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Shatter is glad he doesn't need to find an excuse for running late now
Richard Anderson: Hi guys
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Hi guys
Shatter greets around
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Can we all assume that everyone's read the logs and that I've (secretly and securely) passed on the info I got last session?
Rev (Shatter): Fine by me though I wouldn't mind recapping the highlights.
Declan: Sorry guys. Fell asleep watching SG1 (I'm currently up to season 5).
MarkC (Richard Anderson): admit it - you're just trying to get an insight into my character aren't you?
Shatter: NP
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I read the log after last weeks session, so a brief reminder might be a good idea:)
At the end of last session Col Anna Fraiser told you that the press announcement at 3 hours would introduce the Parahuman Registration Act..and it would be announced.. by Patriot :)
She then left the room to prepare leaving you alone with Gordon.
Gordon Laymark: Quite a scary woman, that.
Benjamin Wolff: Quite.
Greg Davis: She certainly seems very determined to push through her agenda.
Richard Anderson: summary - all United States "official" Paragons are being dosed with a drug (Analax-delta), Rudy's been told to up our dosage and passed it on to me (securely).
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Portrait id blah blah errir
Declan: The time is now 12:20 - 2 hours 40 to that announcement
Richard Anderson: Captured Paragons are on higher dosages
Richard Anderson: Serious side effects for high dosages, yadda yadda
Richard Anderson: (Note to GM) all this was sent/said securely - any monitoring equipment in here "doesn't work"
GM: Just so I know.. are you telling them this in front of Gordon?
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): Oh yeah - how could I have forgotten that:-(
Shatter: His face becomes near murderous for a moment but he quickly cools down. Still, there's a near visible dark cloud lingering over his head.
Richard Anderson: Oh no - if Gordon's still around I'll find another method (use their headsets or wait)
Gordon Laymark (Getting up and striding): We need to decide how to handle this 'announcement'. The PRA could become very unpopular very quickly.
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Greg Davis: Political spin isn't really my strong suit.
Gordon Laymark: I'm glad Patriot is announcing it. That way it looks like the Dept of Justice is responsible, but many wont see it that way.
Richard Anderson: Gordon, have you ever heard of any way of "suppressing" Paragon powers? I can see that there may be a need in future and someone must have done research?
Richard Anderson: test Rudy saying we're on our way soon - just dealing with last of debrief
Gordon Laymark: There was some reserach done on it, by the DoJ, but the results were harmful. I think the project was dropped.
-> Richard Anderson: Okay
Benjamin Wolff: A power-suppression gun would be a wonderful weapon. But somehow I can't see them letting such a weapon into the hands of paragons.
Richard Anderson: meant "text"
Richard Anderson: check to see if this room is being monitored in any way I can detect
Gordon Laymark: A power suppression gun would be one more way to segregate paragon and non-paragon.
Shatter: Just saying, Shatter didn't really cover his reaction that I emoted before so Gordon might've picked up on it
Richard Anderson: I was thinking more a drug or something that could be used to "control" or suppress powers
-> Shatter: Okay
-> Richard Anderson: The meeting was videoed but Gordon stopped the tape at the end orf the meeting
Richard Anderson: text Rudy "does G know?"
Richard Anderson: and sense for any possible monitoring devices within the room and (temporarily) disable them
Campaign saved.
-> Richard Anderson: Text from Rudy: Dnt Thnk so. All orders from director.
Richard Anderson: text to Rudy "will try to sound out - will not mention U - hope you're deleting everything - be ready
Gordon Laymark: I'm going to see if we can stop this or atleast slow it down. The directors going to carry more clout than I do. I'll give him a call
Richard Anderson: Gordon, wait a minute - I've a question to ask
Richard Anderson: Have you heard of Analax-delta?
Gordon Laymark (Looking surprised): No, but the project you asked about.. the one they shuy down. They used a drug called Analax-Alpha.
Richard Anderson: I've been "snooping" around a little (sorry - force of habit) and discovered some disturbing information and I think that the Director may be involved... want to hear it?
Gordon Laymark (Sitting back down): If it involved Analax, then I need to hear this.
Greg Davis: Perhaps we should be discussing this somewhere else?
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: Right - it appears that ALL US government paragons have been receiving amounts of Analax-delta in their food or vitamins for some time now and that the dosage has just been ordered to be stepped up
Richard Anderson: Greg - it's ok - this room is clean (as far as I can make it)
Gordon Laymark: Are you sure? The original drug was deadly.
Greg Davis: That me me feel slightly better:)
Richard Anderson: Aparently there are still side effects in higher dosages. We've been getting 5cc/unit weigh wereas captives have been getting 25!
Richard Anderson: and ours is to be stepped up to 15 (frowns)
Greg Davis: Can you find out who initiated the program?
Gordon Laymark: Captives? As fas as I know we dont have any captives. Stuart and Carol are both at the academy - and hardly captive.
Richard Anderson: Oscar Gensen!
Richard Anderson: Otherwise known as "the Director"
Gordon Laymark: The director? Are you sure?
Richard Anderson: All of the emails giving the orders came from him and you weren't copied in, otherwise we wouldn't be having this discussion
Gordon Laymark: Lets go back to those Captive. Which captives?
Benjamin Wolff: And where?
Richard Anderson: ALL paragons currently held in captivity by the PRA was what the messages stated - want me to snoop and find names?
Richard Anderson: can I check who's currently being held "captive"
Gordon Laymark: Yes. And find out where they are.
Campaign saved.
-> Richard Anderson: You start checking
Richard Anderson: go for it - need anything rolling?
-> Richard Anderson: I'll roll
Hiding all die rolls
Gordon Laymark: [1d20 = 3]
Richard Anderson: Checking - might take a minute - anything you want to say in your defense Gordon, 'cos if you knew anything about this you'ree in BIG trouble (smiles to reassure him that he doesn't seriously mean it)
-> Richard Anderson: You're sure there is more info..but its been well covered. You do discover though that team 6 and 7 have logged a number of missions and last time you check you had 5 teams with the PRA.
Richard Anderson: Can't quite get anything more on the actual captives at the moment - however - how many teams are there in the PRA?
-> Richard Anderson: You also note that team 7 logged expenses fora trip to Buckner Ridge Penitentiary two weeks back. In Virginia
Shatter: Shatter's face looks like he's ready to kill any moment, which makes the threat carry a bit of extra weight
Richard Anderson: grab their mission records
Gordon Laymark: 5. 4 active, and a new one just put together
Richard Anderson: So teams 6 and 7 that have missions logged are what exactly?
Richard Anderson: Team 7 has been to Buckner Ridge Penitentiary recently
-> Richard Anderson: You cant find any mission records. Someones done a really good job of hiding them. Expenses and Medical arent as well covered.
Richard Anderson: Someone's good - can't get their records - just expenses and medical
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: if I've got medical - are they paragons and if so - what type, powers, etc?
Richard Anderson: Guys - any questions so far?
Richard Anderson: I think that I've got most of what I'm able to find out remotely
Gordon Laymark: Okay. I'm guessing in about 2 hours things are going to get pretty locked down around here. I need to get you out of here pretty quickly.
Gordon Laymark: It look like I need to send you somewhere far from Virginia, so anyone looking for you doesn't look there.
Richard Anderson: we can get out at any time, I'm worried about you
Greg Davis: While I'm pretty angry about this, it could just work in our favour. (To Richard) If you could help us find some hard evidence, leaking it to the press could cause the sort of public backlash that could scupper the Colonel's recommendation for a paranormal registration
Richard Anderson: What was that other mission that you had planned - we could head off for that and "make a detour"
Greg Davis: act. Especially if prisoners are being mistreated.
Richard Anderson: I'm a bit concerned about leaking it - I don't want to be target number one - I'm the first person they'd suspect
-> Richard Anderson: Team six is led by a Captain Wright - ex-air force. Described as having hyper-reflexes. Team seven is lead by Paul Crane, said to generate a neural suppression field.
Richard Anderson: Hellanddamnation (sorry Shatter mate) just got some info re theams 6 and 7
Richard Anderson: team 6 led by Captain Wright - ex air force - hyper reflexes, team 7 led by Paul Crane - neural suppressor - guess who captures paragons?
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: do we have images of these people?
Gordon Laymark: Okay. I'm going to officially send you to New York. Its big enough that you could get lost there. I've got two cases you are 'supposed to be' folowing up on. The sexual harrisment one, and the insider trading one.
Gordon Laymark: They're not priority, but make sure you are well clear of the building before that announcemnet.
Richard Anderson: and where are they now?
Benjamin Wolff: Are you suggestingthat we should be prepared to get lost, Gordon?
Greg Davis: What about our families?
-> Richard Anderson: No. Its basically just medical bills and expenses..all from the finances computer.
Richard Anderson: I suggest we, quickly, go see Rudy before we go and also pick up anything from our digs that we might need in a hurry
Gordon Laymark: Okay. The press conference is in 2 hours and 15 minutes. It will probably take a good 15 to 20 mins but I wouldnt be surprised if they made changes the moment it started
Richard Anderson: Gordon - do you have any info on those guys - I'd quite like to know where they are and what they're doing - but I wouldn't go typing their names in "Google" or anything (smiles)
Gordon Laymark: I've not heard of either of them.. which is odd since I'm supposed to know about every government Paragon.
Richard Anderson: Hmm - right. Upload the details on the two NY cases - I think we'd better get going - what do you chaps think?
Greg Davis: This just keeps getting better. What danger could our families be in if we "disappear", will the Colonel try to aply pressure that way?
At that point the door opens and Patriot leans round the door.
Patriot: Hi..
Patriot: I thought I'd see you, since I'm around
Richard Anderson: Hi big guy - how's it going - good job on that last mission by the way
Campaign saved.
Secretary: I'm sorry Mr Laymark. I couldnt stop him.
Benjamin Wolff: waves friendlily, trying not to look too guilty
Patriot: I'm told you didnt mind giving up you TV appearance for me. I know it can be intimidating, but you really should get your face known.
Shatter seems to barely notice Partiot's enterance
Greg Davis: That's ok, you handle the whole media circus thing much better than we do:)
Richard Anderson: I'm really camera shy - too many years in undercover - just can't get the hang of public appearances
Patriot: Anyway, If any of you change your mind I dont mind you standing on stage with me.. you knw.. United front and all.
Richard Anderson: Greg's right - you're a natural at it
Richard Anderson: We might do - just got a few things to sort out here first
Patriot (grinning): Thanks. I knew I was good, but its nice to hear it anyway.
Patriot: I might see you at the press announcement then.
He closes the door.
Richard Anderson: Might do - if we get through all of this paperwork (frowns)
Richard Anderson: oh - he's gone
Greg Davis: (Whispers) Do you think he heard anything?
Gordon Laymark: Richard, Is there any record of HIM getting any Analax?
Richard Anderson: any record of Patriot getting the drug?
-> Richard Anderson: Not that you can find
Greg Davis: With his power levels - not a chance:)
Richard Anderson: And we have a winner - no record
Richard Anderson: that I can find that is
Greg Davis: Probably thought he wasn't smart enough to be dangerous.
Richard Anderson: OK - we offski?
Gordon Laymark: I dont know. The original stuff was pulled because it caused meglomania and reduced IQ, amongst other things.
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: Maybe they tested it on him and then developed a newer batch for us?
Greg Davis: It might explain things:)
Shatter: *Seems that finally his pent up emotions start to result into actions* Let's just get a plan together and start working...
Richard Anderson: is anyone in the infirmary with Rudy?
Benjamin Wolff: Megalomania? Great, now I'm goinng to feel worried any time I feel proud of myself.
Gordon Laymark: Okay. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to call you in at some point, so go radio silent. If I dont hear from you I cant order you back.
Shatter: I feel like smacking someone, preferably with the but of a rifle.
-> Richard Anderson: No
Richard Anderson: shuutdown monitoring there like I did here
Greg Davis: Patriot's outside:)
Richard Anderson: Right - I'm re-anabling the systems in this room - anything you want to say before we're "live" again?
Gordon Laymark: Check out this prison in Virginia. You might also want to check out the Directors home - in Washington, and the DoJ if you can. Ifd Patriots involved they are.. and be careful.
Benjamin Wolff: Not really - I'd like to pop to the infirmary and have a word with the chap who's been dosing us.
Richard Anderson: right - re anable the systems and I'm going to 'port to the infirmary 1st time - using the local network (just showing off)
Shatter: I like the idea of popping in on the director
Richard Anderson: systems enabled - quiet now guys
Gordon Laymark: I'll go and distract Anna.. so she's busy when you leave.
Richard Anderson: oh - and watch this
Theres a horrible crackling noise as Richard appaers to be swollowed whole by Gordons laptop.
Richard Anderson: Richard puts his hand on one of the terminals and vanishes in a fast raster scan from his fett to his head - fading out like a TV that's switched off
Shatter actually raises an eyebrow at that
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: Hi Rudy - sorry to startle you
Rudy Ellis: (Rather Shaken) Hell, Where did you?
Benjamin Wolff: ...I think a virus scanner might not be enough for what's infecting your laptop.
Greg Davis: Now that's just unnatural:)
Richard Anderson: Sorry - couldn't resist - you know what you were saying about "increased power levels"
Rudy Ellis: Yes.. Although thats really not what I was expecting
Richard Anderson: I ask rud if he's any info on teams 6 and 7 - giving him all the info that I've got while I wait
Shatter: I suppose I need to have a long talk with Richard some time.
Richard Anderson: *Rudy
Shatter: But we oughta leave now. Did someone need something with Rudy before we go?
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I'll shut up and wait for the others now
-> Richard Anderson: He's never heard of them..
Benjamin Wolff: Yes, words, let's go see him.
Shatter: Right
Greg Davis: We might as we say goodbye before we leave for NY.
Gordon heads to distract Anna Faiser
Richard Anderson: tell him to keep it under his hat but to let me know with an innocuous text if he hears anythin - also that G knows but doesn't know about him
On the way to the medical wing you pass Patriot. He appears to be reading the newsletter on the office noticeboard.
Benjamin Wolff: What news, Patriot?
Campaign saved.
Patriot: Yeah. Apparently the Washington Post has a new Paragon hero column.
Patriot: I should go tell them about me.
Richard Anderson: monitor what's going on in the building - in case we are in trouble
Greg Davis: Yeah, got to keep that PR thing going:)
Shatter looks impatient but stops to wait for others
Patriot (nodding): Yeah.
Greg Davis: Sorry Patriot, we've got a new assignment. We'll catch up later.
Richard Anderson: and text to the guys to put their earpieces in since we're going on a mission
Benjamin Wolff: ;glances at the newsletter (anything eyecatcing?), then waves to patriot and makes his way to rudy
Rudy Ellis (Looking knowingly at Richard): Gettlemen. I've got to give you a larger done of vitamins today. Case of flue going round.
Richard Anderson: Text incoming on all your phones - put your bloody earpieces in - we're on a mission now!
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): (urk, getting a lot of packetloss - ping?)
Richard Anderson: Rudy - this room is secure now - and the guys have an idea of what's going on
Greg Davis: /a Puts earpiece in.
Rudy takes care to hide from the Medical wing camera the fact that he is filling the syringes with Sterile water.
Rudy Ellis: Its secure?
Rudy Ellis: Oh..
Benjamin Wolff: ;puts earpiece in and makes mental note to weld it there :)
Richard Anderson: none of the cameras are recording what's happening - I'm going to fill in with "normal stuff"
Richard Anderson: same with the mikes - I'll waive looking at what's happening in the building - this is more important
-> Richard Anderson: He didnt know that though..till you told him
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: SHatter - could you keep a look out at what's happening around here - I'm busy maing sure we're secure
Rudy Ellis: Richard, Can you make sure the records show me injecting you?
Richard Anderson: Oh yes - Rudy's on our side - he let me know about the drugs (smiles)
Shatter: Well, if you want me out of the room..
Richard Anderson: I thought that you could sense stuff?
Shatter: I can do that but then I can't hear a thing said here
Richard Anderson: Ah - right - we'll just have to be quiick then.
Rudy Ellis: The doors pretty secure. Lets just be quick
Richard Anderson: quick check that there's no problem with Gordon Anna and then Patriot and 3-2-1 we're back in the room
Richard Anderson: amend records as Rudy suggests
Richard Anderson: Rudy - that's done - we're being dosed up correctly as far as the records show
Greg Davis: I block the door with an invisible light barrier.
Rudy Ellis: I've got 500ml of the Analax-Delta here. I cant give you the whole bag or there'll be questions, but I've missed giving each of you I could probably give you a third the bag, at it will look right.
Richard Anderson: Great - worth a look at for analysis later - maybe
Rudy Ellis: You might need it.. to get it analysed, or to give to the press..
Greg Davis: Do you know anyone we could trust to get it analysed?
Richard Anderson: I suggest that we split it and 2 of us take it, I'd suggest Shatter and AN other
Shatter: I can secure it so that no one can get their hands on it
Shatter: Shouldn't go bad either
Greg Davis: Can you do your transporatatio
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: unless you put fiery guy in there again (grins)
Rudy Ellis (Shakes his head): That stuff is probably worth a fortune to the right people, and some might kill to get it back. Even if you give it to someone trustworthy you need to make sure the dont tell anyone.
Greg Davis: *transportation thing carrying items (to Richard)
Richard Anderson: yeah - I can carry about 500 pounds or so
Richard Anderson: so far
Rudy Ellis: Also, whatever you do, dont inject it all into one person.. if you do ues it.
Richard Anderson: why not?
Greg Davis: Perhaps you should take the other sample. Then they're both being carried by the two agents who can make a fast getaway.
Rudy Ellis: Well assuming they gave you 5ml, and 'prisoners' 25 ml, I'm pretty sure 180ml would kill.
Richard Anderson: OK - if you guys agree? I'm a lover not a FIGHTER, REMEMBER
Benjamin Wolff: Works for me - I'd rather not be a target myself
Richard Anderson: Rudy - you got an "unvbreakable" vial or something?
Greg Davis: (Looking at Shatter) Alternatively I've just thought of a way of taking down Patriot - should the need arise.
Rudy Ellis: Sorry. Just glass and plastic.
Richard Anderson: Pants - I'll have to make do with plastic - unless this stuff dissolves it or anything?
Rudy Ellis: Actually, you could try Emily Rosemont with the vial?
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: Emily Rosemont?
Greg Davis: ohhh, Who's she?
Benjamin Wolff: Offer him a drink? :) I don't think he's a bad enough guy I'd want to kill him - I'd save it for those two paragon-catchers
Shatter nods
Richard Anderson: Agreed Ben - also 90ml should still be pretty nasty
Rudy Ellis: Yeah. She's a psychiatrist who studied Paranormals after the first few breakouts. She refused a job with the PRA. I think she told Gordon she didnt trust the government.
Greg Davis: Well it all depends on if he's determined to stop us.
Richard Anderson: Rudy, give us her details and we'll drop in if it seems safe to do so
Richard Anderson: check on G, A and P again - and back
Rudy Ellis: Also, I'd advise against tryiong to give the Analax to Patriot unless you have a really strong needle.
Benjamin Wolff: If Patriot were determined to stop us, he would charge at us - I don't think any of us would be in danger, let alone all of us. It's the more subtle attackers that worry me.
Richard Anderson: We'd trick him into drinking it like you guys have been doing with us (doesn't smile - at all)
-> Richard Anderson: Patriot is talking to the Governemnt press officer about where the spotlights are going to be in the press room. Gordon and Anna are argueing in the Canteen.
Richard Anderson: listen in on G and A
Greg Davis: Or teleport it directly into his blood-stream:)
Richard Anderson: Guys - 2 mins - Gordon and Anna are arguing
Richard Anderson: Maybe we'd better get a move on
Shatter: We should agree on a place to meet
Greg Davis: Shatter can you get us out of here?
Shatter: Easy
Richard Anderson: Rudy - details on Emily please
Greg Davis: Unless anybody wants to split up I suggest we use the Shatter express:)
-> Richard Anderson: They both have mobiles. You use Anna's to listen in. Gordon seems to be picking a religeous arguement with her because he knows it will rile her up. You note from the phones memory that she has made three calls to the director in the last 24 housr.
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: No probs with that
Richard Anderson: Gordon's still got our backs - just arguing to distract her
Shatter: I have a few things to take care of after I take you out, so a place to meet would still be a plus
Rudy Ellis: I don't know that much about her. She set up something called the Rosemont Centre for people having difficult coping with Parahuman influences.
Benjamin Wolff: Any idea what they're arguing about?
Richard Anderson: something religious - sounds like Gordon picked a subject guaranteed to make her waste time
Richard Anderson: No offense Shatter
Shatter shrugs
Richard Anderson: Right - I suggest that we don't use a PRA van - as we'll be traced
Richard Anderson: so let's go rent a vehicle somewhere
Rudy Ellis: Listen, If you leave here in a company car they'll track the plates, and if you use public transport you'll be easy to track.
Rudy Ellis: And dont rent on credit
Richard Anderson: find local car rentals - somewhere near my flat
Greg Davis: I think it's going to be public transport from here on in - Car rental requires a credit card, that can be traced.
-> Richard Anderson: Big company or small
Richard Anderson: Rudy - we weren't born yesterday
Richard Anderson: big - much easier to lose ourselves
Rudy Ellis: Your best bet isd buy with cash..
Benjamin Wolff: I would say we save our cash and make our way very obviously to new york - since that's where we are meant to be going anyway.
Richard Anderson: I think I might buy with "someone else's" credit details (grins)
-> Richard Anderson: Okay.. You found an Avis and a Hertz.. big as they come
Richard Anderson: There's an Avis near my flat - want to get one from there?
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: Company car to NY, then lose them there. Don't let them know we're running.
Richard Anderson: Good point Ben - like the thinking
Greg Davis: Ben's right, lets follow the cover story.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): forget I said anything - feeling stupid tonight
'Rev' disconnected
Richard Anderson: Right down to the car park then - as per normal
Declan: Lost Rev :(
'Rev' connected
Richard Anderson: I think that we may need some fake ID soon too
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): You're feeling stupid? I've been up since yesterday and I had wine with my Sunday dinner: I'm definitely not sparkling either :D
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): can we get to the car park without passing the Colonel? Or will we need to teleport?
Richard Anderson: In a building this size - I'm sure we can
Richard Anderson: but TP is easy too
Richard Anderson: By the way - I can only teleport via data networks - so I'm a little limited compared to Shatter
Greg Davis: Lets act casual, unless we really need to avoid her.
Sander (Who has been following you all this time) suggests he gets the car, whilst you all stock up on arms and equipment and meet him at the basement carpark
Benjamin Wolff: Sounds good to me.
Richard Anderson: OK - armoury and then basement
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Yeah let the NPC do the legwork!
Greg Davis: Lets go.
Sander heads off to get the Van. He picks a big black van so you can get lots of kit in it.
Richard Anderson: Goes off with the rest to (re) equip - (would quite like a taser this time too please)
Campaign saved.
Shatter: I lost the images so are we still at Rudy's? Did she give us the poison already?
-> Richard Anderson: Its got the standard PRA tracking system. I presume you leave it working till NYC?
Richard Anderson: yep
-> Shatter: Got it now
Richard Anderson: By the way guys - I'll let them track us until NY - then we'll "vanish"
Greg Davis: Sounds good.
Rudy hands over the two plastic vials
Rudy Ellis: Good luck
Shatter makes one of them disappear
Richard Anderson: Ta muchly - maybe the stores will have a small hard case
Greg Davis follows the others the the armoury.
Richard Anderson: puts it (carefully) in his laptop case
Richard Anderson: and follows
GM: Lots of hard cases with foam inserts in the armoury
Richard Anderson: that's what I thought
Richard Anderson: I want a smallis one (pocket sized preferably) otherwise I'll take one big enough to hold my laptop too and put it in there
Greg Davis picks up an undercover shirt, and about a hundred rounds of ammo for his light pistol - "We could be in the field for some time".
-> Richard Anderson: Second option. No really small ones
Richard Anderson: Follows suit and asks for a taser
GM: You find a taser
Richard Anderson: Gets a hard case - laptop sized
Greg Davis: I suggest we get new sim cards for our cellphones as soon as we reach NY.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): (sorry - should have been an action)
Shatter already picked up quite a bit of gear earlier after having lost most of it so he just waits around
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: Right - I'm ready
Richard Anderson: Let's head out
By the time you have loaded up its gone 2pm
GM: [1d20 = 9]
GM: [1d20 = 5]
MarkC (Richard Anderson): As lng as it's not 3pm
GM: [1d20 = 11]
Shatter: Are we done now?
Greg Davis: I'm ready too, lead the way.
GM: [1d20 = 3]
GM: [1d20 = 8]
GM: Can everyone make a Wisdom check (before you leave)
Shatter heads to the parking lot
Richard Anderson: Wisdom bonus [1d20+1 = 18]
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Oh great what did we forget?
Greg Davis: Wisdom bonus [1d20+3 = 9]
Benjamin Wolff: Wisdom bonus [1d20+3 = 8]
-> Richard Anderson: If you want to check out the DoJ it might be worth doing BEFORE leaving Washington
Shatter: Wisdom bonus [1d20+2 = 11]
Richard Anderson: Might be worth checking out the DoJ whilst we're still in Washington?
Rev (Shatter): Sorry, alt tabbed
-> Shatter: If you want to check out the DoJ it might be worth doing BEFORE leaving Washington
Shatter: Yeah, was about to mention that. The director is here as well
Declan: Of course you could have someone drive slowly to New York ;)
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: If we have time
Rev (Shatter): Votes Sander for the job
Richard Anderson: have I previously been near the DoJ computers? bear in mind I was NSA
Greg Davis: I imagine the building's going to be pretty secure - can we do it without tipping our hand?
Richard Anderson: if so - I can link to them from anywhere on Earth
-> Richard Anderson: Yes. Unfortunately it was before your powers developed
Richard Anderson: crap
Richard Anderson: Well - we could just walk up to the building and let me sense the computers then I can get in from pretty much anywhere
-> Richard Anderson: DoJ mainframe is in Subbasement 3, with a lot of shielding
Shatter: Just get me a room with a camera and give me the feed to it
Shatter: Then close the feed to the security
Greg Davis: So if we do a slow drive by on our way out of town?
Richard Anderson: But the mainframe is in the subbasement with a lot of shielding - so (ooc - if I'm any judje of Dec) it will be more than 1000 feet from the outside of the building
-> Shatter: If you are short of time the Directors house might be an easier target.
Shatter: We could siply just go to the Director's place
Richard Anderson: However - there will be camera systems looking at the basement so I'll be able to see in there and there will definitely be data links in tere - so getting in shouldn't be a prob for either Shatter or me
Campaign saved.
Shatter: Might be easier pickings than the whole DoJ and something there might give us a tangent so that we're not simply waving around in the dark
Richard Anderson: Me thinky that the Director is not going to be "easy pickings" right now with an imminent announcement on the cards
Shatter: Not the director himself
Richard Anderson: If I were him I'd have team 7 and or 6 as guards right now
Shatter: His home
Shatter: With the announcement and all I doubt he'd be there
Richard Anderson: could be
Benjamin Wolff: I suspect I may not be a huge amout of help on the exercise: I'm relatively useless against more than one person, or electronics. But if you need moral support, I'm there for you.
Shatter: Gordon mentioned he has a place in Washington
GM: Anyone with Knowledge (Current Events) can make a roll :)
Shatter: It should be easy to check out as well
Richard Anderson: I'm up for it if you guys are - a little petty breaking and entering - or at least "entering"
Shatter: Know (Current Events) [1d20+2 = 15]
Benjamin Wolff: Know (Current Events) [1d20+2 = 9]
Richard Anderson: Know (Current Events) [1d20+10 = 11]
MarkC (Richard Anderson): at least I got the 1 out of the way
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): I have a cursed RNG
Richard Anderson: I think he's in France evidently
-> Shatter: You remember reading theat the director is Second Senator for Texas and at a political ralley in Texas this week. His house should be empty - or atleast without him
Richard Anderson: Maybe I'm mistaken
-> Richard Anderson: Nice bonus, shame about the roll
Shatter: I thought he was in Texax
Shatter: *Texas
Greg Davis: On second thoughts it might be worth sending Sander (or one of us) to do the drive to NY alone. Once we do a disappearing act, security for both the DoJ and the Director could be increased.
GM: Just a reminder (from session 1)
Richard Anderson: of course - with an eidetic memory - don't I get to take a 10 on that?
Gordon Laymark is assistannt directory of the PRA, but in reality he's 'the man on the ground'. Gordon appears to be responsible for the day to day operations at the PRA. He ensures cases and operations are handled correctly. You have never met the director, but you have heard of him. In addition to being Director of the PRA Oscar Gensen is also the second senator for the state of Texas and a close friend of the Presedents. As far as you know he's never been anywhere near a PRA facility.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): ooc - damnit!
Greg Davis: Know (Current Events) [1d20+3 = 9]
Campaign saved.
Declan: Looks like most of you haven't been reading the papers or watching the news
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): It's clear from these rolls that none of us watches much TV :P
MarkC (Richard Anderson): sorry - skill mastery too - current events is one of them - take a 10 please
-> Richard Anderson: You remember reading theat the director is Second Senator for Texas and at a political ralley in Texas this week. His house should be empty - or atleast without him
MarkC (Richard Anderson): that's 10 +10 for me :-)
Richard Anderson: Senator is currently at a political rally in Texas and thus his house "should" be empty - apart from family, staff, guards, etc., etc
Sander: Guys. Are we going? Its already 2:15
Richard Anderson: we could drive past the Senator's place to do a sense recce?
Shatter: That's what I'd do
Shatter: In fact I can do it alone if you are not interested
Sander: Okay. Get in then
Benjamin Wolff: So, goand break in on our boss at the most sensitive point in his career, or keep a low profile...? Personally Id be more inclined to find and break in on the "captives", whoever and wherever they may be.
Richard Anderson: let's go
Richard Anderson: gets in
Declan: (is Greg still in the armory?)
Shatter: I have no intent on getting caught
Richard Anderson: this might be our best chance - before they're tipped off
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Don't know where Greg is
Sander starts the engine and waits till everyone is in
Greg Davis follows the others to the car park, and gets in the van.
Campaign saved.
He then starts out of the PRA Shield building. News crews outside are setting up equipment and getting ready for the announcement.
Richard Anderson: Drive casual
Its starting to drizzle as you drive South from the city towards the Hill and the more affluent homes.
Richard Anderson: These aren't the paragons you're looking for - move along
Sander: How slow do you need me to drive?
Shatter: Rich, you should do the preliminary reconnaisance
Richard Anderson: Yeah - should be ok at 20 mph ish - I'll get an idea of the systems, security and people inside fairly quickly - but I'll be busy - so please don't distract me
The directors home is an colonial three story affair. It is obviously being prepared for some function. External caterers are in. People are setting up a marquee, and there are hired guards. Sander drives passed without slowing.
Richard Anderson: I'll do my sense thing as soon as im in range and then immediately recce the in house security and video
Richard Anderson: recording at max speed and dumping to laptop for later perusal by others
-> Richard Anderson: You detected a cable router, with two PCs on it. The DHCP scope shows an active lease for a laptop too. There is also an expensive electronic safe, 8 cable TV boxes and lots of other electronics. No handsfree phones though.
-> Richard Anderson: Unfortunately the laptop isnt there
Richard Anderson: people in building from security cameras?
Sander: I'll park up on the left, just after those trees. I think we've gone far enough
Campaign saved.
Sander pulls to a haltr about a mile after the house
Richard Anderson: s'ok - now I've sensed the systems - I can link in from anywhere
-> Richard Anderson: Lots of private security. Lots of caterers, decorators etc. Noone upstairs in the hallways. Noone in the office. No cameras in upstairs bedrooms.
Shatter: Does he have an office or a safe?
Richard Anderson: Right I'm going to try to pull up the internal cameras and display them on my laptop so we can get an idea of numbers of people in there and where they are
Richard Anderson: expensive safe - electronic lock (oh dear)
Richard Anderson: where's the safe?
Richard Anderson: is there a TV in the room with it?
Greg Davis: Would that be a problem to you?
Sander: There are atleast a dozen security guards, half in the house, half in the grounds. You would guess a good dozen caterers too and maybe 6 or 7 decorators.
Richard Anderson: is there a TV in the room with it?
There are atleast a dozen security guards, half in the house, half in the grounds. You would guess a good dozen caterers too and maybe 6 or 7 decorators.
Richard Anderson: hell no!
-> Richard Anderson: The safe is in what you presume is the office. No cameras or tvs in there (or PCs)
Richard Anderson: no PCs - in the office - yeah, right - that's just being naughty Dec
-> Richard Anderson: No. He brings his laptop with him (hence the lease in the DHCP scope)
Benjamin Wolff: What's the evebt any banners?
Richard Anderson: Right the Safe is in what looks like an office - although there's no PCs, TVs or anything in there
Greg Davis: So what do you think? No one in the office, (to Richard) you could jam the cameras while Shatter ports us in.
-> Richard Anderson: And no wireless phones since he heard they could be hacked and overheard.
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: can I get a schematic up now - must have enough info to display the inside of the house properly
Richard Anderson: No cameras there either (wry smile) think he knows about us?
-> Richard Anderson: Sure - I'll have to invent it though
Greg Davis: Yup.
Richard Anderson: where's the nearest PC or data connection to the office
Shatter: Can you get me a view of a room next to it?
Richard Anderson: don't worry - won't need an actual schematic - just so that we know we have one
Greg Davis: Can you get a position on the guards and staff.
Richard Anderson: or the nearest camera
-> Richard Anderson: Computer in the room above - but the office has a window - so Shatter could just portal in..
Richard Anderson: apparently no guards upstairs - I can track the guards/staff by camera - but when they're off camera I don't know where they are
Greg Davis: Sorry I meant an exact position. It would be nice to get in undisturbed.:)
Richard Anderson: do the guards/staff have radios - I would imagine so
Richard Anderson: especially the guards
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): I was too slow tying ignore the last post.
Richard Anderson: By the way there's a window to the office - so we could just port in if Shatter can see it
Greg Davis: Anybody got binoculars?
Richard Anderson: I could probably open the safe from here if you need it Shatter?
Campaign saved.
Sander: Doesnt shatter have a scope..on his rifle?
Shatter: I'd rather start from an empty room next to the study
Shatter: Easier that way, I can check if the study is empty and then move in
Richard Anderson: I can get you into the room upstairs
Richard Anderson: there's a computer in there
Shatter: Is it empty?
-> Richard Anderson: But no camera
Richard Anderson: use the mic/speaker on the computer as a sound sense - webcam too if there is one
-> Richard Anderson: The room upstairs definately isnt empty.. someone just openned MSN messenger
Richard Anderson: bugger - someone using the PC
Shatter: Right.
Shatter: How about the room below the office?
-> Richard Anderson: Starting a chat session with PopGirl122
-> Richard Anderson: The office is on the ground floor
Richard Anderson: Dec where's the nearest point to the office that I can get either a camera view (for SHatter) or a data connection for me?
Richard Anderson: Office is on ground floor - looking for a safe entry point
Shatter: I'm good with anything a few feet from it, really
-> Richard Anderson: You are farely sure the office door opens at the bottom of the main staircase, which means trhere is a guard directly outside the door. You can train a camera on him.
Rev (Shatter): *Wonders for the nth time why he didn't put ESP into the bloody Dimensional Movement array rahter than the Magic array. Would've fit there just fine.*
Richard Anderson: Great - there's a guard directly outside the door.
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: Camera there too though (puts it up on the screen)
Shatter: Ben, can you influence him from here?
Richard Anderson: what about outside the window - was there any cover in sight of the window?
Shatter: Could do it with that as well
MarkC (Richard Anderson): should have been a whisper - but anyone can speak up
Declan: There is a row of rose bushes beneath the window, and about a 1 foot gap between the roses and athe wall. They are about 3 1/2 foot high.
Benjamin Wolff: If I can see him I can influence him.
Benjamin Wolff: But not electronically - has to be real sight
Richard Anderson: is there a camera trained anywhere near those bushes?
Shatter sighs
Shatter: Well I can lay in the dirt for a while
Richard Anderson: or anywhere in cover but within site of the bushes?
Greg Davis: There security seems pretty tight, but it's Shatter's decision. If you get rumbled its going to make things a lot more difficult for us.
Richard Anderson: I'll see if we can get an image of somewhere useful in the garden
-> Richard Anderson: Not normallyt, although the exterior one will swing far enough to cover them
Shatter: Could we drive past it again so we can confirm the room and check that there's no one around?
Richard Anderson: either within sight of the window or the bushes
Sander starts up the engine and swings around
Richard Anderson: right - loop the feed on the camera and then swing it round to cover the bushes
-> Richard Anderson: Done
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: Right I've got an image of the bushes - puts it on screen - nesxt to image of guard
Shatter pulls his ski mask from somewhere and tightens his gloves
Sander: Okay. Not going to do this too slow guys, so make the most of it.
Richard Anderson: I'm looping the feed so no-one will see you/us
Shatter then makes his jacked disappear leaving only the black polo
Shatter nods at Rich
Richard Anderson: once you get in I'll swing it back and then crack the safe for you - unless you want me there too?
Shatter: I'll go alone. Less noise.
Richard Anderson: ok - as soon as I see you vanish from the bushes I'll crack the safe
Richard Anderson: what is it to safe crack an electronic lock? computers or disable device?
Shatter nods
Shatter: So can Shatter imagine himself hiding in the bush thingie? He's good at hiding at least
-> Richard Anderson: Computers
Richard Anderson: and how hard do I sense this one to be? use knowledge (Tech) to check
-> Shatter: No trouble. So long as he ports crouched he should arrive crouched
Greg Davis: The rest of us better keep a good watch out the windows while this is going on. We could still be spotted by a security guard.
Sander: Stealth [1d20+10 = 17]
Shatter crouches on the small floor of the car and disappears
Shatter: as soon as comfortably hidden I'll send my senses into the office
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): 10pm, btw
Shatter crouches on the small floor of the car and disappears
Shatter crouches on the small floor of the car and disappears
-> Shatter: You arrive behind the bushes. You hear tow people talking about 'chair arrangement' the orther side of the bushes and about when to hand out the champaign. Eventually they move away
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Ooh, triple-replay like in cool japanese movies!
Richard Anderson: right - as soon as shatter vanishes from the bushes - move the camera back and unloop
Shatter: crouches in the small car floor and disappears
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis (Greg Davis): yeah, he just disappeared three, no four times:)
Rev (Shatter): test?
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): I liked how the last one was from a different caera angle.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): You're there Shatter
On the camera feed you saw Shatter arrive. Unfortuanately two caterers choose the other side of the bush to have a conversation and he has to stay ducked down for a good 30 seconds before they move on
Rev (Shatter): sorry for the spam, I'm lagging pretty bad
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): We figured :)
Declan: (*Its officiall finish time, but I was hoping youd get into the safe this session. Everyone good for 5-10 mins?))
Greg Davis: Ok by me:)
Richard Anderson: yah - nps - we'll be in in 2 tics
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): Sure :)
The safe in the ofdfice swings open
Richard Anderson: I'll take a 10 on the safe crack Dec
Richard Anderson: too slow :-)
Shatter sends his senses trough the wall
-> Shatter: Empty room. Not much light. Desk, 2 chairs, lamp and safe. No people.
Shatter portals to the safe and opens it
Rev (Shatter): or rather just looks inside
Shatter: Assuming I got my darkvision by now
-> Richard Anderson: The person on the PC has just told the other person that 'Dad will be back later tonight so he cant meet her'.
-> Shatter: Yes
Campaign saved.
Rev (Shatter): Be there stuff inside?
Richard Anderson: Ooh - Oscar's coming back tonight - chat on PC upstairs said so - looks like his son is chatting up a girl :-)
-> Shatter: Hard to tell - if I recall you can only send you sesnse 10ft or there abouts. Looks like several folders and books (accounts?)
Shatter checks the room for anything noticeable/dangerous before portalling in. If there is nothing, moves in.
Shatter: want me to roll something?
Shatter vanishes from the bushes (into the room)
-> Shatter: Noipe - empty rooms safe to portal into :)
Richard Anderson: via headset to Shatter - don't forget to 'port directly back here as the garden camera is live again
Shatter moves to the safe, checks the insides and takes out what may seem relevant
Shatter also takes out his cell (Is wearing gloves, by the way. That's sort of default with Shatter')
Benjamin Wolff: Don't leave any prints
In the safe you not a book of accounts. Looks like a budget split between the PRA and something called project 'Only Child'. There are also three files labled ';Only Child' 'Authorised Readers Only'.
Declan: oops - was to Shatter
'Rev' disconnected
Campaign saved.
Declan: Oh well... No Shatter but he got the files. I'd better end there and he can see he got them in the logs
'Rev' connected
MarkC (Richard Anderson): OK - got to go myself too - thanks for a great session chaps - sorry if I was a bit chatty at the start but I needed to get a lot of info across
Declan: Ah..he's back
Greg Davis: Ok no probs, good session - we're going to get ourselves into sooooo much trouble:)
Shatter: Baah
Sander: You missed
Rev (Shatter): sorry
In the safe you not a book of accounts. Looks like a budget split between the PRA and something called project 'Only Child'. There are also three files labled ';Only Child' 'Authorised Readers Only'.
GM: and then I ended the session
Shatter: Alright.
Shatter: Plan: Going trough the desk quickly, then portalling back into the van
GM: Next session ...
Shatter: There Richie eidetic memory glances at the papers and acts as a scanner!
Shatter: So we can put 'em back in
Benjamin Wolff: Why not kidnap his son?
Shatter: He's handy that way
Richard Anderson: I like the idea - that way - no one knows we've got 'em - can we end it after that's happened - that way we're clean for a new session?
Shatter: Richie, the portable office
Richard Anderson: see you all next week guys
Greg Davis: And then emails the file to every major paper in the US Ho-ho-ho
GM: How close to Christmas is next week?
Richard Anderson: unless I'm at a carol concert - might have to check :-(
Richard Anderson: Christmas is on the Tuesday
Greg Davis: The 23rd
GM: So its the 23rd. Okay. That shouldnt be a problem
-> Richard Anderson: Before you go.. Karen says I have to get your address
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: might be for me - I'll email you and let you know.
Richard Anderson: - I emailed it back to her
Greg Davis: Its not a prob. for me either, but without Richard or Shatter, we're going to have problems.
Richard Anderson: /w I'll mail it to you too
Shatter: It might be! Heh
Richard Anderson: I'll mail it to you too
Shatter: 23rd that is. Sorry, was in the bathroom
Shatter: I'll be at my parents. Should be able to install FG there but no promises on whether I can be at the comp in peace
I can tell you now - no game on 30th..
Richard Anderson: mailed it to all three emails of yours that I have
Shatter: Ill try to work it on 23rd. Thouch Declan, I'll need to download the files again so can you put the server up a hour or two earlier?
Greg Davis: Sounds like it might be a two week break then.
Richard Anderson: really got to go now - see you all next week chaps
Richard Anderson: maybe :-)
Shatter: Or we could skip next week. Up to all of you
Greg Davis: Ok see you next week:)
Shatter: Later
Richard Anderson: Just let us know by email or on the forum
Benjamin Wolff: skip as few as poss I reckon :)
'MarkC' disconnected
GM: I'll run on the 23rd if there are players.. So its up to all of you :)
Shatter: Yeah, the same. Just let me know before hand what is decided
Shatter: K
GM: Right..I'm off to bed
Shatter: Night
GM: As usual I'll leave PC up whiloe I brush teath etc.
Shatter: I'm going to run as well. Take care all
GM: Night
Benjamin Wolff: And I'm going to fall asleep right here - 'night :)
'Rev' disconnected
'Dewi Morgan' disconnected
Greg Davis: Yeah I guess it's time to call it a night too, assuming there's a game next week - I'll see you then. Bye.
Campaign saved.
'Greg Davis' disconnected