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'Rev' connected

Chat log started at 13.1.2008 / 19:08:27

'Rev' connected
GM: Hi
Shatter announces his presence
Shatter: Hi
Declan waves
Shatter: Been a while
'MarkC' connected
Declan: Yeah. Sorry about last week but my PC went into horrible meltdown
Richard Anderson: Hola
Shatter: No problem. Heh to be honest, I wouldn't have been able to make it last week either
Shatter: And hi there
Campaign saved.
Declan: Still re-installing stuff and the PC still has an open case and a hard drive hanging out the side (the old one) but it seems to be working fine now.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Been there, done that, got the T-Shirt
GM: Be interesting to see how everything performs tonight.
Declan: Okay. I'm going to get a drink and my MnM books. Back in 5 mins
Shatter: Seems to be going arond, that.
Shatter: Two of my friends fried their machines last week as well
MarkC (Richard Anderson): (Touches wood) mine's been OK for a while - time to upgrade soon though
Shatter: One of 'em fully in the fault though, half attacked the motherboard with a screwdriver when installing a new display driver
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Ouch!
Shatter: Good news for me though, had to buy a new one of course and none of the old parts perform with it so basically had to go for the whole set
Shatter: I'll just scavange the functionin parts from the old rig and upgrade my own which has the same MB. Heh
Shatter: So grabbing a new processor, display driver and doubling my memory for roughly 80e
Richard Anderson: Lucky so and so!
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: I'm probably going to be spending the thick end of 700 on a full replacement
GM: This is my first bought PC (as opposed to self build) and seems to be the most unreliable ever. Might go back to self builds - or might go for one of those cool AlienWare ones next time
Richard Anderson: Quad cores, 4 Gig, half terabyte disk, 8800GTS, yadda yadda
Richard Anderson: and welcome back Dec
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Just off to get a drinky - back in 2
Shatter: Heh. I'm just happy if I can get Bioshock running on this thing
Shatter: Tried it with the current setup and managed to get it running but it looked so godawful that couldn't bear it
GM: Only half TB? 800 Gb is quite cheap now.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): back and a Glenmorangie on the desk - supr
MarkC (Richard Anderson): half Tb is the "sweet spot" right now - I'd rather get 2 of those than one 800Gb
THe GM spots the comment about Glenmoragie and looks at his water
GM: Back in a sec
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: 500 Gb is now just over 60 and 750GB is about 110
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Look at us - computer geeks all
Declan: Wheres Al when you need him..(a true Comp Geek)
Richard Anderson: I've many years of geekdom on Al
MarkC (Richard Anderson): But he does take it to another level :-)
Declan: Richards online, so hopefully will be here soon.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): 4 mins yet
Declan: What did you two do over Christmas?
Shatter: Family, regrettably
Shatter: Its the only time of the year I visit home, really
Campaign saved.
Declan: I did the in-law thing.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Fee was poorly - so Christmas Eve was a bust - recovered in time for New Year and a trip up to Scotland for Hogmanay - lovely
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Apart from that we visited each other's families
GM THe GM nods
Declan: 1 min.. looking bad.
Declan: Skype messaging Richard.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Where is everyone?
Shatter: Ah right, we start at half past
Shatter: Remembered we were supposed to go at it half a hour ago and was thinking everyone was late. Heh
'Greg Davis' connected
Richard Anderson: Computers +19, Knowledge (Technology) +14 [1d20+33 = 35]
Declan: Well thats 60% now
MarkC (Richard Anderson): that's the kind of bonus I like
Greg Davis: Hi Guys!
GM: Omnipitance knowledge roll [1d20+10000 = 10004]
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Hey there
Revealing all die rolls
Revealing all die rolls
GM: Omnipitance knowledge roll [1d20+10000 = 10001]
Declan: (A fumble :( )
Greg Davis: +10,000 modifier, and he still can't roll dice:)
Campaign saved.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): lol
Richard Anderson: [1d20+200 = 203]
MarkC (Richard Anderson): me neither
Declan: Hmm..neither of the other two is online, but they can catch up
Declan: (if they log in)
At the end of last session Shatter was in the directors office holding three manilla folders and some financial records (in a ledger)
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Well we've got the two players who are really needed - if I remember correctly, Shatter was inside the Directors office, and Richard was guiding him.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): too slow me:)
The lights are off and there is a guard with a semi-auto outside the door in the hallway.
Richard Anderson: I think that the plan was for Shatter to nab the stuff and for me to "scan" it into my laptop then Shatter could 'port it back - no-one the wiser
Shatter moves silently to the Director's desk and quiet as a mouse goes trough with it
Richard Anderson: Puts some gloves on
Shatter is very much wearing gloves and a ski mask!
MarkC (Richard Anderson): just to get ready - you understand
GM: Quick search roll
Shatter: Search [1d20+3 = 13]
Campaign saved.
The desk contains pens, claculators, paper clips etc. You notice as you are closing it that the jotter on his desk has slight imprints in it (as if he wrote something on something resting on it)
Richard Anderson: is everything still OK outside the room?
Shatter grabs a pencil and colors the page black with its side
Shatter: To reveal what's written, I'm sure you know the method
It looks like he's written several cheques, and a telephone number.
GM: (I'm presuming you take the top page of the jotter with you?
Shatter rips off the page and pockets it
Shatter then takes a quick glance around the room for anything relevant he might've missed and prepares to portal back into the van
Richard Anderson: to Shatter - don't forget to close the safe door so that I can lock it - I'm assuming that you can 'port the stuff back in now you've seen it?
-> Shatter: Might not end up preciely where it was, but it will definately end up inside
Campaign saved.
Shatter: Good idea
Shatter closes the safe and jumps into the van (Assuming there was naught that caught his attention)
Richard Anderson: lock the safe door
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Umm guys, have you actually checked the safe yet? The note was on the desk.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): safe was checked last time - Shatter took all of the stuff out for me to read later
Richard Anderson: Budget file and three others labelled "Only Child - Authorised readers only"
Shatter is now stood in a dark office. The safe is locked. The window shut.
Greg Davis: Ohhh, sorry - forgot about that, should have read last session's log again.
-> Shatter: You hear a key in the lock.
Shatter very quickly jumps into the van
-> Shatter: just as you vanish from the office
Shatter: Rogre
In the office (observed by Richard who is watching) the door opens a fraction of a second after Shatter portals
A guard flicks the light on, looks around and leaves.
Rev (Shatter): Thank the gods for Subtle
Greg Davis: Yeah, that was a bit close:)
Richard Anderson: whups - but close is good enough in this case
Richard Anderson: right - shall I read these things then?
Seconds after the guard leaves a woman enters.
Greg Davis: (to Shatter): Did you get anything interesting?
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: anyone we know?
Richard Anderson: Uh oh
-> Richard Anderson: Senators / director's wife.
Richard Anderson: what can I see?
Greg Davis: Problems?
-> Richard Anderson: You recognise her from your background research
Richard Anderson: Boss man's wifey going into the room
Richard Anderson: do I sense the safe being opened?
Shatter: We had no way to see into the office, no?
Greg Davis: Hope she's not going to open the safe (crosses fingers and prays).
Richard Anderson: if so - scramble it so that it doesn't open yet - she'll think she has the combo wrong
Richard Anderson: On it
Declan: I belived Richard was watching with Binoculars as well as sensing last session
Shatter: I doubt he'd share the lock combination with his missus
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I had a camera view into the room - I think
Declan: No..there was no camera in the room...
MarkC (Richard Anderson): ah - now I remember - only view was of bush outside
MarkC (Richard Anderson): and door to room
Greg Davis: With any luck, it seemed to contain official documents, not any personal items.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): but I should sense if she's messing with the safe
Declan: Only electronic device in the room as the safe..and now the stuff the wife has carried in.
Richard Anderson: as I'm actively trying to do so
-> Richard Anderson: Make a spot roll
Shatter: Jam the safe or something if she messes with it
Richard Anderson: ooh - what's she got?
Richard Anderson: Already on it (smiles)
Shatter: I could portal the things in but it'd make a slight noise so best not to risk it
Richard Anderson: what modifier?
Richard Anderson: notice?
Richard Anderson: or computers?
-> Richard Anderson: Notice
Richard Anderson: Notice [1d20+5 = 11]
MarkC (Richard Anderson): bugger!
-> Richard Anderson: The senators wife is ALSO upstairs tucking the children in (on camera)
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I get into the driver's seat - just in case we have to make a fast getaway.
Richard Anderson: Shit - that's not the senator's wife - she's upstairs tucking the kids in!
In the room the Senators wife appears to be connecting some device to the safe.
Richard Anderson: make sure that the device is inoperable
Richard Anderson: subtly :-)
-> Richard Anderson: Lots of combinations going through that lock - several thousand a second. Good thing its 8 digits.
Greg Davis: Didn't we have a briefing about a shape-changer back at base?
Richard Anderson: that safe ain't opening - I tell you now!
Richard Anderson: does she/he/it have a headset on?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): (Starts furiously checking last session's log)
-> Richard Anderson: No. She has a PDA with some hacking software, and something else althoiugh you have no idea what it does. It looks like it monitors something complex.
Rev (Shatter): You're not the only one. Heh
Richard Anderson: Guys - should they have a fire drill - do you think?
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: Is "she" trying to open the safe?
Richard Anderson: does the PDA have a phone built in?
Shatter: Or we could catch whom ever it is
-> Richard Anderson: Yes but its disabled (at the moment)
Shatter: Though...
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I thing it was one of the suggestions Gordan gave us for our cover story - but I can't find it quickly.
Shatter: Go with the fire drill, might be best to see how she reacts for now
Richard Anderson: can I get it's ID - so that I can track it later?
-> Richard Anderson: The device has now run through all 99999999 combinations (without opening the safe thanks to you)
-> Richard Anderson: No. No sim in the phone
Richard Anderson: set off the fire alarm
Richard Anderson: and then try to nab any data on the PDA
Through the window you see her stick something to the safe door (something dow-like) and stick a small device in it (which starts to flash). She steps away from it - just as the fire alarm goes off
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Richard - You've got eidetic memory, can you remember?
Richard Anderson: this should be fun (smiles)
Rev (Shatter): Shatter has the memory thing too, though its mostly focused on remembering geographical data.
Greg Davis: That's going to blow our op if it explodes, can you get rid of it Shatter.
-> Richard Anderson: New electronic device just switch on (so you can sesnse it). Its a 20 second timer
Richard Anderson: stop the timer at 007
Greg Davis: We could easily be traced it this area, and people might start asking questions.
Campaign saved.
The door to the office opens and the guard steps in
Richard Anderson: It shouldn't blow guys
Richard Anderson: timer should stop at 007 (giggles)
Shatter can't hep but to chuckle
Richard Anderson: ooh - I want to see this
Greg Davis: Great, but the guard could still notice it, and they might look for accomplices.
And the sprinkler in the office started at some point
Richard Anderson: don't care - we're away from there - no one's getting into that safe quickly
Richard Anderson: what's happening?
The guard is joined by a colleague, the two of them attempt to help her from the 'burning' house.
Shatter: Keep us up to date
-> Richard Anderson: Upstairs a guard is leading the real wife and children towards the main stair case. !!
Richard Anderson: Shatter - how many pages are those reports?
-> Shatter: You haven't opened the folders yet.
Shatter: Haven't opened them yet
Richard Anderson: This could be fun real and fake might bump into each other
Shatter hands two to Richie and keeps one to himself
Richard Anderson: I reckon I can "read" about 5 pages a second
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: how big are they boss?
-> Richard Anderson: The guards upstairs are now leading the real Mrs Gensen down the stairs, whilst the guards at the bottom have Mrs Gensen there at the bottom.
Richard Anderson: based on my normal page a minute and the fact I'm sped up a bit
MarkC (Richard Anderson): that should have been ooc - sorry
Richard Anderson: and here comes the big finale! The two Mrs Gensen's are about to meet
GM: The two Richard now has are a Federal Bureau of Prisons report (270 pages) and a Business Requiremnts Document for Buckner Ridge (80 pages)
Shatter starts skimming trough the one he has while keeping his ears open for the situation in the house
Richard Anderson: Right - it'll take me 2-3 mins to read all of these - do we want to keep up to date with what's happening or should I go for it?
GM: The report Shatter has is a 90 page document on 'Only Child'
Greg Davis: If they seem to be leaving the house - go ahead. I keep watch.
Richard Anderson: patch the "interesting cameras" into my laptop - 4 cameras that show bottom of stairs, outside office, and 2 others should do it - so that someone else can watch whilst I scan
Shatter: I'd keep an eye on the house 'till the situation clear up
Richard Anderson: Right - I'm patching some cams into my laptop can someone keep an eye on them while I scan these reports?
Shatter: With the commotion I doubt they'd link us to the disappearance of the documents
Campaign saved.
Shatter: could have the chars without players do it. You have to describe it anyway so that way you can make it official and public
Richards lap top lights up with four camera views. The most interesting is the betom of the stairs where TWO Mrs Gensens have just met. One has two kids with her. They both have escourts (the real one has three guards, the other two)
Richard Anderson: I start to scan through the reports as fast as I can turn the pages - I'm uploading the data to my laptop at the same time as I read it (2 copies are better than one)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): action damnit - I keep missing the keypresses
The real Mrs Gensen panics and runs up the stairs. One of the guards with the false Gensen FIRES at her.
Shatter turns all of his attention on the screen showing the events
And whilst everyone is looking up the stairs the Mrs Gense with them changes. There are now four guards at the bottom of the stairs
Richard Anderson: Richie keep scanning
Richard Anderson: *keeps
Shatter tries to keep his eyes on the shapechanger
The Guard (Shapeshifter) then runs to the door and yells out that they have trouble in here.
Richard Anderson: let me know when I'm done
Shatter nods approvingly
-> Richard Anderson: You've finished the big one
-> Shatter: You've finished skim reading
Richard Anderson: SHatter - could you pass me that other report please
Campaign saved.
Shatter: Sure
Shatter hands the "Only Child" to Rich without removing his eyes from the screen
Shatter: Didn't get too far into it yet
Things are getting choatic in there. Another three guards arrive ion the room.. and in the confusion when everyone is tryting to figure out whats going on you loose tract of the shap shifter.
Shatter curses
Declan: (everyone make a notice roll)
Richard Anderson: Notice [1d20+5 = 18]
Shatter: Notice [1d20+6 = 8]
MarkC (Richard Anderson): pointless - I'm busy
Rev (Shatter): and I roll bad
GM: Notice [1d20+7 = 17]
Richard Anderson: I can track her by the PDA anyway
GM: Notice [1d20+4 = 19]
Richard Anderson: as long as she's in range
Richard Anderson: have I done yet?
Sander points to the lamp next to the fireplace "Was that there before?"
Greg Davis: Notice [1d20+7 = 24]
-> Greg Davis: You also spot the 'new' lamp
MarkC (Richard Anderson): it's the Master's TARDIS all over again
-> Richard Anderson: All done
Greg Davis: I don't think so.
Richard Anderson: Shatter - would you like to rearrange these into the correct order and port them back into the safe?
Greg Davis: (that was in response to Sander's question.
Richard Anderson: hands files to Shatter
Campaign saved.
Shatter: You ready then? Down to the smallest coffee cup print?
The guards take the real Mrs Gensen at gunpoint into the office. The kids are screaming a crying.
Shatter organizes the files into the same order as they were in the safe
Richard Anderson: Yup
Shatter: Can you make the thing she attached to the safe make a beeping sound or something?
Shatter: The moment I tell you to
Richard Anderson: kids are crying - shouldn't be a problem
Shatter: Yeah but they might something from the safe...
-> Richard Anderson: No sound circuits, but you can make the display flash - or read any number you like.
Richard Anderson: I don't think it's a "bleepy" device - more a "boom" device
Shatter shrugs and teleports the files into the safe
Greg Davis: Shatter, can you 'port that "lamp" from here? (Greg points to the lamp on the laptop screen)
Richard Anderson: let the countdown on the device finish
Shatter: I can...
Greg Davis: Do it.
Shatter hands the paper he took from the desk to Rich before moving to the screen
Shatter then runs to the screen and portals the lamp into the pocket
GM: One of the guards spots the device and tries to remove it !!
Richard Anderson: hehe the safe should now be blown open - evil chuckle
Shatter: Great
Richard Anderson: we're in the clear - I'd say
Rev (Shatter): Wait
GM: Theres a loud bang from the office. Through the window all you can see is smoke and dust.
Theres a loud bang from the office. Through the window all you can see is smoke and dust.
Rev (Shatter): if people, are around the lamp, Shatter waits
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I start the van.
Richard Anderson: I can watch the cameras again now
Rev (Shatter): if its alone, he puts it into the dark pocket. Has the Subtle feat now, by the by
The moment at explosion happens the cameras go off for a second, and when they come back on theres no lamp, but you spot a black cat moving towards the window
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: do I sense the PDA in the vicinity of the cat?
-> Shatter: You cant TP something you cant see directly - cameras no good.
Greg Davis: Wow De ja Vou:)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): lol
-> Richard Anderson: No. No PDA
Shatter: Used cameras to get Richie out of Unity back then
Richard Anderson: anything at all electronic on it?
Shatter: But sure, I can do it more directly
Greg Davis: Shatter, try to grab the cat.
Richard Anderson: in fact can I sense the PDA anywhere?
Rev (Shatter): Is the cat alone in the room?
-> Shatter: Thats true.. I shouldnt have allowed that. (oops)
The cat is now alone and half way out the shattered window
Shatter portals into the room (move action) and pockets the cat (standard action)
Declan: (just checking something)
Shatter then pockets back (that power feet whose name I forgot that allows to portals back and forth in one round)
Richard Anderson: I was about to say - wait so that we can see where it goes - but I was a little late I see
Rev (Shatter): Turnabout
Rev (Shatter): cats are notoriously hard to follow Richie. Heh
Greg Davis: Are we done here?
Richard Anderson: I think so
Rev (Shatter): Wait to see if Shatter gets the cat
Rev (Shatter): targets get a save
Richard Anderson: SHatter - did you notice if the documents were still there?
And as the cat jumps from the ledge towards the grass it vanishes, its paws never touch down.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): In a "shattery" way or just vanishes?
Campaign saved.
GM: In a shattery way
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I put the van in gear, and drive away, carefully observing all road signs.
Shatter: We need a cat cage
Shatter: Rich find the closest pet store
Greg Davis: Don't you have a dimensional pocket for that:)
Richard Anderson: I think we'll need a bigger cage than that (smiles)
Shatter takes his rifle and other gear from the pocket and places them on the sides of the van
Shatter: pretty much just the vest and the rifle now, most of the other stuff was burnt with the fire guy
GM: [1d20 = 11]
Richard Anderson: Plus - I think that he/she/it would just burst a cat cage by shifting into something larger
Shatter: I can't hold it there for ever, so...
Hiding all die rolls
Richard Anderson: Shatter - I hope that you know "exactly" what was in your pocket!
GM: [1d20+2 = 20]
Shatter: Best find a cage for it that we can hold it in.
Shatter: And fast
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I couldn't find anything about the shapeshifter on a quick scan of the logs - maybe I'm mis-remembering.
Richard Anderson: where's the neares pet store?
-> Shatter: You realise that your pocket dimension is suddenly storing a lot more mass.
Shatter gringes
Richard Anderson: yellow pages
Shatter: Well, when I take it out it won't be a cat anymore...
GM: No. No mention of a shape shifter before
Shatter: No idea what is in there now
Greg Davis: One cage coming up. (Stops van, and creates a large hard-light cage in the back.
Shatter: I know what items I've palced there before though, so I shouldn't be taking out the wrong thing by mistake
Richard Anderson: Good idea Greg
Shatter: any chance to appriximately judge the sixe of the critter there now?
Richard Anderson: Shatter - ready to do your stuff?
Shatter: Wait a moment
Shatter seems to concentrate on something
Shatter: Lucky the thing can hold tons and tons
Richard Anderson: forget the pet store
-> Shatter: Its not that big.
Shatter: So it should fit into the cage that Greg made`?
Shatter: Cover your faces
GM: Which way is Greg driving?
Campaign saved.
Shatter: And try to find a safe, secluded place to park
Shatter: It might get noisy
GM: (oops..missed the stop and cage comment)
Shatter: Unless you can create something to hold the noise in too
-> Shatter: Probably fit
Shatter: thanks
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Can't remember which way we were facing, but it would have been straight ahead.
Greg Davis: Sorry, we'd better cover our faces.
You stopped in an alley, walls both side, and the back entrance to a fast food resturant at the end and some big bins.
Shatter looks at everyone to see if they still have their faces showing.
Shatter: Remember, we shouldn't be here
Richard Anderson: covered
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I'll make sure the hard-light cage is visible, but not too bright and shiney.
Sander and Ben cover their faces
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I cover my face.
Richard Anderson: haven't we got balaclavas?
Richard Anderson: covered anyway
GM: Yes you the hard case with the ammo and hand guns
Richard Anderson: puts on a balaclava
GM: [1d20 = 11]
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): ditto
Shatter once everyone's ready he portals what used to be a cat into the cage
Richard Anderson: and pulls taser
Campaign saved.
One moment the cage is empty, and the next moment there's a ferocious saber tooth in it.
Richard Anderson: hi puss (chuckles)
Shatter actually prays the cage will hold at the back of his head
Greg Davis: We mean you no "immediate" harm - as long as you behave!
Richard Anderson: do I sense ANY electronic devices at all on the "animal"
Ice forms reinforcing the light bars
Richard Anderson: if so - jam 'em!
Greg Davis: Thanks.
-> Richard Anderson: No electronics
Richard Anderson: Why don't you slip into something more comfortable and we can talk?
GM: The cat slashes at the bars a few times, testing them
'Dewi Morgan' connected
The cat slashes at the bars a few times, testing them
Declan: We have Dewi :)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Hi there Dewi
Declan: Hi Dewi
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Better late than never :-)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): we've just captured a Sabretoothed Tiger
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Hi Dewi, just in time to interrogate a prisoner.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Hi - sorry to be late - I decided to change my boot partition yesterday and discovered my windows disk was dead halfway through :)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): sort of
Declan: They got the files from the director/senator's office. They also encountered another thief also after the same files - a shapeshifter. Shatter trapped her in his pocket dimension
MarkC (Richard Anderson): there's a lot of it about at the moment - I think the computers have got noravirus
Declan: and now Sander and Greg have formed a light/ice cage in which to hold her.
Rev (Shatter): and we're now in the van, parked in some backalley
Declan: Glad I'm not the only one with PC problems..
MarkC (Richard Anderson): waiting for her/him/it to change into something that talks
Greg Davis: (Whispers to Ben): You're the expert, how do you want to handle this?
Rev (Shatter): I hope you made the bars in the cage to be very close to eachother
Campaign saved.
Rev (Shatter): wouldn't want the target to transfrorm into something small and escape
The cat backs up, faces Richard and then charges, she leaps straight for his face, and just as she would hit the bars vanishes.
Greg Davis: If it changes into something that can slip through - it's time to play "stamps":)
Richard Anderson: bugger!
Rev (Shatter): just make the cage a box with no holes
Shatter: Don't remove the cage
Benjamin Wolff: (whispers back) Well normally I like to interrogate froma position of knowing everything... but other than that he's just as naughty as we are, what do we know about... erk!)
Greg Davis: Done.
GM: [1d20 = 6]
GM: (not even going to roll notice rolls - that was a lousy hide roll)
Rev (Shatter): Well, maybe with a very tiny hole at the top you can't see but allows air in. Heh
Rev (Shatter): Yeah, yeah, next time mention all this before hand
Greg Davis: details, detail:)
Richard Anderson: and our survey says....
In the glow of the bars you spot the flea landing on Richards jacket
Shatter portals the flea into the pocket
Benjamin Wolff: Oh, now that's NICE shapeshifting!
Richard Anderson: Shatter...
Rev (Shatter): Shatter has the precise power feat
GM: [1d20 = 16]
And the flea vanishes (again) in a shattering glass effect (very small shattering glass)
Shatter: Let us try this again...
Shatter: Even I'll admit that was just sad
Richard Anderson: Shall we try this again - this time with a SEALED box?
Richard Anderson: We look like chumps (smiles wryly)
Greg Davis: No airholes - there sould be enough in there to last some time - and it might just encourage him/her/it to talk.
Richard Anderson: at least we got away with it this time
Campaign saved.
Shatter: Ben, can you make the target have an illusion of being somewhere different?
Shatter: I'll leave the creative aspects to you
Declan: (like an illusion of a cage with bars so you can laugh when she tries that again?)
Richard Anderson: I'd not bother - let's not tip our hand just yet
Rev (Shatter): hehhee
Benjamin Wolff: I can't think of any virtual setings that would really help the interrogation Can you?
Greg Davis: Not really.
Shatter: Alright
Benjamin Wolff: Do we want information, or friendship out of this one? A shapeshfting ally would be nice.
Shatter: I'm not about to trust anyone at this point
Greg Davis: Both would be nice.
Richard Anderson: info - no new peeps in this team!
Shatter: Just make it so that the target can only hear the lines we talk directly to him?
Shatter: Would be easier to negotieate that way
Benjamin Wolff: That, I can do.
Shatter nods
Shatter then puts the flea into the box
Richard Anderson: bet it's not a flea anymore
Benjamin Wolff: We should have an aim in mind though - if it's just information, do we object to being unpleasant to get it?
Greg Davis: If we wanted a way to get the info in those files out, we may just have it (points to the shape-shifter) - assuming we decide it's trustworthy.
-> Shatter: Sudden mass increase.
Shatter: To which size? Still fit in the box?
Campaign saved.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): The files are encrypted?
Shatter: Can't portal anything to solid objects so there's no risk though
-> Shatter: Probably not
Greg Davis: No, we have a couple of copies ready to go.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): no - he means out into the wild
-> Shatter: Its changing again, and again. Al l sorts of sizes.
Shatter: I think the target just surpassed the size of our box...
GM: [1d20 = 18]
Shatter: Wait...
Shatter: It's trying all sorts of shapes...
Shatter: This is troublesome
Richard Anderson: Greg - how big can you make the box?
Shatter: Blast I hope we'd have the shield facilities
Greg Davis: 30 square feet.
Shatter: At some points its too large to even fit the bloody van
Richard Anderson: let's use the alley and shrink the box when he/she/it decides to cooperate
Benjamin Wolff: Stick it in the box when it's small? Can the box contain it?
Rev (Shatter): Does Shatter know any places in Washington he might portal into that'd fit a case like this?
-> Shatter: Whats the limit on your pocket dimension? Can it handle a 140 ton Blue Whales?
Shatter: Easy. I'll check though
Greg Davis: If Ben can use his powers to displace our actual positions - can we enter the pocket to talk to it?
Richard Anderson: you ARE kidding - right?
Greg Davis: (To Ben) Probably not.
-> Shatter: Just for a moment you felt her get very large.. and then realising that didnt work she changed again
Benjamin Wolff: Sure - but what's to stop it squishing us dead by becoming an elephant?
Benjamin Wolff: Or a blue whale?
Shatter: The old limit was 10k but that was raised when I invested a few more points after the last session
Shatter: I'll have to do the math again though it should be at least 20k by now
Richard Anderson: What about getting out of the van and Greg making the biggest box he can and us trying again?
-> Shatter: easy then
Greg Davis: We have Sander's and my defensive powers - it might give us a bit of a break. (Hopefully)
Greg Davis: "
-> Shatter: She's stopped shifting. Something quite small.
Benjamin Wolff: Works for me. An illusion of a painful field inside the box might also dissuade it from trying to break out, though would mean interaction, so it would get a chance to disbelieve it.
Greg Davis: (To Richard) - I'll prepared to give it a go - especially if Sander can re-enforce to cage.
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: we can do it - Ben - get ready to "distract" passers by
Shatter: Checked quickly, yeah, 25k now I think
Rev (Shatter): So no locations in Washington Shatter knows and might use? Did he have a flat here?
Benjamin Wolff: I can only do one at a time.
Richard Anderson: we'll have to chance it
Shatter: Just let me know when the target is large enough to portal into the cage here
GM: Yeah - you have a flat there
Richard Anderson: unless anyone else has a better idea?
-> Shatter: Easily. She's now quite small.
Shatter: Trying to come up with an alternative location to take us into but she's small now
Shatter: So get ready
Greg Davis: The flat is probably better - if you don't mind it getting trashed.
Shatter: Alright
Benjamin Wolff: So we stick it into a large box outside, try to talk it down, and win it over to our side?
Rev (Shatter): Chances of neighbours hearing noises?
Richard Anderson: if she's small now - do it here
Rev (Shatter): though we can be out of there by the time cops get in
Shatter: Alright, suppose that's the easiest way
Shatter just simply portals the target into the box we have here in the van
Greg Davis: Privacy is probably best for this sort of thing.
GM: Its a fast food resturant and an empty basketball court (over a wall) - I think you are safe on the noise front.
Richard Anderson: and we're on again
Richard Anderson: WHat have we got this time?
The 'target' appears in the box. Its a black snake, about 6 feet in length
I know Richard will do a quick taxinomy - its a Sumatran Spitting Cobra (or Naja sumatrana if you prefer). Fast deadly and able to spit venom up to 14 feet.
Benjamin Wolff: Illusion: we aren't speaking unless we're speaking directly at the target.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Thanks - I would have - honest
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: If you carry on like this we're going to have to hurt you!
Richard Anderson: Does the "snake" try to spit at anyone's eyes?
The snake rears up and hisses.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): action - again
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): No gaps in this cage - just thought I should mention it!
GM: No.. No spitting. Just hissing
Richard Anderson: access the paragons system and look for a paranormal with shapeshift powers
Benjamin Wolff: It's OK, we'd rather not do anything painful. If it's all right with you we'd like to talk. We're in the same boat as you, prettymuch.
Shatter (To Ben): We are?
Benjamin Wolff: Trying to speak calmingly, soothingly without being annoyingly so.
Richard Anderson: and text rudy with "do you know any shapeshifters?"
Shatter: Frankly I'm not all that confident with us getting anything out of this one. You all are free to try what ever you please but do your best to give it as little infromation about us as possible
Shatter: Also, while you're at it, Richie, can I take the time and go trough the documents we gained?
Benjamin Wolff: (to shatter): Well we wanted to nick the same stuff and we want its help to distribute it. I see that as a basis for dialog... I hope it does too. Maybe.
Shatter: Might give us an inkling on what this thing was after
Richard Anderson: passes laptop over to Shatter and starts up the PDF files with the docs in them
-> Richard Anderson: There was a news paper article almost a year back about a girl who climbed into the lions cage at Boston zoo and slept with them. The original reports from eye witnesses said one of the animals turned into a girl, who climbed out, but a team investigated and
-> Richard Anderson: reported it was a hoax
Richard Anderson: which team?
Shatter: Don't mention about us stealing the documents. It'd be all the best if the target things we're some kind of a security force working for the director, its target
Benjamin Wolff: That would make being friendly rather tricky, since we would be clearly on opposite sides, and would prevent any possible dialog.
The snake elongates and slowly turns into a girl. This transformation is slow, muuch slower than the previous ones.
Shatter shrugs
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: Still, I'll do my best.
Shatter: Still not sure why you want friendly
Shatter: But do as you pleases
Greg Davis: It's always good to make friends:)
Shatter: *please
-> Richard Anderson: Team 4 - all mundains.
Shatter then turns his attention to the laptop and starts going trough the files
Benjamin Wolff: Friendly is always the best starting point. Then you can move to deadly if necessary. Going the other way is hard.
Richard Anderson: To the team - team 4 investigated a report of a girl in Boston that reportedly turned into a lion - but came up blank
Richard Anderson: Mind you - none of team 4 have any "abilities" and could quite easily have been fooled - especially if she was this good!
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I shut up and sit quiet - trying to look as non-threatening as possible - given the situation - and let Ben do his thing.
The girl looks out at you
Shatter: Shatter will now be reading the files we got from the safe. No hurry with relaying the information here though, feel free to handle the girl for now. No reason to get busy on two fronts
Richard Anderson: anything from Rudy?
-> Richard Anderson: Nothing from Rudy
Declan: (okay.. I'll handle it this way. I'll deal with the girl here and put a summary of the files online later)
Shatter: Oh and do I need to remind you to not to rely on appearances with this one?
Benjamin Wolff: *smiling to girl* Hello, and pleased to meet you.
Shatter: It could be a fourty year old fat guy for all we know
Richard Anderson: were there any photos of the girl in Boston - or any other info?
Shatter: People tend to trust young girls easier so there's all the reason for go with that look
Benjamin Wolff: [aside] Forty yearold fat guys would be easier for me to relate to.
-> Richard Anderson: Yeah.. She looked like the girl in the cage, but maybe 5-8 years older.
Shatter: After that Shatter goes back to the files, hopefully shutting up for a while
Shatter still grins though
You would guess she's about 15. She has cshort cut blond hair and a slight scar above her right eye.
Richard Anderson: by the way - I hope that everyone remembers that we're in a trackable van - as we decided to switch to something else later...
Shapeshifing girl: Who are you?
Benjamin Wolff: [aside] See if there's anything useful from that report? Parents names, address, anything that could be used. Interrogations go better when it seems like you already know everything.
Campaign saved.
Shatter: AFK for five minutes. Sorry, something flatmate-related came up
Richard Anderson: working on it
Richard Anderson: and... is there anything?
Richard Anderson: Looks like the girl from Boston - but a little older
Benjamin Wolff: [to girl] Hopefully, we're the good guys. Which mostly means everyone's trying to kill us... which is why we're a little careful about you, I hope you understand.
Richard Anderson: She used to sleep with lions in a circus - changing into one of them
-> Richard Anderson: The girl in the report was Marion Foxton, an animal rights nut with no sense of self preservation. She apparently never went to jail - slipped her police custody.
Benjamin Wolff: [aside] Any info on the scar? Any name?
Greg Davis: [aside] She had access to explosives, so she's not as innocent as she looks.
Richard Anderson: Marion Foxton - animal rights nut. A bit lacking in selfe preservation and escaped police custody (no shit!)
-> Richard Anderson: Computing roll
Richard Anderson: Computers [1d20+19 = 33]
Greg Davis: and the know-how to use them.
Benjamin Wolff: [aside] Oh great... I'm gonna get myself blown up, I can just tell...
MarkC (Richard Anderson): uh oh - Dec's typin...
-> Richard Anderson: Okay. You suspect she could have been Mary Foxton, a girl who was mauled by lions at a circus (which was later shut down). The girl survived with massive scaring to the face. The age would be right and the stress might have trriggered this.
Richard Anderson: right - the suspicion is that she's Mary Foxton - mauled by lions (stress causing break out) and has massive facial scars (when not shifted)
-> Richard Anderson: If she is, she ran away from home three years after the incident (when she was 15) and didnt turn up for 7 years till the event with the sleeping with lions
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: If so - she's a runaway - just after the incident (at 15) and didn't turn up for some time (7 years) until the lions thing - so she's older than she's making out
-> Richard Anderson: You can find records for Marion going back two years, then a seven yaer gap, then Mary for 14.
-> Richard Anderson: Mary for 15 - sorry
Benjamin Wolff: And you're Marion? It's a relief to finally meet you.
Richard Anderson: There are records for Marion back 2 years and then a gap of 7 then Mary for 15 - so she's about 24
Shapeshifting girl: Okay. If you're the 'good guys' yu'll let me out.
Richard Anderson: to girl - Hey Mary - what were you doing in the Senator's House?
GM: She looks 15
Benjamin Wolff: I would like to, once we can trust you, Mary.
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): [why did I type marion?]
Shapeshifting girl (looking puzzled): Mary?
Richard Anderson: or are you called Marion these days?
Richard Anderson: did I get anything from the PDA way back when - I asked to download as much as poss from it?
Shapeshifting girl (defensively): How do you know my name? Are y0ou with the Government?
Shapeshifting girl: You're Oscar Gensen's goon's, aren't you?
Benjamin Wolff: Uh... they're trying to kill us too. *looks dejected*
Shapeshifting girl: Come off it. You captured me at his house. You had to be watching it.
Greg Davis: You could say we're doing a bit of free-lancing.
Shapeshifting girl: So how much is he paying you? Its not worth it.
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: What do you know about "Only Child"?
Shapeshifting girl: What do I know about what?
Greg Davis: Not quite what I meant, but it seems we share some common interests.
Richard Anderson: to team - it was worth a go (smiles)
Shapeshifting girl: I told you, I'm not going to work for him, freelance or not. You can tell him I'd rather die.
Benjamin Wolff: We want to trust you, and I'd like you to trust us, eventually... but I kind of feel that'll be a long road. So to begin, we need to know what you were after in that house, and why.
Richard Anderson: Whoah there - the Senator wants you to work for him?
-> Richard Anderson: Sorry - forgot to mention you detected the PDA when she became a girl. Its doesnt transmit though. Only software on it is the safe cracker code.
Shapeshifting girl: Yeah. But I'm not like you. Not going to sell out.
Richard Anderson: any idea who wrote the code - programmers sometimes leave traces in how the write things?
Shapeshifting girl: [1d20 = 13]
Richard Anderson: what about the "monitoring" stuff that you mentioned
Benjamin Wolff: What makes you think we'd sell out?
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: There are some Paragons who are making it very difficult for the rest of us to live quiet, peaceful lives. If that's ever to happen, the powers that be have to realise that we're not a threat to them.
-> Richard Anderson: Its incredibly compact, efficient and fast. Someone who knew what they were doing. Doesn't look like it was assembled or compiled either. Probably written in machine code. No OS either - hitting the hardware direct.
Richard Anderson: who the hell can write stuff that good - can't be many - and I'd know 'em - I can do a knowledge roll if you like?
Shapeshifting girl: If Gensen thinks I'm not a threat he has another thing coming. I'm going to take him down, show the world what he's really like and when noone cares about him any more, then I'll kill him.
-> Richard Anderson: Noone you've met
Greg Davis: The more high-profile rogue para-normals there are, the more likely Genson will gain support for the para-normal registration act, and possible even more oppressive measures.
Richard Anderson: guys - the software on her PDA was written by someone good - as good as me, maybe.
Shapeshifting girl: So what about the rogue normals? What about the monsters? Do they get to go free?
Shapeshifting girl: Notice [1d20+7 = 26]
Shatter looks up from the laptop
Shapeshifting girl: Notice [1d20+7 = 8]
Shatter: The more and more I hear from her the less I like. Can't trust a word she's saying
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: while they're talkig - I'll review the files that I "read"
-> Greg Davis: You hear a noise near the street end of the alley. A high picted noise.
Richard Anderson: anything interesting?
Greg Davis: In an ideal world they'd have to face to consequences of there actions in a court of law. But this isn't an ideal world, and I think we may have to work together to maintain the standard of liberty we've become accustomed to.
Shatter: She's trying to agitate and also portrays herself as an innocent independent. I'd figure both with the intent to deceive
Benjamin Wolff: [aside] As I see it, we stand to gain an ally here, possibly an organisation of allies, which is nice when everyone else is after us. If we trust her and she runs, all we lose is her. But even then, tracking her PDA could lead us to some interesting things.
Greg Davis: There something at the end of the alley - a high pitched noise.
Shatter sends his senses outside to see what's going on
-> Richard Anderson: Details of a prison, originally constructed during WWII to house 'extraordinary' German prisoners, then made a state penetentiary and then strangely closed down two years ago. And the second file has detailed budget for refitting it.
-> Shatter: Rats, lots of them. Thousands - all staying out of sight. You have never seen so many rats together.
Richard Anderson: Sander - I suggest that you start up the van and that we get the heck out of here
Shatter: Rats. A ton of them
Greg Davis: Killing Genson would just make him a martyr for is cause, but if you can thoroughly discredit him you do more damage to his cause than killing him ever would.
Shatter: And why are we debating ideals with this thing?
Shatter: I agree that we should get out of here though
Shapeshifting girl: You dont understand. He controls the courts. He blackmails people, or bribes them.
Shatter: One must wonder who's commanding the rats
Greg Davis: Time to go - I put the van in gear and drive off.
Shapeshifting girl: He kills anyone who gets in his way.
Richard Anderson: Dec,
MarkC (Richard Anderson): can Sander drive us out of here?
Campaign saved.
Sander starts the engine up, throws the van into reverse and starts driving.
Benjamin Wolff: Like I said, we're in the same boat: we are not who you think we are. But without you trusting us enough to talk, we can't help eachother. We want you to help us spread some information about him... but first, you need to say why you were there.
Richard Anderson: I think that we should maybe "lose" the girl somewhere - I don't think that she's going to be much help
Shatter: I tend to agree
Benjamin Wolff: [Aside] Can you rig the PDA to track it? I would be interested where she runs to, if she does run when we drop the field.
Greg Davis: If you can distribute the evidence widely enough, it would cause sufficient damage, before he had the opportunity to silence everybody.
Shatter: This ideology she's spouting is either created to phaze us or she is an idealist with very little use
As you start to move rats poor into the alley. You see rats leaping from the surounding walls. They thud on the cealing. One large rat crashes through the passenger window (quite dead - the impact broke its neck)
Shatter: Greg, reinfoce the car
Richard Anderson: Shatter - you want to 'port her out of here - I'm getting a bit sick of her whining?
Shatter: I can't quarantee she stays inside though...
Shatter: Never tried keeping anyone there for long
Benjamin Wolff: Mary! If thats you, your making animals kill themselves won't help either of us - it's just mean to them!
Greg Davis: Done
Shatter: Rich, could someone be tracking us trough the PDA?
As the rats spot the openning, several other rats leap for the open window. Sander hits the handbreak and spins the van round.
Richard Anderson: 2 secs then Shatter matey.
Richard Anderson: is the PDA active at all?
Shatter gets rid of the girl by putting her into the pocket
-> Richard Anderson: No
Richard Anderson: Nothing from the PDA
Shatter: Let some air into the cage in case we want to put her back in.
Shatter: Though less air would make her less prone to whine
Shatter looks outside to see how the rats are behaving
Greg Davis: Ok.
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: sighs, pulls out shotgun and points it to the broken window incase they start swarming
The rats in the van leap for Greg, but at that moment Mary vanishes and two rather confused rats drop to the ground looking lost
Shatter: Was her then
Richard Anderson: She's a grunt - brainwashed into doing a job for someone with a lot more nous - a footsoldier, albeit a very capable one
Shatter: I'd have to agree
You've got about five rats in the van, but atleast they are acting more 'rat like'.
Richard Anderson: Yeah the story suggested some animal affinity - sleeping with lions and all
Shatter ports the remaining rats into the alley they just left from
Benjamin Wolff: It would be really nice to track her - but if as you said the person who worked on her PDA has skill, it might be hard to make it undetectable.
Shatter: So what will we do with her?
Shatter: I know no spells that can be used to wipe her memory
Benjamin Wolff: Why do we care what she remembers?
Shatter: Also, we most definitely need to change our mode of transportation
Greg Davis: We can't let them kill Genson - it would just incease the anti-paranormal paranoia.
Shatter: She knows my powers quite personally. As things are the way they are, I'd rather not release that information
Sander: Guys, Which way I'm I supposed to be driving? Are we still going to New York, or Virginia?
Richard Anderson: where's the prison?
-> Richard Anderson: Virginia
Benjamin Wolff: That doesn't mean we can't let them think we want to kill him too - an organisation we coud use would be useful, and the more we find out about them the better.
Richard Anderson: There's a "facility" that may be being used to keep captured Paragons - in Virginia
Shatter: I want to kill him
Greg Davis: New York - The NY Post likes to dish the dirt on politicos.
Shatter: And you want to go public with this? *Sighs*
Benjamin Wolff: I would like to kill him too - and I like that she wanted to wait until he was forgotten first. Shows at least some appreciation of the importance of subtlety.
Richard Anderson: I think that we should head toward Virginia as we planned and ditch the Van soon after
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: I don't htink we can go public until we have more.
Greg Davis: Absolutely - I'm not becoming an accomplice to an assassination.
Benjamin Wolff: Unless there was something worldshattering in the files ?
Sander: Maybe we should ditch the van before going to Virginia? I mean if we dont go to New York in it wont that woman Colonel get suspicious?
Shatter: Yeah
MarkC (Richard Anderson): sorry - should go to NY as planned - ditch Van and then go to Virginia - was confusticated
Richard Anderson: what's in the "Only Child" stuff?
MarkC (Richard Anderson): blame the Whisky
Benjamin Wolff: I reckon the original plan still has plenty going for it. The longer we can keep the government off our backs the better.
Shatter nods
Shatter: So where do we ditch the girl? I doubt you all want to kill her
Shatter: Shapeshifters are notoriously hard to detain
Greg Davis: We should go public with everything we've got - blow Genson, and his supporters out the water, then do what we can to track down this terrorist cell. They're going to do more damage to the para-normal cause than Genson ever could.
Richard Anderson: I suggest that we just let her out somewhere and leave her a note saying something like - we let you go - we're not the bad guys - best of luck"
-> Richard Anderson: Designations of metahuman types. CApture protocols, and a break down of roles. Apparently the PRA was intended to investigate Parahumans openly so this other organisation could 'action' them.
Shatter: Richie, could you cook up anything to track her with?
Shatter: Not necessarily the PDA
Richard Anderson: the problem is that we'd have to get it onto her and that means touching her - not good as we've seen how good a shapeshifter she is.
-> Richard Anderson: And apparently the long term goal was a PRA and a PEA (Parahuman Enforcement agaency)
Richard Anderson: Also - electronic stuff "vanishes" when she's non human
Benjamin Wolff: Should I be using "gather information" or "bluff" during interrogations rather than RPing it? I type slow, and I don't ask the right questions than Ben would, but it feels wrong not to RP it... then again Anderson doesn't RP interrogating the computers, so... I dunno.
Shatter: I'd imagine we might be able to touch her with Ben's help
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: I've been "reading" the reports - they're interesting
Greg Davis: If we can't track her, letting her go is a bad idea, but we might be able to get a tracer in NY - I now some people on the force that might be able to help.
Shatter: Also I doubt she reports to her superiors as a cat
Benjamin Wolff: She might report to them as herself rather than a girl.
Richard Anderson: All we need to do is put something like a mobile phone in her pocket and leave it switched on - however - the guy who wrote that software will be wise to the basic stuff and I can't think of anything with the materials we've got
Shatter: Might there be an artificer way about this? Though that'd take time
MarkC (Richard Anderson): and it's 10.00
-> Richard Anderson: The PEA would at its hart have several 'Grey Ops teams' which have been formed first and are working under the ausice of the PRA (until the PEA is formed)... under the name of Recruitment & Retirement Teams (R&R)
Rev (Shatter): Oh. Wouldn't have even noticed
-> Shatter: Not with your current skills
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Assume that I tell you all the stuff that Dec's whispering to me about the reports - when you read the logs - it's easier than repeating it all - interesting stuff
Declan: can it be 10? Was 9:15 last time I looked
Rev (Shatter): Shatter also read the reports, or most of 'em, so yeah, assuming he knows the stuff
Benjamin Wolff: A rare radioactive isotope, maybe? Though, I think I left my supply of those in my other jeans...
Campaign saved.
Declan: Well same time next week...
Greg Davis: Yeah see you all next week:)
Rev (Shatter): Was good to go at it again. Thanks
Richard Anderson: see you all next week - let's hope I can think better then - my brain's fuzzy after a few weeks off.
Rev (Shatter): Over all a pleasant session
Benjamin Wolff: [Offtopically: I suck at RPing interrogations, it seems :D Should I just use my "bluff"/"gather info" on her, the same as anderson does with computers?
MarkC (Richard Anderson): cheers guys - bye for now
The remote mountain community of Buckner Ridge is typical of other prison towns, from its foundations as a one-industry pony (coal mining) to the economic recession that almost turned it into a ghost town. Like many small communities driven by desperation, Buckner Ridge courted the different prison corporations to open a penitentiary in their backyard.
Benjamin Wolff: Eh, bye :)
Declan: Hmmm.. Ignore that
Benjamin Wolff: I guessed :)
'MarkC' disconnected
Shatter: Heh
Shatter: Ah well, take care
Shatter: And see you next time
Benjamin Wolff: What do you think, Declan? RP interrogations, or use my character's skills?
Benjamin Wolff: Seeya Rev :)
'Rev' disconnected
Sander: Night

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