnected
Greg Davis: OK we can plan this out next week - I'll see you then:)
'Rev' disconnected
Campaign saved.
'Greg Davis' disconnected