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Shatter: I doubt you mind if I lower the clip size for the rifle to 5 from 9 as it's the clip size of the rifle I'm basing it on? Useless nitpicking of details, I know.
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-> Shatter: Thats fine
Declan: JUst missing Alistair
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): *wave*
Rev (Shatter): I'm still about and listenin'
Dewi Morgan (Benjamin Wolff): My charsheet says human! You promised me a bear! With lasers for eyes!
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Dewi Morgan (Officer Chris Pramas): playing this one too.
Greg Davis: Hello all.
Declan: Still no Alistair..
Richard Anderson: Hi there everyone - Al's late - again!
GM: For the moment make your Cops active..goping to start with a short 'Prelude'.
Rev (Officer Christine Gage): Roger
GM: Sure Alistair will be here in a moment. I talked to him about an hour ago.
Richard Anderson: [1d6 = 6]
Richard Anderson: [1d6 = 6]
Richard Anderson: [1d6 = 5]
Richard Anderson: [1d20 = 9]
'Alistair' connected
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Detective Brett Barkley: This is me too (Richard).
GM: Hi Al
Officer Chris Pramas: [1d20 = 5]
GM: Okay.. Lets kick this off with a little prequel. Looks like everyone has connected okay.
Officer Jon Leitheusser: [1d12 = 12]
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: test
GM: Any issues before I start?
Officer Christine Gage: Not here
GM: Alistair - Need to select your cop for the Prequel :)
Just another quiet night in Unity and not a lot is going on at the local police department. A couple of you just returned to the station from a coffee run to Ruth’s Diner when the call comes in from the dispatcher: a 911 call from a kid at number 27 Holloway Drive, claiming his father is trying to kill him! In no time, you’re out to the cars and on the way!
Number 27 is a split-level in one of the nearby neighborhoods of Unity. The name on the mailbox is “Molloy” and from the outside, there’s nothing to indicate any trouble at the house.
GM: Feel free to place Tokens on the map if you like
GM: Rescaling as requested
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GM: Anyone doing anything?
Officer Christine Gage follows the Detectives
Detective Brett Barkley: I'll go up to the front door, and ring the bell - then quickly step to one side of the door.
Alistair (Officer Jon Leitheusser): doesn't work in maximised
Officer Jon Leitheusser: who's with me?
Officer Christine Gage: so we'll use skype for the session?
Officer Jon Leitheusser: I'm going round the side of the house
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: Going round the back with Officer John
Officer Chris Pramas: Standing to one side of the knocked-on door
Officer Christine Gage: for now backs up the people at the front
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: ((fnarr fnarr))
Detective Brett Barkley: Ok, I'll stay at the front.
Officer Jon Leitheusser: continuing to the back
Officer Chris Pramas: The other side, so I get shot at when Brett shoots :(
Officer Christine Gage: sorry, wrong channe
At the front you hear footsteps approaching the door
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: following John
Alistair (Officer Jon Leitheusser): is that a door on the left hand side of the house?
Officer Chris Pramas feels nervous and tries to look authoritative.
The only ddor is at the front (there is also a garage)
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: Follows Officer John to back door
A man in his late 30s opens the door
Officer Jon Leitheusser: I'll continue my circuit of the house
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Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: ((how do you see the chat history))
Alistair (Officer Jon Leitheusser): mouse wheel
Rev (Officer Christine Gage): page up or mouse wheel
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: ((ta))
Declan: (the bit of the map you cannot see now is the second floor stuff)
Detective Brett Barkley: Hello , I'm Detective Bret Barkley - these are my colleagues, are we speaking to Mr Molloy?
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: I'll rejoin the group at the front
Tom Molley: Officers. Can I help you? Im Tom Malloy
Detective Brett Barkley: We've had a report of a disturbance, do you mind if we come in?
Alistair (Officer Jon Leitheusser): is it 'Molley', 'Malloy', or 'Molloy'?
Tom Molley: Sure..
He leads you through to the living room
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: follow the others
Officer Christine Gage follows
Officer Chris Pramas: /action follows
Officer Jon Leitheusser: follows
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: look through any open doors as I pass
Detective Brett Barkley: /action enter keeping Mr Molloy in plain sight, and looking for signs of a disturbance
Officer Christine Gage peeks into the kitchen on the way
Officer Jon Leitheusser: Can we speak with your son?
Through one of the doors you see what looks like a study. Theres a computer on the desk facing away from you..
Tom Molley: My son? Which one?
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Detective Brett Barkley: /action I sidle around the desk to see what's on the computer.
Officer Jon Leitheusser: I'm afraid we didn't get a name, but one of your sons made a call to us
Officer Jon Leitheusser: Do you have any idea why he would do that?
Officer Christine Gage: is the toilet door locked?
-> Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: It looks like hotmail. He hasn't recieved many recent mails (or he just deletes them). Most look like spam
-> Detective Brett Barkley: It looks like hotmail. Mostrly Spam
Declan: ((Sorry for sending the tell to the wrong person)
Tom Molley: I was afraid Kevin might have called you. My wife, Carol was in an acident a few days ago. Derek and Kevin were in the car with her. It was very serious, but thankfully the boys suffered only minor injuries, but Carol was.. Carol was left in a coma....she's in the hospital. I've been doing his best to take care of the boys since then, but I'm worried the trauma of the accident been pretty troubling for them. They're really not very responsible right now. I think they're trying to deal with it the only way they know how..and they're acting out, trying to get attention. I'm really sorry about the false 911 call.
Officer Jon Leitheusser: It's really no problem, but we will need to speak with your sons before we leave
Tom Molley: I think they may be in bed. Can this wait?
Officer Jon Leitheusser: Unfortunately, it can't I'm afraid. I promise we only need to speak with them for a few minutes
Tom Molley: I’d really appreciate it if you could overlook this. They’re good kids and have never done anything like this before.
Officer Chris Pramas: You could take us too them, and they need't even get up. If they just called, they must still be awake.
GM: Everyone, Make a notice roll
Officer Chris Pramas: [1d20 = 5]
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: [1d20 = 5]
Officer Christine Gage: Notice [1d20+5 = 23]
Campaign saved.
Officer Jon Leitheusser: [1d12+4 = 10]
-> Officer Christine Gage: You notice a pair of eyes peeking out from between the rails of a banister on the stairs.
Officer Christine Gage moves to the stairs and looks up
Declan: ((one more roll.. from someone))
MarkC (Det. Mary-Beth Stacey): sorry - mine should have been +5
Alistair (Officer Jon Leitheusser): ignore my role - wrong character stats
Officer Jon Leitheusser: Notice [5]
Officer Jon Leitheusser: Notice [1d12+5 = 6]
Detective Brett Barkley: [1d20+5 = 25]
Dewi Morgan (Officer Chris Pramas): Det B not rolled yet
Dewi Morgan (Officer Chris Pramas): wtg, Det B!!
As Christine moves to the bottom of the stairs a young boy (maybe 8 or 9) realises he's been spotted and moves from cover
Officer Christine Gage follows
Officer Christine Gage: Hi there..
-> Detective Brett Barkley: (You spotted him too with that roll)
Officer Christine Gage smiles calmingly
“Kevin,” Mr. Molloy says in a flat, level tone, “come down here.” When the boy on the stairs hesitates, he adds, “now!” in a sharper tone.
Detective Brett Barkley:
A sheepish and scared-looking kid, about eight or nine years old, slumps down the stairs, avoiding looking at his father.
Tom Molley: I want you to come over here and apologize to these police officers for calling them out here like this.
Kevin Molley (mutters): No.
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: Move out of his way and smile reassuringly
Officer Jon Leitheusser: Why did you call us, Kevin?
Tom Molley (looking at Kevin): What did you say?
Officer Christine Gage looks at Det. Bradley and motions to the second floor questioningly
“No!” the boy says louder, looking up to meet your eyes for the first time. “Don’t listen to him! He’s not my dad! He’s one of them...”
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Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: One of who, Kevin?
-> Officer Christine Gage: (are you moving up the stairs?)
-> Detective Brett Barkley: (are you moving up the stairs?)
Officer Christine Gage: no, standing beneath them, asking to do so from the superiors (detectives). They might miss it though.
Detective Brett Barkley: /action I move upstairs.
Officer Christine Gage follows Bradley
Officer Jon Leitheusser watches Mr Molley's reaction
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: Watches Kevin's reaction
-> Detective Brett Barkley: You get a few steps before you spot another boy quickly head into a bedroom and shut the door
Tom Molley: Gentlemen, Please. This is my house and unless you have a warreent I dont really want you exploring.
Detective Brett Barkley: /action I follow him, knock on the door, then enter.
Kevin Molley: I don't know. One of them..
Officer Jon Leitheusser: Can you explain what you mean, Kevin. I realise you've been through a difficult time, but making accusations like this is a serious business
“Kevin, that’s enough!” Mr. Molloy says, taking a step towards his son. Kevin backs away with a look of terror on his face.
“Don’t touch me!” he yells, scampering backwards towards the stairs. “Stay away! Leave us alone!” Bursting into tears, the boy runs up the stairs, followed by the slamming of a door moments thereafter.
Tom Molley: I'm sorry officers. He's highly strung.
Officer Christine Gage moves to the door Kevin slammed shut
Officer Christine Gage: so would be upstairs with Bradley now
Campaign saved.
Detective Brett Barkley: Do i see anything
Officer Chris Pramas: moves out the house and round the back
Officer Christine Gage knocks on the door
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: Keeps Mr. Molloy under observation
Declan: Make an acrobatics roll for Chris Pramas..
Officer Jon Leitheusser: /act attempts to distract Mr Molley by chatting about the accident
Officer Chris Pramas: [1d20+1 = 4]
Officer Chris Pramas: Hahaha!
Officer Christine Gage (Keeping her voice light and calming): Officer Cage here. Please open the door. I just want to see that you both are OK.
Officer Chris Pramas: [1d20 = 5]
Tom Molley: Okay.. In the boys room, you shove the door open to see the boys climbing out the window. By the time Chris gets round the back the boys are half way down the tree. And what are you saying to Tom downstairs?
Officer Christine Gage runs downstairs
Detective Brett Barkley:
-> Officer Christine Gage: Oh..sorry. Assumed you opened the door.
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: Mr. Molloy - I'm sure that this will all be sorted out as soon as...
Officer Christine Gage: well let's just say I did. *Grins* No harm done
Officer Christine Gage: I assumed it was locked. Heh
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: Follow Mr Mollow
Officer Christine Gage: The boys took off
MarkC (Det. Mary-Beth Stacey): Sorry - thought he'd moved
Detective Brett Barkley: /act I head toward the stairs, and out the front.
Officer Christine Gage: *Said in the livingroom where the father is*
Officer Christine Gage: They're at the backyard
Officer Chris Pramas: Easy, kids - there's planty of us and only one of him, you'll be safest with us.
Tom Molley (downstairs): I'm sure it will officers. I assure you there is nothing wrong.
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: Move in front of door to block Mr. Molloy's exit
Campaign saved.
Officer Christine Gage: Mr. Molloy is moving?
MarkC (Det. Mary-Beth Stacey): Bloody wrong button again - that was meant to be an action
No..So far Mr Malloy hasn't moved, but he's just realised the boys are outside
Tom Molley: The boys. We have to stop them
Tom Molley: Mr Malloy starts moving towards the door.
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: It's OK - we've someone out back
Officer Jon Leitheusser: runs outside
Declan: (Oops - he wasnt supposed to actually say that)
Detective Brett Barkley: I head round the building to the yard
Officer Christine Gage lets the other police officers chase and follows Mr. Malloy
Declan: He stops..
Officer Chris Pramas: Would you kids feel safer away from here? I could run you down to the station.
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: Mr Molloy - if you could just sit down a minute - this will be sorted out soon
The boys realise they cant get passed the officers and move to officer ramas
Tom Malloy sits down. He starts to cry..
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: What's the matter, sir?
Tom Molley (crying): Its just so hard to deal with. First Carol, and now the boys acting up. She was so good at dealing with them.
Officer Christine Gage looks concerned and somewhat confused but lets the detective do the talking
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: In what way do they "act up"?
Tom Molley (reaching out to Christine): Are you a mother? Do you realise what its like? Children..
Hiding all die rolls
Tom Molley: [1d20 = 12]
Officer Christine Gage: can I just come up with the stuff?
Campaign saved.
MarkC (Det. Mary-Beth Stacey): AM I a mother?
-> Officer Christine Gage: Sure
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: Dec - is Mary Beth a mother?
Officer Christine Gage shakes her head, clearly at a loss on how to react
-> Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: No
Officer Chris Pramas: pats the kids' shoulders reassuringly, watching them incase they decide to run or spring, and tries to usher them to the front of the house with more backup and lights.
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: I'm sorry sir, I know how hard it must be - I'm sure that you're doing everything that you can to cope
Officer Christine Gage looks relieved as Det. Stacey takes charge again
-> Officer Chris Pramas: Dont let him near you..(the boy says)
Tom grips Christines hand, "She made it looks so simple"
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: Can you think of any reason, anything at all that might have caused Kevin to call us?
Officer Chris Pramas: How near is near? Are my colleagues in danger? (asking the kid)
Officer Christine Gage she squeezes his hand with both hands and nods
Detective Brett Barkley: (To the kids) You said your father was one of them, one of who? and why do you think he's trying to kill you?
Tom Molley: Nods. He's just finding it hard. He doesn't understand why his mothers gone.
-> Officer Christine Gage: Your character has fallen under an outside mental influence and feels he must spread it to the other characters. You do this by coming in prolonged physical contact with them. You do however feel a need to preserve yourself and will either do this covertly, will wait until such time as you can do it unobserved, or wait until you can affect all observers at the same time. If things go badly and you are discovered you will attempt to affect as many as possible quickly.
Officer Christine Gage lets go from Mr. Malloney's hand after patting it a few times
Tom, stands up. "I cant stand this. I need a coffee. " He wipes tears from his eyes.
Officer Christine Gage: I'll go and check on the kids.
Officer Christine Gage: I have the full mental faculties of the character while doing this?
Declan: Better deal with outside..
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: Let's go into the kitchen - tell me a little more about what's been happening - it'll do you good
Campaign saved.
Declan: What are Bret and Pramas doing with the boys?
-> Officer Christine Gage: Yes.
Detective Brett Barkley: I'll accomany them & Det Stacey.
Officer Christine Gage: My character moves to the backyard, but it'll take a while
Officer Chris Pramas: Moving them out front where it's lighter closer to the cars, and fewer fences for them to jump over. I hate jumping over fences :(
Officer Christine Gage: so take your time dealing with the others there and then let me know when would be a good time for her to appear there
Dewi Morgan (Officer Chris Pramas): oops, above is ooc
Detective Brett Barkley: You said your father was one of them, one of who? and why do you think he's trying to kill you?
Kevin Molley: He's not like my father
Detective Brett Barkley: In what way?
Derek Molley: Kev's right. He's different. Ever since the accident.
Kevin Molley: He wont let us see mom.
Kevin Molley: And he just stares.. at walls and stuff.
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: Dec - we've 2 simultaneous conversations going on - best to do one at a time?
Detective Brett Barkley: You mom was badly hurt in the accident, perhaps he wants to protect you.
Declan: ((Just dealing with outside - kids conversation at moment))
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: I'm intending to sympathetically pump Tom for info about the accident and the past few weeks - can we assume I'm doing that unless something else changes?
Tom Molley: Its not just us. He doesnt watch tele. He's changed.
Derek Molley: And theres the bugs
Detective Brett Barkley: Shock can do that to a person - what bugs?
-> Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: Okay
Campaign saved.
Derek Molley: Like bugs in your head.. at night.
Derek Molley: Trying to get inside
Kevin Molley: And its worse when he's there
Declan: About this point Christine Gage gets to where the boys are.
Detective Brett Barkley: Bugs trying to get inside your head? Is that what throught happend tonight? Maybe we should go in and have a look for these bugs - see what we can do?
Officer Christine Gage nods to the other force members and moves to the kids, smiling at them the way only women can when dealing with children.
Officer Chris Pramas: I've never had bugs in my head - what's it like? ((still trying to usher them to the front - too many places for them to run to back here))
Derek Molley: Its not like real bugs. Its like a feeling.
Derek Molley: He's just not acting like dad at all. Hes creapy.
Officer Jon Leitheusser: I've moved back inside to make sure that Mary-Beth isn't alone
Derek looks at Christine, "You been with Dad?"
Officer Christine Gage: do the kids have any dirt on their face from the time they climbed the tree or something?
Officer Christine Gage (nods): He's crying you know...
-> Officer Christine Gage: Yes
Officer Christine Gage: You should make them worry
Officer Christine Gage she leans forward to wipe dirt from Kevin's face
Officer Christine Gage: *Him worry..
Declan: Okay.. switching back to the kitchen conversation
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: So, Tom, may I call you Tom?
Campaign saved.
Tom looks briefly confused
Officer Christine Gage: Did she pull of touching Derek? Or is that resolved later?
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: Why don't you tell me how you've been coping since the accident?
Tom Molley: I guess so.
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: Tom?
He picks up a mug, "Been a while stince I made coffee for guests."
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: Are you Okay - you seem a bit distracted?
Tom Molley: Tom leans against the counter, "The boys are taking it really hard. I'm just coping I guess."
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: How long have you had to manage like this?
Tom Molley (nodding): Maybe its just lake of human company. Corol and I did everything together.
Tom Molley: He reaches out for Mary-Beth's hand, "Do you know how long its been since I actually felt I could talk to someone?"
Tom Molley: [1d20 = 20]
-> Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: Something feels wrong. He's faking something
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: Mr Molloy - please don't touch me.
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: steps back
Tom Molley (stuttering): I'm sorry.
-> Officer Christine Gage: It doesnt seem to work on the boys
Campaign saved.
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: It's nothing personal, you understand, but rules are rules
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: Why don't you tell me more about Carol?
Officer Christine Gage: roger. Just let us know when we can move again. No hurry tho.
Tom Molley: She was my wife. Here, I've got a photo
Tom goes to get a photo out
Declan: Switching to the guarden conversation again.
Officer Christine Gage: oh and if you can let me know if either of the cops with me have family
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: out of a pocket or out of the other room?
-> Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: Kitchen drawer
Officer Christine Gage finishes wiping the dirt off Derek's face and straightens up agaig
Derek Molley: You believe him, dont you?
Alistair (Officer Jon Leitheusser): afk for 2mins, sorry
-> Officer Christine Gage: Pramas has a son
-> Officer Chris Pramas: (you've got a son now. Someone aked and I invented on the fly)
Detective Brett Barkley: Would it help if we arranged for you to talk to someone about the crash, and your father?
Kevin Molley: You mean a shrink?
Kevin Molley: WE've got one at school
Officer Christine Gage moves to Officer Pramas
Detective Brett Barkley: Sometimes it can help.
Officer Chris Pramas: does derek change when she wipes off his face? Not that this character would think anything of it I guess... :(
-> Officer Chris Pramas: No.
Officer Chris Pramas: How are things in the house, Christine?
Campaign saved.
Officer Christine Gage (Puts hand on Chris' shoulder and whispers to his ear): The father is fairly shook up...
Officer Christine Gage: does hair transfer the thing as well?
-> Officer Christine Gage: You think so
Officer Christine Gage: You're a father too, so maybe you could....
Officer Christine Gage: she's pretty close, so her hair should touch his face a bit when she moves
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: Dec - do these officers know about paranormals?
Officer Christine Gage: not sure if I want to emote that and make it obvious to the whole party though
-> Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: Yes.. but they would never expect to find one here. Paranormals are incedibly rare.
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: OK then - I'll pretend I don't know what's happening :-)
Officer Christine Gage: Well, I don't know what you could do but I don't have kids and it's hard to relate..
-> Officer Christine Gage: Its enough - you put your hand on his shoulder..just waiting for a reaction (or none)
Derek Molley: [1d20 = 13]
Officer Christine Gage: put the hand there already, on the first line. She's whispering to his ear.
Officer Chris Pramas: *quietly* Doing my best - but first we need to get these kids out front and sat down where we can see 'e - I don't want to be chasing them all over the neighbourhood
Officer Chris Pramas: 'em*
-> Officer Chris Pramas: Your character has fallen under an outside mental influence and feels he must spread it to the other characters. You do this by coming in prolonged physical contact with them. You do however feel a need to preserve yourself and will either do this covertly, will wait until such time as you can do it unobserved, or wait until you can affect all observers at the same time. If things go badly and you are discovered you will attempt to affect as many as possible quickly.
Derek Molley: [1d20 = 17]
-> Officer Christine Gage: You feel Chris being affected
Officer Chris Pramas: I saw that coming... but what guy would shake off a gal's hand on his shoulder? :P
Officer Christine Gage: I think Brett and I have it in control here...
Kevin Molley: I'm not going back in there. I want to go to the station.
Officer Christine Gage: smiles a wicked smile
Officer Christine Gage: I coud take them... *She looks at Det. Barkley
Detective Brett Barkley: It's probably a good idea.
Officer Christine Gage: Figure this family might use a night apart
Officer Chris Pramas: Nah, the kids really need to be taken out front - I promised them safety. *puts hands on their shoulders, protective/posessively*
Campaign saved.
-> Officer Chris Pramas: The kids seem to be immune
Detective Brett Barkley: They'll be safe at the station. It'll give them time to think things through.
Officer Chris Pramas: Thought so - or the dad would have got them ages ago.
Derek Molley:'re like them.
Derek pulls away and begins to run.
Detective Brett Barkley: I am ?
Officer Christine Gage: I'll get him
Officer Christine Gage runs after Derek
Declan: How are you stopping him?
Rev (Officer Christine Gage): Running after him, grabbing his hand or shoulder if I can catch up
Rev (Officer Christine Gage): Nothing overly violent like tackling him
Declan: Make an attack roll, possibly followed by a grapple roll (if you hit)
Detective Brett Barkley: /action I'll follow after Officer Gage, but hang far enough back to avoid frightening the kids further.
Officer Christine Gage: Unarmed (Attack 1) [1d20+3 = 11]
Declan: Okay.. you catch his hand.. want to make that grapple?
Derek Molley: [1d20 = 20]
Derek Molley: [1d20 = 6]
Derek Molley: Office Gage manage to grab hold of the boy, but it looks like hes really squirming and she's in danger of looseing him.
Officer Christine Gage: Unarmed (Attack 1) [1d20+3 = 18]
Office Gage manage to grab hold of the boy, but it looks like hes really squirming and she's in danger of looseing him.
Officer Chris Pramas: Oh great... ((to other kid)) c'mon kid, let's get /you/ to safety at least - hop in the squad car and we'll take you where there's lots of people, you'll be safer there.
Detective Brett Barkley: I'll move in to help
Campaign saved.
Declan: How are you helping?
Officer Christine Gage: Makes sure that she touches Barkley while tussling if he comes to help physically.
Officer Chris Pramas stays with the other kid, trying to encoutage him to the car, but not physically pushing - just verbally.
Detective Brett Barkley: I'll give a hand restraining the boy - guess thats going to mean a grapple roll.
Declan: Make the grapple roll
Detective Brett Barkley: [1d20+3 = 13]
Brett grabs hold of the boy and helps to restrain him
-> Detective Brett Barkley: Your character has fallen under an outside mental influence and feels he must spread it to the other characters. You do this by coming in prolonged physical contact with them. You do however feel a need to preserve yourself and will either do this covertly, will wait until such time as you can do it unobserved, or wait until you can affect all observers at the same time. If things go badly and you are discovered you will attempt to affect as many as possible quickly.
-> Officer Christine Gage: All three officers outside now sense a sort of unity.
Officer Christine Gage: roger
-> Detective Brett Barkley: All three officers outside now sense a sort of unity
-> Officer Chris Pramas: All three officers outside now sense a sort of unity
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: what's happening inside?
-> Officer Christine Gage: You all also sense the boys are immune
-> Officer Chris Pramas: You all also sense the boys are immune
-> Detective Brett Barkley: You all also sense the boys are immune
Declan: Switching to inside
Tom pulls out the photo to show the officers
Officer Jon Leitheusser looks at the photo
Officer Christine Gage: The urge to contaminate includes other people than just the ones here, right? So going back to the station should feel like a great idea.
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: Tell us about Carol, Mr. Molloy - what's she like?
Officer Chris Pramas: Do we have radios to contact the guys inside?
It shows him and his wife.. on their wedding day. It looks dusty though.
Declan: You all have radios
Campaign saved.
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: I wondered that - it wasn't on the inventory
Tom Molley: She was wonderful. We've been together since highschool. She was so talented.
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: Talented?
Tom Molley: She was in the orchestra, she helped the boys paint, and she was marvelous at cooking. She also did these courses.. through the post.
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: Jon - find out what's happening outside *in an undertone*
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: Gosh, she sounds quite something. What sort of courses was she taking?
'Alistair' disconnected
'Alistair' connected
MarkC (Det. Mary-Beth Stacey): Uh oh - we lost someone
Tom Molley: Well with the kids she didnt have time to go back to college, but she wanted to restart her career when the boys got old enough
Alistair (Officer Jon Leitheusser): - Me, but I'm back in
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: What did she do?
Campaign saved.
Tom Molley: Psychology.. Cognitive psychology. She said it would help get a job in social services.
Tom offers the police officers some coffeee
Officer Jon Leitheusser takes the coffee
Tom Molley: Tom takes a sip of his coffee and then starts to splutter. "Damned kids"
Officer Jon Leitheusser: What's wrong?
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: Just put it down there on the counter - I've just got to check up on outside - I'll bring it through to the living room in a second - OK?
Tom takes a sip of his coffee and then starts to splutter. "Damned kids"
Officer Jon Leitheusser: What's wrong, Tom?
Officer Jon Leitheusser doesn't drink the coffee yet
Tom drops his coffee and falls bcak against the counter chocking. The cup shatters as it hits the ground
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: Uses radio and calls Brett to ask "what's the situation?"
Officer Jon Leitheusser moves to steady Tom
Detective Brett Barkley: I fill Mary-Beth in with what's going on outside.
Tom grips Jon's hand, but enters a coughing fit.
-> Detective Brett Barkley: What are you saying isd happening?
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: *on radio* Damnit Brett - can you get the two kids round the front. Tom's having some sort of coughing fit here.
Officer Jon Leitheusser leads Tom through to the living room and sits him down
-> Officer Jon Leitheusser: Your character has fallen under an outside mental influence and feels he must spread it to the other characters. You do this by coming in prolonged physical contact with them. You do however feel a need to preserve yourself and will either do this covertly, will wait until such time as you can do it unobserved, or wait until you can affect all observers at the same time. If things go badly and you are discovered you will attempt to affect as many as possible quickly.
Campaign saved.
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: Follows Jon and Tom
Detective Brett Barkley: Everything's fine out here, we've got both of the kids, but they seem quite upset. We're going to take them down the station to give them a chance to cool-off.
-> Officer Jon Leitheusser: You also sense a unity with the three officers outside
Officer Jon Leitheusser: Give me a hand here, Marey-Beth
Jon seesm to start to recover. He's looking somewhat pale.
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: *on radio* I'd hold off on taking them downtown just yet - I'd like to find out more about what's been going on first - something's not right here
He tries to get up, but falls back into the chair.
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: Jon - are you OK?
Alistair (Officer Jon Leitheusser): was that 'Tom', not 'Jon'?
Tom Molley (choking): Whats in the coffee?
MarkC (Det. Mary-Beth Stacey): If it was Tom - then sub Tom for Jon in my question?
Officer Jon Leitheusser: I'm ok, Mary - can you give me a hand here with Tom?
Detective Brett Barkley: Ok, we've got them in the car, but we'll wait until you're ready.
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: *on radio* Cheers Brett - we'll be with you in a min - try to find out about the mother
Officer Christine Gage: we got the kids in the car?
-> Officer Christine Gage: Yeah
Declan: Kids are now in the car
The children are securely locked in the police cars
Detective Brett Barkley: Ok, I'll do my best but they're not too keen on me.
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: *on radio* can you ask the kids if they pulled a prank with the coffee - maybe put something in it?
Detective Brett Barkley: Ok, I'm on it.
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: Tom - are you OK now?
Officer Chris Pramas asks that of his one
Detective Brett Barkley: whisper/ I ask the kids if they pulled a prank with the coffee.
Tom Molley (still coughing): I need to talk to the boys.
-> Detective Brett Barkley: The kids claim they didnt
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: They're in the car at the moment, Tom, what do you need to tell them?
Campaign saved.
Tom stands up unsteadily, "I need to tell them not to.." and he falls heavily, reaching out to stop his fall.
Tom Molley: [1d20 = 4]
Detective Brett Barkley: (on the radio) The kids say they haven't touched the coffee.
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: (on radio) Tom's having some sort of seizure - he's just fallen
Officer Jon Leitheusser: We need to get Tom to the hospital, Mary - help me with him
He clearly tries to grab hold of Mary Bet but misses. He yells "Stop her. She suspecxts."
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: run out of back door
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: (on radio) what the hell's going on - Jon's just tried to grab me
Dewi Morgan (Officer Chris Pramas): I think there is no back door
Detective Brett Barkley: What's going on? We're out the front, can you get to us?
Officer Christine Gage: Did we have a back door? Anyway, we're at the front with the cars, right? Would we hear Tom?
And our little prequel ends with MAry Beth - the only 'normal officer' running away (full details hopefully in logs)
Officer Chris Pramas: ((on radio)) So take him down and cuff him!"
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: Pull's out nightstick (Tonfa)
Alistair (Officer Jon Leitheusser): Picks Mary up off the floor as she's just run into a wall :)
Tom Molley: Everyone may want to switch to their main characters.
Declan: Everyone may want to switch to their main characters.
MarkC (Det. Mary-Beth Stacey): There is clearly a door marked on the map
Benjamin Wolff: Grats mary beth :)
Alistair (Sander Cohen): shall we release the detectives?
Declan: Yeah
Benjamin Wolff: On the map, but earlier Declan said front was the only door
-> Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: This is what you missed out on
-> Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: Your character has fallen under an outside mental influence and feels he must spread it to the other characters. You do this by coming in prolonged physical contact with them. You do however feel a need to preserve yourself and will either do this covertly, will wait until such time as you can do it unobserved, or wait until you can affect all observers at the same time. If things go badly and you are discovered you will attempt to affect as many as possible quickly.
Two weeks later: (Hint - change to your main characters now)
In a Starbucks cafe in Westlake, a small town in the mountains of upstate New York, located 3 miles from “the Academy,” a paranormal training facility owned by the newly founded PRA a small group of newly graduated PRA agents meet for a coffee with Rudy Ellis, a key scientist in PRAs 'Paranormal Studies and Research' department.
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: I've not been touched - as far as I know
-> Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: Thats why you missed out on it
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: - doesn't matter
Campaign saved.
-> Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: (Thats what I ment by heres what you missed out ojn. I was showing you what all the others got)
Shatter: Newly graduated agents pretty much all of whom are old men. Heh
Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: yup - got that - I'm a bit slow tonight :-)
-> Det. Mary-Beth Stacey: As far as I'm concerned Mary Beth got away
Rudy Ellis: I saw your orders from Gordon. To be honest I'm glad I'm flying. Driving to Unity sounds depressingly boring.
Gordon Laymark is assistannt directory of the PRA, but in reality he's 'the man on the ground'. Gordon appears to be responsible for the day to day operations at the PRA. He ensures cases and operations are handled correctly. You have never met the director, but you have heard of him. In addition to being Director of the PRA Oscar Gensen is also the second senator for the state of Texas and a close friend of the Presedents. As far as you know he's never been anywhere near a PRA facility.
Rudy Ellis: The way I heard it some kid rang up a local radio station claiming his fathered been possessed by aliens. I figure you've got about as much chance of finding a real paranormal in Unity as I have of finding a silver dollar at the bottom of my Latte.
Benjamin Wolff watches him drink with interest...
Richard Anderson: access the PRA computer and use it to find out the recent goings on in Unity - look for unusual occurences, etc.
Sander Cohen: Do we know where the kid was?
-> Richard Anderson: News reports for the last week have been surprisingly bland
Shatter: so where is Unity? Missed it in the beginning and that part of the log has erased already.
Campaign saved.
Richard Anderson: police info?
-> Richard Anderson: In fact there is a 'surprising' lack of news. You feel news worthy items just stopped in Unity about two weeks back.
Greg Davis: action/ Shrugs.
Richard Anderson: Hey guys - Unity's gone a bit "weird" recently - looks like all newsworthy items "stopped" there about 2 weeks ago
-> Shatter: Unity is somewhere in upstate New York - conveniently en route between the Academy and washington DC (if you drive)
Rudy Ellis: Thats probably just a fluke
Rudy Ellis: I honestly think Gordon wants to keep you out of the way unit they've finished the Shield building. You'll be in Washington for the grand openning I presume?
Greg Davis: That very strange - hasn't anybody checked up on them before now?
Shatter: He drives. Can't comfortably portal that distance yet.
Richard Anderson: I'm not sure - I've checke the net , police reports, etc., it's like it just went off the radar
Shatter: We're aware of the basic background of eachother? Pretty much what was in the public char sheet?
Rudy Ellis: Well I guess the local police probably looked into it. Its just something Gordons come up with to keep you busy. Dont put too much store in it.
Richard Anderson: Normally I'd say "no news is good news" but here - I'm not too sure.
Benjamin Wolff: How big is Unity? Is two weeks lack of news anything to note?
Greg Davis: Richard perhaps you can check if any police reports have been filed about it.
Rudy Ellis: I don't really know. Mayby 40 thousand people?
Richard Anderson: get stats, facts, figures, about Unity - size, average news level, etc.
Benjamin Wolff: 40 thousand, you kind of expect at least a blog about a garage sale.
Richard Anderson: say newsworthy items per week for the past 3 months
Richard Anderson: Police reports went blank about the same time
Greg Davis: Now that is suspicious.
-> Richard Anderson: Okay.. There is a sudden drop off. People in unity..especially the students just stopped blogging over the last two weeks. No major news items and what there are are very very bland
Sander Cohen: So what communications have we had with Unity?
Campaign saved.
-> Richard Anderson: In fact if you believe the stats Unity has had an 60% drop in crime over two weeks
Richard Anderson: Seems there's a sudden drop off about 2 weeks ago. Students stopped blogging, news went REAL boring crime stats are down by 60%
Rudy Ellis: Us generally. I've no idea. I'm just a lab coat. They dont tell me much.
Shatter: So then how did we hear about it?
Richard Anderson: can I get the police call logs out of and into Unity over the past couple of weeks?
Rudy Ellis: Okay. I'll admit. It does sound vaguely interesting, but personally. I get to fly to Washington first class. You get to drive via some little town. I know I'm glad with my part.
Greg Davis: (to Richard) Someone must have been sent to check this out earlier, can you see what you can finds out?
-> Richard Anderson: Not on line. They have a really really old system.
Richard Anderson: has anyone been sent already to Unity?
Richard Anderson: On it...
Rudy Ellis: I said.. I'm a lab coat. When we actually have an office after the shield building opens in two weeks, then you can ring the secretaries and ask them.. but right now I think you're on your own.
Greg Davis: Fine Rudy, leave it to us. :)
Sander Cohen: ok, well I think we should head over there
-> Richard Anderson: No.. because the only 'odity' is some kid who rang a New York radio station. Its just PRA policy to check every claim no matter how spurious.
Rudy Ellis: If you do encounter anything just remember Gordon's warning. We're supposed to be keeping a low profile until after the grand openning. Also he doesn't want us doing anything which might 'scare people'. Theres enough panic in some quarters about rogue paragons without us adding to the flames. I hear they are burning people as witches in some towns in the South - meanwhile in others they are evangelising them, and as far as we can tell most of the poor victims aren't even paragons.
Richard Anderson: No one's been sent guys - we're "it"
Campaign saved.
Benjamin Wolff: No "X-Men flying through the air while on fire" type stuff - got it.
Richard Anderson: Cheers Rudy, we'll do our best - inconspicuous is my middle name...did I say that?
Rudy Ellis: Of course if he wanted you to keep a low profile, the black van might have been a bad idea. Atleast its not been marked up as PRA yet.
Greg Davis: Great! (To Rudy) We'll make sure we keep in quiet.
Richard Anderson: We could always paint a red stripe on the side and go as the "A" Team
Rudy Ellis: Hang on. My flights not for another six hours. You sure you don't want some more drinks?
Alistair (Sander Cohen): is ashamed to have the same thought as Richard Anderson
Greg Davis: Tempting, but perhaps not:)
Rudy Ellis: I'll get you some coffees to go.
Shatter: Calling shotgun
Greg Davis: Good idea, perhaps we can hire a less noticable car on expenses?
Shatter: Or we could just get driving
Rudy Ellis: In Westlake? Good luck. I think they have an Avis but last time I checked they only had a subcompact and a jeep.
Richard Anderson: Let's just get on with it - there's plenty of black vans about with blacked out windows and.... oh yeah (grins sheepishly)
Greg Davis: Oh well, guess shatter's right, best get going.
Richard Anderson: check PRA, NSA, CIA, FBI, etc., records for similar cases to this - somewhere that went off the map - look for possible causes.
Campaign saved.
Rudy Ellis (nodding): Well I guess I'd better get a taxi to my flight then. Good journey. I'll think about you whilst drinking my free booze and watching the inflight film.
Richard Anderson: Cheers Rudy, you lucky dog
Greg Davis: Yeah, knock yourself out:)
Shatter just nods
Sander Cohen hopes the film is an airplane disaster movie
Rudy Ellis: OKay.. last case you find was in the 1940s when Germans invaded a small town and held the news crews hostage.
Benjamin Wolff: You'll be sat between a smelly talkative man, and a man who hates flying.
Richard Anderson: do I have a pair of really dark shades? I'll need 'em for when I boost the old int
Declan: ((oops.. was supposed to be a private whisper))
-> Richard Anderson: Yes
Richard Anderson: Can't find any similar cases chaps - looks like it's up to us to snoop around
-> Richard Anderson: and sorry about sending the tell to everyone
Richard Anderson: nps - was going to tell them anyway
Shatter stands up from the table
Richard Anderson: does the "blackout" seem to have started city wide or has it spread from a point?
The van out front is brand new, black, blacked out windows and has a gun case in the back - empty but with a big lock. Your kit is all piled up either side of the gun cabinet. The van has a cd player but noone thought to bring CDs.
-> Richard Anderson: The two schools seem suspicious. First signs of oddness were in the childrens blogs.
Campaign saved.
Shatter sits on the passanger's seat
Richard Anderson: I've been checking up a bit more - looks like the first signs were in the childrens' blogs at the 2 schools
Richard Anderson: Get's in the back of the van
Sander Cohen gets into the back fo the van too
Greg Davis: action/ joins Shatter and heads towards the van. I'll start drive.
Benjamin Wolff: Signs? ((gets in, starts checking over equipment))
Richard Anderson: signs?
Shatter nods to Greg
There are two seats up front, a bench seat which would take three uncomfortanbly in the middle, and two smaller seats at the back.
Shatter: Just let me know when you get tired of it
Richard Anderson: sits on one of the smaller seats
Greg Davis: Sure, everyone ready?
Shatter: We got coffee from the shop, right?
-> Richard Anderson: They stopped talking about dating, music, bouys/girls, games etc and started talking about homework and stsudy
Greg Davis: Let go then (We drive off).
Rudy follows you out with a tray of coffees and a flask which he passes through the window.
Benjamin Wolff: It's so many miles, we have a full tank of gas, and... ah, but no shades.
Rudy Ellis: See you in two weeks, guys
Richard Anderson: It looks like they stopped talking about dating, music, etc and all started talking about homework and study - weird
Shatter takes the coffee
Sander Cohen: see you Rudy
Richard Anderson: I've got shades
Benjamin Wolff: Is it so weird? Was it close to exam time?
Three hours of driving later you are approaching Unity
Benjamin Wolff: Well, then you can do the Blues Brothers line.
There’s fairly little along Highway 9 until you pass a billboard and spot signs of civilization off in the distance... followed almost immediately by the blue lights of a police car right behind you. He must have been lurking behind the billboard, checking for speeders, although you’re pretty sure you were doing the speed limit.
Greg Davis: Doesn't sound like any high school kids I've ever heard of.
Richard Anderson: during the drive I check and don my equipment
-> Richard Anderson: Okay
Richard Anderson: I'll listen in on the police radio
Shatter pulls a book from somewhere and spends most of the time reading. It seems to be a book on poetry.
Campaign saved.
Shatter puts the book away when he hears the siren
-> Richard Anderson: Its dead. Absolutely dead! The police in Unity dont appear to be using the radio.
Greg Davis: Whisper/ Does the cop want us to pull over?
Richard Anderson: Guys - the cops aren't using the radio anywhere in Unity - something's wrong
Benjamin Wolff: Excellent - we get to meet a native when we still outnumber them.
Officer Chris Pramas: It definately looks like he wants you to pull over
Shatter: Shatter is wearing a leather pilot jacket, jeans and leather gloves. So only his head and neck has bare skin
Greg Davis: It could have been worse.
Shatter: Just a note for the future
Greg Davis: action/ I pull over.
Richard Anderson: I suggest we pull over and see what he/she wants - shatter - you want to port out somewhere and cover us?
Shatter looks around from the window, looking for a place to hide
The police car pulls up behind you and the police officer gets out.
Greg Davis: I pull over, roll down the window, and wait for the nice officer.
Shatter: Suppose we can take this seriously.
Shatter portals out somewhere where he can't be seen
Richard Anderson: - do I still have NSA ID?
Shatter before the police gets to the car
-> Richard Anderson: Only out of date ID
Shatter: Behind a hill, tree, building, anything that isn't too far
Benjamin Wolff puts guns out of sight, taser in sleeve.
The officer approaches the car. “License and registration, please?” he asks, standing by the driver’s side window. He flicks a seemingly disinterested glance over you and your vehicle for a moment.
Richard Anderson: is there anyone else in the police car?
Before the officer reached the car shatter vanished, and appeared in some bushes 50 yards down the road.
You can see a second officer sitting in the car behind you.
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: action/ I pass over the documents "Anything wrong officer?
Declan: Everyone make a snese motive roll
Declan: Or even Sense Motive
Richard Anderson: Sense motive [1d20+1 = 15]
Your eyes glance to his badge, which reads Chris Pramas.
Greg Davis: [1d20+7 = 26]
Shatter: Can Richard hear Shatter talking into his cell without Shatter actually calling to him?
Officer Chris Pramas: What are you plans in Unity?
Sander Cohen: Sense motive [1d20+1 = 19]
Greg Davis: [1d20 = 1]
Benjamin Wolff: Sense motive [1d20+10 = 21]
-> Sander Cohen: You sense somethings wrong abouyt the Police officers stance and manorisms
Greg Davis: ooc/ sorry ignore the second roll, fumbled the dice.
-> Greg Davis: You sense somethings wrong abouyt the Police officers stance and manorisms
-> Benjamin Wolff: You sense somethings wrong abouyt the Police officers stance and manorisms
Richard Anderson: find out info about Chris Pamas - recent cases, call outs, etc.
Sander Cohen: Can I get anything more specific about the officer?
Greg Davis: Were just passing through officer.
Shatter for now just keeps an eye on the cars
-> Sander Cohen: Not really
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Getting near to 10.00 - going to have to go soon - early start tomorrow
-> Richard Anderson: Unfortunately the dispatch computer doesnt appear to be connected to the internet. Now if you could get near the police station.
Declan: End in 5 mins - after the police officer
Officer Chris Pramas: What brings you here?
Benjamin Wolff: Illusion: something that a cop woud definitely notice is wrong with the license - expiry date and photo - see if he notices - if his face registers, change it back immediately.
-> Benjamin Wolff: He seesm completely oblivious to it
Campaign saved.
Greg Davis: Where on our way to (names a town further down the road & well away from Unity)
He nods
Officer Chris Pramas: You were over the speed limit a bit more than we’re comfortable with and we don’t have much patience for lawbreakers. Be a bit more careful. Now, be on your way and drive carefully.
The cop turns and starts walking back to his car. For some reason you cant quite place it all seems very wrong.
Declan: OKay.. Nice place to stop
Greg Davis: Thank you officer, I'll make sure I keep the speed down (I pull away slowly, keeping an eye on the cop car in the mirror)
Richard Anderson: Can we drive through town past the cop shop? I'd like to get a look at their computer
Declan: Hope my first attempts with FG2 went okay.
Shatter returns when the car's moving and well away from the cops
MarkC (Richard Anderson): It seems to be working OK
Rev (Shatter): A well managed session by my standards
Declan: I'll post the logs so you can check up on anything you missed :)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): Thanks for a good fun evening chaps - see you all next week
Alistair (Sander Cohen): I like the system. Seems to work well and close to what I remember from paper RPing
Benjamin Wolff: The debriefing the characters have once the cop's gone should e fun :)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): The typing is better than all talking too (in my opinion)
Greg Davis: Yeah, everyting worked well.
Officer Chris Pramas: And next session will all be with your main characters.. although all your cops may be reappearing as NPCs.
Benjamin Wolff: Yeah - worked somewhat better than RL RP because fewer distractions, I felt.
Shatter: I'm a huge fan of text based RP
Benjamin Wolff: So, how many wanted to nightstick te person who touched them in the face, but knew it would be out of character? :)
Campaign saved.
Shatter: Who, me?
GM: lol
Benjamin Wolff: I was playing a guy, and no guy's gonna shake a lady's hand off his shoulder :)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): I wanted to shoot the lot of 'em
Shatter: Heh
Greg Davis: Can't even remember who touched me? but If I could I'd be a might annoyed:)
Benjamin Wolff: Yeah :) It would clearly have been the safest thing to do.
MarkC (Richard Anderson): So did my character
GM: It will be in the logs :|)
Rev (Shatter): *Scored two touchdowns*
Benjamin Wolff: Grats :)
MarkC (Richard Anderson): night chaps - see you all next week
Shatter: Later
Alistair (Sander Cohen): Yes - good game, see you next week same time
GM: I'm afraid no XP.. since you only got to play the main PCs for 30 mins.. but XP next time.. promise.
Greg Davis: See you then.
Shatter: Meh I don't want more XP
Benjamin Wolff: Seeya :)
Shatter: Then I'll have to decide where to put it
GM: See you in a week.
Shatter: But aye, later
'Alistair' disconnected
'MarkC' disconnected
Greg Davis: Yeah, I'd better go too, It's an early start tomorrow, I'll see everybody next week - bye:)
Dewi Morgan: sets up more macros...
Dewi Morgan: Bye :)