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GM: test
Declan: Noone here :(
Guess I'll have to wait
GM Waits
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'MarkC' connected
GM: Hello
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Hi there
GM: Just you at the mo
'Greg Davis' connected
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Just looked at the chat in Skype - the others should be here soon
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Is Al due?
Greg Davis: Hi Mark:)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Hi there matey
GM: I emailed him.. no answer though.
Richard Anderson: What about Dewi? he's online but "not available"?
GM: Fingers crossed..hopefully he'll be here soon
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Declan: Been very busy getting ready to run Savage Tides (the Dungeon Magazine 12 part campaign) using Iron Heroes (D&D Varient).
'Dewi Morgan' connected
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Ooh - for who?
Declan: Hi Dewi
Greg Davis: Hi Dewi:)
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Hi - sorry I'm late (again!)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Hi Dewi
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Declan: Lots of local people - tabletop. You'll know Iain, Jenny and Rob. I don't think you know Tim or Matthew
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Cool - back to tabletop - have you finished the jigsaw then?
Declan: But its been a long time since I've been able to get 5 people together on one night for table top, so I'm pretty enthusiastic about it
Declan: Just blue squares left - I should have seen that coming with an undersea jigsaw
Benjamin Wolff: Whoo, tabletopyou jammy buggers :P
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Anyone knowany good 3d animators? Or have Iasked you that already?
Declan: Well we are starting on trhe 6th Feb - Iain's on holiday till the 3rd, but we have generated characters.. so we are well on the way.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Not off the top of my head 0 but I could ask around at work
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Is Shatter joining us tonight?
Declan: I know some good 3d modellers, but they do still images from 3d matrixes
Declan: He said he was just logging in - 11 minutes ago !!
Declan: Oh.. no. That was Richard.
Declan: Rev hasn't said anything.
Benjamin Wolff: Ah - I need low-poly artists and animators for this MMO thingy I'm working on.
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Declan: Need any beta testers?
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): And why do I keep getting the OOC thing wrong? I shouldn't have had that second glass of wine with dinner.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): yeah - I volunteer too
Declan: I think we give Rev and Al 5 more mins then kick off
Greg Davis: Ok
'Rev' connected
Richard Anderson: Shatter is on his way
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Not ready for betatesting anything for ages yet, I think. If I don't get a really good sales-pitch demo that pratchett loves enough to give me a bigger license, then never :(
GM: To get you happy while you wait I'll give you something from that file you have
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Hi Rev:)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): THis is all on my laptop for people to look at - so that's fine
Rev (Shatter): Hi there, sorry for being late
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Hi Rev
Rev (Shatter): was watching a movie with friends and it went overtime. Did I miss anything?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): No we haven't started yet.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): What's VTOT? *googles*
Last session Sander was in the driving seat and you were heading towards New York
MarkC (Richard Anderson): "Checkpoint Charlie" are you seroius?
MarkC (Richard Anderson): "Checkpoint Charlie" - are you serious?
Richard Anderson: test
Declan: On the news the live TV announcement is being made
On the news the live TV announcement is being made
MarkC (Richard Anderson): test
Rev (Shatter): We see you Mark
Declan: Test recieved
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'MarkC' disconnected
'MarkC' connected
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): and then there were three:)
Declan: That means I need to reshare the maps :(
Declan: Got the maps Mark?
MarkC (Richard Anderson): as I was trying to say "Checkpoint Charlie" - are you serious? (and yes)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): that's better
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Are these the maps for the prison in Virginia?
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I'm guessing yes
Colonel Anna Fraiser and Patriot are doing most of the talking
MarkC (Richard Anderson): That's going to be "interesting" to break into
Richard Anderson: They are?
Richard Anderson: My hearing must have improved in that case
Then the press try to ask questions. Patriot puts his foot in it several times. You can see the Colonel wishing he'd shut up.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Are we watching this on TV or something?
Greg Davis: Ha ha ha
Declan: I presume you'll watch it?
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I think I missed a bit
Richard Anderson: Shall we get rid of the girl first?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): yeah we should find out what sort of trouble they're dropping us into.
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-> Richard Anderson: There are lots of other schematics - appart from those two maps by the way, now all on your laptop
Greg Davis: What do you think we should do with her - we can't really let her go if she intends to kill the Senator.
Richard Anderson: I suggest we write her a note telling her that we're not "the bad guys" (we didn't kill her) and maybe 'port her somewhere with the note in her posession (and maybe a mobile phone too - so we can easily contact her)
Shatter: I don't exactly see that as the reason for not letting her go
Richard Anderson: I'm not too fussed about her killing the Senator - I'm a little inclined that way myself!
Shatter: Or we could just dump her in some river without a word
Shatter: I still don't see a reason to make any kind of an impression on her
Richard Anderson: If we can at least sow a seed of doubty - it may make a difference if our paths cross again?
Shatter shrugs
Greg Davis: If she kills the Senator after they introduce the registration act, it's just going to re-inforce their claims that para-normals are dangerous.
Richard Anderson: Shatter - can you hold her while we watch the broadcast?
Rev (Shatter): I assume we have a TV on the van to distract us during a stakeout etc?
Richard Anderson: I can sort that...
Shatter: Hopefully. I'd rather listen to this as well before bothering with her
Richard Anderson: get the tv signal from an online feed and stream it to the laptop
Declan: All your laptops have TV cards
Benjamin Wolff: Would it be worth using gather info on her to see if she knows anything we need, rather than my RPing another interrogation? I asked last time but never got an answer.
Richard Anderson: or use the TV card (blush)
Colonel Anna Fraiser: Richards laptop starts showing live TV
Declan: You've pretty much got the key points from her (to save another full session interrogating her)
Richard Anderson: Hope I got the right channel and not the ADult Network again
Campaign saved.
-> Shatter: The girl, who I believe is still in your ocket dimension has settled down - no size changes.
Richard Anderson: I suggest that we buy a cheap pay as you go phone (with cash) and stick it, with a note, next to Marion when we release her. Any other ideas - apart from the obvious dump her in a river - which won't do much if she turns into a fish
Richards PC bleeps half way through the PRA announcement and the 'new mail' popup appears for a couple of secs
Shatter: thanks, and yeah, she'd be there
Richard Anderson: read the mail - without disrupting the signal - and how is my computer connected - I didn't do that?
-> Richard Anderson: Email from Gordon. Wishing you luck. The link in his signature, which is usually to the PRA website homepage appears to point to a different location to normal
Richard Anderson: I was interfacing the feed directly - or, more probably, just using the TV card
Greg Davis: Richard
Richard Anderson: Yeah?
Greg Davis: I know we're not supposed to contact the shield building - but could you get a message to Gordon without it being intercepted.
Shatter: No outside contact
-> Richard Anderson: Looks to be a link to a webpage with a password. Takes you a couple of milliseconds to get passed that - to just a page with two IP addresses, a key file (168 bit) and a key generator program
Richard Anderson: is there a nearby wireless network? If so - look up that weblink - without using the laptop
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: Yeah I know, but if we can get in touch with Gordan, you could
Richard Anderson: I think Gordon's given us a way to contact him securely (ish)
Richard Anderson: backtrack the IPs - subtly
Greg Davis: 'port the girl into his custody, where she could be properly interrogated - without us having to answer any awkward question, like why we were at the Senator's in the first place.
-> Richard Anderson: Looks like a message drop. 1 message waiting for collection - encrypted.
Richard Anderson: pull it and decrypt
-> Richard Anderson: IP address is registered to a warehousing firm in Washington.
Colonel Anna Fraiser: [1d20 = 14]
Richard Anderson: into my head 1st
Hiding all die rolls
Shatter: I'm opposed to that. Gordon worls for the senator who is in charge of PRA. We can't have anything linking us to what happened at his place within the PRA facilities
Declan: Should have been hidden
Richard Anderson: Wait a sec guys - could be something interesting here...
Shatter: Look, lets just watch what the TV says and discuss this then. But I don't think you guys understand how hard it is to work covertly in the modern world
-> Richard Anderson: As you are pulling it you realise that there is a read counter, so you drop the figure back down by one (so it looks unread)
Benjamin Wolff: Could we just keep her in the pocket, and port in more air and food and such when needed? Kindaa nice having a shapechanging animal summonner to create a diversion when we need it.
Greg Davis: You have a point - but we could try to encourage Gordon to "mislay" the paperwork, until we get those files to the press - after that the Senator's going to be too busy to worry about us.
Shatter shakes his head to Greg
Shatter: I say we go completely dark
MarkC (Richard Anderson): sorry for hogging the GM - I'm sure we want to hear the broadcast too - but there's something else
-> Richard Anderson: File is short - John Simmons. 4312 42nd Street New York - office address. Pull for investigation. Danger potential low. Neutralise before capture. PA may allow escape.
Shatter: From here on we rely only on our selves, that's the only way to survive this mess and maybe make a difference.
Richard Anderson: pull any details that I can on John Simmons
Shatter: If somoene wants to drop out, they're free. In fact they can drive this van to New York.
Campaign saved.
Shatter: But what I think we need to do is to get to that facility mentioned in the documents, get to the bottom of it and then deal with it ourselves, without any outside crutches
Richard Anderson: I think we should go to New York anyway - Gordon's left a breadcrumb that leads that way - a Chap called John Simmons
-> Richard Anderson: Easy one. Gordon showed you the file. One of his coworkers is claiming he's suing some sort of power for insider trading.
Greg Davis: Ok.
Shatter: Its very uncommon for Shatter to open up and hold a speech like this
Benjamin Wolff: Without a leader and superiors, we are no better than the rogue paragons. Covert or not, Gordon is that leader. He's requested we go to NY and then get lost, and that seems like the wise course. Then hit the facility, definitely.
Declan: On the TV Colonel Anna Fraiser is announcing the terms of the new registration act. Only Paragons with potentially harmful abilities will have the nature of theior abilty recorded,
On the TV Colonel Anna Fraiser is announcing the terms of the new registration act. Only Paragons with potentially harmful abilities will have the nature of theior abilty recorded,
On the TV Colonel Anna Fraiser is announcing the terms of the new registration act. Only Paragons with potentially harmful abilities will have the nature of theior abilty recorded,
Declan: Help.. client gone odd :(
Richard Anderson: Right, Gordon's dropped me a file on this John Simmons chap in NY - with an address. He "may" have some sort of power as he's been accused of using it for insider trading
Shatter: Rogue is exactly the word for us now. We're not answering to anyone, not to PRA, not to Gordon.
but all Paragons will need to register for testing (to determine if their abilities qualify as dangerous)
Richard Anderson: That could be precog, sense, computer or something equally useful. As the plan was to go there and get lost before moving on to Virginia - how about picking him up on the way?
Richard Anderson: Shatter - are you OK mate - you're not usually this.... talkative?
Shatter shrugs
Campaign saved.
Shatter: Found out I was poisoned by my employer that I had finally starting to trust. Had better days. *Said quite bitterly*
The governemnt is going to instigate a series of tests at high school level, to locate Paragon's, however this testing is unproven, so it will be the responsibility of any missed Paragons to 'reveal' their abilities
Colonel Anna Fraiser: As far as you know there is no definative way to test for Paragons
GM: As far as you know there is no definative way to test for Paragons
Greg Davis: Yeah good luck with that one Anna:)
Richard Anderson: This is complete bullshit that she's selling - I can see squads of superpowered and normal goons rounding up people like the holocaust in WW2
Richard Anderson: I'm not liking this at all
Finally Colonel Anna Fraiser announces that the PRA will be responsible for tracking down 'Rogue' Paragons...
Richard Anderson: Ooh - proven right so quickly - I hate that
Greg Davis: That's the point I've been trying to make - We can't fan the flames of their paranoia, we've got to discredit them.
The first question from the press is why neither the director, nor assistant director of the PRA are present to answer questions.
Shatter: Exactly the reason to go so down under and cover that no one even knows we're alive
Richard Anderson: I'm with Shatter on this - we go dark - I'll keep track of the drop box that Gordon's set up but I won't use it unless we're in dire need
Richard Anderson: I'm thinking - stage an "accident" with ourselves as the victims
Benjamin Wolff: That would probably also put Gordon in less danger himself, I agree.
-> Richard Anderson: Someone else just accessed that drop box. You get the IP address.. its an Internet Cafe in Boston.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Greg sighs unhappily.
Shatter: Sometimes the only way to quarantee a safe future for the public is to hide on top of a roof, take an aim at the right head an pull the trigger.
Shatter: That's exactly the situation we're in now.
Richard Anderson: Hmm - someone in Boston just accessed the same data on this NY guy that I've got - I reckon one of the search and apprehend teams will be on their way to nab the guy - anyone fancy getting us an ally?
-> Richard Anderson: They left a response. 'Team 7. Orders recieved."
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: If we become terrorists, john Q Public is never going to trust us again.
Richard Anderson: Yup - Team 7 - that's the neural suppressor bloke
Greg Davis: Yeah
Shatter: We don't need public trust. We need the public to stay ignorant on us
Richard Anderson: I'm not thinking terrorists - I'm thinking off the radar - find out what's goiung on and reveal the bad stuff - the public will eat 'em alive
Shatter nods a bit
Greg Davis: That's kind of hard when you're out their bumping off politicians.
Richard Anderson: Not the idea - he'll get his when the info gets out - but we have to get all of the facts
Benjamin Wolff: If it's already known that we are going to investigate that guy, then surely the only reason they would be accessing that information is to find where we are likely to be? To find us, not him?
Shatter: I'd be bad at what I do if I'd let 'em know it was me. But I agree with Rich, information is where to start
Richard Anderson: is there anywhere nearby that sells mobile phones?
-> Richard Anderson: Since you have Eidetic memory - from session 9 - Team seven is lead by Paul Crane, said to generate a neural suppression field.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I agree (previous post was in response to shatter):)
-> Richard Anderson: Lots of little shops
Richard Anderson: - read my comment above
Richard Anderson: I'm going to pop out and buy a mobile phone (or three) unless anyone objects?
Benjamin Wolff: No complaints here.
Shatter shrugs again, his eyes still on the broadcast
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Who's closer us, or Team 7 (my georgraphy's useless)?
Richard Anderson: Does someone want to compose a little note?
Sander pulls to the side of the road next to a 'Mobile Superstore'. It doesn't look particularly super, but it does sell phones
Benjamin Wolff: Team 7 may be hunting us - we should establish their purpose in finding that man before we make contact.
Greg Davis: No problems.
Richard Anderson: takes off balaclava and gloves, checks wallet for cash and gets out of the van
Declan: Not much in it, but Boston is marginally closer
Campaign saved.
Shatter nods to Ben
Shatter: I'd find it unlinkely that they'd send the covert op after the same target they send the public one
Shatter: Could get awfully embarrasing quick
Richard Anderson: I'll buy 2 cheap pre paid phones
In the store a friendly asian guy with a book on Company Law looks up, and asks if he can help you.
Richard Anderson: I'm fudging the local video surveillance so that I'm not the person on the cameras
He passes over two pre-paids, and tells you that will be $120.
-> Richard Anderson: ok
Richard Anderson: Hands over $120
He seems more interested in his text book than customers.
He grabs the money and quickly tanks you.
Richard Anderson: Goes back to van with phones
Benjamin Wolff: Just on the offchance, might be worth ensuring tht the security recordings didn't.
Richard Anderson: I'll turn on the phones and make sure that I know their ids and numbers for future reference
Richard Anderson: Wayyyy ahead of you there (smiles)
-> Richard Anderson: Ok - looks like they need charging. They are both on their last bar
Benjamin Wolff: Excellent. You are indeed the man.
Sander starts up the van and starts heading towards New York
Greg Davis: Perhaps we could get a bit of a lead on team 7 with a series of 'ports (looks enquiringly at Shatter)?
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: I'll plug my charger in and start charging one of the phones from the lighter socket
MarkC (Richard Anderson): action damnit
Rev (Shatter): How well does Shatter know the way from washington to NY? Mostly the little road. He has Eidetic memory so he can remember where he's been but not sure how much he's travelled the region
Declan: Sander starts up the van and starts heading towards New York (Unless you really want to port and leave the van?)
Richard Anderson: I think we'll take the van for now and, when we get nearer think of a way to "disappear"
Rev (Shatter): Shatter can portal the whole Van, actually
Declan: Oh..the fastest way is definately straight along the interstate..
Greg Davis: How about if Richard show you shots from traffic cameras?
Rev (Shatter): At least with the long distance portal. Just not sure if he knows the destination well enough to do it
Benjamin Wolff: Since we're likely being tracked by the van, it would look kinda weird if we were to start jumping.
Declan: lol - okay.. by porting the Van you can cut that to about an hour (and no break)
Benjamin Wolff: Then again I guess we're sorta expected to be a little weird.
Rev (Shatter): Shatter can't open portals trough videos
Greg Davis: I think Richard disabled the tracker when we left the Shield building.
Rev (Shatter): the One time he did it was a minor mistake
Benjamin Wolff: Ah OK.
Declan: Shatter knows the way well enough
Benjamin Wolff: We still need to ditch the van once we get to the city.
Rev (Shatter): Then that's what we do. *grins*
-> Shatter: Shatter now has 3 surge (1 for porting the group from Unity, 1 for porting Richard from Unity and you just gained another surge point - whatever they are)
Rev (Shatter): Wait, lemme check one thing
MarkC (Richard Anderson): However - when Shatter portalled me - it was from an area that he'd already seen
Rev (Shatter): How long was the trip again?
Rev (Shatter): True
MarkC (Richard Anderson): The video feed was just giving him information about my exact location within that area
Campaign saved.
Rev (Shatter): Good point
Rev (Shatter): Actually, shatter can open a portal anywhere
Greg Davis: Ok
Declan: The trip takes under and hour - well under - maybe 45 minutes, and most of that time is spent starting the van up and driving through Shatters portals (stopping and starting)
Rev (Shatter): as long as he can describe the location, he doesn't have needed to be there or see it. It's the Accurate Power Feat
Rev (Shatter): Meaning he should in fact be able to portal with video images.
Richard Anderson: Right - I think that getting there as quickly as possible and then losing the van would be best - maybe out to sea somewhere - with the tracker disabled
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): What about portalling with a map that has fences and checkpoints on?
Greg Davis: Ok, how much lead time do we have on Team 7?
Richard Anderson: I'll write a note to Marion too - along the lines stated before
GM: Assuming they are driving - maybe an hour
Richard Anderson: do a tripfinder from the internet cafe in Boston to the address in NY - using legal limits
Benjamin Wolff: How fast can we find this guy then? Do we know where he's likely to be?
Greg Davis: Can you trace him Richard?
Richard Anderson: Got his address (somewhere - it's off the top of the page now)
Richard Anderson: I could call him
-> Richard Anderson: It says you can do it in 55 minutes. It also says you can drive through the Jursey Turnpike passed a Dodgers game at pitchoff at 55 mph!!
-> Richard Anderson: Whilst you know 2mph bumper to bumper is more plausible
Benjamin Wolff: Best not to let him knw we're coming, perhaps. But selling him double glazing might work.
Richard Anderson: look up the phone number for this chap in the white pages. Also - see if there are any records that can show his mobile number - bills, then backtrack to the phone company, etc.
Greg Davis: If you've got a mobile number, could you trace that?
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): We might even make a profit if you make a decent bluff roll :P
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: Already on it
Shatter: What was the distance from Washington to NY again? With the new skill level Shatter can portal 20 miles per portal so I was thinking he'd do the trip by jumping between places he knew. Would take longer but wouldn't leave him exhausted like the extra effort jump for all the way would.
Shatter: He'd choose the easiest way though so your call
-> Richard Anderson: Got company number, and mobile. His home is in New Jersey. You've got his office address here. He probably takes the ferry home.
Richard Anderson: once I get the mobie number - hack the cell netwrk and trace the guy
-> Shatter: About 108 miles
Richard Anderson: I think we should assume that the other team will also be tracing the mobile - so we'll have to act fast when we get him
Benjamin Wolff: Could you set the trace wrong?
-> Richard Anderson: He's precisely where the address said 4328 West 42nd Street.
Benjamin Wolff: Misdirect them to somewhere where we could watch them arrive and see what they are after?
Shatter: So would know enough to do the trip in five jumps or does he use extra effort?
Richard Anderson: once I find him - can I see if anyone else is tracing him and "throw them off the scent a bit" - gradually move his mobile location away from his real location?
-> Shatter: I presumed he didnt so you're not exhausted
Shatter: And the Surge thingie?
-> Shatter: Seems to be building up more easily since you stopped taking your med :)
Richard Anderson: He's at the address given - 4328 West 42nd (his home address - I think)
Shatter: Roger
Shatter: Marking it up to 3 now
Benjamin Wolff: What time is it? Will he be in?
Declan: Oops - no his home address is in New Jersey. Thats his work address
Richard Anderson: Sorry - h that's his work address - silly me
Shatter: Frankly I'd steer clear from this whole thing. Maybe observe it from afar at best so we can track 'em.
Richard Anderson: I wish my real memory was eidetic sometimes
MarkC (Richard Anderson): should have been oc
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: test
Greg Davis: If Team 7 has a power neutraliser, getting him back after they've taken him could be a problem.
Richard Anderson: I'm thinking take out team 7 - you still got that rifle Shatter?
Shatter: I still see nothing we have to gain from this guy...
Shatter: Sure, though if they have powers it might be hard to get them all
-> Shatter: You've never been to West 42nd Street, but you have been too a place 2 blocks from it, which would only be a short run from the address (incase you need it)
Benjamin Wolff: No opint being hunterd for murder - killing them would serve us no purpose yet, other than bring the whole beesnest down upon us.
Shatter: And it would be possible to trace it back to me if they'd get a hold of the bullets
Richard Anderson: If he's a precog or something - I think it might be useful - plus - Gordon gave us the info - he must have a reason
Declan: Test recieved
Greg Davis: I can't believe you're really talking about wacking these guys (said unbelievingly).
Benjamin Wolff: After that announcement, the government would really love some "rogue paragons" to show the world that the PRA needs to hunt them, and I would rather not have it be us.
Shatter: Anyway, I can take us a place a few blocks from where he works, once we've figured out what we actually want from this guy
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): too late with my last post.
GM: Everyone make an Intelligence roll
Benjamin Wolff: [1d20 = 6]
Richard Anderson: Intelligence bonus [1d20+8 = 15]
Shatter: I can't see one reason to make contact with him though. He lacks the training we have and it would put us on a direct collision course with Team 7
Shatter: Intelligence bonus [1d20+1 = 12]
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): I think I have yet to make a decent roll in this campaign :D
Rev (Shatter): I always liked wisdom rolls more. ;P
MarkC (Richard Anderson): At least I've a reasonable bonus - to make up for my crap dice
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Yeah at least I get a +3 to those :)
-> Richard Anderson: It strikes you that Gordon may not have intended you to go after this guy. He may just have given you the details of the Team 6 and 7 message drop so you were aware of what they were doing.
Greg Davis: Intelligence bonus [1d20+1 = 4]
-> Shatter: It strikes you that Gordon may not have intended you to go after this guy. He may just have given you the details of the Team 6 and 7 message drop so you were aware of what they were doing.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): I get +0 to int - my character probably only has 100 IQ :(
Richard Anderson: Perhaps we should leave this guy alone - maybe Gordon just wants us to know what teams 6 and 7 are doing?
Shatter: Heh good to hear Shatter's intelligence is on the same line as what I thought it was
Richard Anderson: At least that way we may have a little warning - still got to lose tha van though
Shatter: Agreed.
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: They've already set Team 7 on a collision course with us - we were supposed to be investigating this guy. That's why were're all so worried.
Shatter: Again, I see not a single merit in the idea of going after this guy
Richard Anderson: That's a good point - we're supposed to be investigating this bloke
Richard Anderson: I'm concerned that Team 7 are after the same chap
Benjamin Wolff: Dump the van and watch team 7 from a very safe distance to make sure they're not looking for us? I agree there's no huge advantage to getting him and he won't know anything useful.
Richard Anderson: Seems reasonable to me
-> Shatter: Actually, knowing how Shatter works I could see him observing Team 7 taking the guy down from an adjoining building so he can find out what they are like (for the future)
Greg Davis: Ok
Shatter: Yeah, he's not objecting that
Benjamin Wolff: Our main reason for coming here was so that we would appear to be in the right place, and set them off the scent.
Shatter: Alright. How about we do it like that. I'll shadow our target untill Team 7 makes his move
Shatter: I'll be in constant connection to Richard
Richard Anderson: Don't forget about the neural suppression guy - don't get close
Shatter: On the meantime you all go trough the documents we got and work out a plan on extracting information from the facility
Richard Anderson: copy the documents to the other laptops
Benjamin Wolff: So, sending a text message to gordon from a phone that's known to be ours, saying that we arrived and are beginning work, woudl be good. Would mean that NY was the last place we were seen. Then we can disappear.
Shatter: I'm better at working in the field anyway and I can do this alone. It also allows you to take a breather and really ponder on our next move
Richard Anderson: is the phone charged yet?
GM: Okay guys - you are about to be bombarded with docs as I send you all the docs on Richards laptop - just minimise the ones you dont want
Shatter: Thinking we can do this shadowing thing with just a few rolls. Shatter's not going to do anything about it anyway so there shouldn't be too many complications as long as he doesn't roll bad.
Richard Anderson: Shatter - let's lose the girl first - I've a note and a phone for her can you put her somewhere "away" from here and dump the note and phone on her
Shatter nods
Greg Davis: (to Shatter) If you insist, but we should try to stay close enough to provide back-up - If you need it.
Campaign saved.
Shatter: I know a place I can drop her off to some miles from town
Richard Anderson: That'll do
Benjamin Wolff: Any way to add these to our "library"?
Richard Anderson: I wrap the note arounf the phone and tie it with something so that it's one easy package
GM: Everyone now got 9 docs?
Shatter: I'd rather not park the van too close. Besides, this is what I've been trained in, it shouldn't be an issue.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): 9 here
Shatter: Finally its better if I take the risk alone
Shatter: I want you guys to really think trough our next step
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Yup
MarkC (Richard Anderson): 9
Rev (Shatter): Got 'em
Richard Anderson: OK Shatter - here's the package
-> Shatter: You can sesnse the girl is in you pocket but you cannot find her. It takes you a moment to realise she is very very small.
Shatter takes it
-> Shatter: Samll enough that you cannot sense her well enough to pull her out.. Maybe too small to see even if you did pull her out.
Shatter then plugs his blue tooth handsfree thingie on his cell and sets it up
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I take it that we've a key to all of the rooms?
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): We're missing tier 3 - or I am at least.
Shatter: Hmm this might be a problem
Shatter: She's hiding
Richard Anderson: testing shatter - you hear me (through headphone)
GM: There was no Tier 3 schematic...
Benjamin Wolff: "Hiding"?
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Rats.
Shatter: Too small to get a hold of and toss out
Campaign saved.
-> Shatter: Much smaller than that gnat or flea from before.
Richard Anderson: You took everything else out of there - can't you just empty the rest where you want her to be?
Benjamin Wolff: I'm fine with keeping her for a later diversion if we need her.
-> Shatter: You could do that
Shatter: Could do that...
Shatter: Alright, anything else before I go?
Greg Davis: Yeah - be careful:)
Benjamin Wolff: Try not to kill her, or let her kill you?
Shatter: Roger that
Benjamin Wolff: The former is preferable though. No dying.
Shatter: Not planning on even allowing her to see me
Richard Anderson: You hearing me through your earpiece (through earpiece to Shatter)
Shatter nods to Rich
Shatter then grabs his rifle and the armor and puts the former in a black backpack.
GM Guys - we are stopping at 9:40 tonight, so we can have a little time to discus XP...
Rev (Shatter): Ok
MarkC (Richard Anderson): OK
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Yay :)
Shatter: Portals out (Explaining what Shatter'll do in lenght in a moment)
Richard Anderson: I explain to shatter the exact location of John Simmons
Greg Davis: Ok
GM: MAy as well make Shatters adventure public or everyone else will get bored
Shatter: So basically he'll first port out towards inland, somewhere a bit out of the largest roads. Might take a couple of portals but its worth it.
Richard Anderson: We should start making plans too - get thinking guys
Shatter: Then he'll portal back to New York, first scout out the area where the target is and tries to find a good location for surveying
Campaign saved.
Rev (Shatter): Was actually thinking we might skip describing it in too much lenght, considering the time it'll take
GM: Manhattans an island. I presume you mean across the water to Queens?
Rev (Shatter): Yeah, based on what little I know about the geography around NY
GM: Okay. You scout out some locations in Queens
Rev (Shatter): Just some good empty piece of land and leave the woman there with the cell. Not being too picky, but doing it from a distance so she doesn't see Shatter
Rev (Shatter): Then back to NY, scout the area around the Target and find a good place to keep an eye on him out of sight. Can do Survival and Stealth checks on that. Not sure how much time we need to spend on it
GM: Okay. You empty all the content of your pocket into the empty land.
GM: [1d20 = 15]
GM: The target appears to be in a meeting. He's in the board room on the 8th floor, with 12 other people. You find an empty office across the street with a good view (assuming you use your rifle sight).
Richard Anderson: I make the phone ring - not traceable though - not from another cell - once Shatter informs me that she's out and the cell is next to her or on her
Richard Anderson: to ensure she knows it's there
Rev (Shatter): that was the plan. Also put the rifle into the pocket once I got the woman out
-> Richard Anderson: Okay.
Campaign saved.
-> Richard Anderson: You presume she found it - because she turned it off
Richard Anderson: or shapeshifted while carrying it
Rev (Shatter): And then just wait it out. Heh
GM: Okay.. Whilst the meeting is going on you notice a group of people enter the room outside the board room where you can see a receptionist.
Richard Anderson: was there any info on the computer systems at the Buckner Ridge facility?
GM: The group appears to be four people. Two white male, one white female and a black male. You spot that they all have undercover shirts.
Richard Anderson: can I see throgh the surveillance cams in the office?
-> Richard Anderson: Yes
Richard Anderson: If so - I'm recording the images for later use
-> Richard Anderson: And no to the Comp at BR
Shatter: Instructing Rich to take a picture of them from any available cameras if he's keeping an eye on this as well
Richard Anderson: display the cam footage on my laptop for the others to see
GM: The younger white male touches the woman and she falls over (unconscious? Dead?)
Richard Anderson: Way ahead of you Shatter - to Shatter
Richards laptop starts relaying the pictures.
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: do we recognise any of them?
Shatter takes the Rifle out and prepares it for a shot, just in case
The older man goes to the conference room doors and puts his hand against it.
-> Richard Anderson: No
He then turns round and gestures to the rest of the team, holding up fingers to mark how many in the room and where.
Richard Anderson: check to see if anyone else is accessing the camera feeds
GM: [1d20 = 7]
-> Richard Anderson: No
Richard Anderson: keep an eye on that - just in case
They then wait for the conference to end.
Richard Anderson: What the hell are they doing?
When the people get up and move to the doors the team of four stand to the side.
You notice in the meeting room the target get concerned.
Richard Anderson: Precog! - I'll bet
Everyone else tries to leave the conference room. As they reach the doors they fall asleep.
Campaign saved.
Your target however goes the other way towards the office on the other side.
Rev (Shatter): Any of the four people exhibit signs of power use?
Richard Anderson: are any of these doors electronic locks?
GM: Well there was the older guy who appears to be able to see through doors with his hand, and the younger guy who can make people fall asleep
MarkC (Richard Anderson): LOL
-> Richard Anderson: No.
Richard Anderson: is there a lift nearby?
Rev (Shatter): Heh yeah, was mostly meaning any flashy lights, glowing eyes, etc.
Richard Anderson: if so - make it come to the right floor - if he's a precog - he'll know it's on the way
The woman of the group leaps nimbly over the bodies on the floor. A good 5 meter standing jump and gives chase. You'd guess she's put any olympic hurdler to shame.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Is it just me, or do they make us look like disorganised rabble? :D
MarkC (Richard Anderson): We ARE disorganised rabble :-)
Rev (Shatter): That's what Shatter is thinking for sure. "I wish I could work with those guys"
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Oh yeah, forgot!
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Plus - these are Declan's pets
MarkC (Richard Anderson): They're bound to be good
She clears the table in a slide, touches down nimbly on the far side and skips to the side through the closing office door.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): nice to see howthey work: means we can think of ways to defeat them I say we boobytrap all our doors to explode when people put hands on them. And our receptionists to explode if they fall asleep or die.
Whilst this is going on the black guy is going thrtough the unconscious group one by one, holding their heads.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I think we (meaning Shatter & Richard) managed the raid on the Senator's office like a real team of professionals:)
Richard Anderson: if there's a lift - and he makes it - the door will shut instantly
The woman just tasered your target
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: plus - if he punches to go down - the indicator outside will say up - and vice versa
Richard Anderson: Bugger
Richard Anderson: I was all set to help him out of there
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Ooh, I've got one of those - must use it more.
Greg Davis: Shatter can still steal him from under their noses - that'll make them look like ameteurs:)
Richard Anderson: And give us away totally!
Richard Anderson: I think not - little puppy (did I say that?)
Greg Davis: True:(
He stumbles backwards and crashes into a cabinet. Almost before she hit the floor she's lept, pinning him to the ground. Probably overkill - he looks unconscious.
Richard Anderson: I'd like to see her face off against shapeshifty woman
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): We could have taken her if we really wanted to:)
The older man is now accessing the computer in the office.
Richard Anderson: what's he doing?
Greg Davis: Can you see what he's reading Richard?
Richard Anderson: I'm going to be as untraceable as possible
Richard Anderson: On it
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Got my computers roll ready...
-> Richard Anderson: He's trying to change the records to indicate that John Simmon's didnt report into work today. Marking him as sick.
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: He's making today a "sick day" for Mr Simmons - he's not been in work today (smiles) - I'll let him
He then drops a letter on the secretaries desk
Greg Davis: Then the black guy can alter memories.
Richard Anderson: SHatter - might be worth reading that when they're gone - up to you though
Richard Anderson: That's my guess too
Declan: Actually - you can probably get sound from the secretaries intercom - since its digital
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Thank you - so what's being said?
Rev (Shatter): Reading it? Thought you just did
Richard Anderson: pipe it to the laptop
The black guy is mumbling as he holds the unconscious people heads - sounds like he's telling them that they haven't seen Simmons today. That they remember feeling dizzy and its probably just the flue thats going round.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): The letter he dropped on the desk isn't digital :)
Richard Anderson: how good is he on computers - in my opinion? (The old guy)
The girl has just signle handedly lifted Simmons and is walking back with him.
Benjamin Wolff: Rowr. Erm, I mean... nothing.
Richard Anderson: Great - I bet she's pretty too
-> Richard Anderson: Not very. He just used the secretaries log in (she was logged in when they took her out)
Shatter is keeping his rifle pointed mostly at the young white guy whom he perceives as the main threat for now
They make sure the young guy touches Simmons on the head before leaving. Then they head out, and take the elevator UP
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: Bet one of those fancy flying things comes in now
Shatter portals to the roof of the building he's in and finds a place to hide
Richard Anderson: Make sure your under cover from IR too Shatter
MarkC (Richard Anderson): *you're
GM: Shatter gets a really good view of a Carnival Air Freighter coming in.
Shatter gets a really good view of a Carnival Air Freighter coming in.
Richard Anderson: Told you
-> Richard Anderson: Interesting thing the Carnival..packed full of electronics (presumably) and you cannot sense all.
Shatter makes absolutely sure he's in good cover
Richard Anderson: Weird - I can't sense it - at all!
Greg Davis: That's bad, but they're probably taking him to Buckner Ridge.
Greg Davis: This is going to be our last chance if we want to spring him.
Shatter: I still see no merit in that
The Carnival doesnt touch down. It drops into a hover just above the roof and drops a rope ladder down.
Greg Davis: Ok, but no way was this guy a threat to anybody.
-> Richard Anderson: The moment the door is open you can sense stuff.
Shatter: You got to pick your fights
Greg Davis: And giving them a precog is a good idea?
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: We'll see him again
Richard Anderson: And his precognition was measured in seconds
Greg Davis: You hope.
Richard Anderson: No threat - not much use
They are jsut climbing the rope when Simmon's body suddenly vanishes. The group are clearly unprepared for this.
Shatter: Hells
Shatter: Wasn't me guys
Richard Anderson: THe Carnival is WELL shielded - I could only sense it when the hatch was open
Richard Anderson: Uh oh - this could be fun - did he vanish or shatter, Shatter?
-> Richard Anderson: On the Carnival the pilot is switching on IR to look for Simmons. He WILL spot Shatter.
Greg Davis: There's another team out there - can you see anybody!
Richard Anderson: Shatter - get out of there - IR search commencing
Shatter portals back into the building
GM: Where in the building?
Rev (Shatter): The empty room I was in before
GM: Okay
Richard Anderson: if the hatch is still open - can I use the Carnival's cameras?
Richard Anderson: and IR
-> Richard Anderson: Yeah
GM: [1d20 = 12]
Richard Anderson: also - is there some small, unobtrusive thing that I can open on the Carnival - in case they shut the hatch?
GM: [1d20 = 3]
Greg Davis: Richard you may need to see who accessed his file at the PRA - this guy's existance couldn't have been common knowledge.
-> Richard Anderson: ONly opennings you can spot - the hatch and the landing gear
Campaign saved.
Shatter: Let me know the moment they stop scanning so I can go and get another look
GM: What are you doing in that room? While you wait?
Richard Anderson: Will do - a little busy right now though (files it away for future reference - someone remind me as I'm supposed to be eidetic)
GM: [1d20 = 14]
Benjamin Wolff: Disappearing likethat does make it look bad for us. We're goinna get blamed.
Shatter looks out of the windows, trying to see anything significant
Richard Anderson: check the cameras in the vicinity - scan through them (quickly) see if there's anything within my radius
GM: Its too far to see without the scope, so I presume you use it.
Rev (Shatter): Naturally
Benjamin Wolff: Keep your head down - and nab that letter from the receptionist's desk while you can.
-> Shatter: Make a Notice roll
Richard Anderson: Shatter - I'd leave it - it'll just be a sick note
Shatter: Notice [1d20+6 = 15]
Richard Anderson: SHatter - I'd leave it - it'll just be a sick note
Greg Davis: This seems an awful lot of trouble to go to for someone who can only see a few seconds into the future. (I think what we saw was danger sense).
Benjamin Wolff: The sick note was emailled - why would he send another by snailmail?
-> Shatter: On the building opposite, at the far end of the building you spot John Simmons rapidly going down the fire escape.
Richard Anderson: plus keep an eye on the IR scan - while the hatch is still open
Shatter locks on to Simmons as he spots him, trying to see if he's alone
Okay..ending the session we can discus XP.
Benjamin Wolff: To play the market he'd need better than that.
Richard Anderson: Maybe a resignation letter?
Benjamin Wolff: Probably :)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): And how did shatter see him before I did?
GM: (He is better than that.. They didnt get him, did they?)
Benjamin Wolff: But inthat case it's useful because it would tell us they meant to keep him, not just question him.
Rev (Shatter): Maybe there's no cameras in the fire escape. Heh
MarkC (Richard Anderson): XP - yummy tasty gorgeous
GM: Easy.. buildings usually dont have cameras in fire escapes.
Rev (Shatter): If there were cameras everywhere Shatter would've left the shadowing thing to Richie
GM: Okay..lets start with you can all have another 4 XP..
Greg Davis: Yippeee
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Good point - but I like being the "go to" guy
Which should put you around 10 or 11 ish I think.
Benjamin Wolff: 7 here
GM: :(
Shatter is liking what he's hearing
Shatter: Yeah, 11 with 7 spent
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: None spent. I mighta missed some :)
Richard Anderson: I've got 4 now - as I spent 5 last time
GM: I thought that would put you around 10.. What are others on?
Greg Davis: I've got eight. I missed one session, and had computer problems for the first session with fireguy.
Richard Anderson: so 9 total - but I did miss a session
GM: Okay - well I know Richard and Shatter had a point more than the others from one session.. so its probably 8 or 9.
Benjamin Wolff: Only had one session where XP was handed out, didn't we? Got 2XP once, plus 1xp for dropping Patriot in it.
Shatter: Actually we've had a few.
Shatter: I think We got three and three with Rich and me with an extra point
Actually - we'll make this simple. Richard and Shatter should be on 11 total. Everyone else should be on 10.
Shatter is fine with that
Richard Anderson: I've 2 less than Shatter due to the missed session - the rest of you should have one less
Benjamin Wolff: whoo! :D
Shatter: Best keep the point thing equal anyway
Richard Anderson: So I've still got 9 (too honest me)
Shatter: No reason to penalize anyone for missed sessions
Greg Davis: I'm good with that.
Richard Anderson: Yeah - but I wasn't on the mish - was back at base - remember
Shatter: True
GM: Okay.. Tell me what you'd like to spend it on, and I'll approve it (or not approve it). You dont have to spend it if you dont want.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I'm happy with it though
Shatter: Dec, can you check the thing I posted on the forums?
-> Benjamin Wolff: If you want me to spend it and update your character I can - but I'll need to know what you want to be better at
Shatter: There's one question there and if you then OK it I'll edit the stats I have in FG
Shatter: Might post something about the extra four we got now as well, Shatter needs some extra skillpoints
Benjamin Wolff: My power i mostly useless at the moment: we rarely meet single foes. Is it possible to upgrade to multiple targets?
Shatter: One single skillpoint gets you an alternative power
Benjamin Wolff: Otherwise, I'd aim for a complementary power.
Shatter: Which is what you need
Benjamin Wolff: Yeah - but what? Is there a list of powers anywhere?
Campaign saved.
Shatter: In the MnM manual thingie
Benjamin Wolff: I really should get one of those, yeah.
Shatter: A lovely booklet. Purchased mine as a PDF
Benjamin Wolff: Not knowing the rules I'm playing under can be a hindrance I guess :D
Benjamin Wolff: Where from?
Richard Anderson: I'm just going to be bossting things a bit on mine
Shatter: Might consider spending money on the Ultimate Power thing though, since Dec is using it quite a bit
-> Shatter: Let me just look up the cost on the duraction thing..I'll get UP
Shatter: Thanks, no hurry
GM: Multiple foes for Ben - no problem :)
Greg Davis: The M&M Shop (goto and click on Shop on their menu.
GM: Get the pdf from or a real life book from
Benjamin Wolff: Yay - how many is multiple, and howmany is tht in XP? I'd also like to upgrade that mind shield a little - given my sucky roll last time! :D
Shatter: I went with GreenRonin
Shatter: I just liked their logo
Benjamin Wolff: Second ed, yeah?
Shatter: Yeah
Greg Davis: Given the high stealth emphasis of the session, I think I'll change my plans for improvement and settle for eight pt Invisibility (he's bending light around him - even IR and UV).
Shatter: Cool. I'll just buy Shatter a laptop and a few skills for now
Campaign saved.
Shatter: Then I ought to improve his magic a bit. Just got like four points in it
-> Shatter: Okay - if you take one rank of duration they can only make saves by interval (one after a round, one after whatever is rank two on the save table etc)
Greg Davis: I'll put another power point into stealth raising it from 4 to 8 ranks, and save the last XP.
Shatter: Great, I'll go with that. Only applying it on the Aura one though so for the target to be safer that way he'd have to touch 'em
-> Shatter: If you take two ranks and make it continuous they get one save and thats it
Shatter: Ooh, lemme check if I can afford that
Shatter: Alright, with the questions cleared I'll try to find the time to post the updated power tree for shatter this week
GM: Okay on the Invisibility - as long as its only to the electromagnetic spectrum. No invis to mental senses etc.
GM: No problems with improved magic - so long as it stays low point compared to the TP.
Shatter: Would be real cool to get into an actual fight with these chars though.
Greg Davis: Yeah, no way I can blag that - even if I'd like to:)
Richard Anderson: I'll post my ideas later this week - tired now - got to sleep.
Shatter: Yeah, that's the plan Dec, and I'll need more points for that anyway
GM: Okay
Benjamin Wolff: So how many XP did I spend, and what changes do I make to the sheet? Or do I leave character sheet mods to you, Declan?
Richard Anderson: Thanks for another good one guys - see you next week
Shatter: Take care Mark
Benjamin Wolff: Seeya Mark :)
GM: If your buying the rules I'll hang off and wait for you to change him..or would you like me to make some 'suggestion' changes?
GM: Night Mark
'MarkC' disconnected
Benjamin Wolff: Suggestion changes are fine :D
Greg Davis: See you next week Mark:)
GM: I'll have a look at him and get you some suggestions :)
Benjamin Wolff: It'll take me a while to read & get to grips with the rules I suspect
Campaign saved.
GM: Okay.. Any more XP related questions ?
Shatter: None. Though can I spend these surge points to up the characters stats? Heh
Benjamin Wolff: What abilities may we not get? Nothing with mental comms abilities, I think you said?
GM: lol - no.
Greg Davis: No - I've changed the XP to 1, but haven't made any other changes.
GM: I think Invis is going to be really useful
Shatter: Yeah, Shatter was thinking of something chameleon like as well at one point
Greg Davis: Me to - I can back up Shatter without giving him away:)
Shatter: But had too many things to spend skillpoints on so never got around
Shatter: to it.
GM: Of course once Ben has the multitarget illusion he can make you ALL invisible
Greg Davis: So many improvements, so little XP (the story of my life):)
Shatter: Shatter just needs to get the Subtle feat on his attack portal and he can portal invisible Greg into a room without anyone noticiing
Benjamin Wolff: I cant make people invisible against cameras - but I know a man who can!
Greg Davis: That could be useful.
Shatter: A pity that might take a while, depending on the flow of XP
GM: Okay..well I'm off to bed...
Shatter: Alright, night Dec
Greg Davis: We are the Espionage Squad!!!
Benjamin Wolff: G'night Declan :)
GM: As usual I'll leave the game up while I brush teeth etc.
Shatter: Again, sorry for being late. Just had to catch the ending of that movie so I could call it a disapointment
GM: So you can chat
GM: Night all
Greg Davis: See you Dec:)
Benjamin Wolff: I need a subtle feat on my interrogation - I suck at it at the moment :P
Shatter: Heh
Greg Davis: lol
Shatter: That's always the problem with the speech skills
Greg Davis: But then you didn't have much to go on with shapeshift girl.
Campaign saved.
Shatter: In NWN my longesty character that I had played for over four years who eventually made it into the epic levels had the Persuasion skill at somewehre around 38
Greg Davis: You did well with the policewoman in Unity.
Shatter: That was so easy to RP
Benjamin Wolff: True. Woulda been helpful to have a fleasized woman to infiltrate the base but I think we can between us emulate anything she coulda done.
Benjamin Wolff: Yeah the policewoman was a nice easy one :)
Shatter: Yep. It was back in the nicer, simpler times
Greg Davis: It was good we got to spend XP now, I think we're in pretty good shape for Buckner Ridge:)
Benjamin Wolff: I saw that movie Declan said he watched recently - I am *so* glad I hadn't seen it when we played that. I woulda been crapping myself.
Greg Davis: What movie was that;
Benjamin Wolff: The one that made him cackle about diinity.
Benjamin Wolff: I forget the name :(
Greg Davis: Watching any number of Zombie movies was enought to get me worried - thank god we didn't have to fight them.
Benjamin Wolff: Cackle about Unity, even
Shatter: Aww
Benjamin Wolff: Yes :)
Shatter: I was kind of hoping we'd get to fight 'em
Benjamin Wolff: Woulda been fun - have I even fired this shotgun yet?
Shatter: Imagine what this group could do if we'd have a free licence to blast at a few thousand enemies nicely lined up as an mob
Benjamin Wolff: Mwqahahahaaha! :D
Greg Davis: Well Sander & me could have created walls to keep some of them away - but I think we would have used the Shatter Express to get the hell out of Dodge:)
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: Could you squish people my moving the walls?
Benjamin Wolff: Zombie jam!
Greg Davis: I'd need to get the moveable extra on Create Object - It's on my list, but see my earlier comment about so litter XP:(
Greg Davis: *little* even:)
Shatter: Anyway, I think I'm going to run and prepare some quite late afternoon snacks before hitting the bed
Shatter: Was fun
Benjamin Wolff: Yup - toodle pip! :D *runs off too*
Greg Davis: Yeah, It was a great session - I've got to go too - See you next week:)
'Rev' disconnected
'Dewi Morgan' disconnected