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Richard Anderson: Looking at one in Marsden next Saturday before making the final decision - but this one will do - so we've put an application in
GM: Hmm..appear to have 8 new emails in last hour.. one min
Campaign saved.
GM: Been looking at the characters for my Iron Heroes table toip game - its going to be different.
Richard Anderson: Just been updating my character sheet (here in game) to take account of new spends - will have to get a copy to you Dec to post on the website
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: Like yours Shatter - wish I'd not missed that session (thinking I might have been quitting) - I'd have had a couple more points to play with too.
GM: I've got a CHA 18 thief with maxed devious manipulator, a CHA 18 Man at Arms with maxed Political mastermind, a CHA 18 execution with maxed intimidating presenecs and a CHA 16 Arcanist specialising in Charm spells. Oh - and a CHA 8 armiger.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Never played Iron heroes - so I don't know the system
GM: Well put simply 4/5 of the characters so far have put almost everything into being incredibly good in social situations - athough with different emphasis - devious manipulator, political mastermind, intimidating presence and charm spells. The fifth players actually pretty combat orientated - and I havent seen the last character yet.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Should be fun - I'm a talker - not a fighter myself (as you know)
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GM: Yeah - but I never expected anyone in a PIRATES game to decide to be a political mastermind !!
MarkC (Richard Anderson): good point - but I'd probably have done it - for a laugh you understand :-)
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Hi Guys:)
GM: Hi
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Hey there
Campaign saved.
GM: Okay - here goes. About to give you Richards laptop...
GM: Everyone got a full set (rember Tier 3 wasn't in the recortds you got)?
MarkC (Richard Anderson): yup
MarkC (Richard Anderson): who else are we expecting tonight?
GM: Should be 9 in all
GM: Dewi
Greg Davis: Yup
At the end of last session Shatter was across the road watching the fire escape on the adjoining building.
Declan: and the guy running down it.
and the guy running down it.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Can we ID the guy?
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: It's the target - the man who was "aprehended"
Richard Anderson: (I believe)
Richard Anderson: could be wrong though - I haven't seen him
Greg Davis: Somehow I think he's more than just a precog.
It looks like John Simmons. He's lost his suit jacket somewhere - he's in shirt and tie.
Richard Anderson: Bloody teleporters - they get everywhere - geddit?
Richard Anderson: Shatter can you follow him - we don't want to hurt him and could help him?
Greg Davis: Let's be careful - remember that shapeshifter's in the city - and we didn't dump her *so* far away that she couldn't have reached here by this time.
Richard Anderson: Or would you rather see how it plays out with the other team?
The Carnival is still circling above
Richard Anderson: is the door still open?
Shatter will keep an eye on him as long as he can, if he's about to lose him he'll portal close to him and start tailing, while doing his best to hide.
Richard Anderson: if so - I should be able to use the onboard sensors
Richard Anderson: or "confuddle" them
The woman from the other group is hanging out the door looking down, rifle in hand.
-> Richard Anderson: See comment
Richard Anderson: ta
Shatter does his best not to be sighted. He does have some knowledge on that field.
Greg Davis: It's your show Shatter, were too far away - but try not to kill her.
Richard Anderson: Guys - the door on that chopper is open at the moment and I've got access to the systems whilst that's so - anything you'd like me to do?
John gone down about 4 floors before the woman in the copter spots him (remember he started on the 14th)
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: Download everything you can - it could be useful.
Shatter: Make sure they won't see me.
-> Richard Anderson: MAke a computing roll
Richard Anderson: download everything I can from the onboard systems and hack into the IR/camera systems to "edit out" Shatter - if he appears in shot
Richard Anderson: Computers [1d20+20 = 22]
Richard Anderson: For F's Sake!
-> Richard Anderson: Not great. Okay you THINK you have everything.
Richard Anderson: However - I can "take a 10" even under pressure
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): ouch!
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GM: Need to tell me you are taking 10 before the roll :(
Richard Anderson: Ah - didn't know that
Richard Anderson: - sorry guys
Rev (Shatter): Yeah, if you take 10, you can't roll.

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Richard Anderson: are we back?
Rev (Shatter): Apparently.
GM: I got a - FantasyGrounds.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
GM: and then it shut down :(
Rev (Shatter): Ah well, all is forgiven then. I'm sure they're truly sorry.
Richard Anderson: That's Richie punishing you for not letting him take a 10
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): My fault for connecting late - what did I miss? :)
'Greg Davis' connected
MarkC (Richard Anderson): You missed me fluffing a computer roll
GM: Well atleast the connection seems stable these days.. even if FGII isnt
MarkC (Richard Anderson): and then Dec's program shutting down
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Awww NO! I woulda *paid* to see that.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Back again:)
Richard Anderson: No Alistair - again?
GM: Okay..we are all back. I will reopen the 9 files in Richards laptop
GM: Okay.. I think the last thing I typed was:-
The girl from the VTOL just jumped down to the top of the fire escape - a drop of about 25 feet. The escape buckles as she hits it.
Campaign saved.
Declan: And no reply from an email to Al so I guess no Al.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): She might need to watch her weight:)
Richard Anderson: Eep! Shatter - I think we should leave them to it!
Shatter: I have no intent on getting involved but I do want to see how this is resolved.
Richard Anderson: The electronics in the VTOL are well secured - I "think" I've got control - but I wouldn't put it to the test
Richard Anderson: So stay hidden - if you can
Richard Anderson: Plus - they could just shut the hatch at any moment
Simmons has an 8 floor lead on her. Hes no on 12th going down as fast as he can. She is just below roof level, swinging down - dropping really on the outside of the fire escape - rifle acrtoss her hack.
Greg Davis: Can we get all this on film for later?
Benjamin Wolff: I can see us getting the blame given the grab looked like Shatter's work.
Richard Anderson: if there are cameras in the area - record the stuff - pull it from the VTOL if I can - anything that's available
Richard Anderson: by the way - do I get any data from the onboard systems?
-> Richard Anderson: Okay - you are getting the IR feed from the VTOL
Greg Davis: We'll see.
Richard Anderson: I don't think so - Shatter's work is "distinctive" to say the least - he just vanished
Shatter: I doubt he'll get away unless he repeats his trick. I'm quite curious of that.
-> Richard Anderson: Flight plans look good. Need to overlay them on maps later byut yopu are pretty sure its just come from Boston, and before that Breken Ridge.
Richard Anderson: test
Richard Anderson: or Bucjner Ridge
Richard Anderson: *Buckner
Campaign saved.
When she is about 4 floors above him, and he's sill on the 8th floor he looks up, realises she's almost on him and leaps from the side of the fire escape - into open air.
-> Richard Anderson: Buckner - sorry
Richard Anderson: Yikes!
He appears to be falling, just very very slowly. His pursuer is looking very surprised and moving very very slowly.
Greg Davis: I'm beginning to be glad it's them, not us:)
Benjamin Wolff: Time control?
Richard Anderson: What the heck is going on?
-> Shatter: Make a notice roll
Shatter: Notice [1d20+6 = 18]
Richard Anderson: Is he Japanese at all?
Greg Davis: Your guess is as good as mine.
Shatter: need to put more points into that. Heh
Richard Anderson: Nah - we'd have spotted Hiro Nakamura
Benjamin Wolff: No, if he were japanese, we'd be seeing this slow-mo three times.
-> Shatter: You suddenly realise that even though he's falling slowly, and the woman is moving slowly, Simmons is actually moving at full speed.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Nice roll Shatter
MarkC (Richard Anderson): At least the dice work for someone
Shatter (Mutters mostly to himself): That's... Quite something.
Greg Davis: (To Shatter & Richard) Have you noticed anyone else - or is he actually doing all this himself?
Campaign saved.
The scene plays out surprisingly slowly until Simmon's hits the ground and then it suddenly speeds up. In a flash he's gone. His assailent is looking very confused.
Richard Anderson: I'm just seeing it second hand through cameras - it's a bit patchy - Shatter's got "eyes on"
Shatter is too absorbed in the events to give a timely answer
Shatter: Gone out of Shatter's sight range?
Richard Anderson: I'm soooo glad that they're taking a licking
Greg Davis: I think your right about Time Control - looks like we've lost him as well.
Benjamin Wolff: So his disappearance might just be "moving very fast"?
-> Shatter: You were watching him through the sights. He suddenly sped up out of the field of vision and you couldn't pick him up again. He didnt vanish..just moved VERY quickly.
Shatter: Thanks
Richard Anderson: I think that all of his powers might be time based - precog, slow down, etc.
Greg Davis: Or us very slowly - I guess it would depend on your point of veiw:)
Richard Anderson: He'd be massively useful on our side
Greg Davis: Yeah they do seem to have a certain theme.
Shatter: Yes, that's my assessment of the situation, he's controlling the time around him fairly freely
Richard Anderson: Shatter - have we lost him?
Richard Anderson: do I see him anywhere in the vicinity - got to be LOTS of cameras around?
Shatter: While he was falling slowly he was moving as quickly as normal, at the least. It would seem he can slow and hasten individual events
Shatter: And yes, we lost him.
Richard Anderson: gimme a sec - see if I can reacquire - he should at least know that we don't intend to harm him
Shatter: Well, this might be a good thing in all. It's boud to keep the opposing team busy.
Shatter: No.
Richard Anderson: so he won't be actively trying to avoid me
-> Richard Anderson: His mobile (which you were tracking) just went into the 42nd Street station (Subway) and the signal cut off. Thats a good 300 yards away.
Shatter: We should avoid all contact and evacuate the area as soon as possible and head to the facility.
Richard Anderson: get the subway cameras onlibe
Shatter: As long as these people are busy here we'll have an easier time, I would not want to go against that woman in close quarters
Richard Anderson: OK - by the way - he's about to catch the subway - 300+ yards away
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I think Sander's driving - Richard can you work while we're moving?
Campaign saved.
-> Richard Anderson: Okay.. YTou pick him up at the turnstile. Then on the platform. He boarded an 'L' line East bound.
Richard Anderson: I can - my ESP sense is 20 miles
Richard Anderson: He's on the L line - Eastbound
Richard Anderson: where does that go?
Shatter keeps an eye on the woman's reaction
Richard Anderson: 2 secs - back in a mo'
-> Richard Anderson: Over to the East side, then it turns South and goes downtown.
Greg Davis: Try to keep track of him - Sander, Richard will be giving you directions.
Shatter: Where are you heading?
Shatter: And don't move the car too much before I get back
Greg Davis: I really think we should pick this guy up - no way, do we want him in the Senator's hands.
The woman dropped a few levels then nimbly caught onto the bars of the fire escape. She scanned the area around the bottom - then radioed the team. Very professional.
Greg Davis: Ok Shatter, get back here quick, we're moving out.
Shatter nods approvingly again
Shatter: And with that portals back into his seat in the van
Okay - you are all in the van
MarkC (Richard Anderson): back - sorry about that
Benjamin Wolff: If we could pick him iup he would be handy - but given what we've seen, what're the odds of them catching him?
Richard Anderson: Right - are we following or leaving him to get away?
Greg Davis: Get moving Sander, Richard can you provide directions to the target?
Shatter: Again, why are we heading to him?
Richard Anderson: check the on train cameras an see where he gets off
Shatter: They will catch him eventually and then know if we've made contact
-> Richard Anderson: No cameras on the train.. but you can track the turnstiles at all the stations.
Shatter: The only reason they lost him this time was because they were caught offguard
Richard Anderson: bollocks to no cameras on tyhe train - have you been on a subway recently?
Richard Anderson: sorry for the bollocks
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: I'd rather try to get this guy on our side, than risk him being picked up be the Senator's men, or the shapeshifter's terrorists. He's certainly going to be open to their *persuasion* after that attempted snatch.
Richard Anderson: I'll track the turnstiles
Shatter: Why?
GM: Last time I was in NY it was camera free - but that was a while back - like 6 years ;)
Shatter: We're not trying to start a movement here
Richard Anderson: ever heard of 9-11?
GM: oops - should have been a tell
Shatter: We have a very specific goal here. To try and get to the bottom of the whole project the Direcor fellow is cooking up and hopefully get some hands on proof of what is happening
Richard Anderson: Shatter has a point - but he could be VERY handy to have on our side
Shatter: We don't need extra people, especially untrained amateurs, slowing us down
Benjamin Wolff: "slowing us down" - oh the wit.
Richard Anderson: An untrained amateur who made a professional, superpowered snatch team look like fools
Greg Davis: I'm not suggesting us starting any sort of movement, I'm trying to prevent the target joining any radical groups.
-> Richard Anderson: He's just got off the Train at 52th - Station is in the Macey's department store basement !!
Shatter: Why?
Richard Anderson: he's got off at Maceys' on 52nd
Richard Anderson: sorry
Richard Anderson: He got off at Macey's on 52nd
Benjamin Wolff: While we worry about whether he joins a group, dozens or even thousands of other mutants out there, many of them even more powerful, could joining them. Will our preventing one, make any significant difference.
Greg Davis: Call me picky, but I'd like to limit the number of powerful opponents we might have to face in future - I'm kind of fussy that way:)
Shatter nods to Ben in agreement
Richard Anderson: If we meet him - he'll know us and be a potential problem source when he leaves or is captured - I'm actually with Shatter on this - the more I think about it
Richard Anderson: I'd rather getto the root of the problem and trust that we can sort out the relatively minor stuff later
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: I think that this guy will be "hard" to capture for now at least and it migt slow our opposition down a bit
Benjamin Wolff: If we could put any kind of traces on him or the team or their craft, that would be nice - but other than that I'm on no hurry to mess with them.
Richard Anderson: So let's ditch the van and scarper off to Buckner Ridge - unless anyone's got an objection?
Greg Davis: The senator obvious wants him for something, and we know he already has a psionic, possibly a mind controller - thats not a good scenario.
Shatter: Its not that hard to catch him really. You just need to get a jump on him. Pop his kneecaps out from a distance and he won't be runnign anywhere, how ever fast he is.
Richard Anderson: Ouch - nasty!
Shatter shrugs
Shatter: Efficent, rather
Richard Anderson: Of course - he'll have dodged that - precog
Shatter: I think it has limitations
Richard Anderson: I could send him a text and let him know the number of this phone that I bought?
Shatter: Otherwise he wouldn't have been in the meeting
Sander: Guys, Do you want me to keep driving in circles? What are we doing? Going aftyer this guy or leaving it?
Greg Davis: Ok vote time, do we go to buckner ridger, or try to hamper any plans the Senator might have first?
Benjamin Wolff: Information is the most useful weapon: I don't see anyone in New York being able to give us any. Unless his precog could tell us something useful, but yes: I suspect it is too limited..
Shatter: To the Ridge
Richard Anderson: Buckner Ridge
Benjamin Wolff: Ridge
Sander: Okay.
Benjamin Wolff: Ditch the van first though
Sander: In that case I recon we abandon the van somewhere it will get stolen.
Sander: How about harlme? With the keys in the ignition?
Richard Anderson: Let's put the van in a car park near the guy's apartment - we were supposed to be investigatin him anyhow
GM: (Harlem)
Shatter: Ben can you do a bit of your light magic to change the plate of a car?
Greg Davis: Ok, Richard Send him the message with your mobile number, at least we should try to contact him.
Shatter: No
Sander: Okay. Richard, Can you put the guys apartment on the SatNav?
Shatter: Its best to leave him completely unaware of us.
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: I agree - a number can be triangulated.
Richard Anderson: put apartment on satnav
Richard Anderson: OK - I'll leave it for now - I've his number and can locate the phone later - if he pops up and we need to
-> Richard Anderson: Guys phone just 'vanished' (assume you were still tracking him). Went into Maceys. Into Gents toilets. Phone vanished and he hasnt come out.
Rev (Shatter): Shatter's previous line was supposed to be "Greg, can you do a bit of yoru light magic to..."
Rev (Shatter): Not Ben
Richard Anderson: I think that we should get a rental - but under an alias - the easiest way would be for me to hack the system - put a false name and details in there and then for Ben to go in, pretending to be the false ID - I should be able to foll the computer into thinking it's been paid up for a few weeks
Hiding all die rolls
Sander: [1d20 = 17]
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): I guessed :)
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I don't have any illusion abilities. I can create light, dazzle, blast, create object, and turn myself invisible. I don't think I can do anything about the numberplates.
Richard Anderson: He's gone off the grid - vanished in a toilet in Maceys - don't know where he is now - so that makes our decision even righter
Shatter: Or I could go and pick up a car that'd suit us the best from the streets and Rich can do away with the stolen notice.
Rev (Shatter): Greg can't change the colour of objects trough changing the frequency of the light?
Benjamin Wolff: I would be more inclined to take a car that's been impounded for more than six months and rig the computer so it looked claimed.
Richard Anderson: Yeah - but with a rental - we've a choice of vehicle
Richard Anderson: Good call Ben
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: what vehicles are there in the nearby impounds - that have been there six months plus?
Shatter: The same goes for the streets and it might be faster. *Shrugs* Still, if you want to Rent, feel free
Sander: Richard, Can you hocus pocus us up some reason to go to Buckner Ridge? Some relatives to visit, or some sort of conference? In acse anyone asks why we are going there?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I don't think so, that a seperate power, Dec can I try using extreme effort?
Benjamin Wolff: Rentals tend to have hire-car markings which makes them more memorable.
Richard Anderson: No need - they'll think we're still here - that's why we're leaving the van
Richard Anderson: We've two jobs in this city - they'll just think we're under cover and following up on leads
-> Richard Anderson: Several Jeeps. couple of Suzuki off road things, some vans, Cabriollete or two, some pickups
Richard Anderson: Right - Jeep, Van, Suzuki offroad (yuck), Cabrio or pickup?
Declan: Sure - its just extra effort.
Richard Anderson: I reckon a van
Shatter nods
Richard Anderson: find the nearest to the car park where we're dropping off our van and look up the records and details
Benjamin Wolff: What vans lack in maneuverability, they make up for in privacy.
-> Richard Anderson: Okay.. you get the records
Greg Davis: (To Shatter) I might be able to do something about the van colour, but is it worth it if we can't do anything about the license, and are going to dump it anyway.
Shatter: Oh I was more thinking of masking parts of the license and changing the numbers around a bit. Though with Richard's tricks that might be unecessary
Shatter: Especially if we are to rent anyway
Benjamin Wolff: So long as the van's not got any clues to where we've gone, it should be OK. We might want to ditch some of our other traceables elsewhere - it would be a bit suspicious if they found it with all our phones and so on inside it.
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: test
Shatter: Or I could just put 'em all aside in case we need 'em alter
Declan: test recieved
Shatter: *later
Shatter: Even the van if I hvae to
Richard Anderson: I'm going to put details of the Van plus driver ID on my laptop screen
Richard Anderson: This van is in a nearby impound
Shatter: Want me to nab it?
Richard Anderson: I'll hack the police system to show that the fine's etc. have been paid
Shatter: Or you could do it like that
Richard Anderson: All we have to do is dump our van and then wander over that way and Shatter can just 'port in and drive it out
Benjamin Wolff: Someone still needs to drive it out. Don't want facial recognition.
Sander: [1d20 = 2]
Shatter: Just mark it as retreived in the records and I'll port the van out
Declan: Ouch (You'll find out) - not a good roll
Richard Anderson: That's why I want to be nearby - we wouldn't want the cameras to show anything
Benjamin Wolff: And driving out of a lockup without walking in... I think they might stopus and ask questions.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Hey - if that was a computer roll - assume I'm taking 10s unless the system warrants a higher roll!
Benjamin Wolff: How's about if you and I walk in, you take the cameras, I'll take the biological eyes, and we drive out?
Shatter: Or I could just port in, put the van into a pocket and port out.
Benjamin Wolff: Even better
Declan: lol
Benjamin Wolff: It's so nice to have options!
Shatter: No one'd ever know I was there and they'd think it was retreived if Richie makes the proper markings
Richard Anderson: Right - we'll go with Shatter's suggestion - pocket the van and I'll sort out the computer
Benjamin Wolff: Works for me.
Richard Anderson: and the cameras (smiles)
Shatter: Do you have anything else you need to do before we leave NY? I could get the van and meet you somewhere
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: If Richard could still change the records, it will stop them thinking it's been stolen or something. Getting stopped in a stolen car would be more trouble than we need just now.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Too late with the typing (again):)
Richard Anderson: sort out the van's records - so that it is now "clean"
-> Richard Anderson: Okay
Richard Anderson: Right are we done with this one? Let's pick up everything we need and leave it somewhere
Greg Davis: Ok, lets get all our equipment into Shatter's dimensional pocket.
Richard Anderson: Sorry Shatter - but you can carry the most stuff
Benjamin Wolff: It's a good skill.
Shatter: Sure, just hand the things you want me to handle to me
Benjamin Wolff: And it's also perfect shielding for things like phones and stuff.
Shatter holds his hand out. Anything touching it automaticaly disapears into the pocket
Declan: nice :)
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I'll pass all the equipment I can't easily carry to Shatter.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I've not got a lot of stuff - so I'll keep phones, laptop, taser, etc.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): The mobile definately need to go in - don't want that being traced.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I think the field kits that we took should go in - along with the shotguns, etc.
GM: the van you have a rather full gun cabinet - which Gordon filled for you. How much of that are you taking?
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Are our tasers confetti-ID'd? If so, we'd best avoid using them in the Ridge.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): All of it? - Shatter?
Greg Davis: Why all of it, of course:)
Campaign saved.
GM: Okay :)
Rev (Shatter): Well a handgun for Shatter would be nice but I haven't got the equipment points for it
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I think we're slightly off the map for points for guns at the moment :-)
GM: Dont worry about the equipment points for the moment - I'm sure anything you haven't paid for will vanish at some point for the moment dont worry about it
Rev (Shatter): heh like when Shatter ports another flaming guy into the pocket.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Right wen we most need it, I'll bet...
Shatter: OK, Shatter takes care of the weapons and makes an inventory of it so he can pull out a good handgun at a time of need
Rev (Shatter): Was supposed to be an action...
Richard Anderson: We may need to pick up some more mobiles - non-traceable ones
Shatter: Are we a few blocks from the guys house yet?
Shatter: We shouldn't get too close while the other team is looking for him
Sander: Oh.. I've been round the block three times waiting till you were ready.
Shatter: Right, pull a few blocks away then and we'll disenbark
Richard Anderson: How about - while Shatter gets the van - I order some online for store pickup pre paid ones (with chargers and bluetooth) and Ben picks 'em up?
Richard Anderson: Using false credentials, of course
Sander pulls over.
Shatter: I'm sure Greg could blind the cameras for him
Sander: Okay.. what now? We all get out here?
Shatter looks out form the window
Benjamin Wolff: Works for me
Campaign saved.
Sander: You are a few blocks from Simmon's place. The van is outside Eddie Rocket's Dinner.. Home fried burgers and fries.
You are a few blocks from Simmon's place. The van is outside Eddie Rocket's Dinner.. Home fried burgers and fries.
Richard Anderson: find nearest store that sells mobiles that also takes online orders for store pickup and get 6 nice phones (all the same) that are in stock plus a couple of car chargers
Greg Davis: I could create an illusion using extra effort (unfortunately a lot of the subtle things are still a bit beyond me).
Richard Anderson: use false credentials - obviously and fool the system into thinking payment has been made
-> Richard Anderson: Theres a Rdio Shack not far away.. maybe 300 yards. Its in a small shooping plaza.
Shatter: *Nods* I was thinking covering the cameras with something but you know the details better than I
-> Richard Anderson: Radio..Shop (spelling fixed)
Richard Anderson: I've sorted out the phones from a nearby Radio Shack - just need to pick 'em up
Richard Anderson: Apparently it's in a nearby "shooping" plaza
Greg Davis: Any hard-light object I could create blocking the camera's view, could be noticed.
Richard Anderson: Don't worry about cameras - they won't be working when we get the van (smiles)
Benjamin Wolff: Okie - shall I go pick them up then?
Shatter: I figure that the average worker at a radio shack isn't that attentive. But as I said, up to you
Richard Anderson: I'll go with Ben (but separately) to ensure that his card works in the machine and that no cameras see our shopping spree
Richard Anderson: Give Ben the name that I've used for the card - so that he can make an illusion of it when handing it over
Okay - to speed things up. The guy in Radio shack is half asleep. You tell him the order no. He gives you a box. Doesn't even enquire as to whats in it - tells you its already paid for.
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: [[Illusion: I'm some suitable nationality for the name on the card. I don't really care about anyone other than the guy I'm picking up from, but will project it to anyone I see anyway, just for practice' sake.
Richard Anderson: And the cameras "missed" us - somehow
Radio Shack guy: I'll need to swipe the card you ordered it on. So you can take it
Richard Anderson: I'll ensure that the machine reads the card as correct for the order
Shatter heads to the impound parking lot, scouts the area, jumps in, touches the car to put it into a pocket and jumps out.
Benjamin Wolff: Hand it over. Illusion: the name and signature are correct.
He swipes th card.
Radio Shack guy: Have a nice day. Don't forget your box.
Shatter: Once he's out he finds back alley where he takes the car out, fiddles with the wiring and gets it running, then drives to where he agreed to pick up the others
Richard Anderson: And hopefully - if I'm any good the machine behaves - but doesn't record Ben's details
Rev (Shatter): Again, action...
Benjamin Wolff: Thank him, leave. Try to look boring :)
Richard Anderson: I'll follow a minute later
Rev (Shatter): If shatter has any hardships during his trip, let me know and I'll slow down. Will roll if required as well
-> Shatter: You port in. You discover the Van Richard has located is sky blue with a custom orange and red flame job. The inside has red leather upholstery, and a 600 Watt sound system.
-> Shatter: It also looks like someone has spent thousands on custom engine work. You also notice a few bullet holes in the back door. The exterior metal works feen fixed, but the holes are still there in the internal inserts.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Oh well - was going to go with Shatter to duff up the cameras there too - too late
-> Shatter: Its not the most subtle van, but its definately had a lot of work done on it.
Shatter seems quite amused with the car
Richard Anderson: To Shatter - you got the van?
Rev (Shatter): Shatter can avoid and deal with cameras on his own, really. He's been trained in ubran stealth
-> Shatter: And you now have it pocketted
Shatter: Thank you
Shatter: Can I head to the others with flames blazing?
Campaign saved.
-> Shatter: Oh.. by custom flame job, I ment paint work..
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Ok, if we've got everything we need, I'll get behind the wheel - next stop Buckner Ridge.
Richard Anderson: Right guys - if we've got our "work" mobiles - it's time to turn them off
Richard Anderson: We'll charge up the new ones on the way
Greg Davis: Done, and in Shatter's pocket.
Shatter: I understood. Heh sorry for saying things in the more complicated manner
Richard Anderson: Turns mobile off and gives it to Shatter - when he gets back to us
Richard Anderson: WHat's up with the van Shatter?
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Mine off too - hopefully they'll just thing we went into a subway or soething.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): (And in Shatter's pocket)
Declan: (Going to try something - hope this works)
Greg Davis: Actually, remembering what happened on the outskirts of Unity, it might be worth getting a plausable cover story together - just in case we're stopped. Richard, what else is going on at Buckner Ridge, that we might be interested in?
Sahhter drives up looking rather amused. You discover the Van Richard has located is sky blue with a custom orange and red flame job. The inside has red leather upholstery, and a 600 Watt sound system.
Richard Anderson: look up the local news reports for Buckner Ridge - and nearby area
Benjamin Wolff: Ah nice to know we'll be inconspicuous.
GM: (shatter)
Richard Anderson: Result - some decent wheels!
Shatter honks proudly when he curves next to the streetwalk with a flourish
Greg Davis: And bound to attract the attention of every cop we pass:)
Declan: (The earlier roll was for finding an inconspicuous van)
Benjamin Wolff: I kind of feel I am not wearing nearly enough bling for this vehicle.
Rev (Shatter): I bet the horns play some quite a nifty latino tune
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): What went wrong?
Richard Anderson: There wasn't one - maybe we'll find some coke iunder the hub caps - or something
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: I think I'm not wearing the right kind of face for this vehicle:)
-> Richard Anderson: Buckner Bucks are playing the Adington Eagles later today. Protest at the church - something to do with local taxes. Public School is closeed today due to heating failure.
Richard Anderson: There's nothing really happening at Buckner - Football match, church protest and school closed due to heating failure.
Shatter opens the side door so everyone can get in
Richard Anderson: I say we just wander over that way and see what turns up - it's small town USA - how hard can it be?
Greg Davis: Can we claim to be passing through - what's happening further down the road?
Benjamin Wolff: Hops in.
Richard Anderson: Gets in the Van
Benjamin Wolff: We can always get a quieter van on the way.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): gets behind the wheel - unless shatter wants to drive.
Shatter: I quite like the leathering.
Shatter moves away from the drivers seat
Sander: Thanks Shatter.
Richard Anderson: Let's take it easy getting there - we've some phones to charge and I want to be rested - no need for speed is there?
Greg Davis: Yeah we're going to be really inconspicuous in the "pussy-mobile".
Sander: I'll get in the back if its okay. Had enough driving for a while
Shatter: You can see that the bottom of the front is open and some wires are hanging loose beneath the wheel.
Richard Anderson: Plugs in the first couple of phones to charge up
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: Why Shatter, you forgot the keys:)
Shatter: Didn't know where they were and it would've been a bit more of a hassle. Hopefully they won't notice anytime soon.
It looks like someones spend a fair few grand on custome engine work on this van, and a custom sound system. It also looks like its been through a few fire fights. Its been patched up nicely though.
Richard Anderson: When we get out of town - I'll try to sort out the wires and stuff to make it look not stolen
GM: Its going to take about 12 hours to get to Buckner Ridge. Are you driving through the night, or stopping somewhere?
Richard Anderson: I also think that we should get out of this 'hood quickly - don't want the van's real owners chasing us now do we?
Greg Davis: Unless you want to drive in shifts, stopping would be a good idea.
Richard Anderson: I recommend stopping also -= will give me a chance to work on the van
-> Richard Anderson: Its been in that lot 8 months. The reaql owner is unlikely to come back sson.
Rev (Shatter): How long you figure it would take Shatter to paint the van and for it to then dry? He was in the mobile corps back during his army time.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): we'll try and find a motel half way to Buckner Ridge.
Richard Anderson: can I use craft electronic and craft mechanical to jury rig something that allows us to start the van without looking like bare wires?
About 10pm you spot a motel off the highway. Better still its located next to a diner - so food is covered. Theres a hardware store across the street. Unfortunatley its already closed.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): we're not on any sort of timetable, so we could wait until you've finished the paint-job.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): "Unfortunately"?
MarkC (Richard Anderson): He's thinking of paint and tools
And you think you are probably now only 5 hours from BR
Campaign saved.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): We'll wait until tomorrow - no rush
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): I'm thinking of Shatter the Lightfingered, and not having to pay.
Rev (Shatter): That particular thought did cross my mind
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Why would we pay for anything?
GM (GM away from keyboard for 1 min - sorry)
GM (Back)
Declan: And nothing happened whilst I was alawy
Richard Anderson: We've got the options of a) use credit card and fudge the machine, b) ransack an ATM and use cash, c) Shatter 'ports the stuff out, d) I 'port the stuff out (if there's a computer in there) - Payment is not an option
Richard Anderson: We'll never be poor again though
Richard Anderson: We could even get cashback if we use a card when we buy it (smiles)
Declan: How quickly the law abiding government agents fall to theft when out of direct supervision :(
Greg Davis: I think paying the motel & diner in cash, or getting Richard to fudge to credit card machine might be a good idea.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Theft leaves less trail than credit card use
Richard Anderson: is there an ATM here?
Rev (Shatter): Shatter normally doesn't approve stealing, but when on a mission and attempting to uphold cover, he'll try to avoid any event where he'd have to deal with the public
Campaign saved.
-> Richard Anderson: Small town America ? Probably between 5 and 10 ATMs
Richard Anderson: Right guys - how much cash do we need?
Benjamin Wolff: But if a large amount of paint were found "missing" and people remembered some guys painting a van, then the police might be asked to look for said van. I think payment by someone who doesn't look like us.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Greg's not happy about it, but I've been out-voted by the less scrupuless members of the party:)
Richard Anderson: I've just got to visit a local cash mashine
Shatter: I was thinking that. Could just drive the van down the road a bit before painting. I'm not against paying but I'd rather get the paint job done before heading for bed.
Shatter: Just so it gets a bit of a time to dry
Richard Anderson: Will it dry in your pocket?
Shatter: Not sure but do we have some other ways of movement while it does?
-> Shatter: You have no idea - you've never tried to dry something in the pocket before.
Shatter: Figured as much. Thanks
Richard Anderson: by the way - I check on the camera records in Mr. Simmons' place of work - do they show the abduction attempt?
Benjamin Wolff: Painting it in the pocket could be bad for your health.
Shatter shrugs
Shatter: Or we could go like this and dump the car some 20 miles from the town
Shatter: No reason to drive fires blasin' into a quiet little place like that and without the car we can avoid being seen altother. Even less gossip that way
Campaign saved.
-> Richard Anderson: No.. thats been wiped. But they do show Simmon's appearing again AFTER the abduction. Precisely where he would have been 5 mins earlier. You have eidetic memory - it was precisely the same spot and same pose.
Richard Anderson: what did he do after that?
Richard Anderson: Hmm - that's interesting (Rich mumbles to himself)
Greg Davis: Ok, we could make camp where we leave the van and use your teleportation to move around. It could take us several day to properly plan a raid on the prison.
-> Richard Anderson: He ran to the fire escape. You saw all that. In fact you are pretty sure that the appearing in the seat in the conference room appeared as he vanished from the roof. (Some sort of temporal power?)
Shatter: Or better yet, I can put the van into the pocket while we move around so we'll have our escape vehicle ready
Greg Davis: That's good too:)
Richard Anderson: I reckon I jhave an ide how our Mr. Simmons' power work ( still mumbling)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): My fingers are too fat - can't type
Declan: If you are going to put a vehicle in your pocket and use that to camp you really should have gone for an RV :)
Richard Anderson: Guys - I think that our precog friend doesn't teleport - he actually jumps back in time a few minutes to replay the events
Richard Anderson: sort of
Shatter: Based on?
Greg Davis: Sounds plausible - how did you work that out.
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: He appeared in exactly the same spot and pose in the offices that he was 5 mins earlier as he disappeared from the roof
Benjamin Wolff: Or he could just freeze time in place and walk off.
Benjamin Wolff: Ak OK
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Ah*
Richard Anderson: And I mean exactly - but just 5 mins later - as if he had edited out that 5 mins from his life
Has anyone booked into the motel yet? (I haven't spotted anyone saying they were)
Shatter: That's not really replaying, just restoring an old status, partly.
Richard Anderson: I'll get a few hundred bucks from the neares cash machine
Greg Davis: not yet.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Not me. Just been sitting in the van idly :)
Shatter is waiting for the others to move and follows them if they do.
Richard Anderson: Right - let's book in shall we
Richard Anderson: we'll be paying cash
Manager: Evening Gentlemen. How many rooms will you want?
Greg Davis: Following that reasoning he might not even be a precog. He just witnesses the events, and then jumps back in time to take advantage of them.
Richard Anderson: I'd suggest a couple of rooms and that we share - I'd hate for one of us to vanish in the night
Manager: Two rooms, is it? That will be $30 a room. Will you be taying long?
Greg Davis: You have a point - hope nobody snores:)
Richard Anderson: a couple of nights I think
Manager: Okay. I'm going to need a card to swipe.
Richard Anderson: Do you take cash?
Manager: Sure. But you'll have to pay up front for everything..movies too.
Manager: And you wont be able to use the phone.
Richard Anderson: no probs - peels off enough to cover two nights plus movies and hands it over
MarkC (Richard Anderson): last part was an action
Campaign saved.
Manager: Thanks. You can pick up your change when you check out.
Richard Anderson: Is the food nextdoor any good?
Manager: Here you go. Rooms 11 and 14. Want me to show you where they are?
Richard Anderson: It's OK - we'll find them
Manager: Next door? Its not bad, but the Steak house down the roads better.
Richard Anderson: Thanks - we'll try there then - see you later
Richard Anderson: Anyone for steak?
Manager: Night Gentlemen.
Greg Davis: Sounds good to me.
Richard Anderson: Heads off towards the steak house
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I follow.
Benjamin Wolff: I also.
Shatter goes along
Richard Anderson: I'm thinking along the lines of meal - couple of beers, bed, wake up, buy paint and tools, drive off and paint the van in the morning and fix the wiring
Shatter: Fine by me.
Greg Davis: Sounds like a plan.
The steak house is pretty good. The place is packed, but you get a table after a few minutes. The steaks are large, and well cooked. The beer is reasonably cheap - but only comes by the jug. The waitresses are all dressed like Daisy Duke.
Shatter: Anything on the news front?
Richard Anderson: after that - let it dry and then head off to Buckner ridge
Richard Anderson: any local news happening that might interest us?
Richard Anderson: and any sign of John Simmons?
The night goes uneventfully. In the morning the hardware store has all your pain (and lock) requirements.
Campaign saved.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Pain & lock? You didn't mention it was an S&M hardware store!
Greg Davis: Can't think of anything else. presumably we're going to stealth it, and if you can download the information from a remote location - so much the better.
-> Richard Anderson: Someone reported Simmons missing. Police put out an APB. No sightings.
Greg Davis: lol
Richard Anderson: Ooh - police are looking for Simmons
Declan: (painT)
Greg Davis: What's he supposed to have done?
Shatter checks the news before going to bed and listens to them in the morning while dressing, just in case there's something relevant reported.
Richard Anderson: just reported missing - they wouldn't look for 24 hours normally for a missing person?
-> Richard Anderson: Depends who raised the APB and how much clout team 7 has.
Richard Anderson: there's an APB - "missing person" apparently
Nothing on the local news of interest
Richard Anderson: I think that Team 7 have been throwing their weight around
Greg Davis: Hopefully that means they haven't found him.
The national news headline is about Pro-Paragon rights protests in washington. Protestors have been gathering all night for a rally. Riot police have been called in from surounding counties.
Greg Davis: Whens the rally going to take place?
Richard Anderson: When we head in the morning out I'll give the keys back to the manager
Campaign saved.
So far there has been no violence.. The rally is supposed to be taking place at 10, with a march to Monument square
Richard Anderson: I look for a secluded spot on the map between here and Buckner where we could paint the van out of sight of the road and rest up for a few hours while it dries
Richard Anderson: I think we might keep an eye on that while the paint dries?
Benjamin Wolff: I feel so sorry for those riot police if anything kicks off though.
-> Richard Anderson: You find somewhere appropriate - an old barn - deserted for some time
'Greg Davis' disconnected
Shatter , after the groups drives off the road to somewhere a bit more secluded, works on the car and paints it green with the equpment he got from the hardware store
Benjamin Wolff: And something kicking off would be verymuch in the governor's interest so I daresay it will.
Richard Anderson: This is what the government wants - they'll engineer a confrontation - patriot will "handle" it and the government will look good, pro paragons will look bad
Richard Anderson: We drive off to the deserted barn that I found
Richard Anderson: And do the business with the van
Declan: Lost one :(
Benjamin Wolff: We are too skeptical, you and I. Surely it will just be a peaceful protest and then they will all go home, happy that their point was well made?
Richard Anderson: after that - we'll listen to the news (and I'll check the networks) and wait for the paint to dry enough to drive
Richard Anderson: Yeah - right - any bets?
Shatter: Who knows. There's really no way to control a mob once it breaks but Washington has a reputation of fairly organized demonstrations
'Greg Davis' connected
Whilst you are painting the van you listen in to the protest. Its not being covered on any of the TV stations which seems odd, but there as a few radio stations covering it.
Richard Anderson: I'll find some online coverage and stream it to my laptop
Greg Davis: Back Again:)
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Are we still alive?
Richard Anderson: and have I sorted out the "wiring" problem?
Rev (Shatter): We are
Rev (Shatter): for ten minutes at least.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): but only just - aliens landed - Shatter was wounded - it was terrible
Greg Davis: Why, what's happening?
The reporter on the radio is apparently on the steps near monument square with camera men and press watching the crowd, so someone is filming.
Richard Anderson: check the TV networks and see if there's footage being stored somewhere - if so - nab it and stream it
Greg Davis: It's probably all going to kick-off, which is going to be really bad for the para-normal cause. But I don't see that there's much we can do about it.
Richard finds some video and starts to stream it.
Richard Anderson: time to watch the fireworks - want to start a sweep on how many minutes before Patriot comes along?
Richard Anderson: I say 9
The march is just passing through some gates into a park when a guy in Priest robes charges forward, yelling something about 'Spawns of Satan' and 'Evil powers' and throws water on the crowd.
Benjamin Wolff: Five, here
Greg Davis: I imagine he's already there.
Richard Anderson: I mean until he starts kicking ass
Shatter seems visibly offended by the priests actions
Greg Davis: A really suspicious person would think that the Senator could have people infiltrated into the crowd, just to make sure things go with a "bang".
Richard Anderson: Shatter - don't take it personally - he could just be a plant to start things off
Campaign saved.
Someone in the crowd tries to push him away and he starts yelling about 'Unclean puveyors of Sin.'
Richard Anderson: yup - a plant
Richard Anderson: only a government agent would use "purveyors" in a sentence
Someone else pushes him and he goes down.
Hiding all die rolls
Shatter shrugs
Manager: [1d20 = 5]
It looks staged to you
Shatter: I suppose its a valid theological argument, in the end. Just that this is not how Gods work should be done.
Benjamin Wolff: Anyone we recognise in the crowd?
Richard Anderson: I'm assuming that all of our phones/laptops are now charged and that everyone has their shiny new mobile
-> Richard Anderson: Yup
Greg Davis: You better tape this Richard. If we can identify the ring-leaders, it might help us prove it was a set-up later.
Richard Anderson: recording it
Richard Anderson: It's streaming to the laptop - so it'll get recorded by default
SOmeone screams in the crowd. The camera pans up to catch bricks been thrown into the crowd. There appears to be someone on the far side of the crowd lying face down.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I'm really not optomistic about that, but it's about the only thing we can try to make things better.
Richard Anderson: I'm soooo glad we're not there though
Then the camera pans upwards suddenly and you realise whoever is holding it is trying to get out of there fast.
Benjamin Wolff: I'm surprised we've not seen any powers yet.
Greg Davis: What about other camera feeds?
Richard Anderson: any other viewpoints that I can use - cctv or something?
Greg Davis: Give it time.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Greg - you type too fast :-)
Shatter just turns away without comment and checks the condition of the van
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): only sometimes:)
Richard switches to another feed. A police CCTV located near the monument.
Campaign saved.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Just time for the big finale before the end of the session
There appears to be someone brutally hitting a guy on the ground with a brick. He's stopped in mid attack as sticky stuff appears to have caught him mid swing.
Greg Davis: Now would be a really good time for Patriot to appear, and appeal for calm - (what are the chances of that happening):(
Richard Anderson: I think that your 5 mins was better than my 9 (grins)
People are running in all directions. It strikes you that the few powers you can see on display are trying to calm things down
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Now just wait for something really BAD to happen:(
Richard Anderson: Great - they try to help and I'll bet they get blamed
Then you see the riot police start to move in.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Here it comes:(
Richard Anderson: Bet the riot police go for the Paragons
Benjamin Wolff: Hope tere are some decent powers in there - simply moving the riot police out of harm's way would keep it nice and quiet.
Greg Davis: no bet:(
It looks like the police have specific orders to take out anyone with powers first.
-> Richard Anderson: That original cameraman is back up and has a ring side seat
Richard Anderson: split screen the original footage with the CCTV
Greg Davis: The chances of this staying nice and quiet are between slim and zero:(
They start firing tear gas into the crowd.
Richard Anderson: the laptop now show 2 views - one from a cameraman on the ground
Campaign saved.
Split srcreen - thanks to Richard.
On the close up you can see a Police riot officer swinging wildly at a Paragon. He swings five times in quick order - each blow looks like it would hurt badly, possibly break bones. The paragon is backing uyp, blocking each blow with some sort of red energy shield
Then as the last blow almsot hits him the Paragon gets desperate and hits the cop under the jaw with one of those red shields.
Richard Anderson: Nearly time for the big P
Richard Anderson: And here we go...
Greg Davis: Yeah, there's going to be a few more residents in Buckner Ridge tomorrow:(
Moment later the Paragon is ripped from the ground. The camera pans up to show Patriot pulling him from the crowd and throwing the poor guy away from the fight. You dont see it but you dont want top think how he landed.
Richard Anderson: how many minutes?
Greg Davis: That's the Patriot we know and love - a nice proportionate response:(
Patriot then decends into the crowd to help the policeman and all hell breaks loose. It looks like the Paragons in the crowd dont like him.
Benjamin Wolff: Betcha that footage never makes it to the news without heavy editing.
Richard Anderson: Hey - that was mild for Patriot - last time he came in at about mach 3 didn't he?
Declan: 4 minutes by the way
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: Bugger - 4 minutes - good job on guessing 5
Benjamin Wolff: What do I win?
Richard Anderson: You can be first to shake his hand when we next meet him
Benjamin Wolff: First hit at him if we ever have to?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): We keep taping everything. Once we get the information from Buckner Ridge, we'll see what we can do to make things right.
Benjamin Wolff: Ah good.
You can spot the footage they are going to use. Patriot bending over to help a fallen cop whilst someone hits him with what looks like half a tree will probably feature.
Richard Anderson: Yeah - we've got the footage - if it needs releasing. I might have to consider You Tube
Greg Davis: Shame the real footage will eventually get leaked:)
Richard Anderson: I think that's it for tonight as well - 10.07 now
Greg Davis: Ok
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Good ending! :)
The bit where three riot police pick on some poor unfortunate 13 or 14 year old with wings, smash him within an inch of his life and throw him in the back of the van may not feature as heavily.
Greg Davis: It will by the time we're through:)
Richard Anderson: Shatter - your call mate - when do you want this footage "leaking" I'm sure that it will show things in a better light for the Paragons
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: What we need is a really good PR agency, and enough money to make them really run with this.
GM: Twenty minutes later.. the fight has backed up to the Park Lake. A group of Paragons appear to be behind some sort of glowing shield. Patriot, two paragons with him and a lot of police officers appear to be forcing them back. Then a single bullet goes through the shiel;d
Twenty minutes later.. the fight has backed up to the Park Lake. A group of Paragons appear to be behind some sort of glowing shield. Patriot, two paragons with him and a lot of police officers appear to be forcing them back. Then a single bullet goes through the shiel;d
Shatter: Well, no time like now but you can't spend too much time on it.
Shatter: Feel free to place it somewhere on the internet but I would not be surprised if you'd be unable to keep it there without extreme effort
Greg Davis: A steady drip, drip, drip of information, alway makes things look bad. You know - just when they think they've squirmed out of one problem, hit them with the next piece of footage
Richard Anderson: We'll do it next sesh then - time to call it a night I think
Shatter: Not that I know much of the workings of the thing, but the goverment has long arms
GM: One of the Paragons falls. Another becomes absolutely furious, flies directly through the barrier, causing it to shatter, claps his hands and the tremour throws everyone from their feet (including the camera man). One they sort themselves out the Paragons (and the police officer who fired) are all gone.
One of the Paragons falls. Another becomes absolutely furious, flies directly through the barrier, causing it to shatter, claps his hands and the tremour throws everyone from their feet (including the camera man). One they sort themselves out the Paragons (and the police officer who fired) are all gone.
Benjamin Wolff: Goven the press seems to have been told not to cover it live, it would be best to find what chennel they are told these things through, and take control of it, so it lookd like the government *wants* them to cover what we are feeding them.
GM (aahh.. I just looked at clock !!)
GM We are over time guys. Sorry
Rev (Shatter): No problem, I'm in no hurry
GM Not sure where all the time goes each week.
Richard Anderson: yah - got to go me - so see you all next time
Greg Davis: Ok - great session, see you next week:)
Benjamin Wolff: Yea fun session :D
Campaign saved.
Okay.. to speed things up I'm going to start next week on the outskirts of Buckner Ridge - nothing happens before you get there.
Richard Anderson: Good job peeps - we didn't get shot at or attacked in any way - lovely
Richard Anderson: night all
Well nothing worth covering in detail anyway.
Shatter: Night
Declan: Night all
'MarkC' disconnected
Benjamin Wolff: Good night! :)
'Greg Davis' disconnected
'Dewi Morgan' disconnected